XWA '89: Jeffrey Chapman vs. Defiant Dan - MAIN EVENT!

Matches that occurred on our 2016 (well, 1989) event XWA '89!
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XWA '89: Jeffrey Chapman vs. Defiant Dan - MAIN EVENT!

Postby Michael Swift » Sat Sep 10, 2016 6:38 pm

A giant, worldwide phenomenon. An unstoppable, revolutionary promotion. But it wasn't always this way...
Travel back in time. It's Chicago, Illinois. September 1989. The story begins here...


Recovered and Remastered for broadcast EXCLUSIVELY on The Xperience
Recorded in Sept 1989 at the Grand Palace Bingo Hall, Chicago, Illinois(500 Capacity),

Theme Song: "Take On Me" by Aha

The Main Event:

Jeffrey Chapman vs. Defiant Dan

In thirty years time, the Xtreme Wrestling Alliance will be ruled by those who see themselves as ELITE, and the man they screwed out of the title will make it his mission to take them down and reclaim his throne. But it seems they were always destined for the main event, as their lineage battles it out one on one in our historic main event!

Don't miss this absolute classic!

Deadline for matches is 23rd September 2016 at 11:59 Eastern Standard Time.
Voting will start at this time and conclude on 30th October 2016 at 11:59 Eastern Standard Time.
[CST is one hour earlier. GMT is five hours later.]
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Re: XWA '89: Jeffrey Chapman vs. Defiant Dan - MAIN EVENT!

Postby Rob Chapman » Mon Sep 26, 2016 2:58 am

Rhoda Lang: "Ladies and gentlemen... it is now time for the main event of the evening! The following contest is scheduled for one fall!"

A rising crescendo of strings lifts the hearts of those in the crowd, before sending the audience into a terrifying descent. The lights dim, turning crimson in hue. Making his way out from behind the curtain to an ensemble of sinister strings, and a clear spotlight shining upon him Jeffrey Chapman pauses at the head of the stage, looking around the arena at the fans in attendance and turning his rather crooked nose up at them. Taking a breath, he exhales quickly, seemingly disgusted by the smell of the very arena. Running both of his hands through his hair, he turns to look at the camera, and slowly shakes his head in disgust. He begins to make approach the ring at a slow saunter, just as the strings soften, motioning his hands like a conductor in time to the music.

Rhoda Lang: "Making his way to the ring... from Victoria, British Columbia, weighing in at two hundred and sixty seven pounds... he is a walking portrait of class and debonair... the "Blue Blooded Mad Dog"... JEFFREY... CHAAAAAAPMAAAAAAN!"

Jeffrey pauses at the foot of the entrance way, just in time for the strings to rise up again, changing time signatures entirely as he stares up at the ring and nods his head, grinning an ugly grin. If nobody in this crowd had ever seen him before, they would understand immediately why a man wearing such a regal robe, carrying himself in such an indignant manner, is known as "Mad Dog". Untying the sash from around his waist, he begins to disrobe, revealing a very strong, very rugged, and battle-scarred body. Barking at a ring attendant to collect his robe for him, he hands it off, and begins to circle around the ring, staring up into it. After walking halfway around, he hops up and rolls into the ring sideways, underneath the bottom rope. Rising to one knee, he slowly stands using the aid of the ring rope, and begins to pace around the ring with his nose stuck high in the air again. Attitude rolls off of him in waves before he finally comes to a halt in the corner of the ring. Reluctantly allowing the referee to check him for foreign objects. His entrance music fades out slowly, and the lights return to normal.

The lights go dim and the opening lines of Queen's "We Are The Champions" begin while the camera zooms around the arena. It then focuses on a silhouette on the stage, down on a single knee with his arms spread out like wings and his head tilted downward. This visual stays the same until the song begins to kick into high gear. Freddy Mercury's shouts of needing to go on and on and on and on burst through the arena as Defiant Dan jumps to his feet and throws both hands up, pointing to the skies, while the lights turn bright again, with glorious gold flashing along with them. He holds this pose for a moment as the audience reacts to the spectacular display of showmanship.

Rhoda Lang: "And his opponent... from Cheshire, England... weighing in at two hundred and nineteen pounds... he is... DEFIANT! DAAAAAAAN!"

Once finished, Dan slowly bring his arms forward, changing the pointing direction to the ring and then he begins making his way towards it with a jog. Once at the end of the ramp, Dan runs up the steps and then vaults himself over the top rope and into the ring, changing direction while leaping and landing on the middle rope in the corner of the ring, facing the crowd. He repeats his upwards pointing pose there and then showcases his athleticism with a back flip off of the middle rope, landing on the canvas behind him.


