CD | Stepping Forward

You might think it all ends when the last bell rings, but not in the XWA! This is your first stop to post promos, interviews and character development featuring our stars that is NOT for a current show.
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CD | Stepping Forward

Postby GiggityGopher » Thu Dec 06, 2018 3:44 pm

--- The following scene is a character development piece and takes place off screen ---

Setting | The Diamond Mansion in Los Angeles, California

Seated out on the balcony of his Los Angeles home, Daniel Smithson Jr. – better known to the world of wrestling as Danny Diamond – looks out at the rising sun on an early California morning, just days after Legends. He’s had some time to think and process what happened to him, not just at Legends, but over these last two months entirely. Everything that was said, everything that was done. If his expression is any indication, that reflecting hasn’t been a positive experience. His wife, Skylar Reed – known professionally as Skye Sapphire – steps out onto the balcony, seeing her husband. She sighs, knowing what’s going on in his head. Or, at least, thinking she does. Skylar takes a seat next to Daniel.

Skylar Reed |
”He threatened me, Danny. He threatened your son. You did what you had to do.”

No reaction. No response. Daniel just continues to watch the sun come up.

Skylar Reed |
”Listen to what I just said. You did what you had to do. It wasn’t him, it was you.”

His focus doesn’t break.

Skylar Reed |
”Mirage isn’t back. He’s never coming back. He’s not real. You had an illness and you got the help you needed. That part of your mind isn’t there anymore. You’re Daniel Smithson Jr., not Mirage. If you were, you wouldn’t have looked at your son’s frightened face and stopped yourself from ending Sean. If you were Mirage, Sean wouldn’t be alive right now. Everything you did to him before that was to protect us, not because Mirage was in your head again. You protected us and you stopped before you went too far. You’re not—look at me, Danny.”

Hearing the concern in her voice, Daniel finally turns to his wife. She looks him directly in the eyes as she speaks.

Skylar Reed |
”You’re. Not. Mirage. You’re the man I fell in love with, the man I married, the man I had a beautiful baby boy with. That chapter of your life, as awful as it was, is over. It’s done and it will never be revisited again.”

Daniel looks at Skylar, momentarily taking in what she just said. He looks to the ground and stares, trying to gather the words he wants to say. Looking back up at Skylar, he speaks.

Daniel Smithson Jr. |
”You heard everything he said. We both heard it. We listened as he described his descent into madness. He didn’t use my issues to gain popularity. He had his own. And yet … I tried to end his career. Knowing he was just another man suffering from his own thoughts, I tried to end him. I may not have given the final blow, but I tore him apart. I sacrificed my own body to hurt him. All because I was upset at something he didn’t even do. I put you two at risk, angering a man who knows what it’s like to live with that madness. But that’s not even the worst part. I know I’m not Mirage.”

He sighs and looks to the ground once more.

Daniel Smithson Jr. |
”I’m worse.”

Skylar Reed |
”Don’t say that, Danny, you’re—“

Before she can finish that sentence, he looks back up at her and interrupts.

Daniel Smithson Jr. |
”He wasn’t real, Sky.”

Skylar gazes back at him, confused. That’s exactly what she’s been saying, but he’s not agreeing with her. His tone shows the difference in his idea of what that means.

Daniel Smithson Jr. |
”Mirage was an excuse. Nothing more. Everything Sean said … he was right. I let myself believe that I was being controlled by something so horrible that my actions couldn’t possibly be my fault and I couldn’t fight it. But, deep down, I knew the truth. I didn’t want to believe it, but I knew it. Everything that happened; Diana, Jason’s dog, Adam’s girlfriend, all the attacks, all the violence, my own father … it was all me. I didn’t need a monster whispering in my ear because I was already a monster.”

As he’s talking, it’s as if the emotion is being drained from his face right in front of Skylar. She can’t think of anything to say in response, allowing him to continue on.

Daniel Smithson Jr. |
”I’ve done horrible things. Unspeakable things. Yet, I’m still here. When the great Danny Diamond says he wants a contract, he gets one. So now I’m moving into a new year and I’ve just gotta, what, pretend everything is different now? I go out there, talk about how great I am and then come home, unable to look at my accolades because I know I don’t deserve them. I have the talent, I know, but that’s not what I mean. I don’t deserve to be here. I don’t deserve anything I’ve gotten. Why is it right for me to continue breathing when my father is six feet deep? I put him there and did I suffer for it? Did I pay for what I’ve done to him or anyone else? No. I got the insanity plea and worked to remove an entity from my mind that was never even there. Once I faked my way through therapy, I was out on the streets again, ready to damage and ruin more lives.

