Vespertine's view: #2 monthly podcast

You might think it all ends when the last bell rings, but not in the XWA! This is your first stop to post promos, interviews and character development featuring our stars that is NOT for a current show.
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Vespertine's view: #2 monthly podcast

Postby Vespertine » Sun Feb 03, 2019 8:11 pm

(We see Vespertine seated behind a mahogany desk. She has a few pieces of paper in front of her and when she looks up, she smiles and addresses the camera which we shall call camera 1)

V: Welcome to Vespertine's View. This is my viewpoint of who's who and what's what and what happened during the recent PPV. In this case, we had Brave New World.

(She smiles crookedly, then turns slightly to face camera 2)

Albion Gale vs. Captain Fabulous
Not sure what happened here, it was a bit one sided. They made this "character" called Captain Fabulous out to be bigger than he really is. And all we got was a one sided match where Albion basically decimated the competition. I should've bet money on the fact that Gale was going to win. She did but not in the way I thought she would. There was a lot of counting out and a lot of posing by Mr. Poser himself, the Good Captain Fabulous. In the end, the better person won although I did have to laugh at the fact that she had to wait until he was done being fabulous to actually tear him apart. Then she hits her White Noise at the end of the match. Ding ding ding, the Good Captain is down and out. Rack up another win in the book of Albion. As much as I appreciate the fact that Albion is a no nonsense get it done type of person who simply puts her head down to the grindstone and gets it done, I would think the audience would've appreciated a little more (thinks) pizzazz in the ring. Now that she is back to using a few of her old flashy moves, she needs to do them more. Yes, they are all sparkle and flashy but they get the job done. A person plummetting onto the stomach of another person, yes, you'll get hurt but it'll be the person on the mat who feels it more. Believe me, I've given and I've taken. Kaji, take notes. You're, shall we say, protege is surpassing you.

Vespertine vs. AJ Morales
Next up, Battle of the Bay. Can we can give a shout out to the Bay Area Metal and Hip Hop scene or whatever the fuck Lil B was. If this match was AJ's way of getting me to play nicer and talk better about his beloved XWA, he failed. He did more hyping up the crowd and going for Flash and spots than trying to get me to shut up. Half of the old roster is gone. I can trash talk any one of them if I so choose, they don't care. They are outta here. But in the meantime, who now holds the banner for XWA. Yes, I get it. The Superman of XWA, AJ Morales does, but you aren't the only one here, are you? I'm here. Kaida and Joey are here. Angelica and Sarah are here and we are going straight to the top... whether you like it...or not.

(She turns to face camera 1 again)

Danny Diamond vs. Blake Archer
Two very fine looking men and I love my men and this match was interesting. These two had very different wrestling styles. Watching it, I would have to say that Danny was the better looking of the two in terms of in ring ability and putting on technical clinic. In terms of hottness, Blake had that nailed. Now, it doesn't happen all the time but when a, shall we call him a ferrari, a ferrari goes up against a tank like Blake, the tank usually just go all out, brawls and tries to wear down their opponents with big hands and feet, and moves and most of the time, he'll win. But not every time. This was that time when the ferrari won. Danny has some really impressive wear down manuevers in his technical moveset and this match, he wasn't afraid to use them. His Silencer for instance is a really devastating move. Used to win big matches against big men. And he did just that. In this match, Buddha be damned if the Ferrari didn't get the tank down. That is what happens when you think only brawn can win over brain. Danny has the brains, Blake has the brawn. He also has the distracting beauty on his side, his wife, but we won't go into that. In the end, the better man won. Take note Blake, you need to step up your technical game if you want to start winning against bigger dogs like Danny. Now, I know what you are saying Blake, "Danny isn't as big or as brawny as me, he can't do that again." He can and he will unless you think about your in ring skills and start coming up with counters and keeping them in that pea sized nut you call a brain up there. For this match, I was rooting for either one of you to win. On paper it looks like a classic. In reality, it was just a one sided brawl and where you expected the tank to win, the Ferrari did. Sorry, Blake, you lost to a bigger, better man. Try again.


Now, being a technical wrestler myself I should go through this move for move and show and tell you what works and what doesn't. Unfortunately for you, I don't have that much time. Otherwise I would love to point out inaccuracies and what works. Sorry.

(shrugs, goes on.)

The Kagome Family vs. Team Heel Shit Up!
This was interesting. I'm sorry, what in the hell was that at the beginning of the match. Rock paper scissors to start the match? Just f**king start the match excuse my korean. If I ever needed a legit reason to be annoyed with Angelica Vaughn, this was it. Just start the match. And that is why you lost the match. You two were wrapped up in the whole: "oh ro sham bo" for starting that when you finally got your heads in the game, you lost. No, it was not because the new team of Fighting Gold blind sided you while you were doing early match shenanigans. It was because they were professional about it. They came, they saw, they conquered, end of story. ANd now, there is a new tag team in play and you two, have only separate gold. Did Sarah even enter the match. Didn't seem like it. Just seemed it was all Angelica all the time. What the? Kaida gave Joey a chance whenever she could, and he tagged Kaida just as often to keep them fresh. What? Did you want all the credit yourself, Angie? Did you want to see if you could win the tag team titles yourself just so you could show the world that you can indeed wrestle. (shakes her head) You know how I feel about Angelica. And Sarah, aren't you the "heel" of the team? You made me lose my match against your friend by throwing her vuvula at me to get me dqed. Where were those kind of antics? I thought you two were true friends. Your scene stealing shenanigans and rule breaking ways should've entered into the contest. They didn't and that, my friend, is why you lost. You just can't keep switching back and forth between "face" and "heel" between matches. You stay one thing until management or you decide to change permanantly. There are no words to describe what a debacle you two were and what kind of well oiled machine Joey and Kaida were. And in the end, when the dust settled and the smoke cleared, the newer but better team won. Sarah, Angie, you want those titles back? Quit the kid stuff, function as a team and get your heads back in the game.

(Pauses and turns back to camera 2)

Well that is about all from me, this time. That was Brave New World. I have to say though, even though I lost, I had a great time. AJ is a hella good wrestler and the Battle of the Bay theme really came into play with Brave New World so kudos to you. From a technical standpoint, our entrances were spot on. We represented the Bay on both sides and what would've happened if there was an Apocolypse in the future in the Bay Area. Thank you for going with me on that one AJ. We were the show stopping match of the evening. We came, we saw, we delivered. I wouldn't have it any other way and I'm sure he wouldn't either. Brave New World is a great concept we should have more of in the future. But the future has come and gone and is now the past.

(turns back to camera 1)

Until next month, keep it real, keep it cool and go unto your own rule. I always do. Good night and good luck.

(scene fades to black.)
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