XWA Lives: Official Press Conference (Ongoing Open Promo)

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Re: XWA Lives: Official Press Conference (Ongoing Open Promo)

Postby Dan » Sun Dec 13, 2015 4:59 pm

As the media watches AJ Abroni dash away and Krull remains seated with his woman and turning different shades of purple in anger for no apparent reason, an unsettling silence sets in. Nobody is sure of what to say, as they’ve basically been ignored in favor of gorillas pounding their chests and yawping crudely at each other. Through the silence, however, the sound of heels click-clacking across the hard surface of the stage can be heard and a beautiful woman steps through the curtain into view wearing a very aesthetically-pleasing red shimmering dress and matching necklace and bracelets. As she steps into view, she freezes for a moment, looking at what has to be the biggest crowd she’s been in front of, which is to say, possibly hundreds of people in a hodgepodge of occupations from photographer to wrestling website reporter to even local news, maybe hoping to catch if something crazy were to go down. She looks out across these people and flashes what has to be the cheesiest grin, never having been happier in her young life.


Mark Sanction turns towards her, grins, and then she offers her hand for a handshake which he gladly accepts. He turns back to the microphone.

Mark Sanction: Ladies and Gentlemen, with the relaunch of the brand comes the exiting of the old and the entering of the new. This young lady right here is one of the newest acquisitions of the XWA. She was found training at Genesis, the wrestling training ground formerly associated with XWA before the disassociation a year or two ago. May I present to you, the lovely, the radiant, the beautiful…


The people in attendance clap politely and a few cheer. She smiles warmly at them, looking around the room to see if she knows anyone out of habit, and after a few moments of looking from face to face (and being convinced she found David Tennant behind a big sweaty guy in a Novak shirt) she nods in appreciation and puts her hands up and nods, acknowledging the friendly gestures. As the clapping dies down, she walks toward the table ready-made with microphones staged in front of them. She walks up to the chair next to Alex Krull, but he snorts and looks at her with murder in his eyes and for what bravery she does have, she knows that there’s a time and a place for everything and dying right here right now isn’t the time nor the place. She looks across the table at Travis Levitt, the PRW superstar and newly-returned XWA guy and he looks back, then shrugs and pats the seat next to him. She click-clacks toward him and thanks him just before sitting next to him and crossing her legs. She leans forward onto the table with her forearms crossed, eager to answer questions. Which is handy, because…

Mark Sanction: Kaylie Mills will take any questions you may have for her. She informed me before we started that she is an open book.

Some press members raise their hands. A woman that looks like her voluntarily joining a place like this does tend to raise questions. Mark decides to direct traffic and points to a tall skinny guy donning a vintage Trace Demon Cult of Tomorrow shirt. Nice touch, dude.

CoT Shirt Guy: Hello, first, congratulations on making it to the XWA. Some us have been following you on the indy scene and are glad to finally see you get here!

Kaylee Mills: Aww, thank you sweetie!

CoT Shirt Guy: Oh, uh, uh, no problem. *now sweating* My question is, ahh, what made you want to come to the XWA over other places?

She mulls the question over for a moment.

Kaylee Mills: Good question! Honestly, it was the opportunities afforded to women that really drew me here. Look at the champion, Laurel Anne Hardy, a strong and amazing woman and a fantastic role model for girls everywhere! I can only hope to measure up to half of her success!

I hope that answered your question!

He nervously nods and sits back down. The hands go back up and Sanction points to the David Tennant lookalike. He casually stands up with notepad in hand.

David Tennant-esque: What did you learn in Genesis that you think will help you at the next level, IE XWA?

Kaylee Mills: Oh wow, all sorts of things! When I first got there, I had no idea what I was doing. I had welts, bruises, and scrapes all over my back, and that was just from running the ropes! Just everything in general, you know? Like do the basics like a suplex or a dropkick. I was like a sponge down there, everything I was told and showed I tried my best to retain. I guess next month we’ll really find out how much I know, right?

