Matches that occurred on our 2016 event XWA Lord of the Ring Part I: The Journey Begins!!
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Tempest vs. OOKAMI No Chi

IMPORTANT: Dates and Deadlines for Tournament Matches:
FIRST ROUND Deadline: 19th June 2016 at 11:59 Eastern Standard Time (voting will then begin and end when Round Two begins)
SECOND ROUND Begins: 26th June 2016
SECOND ROUND Deadline: 5th July 2016 at 11:59 Eastern Standard Time
[CST is one hour earlier. GMT is five hours later.]
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Postby styg » Tue Jun 21, 2016 10:59 pm

Hana Ramierez: Introducing first...

The opening drum break of Gothic Knights' cover of Duran Duran's "Hungy Like The Wolf" blasts onto the speakers. Crimson light spills across the entrance, and into it runs OOKAMI no Chi with a big smile on her face! She pumps one fist a couple of times then throws it to the sky.

Darken the city, night is a wire
Steam in the subway, earth is afire

The niece of TPW legend Jun Ikeda begins jogging towards the ring, slapping outstretched hands all the way.

Woman you want me, give me a sign
And catch my breathing even closer behind

She picks up speed as she goes until she's sprinting, and she dives under the bottom rope then spins up to her feet and heads straight for the closest corner. Once at the top she raises up a fist while bouncing her head in time to the music, red-streaked hair shaking around her like a halo.

In touch with the ground
I'm on the hunt, I'm after you
I smell like I sound, I'm lost in a crowd
And I'm hungry like the wolf
Straddle the line of discord and rhyme
I'm on the hunt, I'm after you
Mouth is alive with juices like wine
And I'm hungry like the wolf

Hana Ramierez: From Ashiya, Japan, weighing one hundred and sixty pounds... "The Winter Wolf"... OOOKAMIIIII... NOOO... CHIII!

OOKAMI throws her other hand up for a moment, then turns and jumps down to the mat where she starts shaking all her limbs out, while bouncing up and down on her heels.

Hana Ramierez: And her opponent...

After a few moments of anticipation, The crowd pops as the guitar lick that launches AC/DC's "Thunderstruck" echoes through the speaker system. The audience starts "singing" along with the "Na na na na-na's!" Though the song is a battle call for Tempest's finisher move, many of the fans replace the word "Thunder" with "Tempest!" ...and then leap to their feet as the ringposts explode in lightning-blasts and the stage erupts in pyrotechnics!

Mark Sanction: It's been a while since we've been seen this!

The wicked guitar flows on and builds to the heavy chords that announce the arrival of the Storm of the Century as he charges through the fiery aftermath to pose with confidence for his fans!

Hana Ramierez: Making his way to the ring, from Detroit, Michigan, USA and weighing two hundred and twenty-six pounds... he is the "Storm of the Century"... TEEEMPEEESSST!

Intense and ready for whatever comes, The Storm of the Century makes his way to the ring pumping his arms and calling out to the crowd, then Tempest storms up them and walks the length of the ring apron, then hauls himself up to stand on the second rope. Once there, Tempest howls and throws an arm up over his head to the approval ofhe crowd.

Mark Sanction: He's really back! And what a first round match up for that young woman. She was impressive in her debut against possibly the biggest star in XWA today - but Tempest is one of the biggest stars in XWA ever. A Hall of Famer. The first ever Grand Slam Champion!

Tempest drops down and howls again, in the direction of his young opponent. She smiles slightly then drops to one knee and lets out her own signature wolf's howl, throwing her head back to let her voice carry up into the rafters! Not to be outdone, the Hall of Famer throws his arms out and choruses in, trying to drown her out - prompting her to raise the volume on her own.

Matt Steel: I guess we got us a howl-off to start this thing!

The fans chant and clap along as Tempest and OOKAMI try to howl over each other. But in the end, they both stop lest they start to run out of breath for the fight ahead, and instead, they come together in the middle of the ring, arms raised and fingers clawing the air for just a second before they dart in close and lock up. They jostle back and forth, muscles straining, until the larger Michigander steps forward, taking control and pushing OOKAMI back into a crab-like bridge, arching her spine and dipping her head so low that her hair brushes the canvas. OOKAMI's face goes as red as her ring attire as the blood rushes to her cranium... and then redder still as she bunches her biceps and starts pushing back! Slowly but surely, she forces her way upright, pushing Tempest up and then over, until he himself is arched back with his head almost touching the mat!

