On A Pole: “The ‘Good’ Old Days”

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On A Pole: “The ‘Good’ Old Days”

Postby Caleb » Mon Apr 12, 2021 12:39 am

(Off-screen continuation of All That Glitters)

”You’ve got this, boo!”
”Give him hell, man.”

Ace Acid gives his gang a nod of affirmation as he heads through the backstage curtain and onto the entrance ramp, preparing to defend his 2WWF Championship against Sean Young. With the live cameras on him, and not the other two members of The Hierarchy, Caleb and Razor face each other with both of their former world championships displayed proudly on their shoulders.

Razor Xtreme: “Alright, we’ve got roughly two, two-and-a-half hours before our match starts. I’ve noticed you looking a little…”

The Queen observes Caleb’s clenched fists, bloodshot yet still droopy eyes, and snarled lip.

Razor Xtreme: “...tense ever since I got here. I’m not sure what’s going on with you tonight, but we need to make sure you’re much more relaxed, both mentally and physically. So I invited my personal massage therapist—“

Caleb Spires: “Don’t act like you’re doing this for me, I know you just want to see Klaus again-”

Razor Xtreme: “KLAUS IS A FANTASTIC MASSEUSE! There’s no need to have this argument again! Look, he’s setting up right now. Let’s go get those kinks worked out so you can be properly prepared for No Man’s Land. If you go out there in this condition, it’s going to be a rough night for you, and probably in return, me as well...”

“The Elite One” feels mildly disrespected at Razor’s bluntness but catches a reflection of himself in a hallway mirror. He quickly looks away and sighs.

Caleb Spires: “Okay, okay. You’re right, I’ve had a rough last couple of days so this should be good for me. Let’s go.”

Razor relinquishes a relieved exhale, smiling at Caleb’s compliance. The two turn around, ready to march down the hallway toward Klaus when Caleb is startled by something he catches out of the glimpse of his eye near the vending machines. He does a double take to make sure his mind isn’t playing any tricks on him before his jaw drops as low as it can, with wide, crazy eyes.

Caleb Spires: “Hey… you go on ahead, hun. I’ll be there in about five.”

Razor Xtreme: “Why, is something wro—?”

As soon as he turns around, Razor’s eyes answer his impending question, followed immediately by them rolling.

Razor Xtreme: “Are you fucking kidding me? Why is…? Nevermind, you’re right, this one is all yours to deal with. See you AND ONLY YOU in a minute.”

No sooner than he can finish talking, Razor is already power-walking away from the scene, leaving Caleb to deal with this situation on his own. He swallows the lump in his throat, anxiously rubbing the back of his neck as he slowly and shakily makes his way toward his target. As he approaches the vending machines, a man collects his bag of Funyons from the bottom of the machine and turns around, locking eyes with Caleb. This man, however, is nothing but thrilled to see him.

Christian Jameson: “AYYYYE SPIRES! The fuck’s up, buddy? You look like shit.”

Rude but true comment aside, Caleb ignores it and poorly fakes a big smile, keeping his teeth gritted as he speaks.

Caleb Spires: “Hey! … Christian! … Why are you here?”

Christian Jameson: “I considered calling you last week to break the news, but I figured this would be a better route.”

”Oh no.”

Christian Jameson: “Remember a few weeks back when you convinced me to return to wrestling?”

”OH NO.”

Caleb Spires: “Uhhhh, I don’t know I would say “convinced” you.”

Christian Jameson: “Let’s call it how it is here. It was all you, bro. I wasn’t even thinking about pro wrestling until you rambled on and on about how much fun this company was. You even left Dean a voicemail about me at 3:00 in the morning. This was only made possible due to you.”

”Niiiiiiice.” Still with a lot to process, and trying not to accept the truth, Caleb addresses his longtime peer.

Caleb Spires: “Sooooo, you talked with Dean and he allowed you entry backstage tonight, for some reason?”

Christian Jameson: “For some reason? Well, considering ya boi is now an official XWA competitor, I would sure hope I have backstage access!”

Hey! Those are the exact words that Caleb was actively hoping not to hear! With a slight eye twitch, he responds.

Caleb Spires: “Oh! That’s… Wonderful.”

Christian Jameson: “You bet your fuckin’ ass it’s wonderful. Sadly, all the spots are filled in the Lord of the Ring tourney though. That’s a damn shame, because I was really looking forward to it.”

Spires almost chuckles knowing he’d stand no chance in the tournament and has yet to prove he deserves a spot, but displays a good poker face, no matter how hard it gets as Christian insists on talking more.

Christian Jameson: “But hey, I’m just getting started here, bro. Lord of the Ring would have been incredible, but the sky's the limit. I’ve been watching all this fun you’ve been having with The Hierarchy. That group is some top-notch shit, homeboy. I was kinda even thinking...”

”No. No, no, no. Don’t you DARE fucking go there.”

Christian Jameson: “It could never hurt to have a bit more back-up could it? I mean, I- I know I’m not quite as accomplished as you guys, but three is always better than four. Just think, us teaming up again like the good old days!”

”One random tag match back in 2009, sure, ‘the good old days.’” Caleb feigns a phony smile and nods like it’s a good idea, despite his head feeling like it is about to explode.

