Special Minka Carter Press Release Announcement

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Minka Carter
XWA World Tag Team Champion
XWA World Tag Team Champion
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Special Minka Carter Press Release Announcement

Postby Minka Carter » Thu Jun 06, 2019 11:27 pm

The following has just been released by Minka Carter:

"First off, I want to say that it is extremely surreal that I am an XWA Tag Team Champion. I would have never imagined this, especially considering AJ Morales is my partner and all of that considering the past. I also would have never imagined how I'd be a double-title holder right now after YEARS of struggle. It was once said that I couldn't succeed without the "DEMON" and yet, in recent weeks, I have proven to not just BE successful without it in the first place, but to be even MORE successful without it! It has me thinking... maybe I have SOME unfinished business here after all? I mean... prior to the demon being extinguished, the last match I had here was Smith Jones in the TV title finals at Legends (which, I'm sadly 0-2 in... but then again, that was the DEMON and not me) and I had also lost to Emery Layton two years ago in the LotR tournament. It is obvious that at that time, I probably wasn't mentally ready for those challenges (IT GOES WITHOUT SAYING!).

That being said... maybe now, I'm ready. Being XWA Tag Champion AND Evolution Wrestling Survival Champion proves that for sure. Why should I stop now? I'm only beginning to experience the rise of my career. This isn't a "one hit wonder/comeback story", this is a story of how a woman who always had the potential to be where she is at now, if not even better, is finally realizing it and I should take this to the fullest as much as I can...

Which is why I am entering the 2019 Lord of the Ring tournament! Maybe I wasn't ready in 2017... but now? I feel like I can make it happen. It won't be easy, but I continue to be better and I'll continue to improve! I'm only 25, so the sky is almost certainly the limit. Let's take this sudden lightning in a bottle and make memories out of them! Let's win this tournament and show the world what a rags-to-riches wrestling story is REALLY about!"

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