XWA Golden State Session: Open Press Conference

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XWA Golden State Session: Open Press Conference

Postby RevolutionJones » Tue Aug 27, 2019 7:32 am

With XWA's West Coast tour almost at an end, and Xtreme Cruiselines' next voyage to Puerto Rico coming up shortly after, we go live from the Sacramento Convention Center, just a few blocks away from the Golden 1 Center, where plenty of journalists and a few lucky fans are already filed in and making a commotion. There's a pretty simple stage set up, with a podium in the center and two long tables with several chairs and microphones apiece. Behind all of that, a series of posters featuring some of XWA's all-time greatest icons serves as the backdrop.

In due time, XWA owner Bella Quinn, looking professional as ever, steps out from the curtains and makes her way up to the podium. She taps one of the many branded mics for a quick sound check, and then...

How's it gaun, everyone?

Right on cue, the crowd noise dies down as all eyes turn to the Scottish spitfire who runs this place.

As XWA continues tae celebrate Twenty Years Strong o' th' best perfaissional wrestling oan th' planet, th' nicht is a chance tae honor yin o' th' hings that mak's this company sae different fae th' rest. This haes aye bin a steid whaur anythin' kin happen, whaur th' neist muckle rivalry kin stairt at ony time, 'n' a' it steals tae spark something lik' that is somebody getting fernent a camera 'n' speaking thair mynd. Sae afore we dive intae a' th' excitement th' neist few months hae tae offer--foremaist XWA Gold Rush, o' coorse, then our Xtreme Cruiselines voyage, this year's Tag Team Classic, 'n' th' road tae Legends XX in Manchester--we've gathered some o' XWA's finest, 'n' we're giein' thaim th' chance tae speak thair minds directly tae a' o' ye. O' coorse, th' wey this roster is, thay micht end up arguing wi' ilk ither mair than thay answer th' questions...

There's a chuckle from a fair few in the audience, mostly those who've been to one of these conferences before and knows how they tend to go.

Richt then...Ah ken ye'v bin waiting a while fur this tae stairt, sae Ah'll juist step back 'n' let th' stars speak fur themselves.

True to her word, Bella backs away from the podium, and the crowd starts to buzz in anticipation, wondering who'll be the first to walk in...


It's that time again! No, not to spin the Wheel of Morality--it's time for an Open Press Conference! For those who've never done this before, this is sort of an open mic pre-show for the XWA Gold Rush Supershow, and really the entire fall season. So even if you're not booked, this is the perfect chance for your character to show up, stir the pot, and maybe get some storylines going. Remember, no physical violence allowed here, but other than that, feel free to say or do whatever and respond to anyone else in the thread. This will take place before the Gold Rush show happens, but you're free to keep it going until the cards for our September cycle start to go up.

Ready? OK, three, two, one, let's jam...


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