What's in the Box Mary-Jane - Blake Archer CD

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What's in the Box Mary-Jane - Blake Archer CD

Postby Archer » Sat Mar 17, 2018 3:15 am

Continuing on Mary-Jane had felt on edge around her husband. His mind was only thinking of all the flaws that surround him. Levinator will be like a shark he will smell them all out like blood and attack. Most of his days have been focused on training El Dos, something he swore he would never do. The kid is fast, perhaps too fast? He doesn't set up submissions right and they are easy to counter. He doesn't pick his spots better and it makes them easy to avoid.

Blake: "Did you train at all since Legends?"

Dos: "Uh.. no. I mean I have done laps in the pool and around the track near the high school. I just haven't really felt motivated."

I put my hand on my head. I have waited so long to get my hands on Ace Andrews. It might have just been a rumor, but supposedly he is the reason Spirt Fire and I had such problems. Could I forgive that? No. He is still committing crimes with each year that passes, he is down right now but we all know he is plotting his way back to the top status within XWA.

Blake: "Alright go hit the speed bag, I need to think."

He listens and obeys while we walk off to the men's room. I lock the door. The earth seems to rumble like and earth quake but it is just my mind playing tricks on me.

Strange Voice: "Archer...why are you doing this to yourself? You and I could fight these two."

I shake my head, that voice wasn't real. Or... was it?

Blake: "No we have to learn to play well with others. I need to learn to play well with others I mean."

Strange Voice: "It was my face in the crowd wasn't it? Admit it you miss me? This world is eating you alive, just let me take over."

Again I feel the creepy chill run over my body and shake my head.

Blake: "Stop you are not real..."

There is a knock on the door, how original...but good. Until I go to open it and there is nobody there. I step outside of the men's room avoiding the glances in the mirrors and the embrace of my own shadow. I just keep looking at Dos. He is not very coordinated with his punches. I shake my head feeling embarrassed on his behalf.

Blake: "DOS! Try kicking instead."

He nods and adjust the height on the speed bag for kicks. This time he seems much more coordinated with his feet.

Strange Voice: "Duh he plays real football, I should have known. Rugby too."

I don't realize there is anyone behind us until she is within a few steps and we turn to see my wife Mary-Jane. She must be able to tell I am not myself right now. I need to have a face in the front and the back, entering this world everyone has always been out for themselves. What is the lesson Levinator taught us over ten years ago?

Strange Voice: "Don't trust anyone Archer...remember..."

Mary-Jane: "Love I came to get you for supper. You boys both look busy."

Blake: "I am giving up cardio training to teach him some basics. Rabbit must have trained this boy to just evade and wear down. I am telling you MJ that will not work against Lev not when he has Ace to tag out to. I doubt it would work in a singles match truth be told. You remember when he tossed me from that guard tower?"

Mary-Jane: "Yes I was so worried and when he kidnapped ..."

Blake: "What?"

She realized right away she slipped up. What is she hiding?

Mary-Jane: "He is the one that kidnapped Rain, or he hired men to. She told me all about it, please don't think about that sweetheart."

Blake: "Really?"

Strange Voice: "I knew he was a dirty bastard, but my baby....MINE... not yours."

My voice gets deeper, more raspy. My fist clinch tightly as I picture that arrogant smirk I'd love to cram my boot down. If I could I would rip his bottom jaw off and see how funny he finds that. I could respect the guy if he didn't have such a knack for rubbing me the wrong way. First Ace hurt my family as he separated us and gave Sprit that reason to lie to us, she wasn't protecting the children she was keeping her secret life going. I rotted away in a psych jail waiting for her and when I got out she wanted to pretend he never happened. I don't think so.

Blake: "Fine I won't say anything, if I find out he hurt her though I will not be held responsible for what is done to him."

Mary-Jane: "Have you opened your Valentine's day present yet? It is time."

I have been too busy to remember or care. I sigh and shake my head back and forth. She frowns and quickly covers it up with a forced smile.

Mary-Jane: "It alright you can after dinner."

We leave, I feel a little more confident that Dos can carry himself. A lot of what he learns seems to be things from last year when he fought Emery Layton. Now he will have to focus on tagging in and out we have to keep ourselves fresh to win this match. After dinner MJ brought out the box that had my present in it. I had surprises even good ones, I feel like a bomb could be in this box. She opens it since my body is unable to move to do so. Inside of it I see a mask, but not like my original. It is not the face of Dorian Blake, so than who is it? She smiles watching me, my fingers brush the outer edge and it feels like cold steel. I look over at her.

Blake: "What is this?"

Mary-Jane: "I know that you've felt like a part of you was missing since Paroxysm unmasked you."

Strange Voice: "UNMASKED?!"

Blake: "No he stole Dorian's face... he cut it up into pieces..."

I almost want to scream but I still feel so drawn into the blackness where the eyes would be. There is a new life that rises inside of me. I feel like it possible to let go of inhibitions and be myself again.

Mary-Jane: "I know love, but... use your mind. Why does Dorian only need one face....huh Dorian? I have seen you without a mask. I love you, our children love you, other people will love you."

Blake: "Other people laugh at me. I have journeyed through hell to be here and I keep moving forward. My losses that hurt, and I cried. I cried because it is ok. Now I am moving on even though my tag team partner got hurt and is no longer competing around XWA. I do the things that most people claim they'd do but in reality they would just log online and bitch and moan about how unfair their life is or how surrounded by idiots they are. Right now everything inside of me wants to relapse...I want to destroy Ace and Levinator..."

Mary-Jane: "You love this job though, plus Temperance is so big on the XWA due to Emery and you."

Blake: "Emery first right?"

Mary-Jane: "Well she is a girl sweetie."

My joy feels knocked out of me like a heavyweight boxing punch to the gut. My daughter even says I am number two! What a life!

Mary-Jane: "Do you like your present love?"

This is something I can wear to be... myself. I can hear the people now cowards wear masks. This mask is a life inside of me... this mask permits the energies I host to use me as a host. In this mask I could be free.

Blake: "I love it sweetheart. Tell me... this is not something I can wrestle in."

Mary-Jane: "No, but since that man ran by with ... well I mean it looked like your old mask, but I have no idea how? Do people hear know your past?"

Blake: "Just one...Just one..."

I hold the mask thinking of Levinator and how he is the only person that knows who waits in me for a chance to face him one on one. Will we see him in the ring at Massacre? Not yet.... not yet Blake.

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