Mark Sanction: I'm not sure we've ever seen a woman as physically strong as OOKAMI in XWA before! At just a few pounds shy of the traditional heavyweight limit in pro wrestling, Tempest will certainly have the power advantage. But if he's expecting an opponent who can't fight back with a bit of muscle of her own, he'll be in for a shock.

Matt Steel: Heh. Storm. Shock.

Mark Sanction: Unintended, Matt.

Now it's Tempest's turn to fight back. He grunts as he rises, using the clasp hands to push OOKAMI back as he comes back to vertical. He starts forcing her back down... she braces to prevent it... and he hooks her leg out, sending her crashing to her ass! He leaps into a basement dropkick that knocks her flat, then leaps into the ropes and vaults back out in a springboard moonsault. But OOKAMI rolls aside! She gets herself out of harm's way - but Tempest saw it, and manages to pull up enough to land on one knee.

Mark Sanction: Wow!

Impressive as it was, however, it's not enough to stop OOKAMI slamming a back superkick into his jaw. She closes in and lifts him up in a front facelock, looking for a snap suplex, but Tempest manages to boot her in the gut to create separation and double her over, and he quickly drops her with an impact DDT. He bounces to one knee again, this time with his arm spread, and as he howls in OOKAMI's direction again the fans chant his name and stomp their feet.

Mark Sanction: DDTempest! One of the greatest ever to step into this ring is back with us and he's fired up!

Matt Steel: You seem to be forgetting that last time we saw Tempest he was getting his face kicked off on top of a cell by Diamond Jack Sabbath and - apparently I need to remind everyone - banished from XWA forever.

Mark Sanction: Only as long as Sabbath was GM. And Sabbath is not the GM anymore.

Tempest paces around, stalking OOKAMI as she pushes herself up with her head ringing. He drops down like an American football player, and then as she gets vertical, moves in close. She swings a roaring elbow in his direction, which he easily ducks. He slips his arms around her and throws her down with a belly to belly suplex! He stays on her for the pin.



She powers out. She rushes back to her feet, but Tempest catches her with a German suplex for another pin!



She breaks out of it.

Mark Sanction: The Force of Nature... The Motor City Madman... The Storm of the Century! Welcome to XWA, OOKAMI no Chi!

Matt Steel: Are you done blowing him?

Mark Sanction: Oh come on, Matt. I'm sitting right next to you. When that pyro went off you were as excited as anyone.

Matt Steel: It's a moment, okay? I ain't denying that. But don't forget that in our last Lord of the Ring, Tempest - for all he's done, for all the titles he's held here - he got knocked out in round one by Smith Jones. Dude ain't a reg anymore, dude ain't hungry anymore, and that's just a fact.

Tempest drags OOKAMI up by the hair and goes for an elbow, but she manages to block it. She shakes the arm out, but nonetheless throws a high side kick into Tempest's temple, staggering him down to one knee for a moment. OOKAMI slams a fist into his head, but he's able to shove her away and leap back up into a spinning heel kick that sends her flying backwards. He rushes forward, grabbing her around her head as he comes past her and leaps into the corner. The fans pop as they realise that he's going for The Perfect Storm! He runs up the buckles and swings around her head - but she manages to cut him off, holding him up, and throws him back into the centre of the ring in a backdrop suplex! They both bounce, but she quickly scrambles over him and hooks a leg.



He throws her off.

Mark Sanction: First near fall of the match for OOKAMI no Chi.

Matt Steel: Fuck it. You know what? I'm calling her to win this. If nothing else she has a better ass than Tempest.

They both kip up, and run at each other with strikes, both of which miss. They run the ropes and come back at each other; OOKAMI leaps into a crossbody, and Tempest ducks it. The Winter Wolf kips up again but Tempest is there to step past her with the three-quarter facelock!

Mark Sanction: THUNDERBOLT!

