Matches that occurred on our 2016 event XWA Lord of the Ring Part I: The Journey Begins!!
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Postby Razer » Sun Jun 19, 2016 4:49 pm


Alice Harris vs. Sean Young

IMPORTANT: Dates and Deadlines for Tournament Matches:
FIRST ROUND Deadline: 19th June 2016 at 11:59 Eastern Standard Time (voting will then begin and end when Round Two begins)
SECOND ROUND Begins: 26th June 2016
SECOND ROUND Deadline: 5th July 2016 at 11:59 Eastern Standard Time
[CST is one hour earlier. GMT is five hours later.]
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Postby Catastrophe » Sun Jun 19, 2016 5:21 pm

The camera's focus on the big screen as everyone begins to buzz in anticipation for the start of the final match in the first qualifying heat of the Lord Of The Ring tournament. With the obligatory hype trailer airing and the crowd in full voice, cheering and jeering the shots of all the participants, the feed cuts to ringside where the delightful Hana Ramierez stands there with her signature microphone in hand.

Hana Ramierez: "Ladies and Gentlemen... Welcome to the final qualification match in XWA's Lord Of The Ring tournament...."

The crowd rises to its feet and cheers with some serious effort behind it.

Steel: "The Lord Of the Ring tournament... Fight your way through people and get a no questions asked, cash in whenever you feel like title shot..."

Sanction: "Jericho Shaw, Smith Jones... Razer... Three Lords, Two became Champion through use of the ring and both who won titles had impressive streaks which were ultimately ended when they lost their titles..."

Steel: "Razer only got the ring by default though... Smith Jones won it before being ran out of the land of the lawless and Jack saw Razer as the only hope for stabilizing a rapidly deteriorating situation..."

Sanction: "And look how that played out? Battered, broken, defeated... Unable to make himself the first to do something yet again in XWA..."

Hana Ramierez: "This is an elimination bout... The winner will progress to the next round if they win via pinfall, submission or referee decision"

Steel: "Well, it looks like the show is about to get started...."

Sanction: "Sean Young, an explosive, if not self engrossed and talented athlete...."

Steel: "Against the enigmatic, unhinged, beautiful and dangerous leader of Catastrophe.... Alice Harris"

As the buzz starts to subside a little, Hana waits for the cue from the ring crew.

Hana: "Introducing...."

"No Problems" kicks in as the screen begins to roll Sean's entrance move. Walking out onto the stage, clad in his usual get up of Long red trunks with SY printed on the back. Black knee and elbow pads with five point stars on them. Black wrestling boots. No shirt. A MMA style glove on his left hand and white tape around each finger on his right hand, he begins to hype himself up. Being one who is neither here nor there with the crowd when it comes to their reception, the crowd gives Sean a warm welcome which he nods in approval at before making his way to the ring.[/center]

Hana: "From Los Angeles, California.... Standing Six Three, Weighing Two hundred and twenty six pounds, he is the Koro Sensei, The Five Star man.... SEEEAAAAANNNN YOUNG!!!"

With a pop and some kipping up to the crowd, Sean plays on it as he nears the ring. Shouting a few self motivating phrases to the cameras, fist bumping a few fans and just generally being an all round decent guy, pumped for the big match ahead, he finally gets into the ring.

Hana: "And his opponent....."

We don't get the usual music as the lights dim, but instead we get some grainy, black and white styled footage rolling.
"The footage starts with XWA up and comer Kaylee Mills getting her shit wrecked by Alice. The cruel and sadistic way she slowly took her apart piece by piece in the match is played out and this then transitions into the match against Kalahan where she too suffered the same fate. Whilst this footage rolls, a female voice, laced with ill intent speaks:
The mother of all that is evil....
Her lips are poisonous venom....
On the line about venom, we see Alice giving the 'kiss of death' to Kaylee, Kalahan and Laurel.
Wicked temptress knows how to please...
The Priestess roars get down on your knees.....
The footage then shows the initial assault on Laurel before Bella and Razer made the save, showing Alice taking great pleasure in taunting her prey."
With the crowd jeering, the music suddenly comes in. Megadeth's chilling acoustic rendition of She Wolf picks up from where the monologue, narrated by Alice Harris left off. With all eyes on the stage as the lighting goes a deep crimson and smoke begins to billow forth, Sean begins to bounce on the spot, waiting for the moment he can butt heads with the woman behind so many of XWA's issues recently.

