XWA The Frozen North: Jeannie Rose vs. Terrance Ainley- ONE ON ONE!

Matches that occurred on our 2017 Supershow- XWA: The Frozen North!
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XWA The Frozen North: Jeannie Rose vs. Terrance Ainley- ONE ON ONE!

Postby DJS » Mon Jul 10, 2017 8:48 pm

XWA visits Mother Russia, it's...

Broadcast on The Xperience and the Battleground Network!
LIVE! From the Megasport Arena, Moscow, Russia (14,000 Capacity)

Opening Match!


Jeannie Rose vs. Terrance Ainley

Mother Russia- the XWA is here! And opening this month is the Supershow debut of a brand new star- what's better than that? The Punk Princess Jeannie Rose makes her first ever appearance on a Supershow, facing off against Terrance Ainley, the plucky young star who just keeps coming back for more like an Oliver Twist who enjoys getting punched in the face.

Big things about to happen in Moscow- don't miss it for the world!

Deadline for matches is 25th JULY 2017 at 11:59 Eastern Standard Time.
Voting will start at this time and conclude on 30th JULY 2017 at 11:59 Eastern Standard Time.
[CST is one hour earlier. GMT is five hours later.]
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Re: XWA The Frozen North: Jeannie Rose vs. Terrance Ainley- ONE ON ONE!

Postby jeannie rose » Thu Jul 20, 2017 2:24 am

Mark: so where about ready to kick off the frozen north show live from Moscow
Matt: yeah no kidding they named this one right it's really freaking cold here. anyway, our opening match has the lovable goofball Jeannie rose taking on Terrance Ainley
Mark: something interesting to note is both of them have a fondness for the 450 splash
Matt: so this could come down to who splashes first

Hana Ramierez: from Venice Beach, California weighing in at 207 Ibs Terrance Ainley. makes his way to the ring.

Hana Ramierez: and from London England weighing in at 115 pounds the punk princess Jeannie rose

Avril Lavigne's Bad Reputation plays signaling the arrival of bubbly blonde. how it's a giant red caped figure that appears on the stage in a spot light.

Matt: huh was Jeannie shorter last time we saw her?she practices getting taller.

Mark: maybe?

how ever they get there to answer when the figure removes the cape to reveal Jeannie wearing a red and gold version of her wrestling outfit. in addition to her normal pigtails style, she has some of her hair spiked in Mohawk.

she apparently was standing on a big box under the cape. she grabs a crash test dummy that was under the box and jumps up giving it a spinning piledriver as a way of the box.

the crowd cheers wildly amused by her antics
Mark: well I head Jeannie was into cosplay and it appears she thought a Zangief inspired look would be a fun treat for our Russia fans.

Matt: that's the big guy from street fighter right? well that explains the box if she was going for vertical accuracy

when she gets to the ring Jeannie spins around with her arms out imitating Zangief's Double Lariat attack as red fireworks go off.
Mark: well quite the super entrance for the super show
Mat: Yeah she gets high points for showmanship

so with Jeannie's over the top entrance out of the way the match gets started. they go to lock up and Jeannie's lack of height gets in the way. to nice Terrance gets on his knees so there closer to the same height. Jeannie smiles appreciating kind gesture.

Mark: Well that's a gentlemanly gesture from Terrance
Matt: what's he doing giving up an advantage

so even with the height evened out the bigger Terrance gets the advantage pushing Jeannie down. she turns things around though flipping him over with a monkey flip she keeps rolling and ends up seating on top of him.
Jeannie: Yay got yah!

Jeannie throws her hands up in the air celebrating what she expected to be a quick pin. how ever her lackadaisical pin gives Terrance an opening hooking his legs under her arms he rolls Jeannie back so she's pinned now.

Jeannie escapes and turns things back in her favor rolling back to get her shoulders up she then gets her arms under his legs scooting forward pinning him again. Terrance uses his strength advantage to kick her off though.

the crowd cheers for the exciting back and forth action
Mark: I exciting display of chain wrestling to start things off, this looks like it'll be a fun one.

