[CHALLENGE] Dave O'Connor vs. Aries Armadaist (c) - HARDCORE TITLE!

The XWA Hardcore Championship - it's the Title That Never Stops. Challenge the champion. Defend the belt- Anytime. Any place. Anywhere. (No Cards/Request-Based)
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[CHALLENGE] Dave O'Connor vs. Aries Armadaist (c) - HARDCORE TITLE!

Postby RevolutionJones » Thu May 30, 2019 8:25 pm

Broadcast exclusively on The Xperience
LIVE! Any Time, Any Place, Anywhere!

XWA Hardcore Championship!

Dave O'Connor vs. Aries Armadaist (c)

These two XWA newcomers both experienced meteoric rises to glory--Aries Armadaist, in his XWA debut at XWA's China Anniversary, claimed the Hardcore Championship from the explosive chaos that was our Great Inventions Hardcore Invitational, while Dave O'Connor took the World Television Championship from Albion Gale in his second match, just days before she achieved Supremacy at The XWA 500. But the Maniac isn't satisfied with just one belt--he wants more, and the fastest road to get there goes through El Super Canuck himself.

Wherever and whenever these two heavy hitters collide, Hardcore 24/7 rules will make things very, VERY interesting...

Deadline for matches is 8th June 2019 at 11:59 Eastern Standard Time.
Voting will start at this time and conclude on 13th June 2019 at 11:59 Eastern Standard Time.
[CST is one hour earlier. GMT is five hours later.]
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Re: [CHALLENGE] Dave O'Connor vs. Aries Armadaist (c) - HARDCORE TITLE!

Postby Dave_Maniac » Sun Jun 09, 2019 7:56 pm

It has been a long night and at the XWA conference for the Lord of Ring, event people seem to be hearing Bella Quinn’s announcement. A single camera is walking down the corridors where we find Aries Armadaist alone exiting the toilet, he thinks his night is going to be an easy one and so he lowers his guard, that moment is when he is attacked from behind with a sap.

Chris Novak: Welcome ladies and gentlemen to another edition of XWA Hardcore 24/7!

Joe Delonge: Good night Chris, glad to be here for another edition of the Hardcore 24/7. Do you know who our challenger is?

Dave O’Connor stands a few steps back holding a sap and a little bit behind him stands his wife, Alissa, holding the XWA Television Championship along with Tommy Tickles.

Chris: It’s Dave! Dave O’Connor is going for the XWA Hardcore Championship!

Joe: This shows you that anything can happen here.

After five strikes to the back, Aries manages to turn around and block the next hit, using his left hand he starts to punch the gut of Dave. The attack’s are countered by lifting his knee up and pounding the gut of Aries, the champion walks back staring angrily at his opponent.

Chris: Dave using that sap with a lot of talent but I do not know how much damage it did before Aries blocked it.

Dave stands his ground like any professional fighter, Aries runs in extending his arm trying to strike the neck of the madman but the challenger manages to block the attack. Looking for the quick exit, the Canuck goes in for a kick to the groin but O’Connor reacts to the attack by shifting his stance and letting the strike hit his shin.

Joe: I like the way Dave blocked those attacks, his MMA experience is undeniable.

Aries pushes Dave away and quickly delivers three left jabs to the gut making the challenger howl in pain. Used to fighting through the pain, O’Connor delivers an elbow uppercut followed by a knee to the gut but Aries counters by driving his head to the chest getting some distance between both.

Chris: As usual, Aries using his head to strike his opponent.

Dave charges towards the champion but Aries lifts him up and sends him back first onto the floor with him on top. The champion then takes some distance and charges towards his opponent, before striking him he jumps of the floor and lets his whole-body land on top of Dave’s.

Joe: If that spinebuster did not hurt him maybe the running senton did.

