Interview at Octane

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Interview at Octane

Postby Vespertine » Tue Oct 09, 2018 7:41 am

Vespertine: Hey all on the XWA roster, I was looking through some of my old stuff a few days ago and came across an old interview I had done back in 2014. I know, I know, it doesn't have anything to do with my matches or my opponents but I thought it was really good stuff and kinda shows you a little about my life. Go ahead and enjoy....

"Interview at the radio station.”

Place: A radio station sound booth. Station is Sirus XM Channel 68: Octane, Pure Hard Rock. In New York City overlooking Times Square.
Date: Friday Sept 24th, 2014
Time: 2:00PM
Background Music: None

(The camera fades from black to a radio station play booth and we see Vespertine with headphones on talking to another woman who is behind the control board. There are posters of various hard rock/heavy metal bands posted all over the walls, and a couple of potted plants in the corners. As we watch, the sound comes up and we hear the woman talking to her audience. The woman is named Kayla and is one of the primary DJ’s for Octane and also the Boneyard on Channel 71 for Sirius XM. On the other side of the broadcast booth sits Vespertine, dressed in black washed faded jeans, a navy blue spaghetti strap tank top and red high heels. Sitting in her lap is her Gibson Paul V black bass guitar.)

Kayla: And that was “Second Chance” by Shinedown. Welcome back, if you just tuned in, you are listening to SirusXM channel 68, Octane, Pure Hard Rock. I'm Kayla Riley and we have a special guest today. She has joined us in the studios here and brought with her, her bass guitar, in case she wanted to play for us. She is the bass guitarist and co lead vocal to the band Inner Darkness and also full time wrestler for GZWA, Kimber Le, but if you are a wrestling fan you would know her by her ring name, Vespertine. Thank you for joining me here in the studio.

V: My pleasure, Kayla. It’s always a pleasure to be here.

K: Now, do you go by Kimber or Vespertine?

V: I usually go by Vespertine. My friends, boyfriend, and family call me that as well. It’s my ring name. My mother calls me Kimber when she is mad at me. My father doesn't believe that I should wrestle so he calls me Kimber but I go by Vespertine mostly.

K: Good deal. Anyway, I saw your last show over the 4th of July. You and Cody really rocked it hard up there in Portland, Ore.

V: You saw it?

K: I certainly did. I’m a huge fan of female fronted bands like you guys, as well as Lacuna Coil, Stitched Up Heart, Halestorm, Delain, Wicked Wisedom, Archenemy and others. So who else is in your band?

V: Well, Cody Black is our lead guitarist and co lead vocals I’m the bassist and co lead vocals. His wife, Rae Rossi Black, aka, the Wolf, is another guitarist. On drums is Lizzy Dadner aka Nightelf and the keyboard is Bill Wheldon. I guess you would liken our sound as a cross between Lacuna Coil and Wicked Wisdom.

K: Which you know is fronted by Jada Pinkett Smith, Will Smith’s wife.

V: Yes it is. I’m a big fan of her band because not only do you have a smooth sound from them but the lead singer is a woman, and a black woman as well. You don’t see too many black women fronting Metal bands.

K: That’s true. You know she was in here a few weeks ago.

V: Oh really?

K: Sitting in that very seat?

V: Oh really? (she gets up off the seat to look down and pats it. She sits back down) Well now I can say I had my brush with stardom. I mean she is huge in her own right? And she is married to that georgous man, Will Smith.

(Kayla and Vespertine laugh.)

K: But music is just a side thing for you, right? Your real job is wrestling for GZWA. What does that stand for?

V: Ground Zero Wrestling Association. Most of my band members are wrestlers who I have battled with in the past in various different federations.

K: Really?

V: Yes, Nightelf was my mentor who taught me to be Extreme. I met her in my first federation, WCW. That's Western Championship Wrestling. Rae and I had a good rivalry and even had a couple of Hell in a Cell matches. We met a a federation later in VCW, Virtual Championship Wrestling. Same with Cody. Cody and I met once in the ring. He is Rae’s husband. And Bill was in a completely different federation and we had a relationship storyline going on. We met in another federation called WTF or Wrestling Turmoil Federation. I found out he liked to play the keyboard and we brought him in. He is the shyest in the group but he fits right in.

K: Now how long have you been wrestling?

