Backstage dealings

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Backstage dealings

Postby Dave_Maniac » Fri Jul 05, 2019 2:42 pm

he XWA Insider logo blurs out of the screen to display security camera footage dated 5 days old, the camera shows a fat bald mid-aged guy in a small office. The door opens to show Alissa O’Connor enter the office with a small backpack.

Alissa O’Connor Hey Joe, how you doing?

Joe Tickles: Hi Alissa, you know, everyone is running around making sure everything is OK for the tournament, the wife is mad because I am very busy and my daughter is mad at me because she’s a teenager.

Alissa O’Connor It’s almost her 16th birthday right?

Joe Tickles: Yeah, next month she turns 16.

Alissa O’Connor I remember my sweet sixteen party, it was the best moment of my life, every teenage girl dreams on that party... you better make it something to remember.

Joe Tickles: Oh she will remember it, because I don’t have enough money to organize anything for her and I've been looking for anyway to make some extra cash but I can’t, she’ll understand someday.

Alissa O’Connor Oh that sucks, you know maybe we could help each other out some way.

Alissa puts the backpack on the table and opens it showing its contents to Joe.

Joe Tickles: Wow! I don’t know... what do you need?

Alissa O’Connor I want us to help each other out, you know how Dave got screwed up on last week's tournament?

Joe Tickles: Yeah I saw the match, I did not see anything wrong there.

Alissa O’Connor He really was! But anyway, the favor I need is that since there are two spots open for the tournament I wanted to know if I should put up a bet in favor of Dave being in the match or not.

Joe starts to scratch his head and looks nervous.

Joe Tickles: I don’t know Alissa, I mean you’ve helped me out in the past but this is some insider shit.

Alissa puts both hand on the table and leans towards Joe.

Alissa O’Connor Joe, you know your daughter will be very happy with the party you'll throw her and maybe you can take your wife somewhere nice as a romantic gesture. This will make your family happy and mine also, I got a lot going into this tournament and Dave is hungry for a beating, remember what happened to Paul?

Joe passes his hand over his face and grabs his chin not knowing what to do.

Joe Tickles: You mean Paul from security?

Alissa’s cocky face smirks.

Alissa O’Connor Same guy. All I am asking is to make sure Bella pulls out Dave’s name and puts him in the tournament again, think of your baby girls happiness.

Joe fists hit the table.

Joe Tickles: Damn it Alissa! I could lose my job!

Alissa O’Connor We can take care of you, no problem just make sure Dave gets into the tournament back again. Your brother Tommy already fucked us over and you don’t want all your family to be in the same boat right?

Joe Tickles: FUCK! Fuck you Alissa! Fuck!

Alissa stands up straight, crosses her arms and looks directly at Joe.

Alissa O’Connor Now, don’t be that way when we are just trying to help each other out.

Joe pauses for a few seconds as he starts to stutter.

Joe Tickles: Ok Alissa, I’ll see what I can do just don’t mess with my family please.

Alissa O’Connor As long as we are good friends there will be no trouble for you or your family. We are friends right?

Joe's face look worried as he stares at the desk and only mumbles.

Joe Tickles: Yes, we are friends.

Alissa leans in to kiss Joe's forehead.

Alissa O’Connor Thanks Joe, remember friends take care of each other. Just tell your brother to be careful, you never know how insecure the streets are.

Alissa steps out of the office just as Joe realizes what she has just said.

Joe Tickles: What?! What did you just say?

Alissa’s laughter can be heard as Joe stares at the money worried about what he has agreed to do.

The scene fades to black displaying the XWA Insider logo.
Dave & Alissa O'Connor

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