XWA Final Countdown: 1/29/2010

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XWA Final Countdown: 1/29/2010

Postby DJS » Thu Nov 26, 2015 9:14 pm

First Posted: February 9th 2010 by Johawn

And we’re back in the 1st Mariner Arena in Baltimore with the deafening ovation of the XWA crowd, ready for the event to start properly. A modest but spectacular display of fireworks sets off at the top of the ramp and we’re back live with Matthew Werner and Matt steel to kick off the live part of tonight’s broadcast.

Werner: Welcome back to XWA Final Countdown, where we’re ready to kick off the live event portion of our show. Thank you for bearing with us for our re-airing of Christmas Kaos, which was unaired in many parts of the country due to the weather conditions over the holiday period.

Steel: And we still have plenty to come here tonight, with some great matches scheduled. First up, we have the XWA vs. PRW vs. WFWF interpromotional battle between Jester, Hutton Brown and Trace Demon, but first, we are sad to bring the news of the passing of XWA alumnus, Martin Hart.

Werner: Martin had been battling pulmonary cancer for over a year, and, after an incredibly brave fight, finally succumbed as we aired Christmas Kaos. Michael Hart, better known to XWA fans as Tempest, is understandably absent tonight, a night where we pay tribute to a fantastic competitor and a great man.

The scene fades into a darkened room, empty of decorations or furniture except for a simple metal chair. A man is on the chair with his back to the camera sat reverse with his arms up learnt on what would be the backrest. The camera slowly starts to creep towards the man

Man:[/b] Martin… Ha, he wasn’t everyone’s favourite, hell, most people couldn’t stand the guy.

The camera creeps closer to the man and details start to become clearer, a slightly battered leathers bikers jacket dominates the middle of the screen, dirty jeans and the back of a white set of converse fill out the rest. The camera pans up the back and scruffy spiked hair comes into view

Man: A lot of people are probably going to come and out claim they were best friends with him, that he was a role model, a “good worker”. A lot of people are hypocrites.

The camera starts to pan around him and some of his features start to come into focus, people out in the crowd start to whisper, questioning each other with guesses and predictions

Man: Me… I liked the man, although… my morals have always been on the, shall we say… questionable side.

The camera fully turns to expose the face of the man in question, Angelus. There is a loud mixed reaction from the crowd, cheers for the reappearance of a XWA Hall of Famer (Ha) mixed in with heinous shouts and boo’s because he is basically a massive prick. A smile slowly spreads across Angelus’ face.[/b]

Angelus: We weren’t best friends; he could drink though, man… could he drink! That made him good enough in my books, we would hit the bars together sometimes, I’ll tell you another thing, that motherfucker was smooth with the chica’s.

The smile brakes into a massive grin, there are a few quiet laughs with the men in the crowd.

Angelus: Obviously not as smooth as myself, but for a yank the boy did good. This one time on the London tour I took him out in a few of my old hot spots because I came over to…

Angelus scans the camera from left to right as if he was surveying the land over the outside of the screen and says his next words with extremely sarcasm.[/b]

Angelus: .. this wonderful country…

Few boo’s from the crowd[/b]

Angelus: We tore the place up.

Angelus laughs to himself and looks down as if he was remembering the scene, shaking his head slightly as he laughs, he reaches up to push the hair back from his face, turn back up to face the camera.

Angelus: I mean, literally tore the place up, I still can’t go back there… This is a man who lived his life. Who did whatever the fuck he wanted. No rules, no morals, no mercy.

Angelus reaches down out of camera short for a second and picks something up from the floor.[/b]

Angelus: No man deserves to go out the way he did… we all have to go sometime though, right?

The smile disappears from Angelus’ face, replaced with a grave look.[/b]

Angelus: I have always thought it was better to burn out than fade away.

The smile returns although there is a slight look of sorrow in his eyes

Angelus:[/b] Save me a seat down there fella, when I join you, we’ll really start some shit.

Angelus lifts the item he picked up from the floor earlier, it’s a bottle of Jameson’s.

Angelus: Here’s to you.

Angelus takes a swig from the bottle as the camera fades to black as the crowd cheer in appreciation of some rare nice words from Angelus.

Werner: Touching words from an unorthodox man, to say the least. But hell, if Angelus can kick back and drink a few with a guy, you know he’s a guy worth knowing.

Steel: Haha, damn right! I know it’s not the best circumstances, but it’s great to see him back here. And we’ll have more tributes as the night goes on, but up next we have our first match! Our very own Jester will fight for XWA’s pride here, as he takes on Hutton Brown and Trace Demon in a triple threat, tri-promotion war!

The ever symbolic blare of the trumpets greets the broadcast of XWA’s The Final Countdown as “The Final Countdown” by Europe keeps the fans mildly entertained during the intermission. The fans sit upon the very edge of their seats for the next contest to begin. A contest where in which not only is every man’s pride upon the line, but the respect of the company in which they represent is as well. The 1st Mariner Arena of Baltimore, Maryland is packed to capacity with XWA fans upon this chilly winter’s eve, those very fans brought to their feet as the ring bell chimes three times in quick succession.

Keri Thames:[/b] Ladies and Gentlemen, the following contest is the XWA vs. PRW vs. WFWF Challenge! It will be held under Triple Threat rules and is scheduled for one fa-

A heavy rustle and murmur before sudden excitement breaks loose from the crowd, throwing off Keri’s concentration as she makes the opening match introduction. It is for good reason however as a man is seen pushing his way through the crowded, working his way as quickly as possible past fans in the front rows to the barricade.[/b]

Matthew Werner: Well would you get a good look at this Matt, it’s Jester! Apparently, Jester doesn’t feel like waiting to get this match started.

Matt Steel: Jester is a member of the XWA Hall of Fame Matthew. If he doesn’t want to wait for this to start, then he really doesn’t have to.

Climbing onto the barricade before jumping down to the floor, Jester makes his way to the ring without hesitation before rolling in under the bottom rope. He seems perturbed as he returns to his feet, as if the fans had been an inconvenience to him as he’d made his way to the squared circle.

Thames: In the ring, representing XWA; from New York, New York; weighing in at two hundred and thirty eight pounds; he is an XWA Hall of Famer, Jester!

A mixed reaction from the fans greets the introduction of Jester, fans excited to see the return of the XWA Veteran while others possibly remembering past incidents including him. Jester, however, doesn’t seem the slightest bit concern by their feelings towards him and instead stalks off to a far corner. Leaning into it, Jester unofficially proclaims it to be the XWA corner of the ring.

Thames: And his opponent…

Sounding more like the heavy volume of a violin rather than a guitar, the opening chords of an unknown song leave the fans a tad more than confused as to who to expect next. Yet as the song turns towards a more traditional rock and roll piece, a column of steam erupts from the top of the ramp. It’s appearance signifies to the fans in attendance as to who they are about to see and it brings forth a chorus of cheers for said competitor.

Thames: Making his way to the ring, accompanied by Chelsey Lynn Garner; representing PRW; from Manhattan, New York; weighing in at two hundred and twenty five pounds; he is one half of the PRW Tag Team Champions; Hutton Brown!

Stepping forth from the column of steam with Chelsey Lynn Garner in toe, Hutton wastes little time in working his way down the ramp as “Rebirthing” by Skillet picks up. His PRW Tag Team Championship belt hangs tight around his waist, Brown’s white haori trailing to his sides and keeping the gold in plain sight. As Hutton reaches the midway point of his march to the squared circle, Brown brings his procession to a halt and adopts a wide stance as he removes his championship belt from around his waist. Hoisting the championship above his head, Hutton is cast in a silhouette of explosions as pyrotechnics in various colors explode behind him.

Werner: It may not be a world championship, but Hutton Brown surely seems pleased with the fact that he can currently be called a champion.

Steel: Hutton openly admitted that he may have not taken Dan Bennett as seriously as he should have at Christmas Kaos. From what I’ve been told, he became incredibly focused at PRW Christmas Carnage and rallied his team to a victory, to win that piece of Tag Team Gold.

