XWA Once Upon a Time in Mexico: Alice Harris vs. Kaylee Mills- ONE ON ONE!

Matches that occurred on our 2016 event XWA: Once Upon a Time in Mexico!
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XWA Once Upon a Time in Mexico: Alice Harris vs. Kaylee Mills- ONE ON ONE!

Postby DJS » Sun Apr 03, 2016 3:06 pm

Darkness looms as Catastrophe crosses the boarder, it's...

Broadcast exclusively on The Xperience
LIVE! From the Mexico City Arena in Mexico City (22,300 Capacity),
Broadcast exclusively on The Xperience

Theme Song: "Mucha Lucha" by Los Chicas De Barrio

One on One!


Alice Harris vs. Kaylee Mills

Razer may be Supreme XWA Champion, but it could be argued that Catastrophe's leader Alice Harris has done her best to mame sure we all know that she rules the roost around here. Last month, two other members of her group fell to Laurel Anne Hardy and Razer, but this month Harris has promised to show what Catastrophe is all about. In her in-ring debut, Alice takes on "Lightning" Kaylee Mills, the impressive young woman who has captured the hearts and minds of XWA fans across the world.

Alice Harris. Kaylee Mills. Two stars- one victor!

Deadline for matches is 16th April 2016 at 11:59 Eastern Standard Time.
Voting will start at this time and conclude on 30th April 2016 at 11:59 Eastern Standard Time.
[CST is one hour earlier. GMT is five hours later.]
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Re: XWA Once Upon a Time in Mexico: Alice Harris vs. Kaylee Mills- ONE ON ONE!

Postby Catastrophe » Mon Apr 18, 2016 12:31 pm

We return from an add break to hear the chorus of "Dirty Little Thing" by Velvet Revolver in full swing as Kaylee Mills, one of the products of the XWA Genesis programme stands in the ring limbering up and waiting for what is about to come.

Sanction: "Welcome back folks to this espectáculo especial, Once Upon A Time In Mexico, and Steel, I can’t help but wonder what Kaylee has gotten herself into tonight drawing the supposed leader of this renegade faction Catastrophe...

Steel: "Whatever happens, I only hope one of them get naked. I don’t care which one, they’re both sexy as-.”

Before Steel can even finish, the venue's lights take a crimson shade as static flashes across the big screen. It then cuts to stock footage of a news reporter at their desk rustling their papers and speaking but you cannot hear their words. The picture in the backdrop behind them is one of Planet Earth as taken from the ISS and a big red word 'stamped' across it - "Catastrophe". On the bottom of the screen, the rolling news ticker reads:

"It was right all along, four of them came from nowhere, sowing the seeds of discord and harvesting the misery which grew from them... The Catastrophe has happened!"

Suddenly a low register acoustic guitar riff comes in with a rather creepy and haunting tone, joined by Dave Mustaine's gravelly vocals.

The mother of all that is evil
Her lips are poisonous venom
Wicked temptress knows how to please
The priestess roars, "Get down on your knees"

The 'video' of the news footage is quickly replaced with the word "CATASTROPHE" in big red letters before we get stock footage of disasters happening and a translucent, superimposed image of Alice, Vrag, Venym and Nemisys over it.

The rite of the praying mantis
Kiss the bones of the enchantress
Spellbound searching through the night
A howling man surrenders the fight.

The jeers from the crowd are Phenomenal as the red and white pyro explodes and Alice appears on stage. Her white zip up hooded sweater is on, the hood pulled up over her head as she stands there in the smoke before slowly lowering the hood and looking round, smiling at the misery her presence has caused. Confidently walking forwards, Alice heads to the ring, behind her, emerging from the remnants of the smoke is the giant, Vrag. Silent, deadly, dangerous, he simply follows Alice to the ring with an ill intent emanating from him.

Ramierez: "Standing at 5 foot 7, weighing 131 lbs, Coming from the darkest reaches of your mind and imagination... Alice Harris!!"

One look in her lusting eyes
Savage fear in you will rise
Teeth of terror sinking in
The bite of the she-wolf

As the chorus kicks in, Alice makes it to the ring. Climbing up the steps, she ducks under the top rope and removes her jumper before casting it aside. Turning round, she spots Hana Ramierez and blows her a kiss as the fans jeer her.

One look in her lusting eyes
Savage fear in you will rise
Teeth of terror sinking in
The bite of the she-wolf
Alice looks to Vrag who simply stands outside the ring at the foot of the entrance ramp and then turns her attention back to Kaylee. For a moment she actually smiles at the woman, almost admiring her physique and beauty, but as she slowly walks forwards and the official gets ready to call for the bell, all pleasantries go out the window.


Kaylee lunges forward, full of energy, and ready to go on the attack. With a powerful grip, she takes firm hold of Alice's upper arms forcing the spokeswoman and leader of Catastrophe to stand and fight her ground, locking her hands around her arms in a similar manner.

Smaller and slightly heavier, Kaylee pushes back at the slightly taller Alice but the extra two inches of leverage Alice has come into play. Digging her fingers into the grip, almost pinching the young girl, Alice grips tightly and twists, forcing Kaylee to loosen her grip as the brunette manages to shift the arm holding contest into a technical chain wrestling section.

