LOTR Part I: Lx Tim vs. Mark Storey- SECOND ROUND!

Matches that occurred on our 2016 event XWA Lord of the Ring Part I: The Journey Begins!!
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LOTR Part I: Lx Tim vs. Mark Storey- SECOND ROUND!

Postby DJS » Sun Jun 26, 2016 10:19 pm

A Roster-Wide Tournament.
An Xtreme Wrestling Alliance tradition.


LIVE! From the T-Mobile Arena in Paradise, Nevada (20,000 Capacity),
Broadcast exclusively on The Xperience

Theme Song: "Throne" by Bring Me The Horizon

Lx Tim vs. Mark Storey

This is a SECOND ROUND match for the Lord of the Ring. Note, even though this is a continuation, this is still occuring on the SAME NIGHT as your previous match.

IMPORTANT: Dates and Deadlines for Tournament Matches:
SECOND ROUND Begins: 26th June 2016
SECOND ROUND Deadline: 5th July 2016 at 11:59 Eastern Standard Time
[CST is one hour earlier. GMT is five hours later.]
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Re: LOTR Part I: Lx Tim vs. Mark Storey- SECOND ROUND!

Postby Storey » Tue Jul 05, 2016 10:44 pm

What a night. Amidst tonight’s 12 matches we see a debuting superstar and a returnee with a lot of history advance to meet each other in yet another tournament in their careers. Round 2 of the prestigious Lord of the Ring tournament brings us Lx-Tim versus Mark Storey. Two former XWA competitors, best known for their time in RIW and 2WWF. These two men have been bitter rivals, as well as stablemates, in multiple promotions and tonight must face-off in the quarter-finals of this tournament. Whilst these two are no strangers to one another, it has been quite some time since they have faced off against one another and one has to believe that in the small recovery time between their first round matches, they tried to watch each other’s performances. “The History Maker” Lx-Tim got a decisive victory over Victor Mason with the Destiny Destroyer, a Flipping Piledriver, much to the fans delight, whereas “The Natural” Mark Storey was uncharacteristically cheered in his match against The Tarmogoyf, winning with his Descended Upon Thee Double Stomp after a series of headshots against a steel ring post.

Mark Sanction: “This is sure to be a tough-fought battle. These two men have faced off in the past and it is always good.”

Matt Steel: “Have you been watching other companies?”

Mark Sanction: “I’ve done my homework, Matt. This is a match fit for the finals of this tournament and we’re being treated to it to see who advances to the semi-finals!”

Matt Steel: “Well Storey rubbed me the wrong way and that Puerto Rican is a little sure of himself, so I don’t share your enthusiasm.”

The titantron screen cuts from a live feed to display a Puerto Rican flag flapping in the wind signalling the first of our two competitors for this match with huge initials reading “L-X-5” appearing on-screen. The broadway play Hamilton’s line “History Has It’s Eyes On You” reels first as the flag is engulfed in flames. “Tonight We Ride” by Unleash the Archers plays over the system as we’re shown the crowd cheering in a monochrome filter. Showing the stage, multi-colour lights flash bringing us back to reality as “The Portrait of Greatness” makes his way out in his signature style, his head bowed.

Hana Ramierez: “Introducing first in the Lord of the Ring Quarter-Final match, residing in Allentown, Pennsylvania and weighing 240 pounds, he is The Portrait of Greatness…L! X! TIIIIIIIMMMMMM!”

Lx-Tim raises both of his arms sharply and points to the ceiling as a burst of flames and pyro shoots upward, the crowd cheering as it does so. Tim’s arms drop and then so does his body as he is viciously forearmed from behind by a shadowy figure! Tim’s entrance theme abruptly ends and the flames die down, removing their casted shadow from his attacker to reveal Mark Storey. Tim rolls down the ramp as Mark follows him to a chorus of boos. The crowd won’t have a clash of interests in this match as they firmly rally behind the Puerto Rican rather than the British superstar. Grabbed by his arms, Tim unintentionally clambers to his feet only to be immediately Irish whipped into the opposite facing barricade, forcing it against the fans in the entrance aisle! “IT’S NOTHING PERSONAL!” yells Mark as he takes a small run up and drives his knee against Tim’s face, crushing it against the barricade hard, letting him fall limp to the floor, “OKAY, MAYBE IT IS..” shouts the cocky superstar, intent on gaining an advantage early on.

Matt Steel: “I take it back; Storey is bloody great.”

Mark Sanction: “You hated him earlier, he even ridiculed you!”

Matt Steel: “All is forgotten, Sanction.”

Mark Sanction: “Regardless, it’s clear Mark wants a quick match here, I’d argue that Tim wants the same, as both men will be hiding any injuries from their earlier matches. They have already foregone their entrance attires, simply coming out here in their gear from earlier, both men want to make it to the semi-finals and night two of this spectacular show!”

