Massacre #51: Mad as a Hatter

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Massacre #51: Mad as a Hatter

Postby Dave_Maniac » Wed Sep 11, 2019 1:07 pm

During the show and in between matches the Jumbotron displays the XWA INSIDER logo, the scene seems to be that of the backstage corridors where people seem to be getting away from a singing Alissa and a scarily stoic Dave.

Alissa O’Connor: Heeeeere comes the boogie man… heeeeere comes the boogie man.

Dave keeps smacking the lead pipe on the walls scaring everyone away, the whole place looks like it is in chaos and no one dares cross the hallways in fear of facing the demented southies. The O’Connors make their way around the corridors looking for Joe’s office, that is until they come to a door where two men stand right in front of it. They would look imposing to any other man but not to the Madman, he sees them trying to protect Joe and that just makes him smirk.

Alissa: If it isn’t the dick and the ass, I’ll let you guys sort out which is which, meanwhile please let us go through… or would you rather have tea right now.

Rupert Von Hammerstrap III and “Regular” John Johnson stand their ground not looking amazed and most likely pissed, both men seem to be sent there by the higher ups in hopes of protecting the threatened officer. The Cambridge born wrestler sees this as an opportunity to make the O’Connors step back so, as the most educated of the two, he starts talking to them.

Rupert Von Hammerstrap III: Listen, we have been tasked with protecting this gentleman by Bella and we will do whatever it takes to accomplish that, right now it’s is two against one man and his wife. So, if you could please move along and leave the premises, I really do not like punching women.

Dave and Alissa stare at each other, they look puzzled and soon after they start to laugh. Suddenly, they stop the laughter and Alissa turns deadly serious.

Alissa: Move away bozos, we have no beef with you... that is unless you think you can take my man down.

Rupert looks puzzled and decides to take the bait.

Rupert Von Hammerstrap III: You really do think too much of yourself, I am a former boxing champion and my mate here is a former amateur wrestler. Both of us can easily take down any trash that thinks they are better than us. Simple math sweetie, 2 is always greater than 1.

Both protectors rush towards them only for Dave to avoid them and slam the pipe on the back of Johnson sending him to the ground kneeling, he then extends his back foot striking the gut of Rupert. The Madman walks menacingly towards the British pugilist trying to scare him but he responds by rushing towards O’Connor who counters by kicking his knee with so much force that he drops to a three point stance, the British man hold his knee as that oblique kick probably tore a muscle.

Alissa: Told you we were here for business, you seriously think you can take him down? He was forced to retire from MMA for being a violent man… that means he injured too many fighters using illegal attacks, attacks that for now he has refrained from using… but no more, if one of the most lethal wrestlers ever had a hard time keeping down, two wanna be wrestlers cannot do that.

While Alissa talks to Rupert, Dave goes in for a throat punch that cuts away his air intake managing to stop his screams. Johnson hopes that he can do something to stop the Maniac, so he rushes in from behind hoping grab the waist of his opponent and suplex him down of but the disgraced MMA fighting machine responds to this by headbutting him on the nose. O’Connor’s rampage does not stop there, he follows this by kicking his face sending and him to the wall making aloud thump. “Regular” John Johnson tries to stand up but Dave traps his head between his legs while holding his right leg with both arms. Using the pure strength of his torso, the Maniac flips him vertically and, with absolutely no regard for his well being, spikes his head on the floor leaving him unconscious.

Alissa: Ouch, that is going to hurt.

Meanwhile, the veteran continues coughing in addition to getting up, Dave turns around and jumps from the ground delivering his elbow on the top of Rupert’s head. The attack forces the nobleman to walk back grabbing the impact point and opening up his defense, Dave sees this as the opportunity to rush towards him and drive his right knee onto the face of the standing target and knock him out for good in a matter of seconds.

Alissa: You might be a boxer but my man here is beyond that… he is the perfect fighting machine.

Both men lie on the ground unconscious allowing Dave to kick open the door and for Alissa to sing something to the scared Joe Tickles.