I also learned how to be a little more mentally tough. It really takes a toll on you mentally as well as physically, and I think that’s something a lot of casual fans don’t understand. You have to have the willpower to take a beating and keep getting back up, to never be defeated. It’s tough, it really is, and the trainers down in Genesis are merciless if they smell even a hint of quit in you. And boy, did I want to quit almost every day. I can remember a few times back then when I would fall flat on my back and not feel my fingers for a few minutes or I would see stars and feel nauseous. That was probably one of the most terrifying experiences of my life, honestly!

But the biggest thing I think that will help me to be successful in the XWA from Genesis is the body training I had to do, you know, weight room and all that. I’ve always been more of a gymnast myself as far as body strength but I’ve also always been very fast, you know, I used to beat most of the boys in high school in a race. It’s all aboat keeping a balance, aboat keeping your body in a comfortable place, making sure you feel good in your own skin. I think I’ve found that balance, and I think it’s the biggest thing that Genesis has done for me.

Gosh, I’ve been babbling on, did anyone else want a turn?

Kaylee looks from Krull to his woman, then turns to look at Travis. All three of them have completely drifted off into daydreams as she rambled.

Kaylee Mills: Oh. I, uhh, guess that’s it for now…

She slinks, dejectedly, into her chair.

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Re: XWA Lives: Official Press Conference (Ongoing Open Promo)

Postby GiggityGopher » Wed Dec 16, 2015 12:54 pm

"Ladies and gentlemen ..."

A somewhat tall, muscular bald man steps into the picture, a wide smile on his face. He looks at Kaylee and then the rest of the people in the room. With a surely expensive suit on, the bald man begins speaking again.

"Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Bryce Baker, and this ..."

Bryce points to the side, as another tall man steps into the picture. This man was dressed far more casually, jeans and a t-shirt style, as his scraggy, dirty blond hair dangles down his forehead.

Bryce Baker: "This is Logan Wilson."

The man now identified as Logan grins, looking around the room as he does so.

Bryce Baker: "Logan is my client. He is one of XWA's new faces, although his abilities would have you believe otherwise. His mixture of power and speed have gained him the nickname ‘The Grizzly Cheetah’ for his grizzly bear-like strength and cheetah-like agility. He can grapple with the best of them. He can trade blows with the best of them. He can apply any damn submission known to man with perfection and he can soar through the skies as majestically as a bird. Logan, here, is what one would call a ‘wrestler’. He is not a sports entertainer. He is not an actor. He is not a showman. He is wrestling personified. I can go on and on all day and all night about how inconceivably talented this man is, but actions speak much louder than words. At XWA Lives, you will all bear witness to a new breed of competitor. It doesn't matter whom Logan faces in his debut. The end result will be the same, regardless. I will stand in the ring, by the side of my client, and raise his hand into the air after a victorious wrestling match. I urge you all to not sleep on my client, because if you do, you may never wake up."

Bryce nods at Logan and motions for him to follow. The two head over to a pair of chairs and sit down, as Baker motions for the proceedings to continue.

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Re: XWA Lives: Official Press Conference (Ongoing Open Promo)

Postby Razer » Wed Dec 16, 2015 7:18 pm

It's all going off. New faces, old faces, familiar ones and ones who have had history with XWA and other organisations which have been affiliated with it, but as all this is going on, there seems to be one or two main noticeable absences - The XWA Lord Of The Ring and The Supreme champion. This absence may have been noted by some, but with all the drama going on and the buzz about how XWA is coming back, it isn't at the forefront of everyone's minds.

This of course is perfect for Razer, the Lord Of The Ring and his fiancée Bella Quinn to slip in at the back of the room. Having just heard the talking up of Logan, Bella lets out a rather sarcastic "Heh!" which draws a smirk from Razer.

Razer: "Play nice dear, you know these people have to have some hope before they end up in front of us..."

Playfully frowning, trying to put on the fake tears, Bella tries her best to look annoyed with the fact Razer won't let her have 'any fun' but he's fell victim to that far too often to make the same mistake.