The crowd boo as Mark flips them off before approaching Tim again. The Puerto Rican comes to and saves himself by grabbing Mark by the waist of his trunks and pulling him into the barricade! With Mark momentarily distracted, Tim gets to his feet and grabs his opponent by his neck. “The History Maker” then drags Mark and Irish Whips him towards the ring, only to have it reversed, sending Tim towards the ring and hard ring apron! Reaching the squared circle, Tim leaps into the air and lands atop of his intended steel destination. In an instant, Tim pushes himself off of the ring apron with his feet and flips in mid-air, crashing down on his British foe with an amazing Moonsault! Mark crashes to the cold floor below as Tim stumbles backwards, still retaining his stance, much to the crowd’s pleasure! Dropping to one knee, “The Portrait of Greatness” holds his hand against his head, the crash against the barricade, as well as already competing in a match tonight, already starting to show. LX changes his tune quickly, intent on actually getting this match underway. He makes his way to Mark, still downed, and pulls him to a vertical base. Hooking one hand on the back of Mark’s trunks, and one around his head, LX forces Mark into the ring underneath the bottom rope. Our referee for this match, Kirk Samson, checks on Mark on entry, to deem if he is ready to start the match. As Tim enters and makes his way to Mark, Samson pushes him back, allowing Mark to scurry into the corner of the ring. Those in attendance boo while Tim gestures to his head and the barricade outside, proclaiming that it was Mark who attacked him in the first place. With LX suitably detained, Mark grabs a hold of two perpendicular top ring ropes and pulls himself up to his feet. Side-stepping Samson after a quick run-up, Storey plants a hard forearm into Tim’s face, knocking him backwards into the ropes. Samson jumps as Mark connects with the forearm and turns away to call for the bell starting the match, unfairly allowing Mark to connect with a number of jabs and punches to his fan-favourite adversary.

Mark Sanction: “What a minute, how is THAT fair?! Samson is the most crooked referee I’ve ever seen! He held Tim back as they entered the ring, but calls for the bell the moment Mark sneak attacks Tim!”

Matt Steel: “He did no such thing, Storey simply got the first hit, stop making excuses for ‘The Latin Extremist’, it sickens me that you’d take someone like that’s side in 2016.”

Mark Sanction: “Are you implying Tim is a terrorist based on his nickname and colour of his skin?”

Matt Steel: “Trump was right.”

Even though the boos drown out the sound of the bell ringing three times, this match is now officially underway as the camera zooms in on a downed Tim trying his best to shield himself against a barrage of heavy stomps from his former stablemate and long-time enemy. Dropping to a static prone position Tim tricks Mark into thinking his out for the count. The cocky Las Vegas resident turns to the centre of the ring and holds his arms out in victory. Unsurprised that he was able to take Tim down this easily, Mark celebrates to a shower of boos and jeers. Breaking from his possum tactic, LX rolls under the bottom rope and stands on the ring apron, taking advantage of Mark knowing that “The Natural” wouldn’t be able to resist taunting at the situation. As the boos turn to cheers, Mark begins to twig that all is not as it seems leading him to duck, crouching down as LX flies over him with a springboard forearm! Landing on his feet, Tim now stands in front of Mark, with his back to him. Mark stands, tapping the side of his head with his index finger, implying that he is more intelligent than that as Tim forces himself up and into the air, spinning backwards and clocking Mark right on his temple with a Pele Kick! “The Natural” drops to the canvas, allowing LX to climb over him, hooking a leg in the process! ONE! TW-NO! Storey is able to get his shoulder off of the mat, sitting up in the process, shaking the cobwebs from his head. Standing once more, LX looks to take advantage of Mark’s position and sprints towards the ropes facing his foe. Rebounding off of them, Tim is launched towards a seated Storey before jumping towards the former XWA Television Champion knee-first with a Shining Wizard! Another shot to the head sends Mark straight back down to the mat, beckoning Tim in for yet another pin attempt. ONE! TWO! KICKOUT just after two. Kneeling, Tim puts his hands on his hips, not surprised that Mark was able to kick out, as he is very aware of Mark’s endurance and resilience, but instead taking a modicum of time to decide what to do next.

Mark Sanction: “Lx-Tim has come back from that sneak attack in a big way, his retirement isn’t showing much of a slow-down!”

Matt Steel: “Coming here, stealing American wrestler’s jobs!”

Mark Sanction: “STOREY is BRITISH and you are on his side! Are you seriously continuing with this nonsense?!”

Matt Steel: “I’m pretty sure Tim stole my taco backstage.”

Coming to a decision, “The Illustration of Innovation” stands, bringing Storey with him. A sharpe back hand finds its home across Mark’s chest, lighting it up! The hue of Storey’s chest changes to a shade of reddish-pink, like a perfectly cooked steak, as LX continues to deliver chop after chop. The buffet presented to Mark starts to get a lot rawer as Tim brings his hand to his mouth and bites his glove, ripping its Velcro and tearing it from his hand before driving it straight onto Mark’s pectorals once again! The crowd “WOOO!” in unison once again as Mark stumbles backwards. Disallowing Storey any room to mount a counter-attack, LX flings “The Elite of Elites” towards the ropes opposite. As expected, Mark hits the ropes back-first and rebounds off them, shooting straight back the way he came, towards Tim. Unexpectedly, however, Mark outstretches his right arm on re-entry to LX’s personal atmosphere, not for a clothesline, but instead as a grip; hooking it around Tim’s chest, then utilising his own momentum to swing round the Puerto Rican’s body, tuck his knees into Tim’s back and then fall backwards, dragging LX down with a huge lungblower! Misdirected Misfortune! The impact shockwaves up through Mark’s body and stings Tim’s back forcing him to ascend into the air before crashing hard on the mat. He hits the mat, jolting up from the secondary impact, to which Storey pushes his chest down and grabs a hold of the right leg. ONE! TWO! TH-NO! Just in time Tim is able to lift his shoulder from the mat, saving the match for himself. A booing crowd changes to cheers for “El Guapo Hispana” kicking out, the camera focusing in on Mark’s face, laden with a look of disgust and frustration, his brows heavily furrowed, his nose scrunched up into a scowl.

