XWA With A Vengeance - Full Card!

All cards for the MONTHLY SPECIALS for 2017 can be found here. Whether it's traditional shows, tournaments or even shows set on boats.
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XWA With A Vengeance - Full Card!

Postby DJS » Tue Oct 10, 2017 12:00 am

The final day is nearly on us. Legends Season beckons, it's...

Broadcast on The Xperience and the Battleground Network
LIVE! From Colisée Pepsi, Quebec, Canada (15,000 Capacity)

The Main Event
XWA Hardcore Championship:


A.J. Morales vs Diamond Jack Sabbath

Our main event is one that has been building for months, but it all came to ahead at District XWA. The Destroyer of Eras has managed, by hook or by crook, to dispatch everyone who has opposed him. DGX, Smith Jones, Laurel Anne Hardy, but one person has consistently made it his mission to stand in Diamond Jack Sabbath's way, and that is one A.J. Morales. The new XWA Hardcore Champion had a war of words with Sabbath last month, and now the Revolution looks to take it to the Beating Heart of the XWA.

No holds barred, no disqualifications, anything goes. The Hardcore Championship is on the line, but there so much more at stake...

Handicap Match!


Michael Swift vs. The Rulers Don't Fall (Trevor Miller & Danny Hall)

Michael Swift has done it. Retaining his Supreme XWA Championship for a second time at District XWA, the champ will go on to defend his title against Lx-Tim in the main event of XWA Legends, a rematch for the ages. But before that, he has to take on two gentlemen who've been making a massive noise since uniting and destroying Austin Carter two months ago at Fools' Gold. Now, Miller and Hall get a chance to put their money where their mouths are, as they both take on the top dog in the yard.

The Supreme XWA Championship may not be on the line, but will the champion even be able to make it to Legends after this?

XWA Tag Team Championships!


Amy Jo Smyth and Jake Rogers vs. Layton & Fenric (Emery Layton & Adam Fenric)

The Layton & Fenric Invitational was a spectacle to behold at District XWA, but it perhaps didn't end the way the Worst of the Pavees and the Futurist had expected, as Jake Rogers and Amy Jo Smyth walked out of Johannesburg as the NEW XWA Tag Team Champions. This month, they get their rematch but- as per usual with Layton & Fenric- things are not quite that simple. This time around, they'll battle Amy Jo and Jake, but with it being Halloween, manager Amy Taylor has set them the team-building exercise of performing through this event...as each other. For one night only, Emery Layton will play the role of Adam Fenric and vice versa.

It's Layton & Fenric, but not as we know it. How well DO the most unconventional tag team in XWA know one another and IS it enough to regain the XWA Tag Team titles? Find out at XWA With A Vengeance!

Opening Match!


Kelsey Johnson vs. The Lynx

We come to Quebec, Canada for the penultimate Supershow of the year, XWA With A Vengeance, and we kick off with someone who closed out last month in South Africa. The Lynx was unsuccessful in his quest to become Supreme XWA Champion, but no doubt he will get another opportunity soon. But until then, he will have to work his way back up, starting with the debuting Kelsey Johnson! The Borderline God is looking to make a massive splash in his first match in the XWA, and what better way to do that than beat the man who headlined the previous Supershow?

XWA With A Vengeance kicks off with what's sure to be a barnstormer- don't miss this for the world!


XWA Co-Owner Bella Quinn WILL be in attendance. Why? Answers are surely coming.

Deadline for matches is 22nd October 2017 at 11:59 Eastern Standard Time.
Voting will start at this time and conclude on 1st November 2017 at 11:59 Eastern Standard Time.
[CST is one hour earlier. GMT is five hours later.]

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