Razer: "How about a compromise... We'll go up, talk our shit, lay the law down and see who thinks they can handle us..."

Bella: "Och! A s'pose that'll have tae do... But ye better cause a stir at least... All I can see is mean mugging and bitchy sideswipes... It's like being on the road with Wild Hearts!"

Slipping back out of their seats, Razer and Bella move round the side of the room, largely unnoticed which is surprising given the media focus, but hey, don't question it. Slipping out the side door, the pair head to the 'backstage' area.

(10 minutes later)

Sanction: "It appears someone in the back wants to come out and say a few words..."

Almost on cue, Out walks Razer. Shades on, Bandana on. Leather jacket and Slayer shirt, jeans which have seen better days along with some well worn in motorbike boots, he looks like he's ready to start a bar fight or throw himself head first into a mosh pit. He probably would be doing one of those two things if it wasn't for the gleaming PRW Undisputed title across his right shoulder and the lovely Bella Quinn at his side wearing the XWA LOTR Signet on a chain round her neck. There are a few distinct murmurs and shifting in seats as the sole surviving member of the 2015 LOTR finals surveys the crowd with a smirk on his face. Leaning in to the podium, he taps the mic before re-adjusting his belt.

Razer: "Well, it would have been rude of me not to show my face round here... After all, I am the only directly undefeated person in XWA... In fact, I was the last undefeated person in XWA and I aim to make sure that when this all goes down, I will remain the only one...."

Silence greets the PRW Undisputed champion.

Razer: "It's cool, don't all act surprised, don't all jeer me or make snide comments, just keep doing what you're doing... Me and the lovely Miss Quinn have some words to say..."

Bella walks over to the podium and begins to speak.

Bella: "Ye all know whit dis is round me neck aye?"

Bella holds the ring out on the chain for everyone to see.

Bella: "Raz has given me the pleasure of announcing his intent to cash this in at XWA Lives, giving ye folks a main event worthy o' watchin! After all, he had that match won when Laurel stole victory from under him un there is some unfinished business wit' him 'n Laurel afta all!"

Razer steps back to the podium.

Razer: "But that's not the only thing we're here to talk about... I came in before, I saw the shit talkin', the bigging up, the hopefuls and the deluded all saying their piece and I have to say... I really couldn't give a shit either way if you're the next big thing or you're a savant when it comes to performing in the ring... I'm the only son of a bitch here who hasn't tapped or had my shoulders pinned to the canvas in a match here or in PRW..."

The mentioning of Razer's undefeated run piques the interest of some of the new talent and existing talent in attendence.

Razer: "So right here is my declaration of war. I'm not here to bring federation against federation... This isn't the turn of the millennium after all.. I'm here to declare war on every single one of you... XWA is the battlefield and I'm the One Man Army... I'm going to go through this place again like I did last time round and I want anyone who thinks they have the balls... Literally or metaphorically... To step up to the mark and push me like I've never been pushed before... I want one of you sorry bitches who thinks you can cut it here to try and give me a challenge... Actually make me work... You know... Make it seem like there is a battle this army cannot win..."

The murmurs of those in attendance grow in volume. As Razer looks round, he catches sight of Travis Levitt.

Razer: "I mean... Just ask Travis over there... He found out the hard way just what I'm capable of... I single handedly destroyed his group in PRW and ran him out of there with his tail tucked between his legs... I guess this is where you ended up then eh?"

Razer chuckles to himself as he turns his attention back to the rest of the room.

Razer: "So this is how XWA will go from now on... I'm going to cash in, I'm going to finish what me and Laurel started just over a year ago and I'm going to be the Supreme Champion of XWA. You lot are all going to try and take me down... Key word being try... Because face it... Whether you're the strong and silent type, whether you're the perky young hopeful, whether you're the tough talking big guy or the guy who has an agent big him up... None of you are me, none of you will ever be in the same league as me and face it, you're all here just to make me look even better than I already am"

The arrogance from Razer gets to some of those in attendance as they clench their fists and scowl at the stage.

