(Face Off) Legends In The Making

Matches that occurred on our 2016 event XWA Face Off!
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(Face Off) Legends In The Making

Postby styg » Tue Nov 01, 2016 5:46 pm

I got infinite ammunition
Comin' out the yin yang!

The crowd absolutely explodes for USS's "Yin Yang" and the bearer of that music, Laurel Anne Hardy! The XWA Hardcore Champion has a huge smile on her face as she steps onto the stage. She doesn't have her title with her - after all, it would spoil the line of her exquisitely tailored charcoal-blue three piece suit. But she does have a microphone, although she's not using it yet, as she's taking her time to reach the ring, making sure to interact with as many fans as possible. Once she finally reaches the ring she enters via the steps, taking care not to crease her outfit, then parades around a bit soaking in the cheers from the audience. As they die down she grins and raises her mic.

Laurel Anne Hardy: Man, it's good to be here... bit crazy, very nostalgic, but good. I don't wanna sound cheesy here an' like I'm just out for the cheap pop, but Ontario is a second home to me. We got anyone in here from Ottawa?

A cheer going up, modest in number of voices but raucous in intensity, indicates that yes, yes we do have several Ottawans in attendance.

Laurel Anne Hardy: I lived in Ottawa for two years, just over. I did my advanced training at Shane Tallin's Battlegrounds Academy an' stayed in the area when I started my pro career. I'm glad to be somewhere that's special to me for what I'm about to say.

Murmurs swell up...

Laurel Anne Hardy: No, don't worry, I still ain't retirin' yet. See, Legends is just around the corner, an' here's me without a match still. Now...

She starts to pace just a little bit.

Laurel Anne Hardy: ...I could lay out a challenge to The Survivors. Offer to end another one of their pathetic careers the way I ended Whisper's... but I got somethin' better in mind. Their goal is to end XWA - turn it into a desolate waste-heap? But Legends is a celebration. A birthday party. An' what better way to celebrate XWA, an' stick a finger up at The Survivors at the same time, than by presenting an exhibition of the exact kinda beauty they want to destroy? This is my proposal: Legends the canvas. The brushes? Myself an' anyone in the back who wants to create a masterpiece. I been fightin' The Survivors with weapons of destruction all year. Legends is a night to fight them with tools of creation. Who'll collaborate with me? Who's up for taking on the challenge of showing off just what this art form can be at its absolute peak?

Laurel turns to the stage with an expectant look.

Laurel Anne Hardy: Disclaimer: this offer is extended only to those with a vested interest in stealing the show.

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Re: (Face Off) Legends In The Making

Postby Trace » Fri Nov 04, 2016 3:56 pm

With the challenge laid down the crowd are waiting with baited breath to find out who will take it up. They wait… and wait… and…

The lights switch off, and an unfamiliar song (“Demons” by Sleigh Bells) begins playing over the speakers. Six crimson spotlights shine down upon the crowds, moving in unison. They move through the crowd and towards the stage, where they combine to illuminate a man in a red hooded leather jacket. The hood hides his face but the jacket alone is enough to tip off some fans and a cheer begins to grow throughout the arena. That becomes even louder when the hand comes up, fingers shaped like a gun at the ring.

Mark Sanction: I recognise that hand motion, you think it’s him?

Matt Steel: You think he’d let Legends happen without him? The guy’s got the biggest ego in the business.

And then the hand comes up, ‘firing’, and the hood comes down at the same time. An explosion of crimson pyrotechnics go off around him and when they finish the lights are back on, and the crowd absolutely explodes. He’s here. The man, the legend, the Demon.

Trace Demon is back.

Mark Sanction: We have not seen Trace Demon in an XWA ring since Legends last year when he damn near broke Ace Andrews in half.

Matt Steel: He used to own the place, but a lot has changed in a year, for one the rise of Laurel Anne Hardy.

Trace Demon smirks that signature smirk as the crowd continue to cheer loudly, an unusual experience for the King of Demons, he’s more used to being the villain than the returning hero, but tonight he embraces it, marching down to the ring with a devilish look on his face. He reaches the ring, refusing a microphone from a stagehand as he climbs up the steel steps and enters through the ropes. Laurel Anne Hardy looks pretty pleased that her challenge has been answered by a true XWA legend and welcomes him into the ring. Trace signals for the music to be cut and it stops almost instantly, but the sound of the crowd is still deafening. He holds his finger up to his mouth, signalling for them to quiet down and slowly but surely the cheering comes to a stop, the crowd wanting to hear one of the biggest voices in XWA history speak.