Matt: for the fans maybe but me and you have to try and keep up with this. they do know it's ok not to do 6 moves a minute right?

the wrestlers didn't seem to listen as they both took off quickly when they got to their feet. Terrance goes for a clothesline but Jeannie's lack of height helps her out as it makes it easier to duck.

she then bounces off the ropes into the air for a springboard crossbody. her lack of weight proves less helpful as she's caught by Terrance.

Matt: Jeannie showing the advantages and disadvantages of being fun sized.
Mark: Yeah while her small frame helps with avoiding attacks, it makes it hard to get power on her own.

using his size advantage Terrance press Jeannie overhead before dropping her stomach first on the top turnbuckle.

Matt: ouch rough landing for Jeannie
Mark: yeah quite the impressive counter from Terrance and a good way to slow the bouncy blonde down,

Jeannie gasp getting the wind knocked out of her she stumbles out of the corner holding her belly. looking to keep the pressure on her. Terrance grabs her and locks her in an abdominal stretch.

Jeannie has a look of pain on her face as gets stretched out, trying to wiggle her way out. she then starts to get out, with a little space she flips back kicking overhead stunning Terrance enough so he lets go of the hold.

Mark: Jeannie wiggles her way out and lands an impressive kick
Matt: yeah she's like a little ninja, looks like she's just getting started flying all over the place.

Jeannie does a handstand wrapping her legs around his head, then using her hands pushes off spinning around the crowd counts as she spins round and round.

after about tens rotations she sends Terrance to the mat and tumbling out of the ring finishing the head scissors takedown

Mark: what a wind-up on the head scissors,
Matt: yeah she might have over did she's dizzy to
Jeannie clumsily stumbled to her feet. she staggers about before getting her balance back. she then points toward the side of the ring where Terrance was getting to the crowd cheer excited having an idea what the kooky blonde has in mind.

she holds her arms for wings out running around in a circle looking like an airplane. after a couple laps to build up speed she runs toward the outside of ring diving over the ropes for a suicide dive. the fans chant pretty crazy, which would be a good description for Jeannie as she sails through the air crashing into Terrance.

Mark: a dazzling move, Jeannie pulling out all the stops to put on a show.
Matt: yeah she's a some kinda nut flinging herself around like a pinball

Jeannie isn't done flying around let. as the two get to their feet she hops on the ring apron running across it she leaps off landing a booty bomb sitting on Terrance with a flying senton.

Matt: Jeannie racking up the frequent flyer miles tonight
Mark: she has to be careful not to get counted out
taking the commentators advice and rolls back into the ring to break the ref's count.

unfortunately, she took a bit too long turning her attention back to Terrance, and turn into a Spinning Heel Kick that drops her to the floor.

Matt: how dare he you don't kick princess in the face, doesn't he know we need her to stay cute she has a good face for posters, he's risking costing the company money in merchandise
Mark: right well it was a good use of his height advantage anyway.

Jeannie's trouble continues as Terrance finds her adorable pigtails are perfect to grab a hold of her with yanking the tiny blonde to her feet. then lifts her up in a suplex position before dropping her forward giving her a belly full of the ringside barricade draping her across it. getting some boos from the fans not happy with his harsh treatment of the little princess.

Mark: Terrance goes back to targeting Jeannie's midsection, smart idea after that gut busting collision she had with the turnbuckle earlier.

Matt: well that a good idea targeting a body part, but not sure how effective going after one of Jeannie's stronger areas is, there's a reason she rocks swimsuits of the two piece variety. girls got abs of steel. he might make a few dents of he keeps finding hard things to throw her into tough.

Terrance seemed to take Matts advice moving higher up on targets. putting Jeannie in a headlock to hold her in place on the barricade with one arm and slams some punches into her chest with his other hand.

leaving her breathless draped over the barricade after his punching barrage he then climbs on the ring apron and jumps off landing a Jumping elbow smash to the back of her head.

Jeannie crumbs to the floor from the impact. Terrance lifts Jeannie up by the back of her swim suit and tosses her back into the ring. Jeannie still trying to catch her breath and dizzy from getting hit in the back of her head groggily gets to her feet.

but turns around into a Springboard dropkick. their size difference comes into play and the impactful blow to the chest knocks the pint sized Jeannie across the ring. she wisely rolls out of the ring to take a breather. Jeannie falls into a sited position up against the ring holding her chest.

the cheers for the adorable underdog trying to get her back into it
Mark: Jeannie's in trouble but showed some good ring awareness, to buy herself some time
Matt: I'm starting to think this guy has no appreciation for art, first he has the nerve to kick Jeannie's beautiful face now his slamming her around trying to mess up her perfect body, just terrible.
Mark: sounds like your not the only one in the Jeannie fan club the crowd seems behind her wanting some kinda come back.