V: 12 years now. Give or take.

K: Wow! That is a long time. How did you get your start in the business? Did all of a sudden you just up and say: “Today, I want to be a wrestler.”

(Vespertine chuckles a bit)

V: Sort of. I was sitting at home one day about 12, 13 years ago watching a match between Lita and Trish Stratus and I saw the moves that they did and how well they performed them and you know my background was Karate and Tae Kwon Do and I was just getting into Muay Thai kickboxing and Capoeira, and I was like: “I can do that. I CAN do that.” So I went to a local show. I was living in Hermosa Beach getting my BA degree at UCLA at the time and I saw my first Asian American woman wrestling in the ring. Her name was Gail Kim, she went against another lovely female wrestler named Melina. I just had to go backstage and meet her, Gail, that is. So I slipped past the security guards and knocked on her door. We talked for a bit and then Gail pointed me in the direction of a teacher south of the border in Mexico City. I guess what she saw was that I was this high flying luchador, what with my karate background. This was before both Gail and Melina got into WWE and even before they got into OVW, or Ohio Valley Wrestling, which is the developmental league for WWE. Since then though, Gail and I have been friends.

K: So... wait, did you have any formal wrestling training or were doing any sports of any kind before you became a wrestler?

V: No, before I met Gail, I was mostly into karate, and Tae Kwon Do. But after meeting Gail, I trained with a luchador master that was living in Mexico City. I moved to San Diego to be nearer him.

K: So your style of wrestling is high flying luchadore and mixed martial arts?

V: Yes... in a way. My style is a mix. I have mixed martial arts in my reperatoire. I have lucha libre which is the high flying style of mexican wrestling, but I also have mat technician based moves like you see Bret Hart, Eddie Guerrero, and Chris Benoit do… I’m sorry did. May both of them rest in peace. And if you put all three together: high flying, mat technician, and mixed martial arts, you have a very dangerous combination there.

K: Nice! Now people say wrestling is fake. Is that true?

V: Anybody who has been in the ring knows that is so NOT true. The punches and the kicks may look and seem fake but the falls, the broken bones and the blood are VERY real. Anybody who watches from the audience may say: “oh he didn’t hit him that hard.” Or “the bandage on those ribs are all just show.” People see that and they don’t believe that we are actually hitting each other and that there is actual contact. But I’ve been in the ring with men and women, with and without weapons and I can definitely say, that wrestling is real. The blood is real. The pain IS real. If you do it wrong. I mean yes, the punches can be pulled, the kicks can be short, the tech hold can be loosened to allow air but if one slips up while doing them, the punch will connect, the kick will hurt, the tech hold can constrict airways or break bones if you aren't careful. It also helps to be in the ring with a person who you get along with and who knows what they are doing. Like, Rae for me. Gail too but unfortunately we have never faced off in the same squared circle together. Just mostly in the Dojo mostly for training or blowing off steam.

K: You’ve been in the ring with men too? Wow! You’re brave. That must be very scary since they hit so much harder than women.

V: Yes, they do hit harder but its women you have to watch out for.

K: Really? Why?

V: Yes. Well when men wrestle against women they think: “Oh I’m facing a woman, she isn’t that hard. I’ll easily beat her.” And that’s when they underestimate the female. For example, since I’m 120lbs, I have wrestled guys who were three times heavier than I was and I beat them because they underestimated me. With all that bulk and mass they have, they easily get worn down so I can out run them. I just bided my time and waited for the right moment and struck when they least expected it. 80% of the time this works. Now, women on the other hand are a different matter. Since every women out there is there to prove something to someone: whether it be that they want to feel like they can compete with men, or they want to feel that they can wrestle as well as the other women on the roster, or they want to go after a title and prove they are worthy championship material, women try to do it stronger, harder, bigger, better. Women are more cunning, devious and dangerous than men. This is because, we have something to prove. We have to step up to the plate and back up our talk. A good female wrestler will take it and try to give back even harder. A bad female wrestler will fall down and be pinned easily. They aren’t there for very long. And since women want to always be the best and be at the top, nothing is sacred. They hit harder, and stronger, though not as hard as men do but they are more cunning and craftier than men. And when you get a woman on top of her A- game, she becomes more devious, and more dangerous than any man in the business. Men are like that too. Men want to be on top too. But women need to prove their worth to the men to be on top. Men think we are only eye candy. So the women have got to step up and show them we are more than eye candy. We are more than just valets and managers and that, we have as much, if not more, talent that the men.