Laurel offers him her mic and he shakes his head before pulling one out of his jacket sleeve.

The King of Demons always comes prepared.

Trace Demon: Ladies and gentlemen… did you miss me?

They erupt again. Clearly they did.

Trace Demon: I guess that’s what happens when a good old Canadian boy returns home.

Now that’s just a cheap pop.

Mark Sanction: Despite everything Trace has done in the past these fans seem pretty happy to see him back.

Matt Steel: Well it’s Canada Sanction, we’re basically in bizarro world right now.

Trace Demon: It’s been a while, hasn’t it. Last time I was here I owned the place, now the guy who I personally kicked the hell out of at Legends has half and some other chick I’ve never heard of has the other. But, despite having sold up I’ve still got friends here. So here I was visiting a few old mates when I hear that Laurel Anne Hardy is about to lay down an open challenge and I think to myself how can I let this place run a show called Legends without Trace Demon being involved? I mean let’s face it, it may as well have been named after me. So here I am backstage when I hear your music hit and I think fuck it, here I come and guess what? Here… I… am.

For the first time Trace Demon takes a proper good look at Laurel, and she back at him. The atmosphere here in Toronto is absolutely electric.

Trace Demon: Now you put down a little disclaimer on your challenge, didn’t you. You said that this challenge was for anybody who wanted to steal the show, right? Well here’s the thing Laurel, you ain’t never really stolen the show until you’ve been in the ring with Trace Demon. I mean just ask Jack Sabbath, or DGX, or Rose. I’ve been in the ring with some of the greatest to ever lace up a pair of boots and every single damn time we’ve torn the house down. But see I’m on a different kind of level to the guys you’ve been facing, I’m a different kind of legend. So if you really think you can go toe to toe with the best and take the ass kicking of a lifetime then I can guaran-damn-tee you that together we won’t just steal the show, we’ll steal the whole damn company.

Mark Sanction: Woah, that sounds like an accepted challenge to me Matt.

Matt Steel: We’ve got some big matches set for Legends already, but Laurel Anne Hardy vs. Trace Demon? Consider be excited.

Laurel Anne Hardy nods in agreement but Trace throws a finger up first to signal he’s got one more thing to say.

Trace Demon: Don’t be so quick to agree, not until you realise what it is you’re stepping into. Last year I faced Ace Andrews, a good friend of mine, and I damn near broke him in two. Before that the likes of Jack Sabbath, Drake Dysfunction, Chris Novak, they’ve all felt what I can do. They’re probably all still feeling it. You fancy yourself the Hardcore Champion, right? Well I held that belt for one year uninterrupted. I vacated that belt because there was nobody capable of beating me. I am hardcore. So you step into the ring with me and you better believe you won’t come out of it the same.

Laurel Anne Hardy: I can give as good as I get, trust me.

The crowd cheer. Trace can only smirk.

Trace Demon: So I’ve been told. But here’s the thing Laurel, I’ve yet to see it. See a lot of people around here are talking about the new era, they’re talking about people like you surpassing the likes of me. But as far as I’m concerned you, and every single new era idiot like you, mean nothing until you can prove yourself to me.

And just like that the tone changes, and every single person feels it.

Trace Demon: I have faced the toughest, most violent men to ever step foot in this ring and I have beaten them all. I have held titles no matter where I go. I have left a mark on this industry unlike any other to the point that my name echoes out into the wrestling world. You, and every single one of the new era ‘stars’, have proven nothing until you fight me. And I mean fight. You think you’ve got to prove yourself to these people to be a star? The only person worth proving yourself to is standing right here in this ring with you and he is not impressed. I don’t respect you Laurel, because you’ve haven’t earned it. But at Legends I will give you that shot. We’ll steal the show alright, I just hope you can live with the consequences because I am going to show you, and every single person in this so called new era, why I am… the legend.

Trace drops the microphone to the mat and climbs out of the ring, challenge well and truly accepted. But Laurel isn’t about to let him get the last word.

Laurel Anne Hardy: You might not respect me right now Trace but you better believe at Legends, I’m going to beat some respect into you!

Trace Demon nods from the ramp, two living legends of the XWA staring each other down with one of the biggest matches for Legends officially set.

Mark Sanction: Ladies and gentlemen at Legends it’s set. Trace Demon. Laurel Anne Hardy. First time ever.

Matt Steel: I don’t know if Laurel knows what she’s just let herself in for.

Mark Sanction: Honestly, I think the same could be said for Trace.

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