Massacre #35: A Prize Denied, Pt. I

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Massacre #35: A Prize Denied, Pt. I

Postby RevolutionJones » Mon Sep 10, 2018 3:52 am

(So...I know the Morales/Archer match is already in the archives, and that real life happenings got in the way of actually completing the match, but I wanted to make sure that the result was public record, because it's critical to both A.J.'s story direction, as well as a key factor in creating the next set of XWA Top Ten rankings. What you're about to read is the finishing sequence for the match. Hope you like it!)


We return from commercial with Blake Archer and A.J. Morales exchanging chest chops in the ring. Morales seems to be winning out, judging by the way Blake stumbles back a step towards the ropes with every hit.

And we’re back, LIVE on XWA Massacre! It’s Morales vs. Archer for the GWP World Heavyweight Championship, and Temps, you really can’t pick a winner here, can you?

Just like last time, this match has absolutely come down to the wire. Let’s just hope there aren’t any kidnappings...

A.J. lands another chop, then tries to run the ropes and come back. But Blake is ready for it, and he leans down, gets his hands on A.J. just above the kneecaps, and in one fluid motion, the King of Canines stands up and pops A.J. into the air, vaulting the Revolution over the top rope.


Back body drop by the champion!

Look at the height on that, Jesus Christ!

A.J. nearly falls to the ringside floor, but reaches out and grabs the top rope just in time to save himself. He pulls himself up until he’s got both feet on the apron—WHAM! All for naught, as Archer knocks A.J. down to the floor with a lariat!

Well, there’s no denying it, folks. Blake Archer is in control, and if A.J. doesn’t do something about it fast, he’s gonna have a disappointing night for sure.

Now that he has a moment to breathe, the King of Canines takes a moment to look around and survey his surroundings. He hears his fans chanting his name as his wife, Mary-Jane, pounds her fists on the ring apron to keep time, He peers over to the commentary desk, where he sees the championship he’s carried all these months, the one he used to stake a claim to Supremacy all those months ago, shining under the Chicago lights. Then he turns back to his opponent and sees A.J. struggling to get up while Amy Taylor stays back, watching her client with baited breath. The veteran takes a deep breath, collecting himself for what he’s about to do…

With A.J. still down on one knee, Blake grabs hold of the top rope with both hands, vaults himself up, and like a superhero leaping through a window to confront a gang of crooks, the King of Canines launches off, ready to throw a forearm…

Goes for the K9 Crush, aaaaaand…

Wait, wait, what’s A.J. doi—

SMAAAASH! Morales intercepts it in midair, tackling Blake and driving him back-first into the side of the ring! Both men collapse on the floor!


Morales counters with a devastating 94 Blitz!

Champion and challenger continue to lie there, catching their breath as the BattleZone roars with approval.

THIS IS AWESOME! -clap clap clapclapclap- THIS IS AWESOME! -clap clap clapclapclap-...

With neither man making moves to get back in the ring, referee Jack Tickles starts the count…


Still no sign of returning yet.


We promised you gold upon gold! We promised you title fights you’d never forget! And by God, this is shaping up to be a classic!


These guys better get back in the ring, though, if they want it remembered as a classic and not a tease.

Sure enough, A.J. starts stirring, clawing his way up the apron as his manager looks on. Amy even makes a move to help pull him up, but he quickly waves her off and goes back to climbing.


The Revolution gets his upper body onto the apron, and from there, all he needs to do is turn and get his legs on the apron before he rolls sideways into the ring.


Remember, champion’s advantage still applies to GWP title bouts, so if A.J. wins by count-out, he still won’t go home with the gold.


Mary-Jane finally decides to intervene, approaching her husband as A.J. recuperates inside the ring. Archer looks relieved to see her, even as he winces from the lingering back pain.


MJ gives Blake a hand, and he takes it, pulling himself up to his feet. He gives her a kiss on the forehead as thanks, and as he climbs into the ring to officially beat the count, she walks back over to her husband’s corner.

So Archer beats the count, but you have to wonder as we approach the endgame—OH!

From seemingly out of nowhere, A.J. rushes Blake down with a bicycle knee, staggering the champion.

No question there who’s got the head start!