The stunning display of his entrance complete, Brown waists little more time in moving to the squared circle to meet Jester. Discarding his haori and handing his championship to Chelsey, Brown dashes through the last few steps and slides into the ring underneath the bottom rope. His eyes locked upon Jester as he climbs back to his feet, Brown makes his way to the parallel as “Rebirthing” and the fans slowly diminish.

Thames: And their opponent…

“Dance with the Devil” by Breaking Benjamin brings a mixed reaction from the fans filling the 1st Mariner Arena now, the arrival of the WFWF Owner and Champion uncertain amongst those within the crowd. A wall of fire bursts from the ramp only for Trace Demon to walk through the without hesitation, the fire brushing off his skin like a smooth towel rather than an object of destruction.

Thames: Representing WFWF; from Ontario, Canada; weighing in at two hundred and thirty pounds; he is one hall of the WFWF Tag Team Champions, the WFWF Champion, and the Owner of the WFWF; Trace Demon!

Knowing he won’t have a proper chance to showboat once he enters the ring, Demon holds both of his titles into the air as he marches slowly down the ramp. Arriving at the squared circle without pause, Trace hands both his championship belts off to an attendant at ringside before climbing to the apron and entering through the to and second rope. The three competitors takes time to engage in a triple threat staredown as Demon’s music finally dies down, Referee Thomas J Tickles waving for the bell.

Steel: Can you believe the caliber of superstars we have assembled within our ring right now Matthew? This match hasn’t even started yet and I’m already getting excited.

Werner: Only in XWA can you find something of this magnitude Matt, for the XWA is always looking to push things to their utmost limits.

The bell at ringside chimes three times in quick succession, signifying the beginning of the contest as the three competitors slowly begin to step towards each other. The gladiators of the three greatest companies in the wrestling world hold their ground, each man waiting for the others to make the initial strike that would bring them to war. The tactical mind of Jester warns him not to make the first strike while Trace Demon seems to be trying to determine who is the greater threat. This leaves only Hutton Brown to make the first move, which The Rated x Superstar has very little trouble in doing as he fires a quick right hand into Demon’s jaw. Trace isn’t overly stunned by the attack but Brown spins around as Jester tries to take advantage of the situation, instead receiving a right hand of his own for his troubles.

Werner: I can’t say how smart an idea it was to just attack first and leave yourself open, but Hutton seems to want to both of his opponent’s on at once. Seems foolish.

Steel: He’ll have to go about doing so sooner or later Matthew, so I would assume Hutton has just decided to go with sooner. It’s not a bad plan, but it has the potential to backfire.

Hutton’s intended plan starts out with some rather unordinary success, Brown able to drive back both of his opponent back with rotating punches. A hard forearm from The Rated X Superstar catches Trace in the jaw and sends him staggering back into the ropes, Brown able to turn his full attention on the XWA Veteran Jester. Call it ring rust or lack of preparation of what-have-you, but Jester doesn’t seem to be able to focus himself tonight. Able to block the first right hand from Brown, a left jab to the ribs breaks through the petty defenses of The Funnyman quickly before Hutton lays on three precise and powerful punches. The third punch sends Jester reeling into a corner in a daze as Trace Demon comes from behind and tosses Brown over the top rope to the floor in one swift powerful attack. As Chelsey moves to her man, the WFWF Champion watches Jester try to snap himself out of whatever funk he finds himself in. Not waiting around long enough for the XWA Veteran to do it, Demon charges Jester without a second thought.

Steel: Jester seems to be struggling to get his head in the game and now Hutton goes flying out of the ring. Trace Demon has certainly come here tonight to win it.

Werner: This isn’t looking good for XWA Matt, with Jester suffering a horrid case of ring rust it seems. Come on Jester, snap out of it!

Charging forward at the stunned Jester, Trace connects with a full charging body slam into The Funnyman as he crushes the XWA Veteran in the corner. Jester gasps visibly for air as Demon steps away from him and crosses the ring to the opposite corner, from whence he’d came. Remaining in the corner as he struggles to secure the oxygen his lunges desperately desire, Jester watches as the WFWF Champion charges in at him a second time. This time however, the XWA Veteran is a little more prepared. Shoving his right shoulder out at the oncoming Demon, Jester connects solidly with his aggressor’s jaw and sends him staggering off to his side. Hitting the ropes at an awkward angle, Demon actually rolls backward through the top and second rope before hitting the floor with a thud. The damage caused is not overly effective, but the stunning effect seems to put Trace out of action for the moment. It would have been a welcome break for Jester, had Hutton Brown not climbed back into the ring with a chair in hand; Chelsey on the apron holding a microphone for her lover.

Hutton: This match is now officially, PRW Rules!

As Chelsey drops to the floor once again, Hutton charges the corner Jester still finds himself propped up in. With the chair clenched tightly within the grip of his right hand, Brown closes the distance as quickly as he can before The Rated X Superstar leaps into the air. Battered, beaten, and overall worn out, Jester watches as Brown soars towards him but finds not the immediate strength move clear of the projected path. Pulling the chair close to his chest as he comes crashing down upon the XWA Veteran, Hutton’s own modified stinger splash serves to cause massive damage to both Jester and himself.

Werner: PRW Rules? Doesn’t Hutton realize that this triple threat match is being held with no disqualifications?

Steel:[/b] I’m sure he is well aware of that fact Matthew, and I think it was more for the crowd than himself. Just listen to the fans now Matthew, just listen.

Falling to his back upon the canvas and rolling backward, Brown rises to a kneeling position as he clutches his chest in the aftermath of such a daring manoeuvre. The chair is left in the hands of Jester, the XWA Veteran clutching it to his chest as his eyes look slightly vacant. The chair finally manages to fall from his grasp and the loss of it causes Jester to double over slightly, leaning his chest against the top rope. The pain on his end beginning to subside at least slightly, The Rated X Messiah slowly returns to his feet before he begins to close in on Jester once more. Yet after only two steps Brown senses a presence behind him and spins, having just barely enough time to duck under the boot aimed for his skull as Trace Demon finally reinserts himself it the contest.

Steel:[/b] That stinger splash of Hutton’s was an utterly reckless move as far as I can tell Matthew, but it truly seems to have done its job.

Werner:[/b] It’s the kind of thing I guess we have to expect from Hutton in the future, as he’s known to be able to mix hardcore elements to most of his fighting style.

Demon’s running boot, aimed for the head of The Rated X Superstar, grazes the hair upon the top of Brown’s head before it makes contact with the next object to lie in its path; the head of The Funnyman. Still shaken from the vicious effects of the stinger splash, Jester is hardly aware of the match around him until the boot does make contact with the side of his skull. The impact is easily enough to force the XWA Veteran throw the top and second rope, Jester hitting the padded concrete floor with a dull thud. Tickles moves quickly to the ropes to assess the damage done but has hardly any time before Trace drives a kick into the stomach of Hutton Brown, doubling over Brown and putting Hutton’s head between his legs.

Werner: Holy hell Matt, did you just see that? Jester was nearly beheaded by that vicious boot from Trace Demon.

Steel: And now Demon perhaps looking for the Demonstration of Hell. He’s underhooking the arms and, wait! Hutton counters!

The WFWF Champion seems primed and ready to bring this match to an end as he underhooks the right arm of The Rated X Superstar, priming himself for his finishing maneuver. What he doesn’t expect however, is for Hutton to pull his head from of Trace’s grasp and spin to his right; Demon’s arm now locked in Brown’s grip. The momentum on his side as he spins, Brown drops to the canvas as he finishes, his grip upon the arm of Trace Demon bringing the WFWF Veteran down to the canvas with him. Brown’s arms move quickly, dragging Demon’s arm to his legs and quickly securing the arm before wrapping his hands around Trace’s jaw, The Shatterpoint locked in tight.

Steel: Hutton gets The Shatterpoint! Just look at the eyes of Trace Demon and that right there will tell you everything you need to know about the hold he has now found himself in.

Werner:[/b] Just look at the placement of that hold Matt. Hutton perfectly positioning himself and Trace dead center of the ring, making Trace’s of escape just that much more difficult.