Hana: "From the darkest reaches of your mind... Standing Five Seven, Weighting One-Thirty One pounds... Alice.... Harris...."


The explosion of pyro sends the smoke dispersing and the lights come normal... Only there is no Alice on the stage. Nor is there the usual sight of Vrag, the silent giant who never seems to be too far away from her. Looking confused, the crowd begins to jeer when...

Steel: "OH MY GOD!"

Jumping the rail behind Sanction and Steel, with a kendo stick in hand, Alice slides under the bottom rope and before Sean can even turn around....


Using the confusion to her advantage, as Hana scrambles out of the ring and the referee calls for the bell, knowing the pre-match assault is legal, Alice wastes no time in pressing this blitz attack on the 2WWF star.


Sanction: "Well folks... If you're just catching up with us... Don't worry... We don't know what happened exactly, but it appears that Alice Harris pulled a fast one on all of us, using a grandiose entrance presentation, only to leap the rail and snap a kendo stick across Sean Young's back before the bell"

Steel: "Brains and Beauty... Alice is a dangerous woman"

Licking her lips as she backs away from the understandably irate Sean Young, Harris bends her knees slightly and sizes her opponent up properly. He's half a foot taller than her and near enough one hundred pounds heavier. She smirks as their eyes meet his burning with anger whilst hers are cold and devoid of any compassion or shred of decency.

Sanction: "Alice has faced far bigger and angrier foes than Sean Young... She toppled GEW star Corey Bull, 7 foot, 350lbs to win the NAW Legacy title... Her smirk... That's almost..."

Steel: "Like she's anticipating this... Like she wants him to throw everything at her...."

Sanction: "She is one messed up woman"

Sean, blinded with rage and no composure whatsoever charges forwards. Arms up, he bends at the knees and hurls himself off the canvas with a huge flying forearm which to the surprise of the crowd, Alice takes right in the chest, knocking her down to the canvas. The cheer from the crowd fires Sean up as he pulls himself back up, dragging Alice up by her wrists like she were a rag doll and goes to work on her.

Unleashing some quick and calculated chops, each one thundering off her chest, Sean backs Alice up, pressing her to the ropes before launching her across the ring with an Irish Whip. Hitting the ropes, Alice rebounds and Sean braces for the comeback. Stepping forwards and twisting, he brings his right arm up, looking to knock Alice back down with a simple but effective back elbow, but just as she gets within striking range, Alice drops down with both legs extended and brings Young crashing down with a scissor tackle!

Steel: "She took the initial hit just to bring him down... Alice is just..."

Sanction: "I know... Crazy, dangerous, beautiful... I get the infatuation, but do you have to go speechless about her all the time?"

With Sean crashing to the ground, Alice quickly untangles herself from him and goes right for the head. Blatantly grabbing his short, curly afro hair, she rags his head back with her left hand and with her right, she rakes her fingers across his face. As the official steps in to intervene, telling Alice to knock it off, she gives him an innocent glance, fluttering her eyelashes at him before slamming Young face first into the canvas.

Picking herself up, ignoring the sea of boos around her, Alice fixes her hair and the waistline of her skirt as if nothing has happened. With a complete disregard for the hostility of the situation she is in or the fact a very pissed off Young is rising to his feet, Alice casually walks away from him, heading to the ropes opposite. Glancing over her shoulder, she spots Young on his feet and quickly pivots on her foot. Dropping down to a three-point stance, she launches herself forwards. Spotting the brunette charging him down, Sean stands his ground. Arms out and knees bent slightly, he steps into the charge, effortlessly scooping Alice up but as he goes to flip her for the powerslam counter, Alice drapes her calves around his neck and swings herself backwards. With gravity and momentum on her side, the flying head scissors reversal works perfectly, launching Young across the ring and into the bottom rope.

