Adrian Tanner Jr (LOTR)

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Adrian Tanner Jr (LOTR)

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Adrian Tanner Junior

Real Name: Same

Nickname: The Arizona Assassin

Attitude: Face

Hometown: Tucson, Az

Height: 6'1"

Weight: 227lbs

Twitter handle: @NextwaveisLove



That's what Adrian is, that's what he want's to leave behind.

A 2nd generation wrestler, Adrian grew up around the business thanks to his older brothers. His parents died when he was young and he was basically raised to adulthood by his older brother Bryant, who spent most of Adrian's adolescent life traveling around the world in his own professional wrestling career and so, Adrian spent most of his free time hanging out with wrestlers and wrestling personalities and/or picking his brother's brain for cool new stories about his wrestling history.

When Adrian was old enough to start training for his own career he, along with his best friends Brandon Young and Cecil Kennedy, and eventually his older sister Kaycee, enrolled in Bryant's new training school the Notorious Wrestling Academy, much to Bryant's dismay. The eldest Tanner wanted something more for his kid brother, but Adrian had been hooked on the business since he was barely able to walk, and he, Cecil and Brandon had been doing their own backyard wrestling shenanigans for years at that point. It was either Bryant train them or they go somewhere else, and Bryant wasn't willing to trust anyone else with his sibling's training.

Once Adrian had completed his training Bryant decided the best way to test him was to throw him right into the deep end, so he sent Adrian half way across the world to the continent of Australia with only his wits, and his other older brother Christian by his side. Where most people would be troubled by this predicament Adrian took to it like a fish to water, and wound up Champion of Australia 3 months into his career.

His first Australian Championship win, which he wasn't supposed to originally even be competing for, lit a fire under Adrian and the Arizona Assassin was born! He began branching out from Australia to other parts of the world, winning championships in almost every company he went to. The most important of which being Hardkore World where he would go on to be the Hardkore World Light Heavyweight, American, Australia, and multiple time World Tag and Six Man Tag Team Champion, but it was the dual accomplishment of winning both the Hardkore World and EWRT Wrestler of the Year awards that really signified Adrian as one of the BEST wrestlers in the game.

5 or so years ago, feeling like he'd accomplished everything he wanted to and then some, Adrian took a hiatus from wrestling to deal with nagging injuries and work on a college degree. But the wrestling bug always bites back, and now he's back and he's looking to continue his goal of cementing himself as the BEST Light Heavyweight in the Business.

XWA Achievements: N/A

Previous Achievements:

4CW Tag Team Champion (1x w/Johnny Evil as the Asshole Antagonists) (current)
4CW XTV Champion (2x)
2011 Frank A Marano Jr Memorial Cup Co-winner (w/Vile "Vince" Viper)
FCW Tag Team Champion (w/ Vile "Vince" Viper)
FTW Octane Champion
VGW World Heavyweight Champion
RW Heavyeight Champion
Unified: ICWF Television and World Tag Team Champions - (w/Cecil Kennedy as Nextwave)
Ring Syndicate Australian Heavyweight Champion
Ring Syndicate Australian Statewide CHampion
UCW Television CHampion
CWA Platinum Champion
CWA Televion Champion
CWA Heavyweight Champion
SWAT Australian Heavyweight Champion
SWAT Australian Statewide CHampion
SWAT World Tag Team Champion (w Syberus as "The Connection")
IGA World Tag Team Champion (w Johnny Pain as "Amazingly Extreme")
SPW World Tag Team Champion (w Scott Starring as "Shootfire's Most Wanted")
Hardkore World Six-Man Tag Team Champion (x2) (w The Un~Stable/Manhattan Project)
Hardkore World Tag Team Champion (x2) (w Andrew Karnage as "The Un~Stable) (w/Cecil Kennedy as Nextwave)
2006 Hardkore World Frank A. Marano Jr Tag Team Tournament Co-Winner
Hardkore World Light Heavyweight CHampion (x2)
Hardkore American Heavyweight CHampion
Hardkore Australian Heavyweight Champion
2007 HPWA Holiday Hell Invitational Winner
2007 Hardkore World #1 Wrestler of the Year
2007 E-Wrestling Round Table Wrestler of the Year
2006 Hardkore World Tag Team of the Year (w Andrew Karnage as The Un~Stable)

