Massacre #8: We Will Bleed

A 'Revolution' debuts, a Tag Team scramble and Layton & Fenric's rocky relationship is put to the test in the worst way...
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Massacre #8: We Will Bleed

Postby Smith Jones » Fri Mar 24, 2017 9:04 pm

Fade up on a shot of Smith Jones sitting on a steel folding chair in front of a black background dressed in blue jeans and a gray tee that reads survivor on the front of it in black lettering with a large white X overtop of the whole thing. His face is a mass of crushed muscle that is fully tensed and folded over itself in tight, rippled rows across his forehead and indeed the entirety of his face. He has a white bandage stuck to his face and his one eye is surrounded by a dark circle that gives way to a greenish yellow tinge on the outer rim. He stares into the lens, unblinking, focused only on the one man he hasn’t been able to shake from his consciousness from the very moment Smith returned to the XWA late last year. Without much ado, Jones takes a deep, belaboured breath into his sore abdomen and he speaks through his still slightly busted lips.

Smith Jones:
I’m here to reveal my choice of stipulation for the first fall in my Two out of Three Falls Match against the Innovator of Anarchy Diamond Jack Sabbath next month at the If You Want Blood Supershow. I could spend a lot of time talking about what he did to me and to Laurel Anne Hardy at the last Supershow, but I know you all saw what happened and you know why my mouth is busted up and my eye is blackened and my head is bandaged and my soul is yelling out for sweet and swift vengeance. My patience is at an end.

Without looking away, Jones sighs slowly and then takes another painful breath.

Smith Jones:
After all of these months of Sabbath hiding across the world from me. After he Crown Kicked me at Untouchable in Chicago; after he Crown Kicked me at Creature in Sao Paulo, I decided to invent a match of my own that will keep him from being able to create the distance that he requires to sneak up behind me and kick me in the head when I least expect it. I’ve created a match that will keep my greatest enemy closer to me than any friend I can think of throughout the sordid history of my existence. There will be no way he can escape the inevitable deconstruction of his growing legend by my rageful hand.

Smith closes his eyes and pictures the events as he intends for them to unfold at If You Want Blood. He purses his lips to stifle a sick smile. The white bandage on his forehead begins to get a red spot in the middle of it. He then returns to his more sombre state.

Smith Jones:
The first fall in our match is something I’m calling a White Leather Strap Match. It’s all about containment. Sabbath and myself will be attacked at the wrists by a ten foot long white leather strap that will keep him from running away from me. It will keep me from getting too far away from him. It will join us literally in a way that mirrors our figurative link throughout the years in this company. Yin. Yang. That sort of thing. The white leather strap will glow under the lights for all to see. But that’s not all…

This will be different from a traditional Strap Match. There will be no touching of four corners. I’ve always disliked that version. And there will be no way for the action to spill out of the ring nor will there be the opportunity for outside interference, because THIS Strap Match is going to take place within the confines of an old school, throwback, iron bar, steel cage! You heard me right. This is a match within a match. The only ways to win a White Leather Strap Match are by pinfall or by somehow managing to escape the cage and touch both feet to the floor with your opponent still attached. No submissions. No disqualifications. No outside interference...

No Survivors.

And this is only the first of three falls. The ball is in your court, Sabbath. I’ve made my stip public. How will we decide fall number two?

That smile from before breaks through and even contorts into a twisted chuckle. The bandage on Smith’s head is now moist with his blood. He winces a bit from the pain of his wound ripping open.

Smith Jones:
I, for one, cannot wait to see the look on your face when that cage comes down around us. The first ever White Leather Strap Match comes to the XWA this April. If you want blood, XWA fanbase, get online and buy your tickets now. We will bleed.

By now, the bandage is dripping with blood that leaks down Smith’s face and drips from the end of his nose and into his mouth a little. He continues to laugh to himself as we fade to black.

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