The fans within the 1st Mariner Arena are on their feet as Demon howls in agony, the effects of The Shatterpoint quickly putting Trace into a different realm of hell. Brown cranks up the pressure of his finishing move, shouting above Trace’s cries of pain for the WFWF Champion to tap out and save himself. But Demon is determined to hold on, his free right arm swinging out wildly in a vein attempt at reaching the ring ropes. The Rated X Superstar refuses to let up, increasing the pressure of the hold and the chance of serious injury to Trace Demon by the second as the WFWF Veteran refuses to quit. Demon plants his right hand firmly into the mat and uses it pull himself to the right, his one arm alone hardly able to pull the combined weight of his body plus the extra two hundred plus pounds of his opponent.

Werner: The pride of each man’s company is on the line here and you have to wonder how much each man is willing to endure in order to walk away the victor.

Steel: There is a line at which no wanting to lose and just being reckless meet. Trace Demon is going to need to find that line quickly, least he risk serious injury from prolonged exposure to The Shatterpoint.

Digging as deep as he can, Trace desperately pulls himself closer to the ropes with each painful press of his hand against the canvas. His howls of agony have grown progressively louder as he remains within the vicious grasp of The Shatterpoint for nearly thirty consecutive seconds. Continuing to demand that the WFWF Champion tap out, Brown keeps giving his hold all he’s got as Demon presses his palm down again and attempts to get closer to the ropes. Yet this last pull seems to be his last, The Shatterpoint draining the strength from Trace faster than he’d ever expected and leaving him with little to no chance of salvation. His right arm finally rising above his head, Trace Demon seems ready to tap before Jester, coming from literally nowhere, drops down and drives both his forearms into the back of The Rated X Superstar.[/b]

Steel: Jester saves the match! I’m not sure where the hell Jester just came from or when he even got back up, but Jester just saved the match!

Werner: Trace Demon was ready to tap out, and if Jester had come even two seconds later, I’d bet my hat that Demon would have tapped.

Beaten but obviously not out of the match just yet, Jester takes a good handful of Hutton’s hair before slowly pulling himself back to his feet; Hutton brought to his feet as well by The Funnyman. As they reach a vertical base, Jester scoops the dazed Brown up onto his shoulders before Hutton has a chance to start any kind of offensive. The Rated X Superstar struggles to pull himself from his perilous predicament but is unable to do so before the XWA Veteran presses him off his shoulders. Pulling Brown down to the canvas, Jester sends his knee straight up into the jaw of The Rated X Messiah; The Joke’s On You catching with pinpoint accuracy. The staggering impact snaps Brown straight before he stumbles backward and falls into the far corner, Jester’s eyes moving quickly to the slowly rising Trace Demon.

Werner: The Joke’s On You connects with Hutton’s jaw as Jester builds momentum once again. Now he’s the one looking to end this match!

Smith: Jester chose his spot to jump back into the fray and he sure seems to have chosen wisely. Trace is all but beaten and now Hutton is left in an utter daze.

Back to his feet Trace Demon turns around slowly upon uncertain steps, only to walk right into a huge kick to the midsection. The Funnyman applies a front facelock to the WFWF Champion before hooking an arm up over his shoulder; Jester hoisting Trace into the air with a huge vertical suplex. Holding Demon for a brief moment completely vertical, Jester suddenly shifts his position and, as Trace falls to the canvas, wraps his arms around Trace’s head to hit a huge cutter; The Killing Joke!

Werner: The Killing Joke! The Killing Joke! XWA is going to win this one! Jester is going to win this for XWA!

Steel: He can’t just yet Matthew, Hutton is still up. Jester just has to put away Hutton and this one belongs to XWA.

Allowing Trace to roll away from him as Hutton slowly stumbles out from the corner, Jester climbs to his feet and waits for Brown. The Rated X Messiah seems dazed and confused; his steps slow as he makes his way obliviously to the center of the squared circle. As Trace Demon rolls too far and falls to the floor, The Funnyman leaps into the air and aims a vicious Gamengiri kick at the head of Brown; but Punk’d finds nothing but air. Landing upon the canvas yet rising quickly, Jester is stunned as Brown catches his arm and spins underneath him for the arm wrench. But The Rated X Superstar isn’t even finishing with his wrench before he drops to the canvas again and pulls Jester down to the mat with him. The speed and quickness are stunning, but Hutton Brown locks the arm once again before, locking in the full effects of the move this time, locking in The Shatterpoint on Jester!

Steel: The Shatterpoint once again, this time on Jester! Jester’s gotta find a way out, gotta find a way to dig deep enough to make it to those ropes.

Werner: Hang in there Jester, hang in there. Trace is already getting up. Trace, you have to save Jester! Get in the ring and save him!

His body flailing wildly against the full restraints of The Shatterpoint, Jester’s howls of pain and agony far exceed those of Trace Demon’s own earlier in the contest. The WFWF Champion is able to see the action in the ring as he pulls himself up to one knee, leaning against the apron and trying to will his body forward to save his chances at victory. Jester’s free arm swings wildly before gripping the back of his head and pulling fiercely upon his own hair, his body begging for him to tap out. Hutton can see Trace slowly beginning to pull himself up onto the apron and pulls back as hard as he can upon the Crossface, demanding that Jester tap. And as Demon pulls one of his legs up to the apron, the XWA Veteran, The Funnyman, Jester taps out!

Jester Taps Out!

Werner: Jester tapped… I can’t…

Steel: Jester taps out, he taps out! And Hutton Brown claims victory here tonight!

Watching Jester tap out Trace Demon gives up and falls back to the floor, Hutton holding onto the hold a few moments longer than necessary before Tommy Tickles gets Brown to release it. Rolling over onto his stomach Brown runs his hands through his hair as Chelsey enters the ring quickly, wrapping her arms around Brown as he leans back on his knees. “Rebirthing” washes over the arena as the sold out crowd in the 1st Mariner Arena of Baltimore, Maryland goes wild for The Rated X Superstar.

Thames:[/b] Ladies and Gentlemen, here is your winner, representing PRW, Hutton Brown!

Climbing to his feet as the crowd continues to shower him with the most thunderous ovation Brown had ever received, Tickles hoists Hutton’s left hand into the air while Chelsey remains wrapped around his right. Tickles moves to check on Jester while Brown and Garner continue to celebrate his victory, and Trace Demon now takes his chance to reenter the ring. “Rebirthing” continues to take play while the fans die down some as Brown and Demon’s eyes lock in the center of the ring. It feels like great tension is about to breakdown, but the two finally smile at each other, Demon extending his hand to Brown. Hutton wastes no time in shaking it before Trace hoists Brown’s arm into the air; Chelsey raising the other as well. With Tickles and Jester disappearing from the ring, Brown, Garner, and Demon make rounds of the ring as Brown’s hands are raised; Demon finally departing as Brown and Garner continue to celebrate. Handed his PRW Tag Team Championship belt Brown climbs a turnbuckle, hoisting his gold into the air as Chelsey stands to his right, the ovation from the fans for Hutton Brown seeming to never die.

Werner: …man. We lost. How did we lose!?

Steel: Hutton Brown was the better man tonight, Werner. And he’s not XWA, but he’s a fine athlete and we have a nice show of respect to him from our fans here.

Werner: …I guess. Psch. Speaking of respect, though…

Steel: Nice segue.

Werner: Thanks! Speaking of respect, we have Dan Bennett standing by with another tribute to our lost brother, Martin Hart. Now, I have to admit, I’m not the biggest fan of Dan Bennett. His behaviour has, a lot of times, been questionable, but this is a classy move.

Steel: No doubt about it, Werner. This is a time when wrestlers pull together, no gimmicks or animosity, and just pay tribute to a good man. Let’s go to Dan Bennett.

The camera fades in to the locker room of Bennett, and he is sitting in his regular clothes, glasses on, with cell phone in hand clicking away at the miniaturized keyboard underneath the display. Strangely enough, as large as his fingers are, he types fairly quickly. For a moment he stops, looks up at the camera, and the camera gets closer. The camera pans down to his hand, which quickly types, "B-R-B HAVE COMPANY." Bennett pushes the send button and waits for the message sent, then quickly snaps the phone shut and the camera quickly backs up. Bennett pockets the phone and looks into the camera with a sense of grief, his eyes find the ground swiftly.