Sanction: "Alice is certainly pressing early on in this match, Sean has barely managed to get a move in edgeways...."

Now on her feet again, Alice looks at Young. He pulls himself up with the aid of the ropes but before he can fully get upright, the brunette bolts forwards again. This time, after catching sight of her and anticipating the tricky counters, Sean opts to just play it safe. Throwing himself forwards, he smashes his shoulder into Alice's chest with a big shoulder block, knocking her flat on the canvas. Wincing and rolling away from the impact, Alice drags herself up with a pained smile on her face, but not one to let this chance slip, Young moves in. With his right leg raised, he smashes it into the exposed ribs of Alice, punt kicking her back to the canvas.

Steel: "And now it's Sean's turn"

Coming to a stop, Alice coughs as she holds her ribs. The kick draws a huge cheer from the fans, many of them delighted to see the bitch suffer for once, but that still doesn't wipe the strange smile off of Alice's face. As she pulls herself up again, Young closes in once more. Grabbing her by the upper arm and neck, he drags Alice up and before she can even stand on her own two feet, he quickly hoists her up and over with a big snap suplex!

Crashing down once again, Alice hits the canvas hard as Young kips up, holding his hands in the air much to the pleasure of the crowd. Spotting Alice on the floor beneath him, holding her ribs and lower back, Young quickly about faces. Rushing the ropes, he jumps on the middle one, catapulting himself backwards and landing flush across Alice's front with a simple but effective Asai Moonsault. Hooking her leg, he makes the cover attempt


Sanction: "Alice might have took some sharp offense there, but it will take more than that to stall the leader of Catastrophe!"

With Alice defying him, Young merely shakes his head. He has no qualms about fighting a woman, be it attractive, crazy or a combination. He's a wrestler, she is a wrestler, they're doing what they are paid to do. Pushing to his knees, he grabs Alice under the arms and drags her up, this time keeping tight hold and again, hoisting her up and over, but this time with the double arm underhook variant of the suplex. Back first into the canvas once more, Alice arches her back post impact, grimacing but again, that smile comes back to her face, almost as if she is enjoying it.

As the close up shot shows the demented smile on Alice's face up on the big screen, several members of the crowd shiver with unease. They knew she wasn't 'all there', but to see her enjoy being beaten into the canvas is a little worrying for them, especially since her following is slowly gaining momentum, all be it, by her hand mostly.

Seeing the smile once again, Young shakes his head. Is she mocking him? Is she some kind of masochist who enjoys this? He cannot quite tell, but it is irritating him irregardless of the reasons. He's kicking her ass, and she's smiling. With frustration on his face slowly becoming clear, he reaches down for the brunette again, this time, dragging her up and marching her to the corner. Throwing her into the turnbuckle as if she were a doll a child was discarding, Young backs up before going in, elbow leading, slamming her into the post and elbowing her in the temple.

Head rolling, eyes wide open, jaw slightly agape... But then the smile returns.

Steel: "Just how much is Alice willing to take? She's been kicked, elbowed, suplexed, slammed... And she still wants to smile."

Sanction: "Sometimes striking fear or uncertainty is more damaging than an impact move... If Alice breaks his composure..."

Steel: "But can the crazy bitch hold out that long? Young's self engrossed, he won't be rattled by something he deems insignificant..."

True as Steels words may ring, the self assured all rounder Sean Young despite earlier hints of frustration evident in his body language is still rather composed and in control of the situation. With Alice at his mercy in the corner, he begins to showboat for the fans a little. With some fancy footwork, he launches a volley of alternating kicks to the thigh's and lower abdomen of Alice, each one drawing an "Olé!" out of the crowd before taking a step back and winding up before knocking Alice off her feet and down to the canvas with a huge European Uppercut.

