Coming Home

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Coming Home

Postby Amethyst » Sat Nov 28, 2015 6:31 am

The camera opens upon a darken and neglected dojo, the stale air is heavy with dust as if no one had entered the building in years. As the camera pans across the unused workout equipment the opening guitar rift of Avenged Sevenfold's "Coming Home" begins to play. As the eerily poinint words of the song begin the door to the outside is flung open and light begins to stream into the forgoten room as a shadowy figure steps into the doorway.

"I've been away,
Searching for a reason,
Another purpose to find."

The figure, dressed in a long hooded coat walks into the dimly lot room. The figure weaves a familular path through the neglected equipment as it trails it's hands along the machines carving trails in the dust.

"I've sailed the seas,
Fought my many demons,
I've looked to gods in the skies."

The figure looks on the wall of the dojo, the figure gazes on the words written on the eall painted by fingers, "Pain is proof you are alive."

"I've stood in hell,
Where many had to suffer,
I stared the devil in the eyes."

The hooded figure walks past a wrestling ring, it's ropes hang in disrepair as it reaches it's destination: a large object covered with a sheet.

"Walked many roads to witness ancient idols,
And found the great gates of fire."

The hooded figure reaches for the sheet, the figure's hands begin to shake, not in fear, but in anticipation.

"Had many storms question my conviction,
Gave armies reason to rise."

The camera shifts behind the hooded figure as it finally grabs the sheet and pulls, covering both himself and the object in a great cloud of dust.

"The hangman's searching for bones he can borrow,"

The dust clears revealing a gleaming statute of a Japanese dragon that seems to have been carved from Amethyst stone.

"While I escaped in the night,"

The figure removes the hood covering it's head and turns revealing the face of Murasaki Shinobu.

"Fight or flight."

He smiles as the chorus blares.

"Live again,
All roads end,
I'll be coming home."

The scene fades to black slowly the eyes of the dragon statue begin to glow purple, the camera is soon completely black save only for the glowing purple eyes of the dragon as the final words of the chorus echo.

"Tend your light,
'Cause on this night,
I'll be coming home."


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