Dan: Took you long enough to get here, Christ. This is important to me, and maybe to him, so get this the first time, you're not gonna catch me like this again.

Bennett, usually sure of himself and steady, is fidgeting a little bit and looking down more than in the camera. He looks directly into the camera and reaches up, removing his glasses and placing them one-leg in his Alice In Chains t-shirt. He then sits forward in the chair and leans in towards the camera, his elbows on his thighs.

Dan: Look, I know how it feels to lose someone so close. Not so close as brother, but close enough. It was my mother, you see. She died last year, and the only explanation I was given was natural causes... What naturally causes someone to die!? Nothing, that's what! They refused to tell me anymore about it. I wanted to kill someone.

His eyes well up a little bit, and though he keeps his tough-guy exterior on a little bit, the viewers can tell this is hitting close to home. Bennett looks up for a few seconds to let the tears drain back in, then he takes a deep breath and continues.

Dan: Just... All I can say is... Well, keep strong, man. I know we don't know each other, but that's a serious blow. You need to keep your head up. We all have hard times in our lives, and I want to let you know I'm here for you if you need me. I'm always available, and I'm a good shoulder to cry on if you need it. Just remember that, Michael...

Bennett then stands up and the cameraman, caught off guard, doesn't move the camera in time but still manages to catch Bennett walking out of the room. The camera begins to fade, but before it goes black, a sound is heard through the quiet...

Dan: HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Oh my God, I'm so sorry, I couldn't keep a straight face... That was rich, that was some of my BEST work! AHAHA, wow, I'm so proud of myself it's sickening!

Bennett walks back into the room, laughing and holding his gut as the camera fades back into him. The expression on his face is pure sarcasm and completely smug. He walks over to the chair and flops down.

Dan: You didn't ACTUALLY believe I cared about Tempest or his brother-no-more, did you? Or my complete respect for him? Or my sob story about my mom dying? If you did, you're in for a rude awakening... None of that garbage was sincere. None of it. Who gives a shit about the cripple dying? Who cares? Certainly not me, the man was in a wheelchair. IN A WHEELCHAIR! What kind of life can you live through someone else's eyes, seriously?

He reclines his body in the chair once more and crosses left-over-right lazily, relaxing and smirking at the camera as he spreads his arms over the back of the chair.

Dan: I could give a damn about him, about Tempest, about all that nonsense... In fact, I hope this reaches you in time, "Mikey", then maybe you'll whine and cry again like you did last week. *to cameraman* Piss off, guy, I'm busy now, can't you see that? Jeez...

Bennett reaches into his pocket and pulls his phone back out and begins clicking away again, now ignoring the camera and proping his feet up on the nearby table. The cameraman gets up and begins walking out of the room, grumbling something about a bastard or asshole. Bennett hears him and jumps up and, quickly stuffing his phone into his pocket, begins chasing him out of the room through the hallway. You hear the cameraman breathing heavily and running quickly, the screen blurring from the rapid movement until finally you hear the cameraman yell in pain and the camera goes flying and crashes, breaking the lens in it and causing complete distortion of sound and vision.

Werner: …

Steel: …what the hell was that?

We’re back at ringside, where Matthew Werner and Matt Steel are sitting, blank-faced, not knowing what to say. All they can do is look at each other, trying to fumble out some words, but nothing comes. The uncharacteristically quiet crowd feel the same way – they just don’t know how to handle the sheer callousness and cruelty of what was just said. Werner struggles with himself momentarily, and the crowd finally erupt as he seems to make up his mind and goes to get up out of his seat, murder in his eyes. Unfortunately (or probably more fortunately) he is stopped before he can even remove his headset by his broadcast partner, who, being a former wrestler himself, is able to easily overpower the play by play announcer, and force him back into his seat.[/b]

Steel: Matthew! MATTHEW! Damn it, I know how you feel, I do. I really do. But if you go anywhere near the guy he’ll drop you. He’ll beat the living crap out of you and he’ll do it with a big smile on his face. This is what he wants. He wants a reaction…


Steel: Werner, I’d love to, but that’s a man in his prime, and I’m not out to get my ass kicked. Now come on. We have a job to do.

Werner tries to gather himself, but doesn’t really have time to get his bead back in the game when the arena goes pitch black, all the monitors also go dark, and the only sound heard is that of a human heart beating.

Matt: Well, business is about to pick up now…

Matthew:[/b] Wait a single god damn minute here; He is not even scheduled for tonight’s card!

The Heart Beat continues for a few seconds, and then you start to hear the sound of a heart monitor accompany that heart beat. This goes on for a few more seconds, then you hear the unmistakable sound of a flat line from the heart monitor, you no longer hear the human heart beat with the flat line, but instead you hear a drummer as he starts to beat his drums in the rhythm of the beating heart to accompany the flat line sound. A loud explosion is heard, and the stage explodes into a wall of fire & assorted pyro & smoke. Standing in the entrance way, we see the outline of a man behind the pyro and smoke.[/b]

Matt: Well, scheduled or not…. Here Come’s The MadDog, Lucifer McMahon!

A Rock Band starts to perform, and the music they perform is “13” (The Theme song of Tazz from the WWE), as the fire starts to go down enough, and the smoke starts to clear and we see for the 1st time that the man standing behind all of the smoke & flames is none other than Lucifer “The MadDog” McMahon! The crowd in the arena pops, and starts to chant MadDog, over and over again.[/b]

Matthew:[/b] The people still cheer for him, even after he turned his back on the fans at XWA Genesis!

Matt: Did you hear what he did to those fans in the bar with Rose before XWA Christmas Kaos?

Matthew: That Too…. Why cheer for this guy any longer?

The MadDog starts to power walk down the ramp from the stage to the ring. Upon getting to the end of the ramp, MadDog will reach up and grab the top rope, and step up with one leg to the ring apron, then swing his other leg over the top rope to enter the ring. MadDog will then proceed to one of the corners of the ring, and climb the ropes and raise his hands over his head in the form of an “X” to acknowledge the crowd.] MadDog will repeat this process in all “4” Corners of the ring, and then go towards the center of the ring and one last time raise his hands above his head in the X” before swinging them down in a crotch chop (ALA:DX), as all (4) corners of the ring erupt with flames (ALA: Kane). MadDog will then remove his chainmail head piece & sunglasses and hand them both to the ring attendant, as he motions for a microphone. The music comes to a stop at this time as well.[/b]

Matt:[/b] Well it, looks like the Big Guy has something on his mind tonight….

MadDog starts to walk around the ring with a microphone in his hand, as he looks out into the crowd. The crowd is cheering, and MadDog stops in the center of the ring, and raises the microphone to his face and starts to address the XWA.[/b]

MadDog: Finally…….

The Crowd erupts as MadDog pauses and smiles a wicked smile, sort of laughs and then continues.[/b]

MadDog:[/b] I bet you want me to finish that don’t you…..

The crowd is stunned, for they want to chant the familiar greeting that The MadDog has always used, and now can’t decide if they should cheer or boo. MadDog continues.[/b]

MadDog:[/b] I bet you all want to know why I am associated with Rose….. I bet you want to all know why the two of us formed the greatest team in the history of the XWA….. Epoch……. I bet you have many questions right now….. And I bet you want some answers….. Well, you will get them when I feel you deserve them…. But until then….. You will get what I want to give, when I want to give it, and whenever I want to give it to you… Up until then, you will want it……, But until I feel the time is right…. You will have to wait…. Just like you made me wait for all that time…..

The crowd starts to boo. MadDog smiles as he continues.[/b]

MadDog:[/b] Go ahead and boo all you want…. Cry if you want…. Write all your cards and letters to the board of directors of the XWA all you want….. It doesn’t matter to me what you want…. Because since June of 2005, when the XWA folded the first time…. I waited for you…. And I waited a long time….. And you never came….. You fans were not there for me, when I needed you more than ever….. Therefore I will NOT be there for you fans….. Ever again…..