Twisting under the extended arm and looping it behind the blonde's back, Alice locks in a simple hammerlock. Struggling initially, Kaylee throws a wild elbow, forcing Alice to alter her position and the pressure she is applying. Feeling the shift, Kaylee spins out, raising and extending her arm before twisting round and muscling Alice over, slipping into a side headlock hold.

Steel: "I gotta say, XWA sure does produce some bright talents... But we're not here to watch these ladies wrestle serious... I WANNA SEE A BITCH GET KICKED IN THE FACE!!!"

Sanction: "Sorry folks, my colleague here is a bit of an ass..."

The crowd, predominantly backing Kaylee in this exchange cheer as Alice initially struggles to break the hold but as she pries her opponent's arm from round her neck, she ducks out, twisting again and locking in a wrist lock momentarily but before she can jolt the pressure, Kaylee pulls her off balance into an arm drag takedown.

The crowd goes wild as Alice hits the canvas but the brunette is quick to her feet. Springing back up, she lunges forwards for a running knee strike but Kaylee manages to sidestep her and catches her round the waist. Locking in a rear waist lock and struggling to hold on, Kaylee sandbags, dropping down and falling backwards, pulling Alice to the canvas.

With the contest now on the mat, Kaylee takes charge. Locking in a side headlock, she tries to frustrate Alice even more but the Catastrophe member has other plans, with a very blatant raking of her fingers across the blonde's face, Alice draws even more ire from the crowd. Breaking her hold, Kaylee cups her face in both hands which creates an opening for Alice and effectively the end of the technical display.

Steel: "It's like my old man always said... When in doubt, go for the soft parts!"

As Kaylee stumbles back, clutching at her face and the official has some stern words for the Catastrophe leader, Alice simply shuts him down with a look filled with intent to maim. Backing off, Alice turns her attention back to Kaylee, but unfortunately, her momentary distraction proves enough of an opening for the Genesis product to launch an attack. Hurling herself forwards at full speed, Mills crashes into Alice's mid-section with a forceful tackle, taking the Catastrophe leader down to the canvas. With the crowd firmly behind the bubbly blonde with a strange hero worship fetish for the man who once ruled XWA with an iron knee to the base of one's skull, Kaylee unloads on Alice, hammering down forearm strikes to the NAW Legacy Champion's head.

Sanction: "Kaylee Mills showing Alice just what she thought of that last trick the invader pulled"

With a firm pair of hands grabbing hold of her, Kaylee's assault is stopped as the referee removes her rather than opting to begin the count. Karma balancing it out for the blatant eye rake earlier? Possibly, but that matters little as by the time Kaylee shoves the referee out of the way to get at Alice, the Catastrophe leader is back on her feet and looking even more pissed off than before.

Without any hesitation, Kaylee launches forwards again, going for a flying forearm strike but Alice narrowly evades it. Spinning out as she dodges, Alice lines herself up and as Kaylee saves herself on the landing, the Brunette fires out her right leg, only just missing Kaylee's head with the big roundhouse kick.

Steel: "That looks like it could put someone down... Mills was extremely lucky!!"

With the audience all drawing a sharp intake of breath and Alice looking frustrated, Mills realizes just how lucky she was, and in turn takes steps to try and avoid relying on that fortune again. Launching forwards once more, she goes at Alice who ducks under her initial clothesline attempt. Springing up behind her, Alice waits for the rebound and this time drops down, forcing Mills over her before she pushes forwards and heads for the ropes. Throwing herself forwards into a handspring, she hits the ropes fully vertical and inverted before coming back off them into a backwards handspring and blind jumps, extending her elbow, catching the rebounding Kaylee square in the jaw with her handspring back elbow.

Sanction: "And Alice out of nowhere with that big disrupting move... Any flashy technique like that will break the momentum no matter who seems to have it!"

Both women begin to stir on the canvas. Being the aggressor of the recent exchange and slightly fresher, Alice is first to rise. On both knees, she looks to Mills before fixing her hair and crawling over to her. Instead of going for a pin though, Alice cradles the blonde's head in her hands, putting a finger to her own lips and making a shushing gesture which... Well, is all kinds of creepy.

Steel: "Ok... This... This is different..."

Sanction: "This does not bode well..."

With her opponent's head in her hands and acting all kinds of strange, Alice lifts Kaylee up and wraps her arms round her shoulders, almost like she is trying to comfort her, but the facade quickly drops as her hands slip down the blonde's arms, snaring her wrists and quickly dragging the limbs across her chest as she re-shuffles her position, trapping Kaylee in a straight jacket styled hold with a knee firmly wedged into the middle of the spine!

Pulling and screaming, Alice goes to work, trying to literally remove the Genesis star's arms with the vitriol in the execution of this move. Head back, maniac-like laughter and a look of hatred burning in her eyes, the Catastrophe main woman finally relents, letting Kaylee slump down to the canvas. Pushing back to a vertical base, Alice simply looks down at her opponent writhing in pain at her feet and smiles. This is what she lives for, this is what she is all about, total and complete domination. With Mills incapacitated temporarily, Alice reaches down and assists her to her feet. Dragging her upright, Alice keeps a firm hold on the blonde as she drags her in the direction of the corner but stops several feet away.