Caleb Spires: “Oh man, that just sounds… unbelievable. But I’m not sure, uh, the company really wants to change anything with The Hierarchy right now. They’re loving what we’re doing right now and don’t want to risk messing it up.”

Christian tries to play it off cool but clearly looks dejected, and Caleb has to scramble for the right words to keep him at an arm’s length.

Caleb Spires: “But hey! I can, uhh, talk it over with my group and management. I’m not making any promises, but I’ll see what I can do about getting you on board.”

That cheers Christian up a little bit as he slightly grins and nods. He gets ready to speak, but Caleb beats him to it, trying to wrap up the conversation quickly and see if he can work his old friend properly.

Caleb Spires: “I’m kind of glad I ran into you, though. I’m having… a bit of an issue right now. You remember the last time we hung out?”

Jameson lets out a hearty laugh and nods gleefully.

Christian Jameson: “How could I forget? I’ve seen a lot of crazy shit in my days, but when you get the chance to see a donkey show—“

Caleb Spires: “WEDONTNEEDTOTALKABOUTEVERYTHING— No, man, I’m talking about…”

The Supreme Champion looks around to make sure nobody else is in earshot. The coast is clear, but he lowers his voice anyway.

Caleb Spires: “...that white lightning you brought. That was some incredible shit, man. I rationed it pretty well, but I’ve been out for two days now and my head is all sorts of messed up right now. I haven’t been able to eat a full meal today, I feel like people are staring at me everywhere I turn, and worst of all, I can’t focus on my match at all. Is there any way you could get me some more before the main event?”

Christian looks somewhat uneasy, as he’s not sure he can help his friend in his dire time of need.

Christian Jameson: “Ahhh, I don’t know, bro. That might be tough.”

Caleb Spires: “Come on! That’s bullshit! I know you have connections all over the place!”

Christian Jameson: “Yeah, in the Midwest... I don’t come to Philly very often, bro. I don’t know anybody around here.”

Caleb Spires: “Come on, man, I need a pick-me-up, and I can’t leave the arena. I need you here. Please. I’ll give you $200 extra for this.”

The newly-signed wrestler sighs and wilts his head, putting his hands in his pockets.

Christian Jameson: “I’m sorry, dawg. I don’t think I’m going to be able to help you.”

Infuriated by the news while already on edge, Caleb begins shaking a bit and curls his hand up into a fist, ready to unleash on Christian, rather it be physically or vocally. Right before having an outburst, Caleb luckily takes a deep breath, closes his eyes, and comes up with a new plan.

Caleb Spires: “I bet I can get you a Lord of the Ring spot.”

This piques Christian’s interest as his ears perk right up.

Christian Jameson: “Wait, what? I thought it was already full?”

Caleb Spires: “Well, technically all four of us in the No Man’s Land have a spot reserved, and one of us won’t have to use it. A.k.a, me. When I win tonight, my spot in the tournament is open, and I can just about guarantee I’ll be able to get you that spot.”

Christian can hardly contain his excitement, smiling from ear to ear with the appearance of a kid in a candy store.

Christian Jameson: “Hold up, you serious right now, bro? You really think you could get me in?”

”The fuck if I know.”

Caleb Spires: “Of course, man! I’m the shit, I have a lot of pull around here.”

Christian is on cloud nine, but Spires is quick to remind him that this hypothetical is an incentive.

Caleb Spires: “BUT, this is only if I can win my match tonight… And you and can both see right now, I’m not in any condition to do that… So… will you help me fix that?”

His longtime peer shakes his head in affirmation.

Christian Jameson: “I’ll do everything I can, bro. I’ll make it happen.”

Spires releases a massive breath of relief.

Caleb Spires: “Oh my God, THANK YOU Christian. You’re a life saver, man.”

Christian Jameson: “Don’t mention it, bro. You know me, I’m just—“

Caleb Spires: “Not to be a dick, but we’re running low on time. If you want this plan to be a success, get on it.”

Jameson starts moving around hurriedly, stammering to appease Caleb.

Christian Jameson: “Oh, yeah yeah yeah, definitely. I’ll hit the streets, make some calls, and I’ll be back in an hour, two tops. Catch you soon, bro.”

Caleb sighs as his longtime acquaintance starts his quest, hoping his nerves will be relaxed before his match. But before he can get his hands on some nose candy, he’ll have to settle for a massage from Klaus, and thus he makes his way down the hallway to reunite with Razor.
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Re: On A Pole: “The ‘Good’ Old Days”

Postby Gopher » Mon Apr 12, 2021 3:40 am

This is one of the most interesting storylines in XWA right now. It's unique, Caleb's getting great character development through it and it's super entertaining. It almost feels like a no-laugh track sitcom, but one that has the occasional bit of serious moments.
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Re: On A Pole: “The ‘Good’ Old Days”

Postby DaveyBoy » Wed Apr 14, 2021 4:53 pm

I actually read this yesterday, but forgot to comment. My bad.

Caleb's character is certainly taking a unique turn and his relationship with CJ is already complicated. I am intrigued by the idea of off camera stuff in efedding, like we'd maybe read snippets of this in dirtsheets down the line by someone that seen it etc.

Looking forward to seeing how this continues.


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