Dave tries to lock in his arm on the neck of the champion but only manages to force him to get up instantly. With a look of disbelief, Aries realizes what kind of animal he is against; he can withstand a lot of injuries but the maniac is unhinged at the attacks. Desperate, Aries charges lifting his foot off the ground to hit the face of Dave but he only needs to step aside and throw his arm to hit his attackers face.

Chris: That haymaker came out of nowhere, just like any martial artist would do it.

Aries takes a few steps back holding his face, he sees in the floor a piece of pipe and grabs it. Dave lifts his arms letting his opponent strike him on the stomach but he is just lightly winded, Alissa then says with pride.

Alissa: Muay Thai champions practice all day by being hit of the stomach, they take pride on being able to withstand very tough strikes there.

Aries: Well... fuck me

After Aries speaks those words, Dave extends his back foot striking the gut of the Canuck and forcing him to throw the pipe away. O’Connor follows that by hitting his head with a downward punch and, without a moment to spare, lifts his knee hitting his face.

Joe: O’Connor showing us why he is considered a madman.

Aries takes a few steps back after the previous strikes and, after clearing up his head, charges at Dave jumping at the right moment delivering a devastating headbutt to the top of the head. He then starts to club the back of Dave but ends up being pushed to the toilets where he came from, the Canuck then grabs a mop lying there and with the tip strikes the gut of the maniac.

Chris: You can see Aries desperation against such a man.

Joe: I bet he is trying to find a way to get away but those corridors don’t allow that much space to do that.

Dave bends over slightly and grabs the mop throwing it away, that attacks gives enough space for Aries to run towards his opponent trying to grab his head but he is rejected by a straight kick to the gut sending him through one of the stalls. Dave then dives the head of Aries into the toilet for a couple of seconds before flushing it.

Alissa: Are you now willing to give us your title and comply?

Dave lifts up Aries head only to get back another insult.

Aries: Fuck... No...

Dave dives the head of Aries into the toilet one more time before flushing it, lifts him by the head and punches his gut with all his force sending him back to the corridor, he tries to run away butAlissa grabs the pipe and drives it deep into his stomach. Without any air left, Aries drops to the floor holding his gut while Alissa starts to kick his head with the tip of her boots.

Chris: Alissa doing anything she can to stop Aries form getting away, that woman is truly fearless.

Dave grabs tightly the arm of Aries lifting him up from the floor only to deliver a back fist to the ear and, in quick succession, the madman puts his arm underneath the extended one and shifts his body to use the same weight of his opponent and send him into a sitting position on the floor. There, Dave starts delivering a rapid set of back elbows to the top of the head leaving Aries trying to figure out what is going on. Immediately, the maniac takes some distance and, with all his might, twist his body in a round motion driving his shin to the back of his opponent’s head forcing it to hit the floor. As Aries tries to recover, the madman takes a few steps back and, using his sole, sends his opponents head to the floor one more time.

Joe: That is going to hurt all week long.

Chris: What a stiff set of strikes from the challenger, it might have caused him a concussion.

Dave slowly walks towards a trash can found nearby, this allows Aries enough time to kneel up and recover but as he looks up he sees the maniac standing next to him with the trash can over his head. The challenger quickly drives the trash can four times into Armadaist’s head and after that, Dave tosses it away and jumps in place delivering an elbow to the top of the head to his kneeling opponent leaving him on the floor once again.

Joe: I am afraid they might be more worried on injuring Aries than winning.

Chris: Welcome to the hardcore division.

Slowly Aries starts to get up but he is stopped thanks to Alissa's boot which strikes his temple returning him to the floor.

Joe: Damn! That woman is crazy! She just got herself involved.

Chris: I have heard that those boots are steel tipped, so that makes her kicks hurt even more.

Joe: For the good of Aries I hope that is a lie.

As Aries slowly tries to get up Alissa runs back again stepping on top of his head and driving to the floor one more time making a loud thump.

Chris: You heard that? That was horrible, the champion must be out clearly.

