District XWA: Free To Be Me

Matches that occurred on our 2017 Supershow- District XWA!
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District XWA: Free To Be Me

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The Xtreme Wrestling Alliance has at long last arrived at the Ticketpro Dome in Johannesburg, South Africa. Twenty thousand strong are hollering and cheering that such an exciting brand has come to their part of the world. The show seems like it is filled with excellent matches from the sure fire thriller Tag Team Title match to the Swift versus Lynx match for the Supreme XWA Championship. The camera pans over to our commentary team of Mark Sanction and Matt Steel all smiles and raring to get this continuing without a hitch.

Sanction: “Hello everyone here at District XWA! I want to give a big thank you to everyone tuning in through The Xperience and The Battleground Network. So far we have had one heck of a show tonight and I’m sure you all can’t wait to see what else we have in store.”

Steel: “Can you believe we might have a new Supreme XWA Champion tonight should The Lynx have the best match in his life? Heck, just his pure size could be enough to put him over Swift!”

Sanction: “You never know. However, Michael Swift has always continued to amaze everyone. Last Supershow event, Fool’s Gold, he managed to make Drake Dysfunction tap out and…”

In the blink of an eye, the entire dome turns completely dark albeit the lights permeating throughout the area from the smartphones. A spotlight appears inside the squared circle, where the voluptuous Hana Ramierez struts inside the glorious light. Raising her microphone, the crowd is cheering, hooting and hollering as it is clear there will be a return at this very moment. However, the facial expression from Hana deems that this might not be the best of returns or someone who will be reciprocated in any positive manner. She raises her microphone and with a somewhat depressed but forcing her to make it seem excited tone...

Ramierez: “Ladies and gentlemen, I have been ‘requested’ to give an announcement. So, put your hands together and welcome one of the XWA ‘Greats’......”

It take a good five seconds and no music hits the public announcement system. Ramierez and the crowd look a bit confused. Ten more seconds go by and the commentary team and the fans start becoming a more restless. Then...ten more seconds go by and everyone else become absolutely restless until…



The screen shows the two letters and a number they don’t want to see.




Sanction: “It can’t be!”

Steel: “Is it really him!?”

Emerging from the back with crutches, The History Maker at long last appears with his cousin Grandeza on stage to a colossal amount of boos! The multi colored lights flash back and forth, meanwhile the self proclaimed King of XWA glances upon all the faces in the dome.

Sanction: “It’s Lx-Tim! The former Supreme XWA Champion is in the building!”

Steel: “Hell yes! He may be in crutches, but you can damn well bet things are going to be that much more exciting around here!”

Sanction: “For those that don’t know, Lx-Tim is one of the biggest stars to come in XWA in recent memory.”

Steel: “Damn right he is! A four time XWA Hardcore Champion! The longest reigning Television Champion in XWA history! And to top it all off, he defeated Jerod Barnez to become XWA Supreme Champion! And that was a feat only done one other time, which was by his former stablemate of Elite, Rob Chapman. MIGHT I also add, he did all of this in about a year!?”

Sanction: “That is also another thing right there in itself. Elite took this place by storm. Who would have thought back then, it would be Lx-Tim that would be the one that broke off to do the most historical things from the faction.”

Steel: “I did!”

Sanction: *Sigh* “Of course you did.”

The emphatic booing keeps on coming, whilst Lx-Tim is helped inside the ring via his cousin and Hana Ramierez. Lx-Tim has a sad smile etched on his face, which isn’t a normal thing you would see from him. Normally, The History Maker is a visage of malice with a domineering spirit few could stifle. However, tonight he appears rather timid and somehow the Puerto Rican is somewhat relaxed. The Portrait of Greatness tugs on the cast covering his leg and position himself in the middle of the ring, as the lights for the whole dome returns to normal. Tim is handed a microphone, which he holds as if keeping his hands on a wine glass. The fans are not letting up their feelings, as they begin chanting “YOU GOT PINNED”! Obviously, they are referring to Baka Gaijin where Lx-Tim was pinned by the current Supreme XWA Champion, Michael Swift, to lose the aforementioned title. LX eeks out a small smile, whilst Grandeza is visibly upset with the crowd. Tim waves at Grandeza, basically gesturing for him to calm down. After all, he is used to XWA fans giving him the business. At long last, the crowd’s temperament and loud reactions have whittled to a halt, allowing him to speak for the first time in quite a while.

Lx-Tim: “Thank you ladies and gentlemen for that wonderful ovation!”


The Puerto Rican chuckles for a couple seconds. Grandeza ensures his cousin can stand properly on his crutches and Tim nods he is essentially doing just fine on his own.