Crashing down, her legs, mid-section and now jaw aching along with her back, Alice twitches on the canvas. Taking short gasps, she tries to get her bearings but Young keeps up the pressure. Dragging her up, he backs her into the corner again, this time looping her arms over the top rope before taking aim. Coming in hot after a quick run up, he jumps up onto the middle rope, snagging her head in a front facelock and kicks off, dragging Alice off the ropes and round before crashing her down into the canvas head first with a big Tornado DDT.

Hooking the leg once more, he goes for the cover.


Steel: "Alice cannot hold out much more after this... She's taken too much..."


Sanction: "That early dominance fizzled out..."


The crowd gasps, processing what just happened before the realization hits them. Alice kicked out once more. With jeers raining down, Young cannot help but look at the referee in amazement. Holding three fingers up, he is adamant that that was a three count but the official stands firm insisting it was a near fall, nothing more. With the composure he had slowly slipping away, Young pounds the canvas with both fists in frustration. With all attention on Young and his anger at not being able to keep Harris down, the crowd rallies behind him. With chants of "Young! Young! Young!" ringing through the venue, everyone is oblivious to the fact that a dazed but still smirking Alice is slowly stirring.

Slowly pushing up to a seated position, Alice shakes her head. Wiping the corner of her mouth, she looks at the back of her hand to see a red smudge. With her lip busted a little, the small trickle of blood seems to ignite something in the brunette. Before she can push to her knees, Young, his attention now firmly back on Alice spots her trying to get up and being the gentleman he is, helps her. With one arm round her waist and the other on her arm, he scoops her up and keeps going, looking for the back drop but the rapid ascent works against him, allowing Alice to slip free from his grasp, rolling out and landing on her feet.

Sanction: "Alice not out of this yet. She's been battered across the ring and still standing"

Steel: "Normally the fans would be cheering this, the dramatic underdog comeback... But that tension building around us... They're nervous...I'm nervous"

And with good reason. Feeling the life and passion in the crowd slowly beginning to slip, Alice jumps before Young can turn fully, hitting him in the chest with a dropckick. As the self assured star stumbles backwards, Alice draws herself to a kneeling stance and bites her bottom lip in anticipation. Coming in hot, Young looks for the step-up Enziguri but as he swings his leg up and round, Alice drops her head, narrowly missing what surely would have been the knockout blow. Letting Young crash down, Alice pushes up herself and makes a rush at the ropes.

Throwing herself into a handstand, Alice hits the ropes before springing back into a backward handspring and as Young rises, she connects with his nose, hitting him clean with the springboard back elbow! Still down on one knee, Young shakes his head, but Alice, seemingly on her second wind, fuelled by the punishment is unrelenting.

Going in, Alice takes to the air, looking for the big cross body attempt but given her lack of mass, Young catches it with minimal fuss. Hoisting her up onto his shoulders, he holds her there, satisfied that he has her right where he wants her. Looking set to nail his big swinging jawbreaker, Young swings Alice round but before he can drop, the brunette swings her legs down, locking one in with his and drops him back into a Russian Leg Sweep!

Sanction: "Oh My! Alice just countered Young's Prophecies End with the start of her own finisher!"

The crowd jeers at the dramatic switch up but unfortunately for Alice, she cannot capitalise and transition into her signature Octopus Stretch. Lying flat out on the canvas after peeling herself away from the shell-shocked Sean Young, Alice looks to the corner and begins to crawl towards it. Nearing her temporary safe haven, Alice pulls herself into a seated position, watching as Young pulls himself up. Frustrated and annoyed, he glares at Alice who once again smirks back at him. As he charges in, Alice simply drops to the canvas and rolls out under the bottom rope, stalling Young's offense whilst she gets some breath back.