Trying to clear the cobwebs from his head, Aries forces himself to turn face up on the floor allowing Dave gets on top of him and, without any protection of his fists, starts to strike the forehead of Armadaist making it bounce on the floor repeatedly. After five strikes, blood starts pouring from the champion's forehead as he is unable to mount and offense, as Aries body starts to go limp O’Connor gets up and sees the onslaught he has caused.

Joe: This looks more like a mob beating than fight.

Chris: If Dave wants to prove why he is our TV Champion and to do that he has to beat up everyone else.

Alissa quickly starts stomping repeatedly on top of Aries head while Dave kicks his gut several times.

Joe: Is this a tag team match? I do not get it.

Alissa: We are the law around here, got it? So better give up a-hole.

Barely able to talk, Aries mutters.

Aries: Fuck... You... Bitch...

This angers Dave who picks up his opponent from the head and locks it up in a Muay Thai clinch, then he proceeds to strike it with his knee making Aries walk backward towards the wall. There Aries head bounces back with another loud thump, but he uses that force to deliver a series of bloodied headbutts to the face of O’Connor who just manages to walk back.

Joe: That is brutal... Aries is still standing even after a brutal match and beating.

Chris: Given the previous strikes Aries is clearly seeing stars.

Joe: I think he is in automatic.

Dave twists his body and then throws all his weight on to his first to strike the face of Aries but at the last second, he ducks and drives his head to the chest of his opponent pushing him back. Before he steps further away, Dave extends his front leg hitting the gut of his opponent with his sole, both wrestlers are standing far apart but the maniac seems to be in better shape.

Chris: How long will Aries last with those concussions he has suffered?

Aries walks near Dave and starts to deliver left handed jabs that get blocked with his right arm.

Joe: I got no idea but Dave is showing off his MMA fighting style right now.

With little to no force, O’Connor kicks the knee of Aries bending it and making him drop his guard. In this position Dave delivers a devastating uppercut to the head of his opponent, then he grabs the arm of Armadaist and pulls him towards his forearm striking his face and before he falls backward, another arm pull drags him towards Dave’s knee which hits his gut.

Chris: Aries brain must be damaged right now, those strikes are way to stiff.

Kneeling and catching his breath, Aries fails to see Alissa walking up behind him. There she starts to swing her forearm inwards towards the temple of Armadaist, after what seem to be five strikes Aries cannot seem to get up as he is seen not able to stay in one position for long.

Alissa: You get it now asshole?

Dave hands over a set of handcuffs to Alissa who easily manages to lock in one of the arms but Aries resists putting his other arm behind him, so, to soften him up Dave delivers a set of right punches to his temple. This allows Alissa to grabs his arms and finally put it behind his back and lock it up in the handcuffs.

Chris: They managed to handcuff Aries, what are they thinking?

Joe: Things are going to get far more aggressive now.

Chris: The amount of strikes to Aries head ae way to much for any man.

Joe: I do not know if we should tell the police about this assault.

A bloodied and handcuffed Aries kneels up and stares at both attackers mumbling.

Aries: Fuck... you... assholes...

Alissa delivers a kick to the balls of Aries who just bends over coughing. Meanwhile, Dave walks away looking for something.

Alissa: Who’s the bitch now?... Get the chair babe!

Joe: Ouch! That hurt even me.

Dave returns with a chair on both hands as Aries starts to kneel up, quickly O’Connor drives the chair to the top of his opponent's head bending it. Armadaist finds himself still barely sitting up, a second chair shot to the head manages to bulge him down but slowly he starts to sit up again. Desperate, Dave hits another chair shot to the head of Aries but it is not enough to take him down.

Chris: Three! Three chair shots to the head of Aries, he should be down for good.

Angrily Dave walks back to get a running start, then he manages to jumps a bit and taking a step in the air to drive his foot to the face of a dazed Aires.

Joe: Dave just ran over Aries.