Lx-Tim: “On a serious note, I did say I would be back to speak with you all. And allow me to be blunt. I am not here to gripe about my loss to Swift. If anything, I would like to congratulate him on his well earned victory over me.”

The crowd appears confused, although there are those who feel like his words are genuine and begin to clap. There is a look of skepticism in many, but is to be expected with someone that has a track record of his magnitude.

Lx-Tim: “I mean that from the bottom of my heart. There are very few who can legitimately gain a victory over me. Heck, I still haven’t even been pinned yet on Massacre. So that feat is something pretty rare. Anyway, I didn’t come all this way to just talk about that. I wanted to come out here and express myself as a person. Not the villainous mastermind all of you have learned to hate to love and love to hate. You know, all that mumbo jumbo. No, I need to speak from the heart. Seldom will I speak like this...yet, here I am.”

The crowd becomes quiet. The commentary team between Steel and Sanction are quizzical and even Hana glances in curious nature. This is not the person they have remembered a couple months back. The Brooklyn born Latino softly bites the bottom of his lip, contemplating on how to postulate his next string of words. Moments like these don’t come around very often and he clearly is attempting to put himself on full display.

Lx-Tim: “Ever since Baka Gaijin...ever since I was put on ice and on my sabbatical I had plenty of time for myself. And damn it, did I ever have time for myself. That was just the thing though wasn’t it...for myself. I...was all...alone. I realized after all this time...I had nobody. Sure, I have my cousin Grandeza now which I appreciate him coming out to help me. But while he was off doing his own thing, I would be in my home, alone and depressed. I recognized I have driven away anyone that may have cared about me. I have a few friends here and there to be sure. But nothing can fill this eerie and melancholic feeling eating away at me. In the end, I knew it was all my fault…I had no one else to blame but me. So right now...yes, right now...I want to make an apology.”

Everyone in Ticketpro Dome, including Grandeza, look completely surprised. This is not what was expected when Lx-Tim came into the building. For sure, Tim was going to spout a bunch of nonsense about he is the best ever and how he is coming back ‘with a vengeance’. Instead, he dropped everything on it’s head with a statement no one could have seen coming.

Lx-Tim: “I want to apologize to XWA and it’s entire roster. Had I not have come here, many of you probably would have been far more successful here. Because of my antics, I have demolished any chances for you all and I am sorry for not giving you all a proper fighting chance. I also want to apologize to all of you fans out here and those watching at home. I could have been better...I want to be better. Last but not least, I want to apologize to myself. I have gone too far in many things I have done throughout the course of my life. There would always be this small part of me telling me not to do what I was going to do, but sure enough I would do them anyway. They would lead me down a road that with complete certainty be my absolute demise and show off my eternal shame.”

The Puerto Rican grips the microphone hard, clearly trying to get a hold of himself and keep himself together. During the time LX takes a breath, Sanction and Steel appear they want to say something...anything, but just can’t find the words as they are still taken aback from this monologue.

Lx-Tim: “Now, here I am. I try not to wallow in self pity. I do my utmost not to indulge in that sweet nectar of misery that many become accustomed to in my state. I’m in this cast and although it may weigh me down physically, the emotions coursing through me have unequivocally anchored down my entire frame of mind and being.”

A solitary tear escapes from Tim’s left eye and he does nothing to hide it. The Latino shamefully looks down and the crowd actually becomes sympathetic toward him. The camera zooms toward a pair of women adorned in Swift and Smith Jones shirts. Clearly they empathize to his plight, for the two ladies tear up as well.

Lx-Tim: “Ladies and gentlemen, I didn’t come here tonight to bring this show down. I came to lift this place up. I wanted to prove to all of you and those watching...people can change. They can change if they are willing. It doesn’t come easy, I know. I have hurt many people over the course of time. Whether it be in my professional life...or my personal life. But I continue to do my damndest to prove myself better than I ever was in my life. As a professional and a person as well.”

The XWA fans begins cheering and clapping, clearly being won over by this new side of Lx-Tim. Maybe, just maybe the good in him has finally surfaced after realizing what his fruits from the past have bore.

Lx-Tim: “Actually, there is one more person I need to completely thank. I want to thank my cousin, Grandeza. It takes a special person to help you realize what you have become. So Grandeza, I want to at the absolute core of my being thank you for assisting me in realizing the true nature of the beast. In helping me see the person I should truly be...and I’m sorry.”










Just like that, Lx-Tim drives his casted leg between the legs of his cousin Grandeza! The crowd absolutely EXPLODES in boos! They should have seen this coming, but Lx-Tim’s sincerity and the grumblings of his personal life in the tabloids have led them to believe this might be true.

