CD: Meeting Of The Minds

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CD: Meeting Of The Minds

Postby Dragon Ace » Mon Mar 12, 2018 3:18 pm

The scene starts out as simple as many others on the Battlezone. There's a camera panning around backstage, only this time it catches the approaching form of the suited up Former XWA Owner, Ace Andrews! Ace looks like a man on a mission at the moment, stepping down the corridor and around a corner. He ignores the few dirty looks he is getting, people that had to live under his co-rule last year no doubt, and instead just glances at the doors left and right until he finds one with a simple name on it.


Ace raises a hand to knock but then seems to think better of it, and just opens the door and barges in, the camera close behind as Ace walks in and comes face-to-face with....nobody? Ace looks around puzzled for a second, after all Levinator isn't the sort of man you miss when you walk into a room, before he finally speaks up loudly.

Ace: “Lev?”

A loud flushing can be heard, soon followed by running water, and Ace turns to face the door on the side of the room, which is promptly opened, and into the room steps Levinator himself. The Australian Giant is just finishing re-doing the belt on his trousers, before he reaches behind himself to rub at his ass and winces.

Lev: “Damn robe scratched me. Gonna feel that tonight.”

Lev ignores Ace for now, pulling out one half of Smith Jones torn robe from behind his back, and holding it carefully out in front of him. Ace blanches and steps away rapidly, as Lev walks over to a box on a bench and sets the tattered and stained robe inside it. Closing it up, he steps over towards the door and pops his head out, grabbing a passing scrawny looking man with a headset on and putting the box in his hands.

Lev: “Hey mate. Make sure that gets to Smith Jones, would you kindly? Its his lost property. Just doing my civil duty and all.”

Levinator lets the man go, watching him scurry away before he chuckles to himself.

Lev: “Huh. Duty. Nice one. Self Five!”

Lev raises one hand and high fives himself before stepping back inside and closing the door. Turning around he finally looks at Ace and smiles.

Lev: “Hey Ace. Didn't hear you come in.”

Ace: “Yes well, you seemed di--”

Lev: “Wait, were you in here while I was on the porcelain? Cause come on man. Thats my private time. And I don't recommend anyone gets within a hundred meter radius of that. Especially when I've been eating curry.”

Ace: “Believe me, it wasn't my p—pla----plan.”

Ace suddenly stops speaking, eyes widening and the Billionaire Brawler's face grows red quickly. He lets out a few coughs and then covers his mouth and nose and looks at Lev. After a few moments Ace moves for the door, and Lev follows him out, Ace stumbling a little down the corridor until he finally comes to a free patch of the wall and slumps against it. The Billionaire Brawler even lets out a few dry heaves as Levinator watches him with something resembling a smirk on his face, watching Ace until the Billionaire Brawler turns to look back at him and coughs again.

Ace: “You weren't kidding about the hundred meters, were you?”

Lev: “Wasn't kidding about the curry either. But for Smitty, it seemed important I put in that extra special touch.”

Ace looks at Lev for a moment and then shakes his head. Slumping down to draw some wind, Levinator gives him a few extra moments and then Ace fully stands up and puts his hand on his chest. Looking back down the corridor towards Lev's locker room, and then up at Lev, he nods away from the room and starts to step away, Lev quickly stepping up beside him and walking along with his hands in his pockets as they speak.

Ace: “So, I saw the card. Seems you've made a pretty big impact on your return.”

Lev: “You know me, Ace. I'm good at making new friends.”

Ace: “No. What you're good at is pissing people off.”

Lev: “You say To–mah–to....”

Ace rolls his eyes turning to shoot the big man a pointed look, but Levinator isn't watching Ace, instead glancing around at the arena curiously. Ace lets it go and looks away with a sigh.

Ace: “Well, I for one wish you hadn't let yourself get distracted. I brought you in for a reason Lev. I brought you in here to watch my back, and help me get gold again. I didn't bring you in so you could go off on some last big run trying to re-live your glory days.”

Lev: “You bought me in to watch your back, Ace. I'm doing that. You bought me in to get you the Tag Titles, I haven't lost sight of that. But after that, my time is my time. And I can do whatever I want.”

Ace: “No! You can't. How are you going to protect me, if you're in the ring? How can you focus on my security, when you are so focused on this little one upmanship with Smith Jones. Bella could strike out at any ti--”

Lev: “Why would she, Ace? She won.”

The two men stop and turn to face each other, Lev letting out a sigh and shaking his head.

Lev: “She won, Ace. How are you the only person that doesn't understand that? She gains NOTHING coming after you now. In fact, the moment you signed that contract and gave her the rights to make you call her boss......that's the cherry on top. She's won the war. She own's XWA. And you have to come to her for work, because you choked on top of PRW AGAIN and can't show your face around there.”

Ace: “That' can't just.... you don't.....”

Lev: “Yeah, I do. Better then most, I do.”

The two men share a look, each trying to stare the other down but finally it's Lev who shakes his head and gives a small shrug.

Lev: “Look, you got me another chance here, and I'm thankful for that. And we've been friends for so long that at times, its almost like we're the same person. So don't try and bullshit me, okay? You're nervous. Your worried. The amount of times you've just bailed for no reason around these halls.....hell, I heard Dan was petioning an Ace Andrews emergency exit right under the ring to ssave everyone time. But the only way your going to prove you can still go.....that you've still got this? Is to get out in that ring and do it. Just like I am.”

Ace bows his head and nods quietly, and Lev shoves his shoulder with a chuckle.

Lev: “You're not pissed at me for trying to relive my heyday. You're pissed because I got a headstart on you.”

Ace: “Just....make sure you're just as focused on our Tag Match tonight, alright? It's Archer. He knows you better then most and I don't want him surprising us. Plus after what you did to him at Fox River...”

A cheeky grin crosses Lev's face and he shakes his head.

Lev: “Don't you worry about Blake. I taught that boy everything he knows. But I didn't teach him everything /I/ know.”

the two men share a grin but its quickly interrupted by the sound of a cellphone going off. Levinator pulls his cellphone out of his pocket and grins at it.

Lev: “Seems like Smitty got my present. And he knows a lot of nasty words too. Tut tut.”

Ace: “Speaking of Jones....we going to talk about his offer?”

Lev looks at Ace and then gives a small shrug and sighs.

Lev: “If you want, we can. Beers are on you after the show.”

Ace: “You got it. Now, go get ready Lev. You've got a big night ahead.”

Lev: “Hey, after that night with the Watson twins on your 30th....I've well and truly earned my endurance card. I'll see you out there.”

Ace can't help but bow his head, shaking it slowly while Levinator grins and moves back towards his locker room, and the scene fades out.

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