Character Development: "Family Matters"

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Character Development: "Family Matters"

Postby Minka Carter » Wed Apr 19, 2017 9:26 pm

(OOC: This is an off-camera CDRP that progresses some of the plans I have for Minka. There's another one to come soon, give or take within the next week)


Date: Three days after XWA Massacre: Dos Campos de Piratininga

Three days after her rough defeat to Jayden Crosse on her last XWA Massacre match to date, Minka Carter is walking out of a medical facility with a glum expression on her face. She’s obviously not in the greatest of moods, not just because of her loss to Crosse, but also, because her XWA career hasn’t gotten off to the start she may have wanted it to get to. She’s trying not to think about XWA too much as she heads toward her car. In large part, she’s just trying to get through the day. She opens the back door of her car and places her stuff inside. Once she closes the door, she’s about to go in herself.

However, she’s in for quite a surprise.

Voice: So? What’s the prognosis?

Minka looks to her left and is surprised to see someone extremely familiar to her.

Minka: Candice?

The oldest sibling in her family, Candice Carter has a wrestling background of her own, but unlike Minka, it wasn’t as a wrestler. It was more on the business and management side of things in the industry. The older Carter has a look on her face that can be read as either disappointment or disapproval.

Candice: You’re my baby sister and all. I figured I’d show you I care.

Minka: Not good, if that’s what you want to know. I don’t have a concussion, but I’ve got a pinched nerve in my neck. The doctor said I got it while I was wrestling my match with the Lynx a while ago. I have to take it easy for a couple of weeks so I’ll be out of action for a bit. I suppose if you want some good news, I’ll be back in an XWA ring the moment I’m cleared.

Candice: But does that mean you HAVE to jump back into it right away?

Minka: What are you saying?

Candice: Take it from someone who has seen just about every angle of the wrestling business. You don’t want to dive back into it. I wish I could tell you more, but I have a business thing to be at in about 10 minutes. But, we can talk tomorrow if that’s what you’d like.

Minka: Sure… that’s fine.

Candice: Cool. I’ll text you our meeting place. See you then.

Candice turns and begins to walk away toward her own car without any expression of love or indication of affection whatsoever. Minka though, while she may be internally bothered by it, also knows that it’s always been this way in her family: all business, little fun. Trying not to make too much of it, Minka heads inside her car and drives off, largely thinking about what her older sister has to say to her and understandably being quite nervous about it.

The Next Day…

Considering the Carter family is heavily white-collared, it’s a surprise to see Minka waiting for Candice in a vacant park in Cincinnati of all places. As she waits for her sister, Minka is largely keeping busy on her phone, trying to distract herself from the fact that she’s unable to do anything wrestling related for a while. Understandably, she gets bored after a bit and puts her phone in her purse. But, something else catches her attention. A quick glance at the ground reveals something of her interest…

Minka: Oh… hi there…

Minka spots a garter snake crawling near her and gently picks it up. The snake doesn’t move or react, but it’s not showing any signs of stress or discomfort either.

Minka: Funny thing. I was in Brazil a few days ago. I’m sure there are plenty of your relatives down there. I didn’t see any of them.

Candice: Always the weird one in the family, weren’t you?

Minka is caught off guard a bit by Candice’s sudden interruption and she gently puts down the garter snake, allowing it to calmly slither away.

Candice: Maybe you should have been a herpetologist instead of a wrestler considering your bizarre fascination with snakes. That thing could have killed you.

Minka: It’s just a garter snake, and did you really need to go there? I know I haven’t done great in XWA but I’ve only had three matches. Can you cut me some slack for once?

Candice: Slack? You mean a word that’s not in our family dictionary? See, that’s the thing with you Minka. You’re always the one that questions everything. I don’t know why. Let me put it to you in a language you will understand. I’ve seen your matches so far. Why wouldn’t I? I was once involved with this business for a significant amount of time. Let’s just say that in XWA right now, a garter snake is exactly what you are: harmless, able to take on the easy prey and something nobody really thinks about or takes seriously.

Minka sighs, obviously bothered by her older sister’s harsh criticism.

Candice: I’m not saying you’re a terrible wrestler or nothing like that. But, you’re making WAY too many mistakes in there. You don’t know a thing about pacing yourself. You either rush a move that causes you to get killed when you should be slowing things down, or you hesitate too much when you need to be quick. I get that you were doing great in the Indies, but that’s the Indy scene. Those mistakes you got away with so much in Louisville? You’re not getting away with them in XWA and obviously, your opponents have made you pay for them. This injury of yours is a blessing in disguise. At the very least, it delays your progress of being the embarrassment of the entire family.

Minka: Candice, I’m trying…

Candice: You’re trying alright. You’re trying hard enough, but you’re not trying smart enough. I know that my time being on wrestling television as an authority figure is what inspired you to be a wrestler yourself. It’s flattering, Minka. I mean that. But, you didn’t learn anything from my experiences in the business?

Minka says nothing, not knowing how to answer.