With a series of shoot kicks, A.J. corrals Blake away from the ropes, and when Morales feels he has the positioning right...BAM!


The superkick freezes Archer to the spot, and with one slingblade, the Superman of XWA brings his nearly-300-pound opponent down to the canvas.

Down goes Archer, and this may be the golden opportunity A.J. needs!

The Revolution seems to sense that fact himself, as he rushes to his corner and starts looking back and forth, back and forth between his right hand and his fallen opponent…

And we all know how he's gonna do it!

A.J. kisses his ring knuckle, right on the Green Lantern symbol, and as his supporters hit a fever pitch, he can feel destiny calling him. This is his moment. This is where he wins the big one. This is where he etches his name in the halls of history as a world champion...

And then it all goes black.

Once again, the crowd is in confusion, but once a spotlight illuminates A.J in the corner and the stage starts flashing green and purple, they know what’s up, and they’re not happy about it.

Wait, wait, this is the same thing that happened against Lil Rainbow!

A.J. leaves the corner and starts cautiously exploring the rest of the ring, trying to figure out where Blake is. But anything beyond the edge of that spotlight is too shrouded in darkness for A.J. to see, and his search doesn’t lead him to the referee, Blake, or anyone else at all. And all the while, the only hint of context stutters and glitches through the PA above a tide of static...

Pay—P͢PPPa͠y͟—͝P̶ay̶-̵ay-҉ay̢-a̕ý—́P҉aybac̷k’s ą b̕i̕—͡b҉i—bbbb͏it͏c͟ḩ, moth͢er͞f—̨ ͜

The instant Blake reaches out from the darkness and rolls A.J. up into a cover, the noise and the lights cut out, and everything goes back to normal. In a flash, the referee scrambles down to make the count...





Blake releases A.J. as soon as he hears the bell, and the BattleZone fills with the sounds of Depeche Mode, the Revolution sits up, looking around in shock.

And your winner...AND STILL GWP World Heavyweight Champion...BLLLLLLLLLAKE! ARRRRRRRCHERRRRRRR!

Oh, come on! Not like this!

I mean...A.J. did get this shot because Blake got screwed, so it’s kind of poetic that he’d lose it the same way.

At least that time, we knew who was fucking behind it! What’s all this cryptic bullshit?

A.J. seems to be asking himself the same question, because he starts pounding the mat in frustration. Blake, meanwhile, doesn’t exactly look happy about the way he did this, even as he allows the ref to raise his hand in victory before handing back the GWP title.

All the shenanigans aside, if I’m Blake, I can’t deny that this is a huge step towards taking the #1 spot on next month’s Top Ten rankings, and all the benefits that come with it. I’m sure these fans would love to see him be the one to take down Tim.

Archer raises up his belt high once again, soaking in the cheers from the crowd, but just as he lowers it, A.J. gets right up in his face. The two stare each other down for a tense few moments, long enough that Amy Taylor and Mary-Jane seriously consider getting in the ring to try and calm their respective fighters down.

Oh, nononono...this better not go where I think it’s going...

But then, A.J. steps back, a touch of rationality returning to him. He remembers how it went when it was Blake on the wrong end of this situation, how wronged Blake felt...and most importantly, A.J. remembers that it didn’t come to blows between them, because Blake recognized A.J. wasn’t the one behind that. And no matter how frustrating it might be to lose yet another world title shot, A.J. knows instinctively that this isn’t Blake’s fault. So the Iron Luchador gives Blake a nod, as if to tell him “We’re cool,” and when Blake nods back, A.J. turns and leaves the ring, heading back up the ramp without even remembering to grab his championship belts. Amy has to go and get those for him, all while Mary-Jane climbs in the ring to talk to her husband.

...huh. Wasn’t expecting that to resolve itself on its own.

Thank God it did! I don’t even want to imagine what could have happened.

Well, you don’t have to, Mark, ‘cause when we come back, you’ll be plenty occupied with our next title fight of the night.

Storied History defend the XWA World Tag Team Championships next, right here on Massacre!

Don’t miss it, or the challengers’ll put you through a table.

We fade out on Blake and Mary-Jane as they celebrate the win with the fans.

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