As the bell tolls to kick off the main event of the first XWA show, an already uneasy crowd finds it in them to applaud as Jeffrey and Dan begin a customary circle around the ring. Between the two of them, it was abundantly clear which of them is the heavier competitor; talking numbers, Jeffrey has a near fifty pound advantage over Dan. As they close in on the ring's center, that becomes plain as day. Locking up in a collar and elbow tie, they continue to circle around as Dan fights for leverage over his opponent, looking like he's barely avoiding being picked up and tossed across the ring. It's not long before Jeffrey gains and presses his advantage, as he powers Defiant Dan across the ring and pushes him straight into the corner of the ring, pressing his back up against the turnbuckle and bending his upper body uncomfortably towards the corner post. Jack Tickles is right on top of the action and scurries to the corner, hollering at the Mad Dog to break the hold. After a match-threatening count of two, Jeffrey manages to untangle himself from his scrawnier opponent and begins to back away... only for a particularly Defiant Dan to step forward, slapping Chapman right in the face! Jeffrey's head snaps to the side; slowly, he turns back toward Dan with an unimpressed scowl on his crooked face. Dan shows no signs of backing down whatsoever, stepping toward Jeffrey in an attempt to stand nose-to-nose with him, only for the "Mad Dog" to snap awake and slap Dan right back, cuffing him across the cheek and knocking him back into the turnbuckle! "You wanna start this match off like that?!" Jeffrey roars, shoving his hands into Dan's chest and pushing him back against the corner again! Rearing back his left arm- so far over his shoulder that it nearly wraps all the way around his neck-, Jeffrey throws a massive Knife Edged Chop right at Dan's chest, looking to cut him down to size, but it's a swing and a miss as Defiant Dan ducks down! Catching himself on the top rope, Chapman turns back to face his wiry foe and eats a second slap across the face courtesy of the Englishman! The Canadian grits his teeth in seething rage, only to eat a stiff kick to the gut a second later, causing him to stagger backwards and double over.

With Chapman reeling, Defiant Dan hoists himself up to the second rope; without much time to enact a battle plan, Dan does what Dan does best and leaps from the second rope in a Splash toward his standing opponent... but with the decreased elevation, and his opponent's proximity, all's not well, and it doesn't end well for the Defiant one as the Blue Blood catches him on his shoulder, using Dan's momentum to spin around and plant the Englishman with a hard slam! As Dan's body is driven into the canvas, spine-first, the heavyweight Chapman maneuvers quickly into a modified Side Headlock against his opponent and begins wrenching back. It doesn't take long for Dan to figure his way out of it; not by technicality or sheer quickness, but instead courtesy of a rake to the eyes! Jeffrey is caught off guard by the use of underhanded tactics- something he's used to giving rather than recieving, and relinquishes the hold fairly quickly. As Dan scrambles to his feet, he charges at a reeling Chapman and pivots behind him, wrapping his arms around the bigger man's body in a Rear Waistlock. Jeffrey attempts to pull away, but Dan puts a stop to that as he begins to throw alternating knee strikes to the back of his opponent's legs. A second, a third, and... CRACK- Jeffrey's had enough of Dan's shenanigans, and lets him know with a hard Back Elbow butt to the side of the head! With expert technique and raw power, the Victoria-based competitor turns on his heel, breaking free of Dan's grip and performing a partial standing switch, straight into a Side Headlock! Dan groans in misery as Chapman cranks on his neck, but he doesn't stay there long, as Jeffrey follows up by driving Dan's skull straight into the point of his knee with a "Coconut Crush" Knee Smash! As Dan crumbles to all fours, Jeffrey continues his assault, throwing himself at the Englishman with a Downward Elbow that strikes true right across the base of the skull! Dan collapses onto his chest, but, again, doesn't stay in one place for long, as Jeffrey rises back up and wraps both arms around his opponent's body. Deadlifting him off of the canvas, Chapman flips Dan onto his back with a mighty Gutwrench Suplex and follows up by covering him with a Lateral Press! Jack Tickles returns to the forefront of the action as he drops to count the pin! [/b]"One! Tw-" Kickout!

