Creature From The XWA: Most Hated (Diamond Jack Sabbath)

Matches that occurred on our 2017 Supershow- Creature from the XWA!
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Creature From The XWA: Most Hated (Diamond Jack Sabbath)

Postby DJS » Sat Mar 04, 2017 6:01 pm

We move backwards from what appears to be the Sydney Opera House. The sky is blue and the sun is beaming, as light bounces off the water. Next to the harbour, we see a man we've not seen in two months. He is considerably more tanned than he was last time we saw him, but no different in any other way. He leans against a small metal bannister, overseeing some boats and seagulls flying around. And then, once he notices us, he turns and smiles, uttering his first words.


Sniffing in the sea air, he removes his sunglasses and pins them on the front of his collar.

Diamond Jack Sabbath here- Innovator of Anarchy, Beating Heart of the XWA, you may have heard of me- and I'm here in Australia. No, I did not want to come to Brazil. Also, given the location of our next Supershow "If You Want Blood", you would think I'd be in Melbourne but I'm actually here in Sydney, because it's a much nicer city. I have spent the last two months in Melbourne and it's a dump. It has a stadium and a bridge- that's about it. Sick of the sight of it.

He places his hands in his pockets now, his smile dropping as he stands up to face us.

Obviously, this is the first time you guys have seen me since I was suspended from the XWA back in January, which I have had lifed. The campaign to have me reinstated has been ridiculous. But I'm back now, I'm released from the shackles that have held me and I've decided to go out of my way and speak directly to you lot, because look what's happened since I left! Look how absolutely mad everything gets when I'm not around. Look at how many people have started to run around and say that the place belongs to them because they knew I wasn't around to counter them. It's an absolute travesty! But y'know what they say- while the cat's away and all that.

Now he shakes his head, letting out a small breath from his nostril.

It all goes back to the original reason I joined the Survivors. I'm the longest-tenured wrestler on the current roster, and for some reason that means people assume I'm on my way out and once they realised I'm not, they turned feral and tried to push me out. Someone recently said that I was "throwing down my crown", but I don't remember ever saying that. When have you ever heard Diamond Jack Sabbath say that? Oh go on, have a really good think. You've never heard me say that. The fact is you need me to be here. Imagine an XWA without Diamond Jack Sabbath. Seriously- try it. Everything you'd be missing out on. All the things I'd done, completely gone. can't. Because you need me. I am a crucial part of this company. THE crucial part. All ever do is create moments and keep this place moving forward, and for that I'm the villain?


He stops for a moment to think about how he wants to make his next point. He "hmm"s, he hesitates, he scratches the side of his head until suddenly Jack launches in with--

Lets say you're a kid and you're on a big, open beach. People keep coming and going, but you're always there and one day, you build a sandcastle. A load of kids come over and just because they're on the same beach as you, they say it's there's now. Do you take that? No, you tell them straight, and that's where I am right now. Laurel Anne Hardy can come along and talk about how she's the new Beating Heart of the XWA. Is she? No, and as long as I breathe she never will be, because she doesn't have that same symbiotic relationship with this place as I do. She can try, but she doesn't get it. And neither did...

Abruptly, he pauses. His expression is one of seriousness now. He closes his eyes, realising the can of worms he's about to open.

Neither did Amy. Oh yeah, we'll go down that road, too. Everyone had something to say about what I did to my poor estranged wife Amy Taylor, despite her completely provoking me. I spent the last month as the Most Hated Man in the entire company. Amy was supposed to be the one person who had my back no matter what I did. She stuck with me through everything, supported me through everything, but I knew she was just waiting for me to pack it in here. She was waiting for the day where it'd just be me and her. So when some new guys come along trying to claim the place as their own, was she with me? Nah, she warned me off them. She accused me of being "intimidated". But Diamond Jack Sabbath backs down to no one, and she had to learn that. I don't back down to them, I don't back down to her and I certainly don't back down to Smith Jones.

Of all the people in the world who wanted me back in the XWA, it was him the most, doing his 'kid badgering his parents for a toy' routine. "Oh please mum, please can I have it, oh pleasepleasepleaseplease!" I'm surprised you didn't end up promising to do your homework every night for a year just to get the sodding match!

He wipes his forehead of the sweat that he's getting from being so fired up and the obnoxiously sunny Australian weather, but uses this to slow himself down.

Y'know, everyone's talking about this big Smith Jones vs. Diamond Jack Sabbath rematch in a month's time and how epic it's going to be and how back-and-forth it's gonna be. Two-out-of-Three-Falls- Smith picks one fall's stipulation, I pick one. Smith says he's picked his stipulation- good for him. I've picked mine too, but I'll show you mine if you show me yours. But wait- there's more! Because then the fans- who always make "the BEST decision"- pick the last fall's stipulation but don't waste your time or think too hard about that cos it won't get there. I'm going to beat Smith Jones again, just like the first time, because he just isn't on my level. He can do the best impression of someone who is that he likes, but he isn't there. He will never reach that. Smith, you will try to beat me because you need to justify why you're gonna be Supreme XWA Champion this year and I'm going to beat you because I'm sick of you. I'm sick of your neediness. I'm sick of your presumtiousness. I'm sick of your constant hassling. And the fact I've had to look as your face as often as I have in my life offends me too.

He moves in closer.

So at If You Want Blood, I'm not just going to punch it in and pin you once, I'm going to do it twice. You're gonna be the example that people use in the future when people ask the question "why don't you mess around with Diamond Jack Sabbath?", because that is all you were ever put on this Earth to be, Smith. That's all you'll ever be.

He begins to speak a little softer and a bit slower, as he gets as close to us as he can without his entire head being out of our view.

But until then, do what you always do and pretend that you're anywhere near my level. Face off with Laurel Anne Hardy and have a good little match with her, but I'll be doing my thing and doing it really bloody well. The next time you see me, I'll be stood across the ring from you. If you want this, you've got it, and I'll make you regret every single moment of your life where you've ever thought "I can beat him." Because read my lips loud and clear- Smith Jones, you cannot beat me.

It's my world. It's my XWA and next month, I'm gonna prove to you all that I'm keeping it.

And with that, he walks off, out of view, as we fade out.

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