Mark Sanction: “Look at that expression! He really has no time for Lx-Tim, does he? I think this rivalry goes deeper than my research could uncover.”

Matt Steel: “Why should Storey have any time for him? He’s Mark fucking Storey!”

Mark Sanction: “You flip-flop so often; I hope you eat your words one day.”

Shaking his head, Storey pushes himself up and grabs LX by the head on the way. All of a sudden Mark is hoisted up and swept away by a Shoulder Thrust from Tim, driving him straight into the corner of the ring. The shoulder to the gut winds Mark causing him to double over, grabbing his stomach. Backing up, “The History Maker” holds the back of his head, tiredness and soreness from earlier setting in more than ever. He recovers whilst keeping a close eye on Storey, who himself recuperates and returns to a straight posture, still cornered. Seeing Mark rise is Tim’s cue to near his opponent, this time in a fighting, martial arts-inspired, stance. Suddenly aware of his predicament and fate (to be hit with an onslaught of punches and strikes), Storey drops to the canvas just in the nick of time and escaping to the outside of the ring. The top turnbuckle bounces after receiving two quick jabs from LX meant for Mark whilst the camera then follows Mark who flips the bird towards the ring whilst distancing himself from the proverbial battleground. “You coward!” pipes up a fan in the second row, which instantly gains Mark’s attention, riling him up almost as quickly too. “THE FUCK YOU SAY TO ME?!” yells Storey, squaring up to the fan as much as he can, leaning over the barricade. Perhaps regretting his decision to verbally attack Mark, the fan slinks back down into his chair as those around the arena boo the British bully. “FUCKING DICKHEAD” quips “The Natural” before turning back to the ring seeing it for a split second before a flying Lx-Tim adheres himself to Storey, wrapping his arm around Mark’s neck before falling backwards, catching Mark with a Leaping Spike Reverse STO from the ring apron! Storey’s head smashes off of the lightly padded floor as the crowd go wild and the referee starts his ring out count.

Mark Sanction: “My word he came out of nowhere! Mark is going to feel that for weeks!”

Matt Steel: “That was a blatant plant in the crowd! Disqualification! Ref! REF!”

As much as a count out victory would ensure his advancement in this tournament, Lx-Tim takes no pleasure in a match won on a technicality and loves to leave it all in the ring for his supporters. Adorned by cheers, the happy yet hurting Tim leans on the barricade, the fans in the front rows stretching to touch their hero, before nodding and bending over to pull Storey up. Doing so at a count of 3 from the ref only worsens his situation as Mark immediately returns the favour of a shoulder thrust and forces LX back-first into the steel ring apron! Stumbling backwards himself, Mark grabs his forehead with both hands, doubling over. Yelling out in pain, Mark then pushes through his injuries and grabs Tim’s head with those same two hands and subsequently heaves his long-time foe directly into the nearby steel steps! The crowd boo as LX crashes into the two-part steel steps with the back of his head then top of his back, falling limp much like the start of this bout. The referee reaches a count of 5 which beckons Mark to re-enter the ring for the win, unfazed with the means of his victory unlike Tim. Pleading with Kirk Samson to speed up his count, Mark watches on as a groggy Tim somehow starts to use the same steel steps his just crashed into as an aid to stand, or at worst, kneel. A count of 7 sees “The Crown Jewel” lunge towards the apron, only to stumble at the last moment. Inside the ring, Mark can be seen conversing with Samson, trying any number of things; distraction, bribery or anything else to ensure a victory, every so often glaring back at Tim who gets a leg on the apron at 9. In one last push, LX forces himself under the ring just before Samson’s count, forcing the official to call off the count, resulting in Mark dropping to his knees in despair.

Matt Steel: “THAT’S BULL! Tim has that crook Samson in his back pocket!”

Mark Sanction: “If that was the case, Samson would’ve started the match the moment Tim entered the ring earlier! Honestly, you look for ANY excuse!”

With his head in his hands, Mark kneels as LX starts to get onto all fours. “The Natural” can be seen shaking his head, seemingly talking to himself before lifting his head and staring at Tim. “Not FUCKING today. YOU’RE NOT BEATING ME TODAY.” Shouts Mark whilst shuffling over to LX. He applies a front headlock on Tim then starts to make his way to his feet, raising LX with him as he goes. Still shaking his head Mark then switches his front headlock into a three-quarter facelock! The crowd stand to witness Mark’s finisher as he takes a few steps and jumps up, dragging Tim with him. Crucially, LX pushes Mark, loosening the grip and forcing Mark to stagger forward, narrowly avoiding the MAS Ace Crusher variant. Shocked, Storey turns back to LX and finds himself on the receiving end of a three-quarter facelock before being dragged forward and then pulled down to the mat with Tim’s own Ace Crusher variant, the LKO, a tribute manoeuvre of the same elk from Lyxon Steel! The crowd erupt as Storey takes some of his own medicine as Tim has essentially just delivered Mark’s own finisher to him! Tired, Tim turns slowly after the move and looks towards Mark who has flipped onto his back after the impact.