Jeffrey nods his head. Impressed with his opponent's tenacity, and also certain that he's beaten at least a little bit of respect into Defiant Dan. Just as well, it may go both ways, or it may very well go neither. Rising to his feet, he decides to go to the well a second time, wrapping both arms around his opponent's waist and hoisting him off of the ground again in a Gutwrench position. But as he begins to throw his weight for the Suplex, Dan also throws his weight behind the move as much as he can, and, instead of landing on his back, Dan continues forward and manages to land on his feet behind Jeffrey! Jeffrey, on the other hand, lands on his knees, and as he begins to stand, he turns in time to see Dan extending a leg out behind him; scrambling to the side, Jeffrey avoids a Super Kick by mere inches as Dan's leg hangs in the air for a brief moment. Breathing heavily, he stares at his opponent in slight shock as he rises up to his feet. He continues to stare as Dan eventually turns to face him. And he begins to nod. Maybe there's a bit of respect going both ways. Chapman's heavy brow furrows as he begins to re-think his strategy on the fly. A smirk flashes across the face of Defiant Dan, and in that instant, the two lock horns once again. Jockeying for position in the center of the ring. This time, Jeffrey opts for technicality over sheer power, and instead of simply shoving his opponent, yanks Dan into a Front Facelock, where he fires off a couple of knees directly into his opponent's body. That should slow him down. Releasing the hold, Jeffrey wrenches Dan's arm, hard, and sends him packing into the ropes with an Irish Whip. Jeffrey crouches down in anticipation of his opponent coming back off of the ropes, only for Dan to grab the top rope just before their momentum can send him ricocheting back towards Chapman. As soon as Dan grabs those ropes, Jeffrey takes off like a shot, lunging at the Englishman from across the ring and attempting to take his head off with a Clothesline, only for the Defiant one to duck the attack and catch Jeffrey, powering the bigger man up over his shoulder and sending him flying out of the ring to the floor below with a Back Body Drop! The crowd gasps as Chapman crashes to the floor in front of them in a heap!

Rather than start a ten-count- is there even a ten count in this match?- the official opts immediately to exit the ring and check on Jeffrey's condition. To see if the Canadian competitor is in fact even able to compete after being thrown out of the ring like that. The crowd begins to murmur nervously, as Jeffrey is down for quite a long time without a word from the official. Even Defiant Dan seems worried. At least, until the moment that the referee rises and steps away. It seems Jeffrey still wants to continue this match. So be it. Dan nods his head a couple of times in approval, and even begins to clap a little, watching as Jeffrey slowly recovers to his feet. As he reaches the halfway point, that's Dan's cue: Turning around, Defiant Dan takes off into the far ropes. As he rebounds back, the crowd is sent into a frenzy as the self-centered Cheshire combatant catapults himself over the top rope, coming down on top of his crippled contestant with a Flying Cross Body Block! Both men crash to the floor in a pile!

Not surprisingly, Dan is the first one on his feet, though not with any particular quickness. As he grasps at the bottom rope to stay balanced, the defiant one rakes a hand through his long, glorious mane and brushes his hair out of his face. As he turns around, he's not expecting to see an irate Jeffrey Chapman standing right behind him, but he does, and the next thing that he sees is Jeffrey's left hand coming up and striking him right across the cheekbone with a hard punch! The strike rocks Dan, but he stays standing on account of the fact that he's holding onto the apron. The same result occurs from a second, and then a third shot, before, finally, Jeffrey takes a hold of Dan's head, and begins to drive it relentlessly into the ring apron! And still no count from the official!

As Dan's forehead comes down into the ring apron for the fifth, and final time, Jeffrey lets him fall as far as his knees before grabbing a handful of that long hair and using it to drag him across the floor. Hauling Dan to his feet, Chapman takes a hold of Dan's wrist, and once again, sends him careening with an Irish Whip. This time, there's no chance to rebound, only a sickening CRASH as his body crashes full force into the unrelenting steel ring steps! Dan collapses to the floor. He's not down there long; in a pain-filled blur, he feels himself being lifted back to his feet; he feels his arm wrenched, and fresh pain causes life to surge back into Dan's eyes for a fleeting moment before he's thrown a short distance into the adjacent guardrail! Dan strikes the barricade back-first, but doesn't go over it, instead, leaning on it for support to remain standing. Unfortunately, the heavier Chapman's not going to let him off that easy, and concludes his current surge of offense by throwing himself at Defiant Dan and driving him over the guardrail with an absolutely devastating Clothesline! Most of the front row is quickly evacuated from the immediate area by security as Dan crashes into the concrete floor behind the barricade! The camera briefly pans back to the official, Jack Tickles, who seems rather lost in regards to what he should do right now. It shifts back to Chapman; With Dan definitively dispatched for the moment being, "Mad Dog" turns his back and lifts up the ring skirt, aiming to find something underneath it?

