Book of Young: I'm Here

Matches that occurred on our 2016 event XWA Lord of the Ring Part I: The Journey Begins!!
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Book of Young: I'm Here

Postby Koro Sensei » Wed Jun 15, 2016 7:17 pm

Mark Sanction:

The energy here tonight in the T-Mobile arena is sending waves throughout the city. Even those who are not watching here live or at home can feel the excitement these men are shedding as they give us their all in the ring.

Matt Steel:

You’re right Mark. It’s amazing how you can feel every single person sitting in the arena without being physically near any of them in particular.


It gives that feeling that something exciting is about to happen. Something that can be categorized as “must see tv”. What could we possibly have in store next for our loving XWA fans here tonight?

Mark Sanction poses an interesting question. What else could be in store next for the beloved XWA fans in the arena and at home? What is this feeling of anticipation circulating throughout the arena here tonight? It doesn't take long to find out however as the arena lights all go down. Murmurs of confusion can be heard cycling through the arena as any veteran wrestling fan knows when the lights go down something interesting is about to happen.


Wait, what's going on?


This may be a power outage. Quite like when the lights went off at the Super Bowl during Beyonce’s performance a few years ago. Maybe the Illuminati has made its way to XWA!


Partner, I really hope you don’t believe that this is the case for us.

The arena remains dark and engulfed in silent murmurs until a single voice echoes throughout the arena via the PA system. “Book of Young: XWA Lords Of The Ring…..I’m Here!” Those who have heard the voice and the phrase “Book of Young” become unhinged as their excitement begins to boil over. However, it doesn't finally come full steam until four lights rise on the entrance ramp and two figures appear.


Sean Young and Destiny Daniels-Young appear looking over the XWA audience with sly smirks plastered on their faces. It’s been 3 years since Sean Young has appeared at a wrestling event, so one has to wonder; what is he doing here tonight? What could Sean Young possibly want in the world of XWA? Seems as though the curious audience members don’t have to wait long as Sean and Destiny stride to the ring before climbing the steel steps and climbing through the ropes into the ring. Once inside Hana Ramierez hands her microphone over to the California star before exiting stage left. As Sean raises the microphone to his lips he can't help but pause as throughout the T-Mobile arena nothing is heard other than the overpowering chants of “Young! Young! Young!”

Sean Young:
Do you know who we are?!

“Young! Young! Young! Young!”


“Young! Young! Young! Young!”

Sure as hell sounds like you do. But for those who seem to have been sleeping under a rock for the last 10 years or so, allow me to re-introduce my self. I am the most entertaining man in XWA, the most wanted champion, the entity of entities, the epitome of greatness, and the hottest thing on the scene. I! AM! Sean-FUCKING-Young!

“Sean-FUCKING-Young! Sean-FUCKING-Young! Sean-FUCKING-Young!”

Now, I know they’re all wondering where did I come from. They're wondering, what Destiny and I could possibly be doing here in XWA. Why after three years of being away from wrestling; why did I decide to show my face here tonight in the T-Mobile arena here in Paradise, Nevada!

Cheap pop from the surrounding crowd.

Does it really need to be said is the real question? It’s June. The year is 2016. And Sean Young has officially come out of retirement to compete in the Lord of The Ring tournament.

“Welcome Ba-ack! *clap clap clap clap clap*”

I sat at home for the last three years, watching everything that my former 2WWF partners have done. I’ve watched everything that a certain World Champion offspring has done since I’ve retired as well. All I could do was sit and pity myself as restaurant after restaurant has blown to pieces. Don't get me wrong, I was able to enjoy time with my gorgeous wife and watch my kids grow over the last three years, but what have I done? How have I grown? What has Sean Young done in the last three years that had any importance what so ever? Allow me to answer that question for you. Absolutely nothing.
Yeah, there was a movie deal thrown my way here and there. There was also musical opportunities, but what do I have to show for any of it? Nothing. I spent years working in 2WWF and several other promotions but never got the respect that I deserved. The fans, each and every one of you, have shown me nothing but love and respect since day one. Whether it was my bWo days or my Book of oWn days, you all had my back. But do you think I can name one person from the locker room who’s shown me the respect I deserved? Nope. Do you think I spent my rightful time as World Champion since I started my career? Nope.

I was given a chance to headline back in 2Dub. I was going to take on both Rob Chapman and Thomas Barnez to possibly become the World Champion of the company. Sean Young was going to be the face of the company. But what happened? They pulled the rug from under me. Barnez refused to cooperate with the company. Leaving me and Rob to work on our own. But of course we went bankrupt and I was left without my golden opportunity. I was left without the respect that I rightfully deserved. Ace Acid, Mark Storey, Danny Diamond, Rob Chapman, LX-Tim, Shade, Jacob Eulson, Roach Cooper; none of them showed me the respect that I deserved. And while I’m here, I’m going to do the same to each and every one of the guys and girls in the back. Starting tonight.

Tonight I start my rampage to the top when I take on Alice Harris in the beginning of this Lord of the Ring tournament. I’ve wrestled a woman once in my career and I’ll have to say it wasn't as easy as some of you may think. However, that was a younger less experienced Sean Young. This time, I won't take it easy on her. Alice, I know you're listening. You’re not making it past round 1. I’m sorry to say this is the end of the road for you. I’m not stopping until I get the respect I deserve. And if that means I have to go through you to get it, you can bet your ass I will. Book of Young: XWA 6:19. “…And as Koro’s opponent ascends to all fours, our prophet punts them to an early demise leaving them stretched upon awaiting crucifixion.”

Looks as though Sean Young is here to make a statement, and he starts here tonight against Alice Harris.

I’ve never seen Sean Young in action and I’ve honestly never heard anything of his in ring ability. Sounds as though he was right about not being respected.

Well, this is a tough business I can imagine he hasn't gotten the respect that the deserves. But the way this crowd here in Nevada has been chanting his name since he stepped out onto the ramp, we can see that they respect him more than anything.

Sean drops his microphone as he directs himself and his wife out of the ring. As the two begin to head to the backstage area one can only wonder. What is in store for Sean Young now that he’s stepped foot into XWA. Will he go all the way in this Lord of the Ring Tournament? Will he find himself a partner and challenge for the tag titles? Or quite possibly, challenge Jerod Barnez for the World title that has alluded him all these years?

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