And a bunch of others I'm currently forgetting

Career Highlights/Notable Feuds (details if possible):

-Was voted both Hardkore World and EWRT #1 Wrestler of the Year in the same year
-Won the 2006 Frank Tournament with Andrew Karnage
-Inadvertantly caused the first ever locking of a Hardkore World forums Results thread thanks to asshattery by the team that lost to us in the finals of the Frank
-Was a part of the last team to hold the ICWF Television Tag and World Tag Team Titles with Cecil Kennedy
-Only person to hold the Australian Championship in all three incarnations of the fed/region
-Along with Syberus, unified the CWA Television, Platinum, Heavyweight and Tag titles into one giant conglomerate of awesome
-Won the first ever Pat McGrath Memorial Cup in IGA
- Once pinned an ACTUAL Bear for a three count
- Fought a match in space inside of a giant robot
- Had a man con SWAT into giving that man a region for the sole purpose of tormenting him. Ironically this man is also his 2011 tag partner
- Winner of the first-ever Dallas in Romania Texas Death Match
- Gave Cecil Kennedy piggyback rides during the SPW Fun Run at Foreve Vile
-And more

Style: Technical Aerialist


Adrian has dirty blond hair that parts down the middle and falls into his eyes when he looks down (think AJ Styles before he got weird and grew it out into the emo half-eye covering thing is hair is now- so during TNA heyday), ice blue eyes, and the slight hint of a beard that he keeps trimmed close to his face. He has various scars on his back from various matches throughout the years, though they aren't that noticeable unless you look really hard. He has a tattoo on his left ring finger of a Green Lantern ring

Out of ring he usually wears pants and whatever custom t-shirt he feels like sporting that day. He makes a lot of custom t-shirts with various catchphrases or dumb things people have said or done on them and wears them in his day to day wrestling life

In ring he wears short tights that go from his waist to his knees (varying in color from match to match)with a Superman shield logo on the left and right sides with "AT" inside the shield. The colors usually contrast to his pant colors. He wears matching elbow and knee pads of the same color as the pants and boots with the same color as the pants with the laces in white,

Board Picture Base: Leonardo Dicaprio via the Departed era

Wrestler Stats

(Each Wrestler begins with 46 points to spend on their "stats". These scores are for roleplaying purposes only and are meant to be used to give other players and the Admins a way of gauging how fast/strong/quick each wrestler is compared to other wrestlers. These scores have NO affect on voting or booking decisions..)

Agility: (The Ability to leap, duck, dodge, climb, flip and dive well) 7

Brawling: (Punching, Kicking, in-your-face melle skills) 5

Durability: (The ability to take damage and keep going) 7

Intelligence: (In ring savvy, the ability to outwit your opponent) 8

Speed: (How quickly you move, climb and in some cases attack) 6

Strength: (How much can you lift? How hard do you hit? Raw Power) 5

Technical Skill: (How proficient are you in the execution of wrestling moves? How well do you counter?) 8


Entrance Music. "Be Undeniable!" by HELLYEAH

Entrance Text:
The lights in the arena cut out leaving only the SWAT-Tron lit up. Spliced footage from Metal Gear Solid III begins to play on the video screen.

Revolver Ocelot: Hold it right there, traitor... Let's find out just how lucky
you are...

Ocelot reveals a bullet for his revolver... He loads the bullet

Ocelot: Watch closely... [takes out three revolvers]

Ocelot: One of these three guns has a single bullet in it... I'm going to pull
the trigger six times in a row... Are you ready?

Ocelot juggles the three guns... Each time he pulls a trigger, Sokolov
winces... The fifth time a trigger is pulled, Sokolov pisses his pants

Ocelot: Looks like your luck hasn't run out yet...

The sixth time, the gun fires and the screen shatters into a million pieces and everything cuts to black again.