Sanction: "This doesn't bode well...."

Indeed it does not.

Alice, with Mills firmly in her clutches holds her with her left arm, lets fly with her right, slapping the young star across the face with a vicious looking slap. As Mills' head jerks to the side, Alice quickly follows up with a hard hitting rising knee to the stomach, doubling her over before driving her elbow into the middle of her back, dropping her to her hands and knees. The crowd jeers as Alice simply stands over the XWA Genesis star, hands on her hips and a disappointed facial expression being sported.

Steel: "This is just crazy... Alice went from naught to psychopath at the drop of a hat... That unpredictability... That anger and hatred... Should I be ashamed to be slightly turned on by this?"

Sanction: "...No Comment"

Deciding enough is enough, Alice throws the boots into Kaylee's exposed ribs. With each kick, the unhinged brunette screams at her opponent to get up, and each time Kaylee tries to push up, Alice just kicks her back down again.

Steel: "It's almost as if Alice is enjoying this and taking her time..."

Sanction: "She said Catastrophe would root out the weak and unworthy and eliminate them... Mills, a highly rated product of our genesis program being beaten round like this... This does not bode well...."

Tiring of the wait for Mills to fight back, Alice drags her up to her feet. To the shock of everyone, she helps her get her balance but as she moves in, presumably for the kill, the audience gasps in shock as the brunette throws the lips on Mills. The few cat calls and wolf whistles with emanate from some of the more invested members of the crowd are heard clearly round the ominous silence as Alice breaks away from the kiss and whilst staring Mills right in the eyes, slams her right fist into her gut with a sucker punch.

Mills lurches forwards. Alice takes the wrist and steps to the side, getting alongside her and under her arm. Snaking her leg round one of Mills', Alice quickly and violently jerks them backwards, whipping their feet out from under them and dropping them both with a Russian Leg Sweep.

Only it does not end there.

With her opponent still in her clutches, Alice begins to pull at her, twisting herself round Mills more until she manages to snare her in the Octopus Hold.

Sanction: "Alice just hit the Down 'n Dirty!"

Steel: "Breach, Bang, Clear... This one's done"

Despite putting up a good show initially, Mills cannot get her way out of this one. Perfectly positioned away from the ropes and tangled up in a deadly hold, she uses her free hand to yield.

Ramierez: "Ladies and Gentlemen... Your winner.... ALICE HARRIS!!!"

The boos rain down but that matters little right now. Alice still has the hold locked in and despite the referee shouting for her to relinquish it, she does not. If anything, being told to stop only seems to encourage her to continue with the overkill factor she is employing.

With Kaylee screaming in pain and Alice enjoying every minute of it, the bell rings again... And again... And again... But no one is coming down to save her.

Sanction: "Where the hell are the officials and security?"

Steel: "Probably cowering backstage... Would you want to get in the way of this monster? Vrag was brought out solely for this purpose, to prolong Kaylee's suffering!"

The fans jeer loudly. They should have expected something like this to transpire in a match involving Catastrophe, but actually seeing it happen in front of their eyes, the deliberate attempt to seriously maim and possibly prematurely end a career does not sit well.

Nor does the fact Vrag is slowly approaching the ring.

Climbing up onto the ring apron, the giant simply walks along it towards the turnbuckle and begins to climb.

Sanction: "Oh no... Vrag is going up top..."

Steel: "Guys that tall should not be going anywhere near that position!"

Sanction: "Seven feet, Three hundred and fifty pounds... Going up there with one purpose - to cause damage..."

Precariously perched on the top rope, Vrag lines himself up with Mills as Alice catches his eyes and nods.

Sanction: "This is not good... Someone needs to do something... Anything..."

Then it happens... A sudden commotion in the crowd... A figure leaping the rail... A streak of pale flesh and ginger hair making a bee-line for Vrag's exposed position.

Steel: "Is that...."

In one quick move, the man jumps up onto the apron and in true comical and heroic fashion, saves the day by simply pushing the off balance Vrag off his perch. Landing down on one knee, Vrag seethes with rage as he looks over his shoulder to find the man who pushed him... Only he isn't there... He's in his blindspot.

Sanction: "I think it is...."

Hands fly out, trapping the giant's head.

The sudden cheer from the crowd forces Harris to relinquish her hold and as she scrambles to her feet and backwards across the ring, her eyes widen with shock as she realises just who has came to save Kaylee Mills.

Vrag's head moves backwards as a knee rises to meet the base of the skull.

Steel: "That move.... There is no doubting it...."



ooc: credit to Dan for this co-wrote piece
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Re: XWA Once Upon a Time in Mexico: Alice Harris vs. Kaylee Mills- ONE ON ONE!

Postby DJS » Thu Apr 21, 2016 5:11 pm

Holy shit- the return of Jericho Shaw?! The Catastrophe angle gets more interesting with every show. Brilliant work here.

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