After a moment's rummaging, Jeffrey emerges with a steel chair held firmly in his hands. The crowd roars, but not for the reason he thinks; instead, it's because of a risen Defiant Dan, who's pulled himself up onto the guardrail! Standing above Chapman, he doesn't wait for his opponent to face him before taking flight, leaping off of the rail and coming down across the back of Jeffrey's head with a Clothesline! "Mad Dog" is knocked forwards by the blow, causing the chair to strike the bottom rope, where it bounces back and cracks him across the head! The resulting impact knocks Chapman to the floor, where he lands sitting; Defiant Dan is beside him on all fours, and he turns to look at a shell-shocked Jeffrey, with blood trickling down over his right eye. The chair fallen to the floor beside him. Dan begins to slowly stand with one arm behind him, cradling his lower back. He watches Jeffrey for a couple more seconds, waiting to see if he'll react, before climbing up onto the apron himself, where he looms over the Canadian with malicious intent. Chapman slowly begins to stand, seemingly having forgotten where he is or why he's there. Dan has forgotten neither of those things; he's in XWA, and he's here to elevate his already excellent reputation to even further heights. Right now, he's about to de-elevate Jeffrey Chapman right back down to ground level; as the relatively unknown "Blue Blood" finally reaches his feet, he's grabbed by Dan, clinging to the top rope to stay on the apron, and has a knee pressed against the back of his head. Before Chapman can even figure out what's going on, the Englishman lets go of the top rope and falls forward, using his knees to drive Jeffrey straight into the floor, bloody-face first, right down on top of the chair he attempted to use before! There's a sickening CRACK as flesh and bone meet steel again, followed by another collective gasp from the crowd!

Dan looks reluctant to continue as he rises back to his feet. Jack Tickles makes his way out of the ring to check on Jeffrey for a second time, but he doesn't stay there long, as the "Mad Dog", face streaked with blood, begins to get up much more quickly than before. The look on Jeffrey's face tells the story, and it's not one Defiant Dan wants to read. Fury. With a hard windup, Dan fires off a single Knife Edged Chop straight down at Jeffrey's forehead, making violent contact and knocking the Canadian down onto his back with a strike that leaves his forearm slicked with blood. Dan shakes his hand out- hard head- and then lifts Chapman up by his long hair, finally tossing him into the ring. Dan rolls in after him and quickly attempts a Lateral Press. Jack Tickles is in right after them and starts counting the pin not a second too late. "One! Two!" Kickout! The crowd is in shock; some cheer excitedly, but most simply gasp at this match continuing on.

Dan himself is shocked that his very bloody opponent is still able to keep going. So shocked, in fact, that he covers Jeffrey a second time! "One! Two! Kickout again! He looks to the referee with a look of disbelief and begins to argue with him, slapping the mat three times. How is this likely-concussed man still going? Scowling, the arrogant Englishman rises to his feet, and hoists Jeffrey up by his arm along with him. A hard wrenching of the arm is followed by a pair of downward elbows to the shoulder; Jeffrey yells in pain. Still conscious enough to feel it. From here, the Cheshire native knows just what to do; sending the bigger man off into the ropes with and Irish Whip, he crouches, waiting until Jeffrey bounds back at his own pace, and leaps...


...wrapping his legs around his opponent's head and flipping him to the mat with a beautiful Frankensteiner! Possibly the only thing that could be considered such in this entire match. Hooking Chapman's leg, Dan stays sitting atop his chest for the pin: "One! Two! Th-" No! Jeffrey gets the shoulder up! As Dan rolls to one side, awestruck, he simply shakes his head, staring at Chapman in- once more- disbelief. Who is Jeffrey Chapman?