With the official beginning to count and Young screaming for her to return to the ring, Alice paces round and starts to formulate a 'new' plan, that is until Young comes chasing after her. With the 2WWF talent coming out, Alice quickly slides under the bottom rope and back into the ring, narrowly missing Young's outstretched hand. With Alice now back on her feet, she quickly turns to the ropes to spot Young coming under them. Knowing this it it, an All or Nothing shot, Alice throws her left leg up and somehow manages to connect with Young's temple, hitting him perfectly with the 'Dirty Kick'.

Steel: "Huge roundhouse outta the blue! Alice has Young on jelly legs here"

Dazed, disorientated and left wide open, Young foolishly turns his back on Alice, providing the Brunette with the chance to kill this. Rushing in, jumping and snaring his neck, Alice drags Young down with a huge jumping neckbreaker. The fans begin to jeer, but as Alice floats over for the cover, she positions herself cleverly so the official cannot see her boot wedged into the bottom rope for added support and leverage.




Sanction: "Harris pulls a fast one on Young!"

Quickly peeling herself off Young and rolling to the safety of outside the ring, Alice holds her hands up and smiles as Hana makes it official.

Hana: "Ladies and Gentlemen... Your winner, and advancing to the next round... ALICE... HARRIS!!"

The crowd's jeering intensifies as Alice mockingly takes a bow as the rest of Catastrophe make their way out on stage. Vrag simply standing there, his cold eyes never moving off Alice, Nemysis twitching, eager for a fight, and Venym clapping her, smiling at the handiwork of his leader, leaving the first round of the tournament ending on a rather ominous note as Steele perfectly sums up the situation.

Steel: "Alice pulled a fast one, she cheated, she won... Young will feel robbed... But Harris... She goes on, as does the influence of Catastrophe"
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Postby Koro Sensei » Mon Jun 20, 2016 2:01 am


Hana Ramierez:
The following match is scheduled for one fall and the winner of this contest will continue forth in the Lord of The Ring Tournament. Introducing first….

The venue's lights take a crimson shade as static flashes across the big screen. It then cuts to stock footage of a news reporter at their desk rustling their papers and speaking but you cannot hear their words. The picture in the backdrop behind them is one of Planet Earth as taken from the ISS and a big red word 'stamped' across it - "Catastrophe". On the bottom of the screen, the rolling news ticker reads:

"It was right all along, four of them came from nowhere, sowing the seeds of discord and harvesting the misery which grew from them... The Catastrophe has happened!"

Suddenly a low register acoustic guitar riff comes in with a rather creepy and haunting tone, joined by Dave Mustaine's gravelly vocals.

The mother of all that is evil
Her lips are poisonous venom
Wicked temptress knows how to please
The priestess roars, "Get down on your knees"

The 'video' of the news footage is quickly replaced with the word "CATASTROPHE" in big red letters before we get stock footage of disasters happening and a translucent, superimposed image of Alice, Vrag, Venym and Nemisys over it.

The rite of the praying mantis
Kiss the bones of the enchantress
Spellbound searching through the night
A howling man surrenders the fight

The jeers from the crowd are Phenomenal as the red and white pyro explodes and Alice appears on stage. Her white zip up hooded sweater is on, the hood pulled up over her head as she stands there in the smoke before slowly lowering the hood and looking round, smiling at the misery her presence has caused. Confidently walking forwards, Alice heads to the ring

Standing at 5 foot 7, weighing 131 lbs, Coming from the darkest reaches of your mind and imagination... Alice Harris!!

One look in her lusting eyes
Savage fear in you will rise
Teeth of terror sinking in
The bite of the she-wolf

As the chorus kicks in, Alice makes it to the ring. Climbing up the steps, she ducks under the top rope and removes her jumper before casting it aside. Turning round, she spots Hana Ramierez and blows her a kiss as the fans jeer her.

One look in her lusting eyes
Savage fear in you will rise
Teeth of terror sinking in
The bite of the she-wolf

And her opponent…..

The arena remains dark and engulfed in silent murmurs until a single voice echoes throughout the arena via the PA system. “Book of Young: XWA Lords Of The Ring…..I’m Here!”

