Calling for insurance

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Calling for insurance

Postby Vespertine » Fri Nov 02, 2018 2:11 am

Place: Vespertine's San Francisco apartment
Time: 2:00PM
Date: 11/1/2018


(Vespertine sits on the bay window ledge seat looking at her phone. As the camera pans around, behind her sits a huge entertainment center with a few HDTVs and huge surround sound speakers.  On either side of the entertainment center is a potted bonsai tree.)


(As we come in, Vespertine is talking on her cell phone with someone. Let's catch it....)

V: Hey Scarlet. (pause as the person on other end talks) Yes. It has been a long time. (pause) No, sorry about that. I couldn't make it. Yep, back into the wrestling circuit. (pause) No, a new federation called Xtreme Wrestling Alliance. (pause) Hold on, I need to put you on a speaker phone. (pause. SHe laughs then pushes a button) Ok go on.

Scarlet: Well the other day, he went out and just suddenly forgot what he was going for.

V: Dude, girl, your dad is a kick. Love him. How's mom.

Scarlet: Dead.

V: Oh... sorry. How did it happen and when?

Scarlet: Naw, don't be. Her cancer was in an advanced stage. She didn't want to keep living. So we disconnected her tube. About 6 months ago. I think you just called the week before.

V: Oh... right. You can do that?

Scarlet: Yeah, Korea is not like America. We get that option if we want it. We don't have a guilty conscious. We don't have protesters to go through. We don't need a lot of paperwork to get it done either. We just do. Usually the doctor's are ok with it.

V: That's awesome?

Scarlet: Not if you have to be the one pulling the plug on your own mother. But dad is in no condition to make that call.

V: Yeah. That's true. But you have been gaining power since you took over the reigns from him. Is he happy with the job you have been doing?

Scarlet: I think so. He doesn't tell me. But his men seem to like me so they follow. Which on that note, I'm assuming you need something otherwise this isn't just a social call.

V: We've been friends for how long now? Why can't this be just a social call?

Scarlet: I've known you how long now? You don't call me at this hour for a social call. You call me during these odd times when you really need something.

(pause, long, pregnant. Silence extends)

Scarlet: Ok. How bad is it? What's she or he like? Do you need the Hand again?

V: I was thinking more along the lines of the Five Fingers. I mean she is a Matriarch of her clan, she carries a katana blade to the ring and she has a Yakuza family backing her up.

Scarlet: How Yakuza are we talking here?

V: She has the whole dragon tattoo deal all up and down her back.

Scarlet: Serious?

V: Dead on.

Scarlet: Damn! Yes. They aren't currently on a mission. I was just about to assign them to take out an enemy of mine but yeah, sounds like you need them more.

(Pause, silence. Then.)

Scarlet: How long this time?

V: I have no idea how long this feud will extend too. I can pay you if you need me too.

Scarlet: For you Vesey, anything. But if it's longer than 6 months and the job is still going, well we'll talk about that when we get to it.

V: You are the best my sweet. (pause, change of subject) Don't you miss America? San Francisco. Tenderloin District. Saturday Nights downtown.

Scarlet: The only thing about America that I miss, is our trips to the Raves on Saturday nights that were down in Little Italy and the Castro. I miss you Vesey, I really do. But my family has need of me and dad's business can't manage without a head. I'm that head now. If you need me to come visit, I can but I can't stay long. Besides, you have Five Fingers coming and you haven't visited me yet. Not for a few years at least.

V: Yeah, sorry about that, busy with Kenji and Geisha and wrestling and my band. Dad's opening a new restaurant out in Phoenix. Mom is heading a new project at Apple so can't go with dad. So dad needs me to come along and see all is ok with the opening.

Scarlet: No worries. Just as long as I can be of help to an old friend (pause) Hey gotta go. Business line is lighting up. Say hello to the folks for me.

V: Will do. See ya Scar. Love you much.

(The phone clicks off and we see her chew absently on her phone top staring out the window at the Bay Bridge, probably remembering what she and Scarlet did together when they were kids.)
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