Massacre #51: The Cheshire Cat

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Massacre #51: The Cheshire Cat

Postby Dave_Maniac » Wed Sep 11, 2019 3:33 pm

At some random moment during the night Jumbotron starts displaying some static until it starts displaying a weird feed, in it Dave and Alissa are shown to be inside a production booth. Alissa taps the camera and says.

Alissa O’Connor: Hello? Is this thing on? Good, hey mommy look at me I’m on the Jumbotrom!!!

The crowd does not look amazed, in fact they start booing her and her antics.

Alissa: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the asylum!!! You might be asking yourself why is this crazy demented woman cutting of the feed? Well that’s easy... we will not stop until we are given the head of Jack Tickles, Albion and Bella’s heads on a platter. We have turned this place upside down looking for them but until now we had no success so are going to push this to the limit.

Alissa makes her way out of the truck with a cocky look in her eyes, behind her Dave can be seen pouring the contents of a canister labeled gasoline on the floor of the truck.

Alissa: Somewhere I read that the best way to cleanse yourself of all the bad memories is by burning everything that reminds you of those moments, any memento you have about that day is burnt down... so that is what we are doing here.

Alissa stares back at the truck, starts laughing maniacally and stares at the camera again.

Alissa: Hahahaha... Bella said this was our one and only chance at the title, she said our value was going down but contrary to what every she thinks there is plenty of madness going around and we will prove it here.

Alissa takes a Zippo lighter puts it in front of the camera.

Alissa: Let the fire purify your sins, let the fire cleanse you of those impure thoughts and let a brand new day rise because we are the lightbringers, knights of the new light and destroyers of the old world. Bella... give us what we want or this will continue.

With those words Alissa throws the lighter at the truck letting it burn down, the southies make their way inside the arena looking for Jack Tickles or whomever they manage to get their hands on. People form the backstage area rush in to put out the fire and call 911, the rampage of the O’Connors has reached new heights and who knows if they can be stopped.

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