The crowd continues to boo, as the announcers talk to one another.[/b]

Matt:[/b] What does he mean by that?

Matthew:[/b] I don’t have the slightest idea.

The MadDog smiles in the ring, as he looks out towards the crowd and continues.[/b]

MadDog:[/b] You people…. You all deserted me in my time of need…. Just like all my so called friends in the XWA did the same….. It started after June of 2005 when the XWA shut down, and you all showed me your true colors…. But, it’s not time for that….. It’s not time for me to explain….. What it is time for is the XWA to explain, why for two months in a row….. The Great One himself….. Has NOT had a match on the monthly PPV….. Why is that?..... Has the XWA have some sort of conspiracy against me?..... Does the XWA not want the greatest of all time to once again take charge and kick ass like only The Great One can?...... Or is it because no one in the back has the GUTS…… The BALLS…. The Intestinal Fortitude…. To come out to this ring now and face me in an open challenge?.....

The crowd reacts positively this time and starts to cheer, with the hope that someone will come out and face MadDog![/b]

MadDog:[/b] I don’t care WHO YOU ARE…. Anyone who wants an ass whipping tonight….. The MadDog has the time…. And just because I want to make this interesting….. IF you get a pinfall victory over me tonight ….. Then you get a shot…. The Shot….. That’s right… A Title shot at the REAL Undisputed XWA Heavyweight Championship….. IF come on out here and enter this ring tonight and beat me then you will get the opportunity of a lifetime and the chance to face The Man, Rose, for the greatest championship of all time….. How many of you in the back have never been given or even earned a title shot…. Here it is….. It is as simple as that…. Face me, pin me, and you get a future shot at The Champ….. Now, who feels they can take the next step in their destiny tonight….

The tron comes to life...showing a limited edition MadDog figure with the XWA title around the waist in one hand and a pink rose flower in another hand, a somewhat familiar voice starts to talk.

Deep Voice:[/b] Now my precious petal, you are going to beat up that wannabe Bennett and make it good, retain my title, make me proud Rosey!

Girly Voice:[/b] Oh yesss Mad One, I will beat him down as you wish...anything for my hero!

The hand with the rose in it starts to rub the rose all over the MadDog figure. The crowd starts to cheer. The MadDog looks a little annoyed as someone is clearly mocking his relationship with Rose.

MadDog: You think this is funny huh! You...

Suddenly the hands drop the rose and the MadDog figure, the MadDog smirks.[/b]

MadDog:[/b] You know what is best for...

The rose and the figure are smacked with a shovel then shoved out of view, the crowd cheers as they think they know who it is and they are right! As they chant Vestal's name.[/b]

Vestal:[/b] Lucifer, Lucifer, Lucifer

Vestal comes into the camera's view.[/b]

Vestal:[/b]...my dear friend...nothing has changed with you now has it?

MadDog looking abit puzzled raises the mic up to talk...[/b]

Vestal:[/b] I didn't actually want you to answer that...because I am going to tell you how it is...you are still the same roid freak that was here 5 years ago, just you didn't get paid and you didn't get your fix...that's right I said it Dog, your fix!

MadDog is now looking irritated and goes to talk and again...[/b]

Vestal:[/b] Please Lucifer let me continue...you have not had your fix for 5 years...right now you are a desperate man, you're like Mike Tyson a shadow of your old self, a man so desperate that he lays down for a nobody and then gives him what he rightfully earned...Lucifer no need to explain your actions to the people...I'll sum it up for these people...you're a sour old has been that sold out for drug money!

MadDog is now livid, you can almost see the vains on his neck about to pop.[/b]

Vestal:[/b] You are proving my point right now, you're about to lose your mind because simply put...you cannot handle...the truth! But before you try and justify yourself Lucifer, remember this...you ruin yourself thats fine but when you ruin my friend's reputation...you are going to take that long dark path and it is going to be a lonely, slow and miserable path as you will ultimately pay for your sins Lucifer!

The lights in the arena drop save for the highlights which start to flash red and violet as the opening strains of Metallica's Wherever I May Roam kick in. The crowd seems confused during a slow pause of inaction on the stage, not knowing from the theme music who they should be expecting. In the ring, MadDog's fury is held in check solely by his curiosity, his hands gripping the ropes tightly, his heavy brows furrowed as he too watches the stage and ramp.[/b]

Matt:[/b] Uh. Those are some serious allegations being leveled by XWA Legend, Vestal. Do you have any idea who's coming out?

Matthew:[/b] No idea. This is not in any of the stage notes for tonight...and it doesn't seem like MadDog has any idea either.

As the music seriously kicks in, a collossus strides onto the stage, grim and serious, ready for business. Standing just over seven feet tall, he is truly a sight to behold as he flexes his arms menacingly and rolls his neck, seemingly preparing to fight. The crowd still seems somewhat confused, but the hulking figure practically ignores them.[/b]

Matthew:[/b] Holy Crap. Lookit the size of that guy...

Matt:[/b] Who is he?? *frantically sorting through the show's notes again*

Gibraltar:[/b] Lucifer McMahon! You has-been, no-good, piece of gutter scum!

In the ring, MadDog's eyes narrow further for a moment, then go slightly wide with recognition. He seems slightly stunned for a moment.[/b]

Gibraltar:[/b] You freakin' load of garbage...remember me? Remember me, you sack of moldy crap?? You come out here and go on and on about Rose-this and Rose-that...your protege and student...well, what about Me, Teach? What about the guy you promised stardom? What about Gibraltar?!

Matthew:[/b] ...gibraltar?

Matt:[/b] Waitaminute, I think I remember this guy. This is from a couple of years back. He was training with MadDog when there was a scandal...

Gibraltar:[/b] You. Ruined. My. Life. Lucifer! You, with all your pretty speeches and catch-phrases. You with your high and mighty ideals and promises...You with your hidden secrets and your steroid addiction!

The crowd erupts with anger towards this newcomer as MadDog goes livid in the ring, shaking his head in denial.[/b]

Matt:[/b] ...yeah, there was some sort of steroid thing...

Gibraltar:[/b] You. You had the problem! My mentor. My teacher. My supposed friend. But when we were boarding that plane for that tournament in Mexico? You remember that, don't you? When they found those illegal steroids and enhancers in our baggage? The ones you put in my bag to hide em?? The ones that got me sent to prison for two years for drug trafficking??!

The massive warrior is practically snarling into the mic now as he moves slowly down off the stage and onto the top of the ramp.[/b]

Gibraltar:[/b] You stole two years of my life, Lucifer! Look at me! Do I look like I need steroids?? Do I look like I need any sort of muscle enhancement?? I am Power! I am Destruction! I am Gibraltar! And asshole, I am coming down there to tear you apart!!

Nearly growling, Gibraltar starts to move with determination towards the ring...[/b]

Security comes flooding out of the back to deter Gibraltar from heading towards the ring, Gibraltar easily tosses them aside and...[/b]

Vestal:[/b] Whoa whoa! Hold up tiger!

Gibraltar stops in his tracks, but his eyes still fixated on the MadDog.[/b]

Vestal:[/b] Remember what I taught you...be waited on and then pounce!

The security guards put up a barricade on the ramp as a few more officials come out of the back to strengthen the barricade.[/b]

Vestal:[/b] Finally...

The crowd now begins to boo Vestal...[/b]

Vestal:[/b] Finally Lucifer...the whole of the XWA will witness your demise...that man that stands in front of you Lucifer, he is young and hungry...he is itching to go...but there is this little problem Lucifer...he should have been released into the XWA years ago...but

Vestal starts to laugh, the MadDog is switching his eyes onto Vestal and back to Gibraltar, ready for the assault.[/b]

Vestal:[/b] You cost him the start of his career, you planted the steroids in his bag and he got penalized for it...you on the other hand, had the money for the big shot lawyers...he didn't...so you can see there is a problem...and that problem would be you Lucifer and the solution...is Gibraltar!

MadDog jumps over the apron and heads towards Gibraltar...[/b]

Vestal:[/b] Lucifer!