Sean and Destiny Young appear on the arena stage. Destiny remains dressed in the gown she appeared in earlier in the night, but this time Sean looks match ready. The couple struts down the ramp before hitting the foot of the ring. “The Entity of Entities” looks up and around the arena as he feels the energy he hasn't felt since 2013. Young races up the stairs before entering through the first and second rope. Once in the ring he stares across the ring at his adversary who looks back with a cocky grin plastered on her face.

Standing at 6 foot 3 inches and weighing in tonight at two hundred and twenty six pounds. He hails from Los Angeles, California. He is the Entity of Entities, he is…..SEAN! YOUNG!

The audience sits in anticipation at the sight of an inter-gender match-up between the deranged leader of Catastrophe Alice Harris and the returning all-around athlete; Sean Young. As the bell rings, both world-class athletes begin to pivot left around the ring's central point, a general rule of thumb in the wrestling industry. The two square off like a set of hyenas fighting for dominance, locking horns in a vintage collar-and-elbow tie up, ripping one another limb from limb. “The Insane Shogun" suddenly shows how little he’s rusted during his retirement with a deep arm drag that yanks Alice down onto her hip, where Young quickly steps over her head and applies torque to the arm in a modified armbar submission hold, otherwise known as; Arms Race. Showing no mercy for his foe of the opposing gender, Sean wrenches on her more petite appendage, straining the tendons with each pull.

Mark Sanction:
What an impressive armbar submission hold applied by Sean Young?! One has to wonder, though; will ring rust catch Sean at some point in this match?

Matt Steel:
I’m sure someone as seasoned as Sean Young will be able to shake any ring rust that he has, but he’s in there with Alice Harris. She has beauty and brains Mark. She will find a way to counter anything that Sean throws at her.

Whether or not they know who Sean Young is the crowd erupts with cheers seeing Alice Harris locked into a painful submission.

The appraisal of the audience helps support for Sean Young appears to be ill timed as Alice presses her weight against Young, forcing him away from her vulnerable frame. With a sudden twist of her own wrist, "The Valkyrie" stabs through the defenses of the man from California as she pivots behind him and jerks his arm into a ruthless hammerlock. Before Sean Young can even react to the unfathomable pain surging through his rotator cuff, Harris ducks under his free arm and yanks his head into a front chancery, lifting him with the hammerlock for a brutal modified vertical suplex!

See what I mean Mark? That suplex was simply beautiful.

While it was impressive Matt, you have to wonder. Even though Sean Young isn’t one of the biggest men on the roster, that had to have taken a lot out of her to deliver a vertical suplex.

Shit, she's taken on bigger. If she gives Sean a pop up power bomb, then I’d wonder what she has left in the tank.

The audience "OHHHH's" at the impact of Sean Young being suplexed onto his own trapped arm! He rolls around the mat in a riveting sensation of anguish as Alice grins ear to ear planning the next stage of her relentless assault.

As Sean Young basks in his own agony, the deranged Alice pounces upon his downed frame, locking his damaged arm into a keylock against the mat. “Koro Sensei" fights against his smaller opponent, as she prepares to lift her body before slamming her knees into his arm. As she performs the handstand however, Young presses his feet into her abdomen, causing her to fall back to her feet and yank him up into the air due to the momentum. As the six footer’s carcass is pulled into the air, he frees himself from the keylock before slamming his shin into the side of Harris' head with a sickening Enzuigiri that drops her to the mat like an execution victim.

The audience cheers ruthlessly, rallying behind their favorite competitor in this all out war between man and woman.

Sean Young landed on that trapped arm earlier when Alice suplexed him, and she continued the assault on the arm moments before he was able to hit the Enzuigiri. Sean needs to watch that arm or it will become a target.

Trust me, Alice will make the arm a target in this match. As long as Sean leaves his arm open to attack, it will be taken advantage of.