The worst part of it, Sky, the worst part … It’s knowing that this whole time, when I acted like I wasn’t in control of my actions, I knew that was a lie. I lied to you. I lied to my father. I lied to every person I care about to hide what I truly am. And now, now that I’m finally able to admit it to myself, I just … I don’t want to be a good person. It’s like, knowing what I am, I don’t deserve the luxury of liking myself, so I want to continue being the monstrosity that I am. I don’t want to give myself a chance to improve because I haven’t earned the right to feel better about myself. I never will. I’m going to continue being what I am because it’s what I deserve. And I know what that will do to you, what it’ll do to Daniel. For you two, I wanna say I don’t want this to be my future, but … I can’t even think about the idea that I care about my family without seeing my father’s cold, lifeless face, all the color sucked out of it as he lies in his casket. I can’t be better because I know that I truly don’t care about anyone, not anymore. I’m not Mirage. I never was. But I’m not Danny either. Danny died a long time ago. I’m a disease, just like Sean said.”

By this point, it doesn’t even seem as if Daniel is looking at Skylar. His eyes look almost glazed over as if he’s looking beyond his wife, into nothing; seeing and feeling … nothing. His eyes still point to the woman he once cared about, but the soul seen behind Daniel’s pupils has faded.

Daniel Smithson Jr. |
”I’m gonna continue to talk about how great I am. I’m gonna continue to show the world my ability. I’m gonna get more accolades and continue to build on the legacy that everyone knows about. The world won’t see my true colors, not in full definition, at least. I cannot and will not ever like myself, but everything I’m gonna do moving forward will be about me and me alone. Because I’m all that really matters to me and I can finally accept that. I’ve spent years saying that diamonds are forever and it’s true. But now I realize that I’m the only diamond there is.”

He finally breaks his far-off gaze from Skylar, looking to the side. Licking his lips to wet them, he says something she never would’ve expected.

Daniel Smithson Jr. |
“Get out of my house. Take Daniel and leave.”

Still processing everything he’s said so far, Skylar can’t fully comprehend what’s happening. Can this really be true?

Skylar Reed |
“What? …”

The iconic wrestler takes in a deep breath and looks back up at Skylar. With seemingly zero emotion behind his words, he explains.

Daniel Smithson Jr. |
“I want you and Daniel gone. I don’t care where you go. Just go. Leave my home and never come back.”

Skylar’s eyes begin to fill with tears, as she realizes this is actually happening.

Skylar Reed |

Daniel Smithson Jr. |
“Get out.”

They look at each other, Daniel with his emotions drained and Skylar with them pouring out.

Daniel Smithson Jr. |
“You can choose to believe whatever reason you want that I’m doing this. You can believe that I’m telling the truth; that I’m a horrible person who’s done horrible things and all I care about is myself. You can believe that I do care about you and Daniel and I’m pushing you two away because I’m afraid of what I won’t be able to control and I just want you two to be safe. Maybe I don’t even know what I believe. But believe whatever you need to believe to make you go get your son and leave me forever. We will never see each other again. We will never speak to each other again. You and Daniel will never be a part of my life again or vice versa. You will never come to my funeral. Leave. Leave now and never return.”

Tears begin to fall from Skylar’s eyes, as she looks at the stoic Daniel in disbelief. She can’t move. She can’t talk. She can’t do anything right now. Her mind simply won’t let her. For the first time, emotion finally comes out of Daniel. Staring back at Skylar, wanting her to leave and seeing her stay, his mouth quivers as he tries to fight off what he’s about to do, but he can’t. He shoots out of his chair and grabs Skylar, slamming her against the wall, pinning down one arm by her wrist and grabbing her neck with his other hand.

Daniel Smithson Jr. |

Skylar struggles to move and breath as Daniel shakes with the sudden outburst pouring from him. The expression on his face is hard to decipher. The anger in his expression is offset by the painful sorrow. It’s as if he truly doesn’t know what he’s feeling right now while he looks into the tearful, choking face of his wife. Finally, he lets her go. Skylar gasps for air instantly as she takes a few steps away from Daniel, trying to recover. Once she’s coughed and gasped enough to regain at least some composure, she looks at Daniel. He never put his hands on her before, not even during his darkest times. Realizing this truly is it, she wipes away her tears and leaves, going to get their son – her son, as Daniel said – and get away from the man she loves. Once she’s gone, a moment passes of Daniel simply standing there. No movements. No words. Nothing. After a while, though, he turns back to the now knocked over chair he was seated in. He picks it back up and sits down. Daniel looks back at the sunrise again, his face almost red as he looks like he’s either about to burst into tears or scream with rage. He closes his eyes and sits there still, unmoving. A deep breath is taken in out exhaled out before he opens his eyes back up, looking significantly calmer. Whatever his reasoning, whatever he’s truly feeling on the inside, Daniel did what he felt he needed to do and all there was left for him now was to accept it. He’s alone, no wife or child, as he prepares for the next chapter of his life; the resurgence of his career atop the mountain in XWA. Regardless of his motives, he knows he’s on his own from here on out. All he can do is take those lonely steps forward.

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