MadDog stops just six feet away from the barricade and looks up at Vestal, growling.[/b]

Vestal:[/b] Now here is the deal...you and your pansy friend Rose, show up at the next show and I will be bold here...you two take on this monster in a handicap match, that's right 2 on 1 just to make it fair...and Great One, pump yourself full of steroids, slap that flower up real good because trust me...you're gonna need it!

The titron switches off, the two wrestler's are snarling and exchanging words over the security barricade as the show goes to a commercial about the next upcoming XWA show...[/b]
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Re: XWA Final Countdown: 1/29/2010

Postby DJS » Thu Nov 26, 2015 9:16 pm

We come back from commercial to, who else? Matthew Werner and Matt Steel, now back to the level of professionalism we’ve all come to know and love, and ready to call the next match.

Werner: Welcome back to our broadcast of XWA Final Countdown. I’m Matthew Werner alongside Matt Steel, and we’ve just witnessed a shocking revelation.

Steel: That’s for sure, Matthew. Vestal accusing MadDog, and challenging him and Rose to take on this…Gibraltar at our next event! That’d be a sight to see. Did you see that guy, Werner? He’s gigantic!

Werner: He sure as hell is, Steel. Well, coming next, and speaking of Rose, we have another match coming up where Rose will take on Dan Bennett.

Steel: Dan Bennett had some…truly disgusting things to say regarding the late Martin Hart earlier this evening…it was a shock to say the least. And Rose has been uncharacteristically quiet tonight. Why is that?

Werner: I wish I knew, Steel. I’d like to believe he’s been affected by the tragedy of the last few weeks…he took on Tempest last week just as the news was broken of his passing. Rose acted less than sportsmanlike in that match up, and…well, maybe he’s feeling sorry. But sorry or not, I want to see him tear Dan Bennett to pieces tonight.

Steel: Keep it calm, Werner. You won’t have to wait much longer to see what goes down, anyway. That match, is coming right now!

Werner: We’re coming up to halfway through are broadcast tonight, ladies and gentlemen and we thank you again for joining us here live at XWA Final Countdown – only on pay per view!

Matt Steel:[/b] We’ve had two great bouts already, and we have another coming up, as Dan Bennett takes on Rose.

Werner:[/b] And they’ve not made any friends or fans tonight with their words tonight. I’m telling you, Steel, I want to see these two tear each other apart. I don’t care who wins, I just want them to really hurt each other.

Steel:[/b] Now, now. You may not like them but you can’t fault their in-ring skills. And with two very different styles, and both without strong fan backing, we’re in for an interesting one.

We go to ringside, where XWA ring announcer, Miss Keri Thames, is standing by.[/b]

Thames:[/b] The following is a singles bout, scheduled for one fall. Introducing first…

The opening riff of CKY’s 96 Quite Bitter Beings plays and a thoroughly riled up crowd sound their depreciation at the prospect of Dan Bennett, and are no less disappointed when he steps confidently through the curtain. He saunters down the ramp and stops briefly at the steps before skipping up them and climbing through the ropes. He taunts the crowd for a second before settling in his corner, awaiting Rose.

Thames:[/b] Coming in at a weight of two hundred and ninety five pounds, hailing from Columbus, Ohio….DAN! BENNETT!

Werner:[/b] And after his words about Martin Hart tonight, Steel, I cannot wait to see him take a beating. As much as I cannot stand Rose, I really want to see a knee right to Bennett’s face.

Thames:[/b] And his opponent…

Steel:[/b] Speak of the devil…

Nine Inch Nails' Meet Your Master falters through the PA system, gradually building up. The fans are already showing their disgust at the prospect of being abused by the arrogant competitor before Rose even steps through the curtain. When he steps out as the lyrics kick, their depreciation is only further fuelled, and Rose is loving every second of it. Rose makes a big gesture of pointing back towards the curtain and out steps his bodyguard, XWA Legend MadDog.[/b]

Rose begins his ascent down the ramp, MadDog close behind, keeping a look out for an ambush. Rose suddenly speeds up and heads to the side, to the guard rail. He shouts in the face of a fan, who yells back, causing Rose to laugh tauntingly, and daring the fan to jump the rail and come and get himself a piece of the pair. Rose makes a "screw you" gesture with his arms, before continuing down the ramp.[/b]

The two reach the ring, and MadDog goes on ahead, climbing the ring steps and sitting on the middle rope. Rose skips up the steps after him, and climbs through the open ropes. MadDog steps through as Rose hops up onto the middle ropes of the turnbuckle. He unhooks the old XWA World Heavyweight Championship belt from around his waist and holds it high above his head. The fans boo with all of their hearts as Rose shouts along with the lyrics, "It's time to meet your master." He laughs again before jumping down and starting a last minute warmup, while talking with MadDog.[/b]

Thames:[/b] Weighing in at two hundred and twenty eight pounds, from Caerphilly, South Wales…ROSE!

MadDog looks disgruntled and gives Keri Thames what can only be described as ‘a look.’[/b]


Rose gives her a little wink and a smile and raises the belt above his head again. He then goes over to his corner, where MadDog is waiting on the apron, having climbed through the ropes. They smile at each other knowingly, and stay there, as if waiting for something.[/b]


Werner:[/b] We’re going now, and Rose is looking as cocky as ever, but I really couldn’t give a rat’s ass tonight. I want Dan Bennett taken down. Martin Hart was a damn good friend of mine, and a lot of other people in the locker room.

Steel:[/b] Rose doesn’t seem to be in any rush to kick things off tonight, Werner. Bennett sure does, though!

Indeed, while Rose’s back is turned Bennett stands there looking more and more frustrated at the lack of activity, and you can see it building and building in his face, before he finally hits boiling point and goes to rush Rose from behind, when…[/b]

Let the bodies hit the…tiss…tiss…FLOOOOOOORRRRR


Bennett is stood rigid in the ring, eyes fixed on the ramp, waiting for the Storm to come and get a little retribution. But nothing comes. Bennett keeps staring up towards the backstage area, and has no way of seeing Rose come up behind him. The first he knows of his opponent is when he is already locked in a full nelson. Rose pulls back a little before throwing himself forward, hitting Bennett with a full nelson facebuster. Rose leaps right back up to his feet, smiling like it’s his birthday. He points up to his head, and MadDog applauds him. In their minds, Rose is nothing short of a genius. Tempest’s music suddenly stops.[/b]

Steel:[/b] What!? Haha! It was a setup, Werner! And what a setup! Rose gets the advantage early on with a fantastic trap for Bennett!

Werner:[/b] I don’t like how he did it, but I love that Bennett’s face hit the mat with such force!

Rose stops celebrating for a second to go for the cover on Dan Bennett.[/b]

Kirk Samson:[/b] One!


Kick out by Bennett, much to everyone in the building’s disappointment. The crowd seem to be, however reluctantly, behind Rose tonight. If he even notices this, he shows no sign of it, as he gets on with his business, pulling Bennett up by the arm, and throwing him to the ropes. Bennett comes back and Rose hits a picture perfect dropkick the chest. Bennett goes down and Rose makes to cover again, with referee Kirk Samson only just hitting two again. Unfazed, Rose moves around Bennett’s body, hooking in a dragon sleeper.[/b]

Werner:[/b] Rose looking strong early on tonight.

Steel:[/b] And the crowd are behind him, which is kinda bizarre.

Werner:[/b] Can you blame them? F*ck Dan Bennett.

Rose is pulling Bennett up, dragon sleeper still locked firmly around the neck. Bennett rises with Rose, but it’s hardly worth the effort for him, as Rose drops straight back down, hitting the diving reverse DDT. Cover…[/b]

Samson:[/b] One!


Steel:[/b] Another kick out by Dan Bennett. And Werner, I know how you feel about Bennett tonight, but you have a job to do, so do it.

Rose gets to his feet and backs off a little, looking unconcerned that Bennett keeps kicking out of his pin attempts. He allows Bennett some room to breathe and to start getting up.[/b]

Werner:[/b] I’m sorry. So, Rose backs off…he looks like he’s expecting an easy night against Bennett here, not working himself too hard.

Steel:[/b] That’s more like it. Is he making a mistake underestimating Bennett here?

Werner:[/b] Time will tell, Steel.