Bella: "Raz has crushed all opposition in PRW which has came before him, he crushed everyone who came before him last time XWA was on the air... The same is happening again this time round folks, all that is required of ye is that ye try tae make yourselves look good before the EMT's peel ye sorry ass off tae canvas!"

Bella and Razer exchange a glance as if to say 'Anything else we need to add dear?'

Razer: "Oh... And if you're watching this somewhere Jericho... Once I'm done with Laurel... If you even bring yourself back here after losing your precious streak... Me and you have a few things to settle in the ring..."

Bella: "Now... Dis anyone want tae dispute the Lord of XWA's declaration?"

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Re: XWA Lives: Official Press Conference (Ongoing Open Promo)

Postby Michael Swift » Thu Dec 17, 2015 12:56 pm

A man dressed in a plain white t-shirt, some brown slacks, and a black long sleeved jacket, with the words “Blood For Mercy” printed on the back emerges from behind the curtain, a huge grin upon his face and a bit of pep in his step. The smile slowly turns to slack jawed confusion however as the crowd begins to murmur and point at him. Eventually, he purses his lips before looking over at Mark Sanction, who is staring back completely baffled at this new arrival's timely entrance.

Let me guess, this isn't where I pick up my signing bonus...

Mark Sanction
What signing bonus?

The man brings his left hand to his forehead, rubbing his temples with his pinkie and thumb before letting out a sigh. A couple of cameras are starting to go off at this point.

Of course. Alright, just one more crazy guess, this is the press conference I specifically said I didn't want to attend, isn't it? And Matt Steel lied to me about the signing bonus, didn't he?

Mark Sanction
Oh! You must be Michael Swift! Matt said you would be showing up, but I didn't believe him since he is you know, Matt Steel.

Mark turns back to the audience, as a few more cameras flash, causing the man apparently known as Michael Swift to stand there looking both annoyed and incredibly uncomfortable. Mark beams a bit before finally opening his mouth.

Mark Sanction
Ladies and gentlemen, this is Michael Swift, one of the other newest acquisitions of the XWA. He came to XWA hungry for a try out, and his determination and talent impressed the higher ups. I am sure he will be willing to answer any questions you may have!

Swift takes an audible inhale as glanced out at the large crowd.

Michael Swift
I just said...

He suddenly throws his arms into the air, almost as if he was accepting some terrible task.

Michael Swift

You know what, sure, why not. I am already here and who knows, maybe this won't crash and burn.

And with that, Swift's arms land loosely at his side. He turns to take a look at the tables with microphones on them, trying to judge the openness of seats. He takes once glance at Alex Krull, Logan Wilson, and Razer before shaking his head and walking over to the table seating Kaylee and Travis, apologizing as he squeezes in on the end of the table. He takes one last deep breath before he turns to the microphone.

Michael Swift

Okay, well, um, hello, I am, I mean, my name is Michael Swift. I am from Las Vegas, and I um, I have been trying to get into a major wrestling promotion for awhile, and um, I am here now...Yeah...Not gonna lie, I wasn't planning on being here so is there like, a question I can answer or...

There is silence for a moment as Swift finishes forcing out his awkward opening statement, during which he begins to twiddle his thumbs. But then a slightly overweight man wearing an “Era Of Anarchy” shirt stands up and shouts directly at Swift.

Random Fan


For a microsecond, Swift sits there, completely flabbergasted, just staring at this man who completely blindsided him with a question he had no reason to expect was coming. To make matters worse for the wrestler with mediocre people skills, the man was starting to give him puppy dog eyes, as if this was the most important question he had ever asked. He couldn't just stay silent the entire time, as he knew this was being recorded, and he had to say something to not look like a complete fool.