Dan's seen enough; if this place wants to call itself Xtreme, he's going to give it a reason to do so. Rolling out of the ring to the floor below, Dan paces furiously around the ring to the timekeeper's table, and rips the bell away from him! Jack Tickles and the timekeeper both plead with Dan to return it, but the Englishman ignores them and makes his way back into the ring. As he rises to his feet, the ring bell down at his side- SMACK! Defiant Dan is nearly knocked back out of the ring as a weary Chapman comes hurdling across the ring and throws himself- all two-hundred and sixty seven pounds- straight into the body of Defiant Dan with a leaping Shoulder Tackle! Crashing into Dan's chest like a missile and knocking him, and the ring bell down to the mat! Wiping hair, sweat, and blood out of his face with a heavy hand, the Canadian crawls to the ropes, and begins to pull himself up, scowling down at his opponent and fixing him with his beady, malicious eyes. He begins to utter a low growl as he plans his next attack. It doesn't take him long to figure out. Ripping Dan's stunned body from the canvas, Jeffrey positions himself behind the Englishman and fastens Dan's arm around his neck. What comes next...


... is one of the nastiest Backdrops ever caught on camera! Dan comes straight down on his head! Chapman could go for the pin now, but it's no use. Reasoning is lost on the Mad Dog. He's rabid, and he's out for blood. Eyeing the ring bell a foot away on the mat below, Jeffrey stops formulating any kind of a strategy and begins to run on pure instinct. Reaching down, he grabs the timekeeper's bell off of the canvas- just before Jack can- and clutches it firmly in both hands. One more look down at Dan's significantly less defiant body is all Jeffrey needs before he takes off into the far ropes; as he comes back off of the ropes, he throws himself right at Dan and brings the ring bell down on top of his head with a loud CLANG! If the impact didn't do him in, the deafening ring of the bell in his ears should disorient him well enough! But just in case... Chapman rises back to his feet. He looks towards the nearby corner of the ring... and makes the rare decision to go high risk. Still holding the ring bell, Jeffrey approaches the corner, and with his free hand, grabs the top rope to hold on. Rising up to the second rope, with his back to the ring, the "Blue Blood" casts one last hateful glance over his shoulder before dropping backwards, falling and driving the ring bell into the head of his opponent a second time!

Chapman drops the ring bell, now that he's sufficiently paid Dan back for the head trauma done unto him earlier, and lays backwards across his opponent's chest, hooking the Englishman's leg in a pinning predicament. "One! Two! Th-" Near fall! "WHAT?" Jeffrey barks at the referee, who has to reaffirm the two count for him. "I just caved his goddamn head in and you're telling me that was only two?!" he roars, before promptly turning his ire on a still-prone Defiant Dan. Jeffrey is furious; he reaches down and hauls Dan to his feet in the span of a second, and then unloads; holding him up with his left hand, Chapman drills Dan with a savage punch from the right! He follows with a second overhand shot, still from the right, and barely manages to keep Dan standing on his feet. For the third, he switches hands, grabbing a hold of Dan's head with his right, and rearing all the way back with his left... from behind his back, Jeffrey unloads with a vicious straight punch, right between the eyes, releasing Dan and letting him topple to the ground below!

With Dan laid out on the mat below, Jeffrey considers pinning the Defiant one, but, looking down at his hand, spattered with sweat and blood... he gets a better idea. He crouches down in wait, clutching at his left wrist with his right hand and flexing the fingers on his left hand. Curling them into a fist and back. He watches with anticipation, waiting very patiently for the moment the punch-drunk Englishman slowly begins to saunter back to his feet. When he finally does, Chapman is there...


... to meet him with a claw hold! The Muzzle is applied! Jeffrey is quick to push Dan down into the mat with the hold, but even in a state of near-unconsciousness, it appears that Defiant Dan is ring saavy, and, well... defiant enough to keep his shoulders up off of the mat! Struggling against the iron vice of Jeffrey's clawhold, Dan desperately begins to swing his legs to the side, until finally... he manages to get a foot on the bottom rope, forcing Jeffrey to release the hold! Chapman screams in frustration as he's forced to relinquish the hold or be disqualified, before pounding the mat with two closed fists. He decides hastily to turn those fists on the real target of his frustration, and begins to hammer on Dan's skull with cringe-inducing lefts!

By the time Chapman's done hammering away- meaning, when the referee threatens to disqualify him again- Dan, too, is now sporting a nasty cut right between his eyes. Shoulders heaving, the furious "Mad Dog" rises to his feet and runs the ropes. As he comes back toward his grounded opponent, he's almost caught off guard; Dan rolls toward him, forcing him to hop over his opponent or be tripped. Chapman hits the opposite ropes, and rebounds a second time, but by now, Dan's defiance seems to have taken over him, as he rises back to his feet and meets the incoming "Blue Blood" with a high Dropkick, drilling him right across the chest and taking him down to the mat below! Rising back to his feet and looking even more punch drunk than before, Defiant Dan points to the top rope as Jeffrey lays flat on his back, earning a mixture of cheers, jeers, and fear from the capacity crowd at the Grand Palace Bingo Hall! Dan staggers to the corner, and begins to haul himself up towards the top rope, slipping once, on the bottom rope, but managing to hold on, until he's reached the top rope, facing away from his opponent. He doesn't see Chapman beginning to get to his feet...