Bennett gets back to his feet and looks a little frustrated at his early shortcomings. However, he accepts Rose’s gestured invitation to a collar and elbow tie up, and the two lock up. Things look to be improving for Bennett as he gains the upper hand and applies a headlock to Rose, but only momentarily, as Rose pushes him off and shoots him to the ropes. Rose waits for him to come back, and when he does he jumps, grabbing Bennett’s head and raising his knees in a Codebreaker attempt, but Bennett has this one scouted, and counters, pulling Rose downwards hard with a modified powerbomb.[/b]

Steel:[/b] Yes. Yes he is.

Bennett goes for the cover, but only gets a one and a half count from Samson, but seems about as concerned at the kickout as Rose was a little earlier. He pulls Rose up by the hair and hits him with a couple of hard elbow shots before throwing him to the ropes. He stands, waiting for Rose to rebound, but it never happens, as MadDog catches Rose by the ankle and pulls him out of the ring. Rose looks a little flustered as he pats his manager on the back in thanks, and the crowd don’t like it one bit.[/b]

Steel:[/b] The fans are kinda fickle, aren’t they? A few seconds ago they were cheering the ass off the guy.

Werner:[/b] They’re not fickle, Steel. They hate the guy, but right now, they want to see him take to Bennett, and he’s just not. Rose has no intention of defending the honour of a fellow wrestler, he just wants an easy night, and the fans don’t like it one bit. And nor do I.

MadDog shoots Matthew Werner a warning look before returning his attention to the match, where Dan Bennett is climbing out of the ring. McMahon stands in between his client and the opponent, warning Bennett not to come any closer. Bennett looks to push past MadDog, but Dog holds firm, not allowing Bennett past.[/b]

Steel:[/b] MadDog is not allowing this match to continue right now, and that’s just no fun. These fans are here to see two guys go at it and MadDog just won’t let them.

Indeed he won’t. At least, not until Rose is ready. Rose backs off from the little confrontation between the other two athletes, before charging right back towards it, shouting “NOW!” at MadDog, who, with a quickness belying his size, dives out of the way, allowing his Epoch partner to jump forward and hit Bennett hard with a diving forearm smash. Both men go down, but Rose rolls back a little and nips up cockily, as seems to be a prerequisite for a diving forearm smash.[/b]

Werner:[/b] As cheap and dirty as it is, you have to give credit to Rose for being so smart here.

Steel:[/b] And MadDog, too! They do make a great pair, they always have a plan.

Werner:[/b] Maybe not such a great one, though, ‘cos Bennett’s not as hurt as they’d maybe want.

Rose climbs coolly back in the ring as the truth in Werner’s words becomes apparent. Bennett is getting up already, albeit with the help of the ring apron while MadDog watches from afar, thinking quickly. He gives Rose a look in the ring, and Rose meets it.[/b]

Werner:[/b] What’re they up to now?

Kirk Samson is up to four in his counting out of Dan Bennett when, apparently counterproductively, Rose taps him on the shoulder. Samson turns around into the face of Rose, who demands that he count faster. Kirk gives Rose a look that says ‘I’m not falling for this one again’ and turns straight back round and continues his count. Before he can finish the word ‘five,’ Rose grabs the referee by the shoulder and spins him round. He gets in Samson’s face, insisting that he’s counting slow, which Samson denies before trying to turn around again, only to find he can’t. Rose has Samson by the shirt. Rose snarls at him.[/b]

Steel:[/b] Rose has his hands on an official! Disqualification!

Werner:[/b] Technically, he only has his shirt. And no one wants to see Bennett leave here without having his shoulders pinned.

Steel:[/b] I dunno if we’ll get the chance, look at MadDog!

MadDog takes advantage of the distraction by strolling over to Dan Bennett and grabbing him by the throat. Bennett tries to fight out, but MadDog’s immense strength won’t allow it, and Bennett has no choice but to be dragged over to the ring steps. The referee has no inkling of this, as he is still arguing with Rose, threatening disqualification.[/b]

Werner:[/b] What’s MadDog got in store here? I hope it hurts…

Steel:[/b] Cool it.

Oh, it’s going to hurt. MadDog gives Bennett a quick headbutt when they reach the steps, in order to keep Bennett from breaking away. It works, and MadDog stands next to Bennett, facing the same way, hooking him around the shoulders and legs. McMahon leans forward briefly, before, quick as a flash, throwing both Bennett and himself backwards in a Russian leg sweep, causing Bennett’s head to come crashing down on the top ring step.[/b]

Steel:[/b] Did you hear that THUD on the steps!? Bennett must be knocked out, if he’s lucky!

Werner:[/b] EXCELLENT move by MadDog there, but he didn’t escape unscathed himself. He landed hard on his back on the lower step.

The referee didn’t hear it, apparently, as Rose continues screaming at him while MadDog painfully gets to his feet, pulling Bennett up with him. He pushes Bennett’s fallen body into the ring, before walking away, holding his back in pain. Coincidentally, this is also when Rose decides to drop his argument with Kirk Samson, conceding that maybe the referee has a point. Rose feigns shock as he turns around and sees Bennett lying just under the ropes. Samson looks at Rose, then at MadDog, who is leaning on the crowd barrier casually. When he catches the referee’s gaze, MadDog simply shrugs.[/b]

Steel:[/b] They’re a well oiled machine, Werner. People may not like it but it’s keeping Rose undefeated. A streak that looks like it’ll continue right now!

Rose pulls Bennett out from under the ropes before dropping to the floor for a lazy looking pin.[/b]

Samson: ONE!



The crowd boo loudly as Bennett shoots his arm up to escape the pin attempt. Rose looks a little confused now, feeling that this time Bennett really should have stayed down. He steals a look at MadDog, apparently questioning the force with which Bennett was hit. MadDog just shrugs again, and Rose carries on. He gets to his feet, pondering what to do next.[/b]

Werner:[/b] I really thought Rose would’ve had him there. He can’t blame MadDog for that one, he hit him with the force of an eighteen wheeler.

Steel:[/b] It doesn’t look like it’ll take much more, though. This one’s in the bag.

Rose seems to make up his mind, and goes to the nearest corner. He climbs out on to the apron and starts climbing the turnbuckle, taking his time. When he reaches the top he steadies himself before signalling for a flying elbow drop. The crowd cheer loudly, to which Rose responds with a quick middle finger at them. He stands straight up and jumps. On the canvas, Bennett looks up at Rose as he falls towards him, elbow extended. Whether he was playing dead (unlikely) or it’s just a reflex, he moves his body around a little and raises his knee. Rose sees it, but can do nothing, already committed to the elbow drop, and his elbow lands hard straight on the point of Bennett’s knee. Bennett thinks quickly and grabs Rose’s hand, pulling it down, hyperextending the whole arm. Rose tries to wriggle out but Bennett holds firm for a second before reaching his legs up and around the arm, locking in a painful arm bar.[/b]

Steel:[/b] Armbar by Bennett! After the impact on the elbow from that incredibly smart counter, that whole arm must be killing Rose! And the impact would’ve sent shockwaves right down from shoulder to finger, Rose can’t do a damn thing about it!

Werner:[/b] Come on, Rose! Get out of it! Don’t let this son of a bitch win!

Rose looks completely stranded, but in the heat of the moment, everyone forgets that Rose has an equaliser – MadDog. And he wastes no time. McMahon springs forward from the guard rail and makes toward the ring. Rose’s free arm is scrambling towards his manager, Bennett is holding firm on the armbar, applying as much pressure as possible, and referee Kirk Samson is asking Rose to tap if he quits. MadDog reaches his arm out as far as he can to Rose, who only just manages to grab it. MadDog pulls as hard as he can, in an attempt to pull Rose towards the ropes, but Dan Bennett’s weight is making this very difficult.[/b]

Werner:[/b] Can Rose make it?

Steel:[/b] Why isn’t the referee stopping this?