Michael Swift

I...what? What war? I am pretty sure single people can't even hav-

Other Random Fan

Michael Swift
Well, I like this band Yellowcl-

Random Fan

Michael Swift

Yet Another Random Fan

Michael Swift

Swift cuts off his yelling as his pocket begins to buzz. In a huff, he pulls out his phone, unlocking it and staring at it for a moment as he begins to thumb through it. His eyes widen and he stands up, his face turning a bright red. He opens his mouth as if he is about to shout, but he manages to stop himself, taking a deep breath.

Michael Swift
Okay. Which one of you...fans of mine posted that I said, and I quote “I am gonna take Razer's ring and shove it up his ass?”

The fan portion audience erupts into cheers as Swift throws his hands up into the air and turns away from the crowd for a second, but not before some of the TV cameras catch him mouthing “WHAT THE FUCK!” It isn't long before he turns around again, poking his finger accusingly at the crowd.

Michael Swift
Okay, let me get this straight. I NEVER said this. I WOULD never. Really, I don't get this big man machismo that runs rampant in wrestling, I just want to fight who the company tells me to fight prove I am the best an-

Swift's phone buzzes once again, and mid speech he looks at it and just stops talking, his eyes widening in pure disbelief before just scrunching them close. He takes a deep breath and brings his hand to his forehead to rub his temples once more.

Michael Swift
Why would one of you make a vine of me saying the Razer's ring thing? That was completely out of context and...

Glancing out at the crowd, Swift just gives up speaking, as they are just throwing out chants of “KICK HIS ASS!”, “SWIFT! SWIFT!”, and “BLOOD FOR MERCY!” He slumps down into his chair before lightly bringing his head down upon the table in complete defeat.

Michael Swift
Why is everyone in this industry completely crazy?


EDIT: Fixed a misspelling of Razer's name, I have no idea how I missed that. If it was part of someone's response I can put it back, but I didn't just want to leave it.
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Re: XWA Lives: Official Press Conference (Ongoing Open Promo)

Postby Tempest » Tue Dec 22, 2015 2:50 pm

The chanting for Swift has barely faded when yet another figure emerges to take the crowd's attention. It starts, however, as a murmur and a soft clicking sound. A well built, 6' man in a finely tailored black suit and red silk shirt enters the room from the doors at the back and moves slowly up the aisle as if looking for a seat.



He walks with a glossy black cane, the tip of which clicks against against the tile floor as he moves up the aisle with a noticable limp. His eyes are covered with dark sunglasses, and his blonde hair flows down to his shoulders.



As he journeys forward, the crowd starts to mutter, whispering amongst themselves, "Is that him? Is that the Storm? Who is that?" So much so, that after a few moments, those up on the stage take notice and there's a lull in their dialogue.


The figure pauses next to a row of seats, and stages whispers to a couple on the aisle, asking if the seat next to them is taken.

Mark Sanction:
"Excuse me! Hello?"

The figure glances up and smirks and motions to his chest, as if to ask if he was being the one addressed. Its at this point that he reaches into his jacket and then raises his own mic to speak.

"Sorry...I didn't realize the meeting had started already. I'm sorta new at this...but I'll get started right now. Hi. My name is Michael. And I'm an alcoholic."

There is laughter, cheers and a few catcalls, but even more than that, the chants that have been noted by journalists at several wrestling conventions over the last few months: "Come Back Tempest! *clap clap clap-clap-clap* Come Back Tempest! *clap clap clap-clap-clap*"

Mark Sanction:
"My God, Michael, is that really you?? Well, c'mon up here son, and join us!"

"Naw, naw, that's ok, Mark. I'm good. Good and retired, as you know..."

Mark Sanction:
"Well, for the lovagod, Tempest...you belong up here with us!"

"Not just yet, Mark. I'm out, man. BUT....if anyone out here is looking for a slightly used and battered MANAGER...? I might be willing to discuss it..."

And with that Michael Hart scoots over into a seat in the audience and sits.

(OPEN to Anyone, Jack especially, depending on how he wants to handle what we discussed. PM me if need be...)
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