XWA Fool's Gold - Full Card!

All cards for the MONTHLY SPECIALS for 2017 can be found here. Whether it's traditional shows, tournaments or even shows set on boats.
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XWA Fool's Gold - Full Card!

Postby DJS » Sat Aug 05, 2017 7:27 pm

Grab your maracas, stick the baggy on and pop down to Madchester for...

Broadcast exclusively on The Xperience
LIVE! From the Etihad Stadium, Manchester, England (55,000 Capacity),

Theme Song: "Fool's Gold" by Stone Roses

The Main Event:


Diamond Jack Sabbath vs. Laurel Anne Hardy

Diamond Jack Sabbath was once seen as the person synonymous with the XWA, the company's proudest and most respected flag-bearer...until Laurel Anne Hardy came along. As the years have gone by, Laurel has won titles, innovated, represented and been everything we stand for while resentment and insecurity has consumed Sabbath, leading him to join the Survivors, and they've been at each other's throats ever since.

Two of the biggest stars in XWA history go head-to-head, in search of the definitive answer to the following question- "Who REALLY is the Beating Heart of the XWA"? It doesn't get any bigger than this, ladies and gentlemen.

Supreme XWA Championship!


Michael Swift vs. Drake Dysfunction

Two months ago, Michael Swift captured the Supreme XWA Championship after winning the Lord of the Ring tournament last year. Now he defends the title for the first time. His challenger? A returning Gatekeeper. Having lost out to Jerod Barnez back in January, the veteran has been granted a second chance at the championship live in Manchester.

Will he step up to the plate and capture the title that has alluded him? Or is Michael Swift

Lord of the Ring 2017 FINAL: Elimination Triple Threat!


Smith Jones vs. The Jester vs. Emery Layton

An institution of the XWA is it's annual "Lord of the Ring tournament", and this year we held the biggest one of all time. Twenty-four entered, now three remain. The cool-as-a-cucumber Smith Jones, the newly-crowned Empire Pro Champion, a one-time Lord of the Ring himself and a definite candidate for the Supreme XWA Championship faces off with the eccentric traveller Emery Layton, the Union Battleground Trench War Champion and one half of the XWA Tag Team Champions as well as the Jester, a former XWA Heavyweight Champion who has proven he can hang with the current crop just as well as he did with the classic stars.

The Winter Warrior, the Lethal Lackeen and the One Who Laughs Last. Three competitors, two eliminations to win and one ring to rule them all. Who wins? It's anyone's ballgame.

Cage Match!


Austin Carter vs. Trevor Miller

What normally happens when you stop being friends with someone? You hang out with other people. You find other things to do. Maybe you even decide to bury the hatchet and meet up again one day. If you're Austin Carter and Trevor Miller, though, you bash each other up constantly week in and week out. Two good friends turned bitter rivals meet one-on-one after months of endless fighting, but this time neither of them can run away from their problems as they find themselves trapped inside a steel cage!

The battle lines have been drawn- don't miss this one!

One-On-One Match!


Jeannie Rose vs The Lynx

Jeannie Rose has had a successful first month as part of the XWA, defeating Terrance Ainley and Cortez Columbus, but now she faces her first real challenge. The Lynx, a monstrous former Television and Hardcore Champion, looks to continue his dominance. With his sights now likely set on Supreme XWA Championship gold, the Lynx continues to dominate the competition, and Jeannie could be next.

Will Jeannie pull out an upset victory, or has the Nightmare Cometh for the Punk Princess?

Falls Count Anywhere Fatal Four Way
for the XWA Hardcore Championship!


Rey Del Presagio vs. AJ Morales vs. Kryptops vs El Conejo a Dos

Alright there, our kid? We're in Manchester for XWA Fool's Gold, and we kick things off with a bang! At XWA: The Frozen North, a new Hardcore Champion was crowed. In what came to a shock to some, Kryptops- a relatively new star to the XWA world- not only won the title and promised Michael Swift's Supreme title was next on his list, but also challenged the entire roster to step up and try to take the Hardcore Championship from him! Oh, and did they. El Conejo a Dos and Rey Del Presagio were the first to step up, but after reaching the semi-finals of Lord of the Ring Summer Tournament and also registering his interest in the title previously, Bella Quinn was impressed enough to insert AJ Morales into the match too!

Ladies and gentlemen, in what's sure to be a classic-style Xtreme Wrestling Alliance matchup, these four men are in for some serious bumps...

Deadline for matches is 20th AUGUST 2017 at 11:59 Eastern Standard Time.
Voting will start at this time and conclude on 27TH AUGUST 2017 at 11:59 Eastern Standard Time.
[CST is one hour earlier. GMT is five hours later.]

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