NO! She has it scouted and pushes him away, then grabs him in a full nelson. She lifts him up looking for a slam - but he sandbags down and manages to flip her over his shoulders in a snapmare. She lands sitting down and he wheels a kick into her head that echoes around the arena. Tempest catches OOKAMI under the armpits as she slumps down, drags her back up, and gutwrenches her into a powerbomb position, running forward and throwing her spine-first into the corner! She stumbles back out and Tempest drops The Moon Cub with a swinging neckbreaker. She flops supine as Tempest quickly slingshots himself up to the top rope, plays to the crowd for a moment, then leaps out and buries an elbow into the wolf's heart. He flips over and hooks her leg.




OOKAMI kicks out! As The Storm of the Century comes up to his knees the crowd favour him with another chant of "Tempest! Tempest!", and he grins as he acknowledges it.

Mark Sanction: Tempest's uncorking all the old classics tonight.

As Tempest drags OOKAMI back up she shoots cupped fists into him; they're not strong, but enough to slow him a little. It seems like he wants to go for the Thunderbolt again, but she's still a little too alert. So instead he swings her around and whips her towards the ropes. She bounces off and comes back looking for that running high kick, the Hot Buttered Concussion - but Tempest dropkicks her other leg out! She faceplants, and as she gets back up, he downs her with a Russian legsweep. He twists her over, trying to muscle her into a sharpshooter.

Mark Sanction: THE EXXWAAH! Can he get it locked on?

OOKAMI rolls back and forth on her shoulders trying to block it. Tempest leans in to get better leverage, but OOKAMI manages to kick him away. He staggers back, and OOKAMI rises out in a lariat that knocks him backwards! She flies in after him with a big kitchen sink that knocks him against the turnbuckles. She chases in and leaps into an enzuigiri that catches the legend in the side of the face and leaves reeling, and as he staggers from the corner she pulls him down and flips him right over head with a monkey flip.

Mark Sanction: OOKAMI's taken a pounding in this match, but she's still fighting!

Matt Steel: Still my pick. Tempest's throwing all kinds of shit at her but she's refusing to stay down!

OOKAMI no Chi is blinking and gasping from all the punishment she's taken from The Storm of the Century, but as she comes to her knees and pumps some life back into her arms, the fans are cheering her fighting spirit. She powers to her feet, slowed and aching from her opponent's vicious onslaught but not allowing herself a moment's respite.

Mark Sanction: OOKAMI may be the only competitor as high-energy, as high-octane as Tempest himself. Neither of them is in the business of slowing down under any circumstances.

OOKAMI cups her hands around her mouth and howls again, then drags Tempest up, shoving his head under one arm and hooking his leg, and throwing him down in a cradle DDT! She rolls him over and hooks a leg.




He sits up, throwing her off! He shakes the cobwebs out from his head. OOKAMI runs back at him and drops a knee towards his face, but he manages to catch the leg. He pushes her back and climbs to his feet, as she hops wildly.

Matt Steel: The old bastard sure ain't going down easy, I'll give him that.

Mark Sanction: Ready to rethink your pick?

Matt Steel: Nah, I'mn good.

OOKAMI leaps into an enzuigiri but Tempest ducks it and drops her with a sitout wheelbarrow facebuster! She howls yet again - this time in pain - and clutches her nose. As he rolls her onto her back, her nostrils are started to rim with crimson.

Mark Sanction: I think he just broke her nose!

Tempest doesn't even seem to notice as he twists her legs up and pulls her into the sharpshooter, this time getting it locked on! As he leans back to add torque to the EXXWAAH, OOKAMI thrashes and claws at the canvas, trying to find a way to escape. She rolls side to side, over and over, trying to force her way out of the leglock, but the much heavier competitor's far too experienced in using this move and has far too strong a base.

Mark Sanction: It may be two for two on submissions for OOKAMI no Chi now!

Matt Steel: God dammit. Glad I didn't put money on this.

The Winter Wolf paws the canvas, fingernails dragging along the weave looking for purchase, to no avail. She begins to drag herself along on her forearms towards the bottom rope. Tempest takes a few steps forwards to pull her away again. She bows her head, teeth gritted, then screams and launches herself forward, managing to hook three fingers over the rope! The referee warns Tempest, and he breaks it up - but only to drag her back towards the centre of the ring.

