Character Development: "Poisoned"

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Character Development: "Poisoned"

Postby Minka Carter » Tue Apr 25, 2017 6:52 pm

OOC: Part 2!!!


Date: March 26, 2017

Minka Carter was understandably frozen and frightened staring at Myra Lynwood who had her hand extended to her.

Myra: What the hell are you waiting for? Shake my damn hand! Have some respect.

Minka: But… this is…. I don’t know…

Candice: What’s the matter?

Minka: Candice, you know that during my teenage years, I idolized Myra. Now you’re going to have me wrestle her?

Candice: Dream come true, right?

Minka: You’re having me compete against someone with way more experienced than me. She’s got at least 10 years on me.

Candice doesn’t respond when Myra slaps Minka across the face.

Myra: Shake my hand, damn it! I could give fuck all if you don’t respect me, but at least have some respect for your sister who made the effort to set this up.

Minka takes a deep breath grabbing Myra’s hand. At that point, Myra pulls her right into a clothesline and starts laughing.

Myra: *scoffs* Oldest trick in the book! Stupid rookie!

Candice: And with that, we have ourselves a match in progress!

Minka stands up, holding her throat along the way. Myra shows no mercy toward her grabbing her by the waist and throwing her across the ring with a belly to belly suplex. Minka lets out a small yell as she lands on her back, as Myra put so much force into that belly to belly Minka could have dented the mat upon landing. Myra wastes no time, pouncing on Minka and pounding her with right hands on the spine until she has her down. After that, she applies a camel clutch, continuing to make things worse.

Myra: First off, rookie, when you clearly have an advantage over someone, don’t you dare hesitate. Stay on your opponent at all times.

Myra pulls back on the camel clutch, torquing Minka’s spine a bit more just to add some more torture to her.

Myra: When you’re on your opponent, you’ve got to be aggressive. If you got a submission locked on them, torture the hell out of them. Want to quit yet?

Minka: No…

Myra: Pop quiz then. When your opponent refuses to give up in a submission, or causes a rope break, what do you do?

Minka: Break the hold…

Myra: WRONG!

Myra picks up Minka from the mat, transferring the camel clutch she had into a full nelson.

Myra: You do one of two things, moron. Option A…

Myra pounces on Minka’s spine, immediately bringing her down to the mat and applying a body scissors. Minka is immediately gasping for air as she’s trapped in a pretty deadly body scissors/full nelson combination.

Myra: You transfer to another submission hold… giving up yet?

Minka takes a deep breath, a visible stress and strain appearing on her face.

Candice: Come on sissy, answer her. Giving up?

Minka: No…

Myra: Good!

Myra breaks the body scissors, but keeps the full nelson applied. As a result, Myra pulls up Minka with the hold still on her, then switches from a full nelson hold to a double underhook hold.

Myra: Option B… you transfer the submission hold to another move… as I’m about to do…

Myra turns herself and Minka around and then plants her into the mat with a reverse double underhook facebuster (Killswitch). Myra turns Minka over and makes a cover, shoving her forearm right into her jaw to keep her mouth shut. Candice drops down to make the count.

Candice: One….


Myra: I don’t think so….

Myra breaks up her own pin and applies a sleeper hold to Minka, once again, to keep her silent.

Myra: Again rookie, you’ve got to stay on them.

Myra pulls Minka up to a vertical base, keeping the sleeper hold locked in. Myra then whips Minka hard into the corner. The Irish whip causes Minka’s back to crash the turnbuckles hard, but she grabs the top ropes out of instinct to keep herself from falling to the mat. Myra stands in the middle of the ring, doing nothing.

Myra: Look at me! I’m stalling! I am having a moment of hesitation! I don’t know what move I want to make next to stay in control. I’m a stupid rookie making a stupid rookie mistake! Oh wait, I know what I want to do now…

Myra dashes toward the corner, leaping into the air to connect with a corner splash. Minka moves out of the way and Myra eats some turnbuckle as she bounces off the corner. She staggers right back to Minka who grabs her from behind and connects with a belly to back suplex that pins Myra’s shoulders right to the mat. Candice drops down and makes the count.

Candice: One…


Myra rolls the shoulder out.

Minka lets go of the hold she had on Myra and she walks to the corner, going to the top rope. Myra stands up, holding her neck and wincing in pain after having taken the belly to back. Minka leaps off the top rope and goes for her Royal Flush finisher, the somersault seated senton, but Myra catches her in midair. Minka’s eyes widen in shock and the look on her face is a realization that she knows she’s in trouble. Myra counters with a vicious release powerbomb that nearly caused Minka some whiplash. Myra’s face changes to that of anger and she isn’t happy when she sees Minka rolling out of the ring to try and catch her breath.

Myra: Someone doesn’t know how to listen.

Myra rolls out of the ring in the same direction Minka went and she sees her down on her elbows and knees clutching the back of her neck.

Myra: Aw, did I aggravate that neck stinger you got in your second XWA match? Poor thing! I guess I have to teach you the hard way, don’t I?

Myra goes to Minka and grabs her by her wrestling gear, throwing her head first into the steel steps. Minka’s forehead hit right on the edge of the steel steps, causing a cut on her forehead. Myra sees this cut and has a smirk on her face. She walks up to Minka and rolls her back in the ring. Getting back in the ring herself, Myra drags Minka up and bashes her head on a turnbuckle. She still has some of her hair and she uses this grip to place Minka on the corner.