Young strokes his tender left elbow with serene generosity as he approaches the face-down Alice will ill-intentions. Sean locks both of the caucasian female's legs around his in dual deathlocks before clutching her wrists. He grins maniacally before rocking backwards, pulling her into a ferocious Bow and Arrow Lock. Forcing a grin of her own, Alice grunts in discomfort, but refuses to scream as it will show her opponent she's in pain. That is, until “The Entity of Entities” reaches further and pulls her chin into a lock, further increasing the torque and pain! Although her screams of anguish fill the air, Young is well aware that she won't tap out to something as simplistic as this, and thus ends her torture for the time being.

Was she smiling? Was Alice seriously smiling during that Bow and Arrow? How could someone seriously smile while l put in such agony?

Because something as simple as a Bow and Arrow Lock doesn't fucking matter to Alice. Sean knows that; that's why he let the hold go. The armbar didn't work and the bow and arrow didn't work. Sean needs to step his shit up if he wants to beat someone the caliber of Alice Harris.

The “Insane Shogun" doesn't waste any time after he relinquishes his assault upon Alice Harris, as he simply grabs a handful of her luscious hair and drags her to her feet. He forces her skull in between his thighs and smiles to the crowd egotistically. Young reaches forwards, caressing the seat of Alice's skirt seductively before grabbing a hold of the waistline, pulling her up and over his shoulders into a Crucifix Powerbomb Clutch. She struggles against his grip however, not willing to let the returning superstar execute all of the offense in this match. She fights free, landing behind Young, before wrapping her hands around his throat. Leaping and yanking Sean in one continuos motion, Alice drives the man formerly from Tennessee onto his traps with her Jumping Neckbreaker that she entitles “White Girl Wasted”!

This could be it! White Girl Wasted! Alice Harris is moving on to the next round!

The audience boo wildly as the leader of Catastrophe covers Sean Young, even if her efforts are in vain by a two-count break.

Looks like you spoke too soon partner. Sean Young has something left in the tank following the Neckbreaker. But the question now stands. How much more does he have?

Young knows that back and forth action like this is simply going to wear both of them out in a hurry, as he crawls away from his adversary. His thoughts are in a disoriented mess after nearly being slammed onto his cranium so ruthlessly only moments before. He devises a plan, as he rolls cunningly onto the ring apron. He slowly arises as he senses Alice drawing near, and intercepts her oncoming right hand with a forearm shot to the face. He reaches forwards with no remorse, and yanks her throat-first down across the top rope. Harris' head snaps backwards off of the ropes and she stumbles backwards obliviously. This gives the cunning Young the window of opportunity he desires to springboard off of the top rope and snap off a beautiful Hurricanrana, yanking the smaller frame of his opposition directly into a pin!

Looks as though Sean is getting frustrated with the back and forth action we have here.

He’s getting aggressive. Showing aggression will do nothing for him here. All it’s going to do is leave him vulnerable to anything Alice can throw at him.

While that’s true he could quite possibly use it to his advantage. Allow Alice to believe he’s falling vulnerable to his aggression and ultimately capitalize on the situation.

As if they were on sole being, the audience joins the referee in on the pin count. "ONE! TWO! THR-NO!"

“The Valkyrie" breaths heavily on the mat, in short, ruptured gasps. Sean Young looks to end this competition as quickly as possible, as he places his boot to the scruff of her neck and grabs her right arm from behind. He pulls backwards, surfboarding her body in preparation for yet another Arms Race submission. Before the arrogant number one contender can execute his adversary however, she rolls forwards out of the hold, grapevining Young's right leg in the process. This convenience trips the veteran to the ground and allows him to fall victim to a ferocious ankle lock from the devious 23 year old!

The crowd cheers “Let’s Go Sean!" ravenously, as Young narrowly avoids defeat by reaching the bottom rope. The damage however, has already been done, as he gingerly clasps at his Achilles Tendon on the mat as Alice Harris arises.

Even with that rope break that doesn't save Sean Young. Both his arm and his leg are now fucked. Alice is systematically taking out his appendages.