K: Wow. I didn’t know that. Anybody come to mind?

V: Yes, as a matter of fact. Rae is like that. Sorry, was like that, I think she is full on retired now because she has a kid with Cody. He is about 5 years old now, I think. Hmmmm.... another one would be Aurora Mathews in ACW or American Championship Wrestling. She didn't let anybody or anything stand in her way and won every title she set her sights on. In EWE, or Extreme Wrestling Entertainment, it was Christy Chaos. She is a hardcore brawler that doesn't let anybody stand in her way and isn't afraid to step on toes either.

K: You don't consider Nightelf as one that wants to step it up.

V: I don't because she is always up. She has ADHD and is always somehow stealing the spotlight and wants to do things hard and rough. So we gave her the drums. Mostly because she was good at them. But she mentored me, like I said, and ours was a love/hate relationship. Over the years she has backed me up just as much as she has stabbed me in the back. She doesn't really like to stand by herself, she likes being in stables, her biggest one was with her ex husband Deathbringer and they were in a stable called the Dark Alliance which was the biggest stable in WCW when I joined up back in 2005. My friend Gail is one that is like me, she'll take you to the extreme and try to take you past it, because she doesn't want to be outdone. Sure she has flashy moves but in her repertoire, she has moves that actually hurt too. I have battled her once or twice and if we were keeping count, she and I would be 2 for 2.

K: Now, quick other question here. Do you think I could become a wrestler?

V: With a little training and the right amount of coaching, I’m sure you could. You have the mic skills down pat.

(both of them laugh)

K: That’s true. Maybe you could teach me some moves later. But let me back up a conversation here a second. You said your friend was Gail Kim, of WWE fame-

V: Or now TNA fame. (pauses and thinks) She retired though this last Feburary but she still works behind the scenes for TNA as producer and agent.

K: Right. Do you have any other superstar friends like that?

V: I do, my best friend who I grew up with is Jamie Chung. She and I went to elementary and middle school together in San Francisco before she moved to L.A. to go into acting. I was at one of the Academy Awards where she was getting an award for whatever it was and-

K: You don't remember?

V: Not really because that night, I went backstage to see her and bumped into Lucy Liu who I had only known through modeling shoots that we both did, she being a model before she was an actress. She saw me, we finally got a chance to talk, and we hit it off. My other best friend of 10 years is a woman by the named of Kimmora Lee Simmons. Founder of the Baby Phat clothing line. I modeled her clothes for her and that's how we became friends. Not her Baby Phat line, she was doing adult clothes before she hit it off with Baby Phat.

K: You modeled as well and then you have done movies or had parts in movies, tell me about them?

V: Not much to tell, I like acting but my passion is the ring. I mean I had speaking parts but they were mostly in B rated movies so nothing that would really stand out and wrestling takes up most of my time. I have wrestled and modeled a lot more than I have acted.

K: Then, when you aren't doing that, you are a karate instructor?

V: (laughing) Yes, I teach the local kids at the Dojo just around the corner from my apartment in San Francisco. I feel that is a good way to give back to my community. My father gave me that ideal, which was really the only thing he ever gave me that I used to such a extent. I do that off and on when I'm not acting, modeling or in between federations.

K: You're such a busy bee, aren't you?

V: I try. I hate being unproductive in my life and I don't care for video games or being online. I love being outside and doing outdoorsy stuff and or being busy working or playing. If I AM online, I'm usually doing work related type stuff like doing homework on my opponents.

K: What are your other favorite sports or activites?

V: I have a kayak, my boyfriend has a wakeboarding boat so I he and I go wakeboarding whenver we can during the spring and summer months. Snowboarding during the winter. I'm an avid volleyball player so you can usually find me at the Ocean Beach volleyball nets in San Francisco on the weekends or whenever I'm at home and not with my tigers. I like doing Stand Up Paddleboarding (or SUP) because it's relaxing and a lot of thinking time while you row somewhere. I also sometimes do a bit of sideshow street racing.

K: On a closed circuit course?