The crowd will Tim on, but Tim does not fumble to cover Storey but instead “The Portrait of Greatness” clambers to his feet. Standing, LX looks out to the crowd who chant his name and yell for him to cover Mark, who quickly change their tune when they see Tim turn and look at the top turnbuckle. Cheering what feels like louder than ever, the crowd watch on as Tim puts it all on the line for them, standing at the ring corner with his back to Mark. He takes a breath and jumps up onto the second ropes, he then uses that as a springboard to immediately jump up onto the top rope as a precursor to his final destination which never comes to fruition. The thoughts of Tim advancing in the tournament crumble, much like his oncoming Double Jump Moonsault, as he pushed forward by Mark who lunged toward him, arms raised, in a desperate attempt to foil his plans. Tim falls into a seated position on the top rope, his groin split by the turnbuckle before falling in a Tree of Woe-like situation. Ducking underneath the bottom rope and then scrambling to his feet, using the ropes to aid in doing so, Storey stands with one hand holding onto the top rope and the other on his forehead. The exhausted superstar rubs his head as the crowd boo him consistently before ascending the same turnbuckle LX finds himself attached by the lower legs to. Upon reaching the top, crouched over, Mark slaps Tim’s sides, forcing his foe to inadvertently come to attention, suspending himself long enough for Storey to stand and then jump into the air, crashing down with a nasty, tired-ridden Double Stomp, Descended Upon Thee! The two combatants lay in the heap, with Mark atop of Tim. “The Natural” uses what might he has left to push the fan-favourite away from the ropes before collapsing on him to a chorus of boos. ONE! TWO! THREE!

The bell rings as Samson lifts a downed Mark’s arm in victory as “The Rains of Castamere” performed by Jonathan Young plays over the audio system amidst the crowds boos.

Hana Ramierez: “Here is your winner, advancing to the SEMI FINALS of the Lord of the Ring tournament…MARK! STOORRRREEYYYY!”

Matt Steel: “He did it! My God did you see him do it?!”

Mark Sanction: “Yeah I saw it, and I have to commend both of these men, that was a real fight. Like I said at the start of this bout, this match was fit for the finals.”

Matt Steel: “Yeah, well, only one of them can reach the finals now and that’s Mark Storey. The Natural! Haha!”

(OOC: This was partly written before Tim's moveset change today where the STO was still a signature move and the Double Jump Moonsault alluded to at the end was still a finisher. Good luck Tim!)

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Re: LOTR Part I: Lx Tim vs. Mark Storey- SECOND ROUND!

Postby XxChronoTrigxX » Tue Jul 05, 2016 11:07 pm

The evening sees the first round run it’s course and the professional athletes that emerged victorious. Two of these competitors from a former walk of life will once again engage in battle. Lx-Tim and Mark Storey, two extraordinary men have been friend and foe alike in the former wrestling promotion known as Two Worlds Wrestling Federation. From being stablemates known as The Nations of Idols to competing for World Championships, these two are far from strangers as they can be. So although the lay of the land may be foreign to this duo in the same ring, fate dictates that they make themselves known and heard in the next round in the Lord of the Ring Tournament here in XWA. The crowd is in great anticipation for the next morsel of action to be presented on a silver platter and who can blame them? Hana Ramierez stands in the middle of the ring, ready to announce the warriors who will wage war tonight.

Ramierez: “Coming up is the next round in the Lord of the Ring Tournament and is scheduled for one fall! Our referee for the bout is Kirk Samson!”

Sanction: “Get ready for what a lot of people consider to be the show-stealer of the night! Lx-Tim, a heavy fan-favorite and the ingenious Mark Storey have lengthy tenures in the sport. One can’t even guess who can pull it out tonight to advance to the next round.”

Steel: “Hell man, you should know it is going to be Mark freakin’ Storey! Just look at the guy, he is an absolute bad ass that just took out a monster!”

Sanction: “Yes, Mark defeated The Tarmogofy earlier but took quite a bit of damage from him. As for Lx-Tim, I think he might be just a bit better off at the moment in comparison.”

Steel: “Oh please, Mark has the resilience of fucking granite! As far as we know, Lx-Tim might have a low tolerance for pain these days because he hasn’t been pushed to his limits since he has been out from retirement. No amount of training compares to the real pain you get in that ring when everything is on the line!”

Sanction: “That was actually insightful...well, tonight should prove to be a truly interesting one as these two go mano-y-mano with one another.”

The arena falls to darkness as the first chord of "The Rains of Castamere" strums, acting as a precursor to a single golden spotlight shining down on the centre of the stage. The gold light drapes a figure, a man that stands staring at the ceiling above, with his arms outstretched. His head falls allowing him to stare towards the ring as the lights change, illuminating the arena but leaving the single golden spotlight still shining on him. Seeing him clearly, Mark Storey starts to walk towards the ring, dressed in his simple black trunks, knee pads and boots, as well as his leather jacket, which is unzipped and open to allow his Million Dollar Championship glow obnoxiously.