Myra: What in god’s name did I just tell you?

Myra takes two right hand shots at Minka’s forehead cut.

Myra: When you’re in control of your matches…

Myra takes two right hand shots at Minka’s jaw….

Myra: STAY…

Another punch to the jaw…

Myra: THE FUCK….

Two more punches to the jaw….

Myra: ON THEM!!!!!

Myra really gets vicious with Minka from that point on as she is giving her an endless array of body shots with her right hand. After about 12 body shots, Minka is seriously gasping for air. Myra grabs Minka by the throat and presses her against the corner, smirking at her just to toy with her a little more. Minka, at this desperate moment, has enough in her to whisper a question…

Minka: What… what are you doing?

Myra: What am I doing? What the fuck do you think I’m doing? I’m kicking your ass for not listening to me, that’s what the fuck I’m doing!

Myra delivers an elbow to the sternum to keep Minka stunned in the corner before she steps back a bit and leaps in the air, delivering a leaping corner forearm right into the forehead cut. Minka staggers out of the corner right back to Myra who delivers a spinning heel kick to the cut, knocking her down and effectively busting her open as the swift kick to the forehead causes the cut to bleed.

Myra: I’ve got you right where I want you, dumbass! Do you recognize how that ONE mistake is about to cost you everything? You should have stayed on me after you got a two count on me. But NO… you had to be fancy! In this business, there’s no room for fancy. You’ve got to be AGGRESSIVE god damn it!

Myra grabs Minka by the hair and drags her up to her feet.

Myra: If you’re not’re prone to a big mistake and sometimes, one mistake?

Myra knees Minka in the gut and puts her head between her legs. Myra quickly lifts her up and flips her over on her back, setting up for a Gory neckbreaker (Widow’s Peak). Minka desperately tries to gasp her air, flailing her arms as her only recourse to try to get out of her predicament. Of course, it’s obviously not effective at all as Myra connects with that Gory neckbreaker, causing Minka to take a serious face plant on the mat.

Myra: One mistake rookie… in any given match… can cost you EVERYTHING!

Myra turns Minka over and hooks a leg for a cover. Candice, showing no expression of concern for her own sister, drops down to make the count.

Candice: One…


Myra: Oh hell no, Candice, I’m not done quite yet.

Myra breaks up her own pinfall again and turns Minka over on her stomach. She torques one of her legs, pulling it back, while placing one of her knees on Minka’s neck, again aggravating the injury she suffered against the Lynx.

Myra: See what happens when you hesitate? See what happens when you don’t stay on your opponent? Why go for the quick finish when you can go for the pain? Why not prolong the torture and send waves to the locker room, making THEM fear YOU? Oh wait, because you’re stupid, that’s why. Giving up yet? Tap out or pass out. Your choice.

Minka reluctantly taps out and Myra releases the Liontamer submission.

Candice: And your winner… Myra Lynwood!

Myra stands up and gets her hand raised by Candice.

Candice: She’s going to be okay, right? She’s got a match on the Indy circuit in a couple of days.

Myra: Honestly, that’s the only reason why I didn’t draw out this torture a little more. Don’t help her get up. Let her stand on her own.

Minka lets go of Myra’s hand and they both look down on Minka who is struggling to stand. She gets to her knees and holds the back of her neck. The expression on her face is a mixture of shock and discouragement. The blood running down her face just adds to the painful expression that she’s showing. Myra walks around to stand in front of her, just to look at her.

Myra: You’re pathetic.

Myra adds insult to injury by slapping Minka across the face.

Minka doesn’t react to the slap right away. She stands up slowly, but she’s still holding her neck. Minka then extends her hand to Myra, catching both her and Candice by surprise.

Minka: Thank you…

Myra: Oh?

Minka: I get it now…

Myra: Do you?

Minka: I realize that the way I’ve been doing things in my short XWA career was wrong. I’ve been too soft on my opponents. I can’t do that anymore.

Myra: Good.

Myra grabs Minka’s hand, applying a firm grip. Myra pulls Minka closer, but not to drop her with a clothesline, but to talk to her a little more.

Myra: Henceforth ends the lesson…

Myra smirks as she pats Minka in the check.

Myra: Later, ladies…

Myra and Candice nod at each other and Myra exits the ring, quickly disappearing through the curtains.

Candice: You are going to be thanking me for this later. Rest up for Key West, alright?

Minka nods, putting the official stamp on the lessons that she just learned.


Location: Key West, Florida

Date: March 28, 2017

Minka Carter is standing behind the curtains of her first match on her XWA rehabilitation assignment on the Independent scene. She’s hearing the music of her opponent play and the ring announcer making his introduction.

Ring Announcer (from the other side of the curtain): The following contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, from Key West, Florida, weighing in at 220 pounds… The Royal Prince of the Florida Keys…. JOEY EASTON!

His music fades out and “Trenches” by Pop Evil hits. Minka takes a deep, determined breath, uttering some ominous words before she walks through the curtains.

Minka: No more Miss Innocent Girl…

Minka walks through the curtains to a decent pop from the small crowd of about 700 people, all 700 of them having no idea that they are about to witness the beginning of a new and improved Minka Carter…


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