Voice over: "BE UNDENIABLE!"

"Be Undeniable" by HELLYEAH booms through the speakers and Adrian Tanner Jr appears standingin the middle of the stage, head covered by the hood of his ring jacket. Red and white spotlights illuminate the stage as the music plays through the PA.

Max Blake: "Introducing to the ring from Tucson, Arizona, weighing in at two hundred twenty-seven pounds and standing six feet, one inch tall! He is 'The Arizona Assassin'... ADRIAN TANNER JJUUNNIIOORR!!!"

As SWAT Atlantic Coast's esteemed ring announcer does his job, Adrian raises both arms over his head letting them come to rest stretched out in front of him, pointing like guns at the ring. At the announcement of his name he 'fires' and loud fireworks explode from the stage as the crowd cheers in approval. The red spotlights make a circle through the crowd while the white spotlights pulse in tune with the music for a very dizzying effect, as the Arizona Assassin makes his way down the ramp. He walks down the ramp towards the ring, slapping hands with a few fans before he pulls the jacket off as he slides under the ropes. He mounts the nearest turnbuckle and makes a gun motion with his left hand. He cocks the "gun", "fires" then jumps down and begins his pre-match warmup.


(Finishers are moves exclusive to your character. Usually, they have unique names given to them by the wrestler.)
The Revolver Reverse STO facebuster. Adrian is so well versed in hitting this he can hit it from any number of different positions and is always coming with new ways to do so
BAD NEWS! (name always spoken in caps by announcers) Rolling top rope cravate cutter (THIS)

Signature Moves
(You must have a bare minimum of 5 signature moves. These moves are signature moves of your character, but not exclusive to them. You have a maximum of ten)
01. Welcome to the Desert: Double-underhook Canadian facebreaker
02. DO A BARREL ROLL: Cartwheel bomb - Opponent doubled over, Adrian bounces off the ropes and twists into a cartwheel, grabbing the opponent from behind as he does and taking them over with a powerbomb variation.
03. Gone, Baby, Gone: Adrian grabs opponent for a suplex, but grabs the other leg so that the legs are crossed when he lifts them up, then drops them down with a brainbuster
04. (Insert Opponents name HERE) took the (insert made up number here) hour flight to (insert town show is taking place in) and all they got was this lousy BOOT TO THE FACE!: Running hesitation dropkick to the face of opponent sitting in the corner (KENTA/Hideo Itami's corner dropkick)
05. The SureShot: Spinning wristclutch fishermans buster

knife-edge chops
Flying forearm smash
Arm drags
Arm Drag into an armlock submission
Flying armbar
Springboard single-arm DDT
Roaring elbow
Drop Toe hold into the turnbuckle/middle ropes
Diving Hurricanrana
Double knee backbreaker into straightjacket submission
Single-knee facebreaker
Facebreaker DDT
Cobra clutch submission, twisted into a short-arm lariat
Hammerlock submission into either: DDT, kneeling facebuster, northern lights suplex
Springboard lariat
Springboard thrust kick
Running swinging neckbreaker
Springboard tornado DDT
Springboard backflip into a snap DDT
Tilt-a-whirl facebreaker
Electric chair dropped neck-first on the top rope followed by a bridging dragon suplex
German suplex(es)
Snap suplex(es)
Cravate suplex
Exploder suplex
Fireman's carry facebreaker
Rolling fireman's carry slam followed by a standing backflip splash
Roaring elbow/flying forearm smash
running swinging facebuster
Springboard backflip into a snap DDT
Double-knee backbreaker into straightjacket submission
Cobra clutch submission, held for a while, then twisted into a short-arm lariat
Flying turnbuckle lariat (Miz's corner clothesline thing)
Electric-chair dropped neck-first onto the ropes followed up with a bridging dragon suplex
Drop toe-hold into the middle turnbuckle followed by a kip-up double stomp to the back using the ropes
springboard hurricanrana

Match History
(Wrestler) vs. (Wrestler)
Winner: (Wrestler)
(Update with this pattern after every match you participate in.)

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