Ramierez: “Introducing first, residing in Las Vegas, Nevada. He is the Natural…Mark! Stoooorrrrreeeeyyyyy!”

Reaching the ring, ignoring the crowd on the way, he simply rolls underneath the bottom rope and stands in the middle of the ring. The same lighting change happens again as the arena falls to darkness, except for a single golden spotlight. Mark holds his arms out once more before removing his jacket and belt. The lights return to their regular setting as he makes his way to a corner, placing his things underneath the bottom rope.

Sanction: “He certainly looks refreshed, so he should have plenty of vim and vigor to pull out all the stops in this match.”

Steel: “Who talks like you?! Anyway, ‘Mark’ my words, tonight might have a ‘Story’book ending! Bah ha ha haaa!”

Sanction: “And who laughs like that?...”

The titantron turns on to display a Puerto Rican flag flapping in the wind, having the initials L-X-5 appear on the screen. The broadway play Hamilton’s line “History Has It’s Eyes On You” reels first as the flag is engulfed in flames. Tonight We Ride by Unleash the Archers hits the public announcements system as the camera pans around the view the cheering crowd as everything is currently seen in a monochrome setting. Turning toward the stage, everything returns to color to have multi-colored flashing lights shining forth. The Portrait of Greatness escalates onto the top stage with his head looking downward. The crowd cheers to finally see the Spanish superstar in view. The History Maker, at this moment, quickly raises both arms to point to the sky as a burst of flames and pyro shoots upward.

Ramierez: “And his opponent, residing in Allentown, Pennsylvania. He is The Portrait of Greatness, L! X! TIIIIIIIIIIIIIIM!”

The brightness accentuates his unique appeal further as he is all smiles when looking down to the ring. He treks down the ramp as the crowd is displayed again, showing some hardcore fans strutting classic “Making History Since 1987” shirts. He high-fives many of the fans, before running and sliding into the ring in an Edge-like fashion as he then jumps to his feet. He beats his chest with a single fist, whilst pointing out to the people. The Brooklyn native decides to ascend a corner turnbuckle, showing all his signature Spread Arms Taunt as the camera moves in for a slow motion moment. The Illustration of Innovation drops down afterward with a confident smile etched on his face.

Sanction: “It appears that both men are ready to go. The Puerto Rican wrestler had a great showing in his first official match in XWA against Victor Mason. Now, the former XWA Television Champion stands in his way. Can he overcome him to advance in the tournament?”

Steel: “Let’s find out in the next episode of Dragon Ball Z! Seriously though, let’s get this show on the road!!”


This match is far more than meets the eye. The exact time they last faced one another, Lx-Tim won the World Championship in a match Mark competed in their former promotion. To The Natural, he is absolutely determined this will not be a night the Puerto Rican supposedly steals another opportunity for glory away from him. In The History Maker’s mind, Storey is still a very dangerous man as he knows all too well from one too many bouts where The Elite of Elites stood tall over him. Both men circle within the ring and intensely stare each other down, studying one another’s movements. On instinct, the two in-ring gladiators viciously rip into each other in a Collar-Elbow Tie-Up. The two ferociously tussle as Mark pushes the Latino into a corner and violently delivers powerful interchanging Knee Strikes into his foe’s stomach. The Spanish superstar winces in pain from each incoming blow, whilst Referee Kirk initiates the five count. Once he announces four, Storey simply halts and raises his arms up backing away slowly with a sly smirk on his face. LX holds his midsection with one hand and takes a few steps forward, only to immediately receive a disrespectful slap across his face! The Nevada crowd showers boos upon their own resident, as Mark sarcastically shouts “Que Pasoooooo”!? Tim retorts with a kick, but The Idol simply catches it. He flings the Allentown resident’s leg, however The History Maker returns with great torque and nails him with a swift Dragon Whip Kick. The Destined Deity staggers backwards, only soon to be rushed with a flurry of thunderous left and right strikes by a fueled Latino. Storey catches a flying fist coming into his general direction and retaliates with a lightning-fast European Uppercut. The Spanish starlet stumbles sideways, only to be piled down like yesterday’s old news with a monstrous Enzuigiri to the back of the head. Storey is all smiles as he simply chuckles at his fallen foe and readies himself to lay into him further. The Natural mounts himself atop the back of his in-ring rival, snatches Tim’s head upward by his hair and fires bare-knuckles fists into the back of his forehead like a machine gun going off. He halts his assault just to angrily whisper “tonight is my night, you fuck”, before slamming his face into the sweat-infested canvas. He dismounts off of his opposition and signals that the end of the match is near, before shouting for Tim to get his ass up. The Puerto Rican sluggishly rises to a vertical base, whilst Mark readies himself like a hunter looking for the kill. At this particular instant, the Las Vegas resident looks to end it with an “MAS” RKO finish, however Tim instinctively shoves him off. Storey lands on his feet and turns around, but ends up finally having a rough day as Lx-Tim slices through him like a hot knife through butter with a bone-crushing tribute move “Mach Five” Spear through the ropes sending both outside the ring! The Nevada crowd bursts into cheers as they got a sign of positivity for the fan-favorite.