Defiant Dan leaps from the top rope, catapulting himself into a surprisingly graceful backflip as he comes down towards Jeffrey in a Moonsault... but the livid Mad Dog is ready for him, and performs the impressive feat of catching Dan over his shoulder! He staggers back a little, almost losing his footing, but barely managing to keep it. With a sudden burst of energy, Chapman himself runs, with Dan slung across him, and drives the back and neck of Dan into the top turnbuckle, before turning around, taking another step out of the corner, and delivering the Englishman to the canvas with a THUNDEROUS Oklahoma Slam! Jeffrey lays across the chest of his opponent, once more, hooking his leg for the pin attempt! "One! Two! Three-" Kickout by Defiant Dan! Chapman can't even argue at this point; favouring the shoulder Dan landed on, he looks lost as Jack Tickles holds up the signal for the two count. He shakes his head, and begins to push himself up, trying to figure out where to go from here. As he turns towards his opponent, he sees Dan begin to sit up on the canvas... and the lightbulb goes off above his head. Proverbially, of course.

Picking himself up off of the canvas, Jeffrey quickly positions himself behind Dan and wraps both arms around his mid-section in a Rear Waistlock. From here, he begins to pull the Cheshire native back up to his feet, slowly preparing him for some sort of suplex. Dan snaps awake as he realizes where he is; and throws a deseprate elbow behind him that catches Chapman's bloody cheek, weakening his grip just a little bit. From here, Dan tries to run, only for Jeffrey to reach out and clamp his hand down across his opponent's shoulder! Looking for another variant of that Claw Hold! As Defiant Dan has his momentum unwillingly halted, he does the only thing he can think to do in an arm's reach of his opponent; he uses the halted momentum to his advantage and drops straight down, swinging a leg behind him and cracking Jeffrey right across the chin with a kick made famous by the Brazillian footballer Pelé! Chapman's iron grip on Dan's shoulder is released, and the Canadian stumbles away, clutching at his aching jaw!

Dan sees his opportunity here; he's got to take it, otherwise, there's no telling what lengths Jeffrey will go to. It's now or never. Dan launches himself into the far ropes; as he bounds back, the Englishman launches himself upwards, throwing his body at the ascending "Mad Dog" for a Flying Clothesline... he doesn't see it until it's too late... Jeffrey lunges forward, extending that left hand in a vicious claw, which he uses to snatch Dan right out of mid-air! Catching him by the head, and driving him straight down onto his neck and shoulders with a HUGE Claw Slam! Pinning Dan by his head, Jeffrey reinforces that claw by grabbing his left wrist, and presses down. His shoulders are down on the canvas. Jack Tickles slides in to make the count! "One! Two! Three!"

The sounds of Prokofiev's classical composition fills the air as a bloody Jeff Chapman holds onto Dan's skull for a few more seconds before releasing the hold and rising up to his feet. There seems to be a sense of relief that the match is over, and now, finally some cheers from the Chicago crowd. Seems they didn't know what to expect, but now that it's over, some of them stand in appreciation for this very unorthodox match. Jeffrey doesn't seem to care much... snapping out of his previous fervor, he combs a hand through his blood-matted hair and pushes it out of his eyes. Standing tall and with poise, the "Blue Blood" casts a glance down at his opponent and nods, seemingly out of respect, before holding out his arm and pointing to it. Demanding that Jack Tickles raise it high above his head, which he does. The camera cuts to the announce team, which is the final shot before the footage ends...


(This was fun but not nearly as epic as I wanted to make it. I ended up being out all day yesterday and struggled with motivational issues up until about three hours ago when I randomly kicked into overdrive. I'm sorry it wasn't as good as it could have been, but I'm still really happy I showed and got to do this. I always loved the Defiant Dan character in the other XWA for the brief time he was around, and wanted to do this match ever since. I thought I'd never have the chance when DD was written off as part of a Mirage storyline in 2013, so for XWA to present the opportunity in the form of this unique flashback show, I'm really, really grateful. :)

As usual, I'll make it pretty and add commentary tomorrow. For now, I have to get to bed. 6am wakeup call for work.)

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