You have to remember though Matt, Sean has locked in several submission holds himself. He’s pin pointed segments of Alice’s body. She has applied more damage to certain body parts, but we have no idea how those holds affected her in the long run.

As Young lies in the wake of devastation on the mat, Alice Harris begins to ascend the ropes in a last ditch effort to put the former 2WWF superstar away once and for all. She prepares for a double stomp, aligning herself just right so that the trajectory of her boots will land directly against Young's solar plexus. Something to her side catches her attention however, as in her peripheral vision a figure begins to form. The Mistress, Destiny Young stands valiantly at on the ring apron, violently cursing at the prone Alice. This momentary distraction is more than enough of an opportunity for the downed Young, as he kips up to his feet and leaps onto the adjacent ropes from Destiny with little resistance from his injured ankle. Before Alice can even notice, Sean twists his body, connecting boot to skull with a modified version his trademark “Judas Kiss” roundhouse kick! Alice’s body drops flat onto the mat following the devastating signature kick of her opponent. “The Entity of Entities” quickly sprawls to his smaller adversary and hooks her leg, initiating one more pin count.




And it’s over folks! Sean Young, coming out of a 3 year retirement has defeated Alice Harris here tonight.

While I’m impressed at Sean for using his wife as a distraction, I would’ve much rather have this match have gone to Alice.

As the final bell tolls Sean Young peels himself from Alice’s cold body. The California staggers to his feet showing the ill effects of the ankle lock from earlier, showing that his springboard took more from him than expected. His distraction climbs into the ring, stands along side him, and raises his hand to the tune of the crowd cheering his name.

Hana Ramierez:
Ladies and gentlemen here is your winner; SEAN YOUNG!!!
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Alice: Right off the bat, I really like the heel sneak attack. It does a good job of setting up the match. Your description as always is super on point. The match does a good job of putting over Alice's toughness, and gives Young a good amount of offense. He doesn't look amazing at the end of this, but he doesn't look terrible either. The ending sequence was quite nice too. Overall, just a match with incredibly strong fundamentals, good understanding of face versus heel dynamic*, and strong pacing for what it was.
In general the match could have felt bigger, which isn't a huge deal for a round 1, but despite the whole overall quality, the match still felt kinda small if that makes sense. Would have preferred a bit more life and character to Young, and some more intensity out of the commentary team**.
Rating: 3.5 our of 5 stars

Young: There is a lot of very good writing here. You are willing to use language a lot of people wouldn't, and I feel it is to your benefit. I also like the overall story to the match, that Alice was trying to just destroy appendages to cripple Young. Commentary was mostly of a high quality, and had a lot of life to it. Not something I am gonna give points for, but the formatting was well done, making the piece super easy to navigate.
While I enjoy good simile and metaphor, I will note, using the simile Hyenas and then the locking of horns in the same sentence, while parsable, is a very unfortunate mix. Literally my First thought was "Hyenas don't have horns!" Not counting it against you, just wanted to point that out. Something that did really bother me was the underselling of the “White Girl Wasted”. It is a finisher, and while kick outs of finishers are a thing, I am personally of the mindset that finisher kick outs should only be for big matches, as just casually kicking out of them really discredits the offense. It would be a different story if Destiny distracted the referee, or some other shenanigans happened, but as it was, it really hurts the opponent to say their primary way of ending the match is only worth a two count. It looks even more discrediting when you end it with a victory off what I believe is a signature move***. I mean, Alice did that too, but then she cheated, whereas yours resulted in a clean pin. It really puts a damper on the match. Also, ending is a little unclear****.
Rating: 2.5

Winner: Alice Harris

*Very happy to see a dirty pin.
**Not really anything I am docking for, since the commentary team was fine, but with your level of writing, I feel they can be far more interesting. Also, the teal is a little hard on the eyes.
***Unless all the named moves are finishers, but it still seems off to me.
****Who is Destiny yelling at? Is Alice prone? I thought she was going for a stomp? I feel like it makes more sense for Destiny to be yelling at Alice, but the prone makes me think it should be Young.
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