WWE: ECW Reborn and Attitude Restored

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WWE: ECW Reborn and Attitude Restored

Postby Kryptops » Thu Mar 08, 2018 7:12 am

Brought to you by: WWE Network

February 16, 2010 marked the end of the road for ECW and it was long thought to dead and gone for good. After hosting a huge press-conference, WWE CEO Vince McMahon announced to relaunch of the it's one defunct brand and named none other than Paul E Heyman in charge of overseeing the every day duties of the reborn brand. Vince made it very clear they he was giving one-hundred percent control of the brand and was free to do as he pleased. The weekly show will air every Saturday Night at 11 PM and exclusively through the WWE Network for an hour with every fourth show being a SuperShow Hardcore Heaven which will air for two hours. The brand will also by pass the PG rating and was given the green light to run with an R rating. Wrestlers from both RAW and SmackDown LIVE! are welcomed to the brand so long as they are given the okay by Vince himself.

Current Champion: Vacant

Finn Balor with duties on Monday Night RAW
Rhyno ECW Exclusive
Neville ECW Exclusive
Jeff Hardy with duties on Monday Night RAW
Dolph Ziggler with duties on SmackDown LIVE!
Shelton Benjamin with duties on SmackDown LIVE!
The Brian Kendrick ECW Exclusive
Zack Ryder ECW Exclusive
Hurricane Helms ECW Exclusive
Chris Sabin ECW Exclusive
TJP ECW Exclusive
Goldust ECW Exclusive
Cesaro with duties on Monday Night RAW
Sheamus with duties on Monday Night RAW
Austin Aries ECW Exclusive

ECW Staff
Paul Heyman ECW Commissioner
Rob Van Dam ECW Head of Talent & General Manager
Joey Styles ECW Play-by-Play
Val Venis ECW Color Commentator

ECW Show Schedule
ECW #001
Philadelphia, PA - ECW Arena

ECW #002
Philadelphia, PA - ECW Arena

ECW #003
Philadelphia, PA - ECW Arena

Hardcore Heaven #001
Philadelphia, PA - ECW Arena[/SPOILER]

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