Quickly Dave goes for the pin and covers Aries with just his foot forcing Tommy Tickles run to do the count.




Chris: Shoulders up by Aries! What the hell! How is he still awake?!

Joe: How?!

Chris: I think Aries just instinctively kicked out.

Alissa grabs Tommy Tickles by the throat and shouts at him.

Alissa: Next time you better count faster asshole! I told you what would happen if you didn’t!

During that exchange Aries manages to sit up with his back towards the wall, Dave sees this and starts to deliver roundhouse kicks to the chest forcing him to bounce back whipping his head back and forth. A dazed Aries just manages to grin in pain at the kicks, while an angry Alissa joins in the kicks and Aries is barely standing.

Joe: This is not a match, this is backroom beating, Aries is not able to attack.

Chris: It seems like Alissa is trying to send a message to the locker room.

Dave manages to get Aries to stand up for a while and with all of his might throws him through a glass pane head first, this makes everyone in the room to get out quickly. Angrily Dave tosses the door open and as a bloodied Aries tries to get up he is driven back to the ground thanks to another front kick to his temple.

Joe: This has to be illegal! Some one stop it!

Aries spits blood on the floor and barely says.

Aries: That’s all motherfuckers?

Dave grabs a pitcher sitting in a table and slams it to the face of Aries who drops to the floor spitting out more blood.

Chris: Dave using all that glass as weapons!

Slowly Aries kneels and before he is fully up Dave grabs a glass of water and smashes it on the head of the champion, Alissa joins in and smashes another glass on his temple. Aries is so dazed that he cannot see Dave grab a chain laying around and wrap it around his fist.

Joe: God al mighty, don’t do it.

Dave takes his hand behind him and throws all his weight behind, the punch strikes the top of Aries head making him hit the glass filled floor with a loud thump.

Chris: WHat a big haymaker, what must have left ariest knocked out!

After that, Alissa turns toward Tommy Tickles and screams for him to do a quick count. Dave puts his foot on top of Aries chest and signals the referee to do the quickest count in his life.




Tommy lifts the bloodied arm of Dave and gives him the belt before exiting the place in a hurry, Alissa stops him for a bit and says.

Alissa: Tell everyone that they better be on our side or this is what will happen.

Scared for his life Tommy runs away from the scene of the crime.

Joe: Jesus, this has been a blood bath will Aries be able to stand up?

Chris: Alissa just delivered a clear message to anyone who wants to fight them.

Alissa instantly turns towards the camera and says.

Alissa: Ladies and gentlemen, take notice of what happened tonight because this is an example of what will happen if you stand against us, we control both... Hardcore and TV Championships, soon we will add the Supreme Championship.

Alissa stares back at the bloodied Aries and then returns her sight to the camera holding both championships in her hands.

Alissa: You might be asking, why are we doing this? Easy, this place used to be the land of the lawless, a place where violence and mayhem flourished. Now what is it? What is extreme about this place? NOTHING! We have one objective and that is to return those principles to the XWA, so as of now the Battlezone is a lawless state! We will win it all!

Alissa pauses for a bit.

Alissa: We will control the Battlezone! The revolution has started! Tiocfaidh ár lá!

Alissa’s face is deadly serious, she is not laughing or anything.

Alissa: Your move Bella...

Alissa and Dave turn around holding both championships

Joe: Has Alissa challenged Bella Quinn to take control of the Battlezone? What does this mean?

Alissa’s ominous threat along with the questions just made by Joe Delonge the screen fades to black leaving everyone who has just sean the footage at the conference worried what these psychotic people will do.
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Re: [CHALLENGE] Dave O'Connor vs. Aries Armadaist (c) - HARDCORE TITLE!

Postby RevolutionJones » Sun Jun 16, 2019 7:10 am

Might as well make it official. Congratulations to the NEW XWA Hardcore Champion, "The Maniac" Dave O'Connor!

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