Terrance reaches through the ropes to pull her back in grabbing her pigtails. Jeannie's had enough and fires back with an enziguri.
Matt: right so don't tug supermans cape or pull Jeannie's pigtails.
Mark: guesses so what a kick, Jeannie putting her karate experience to good uses.

with her foe stunned caught up in ropes, Jeannie twirls around lands a big spin kick to the face knocking him back into the ring.

Matt: karate hottie Jeannie's got legs and know how to use them
Mark: will she's been doing it since she was a kid and is a black belt, so yes Jeannie's opponents should expect getting kicked in the face a lot in their future.

Jeannie having got her second wind fired up by the fans climbs up on the ring apron waiting for Terrance to get back to his feet. When he does and turns towards her, she springs off the ropes.

sailing through the air taking him down with a hurracanra sending him into the ropes. when seeing how he landed draped over the middle rope her eyes light up with excitement and she has a grin on her face.

an opportunity to imitate one of her favorite wrestlers has popped up. she gets a running start then dives through the ropes swinging around. Jeannie with a picture perfect 619.

Matt: see Jeannie's a student of the Rey Mysterio school of ignoring gravity

Mark: yes Jeannie considers his one of her heroes, loving his colorful mask and dazzling moves. she also looks up to him cause like her, he is quite small for a wrestler and hopes to try and be as successful at beating the odds as him.

Jeannie senses it was her chance to wrap this up. she climbs to the top rope, but Terrance not wanting to find out what she had planned has the wear with all to roll out of the ring.

Mark: Well that was a close call for Terrance Jeannie was probably looking for her breath taking 450 splash.
Matt: yeah she gets great hang time on it from what I've seen of her on youtube, but if you only weight 95 pounds or something gravity probably forgets she's there some times, look there she goes again!

quickly changing plans Jeannie hopes down to the ring apron. using it as a runway before taking to the air with a cannonball attack. the fans cheer for the daredevil move.

both wrestlers try to get to their feet. Jeannie rushes in to attack when they do, Terrance sees her coming though and uses the spunky blondes momentum against her. sidestepping her charge sending her on a collision course with the steps.

not wanting to have another painful impact with something, Jeannie shows her cat like agility leapfrogging over the steps and rolling to her feet.

Mark: Jeannie able to save herself from disaster in a spectacular fashion.
Matt: she's quicker than a quicker than a hiccup

when Terrance followed he was meet by Jeannie's foot to his face
Mark: super kick!!!!!!!!! out of nowhere
Matt: unfortunately also out of the ring Jeannie can't go for the pin out there

huh, slight miscalculation Jeannie goes to pull Terrance up and get him back in the ring. which is quite the task for the diminutive blonde.

having recovered from the superkick he shoves her off sending her tumbling over the commentary table landing on the announcer's laps. "hi guys" Terrance goes to remove Jeannie from the table but gets a surprise.

a cloud of pink mist to the face, Jeannie then leapfrogs over her stunned opponent to get back to the ring then hits him with a baseball slide knocking him into the table.

Matt: looks like fancy kicks an't all Jeannie learned in Japan she's going, full ninja.
Mark: Yeah and she got back in the ring just in time
the commentator was right as Jeannie was able to get back in time before the ref got to 10.

Jeannie realizing what just happened jumps up and down excited.
Hana: here is your winner Jeannie rose
Matt: she did it, the goofy underdog finds a way to win
Mark: yeah a creative win, Jeannie is good at using her speed and imagination to over come her size disadvantage.

Terrance annoyed he got out smarted by a dumb blonde, stomps off leaving Jeannie to celebrate her win, she dances around happy before leaving the ring.
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Re: XWA The Frozen North: Jeannie Rose vs. Terrance Ainley- ONE ON ONE!

Postby DJS » Tue Aug 01, 2017 8:07 pm

Winner of this match: Jeannie Rose!
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