massacre #43 -- What Makes a Man - Patience

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massacre #43 -- What Makes a Man - Patience

Postby Archer » Sat Apr 20, 2019 8:26 pm

Can you believe this not featured on Massacre? of course who is Blake Archer to the XWA community?

We've thought too much about this with doctor's visits and the attempts to get cleared. All while XWA is thinking of my health all I want to do is fight! I need to FIGHT! This is driving me INSANE!
Who buys Archer's merchandise?
Who waits in line to watch him wrestle or sneak a chance to see him?
Which of the faithful there hopes and prays when they go to bed at night that at the shows they might run into him at the loo?

Do you really think people show up for you Blake?

Do you still think people pay money for the King of Canines?

The scene opens up outside of the XWA Battlezone in Chicago.
Blake is getting some brisk air while the show is about to start. Why is he here?
He is at every show even if not advertised and even if not proclaimed. Backstage watching, or just sitting there waiting looking for a spot to do something. Can he use his Golden Ticket? Doctors, Psychiatrist, specialist, they think he should step down. Was Levinator too hard on him?
Anyone who doesn't just know Archer, but the man known as George they know how his demon, the voice in his head can turn dark.
That voice forgets he is human and becomes suborn beyond reason, all this talk about losing his career has tempted that demon... that voice has gotten louder.

Blake looks at his phone, his wife is just a text message away or a phone call. He wonders if the PCWA Undisputed champion has made it here. His fingers trace the mortar of the bricks holding the Battlezone together. Blake lets himself smile. This is as close to home as he has ever felt, but he still feels unworthy of it. This is a home he doesn't deserve he hears that echo off his skull.
He retracts his hand quickly before the building becomes cursed by his touch. He has invited someone named Travis Levitt, a person that got done something XWA people look at him as a hero for, but that "George" seems unable to forgive himself for falling short on.
Two men retired the mighty Levinator, one man his career one man his championship reign.

Sure we are champion... but for who? He asks himself.
"You lose..." the voice most dominate in his head answers. "you lost the Hardcore championship, you have lost all chances at the Supreme championship. haha...loser...I am stuck with a loser."

He feels so ashamed that voice feels that way. A dominate female retaliates back to that male. "Who did defeated Levinator? Did Blake or Dorian?"
This is something him nor that angry male can answer. Who should get credit? Blake defeated him... WE DEFEATED him... but... did we really retired him?
the poor man has been going insane from that question. It shouldn't matter should it? Both are the same man after all, but are they?

He looks at his phone again. His eyes focus on the text. {Travis, did you get the ticket I left for you tonight?}
Why won't he reply? Blake pushes his left hand against his face smashing it with frustration. He wishes he could rip his face off to release some of the tension he was feeling. Finally the bleep sound of a new text sounds. His throat tightens. Is this Travis? Is this the champ he has been trying to contact? He can't look... he has to. There on the bright screen he reads the reply.

[Of course I did, King. I’ll be there]

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