Sanction: “I don’t usually swear, but GOD DAMN IT I thought Tim finally changed!”

Steel: “How can you change someone who is already perfect!?”

Grandeza crumbles into the canvas and the Puerto Rican crushes the steel crutch across the back of his cousin’s skull! Lx-Tim continuously smashes it over and over again, whilst the crowd’s hatred toward the fiendish bastard rises to a hundred out of ten! Grandeza is pounded down into a bloody pulp and the crutch is now drenched in the crimson liquid. Tim tilts his head up, staring at the blinding lights and places the palm of his free hand over his face. After all that has occurred, The History Maker begins maniacally laughing from this crime he just committed against his own family member. Everyone is absolutely disgusted with him, especially after believing what they heard and felt was real. They really REALLY wanted this to be the gospel truth, but alas Lx-Tim’s true nature just isn’t one to give way to a side worth giving care.

Sanction: “I can’t believe my eyes. Why would he do that to his own cousin?”

Steel: “I have a feeling his is going to tell us.”

Lx-Tim suddenly rips open the cast to reveal after everything these couple months, he is completely fine! Everyone continues to boo and chant “WE ALL HATE YOU” and the Puerto Rican simply relishes it. The microphone on the ground next to the bloodied crutch is picked up by Tim and he uses his instrument to express how he really feels.

Lx-Tim: “You all hate me!? GOOD! What has your approval ever done for me anyway? What has Grandeza or anyone else really done for me, huh!? All they do is screw over everything I ever care about in my life! Just like all of you! Just like all those in the back! Just like the ones I used to call friends and family!"


Lx-Tim: “Grandeza was nothing but a pawn that got in my way. Tonight he is the sacrificial lamb that has spared all of you my wrath...for now! But I know, the question you all are asking yourselves is ‘whhhhhhyyyyyyy Tim whhhhyyyyyyyyy’!? I’ll tell you all why. To prove a point that all of you are mindless sheep! To also prove that at the drop of a dime, *snaps* I can still change the game anytime I’m in the building!”


Lx-Tim: “You all continued to believe many ‘facts’ that simply were not true. Things like those so called wrestlers like Michael Swift or Adam Fenric are better than me. That I deserved to be rotting where I was from the aftermath of my legendary match with Michael Swift. That I shouldn’t even be in this company anymore. You even believed in my illusion I made right in front of your very eyes! Make no mistake about it, I am STILL the best in this business! Whether it be on this mic or in this ring, there is NO ONE better than I! I always prove I will do whatever it takes to achieve my goals. Everything I do has meaning and goes according to plan. If you still don’t believe me, then look at the bloodied pile lying down on this canvas!”

The History Maker drops down and looms over his fallen cousin Grandeza, covering his mouth pretending to be concerned. LX takes his thumb and dips it into his cousin’s bloodied head, before Tim smears it across his own forehead. The despicable entity known as Lx-Tim clearly has no boundaries as to what he will or won't do. I guess you can say that the psychotic side of him has comes back as well. He escalates back to a standing position, hoisting the microphone overhead and tilts his head back as well. He takes in a deep breath and points to everyone in attendance.

Lx-Tim: “Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls of all ages, allow me to introduce...myself! I was honest in thanking Grandeza on him showing me who I should truly be. And that is exactly who I am introducing tonight. Tonight, I introduce the man who will retake the XWA by storm! I introduce to you the person who, be it Swift or Lynx, WILL defeat them to become Supreme XWA Champion again! I introduce the best in the business that will no doubt headline XWA Legends! I at long last introduce the greatest of all tiiiiiiiiiiiiiime, who has officially finally COME BACK! Your KING of XWA! THE ONE! THE ONLY! L! X! TIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIM!”


Lx-Tim drops the mic and mouths ‘and there isn’t a damn person that can stop me’. The crowd is completely furious that Tim has pulled this stunt and even more so, has come back to shock everyone with his permanent return. Everyone looks at the ring where Tim is showing off his Spread Arms taunt only to see Grandeza actually stirring!

Sanction: “Oh no…”

Steel: “Oh yes!”

Sanction: “Stay down you poor fool!”

Lx-Tim smirks and takes a few steps back, before barreling forward with all his energy and drives his vociferous “Foot Note” Punt Kick across the already bleeding skull of his cousin! Clearly, Grandeza is done for good as the emergency units are finally coming out to help him out. During the time medical tends to Grandeza, Lx-Tim walks up the ramp beating his chest in triumph. Lx-Tim has made his statements and did it with clearness and cogency. The History Maker has returned for what in his devilish mind, belongs to him. What comes next is anyone’s guess.

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