Alissa: Hello Joe, want to play a game? It’s called uncle… care to play?

Alissa walks in as Dave kicks in the beaten body of Rupert.

Alissa: I’m sorry, I think Dave here broke your bodyguards.

Joe sits on his chair shaking and only manages to ask.

Joe Tickles: H… H… Hi Alissa, h… how c… c… can I he… he… help?

Alissa sits on the table crossing both legs.

Alissa: Oh Joe, Joe, Joe… why are you scared? You and I are friends remember? You were nice to us last time, you got us what we wanted and even if we got fucked by Tommy you kept your promise.

Joe holds his face with both hands remembering what he did.

Alissa: Dave here is not mad you, he is mad at Jack and Tommy. They were naughty boys and well, Tommy has gotten what he deserved… I don’t know if he will be using that right hand to officiate any new matches though.

Joe’s face is pale and visibly worried.

Joe: Yes Alissa, we are friends… I remember.

Alissa get close to his face and caresses his cheeks.

Alissa: Good! Now, remember that you only get one shot at this game and if you loose… well Dave is planning to use aaaaaaaall the illegal MMA attacks he knows on you, so… WHERE… IS… JACK?

Joe slams his head on his desk and looks at her with a mix between fear and anger.

Joe: Damn it Alissa, you fucked up… half the locker room is scared of you and the other half wants both of you out. Either way I am fucked hard… you make this an impossible decision.

Alissa laughs.

Alissa: Isn’t that the fun of it? Worry about what is in front of you and not what might come. You are smart… do what you think is best for business.

Joe stares at his desk thinking.

Joe: I don’t know… I cannot get you out of this one.

Dave kicks the desk angrily towards his gut and before Alissa can threaten him more, he stops them.

Joe: Wait, wait, wait… I might be able to solve the problems with Jack tonight… I am going to text Jack and tell him that you guys are looking for him, I’ll let him know that gorilla position is the best place to hide, you can find him there.

As Joe rushes his text, Alissa reads over his shoulder what he is writing.

Joe: Done!

Promptly there is a response.

Joe: He says he’ll be there in a few minutes. Are we cool?

Alissa stares deeply into his eyes and says.

Alissa: No… your family still owes us something big, YOU owe us something.

Joe hunches down and exhales.

Joe: Pfffff…. What now?

Alissa: I love a man that knows his place, you see… we want a second chance at the Supreme XWA Championship. We want it as soon as possible and we want Kirk Sampson to officiate it.

Joe: Alissa, I do not have that power and only Bella has it. She is the one that chooses the matches and tells us what to do.

Alissa smacks the face of Joe loudly and says.

Alissa: I do not care what the fuck you do, I need this... I want that title and the match better be an Albion is tied up and put in a silver platter type of match, you get it? Now… if you do not want to do this… well, you better know by now that you don’t FUCK with the inmates at the asylum… get it? That is unless you want everyone to know what we did.

Alissa drives her tongue around Joe’s ear pulling on it lightly but before this gets any further, Joe slams his hands on the table.

Joe: God… Fucking… Damn it… Alissa! I do not know how to get you that, I can pull a few strings but it will be too obvious. The only guys who will make a deal with you… well they’ll ask for a pound of flesh.

Alissa laughs at that idea.

Alissa: Then I’ll have to make something so big, they’ll have to see some value in us. There is no one who will keep me from turning this place into the most violent federation on earth. Have you noticed the number of hardcore matches in XWA as of late? That is all us… that is our influence behind the scenes, now all we need is the crown. So if you don’t provide any way possible to get me what I want… Tommy’s broken arm won’t be the worst thing we have done… got it?

Joe’s face turns pale, as he realizes the depth of Alissa’s craziness and influence. He finally sees that the true maniac of that relationship is not Dave but Alissa, a woman so evil she would sell her husband's titles away for something of greater value. That idea gets stuck on Joe’s head as Alissa and Dave make their way to gorilla position, along with that image the XWA INSIDER logo flashes in fading the scene to black.
Dave & Alissa O'Connor

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