V: No, (laughs) as in all illegal, racing through the streets of say, Oakland or San Jose. Currently I'm #2 on the Bay Area street racing circuit. Then I have my white tigers who keep me company and my band whenever all of us have the time between matches and shows.

K: WOW! YOU are busy! You have two white tiger's?

V: Yes, Geisha and Kenji. Gifts from my father a few years ago. I often put them in my wrestling promos in the hopes it makes me stand out from the influx of asian wrestling woman that are in the industry.

K: Yes, getting back to wrestling. Is there any opponent that you have faced in the past 5 years that stood out to you, that, I don't know, took you "past your breaking point" so to speak?

V: Well, Rae Rossi Black, aka the Wolf and I had some really great matches together. We were in two hell in a cell matches at two different back to back PPVs in VCW. I beat her the first time for the Women's Title. She beat me the second time for the Light Heavyweight Title. I'll also never forget my rivalry with Nightelf. She mentored me and I think she was more surprised than anything else when she finally got me in the ring and found out that I actually learned what she taught me. In our feud, I am one up on her for 3 to 2. Then there was Amanda Cortez. We started out as an on screen couple but she backstabbed me and we spent the rest of the year battling back and forth. In our feud I am 2 to 1 over her.

K: On the men's side. Does any opponent stand out to you?

V: In the same federation as Nightelf, I had a longstanding rivaly with a guy by the name of Working Man JA Sawyer. His (airquotes) "schtick" was that he was a wrestling construction worker. He and I met many times, once in a fatal four way falls count anywhere and while I wasn't pinned, we did fight our way to the boiler room. He finally got me down when he suplexed me through a bunch of pallets. Then in UCW in 2012, a guy by the name of Jeff Turner and I exchanged the X Treme Title a bunch of times. It was a wild series and usually it ended up out of the ring because there were no rules, just extreme rules which, as I always say, is very different than hardcore. When the fed shut down, he had just gotten back the title from me a fifth time. Then, when I was being mentored by Nightelf, a guy by the name of Johnny Blaze came from out of nowhere and we feuded for a while over the WCW TV Title. I had three runs in WCW and the last run, he and I banded together in a stable called Pain Inc which was a long running stable that was the complete opposite of the Dark Alliance.

K: Now, you claim that you have had broken bones and have been in the hospital because of some misplaced or wrong moves done. What is your most memorable ones?

V: The first and foremost one was when I was in WCW and I was battling another female by the name of Widow in a cage match. We were battling it out at the top of the cage when she kicked me in the midsection, put me a move called the X factor and jumped the 20 feet to the arena floor. My face took the brunt of that fall. She won the match. My face was shattered and so for the next few months I had to wear a facial protector, or mask. My doctors were good. I went through several facial surgeries and corrective surgeries to correct and renew the bones and now all you can see is a little scar across my nose bridge... if you can see it at all.

(she points to the bridge of her nose)

K: Wow! That must've hurt.

V: Taking lots and lots of painkillers helped. Another time, I was battleing Rae and we were on top of the first Hell in a Cell. Something happened and she somehow went through the cage at the top and landed on the mat below. If I had just jumped down to pin her like that, she would've been very disappointed with me. We were of the same mind that we simply had to outdo each other so I did a Jeff Hardy and from the top of the Cell, I did a 670 splash right onto her stomach. I broke her ribs, heavily bruised mine, but I crawled out of the pool of blood that was pouring from her mouth to pin her and win. We were both carted out of there and spent a few days in the hospital. Another time, I was suplexed off a loading dock by another female wrestler in WCW. I landed wrong and my arm broke at the shoulder. I spent a few days in the hospital and a few months in a cast and sling.

K: Ooops my producer is telling me that we have to take a music break.

V: Wow! Music break! WOOT! WOOT!

K: (laughing) I know right. Let's start this set off with Jen Ledger's song "Not Dead Yet" which we'll follow up with Disturbed's newest hit "Are You Ready" and when we come back, we will talk more with Vespertine. She'll tell us about her wrestling career and about her music career and maybe play a song or two.

(Camera cuts shot....)

Vespertine: Anyway that is it for the first part. I do have the second part but I'm way too tired to send it in. It's 1:30A here on the West Coast. But I will send it in, hopefully you enjoyed this one and you now have a glimpse into my life.
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