Wrestling Podcast Interview: "The Showstealer Opens Up Like Never Before"

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Wrestling Podcast Interview: "The Showstealer Opens Up Like Never Before"

Postby DaveyBoy » Sun Jul 26, 2020 1:06 am

The following takes place on July 30th of 2020, over a month into David Michaels’ highly anticipated return to wrestling with the Xtreme Wrestling Alliance. David agrees to take part in a podcast session with a popular podcast that focuses on the XWA promotion in a large capacity. The interview happens over the internet, during a Discord voice chat session. Video is recorded with the host and David on their webcams, which is then shared on the website. David is not really in character during the process of the interview. The following is the transcript of that podcast.

After a few minutes of pleasantries and David goofing off with the interviewer, a few regular questions happen that you usually expect during these types of interviews. The interviewer, called Shane, gets to his main sequence of questions he has planned.

| Shane: “...haha, well it’s good to see you haven’t changed too much. We saw you this week really take us down memory lane, with David bringing out a familiar personality. Do you intend to do that more often?”

| David Michaels: “Haha, well...that’s difficult to answer. Both yes and no, haha. Back in the days of the old XWA and also SIW, I became a real goofball. I think the fans came to really enjoy the crazy antics I would get up to, especially during the DxWo days--I mean, haha, me and DC would do some REALLY stupid shit...wait, can I swear? Sorry, if I can’t...fifteen mins in and I’ve already got you taken down!”

| Shane: “No, no. It’s fine. Go to town. The joys of the internet.”

| David Michaels: “OK, good! But yeah, we’d do really stupid shit. Each week we’d sit down before a TV show and just try to come up with something that creative would just flat out not want us to do. We had DC be trained for some match and then chase a freakin’ chicken! For whatever reason, we thought that was hilarious...then DC decided to take it further and eat the damn thing!”

David leans back in his chair, remembering the whole series of promos, before laughing more.

| Shane: “...that chicken was called....shit, what was it...OH, WALDO!”

| David Michaels: “Fuck, Waldo! Damn, man, I would have never remembered that, haha! But yeah, crazy stuff...I think we even had DC date a crossdresser or something--man, that didn’t age well at all!”

The interviewer was halfway through taking a sip of his drink and nearly spits it out, as he remembers the skit a little.

| Shane: “HOW you guys were not taken off the air, I still don’t know to this day!”

| David Michaels: “I know right?! I think Chill O’Mac eventually just gave up with us and was like ‘do whatever you want. I have zero power to stop you guys’...I mean, he was right. We were going to do that crazy shit no matter what, haha! But yeah, to your original question, I want to still have a comedic personality that will make the fans laugh and smile...but I ain’t doing anything like that again! I don’t think this XWA would allow it...maybe they would? I dunno’...but yeah, no more chickens!”

| Shane: “For sure, for sure. But in regards to the comedic stuff, what I find most interesting is that you somehow managed to do all that, the crazy stuff you just mentioned, but also then be challenging for World Titles the same night! I don’t think there are too many wrestlers around that would be able to pull that off.”

| David Michaels: “I mean, I guess? I never really thought about it like that. But I think it is a hard thing to pull off. Most people see it as, if you are doing comedic bits on screen, you’re just going to be in the mid card slot between the main storylines taking place, which makes sense. But you know, I’m not a serious guy. That just isn’t me! When I’m on TV for a wrestling promotion, I want to do two things; firstly, be the best in that ring no matter who is in the promotion and secondly...just be myself. Behind the scenes, I am a goofball. I don’t pull pranks or ribs, anything like that, but I joke around a lot. So you ask me to go out there and be like all serious ‘I want revenge’ type, i-it just doesn’t work...I mean, I think the closest I’ve ever come to that is with my stuff with Tyler. Though I think it all actually stemmed from the comedic stuff during the DxWo, to DM just hating everything Tyler ever did because he was being a pain. I tried it a few times with some other stuff, transitioning between being Snake and what not, but I don’t think it worked as well. The fans know I’m a dumbass, so me being Mr. Serious just won’t fly with them, I think.”

David then takes a drink from a reusable bottle he has, whilst also adjusting his headphones briefly as the interviewer leads to his next question.

| Shane: “Speaking of the stuff with Tyler Lawson, personally, I think that is some of your best work. I don’t know if you agree, but just as a fan watching, I think that Tyler rivalry over the years helped put David on the map as a main event player. Would you agree?”

David snaps the bottle lid back on and can’t nod his head enough in agreement.

| David Michaels: “Oh man, totally. Without question. I mean, I won my first World Title in 2010, which was a couple of years prior to the rivalry truly taking shape...but that lasted, what, two weeks? I won the title in TNL, which we were hoping we’d face off at SuperSlam for it, but unfortunately the company went under. Luckily in 2012 and through to 2013, we were able to find ourselves back in the XWA (Association) and I captured their World Title a second time. We had a match inside the Hell in a Cell and then the rivalry kept simmering in the background, eventually we faced inside that nuts Tower of Doom at XtremeMania. I think we put on a great show and I think that was the moment where people considered me to be up there with other legends, which was a true honour....man, that sounds so arrogant, haha!”

| Shane: “Oh, no no, it doesn’t...but do you two get along off screen? I mean, we saw an interesting confrontation a few weeks ago between you two, Tyler clearly still rattled by DM”

David smiles at the camera, winking.

| David Michaels: “Kayfabe, Shane, kayfabe.”

