XWA Legends - Full Card

All cards for the MONTHLY SPECIALS for 2017 can be found here. Whether it's traditional shows, tournaments or even shows set on boats.
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XWA Legends - Full Card

Postby DJS » Fri Nov 10, 2017 11:42 pm

The Biggest Show in the XWA. The Last Battle for Supremacy. The Final Chapter of 2017.
The Xtreme Wrestling Alliance presents...


Broadcast exclusively on The Xperience
LIVE! From TD Garden, Boston, Massachusetts (20,000 Capacity),

Theme Song: "Doomed (Live Royal Albert Hall Version)" by Bring Me The Horizon

The Main Event:
Supreme XWA Championship


Michael Swift vs. Lx-Tim

Lx-Tim Ruled The World.

In the summer, whether you liked it or not, there was no corner of the XWA that you could visit without eventually running into the History Maker, a feat that would eventually lead him to winning of the Supreme XWA Championship. Yes, after taking out Jerod Barnez, Tim was seemingly unstoppable...until Michael Swift came along. Swift, using his Lord of the Ring opportunity won a year prior, cashed in and won the Supreme XWA title from Tim, also injuring him in the process. Ever since then, Swift has carried the championship with prestige, defending against stars like Drake Dysfunction and The Lynx. But now, Lx-Tim is back, and he wants the title he believes is his.

In our main event, our final match of 2017, two almighty stars will collide in the biggest rematch of the year. Swift/Tim II. You do NOT want to miss what happens here.

Television Championship Tournament: THE FINAL!


Minka Carter vs. Smith Jones

Over a month ago, a tournament was declared to crown a new XWA Television Champion after Adam Fenric was stripped of the title and banned from future Massacre episodes. With the top prize of XWA Massacre now up for grabs, many familiar and not-so familiar faces flocked to put their name in the hat, in a bid to become the new holder of the championship.

At the beginning of the year, Smith Jones made a return to the XWA, and the people were on his side. He joined the battle to 'Bury the Survivors' early on, he made it to the Lord of the Ring final, he fought every wrong-doer in the XWA...until Massacre #21. On the final episode, Smith brutally attacked Ethan Giles to win a spot in this match, to everyone's surprise. The people were no longer on his side, but Smith declared he didn't need them. On the other side of the tournament, the nefarious "Cleopatra of the XWA", Minka Carter, made her way through two other stars to gain a spot in the final of the Television Championship Tournament. Insane as ever, Carter has a bizarre vision of a new Massacre that she believes winning the title will bring her.

Two of the most talked-about stars in the XWA will duke it to become the top star of XWA Massacre. Will Smith Jones claim what he believes is his, or will Minka secure the title she believes will help her purge the world of "DEMONS"? Answers coming at XWA Legends.

Battle For The XWA!


The Survivors (Trace Demon, Diamond Jack Sabbath & Ace Andrews) vs. Team XWA (A.J Morales, Emery Layton & Adam Fenric)

What a difference a year makes.

This time last year, we had only just discovered that the XWA was owned by two combating entities- Bella Quinn, fighting for a new, brighter XWA, and Ace Andrews, a member of the Survivors, pushing back against a 'new era'. Others would join once Trace Demon took the reigns of the Survivors, including Diamond Jack Sabbath, the 'Destroyer of Eras' who shocked the world when he turned his back on XWA and joined the group at last year's Legends. The Survivors have made enemies of many new era stars in 2017, including current XWA Hardcore Champion A.J. Morales, a newer, younger star who Sabbath took a particular disliking to. Fighting the Survivors would also force the eccentric Emery Layton and the socially-rigid Adam Fenric into what was an uneasy- albeit often amusing- alliance. After a year of fighting, it became clear that there must be one, final match for FULL control...but with a few stipulations and twists added in. If the Survivors win, Ace receives full control of the XWA and whoever pins Morales will become Hardcore Champion. If Team XWA win, Bella gets full control. And if Diamond Jack Sabbath is pinned in either situation, he must leave the XWA!

The very fate of XWA's immediate future lies on the shoulders of these six competitors. The Battle for the XWA ends here!

XWA Tag Team Championships!