Candice: You learned nothing from when I was assaulted by factions trying to ruin the wrestling industry? You learned nothing from other authority figures taking advantage of me and treating me like dirt? You learned nothing from disrespectful wrestler after disrespectful wrestler spitting in my face, figuratively and on occasion, literally? You’re in a cruel business, sis. Like it or not, it’s every person for themselves. You need to stop dreaming and start waking up to the reality of how tough it can be once you hit mainstream. This is what I’m saying, okay? Your injuries are a blessing in disguise. You have a chance to refresh and take a breather from this.

Minka: You might be right. Maybe you have a point. You’re standing there just coldly criticizing me like I’m worth nothing and….

Candice: Welcome to mainstream wrestling, Minka. That’s how it is.

Minka: ...okay, FAIR, I guess. But if you’re going to stand there and rattle off the PROBLEM, all while putting ME down, what do YOU suggest? Are you going to be part of the SOLUTION? What are you going to do about it? I know you love me and you care about me. You rarely express it, but I don’t need you to express that. I know you and the family well enough to know that you would never point out a problem without having a solution in mind. You wouldn’t be talking to me right now if you weren’t going to help me. So, what’s the deal here?

Candice: I’m glad you asked. Meet me eye to eye, Minka. I need to level with you on the “solution”.

Minka stands up, visibly rattled to a slight degree by Candice’s harsh words from earlier, which Candice notices, but chooses not to acknowledge.

Candice: I am going to help you. I’m not looking to get back into managing or anything like that. I’ve been gone from the business for over four years now. To be honest with you, I’ve just about lost all of my contacts from the business considering how long it’s been. Actually, let me correct myself on that. I do have ONE contact left, that I still talk to on the regular.

Minka: Is he or she a manager?

Candice: Better than that! SHE is a wrestler, and a damn good one at that. You should be quite familiar with her…

Minka: Is she here?

Candice: No. But, she’s available. We kind of talked about this in advance. She’s doing this as a favor to me. March 26. Miami. She’s set up the time and the place for the three of us to meet and believe me, you’re in for an experience.

Minka: What kind of experience?

Candice: Meet the two of us in Miami, and you’re going to find out. Here’s the address….

Candice pulls out a slip of paper from her pocket consisting of the address and hands it to Minka to curiously takes it.

Candice: Don’t worry about your travel expenses. I have you covered. My contact is going to take care of us as far as lodging goes. See you in Miami on the 26th?

Minka: Yeah… sure…

Candice: Good! Later!

Candice turns around and walks away, again without indicating or expressing any affection toward her younger sibling. Minka picks up her purse and places the Miami address inside. The curiosity of what the “experience” is all about is reducing the amount of reeling she has to cope with from the harsh words she heard from her own sister.

Minka: Some family I grew up with.

Minka sighs, revealing some sadness about the relationship she has with her family, particularly Candice. She leaves the park focusing on her clearance to wrestle again and the “experience” Candice talked about that’s going to take place in Miami on March 26.


Date: March 26, 2017

Miami, Florida. Minka Carter has just arrived at an old, abandoned wrestling school that looks like it’s been maintained largely well in spite of that fact. Oddly, in a hallway, Minka is in her wrestling gear as she’s with Candice, who is sporting a referee’s outfit.

Minka: Let me get this straight. This contact of yours invited us here, so I could wrestle a match against her and so you could be the referee?

Candice: Yes. Now, you HAVE been cleared, right?

Minka: Yeah, as of three days ago.

Candice: Good! All systems go. I’m telling you sis, you are about to go through the experience of a career wrestling this match against the only wrestling contact I have left from my days in the business. But believe me, you are going to learn everything you need to know about how to succeed in XWA after you go through it.

Minka: This one match against this contact is going to do that much?

Candice smiles and nods.

Candice: Trust me…

Candice winks, which makes Minka just a little bit more nervous.

Minka: I’m… nervous…

Candice: You should be. We’ve done enough talking. Let’s go meet your opponent.

Candice walks by Minka, down the hallway. Minka follows her and the two end up walking through a set of curtains, down a ramp that leads to an empty wrestling arena in an empty, small building. They both step inside: Candice being confident, Minka being nervous. There is no sight of anyone else nearby.

Minka: So, where is she?

Candice: She should be arriving right about…

Candice pauses as she checks her watch.

Candice: Now!

Voice (from the ramp): Candice! Oh my god! It’s been so LONG!

Minka turns toward the ramp and her eyes widen in shock. She’s essentially frozen in fear as she watches this contact walk down the ramp and into the ring to hug Candice. Inside, her nervousness just jumped and her brain feels like it just got struck by an earthquake.

Candice: It has! I want to thank you so much for doing this favor for me. Break her in! Please! She really needs it!

Minka can only remain stone faced as the contact turns toward her with a sick smile on her face.

Contact: So, you’re the vanilla dreamer I got to break in. Minka, right?

Minka is still too surprised to answer Candice’s contact, who still has that sick smirk on her face as she extends her hand to her. Her long blonde hair and the aura of evilness emanating from her is enough to make the younger Carter seriously uncomfortable.

Contact: Not that I need to introduce myself, you know who I am right? Myra? Myra Lynwood? The one and only three-time World Champion and GCW’s most hated? Yeah, that’s me… and I’m going to beat the innocence out of you…

Minka darts her eyes toward Candice, then back to Myra Lynwood. She stands still for a while, debating on shaking the hand of one of the most vile people in Global Championship Wrestling today…


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