The interviewer shakes his head and laughs, probably knowing he wasn’t going to get much from that question.

| Shane: “OK, OK...haha. But anyway, that was all the past. This is the future. You’re back in wrestling. You’re in this XWA for the first time. You made a strong statement at On A Pole and then you had a good showing against Lx-Tim earlier this month. What are your goals this time around? Supreme Title?”

| David Michaels: “Haha...well, I don’t know. I mean, what I said in the promo is true; I came back to wrestling and to this XWA to be the best again. I am not interested in hanging around the mid card and when that time comes, my boots will be hung up for good haha. I heard familiar names were making their returns to this XWA, the likes of Caleb Spires and Razor Xtreme...I mean, that straight away makes it easier to get back into it when you’re surrounded by guys you knew back in the day. Then you get fresh talent like Machado, Troy Spencer and Tyler's cousin, Frank. Great potential and such nice matchups should they happen---well Troy already has. Fuck, that dude is quick! Haha...but yeah, and of course people I’ve heard much about, but never had the privilege of facing, like Mark Storey, Albion Gale and Jace Albright...although I think he’s gone for now.”

| Shane: “Yeah, he posted a piece on Twitter saying his thanks to people and he’d be gone indefinitely.”

| David Michaels: “Yeah, that’s crap timing. I’ve heard so much about that guy and I think a match between us would be amazing. Hell, we could make a great storyline I’m sure. He’s one of those names you hear and you just know you want to face him, at least once, before your career is over. I hope it happens one day, for sure.”

| Shane: “You kidding? I’d be down for that match anytime. It has to happen. But you know who is still there? Joey Miles is still there. How about him?”

Michaels smiles.

| David Michaels: “...I don’t think I’ve said it before--haha--so I’ll say it now; Joey’s a jackass. What you see on screen is 100% him off screen--I mean, you’ve seen that guy on Twitter, right? He’s a time, that’s for sure.”

The interviewer laughs, not really able to make a counterpoint to that.

| Shane: “That aside, I want to touch on what we saw at Massacre 56. Not the great match you and Troy had, but that backstage segment you had in the locker room between you...and JHalc. You guys teased getting back together as a team and with the Tag Title Tournament just freshly announced, is it safe to say you guys are in it?”

| David Michaels: “Well I think he pretty much said that, didn’t we?”

| Shane: “Well, it was strongly implied you would team after the Lord of the Ring...”

| David Michaels: “...nah, we didn’t imply it. We literally said let's wait until the tourney is over, then we’ll team.”

| Shane: “Yeah, you did.”

| David Michaels: “Yeah, that’s the plan haha.”

| Shane: “So how did that come together? It was a complete shock when JHalc even returned to wrestling, let alone him now teaming with you again.”

| David Michaels: “Well yeah, honestly, I didn’t expect it myself! I know he’s been around the wrestling scene still in other promotions, but not really as an active talent, more so helping his brother out. But he got the call from XWA one day and they managed to persuade him to make a return, which I was super psyched about. Like myself, I thought he was done, then the jackass turned up a few weeks ago and slams a bloody ‘dicks, woah!’ sticker on my locker room door! I hate him for that, haha!”

| Shane: “I have to admit, and don’t hate me, that was damn hilarious! But you guys were known as JNM and then later, D-Volution...going to be using either of those names this time around? Any further blasts from the past to join?”

| David Michaels: “Funny enough, we were talking about this the other day. Creative has said we call roll with whatever name we want, but we’re not 100% sure just yet. We have a name in mind and it’s a play on one of those names, but we’ll see.”

| Shane: “If it’s JNM, does that mean Nova returns?”

David laughs out loud and shakes his head.

| David Michaels: “HAHA! Man, you’re clever. Trying to get info out of me!”

| Shane: “I’ve been told that’s my job, haha! But is she?”

| David Michaels: “No, no. I can completely confirm, with 100% certainty, Nova is not going to be returning to wrestling. She’s a really old friend I met in college and she always had my back during her run, but she’s well and truly retired. She’s moved on to other things, which I’m sure you’ve seen...”

| Shane: “...she’s a model now, right?”

| David Michaels: “Yeah and she loves it. I mean, you’ve seen her on TV every week, right? She was made for that job. She’s done with wrestling, but we’re good friends still...and no one else is returning for us either, for the record. It’s just Jay and me.”

The interviewer nods and takes a second, before deciding to ask the following questions.

| Shane: “Now, during what people would probably consider the height of your career so far, you had another female manager by your side...well, you’ve had a couple, actually, Now I know this is boarding on personal matters in your life, and I don’t want to intrude too much, but I know the fans of yours have asked these questions many times...so I will too.”

