Freddy McManus

Enhancement talent that you can sometimes see making an appearance on Massacre or Supershows!
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Freddy McManus

Postby Dan » Wed Apr 04, 2018 9:30 pm

Basic Info

Freddy McManus



Billed From.
Twin Falls, Idaho

MC Manus, like a disc jockey

185 pounds

5 foot 10

Frederick Michael McManus watched wrestling for years when he was little. Now hes not little and hes in shape so he thinks he can wrestle now

Championships and Accomplishments.
He won Twin Falls Disk Jockey of the year a few years back if that counts for this


Pic Base


Logan Paul

Ring gear:
No shirt blue wrestling tights and a pair of sketchers shoes

Entrance Gear:
Same as ring gear except he wears Fritz the Night Owl glasses and a loose fitting blue and purple Hawaiian shirt that’s unbuttoned

Street/Backstage Gear:
Same as entrance gear except the shirt is buttoned


Entrance Theme:
7th Element by Vitas

Entrance Text:
Freddy jogs out into view to nearly no reaction as 7th Element by Vitas begins to play, then jogs down the ramp and slides into the ring. Then he pulls off his shirt and glasses and drops them outside the ring as he stretches and gets ready to wrestle.

In Ring
Wrestling Style.
Freddy knows the very most basic of wrestling moves. He has been to wrestling school but messed around for most of it and was kicked out halfway through so he knows a few things that even the newest of new trainees would know. He is very energetic and wild and will try to ambush his opponent to get the upper hand to cover up for the fact that he lacks any real talent and knows next to nothing about actual wrestling. The only reason he even has a finisher is because he liked how it looked when he saw it on TV. He's never pulled it off.

Main- The Mixtape (Playmaker)

Signature Moves
01. Punch
02. Dropkick
03. Headbutt
04. Elbow Drop
05. Knee

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