Sanction: “Mark really was dominating Tim there for a bit, but looks like he may have just turned his fortunes around. Storey soon might find there really isn’t a Paradise here in Nevada.”

Steel: “Ha, yeeeah I get it. Because we are in Paradise, Nevada. That must of took you a bit to cook that brilliant one up. Anyway, Tim better bring himself up another level soon because Mark will rip him to pieces if he doesn’t.”

The aftermath from the Tribute Spear to Tim’s old friend Aaron McKnight sees both men struggle to gain their bearings and footing, whilst Referee Samson initiates the traditional ten count that follows suit. Both men trade fierce blows, causing a “Boo” and “Yay” shout from the crowd. To the crowd’s dismay though, Storey gains the advantage and grapples the dazed Latino to ultimately send him flying into the security barricade thanks to a Belly-To-Belly Suplex!




The Elite of Elites takes his time to customarily roll in and out of the squared circle to restart the count, before gingerly trekking toward his current nemesis. Storey buries a few painful stomps into Tim’s ribs and simply grabs him by his hair to pull LX to a footed base. The Natural storms toward a steel post and attempts to bash his foe’s skull in, but La Leyenda Espanola places his foot against the steel to halt it and immediately retaliates by using the back of his head to smash into Mark’s face. In that moment of agony, the Brooklyn native wraps his left arm under his opponent’s chin and holds atop his head, before darting forward and athletically running up the steel post to floor Storey with a variation of the Sliced Bread! With the count at six, the Puerto Rican pulls Mark upward and throws him atop the apron and rolls him in. He follows suit and looks for a pin fall. One! Tw....kickout! Storey is far too resilient to allow that to be what ends the match. The Allentown resident gets up only to cascade down like a waterfall with an Elbow Drop into his in-ring rival’s sternum. The History Maker immediately gets up and looks for Leg Drop, but Storey intelligently rolls out of the way at the right moment. During the time Tim aches out from the bad landing, The Idol gets up and ricochets from the rope to bullet forward and nail a skull-pounding Shining Wizard! Shades of what Victor Mason had done earlier that night to LX, he maliciously stomps every limb of the Spanish superstar to slow him up. Stopping his assault, he slowly pulls Tim up but gets rocked backwards thanks to a Sit-Out Jawbreaker. The Portrait of Greatness bolts toward Mark looking for a Clothesline, but is met with a face-rearranging Dropkick. The New York native gets up from the attack, but to see Mark coming in with what appears to be a Clothesline of his own. This is proven a false notion, for The Destined Deity wraps his arm around LX’s body and swings around to drill him with utmost devastation due to his signature “Misdirected Misfortune” Lungblower! The crowd “OOOOO’s’” from what seems to be a body-splitting attack.

Sanction: “Geez, Lx-Tim may have just got wrecked for good thanks to that maneuver!”

Steel: “Maybe Tim can ask Adam and Eve how to enjoy the afterlife, right Sanction?!”

Sanction: “Yes, I get it. We are in Paradise. Stop rubbing my earlier comment in.”

Steel: “Never!”

The Initiator of Ingenuity immediately attempts a pin fall following his signature attempt. One! Two! Th...kickout! The crowd reacts positively as LX doesn’t seem he will be counted out just yet. Mark angrily smacks the canvas, irritated that he didn’t get the victory then and there. He rises to his feet and vociferously stomps Tim’s head, before pulling him up and driving dangerous knees into his foe’s ribs, basically reworking the pain he piled up earlier in the match. The Natural decides to light his in-ring rival with a stinging Knife-Edge Chop, but The History Maker responds with a piercing chop of his own. This ends up a slugfest for the masses as both trade Chops as the crowd “WOOOOOOOO’s” from each executed attack. Much to Mark’s chagrin, The Portrait of Greatness paints up his chest furthermore with faster blows and gains the advantage. The Allentown resident darts the opposite side of the ring and rebounds from the rope and fills Storey’s cup with a nice helping of pain by means of a monstrous Busaiku Knee Attack! The Illustration of Innovation points upward, signalling Tim plans on taking this match in a more vertical direction. He pulls the British wrestler into proper position, before heading to the corner turnbuckle. He jumps and looks to fully execute his signature “Magnum Opus” Double Jump Moonsault, however Mark rolls away seemingly to foil the Latino. The Puerto Rican’s quick thinking and athleticism all but extends the moment as he lands on his feet, only to follow up with a Standing Moonsault and smashing down onto his foe like a crashing asteroid! El Guapo Hispana hooks his opponent’s leg believing he might have just done enough. One! Two! Th…kickout! The Latin Extremist looks slightly surprised, but doesn’t waste time in dwelling upon it. He seats The Elite of Elites and positions himself to place Mark into a Headlock. Mark’s eyes still show a fire whilst he uses his legs to slowly push himself up. He stomps LX’s foot to force him off, before sending Tim ass over head with a Hip Toss. Mark spits into the Latino’s face and leaps up to descend onto the Brooklyn native’s face with a face-busting Knee Drop. Tim clutches his face in agony and Mark is totally digging it. He pulls him to a vertical base and grasps him by the back of his hair to immediately storm toward a turnbuckle. With malevolent intent, Storey smashes the Spanish starlet’s head into the turnbuckle. He continues the attack, not looking to end it at anytime. Referee Kirk warns Mark that he needs to cut it out, while The Natural merely sneers at him. The Imperator of Innovation turns Tim around and places him atop the turnbuckle as he himself ascends. He delivers a slew of powerful European Uppercuts, before positioning the Latino in a Front Chancery. The History Maker isn’t going to have any of this as he desperately punches his way out danger. Without thinking, The Crown Jewel shines bright this particular moment as he grabs Storey up and sends both flying over and out of the ring from the top turnbuckle by a spectacular signature “Finishing Touch” Flipping Uranage Slam! The capacity crowd bursts out in cheers from the amazing showing as a “Lx-Tim” chant breaks out.