Or that's the plan. But she rolls him into a small package!




He powers out! He grabs her again, aiming to pull her towards the middle of the ring, but she leaps and catches him with a hard knee to the side of the head that sends against the ropes. OOKAMI leaps up and blasts him with an enzuigiri - that sends him tumbling right through the ropes!

Matt Steel: Oooh, I dunno if that was dumb luck or a smart move on Tempest's part, but either way, ouch.

Mark Sanction: Did I just hear you almost complimenting Tempest?

Matt Steel: No. Your hearing's broke.

OOKAMI gasps and sighs as she pushes herself up, and she finds herself limping and hopping thanks to the EXXWAAH. She frowns and searches for Tempest, then as she realises where he is, her face falls. But she still refuses to give any quarter, taking just a moment to double check Tempest's position, then sprints to the opposite side, rebounds and comes back and sails through the ropes!

Mark Sanction: Suicide dive!

The wolf spears down at Tempest - AND HE CATCHES HER, and throws her into a belly to belly suplex!

Matt Steel: Oh shit! Suplex on the floor!

OOKAMI writhes and tenses as Tempest throws himself to his feet and punches the air, yelling and calling, with the fans cheering him on. A "HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT" chant starts up and soon, the whole arena has picked it up.

Mark Sanction: Never count Tempest out!

Matt Steel: I hate to admit it, but...

Tempest bows for a moment, wincing and clutching his waist, but fights through it and grabs OOKAMI, throwing her under the bottom rope. He climbs up the outside of the corner as she slowly comes to her hands and knees. Tempest rises to the top turnbuckle and howls, returning OOKAMI's from earlier, then sails down in a corkscrew dropkick to the ribcage with absolutely crazy hang time that sends her rolling away. He kips up and poses.

Matt Steel: God dammit, you old fuck, you got a match to win!

Mark Sanction: Changed your pick, then?

Matt Steel: You shut up.

OOKAMI drags herself up in the corner, looking like she barely knows where she is. Tempest sprints forward, grabs her around the head and kicks off the turnbuckles, swinging around and driving her head into the mat!

Mark Sanction: The Perfect Storm! He hits it!

The Storm pins The Wolf, hooking both legs...




She powers out! She's left down, pale and dazed, barely moving, but the referee confirms to the stunned Tempest that it was indeed only a two count.

Mark Sanction: Looks like you can't count OOKAMI out either!

Tempest indicates that it's time to end this and pulls her up. Running on pure adrenaline, she kicks him away, then spins in looking for a roaring backfist, but he ducks it and catches her with a spinning heel kick in return! He grabs her in the three-quarter facelock again, looking for the Thunderbolt.

Matt Steel: Third time's the charm...

NO! OOKAMI twists him out into a wristlock, then rolls behind him and pulls him down into a backslide! Her legs scrabble for every scrap of purchase she can get...




Tempest kicks out...

...but the referee calls for the bell!

Mark Sanction: WHAT!?

Matt Steel: HAH! I KNEW IT!

OOKAMI's down, barely moving; Tempest's on his knees running his hands through his hair in disbelief, checking with the referee, arguing that surely it was only a two, but the ref remains resolutely adamant that it was a three, and a moment later, "Hungry Like The Wolf" begins to play.

Hana Ramierez: Here is your winner, and advancing to the next round... OOKAMI NO CHI!

Mark Sanction: I don't believe it.

Matt Steel: I do.

Mark Sanction: Tempest came out swinging - the whole locker room has to be on notice!

Matt Steel: But it don't matter! Only the three count matters, and OOKAMI is advancing!

The ref helps OOKAMI to her feet; it seems to take her a moment to realise that she's won, but once it finally sinks in she screams and climbs the turnbuckles, screaming in triumph and beating her chest. Tempest, at ringside, backs away shaking his head in disbelief. although it doesn't look he begrudges the youngster.

Mark Sanction: Well, Tempest is back and controlled the lion's share of that match, but as my broadcast colleague said, it's the newcomer OOKAMI no Chi advancing in possibly the biggest upset of the year!
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