Massacre #11: Bury The Survivors

We're on a boat! A.J Morales and Smith Jones declare war on the Survivors while Minka Carter's warpath continues and Adam Fenric contends with The Lynx in our main event...
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Massacre #11: Bury The Survivors

Postby Smith Jones » Sat May 06, 2017 11:24 am

Fade up on a shot of the evening sky high above the open air arena aboard Xtreme Cruiselines somewhere out in international waters. The XWA audience is jittering with latent energy in anticipation of the show they are about to see. One particularly vocal fan lets out a loud woooooooooo which is then echoed over and over again out across the sea by others like him. Even some of the more shy fans are able to come out of their shells and become less reserved in the friendly environment that professional wrestling crowds often provide. Just as the wooing gets to a heightened frequency, there is a sudden explosion of pyrotechnics that shoots up from the XWA Massacre stage! Being that these are daytime fireworks, there are also bolts of coloured smoke that burst in mid air and blow in the wind; red, white, yellow, green… wafts of colour streaming across the sky, ending in a haze of BattleZone blue! The crowd goes wild with excitement!! The Massacre theme music hits the… wait a minute… this isn’t the Massacre theme...

‘Waiting For The End’ by Linkin Park rocks the ship as the tron goes plain white. Most of the crowd knows just exactly whose music this is, while the remaining few try to catch up to what everyone else is already thinking. Before the cartoon question marks begin to blow away in the breeze, Smith Jones comes walking out onto the stage to a loud welcome of cheers from the XWA fanbase! The cheering arranges itself into solid chanting.

Smitty!! Smitty!! Smitty!! Smitty!! Smitty!! Smitty!! Smitty!! Smitty!! Smitty!! Smitty!! Smitty!! Smitty!! Smitty!! Smitty!! Smitty!! Smitty!! Smitty!! Smitty!! Smitty!! Smitty!! Smitty!! Smitty!! Smitty!! Smitty!! Smitty!! Smitty!! Smitty!! Smitty!! Smitty!!

This crowd is elated to see Smith Jones return to XWA Massacre!

I’m gonna say it out loud -- Smitty doesn’t look to be in the best of shape weeks after his decimating encounter with the leader of The Survivors, The Innovator of Anarchy, Diamond Jack Sabbath!

Smith is dressed in a charcoal suit with a black tie and a bit of a smile. He walks with a noticeable limp that seems to stem from injuries in both legs and his posture is unnaturally stiff, even for him. Smith is not at a hundred percent; nowhere near. Despite how obvious this is, Jones is determined to make a good showing here on Massacre and he’s going to have to limp all the way down to ringside to make that happen. He smiles through the pain and looks out over the live audience. He finds encouragement in their supportive cheers. He inhales the fresh sea air and takes his first step down the ramp towards the ring. Another step follows that one and he is on his way. Jones makes his best effort to stride confidently down to ringside. He walks around to the far side of the ring to where Mark Sanction and Tempest are seated at the table. The announcers stand as Smitty gets close to them. He holds his hand out for a shake from Sanction. Mark reciprocates and they share a tight grip and a smile for a few seconds. Smith moves over to Tempest. They both hold their hands down at their sides for a minute, eying one another up and thinking back on their shared history. At the same time, they both lean across the table and hug one another, all smiles to a round of cheers. After getting the mic from Hana Ramierez, Jones mounts the steel ring steps and pauses on the apron to wipe his feet respectfully before parting the ropes and taking centre. The people cheer and chant. Jones takes a deeeeeeeeeeeeep breath and unencumbered by the wall of sound, he speaks.

It sure feels good to be back on XWA Massacre!!!

The crowd goes nuts!!

Welcome back! Welcome back! Welcome back! Welcome back! Welcome back! Welcome back! Welcome back! Welcome back! Welcome back! Welcome back! Welcome back! Welcome back! Welcome back!

I don’t really have a lot to say about myself today. I want to talk about the people who’ve been making this show tick for the past few months. Inspirational superstars like Austin Carter. The highly anticipated Trevor Miller. The increasingly impressive AJ Morales. Alex Reyn. The Lynx. Creative and interesting people like Adam Fenric and Emery Layton. OOKAMI No Chi. Our Hardcore Champ and new Supreme Champion LX-Tim. Returning to action shortly Laurel Anne Hardy. All of these superstars and more are the very reason that the XWA is able to fill up a literal boatload of fans and set sail for adventure in the middle of the ocean, knowing that they will be entertained the entire way! This cruise has taken some flack, even from some XWA superstars like the fiery and opinionated Minka Carter, but to me this isn’t about the boat itself. Who cares where the ring is? Who cares what the surroundings are. Because Minka Carter was right when she said that bloodshed is an artform. It is! And to dedicated fighters like me, it doesn’t matter whether the blood spills on the canvas or at ringside or into the depths of the Bermuda Triangle! I’m here to do two things when I make my in ring return to Massacre. I plan to lace up and show up. This show could take place atop Mount Olympus for all I care. All I ever need is a pair of white patent leather boots and suitable competition.

Jones has begun to pace in random directions inside the ring, impassioned by the rowdiness of the fans. His muscles have tensed throughout his body and his limp has begun to shed itself to be replaced by a new vigour for the future of his career and indeed the future of the company as a whole.

There are those within this company who desire to tear down the positive spirit of those of us, new and old, who have come to feel strongly about what it is we do here. The Survivors want to set themselves apart as the ones who keep this company alive despite our shortcomings and our failings. I am here to remind myself, to remind the fanbase, to remind all of you in that Massacre locker room here today that even though the XWA was built by those who came before us, it is not reserved solely for those who have survived the many years that brought us into present day. The Survivors do not make up the entirety of the XWA.


We are the ones, just as much as if not more so than The Survivors who put our bodies, our livelihoods, our very lives on the line to prove to all who cast their eyes upon us that we know what we are doing out here in this ring and we plan to make our mark and make history today and every day that we draw breath from now until the very last day we step foot inside a squared circle! Today is our day! This is our churning sea wherein lie many a predator, many a threat for us to vanquish to ensure our survival as individuals and as a collective! And you can be damned sure that when next I lace up and show up, I will bring my best and leave every ounce of my being laid out on this mat for all to see!


There is going to be a Massacre! And when it’s all over, WE will bury The Survivors!!!

With that, Jones drops the mic and steps out of the ring. He walks up the ramp towards the locker room as the crowd cheers him out.

Smitty! Smitty! Smitty! Smitty! Smitty! Smitty! Smitty! Smitty! Smitty! Smitty! Smitty! Smitty!
Smitty! Smitty! Smitty! Smitty! Smitty! Smitty! Smitty! Smitty! Smitty! Smitty! Smitty! Smitty! Smitty! Smitty! Smitty! Smitty!

Well, Smith Jones sounds ready for action, but how will his body hold out when he gets back into a Massacre ring?

I guess we’ll all find out when he makes his in ring return on the next episode of XWA Massacre!

Fade to black.

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