Steel: “Well hot damn! I wasn’t expecting that! By the way, I heard if Tim wins we all get free Tacos tonight! I see that as one of the few positives of him winning right now!”

Sanction: “He’s Puerto Rican, not Mexican.”

Steel: “Same difference.”

Sanction: “Anyway, I can’t fathom how either man is going to be able to get up after that move. Only one man can advance to the next round in our Lord of the Ring Tournament after all.”

Both men definitely look worse for wear, as the pair are laid out gasping for air with their eyes glazed over staring out at the bright lights in a half-conscious gaze. Referee Samson looks astonished as well, but remembers he has a job to do and begins the ten count. At the count of five, Tim is the first to stir and attempts to regain his bearings. He languidly escalates to his feet, whilst slowly pulling Mark along with him wanting to attempt a pin as soon as possible. However, out of pure desperation, The Elite of Elites violently rakes Tim’s eyes before sending him flying into the ground with a bruising German Suplex. He waste no time rolling into the ring, but decides to stay there as he raises his seats himself up and triumphantly raises his arms up believing there is no way LX will beat the ten count. With the count at eight, Tim crawls to the apron and exerts all his energy and willpower to pull himself up using the apron’s skirt and rolling into the ring to beat the count which was in it’s last second. The Natural is not amused, as he shouts “Damn you to hell! Just give up already”! He rushes toward the fatigued Latino and delivers an aggravated Soccer Kick into Tim’s ribs, bruising them further as he clutches them in pain. Mark is not looking to overly-extend this match at all as he pulls the Brooklyn native up and wraps his arms around his waist and demolishes him downward with a savage-looking Gutwrench Suplex! He continues to work the ribs as he ricochets from the ropes and runs toward Tim and lands an antagonizing Knee Drop onto them. The Spanish superstar yells out in anguish, all-the-while Mark’s intensity grows further with more standing Knee Drops onto his already bruised ribs. With another Knee Drop on the way, Tim rolls out of harm’s way and desperately looks to regain his composure and footing. Storey will not allow any of this nonsense as he swiftly follows up and snatches Tim by the waistline, looking for another German Suplex. The History Maker quickly buries Elbows into his foe’s midsection to fend him off and counters with a Pele Kick in the blink of an eye! The Destined Deity staggers backwards, whilst Tim readies to mount a full-frontal comeback. This is all for naught when an incoming Clothesline falters to a surprising STO, followed up with a signature “Izanagi” Koji Clutch! The Puerto Rican screams out in dire straits, appearing that this might be the end of the contest.

Sanction: “It looks all but over now! Lx-Tim looks like he is on his final stretch unless he can find someway to get out of this.”

Steel: “Right now I highly doubt it! Looks like there won’t be any free Tacos tonight!”

The crowd looks on in curiosity as to the conclusion of this battle of mortal combatants. The fire in The History Maker’s eyes appear to be diminishing, as well as his consciousness from the match. Mark continues to crank the Izanagi’s grip tighter as the referee grabs Tim’s arm upward and sees it fall limp. He raises the Puerto Rican’s arm up once again, but once again it falls down fast. Storey is all smiles, believing that he is one step closer to the ultimate goal of becoming Lord of the Ring and getting his rightful shot at XWA’s Championship gold. At this particular instant, Tim’s body twitches and his leg moves enough to reach a rope as he hooks his foot atop the bottom one. The referee raises the Latino's arm up once again, seemingly ready to end the match but the corner of his eye sees the leg. He shouts that Tim has broken the hold, but The Natural doesn’t believe this as he devilishly decides to continue to keep on the move. Referee Samson starts the five count and at four, Mark finally relinquishes it but the damage has already been done. Lx-Tim appears affixed on the sweat-infested canvas, a shell of himself and a beaten man in the ring. The Imperator of Innovation signals this match will finally meet it’s end, as he saunters to a corner turnbuckle. He sets to finish him off with his “Descends Upon Thee” Double Stomp finisher, however Lx-Tim manages to roll sideways and desperately gets to his feet. Storey effortlessly lands on his feet and shoots his foot like a bullet barreling it’s way through the air for his signature “Vagary” Superkick, but the Puerto Rican ducks, causing him to nail the referee in the face! As Referee Kirk crumbles to the ground, LX buckles back onto a knee clutching the ribs that appear to be affecting him still. Mark knows he needs to end this now, so he goes to the turnbuckle that has his gear and grabs the Million Dollar Championship the he lugs around with him. He rushes toward The Portrait of Greatness with Championship Gold in hand, ready to belt it across his face, pun intended. The History Maker ducks, causing Mark to turn around and be met with MESSATSU! The Puerto Rican’s signature Shoryuken Uppercut, making Mark stand on spaghetti legs! The Illustration of Innovation deals out a Toe Kick, forcing his foe to lunge forward. The History Maker at this particular juncture places Mark into the Butterfly position, only to brutally pummel his in-ring rival’s head into the Million Dollar Championship with the Tiger Driver ‘98! He follows up with the pin fall, with the crowd shouting One! Two! Three! However, it is all for naught as the referee is still down.