Jake Rogers & Amy Jo Smyth vs. The Rulers Don't Fall (Danny Hall & Trevor Miller)

They came, they saw, they conquered. Jake Rogers and Amy Jo Smyth took the XWA Tag Team Championships away from Layton & Fenric in September and retained them in their rematch last month, securing their place at Legends. But now the duo face another task. Born out of a mutual dislike of the injured Austin Carter, Trevor Miller and Danny Hall- known as The Rulers Don't Fall- have wanted a shot at the gold ever since their alliance formed. Now, at Legends, TRDF will get that opportunity, challenging live on the biggest show of the year.

Can Amy Jo & Jake continue their winning ways? Or will TRDF take the championships for themselves?

One on One!


Johnny Coolbreeze vs. Carmen Cambridge

Big Johnny is back! You remember Big Johnny, right? Well, Johnny Coolbreeze has a little bit of a reputation around here, known for his brash, cocky attitude and his own-branded cologne "Midnight Steel". Also, he's known for getting royally destroyed by the Tarmogoyf over a year ago. Go figure. But now he's back and he's better than ever! But could it all be over before it gets going again? Carmen Cambridge, a known veteran and a champion where ever she goes, recently got into a Twitter rivalry with the Biggest of the Johnnies, and that only got worse at the press conference when Carmen sprayed Johnny's own cologne in Coolbreeze's eyes! Now the two are set to do battle and to make matters worse, Johnny's career is on the line!

Will Carmen get rid of the self-proclaimed "Coolest Man in Wrestling" for good? Or will Johnny steal a win in the midnight?

Hardcore Match!


The Jester vs. The Lynx

When you think of dangerous competitors in the XWA, you may just think of two competitors- The Jester or The Lynx. Both guys have enjoyed rather storied years here- Jester with an incredible comeback that lead him to the Lord of the Ring final and the Hall of Fame, and the Lynx, who has captured both the Hardcore and Television Championships during the year. But the question is...which one is more dangerous? Hence why officials decided to put both men in a match with one another under Hardcore rules to finally provide an answer.

Take cover, hide behind a sofa, do whatever is necessary to watch from afar. The Underworld's Greatest Gift and the Doom Clown are about to tear each other apart.

Tag Team Action!


The X/S (Chris Novak & Joe Delonge) vs. War Enforcement (Serena Maxwell & Raine)

For years, Chris Novak has been at odds with Richard J Maxwell. The two have jabbed each other back-and-forth, but it all came to ahead at the Legends: All Access fan event where Novak was interrupted and ambushed by "Unexplainable" Serena Maxwell and "The Silent Assassin" Raine, two thirds of War Enforcement. What the Survivors' subsidiary did NOT expect was the return of Joe Delonge to even the odds and reform the X/S.

Now, a resurrected X/S will face off against Diamond Jack Sabbath's attack-dogs in a tag team match that you simply will not want to miss!

One on One!


Ethan Giles vs. Corby Lewis

Hooray- Ethan Giles is back! The nicest man in wrestling came up short in the Television Championship Tournament on Massacre (and was savagely attacked post-match by Smith Jones), but not deterred, he returns to the XWA for the Final Chapter of 2017. And it wouldn't be Legends without the debut of a new star, now would it? Corby Lewis- known as "3D" due to his necessity to wear special glasses during matches-appeared during the Legends Press Conference and showed himself to be quite an eccentric young man and introduced us to Mr. Pancakes, a dog with a few...issues, shall we say.

Arguably the most eccentric new stars of the XWA world will clash in the middle of the ring and it's live, right here at Legends!

Opening Match!


El Conejo a Dos & El extraño guapo y misterioso vs. Gentlemen's Rebellion (Levi Danielson & Jasin Smith)

The Final Chapter of 2017 is here- XWA Legends is live from Boston as we return to the United States after a successful "World Domination" Tour. In our opening match, El Conejo a Dos- who you may remember from the LOTR Summer Tournament and the Hardcore Invitational- returns, but this time he's brought a friend! A mysterious friend, and one that might help Dos achieve his dream of becoming a champion. But first, they're gonna have to push their way through Gentlemen's Rebellion, a tag team you may remember from the Tag Team Classic and other bouts throughout the year.

Tag Team action to start us off here for another annual XWA Legends!

Deadline for matches is 26th November 2017 at 11:59 Eastern Standard Time.
Voting will start at this time and conclude on 9th December 2017 at 11:59 Eastern Standard Time.
[CST is one hour earlier. GMT is five hours later.]

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