It returns

You might think it all ends when the last bell rings, but not in the XWA! This is your first stop to post promos, interviews and character development featuring our stars that is NOT for a current show.
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It returns

Postby Alex_Krull » Mon Nov 30, 2015 10:03 pm

The screen fades to black as the song Fehu by Nordic band Wardruna, the screen shows a battlefield full of bodies lying in the grass, their armor and weapon filled with blood. Suddenly a deep heavy voice starts talking while the camera spans through the battlefield.

We are warriors; we’ve come here to test our mettle.

The camera switches to a Viking hall full of weapons, a dinner ready, fire burning on the background and in the middle of the take there is an empty throne.

We prepare ourselves for battle; say our goodbyes to our families and hope that the all-father’s blessing falls down upon us.

A black and white take of an empty arena, with a ring full of blood and sweat is displayed from all angles.

The halls of Valhalla can wait for I am here to conquer and I shall not fall.

A black & white backstage take of a wrestler walking out among the pyros into the ramp towards the ring.

Glory! Glory to all my fallen brethren, for I am coming home.

The screen displays the back of a man standing in hallway taking deep breaths.

And all shall fear the moment they decided to stand in my way.

Alex Krull’s face faces up displaying his anger and focuses on his eyes. The sweat is clear from the black and white take.

Alex Krull:
Who will face me next?

The screen fades to black showing the words XWA Lives.

Matt Steel:
XWA Lives coming to you live on January 6th 2016. The legend begins again!
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