Sanction: “That could of been it right there! But Kirk is still out, making Lx-Tim’s efforts all in vain!”

Steel: “Decide if you are going to give us free food or not damn it! Um...but yeah, pretty sick move, but Mark still has a chance to pull it out.”

Lx-Tim sits up, placing his face in his hands in disbelief that the match is still continuing since the referee is currently checked out. He gains his footing and decides to pull Mark upward, only to be met with an arm between his ‘crown jewels’! He falls down into the canvas, cupping his bits in anguish as Mark simply snickers, while trying to regain some semblance of composure. The Elite of Elites readies to end it, stalking Tim once again ready to take him down once and for all. The History Maker slowly makes his way up, turns around as Mark attempts another “MAS”. History repeats itself once again, with him pushing Storey off. The Natural turns around and is met a Toe Kick, forcing the lunge before LX positions Mark’s head in-between his legs and executing his “Destiny Destroyer” Flipping Piledriver finisher! The crowd erupts in cheers as The Illustration of Innovation crawls his way atop Mark. Referee Kirk stirs and sluggishly begins the count.





Ramierez: “Here is your winner, The Portrait of Greatness, L! X! TIIIIIIIIIIIIIM!”

Sanction: “Geez, what a match! These guys really pulled out a heck of a match, but it was Tim who made himself known here tonight! What a way for him to continue his return to the wrestling business!”

Steel: “Free food! Free food! Er-hem, I mean good for hm! But after this, I don’t know how he’ll survive the next couple rounds.”

Sanction: “We’ll see as Lx-Tim advances to the next round.”

Tonight We Ride by Unleash the Archers reels its way onto the public announcement system, as Lx-Tim raises his arms up in triumph. He heads toward a corner turnbuckle and ascends, pointing out to his fans. He beats his chest as the show continues to the next portion of the show.

*Good luck, Mark. :) I’m sure you rocked it. Also to those who don't know, "que paso" means 'what happened' or 'what's wrong'.*
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Re: LOTR Part I: Lx Tim vs. Mark Storey- SECOND ROUND!

Postby Michael Swift » Sun Jul 10, 2016 12:51 pm

First, let me apologize for taking so long to get to voting on this. Took far longer to settle into being back home than I expected.

Storey: I enjoyed the entire opening part. I liked how it set up the entire pace of the match, was able to establish a reason Mark went from getting cheered to boo'd, and featured some solid action. Furthermore, I enjoy how vocal Storey is, gives him a good amount of character from being just willing to do so. I also like the portrayal of Kirk, it wasn't subtle, but he also wasn't blatantly a cheating referee. There are quite a few enjoyable spots, always a fan of someone getting crotched on the turnbuckle for example.
I feel for all the character you gave Storey, Tim came off kinda bland here. Like, it felt like this match had a lot of meaning to Storey due to the history between them, but to Tim it didn't. I feel the rush to everyone, especially Matt viewing Storey as a heel could have been done a bit smoother. On the note of commentary, I feel a lot of the banter didn't work. It just feel a little flat this outing.
Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars.

LX-Tim: I liked how you use some wrestling things that I don't even consider. Like, the ref counting for disqualification due to strikes in the corner is just something I don't even consider, but it felt right in this match. I liked a lot of the commentary banter, though I like puns so you know, the pun stuff made me laugh. You did the same kind of vocal things that made me like Storey in his match, and it still works here. You have the added use of Storey's belt as well, which I think helps sell both wrestlers as well. There is a couple of really nice segments and cool visuals*.
My biggest complaint is overall, the match felt very fast. A good example of that is the chop fight, which I feel was something super cool but I wanted to see the build up for. I want to see it become the chop slugfest, not just get told it becomes one. The segment right before the end feels like a midpoint to a larger match, like, what is the point of doing the ref is knocked out spot if Tim almost immediately hits his finisher and the ref is up? Last little thing, you mention wanting Lx-TIm to attempt to be upbeat and commical in his profile, but I didn't really get that vibe. It was a much more focused and determined one this match, and I feel that should be brought out a bit more.
A little thing I won't dock you for, but a thing that bothers me a bit is when people do different styles for pinfalls. Like, once I know what the style you use to display pinfalls, I know what isn't the end of the match anymore. And that seems real silly, because clearly if the match is still going, then why are their more words after the pinfall? However, for all I know, they stuff after the pin count might be promo or something, but if I know it isn't, I feel it hurts some of the immersion. This might just be me, but I felt I should bring it up.
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars.

Winner: Mark Storey

*"Like a crashing asteroid" really sells the impact, and spaghetti legs just paints an awesome picture.

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