David readjusts himself in his seat and takes a more serious demena...not too serious, he’s still smiling, but he doesn't’ look as confident suddenly.

| David Michaels: “OK, sure. Shoot.”

| Shane: “OK, firstly, Sugar. For a number of years you two appeared on screen firstly, as fiances, then as husband and wife. We were always told you two tied the knot back in 2013, off screen, but the fans never fully bought it. Now you’ve made it public knowledge you were portraying a gimmick of ’somebody’s younger brother’ and you are no longer doing that, so I guess my question is...was the marriage to Sugar, or MJ as she’s known in real life, the same deal?”

David looks away for a few moments, before turning back to the webcam and giving his answer.

| David Michaels: “...eerrmmm...basically, yeah. It was something that SIW wanted me to start doing initially, which I wasn’t necessarily high on. Don’t get me wrong, they gave me the gimmick of Showstopper, Main EVenter etc. etc. and pushed me in order to get away from the Snake gimmick that the other XWA gave to me, so I was grateful for that at the time---not so much now---but they wanted to push that onto me too. I said no to them several times, which they were fine with, to be fair. Then when SIW went under the final time, I went to XWA and they decided, after a while...I forget the dates and what not...they decided they wanted me to be with Sugar on screen. I argued my case against it, not that I dislike Sugar. I’ll make that clear. MJ is a great person, but she was greener than green when she was an interviewer in SIW, so I tried a lot to get her to be confident in herself when we went to XWA, and I think we did alright stuff together on screen. But...eh, I dunno’. I wasn’t feeling it, man. It wasn’t what I wanted and it didn’t feel natural. I was in an actual real life relationship at the time and it managed to strain that a lot, but XWA forced it upon me and I just rolled with it. I was tired of the backstage shit I had already been through with them, so kept the peace, as I didn’t want to leave again. But it never clicked like it did with Emma. I mean, I was proven right. What did the pairing really offer to either of us? Name anything we actually did on TV that you can say ‘yeah, that was a turning point’? You can’t, so it is what it is, I guess...”

The interviewer is glad Emma’s name was brought up, as that was where he was wanting to lead with this.

| Shane: “...well, you mentioned Emma there. I was wanting to touch on that, if I could.”

| David Michaels: “I thought you might...”

| Shane: “...OK, I’ll just say it; what’s the deal there? You just said you were in a real life relationship during the whole Sugar stuff. Was it with her? Or was she the same deal as Sugar?”

David gives a rather large sigh, clearly not really wanting to talk about the matter.

| David Michaels: “No, she wasn’t the same deal...look, you can tell this is a touchy subject for me. But we were legitimately engaged during the time period of the whole Sugar thing. She wasn’t very comfortable being on TV anyway, so she was glad to live her life off camera, which I was happy with too as it made her more relaxed. But then...eh...portraying a relationship on screen and then also having to pretend it was off screen too? Come on, that’s tough. I was seeing more of Sugar than I was of my actual fiance. Anyway, long story short, our relationship ended sometime in 2015.”

| Shane: “So Emma isn’t returning either?”

| David Michaels: “...her name isn’t actually Emma, by the way. Another genius idea of some management back in the day.”

| Shane: “Oh, I didn’t know that...what’s her actual name?”

| David Michaels: “That’s getting a bit private. We aren’t together anymore, so I’m not talking about her private life beyond 2015.”

| Shane: “Was she the love of your life that you mentioned?”

| David Michaels: “Honestly, I wasn’t even meant to say that and I was caught up in the moment of my return to wrestling, so it slipped out.”

| Shane: “...but was she?”

| David Michaels: “I was engaged to marry her. So what do you think?”

| Shane: “...yes?”

| David Michaels: “Sure.”

There is no tension in the air, but certainly David is appearing very uncomfortable with the questioning.

| Shane: “Would you at least like her to return by your side?”

| David Michaels: “I’d like many things in my life!”

| Shane: “OK, I can see you are wanting to float around that whole subject. I’m not trying to make you uncomfortable.”

| David Michaels: “Well you’re failing at that, haha.”

| Shane: “OK, OK. But you’re not planning to bring any further blasts from the past in, to form a group, once more?”

| David Michaels: “No, no. Anyone else I teamed with is truly retired. I think even if I wanted anyone to come back, they’d just laugh at me and then hang up the phone call!”

| Shane: “Haha, fair enough, fair enough. So, my next question...”

The interview then continues on, talking further about potential rivalries and matches he wants to have in his future, going into a deeper dive about what to expect from his teaming with JHalc, how the whole process came about of him signing for the XWA, a ten minute rant about what he thinks of the people that run the former XWA (spoiler, notoriously shit) and what he hopes people will remember him for in thirty years. However it is tellingly obvious that David still has the whole Emma thing on his mind, as he got very touchy during that whole part...
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Re: Wrestling Podcast Interview: "The Showstealer Opens Up Like Never Before"

Postby RazorXtreme » Mon Jul 27, 2020 10:37 am

Loved it! Super creative, don't think I've seen an "out of kayfabe" interview in any e-fed. Also love how it touched on David's relationship status and history. It's basically a message straight from the handler/writer of the character. Never seen this done before, loved all of it!

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