Almost as if he heard, Kirk Samson moves from his position to order MadDog to let go of Rose’s arm. MadDog refuses and Samson starts a five count, which MadDog duly ignores. He just looks at Samson, daring him to disqualify Rose. When Samson reaches four, he hesitates, fearful of the consequences. He doesn’t call for the DQ, but he aims a kick at Rose and MadDog’s locked hands, forcing a break. MadDog looks livid, and climbs up on to the apron to give Samson a piece of his mind. Samson, too terrified to do anything else, walks closer to MadDog to listen to his queries. With Samson’s back turned, Rose, on the brink of tapping and desperate, uses his free arm to reach over and stick a thumb as hard as he can into Bennett’s eye. What else can Bennett do but let go? Nothing, that’s whut![/b]

Werner:[/b] And Bennett breaks after a thumb to the eye. I thought he had him there!

Steel:[/b] He DID have him, Werner, if not for MadDog.

Rose desperately crawls away from Bennett towards the turnbuckle, where he uses his good arm to climb to his feet. Once he’s there, there’s not a lot else he’s occupied with other than his arm, and he clutches it painfully. Bennett also gets to his feet, holding his eye.[/b]

Werner:[/b] And we look pretty equal now. There’s no upper hand, both men are very hurt.

Bennett lets go of his face and tries to open his eye wide. This is a mistake, because it hurts like hell and his attempt to open it fully just makes it hurt all the more. The pain is so intense that he doubles over, desperately holding his eye in some vague attempt to try and make it hurt less. Rose, in spite of his own injuries, sees a window. He even smiles.[/b]

Steel:[/b] And that’s a familiar look on Rose’s face right now. And I don’t like it one bit.

Rose bends a little, holding one of the ropes with his good arm, measuring his opponent. Bennett makes no sign that he’s moving any time soon, and Rose takes this as an opening. He pushes off his back foot and sprints towards Bennett…[/b]

Werner:[/b] Here it comes! That knee to the face!

Rose is almost at Bennett when he swings his knee up, looking to score with the Kiss From the Rose, but with barely half a second to spare, Bennett side steps just enough to send Rose sailing past. Well, sailing past if Bennett hadn’t grabbed his head from behind. As it is, Bennett holds the head firmly and pulls Rose backwards, using all of the momentum from his run to pull him backwards for a Reverse Factor![/b]

Steel:[/b] Phenomenal counter by Dan Bennett there! Last gasp, and he looks the leg! ONE!



Kirk Samson holds up two fingers on each hand up to the cheering crowd to confirm the kick out. Dan Bennett looks as shocked as a man with one open eye can look. He slaps the mat three times, indicating how fast a ref should count, but Samson isn’t interested.[/b]

Werner:[/b] It looks like tonight it’ll take more than that to put Rose away. We thought Rose had it in the bag earlier, but not it looks as though this match is Bennett’s to lose!

Indeed it is, and Bennett feels as though there’s just one more move he needs to take this one home. He gets up to his feet, pulling Rose up by the hair with him. Rose is offering no resistance at all, and even less so after Bennett grabs his arm and pulls on it hard, wringing it for all its worth. Rose yells in pain as his bad arm is mangled even more by his opponent, who is now in full control. Bennett yells to the crowd, encouraging them to cheer him, but a crowd has never been less interested in cheering anyone ever, and they boo him for all they’re worth. Bennett carries on as if he received cheers on the same level as Hulk Hogan, and yells “DOUBLE DEEEEE!”[/b]

Werner:[/b] And that signals Dan Bennett’s Double D spinebuster, and the end for Rose. God dammit, this man doesn’t deserve to breathe, never mind compete and win in our company.

Steel:[/b] Well, I know you don’t like him, and I know not many do, but he’s withstood a lot of punishment and he’s fought a good match, and he deserves this win.

And on that note, Rose is sent to the ropes by Dan Bennett, who, despite his painful eye, is looking happy to be at the end of the match and taking home a victory. Rose hits the ropes and rebounds, coming back at Bennett, who is looking ready to slam Rose to hell, when…[/b]

Let the bodies hit the…tiss…tiss…FLOOOOOOORRRRR!!!!

Steel:[/b] Oh, this again? Fool me once…

Werner:[/b] I dunno, Steel. The look on MadDog’s face tells me that this isn’t them.

MadDog, a second ago looking helplessly on as his partner was about to lose, is now at the apron looking shocked as anyone at Tempest’s music. Bennett simply allows Rose to run past him, too stunned to hit his finisher. Rose, relieved, grabs the ropes when he reaches them to stop himself, but he too looks shocked, and has his eyes fixed on the ramp. Hell, even Kirk Samson is staring right up there.[/b]

Werner:[/b] Are we about to see the wrath of Tempest? God, I hope so!

It seems as if only MadDog even vaguely has his wits about him, as he is the only one to act. Taking advantage of everyone’s distraction, he swiftly slides into the ring. Careful to make sure that Samson is still fixed on the ramp, he runs at Bennett and levels him completely with the Long Leash clothesline, knocking him straight to the floor. The thundering sound of Drowning Pool’s Bodies completely swallows any sounds of Bennett hitting the mat, which is perfect for MadDog. He pulls Rose by his good arm to Bennett’s floored body and signals to him. Rose looks confused but complies, taking a few steps back from his opponent. MadDog gets behind Bennett and pulls him up by the shoulders, leaving his head hanging, dazed. Rose leans back on to the ropes and uses their momentum to propel himself forward.[/b]

Steel:[/b] Where the hell is Tempest, the-…WERNER, LOOK! LOOK IN THE RING!

Rose reaches Bennett’s head, and throws his knee right into it, hard as he possibly can, nailing the Kiss From a Rose![/b]


MadDog lets Bennett drop and leaves Rose to turn him over while he grabs Kirk Samson and pulls him round to see Rose covering his opponent. Samson looks completely bewildered but has enough about him to know he has a job to do, and he jumps forward to do it. He hits the floor and starts his count.[/b]

Samson:[/b] ONE!




Tempest’s music suddenly gives way to Rose’s as MadDog pulls his partner up to his feet. Rose looks completely confused, as does MadDog, but they are damned if they’re gonna stick around to find out just what went on here. MadDog pulls Rose by his good arm to the ropes and helps him out and down to the floor.[/b]

Werner:[/b] Rose gets the win after another clever ruse by the Epoch!

Steel:[/b] A ruse? Do you see the look on their faces? They look like they’ve seen ghosts. No, somebody helped them here, and they have no idea who it was.

Werner:[/b] I very much doubt it was to help Rose, Steel. I think it more likely it was to hurt Bennett, but either way, Rose picks up the win tonight and continues his undefeated streak here at XWA Final Countdown.

MadDog tries to guide Rose straight to the back, and Rose happily obliges, but only after he snatches his XWA Heavyweight title from the timekeeper’s desk. He and MadDog walk hurriedly up the ramp, not stopping until they get to the top, where Rose hold it high above his head before quickly exiting through the curtain.[/b]

Steel: Holy hell, what a match!

Werner: And the right man won that one, I think we can all agree.

Steel: Maybe. Rose had to pull every dirty trick in the book, though. Bennett’s gone now, anyway, can we do our job again, please?

Werner:[/b] Right, right. What do we have next?

Steel: You have your own notes, Werner.

Werner:[/b] I…think I might have thrown them at the ring.

Steel: …seriously?

Werner: Well…that Bennett. He pissed me off, Steel. And they were all I had to hand.

Steel: Jesus…FINE. Next up we have our main event, pitting two true XWA legends up against each other in what is sure to be a match of the year candidate. There are very few matches that I can remember being anticipated so much, and I’m happy to say that our wait is over.

Keri Thames: It is now time for our MAIN EVENT!!

With the lights dim, the near iconic opening piano of Ennio Morricone’s “Ecstasy of Gold” plays throughout the arena. Almost on cue the fans stand and cheer in anticipation. With the voice of Jay-Z behind it the piano continues to play its melody, and roughly twenty seconds after it started, the beat picks up as EBR appears on the stage to a louder reception.[/b]

Keri Thames:[/b] Introducing first ...

He begins his descent down the ramp way, walking in a slow but methodical pace to his destination.

The uh ... ring ...[/b]

Keri Thames:[/b] Currently residing in Detroit, Michigan ...

Once he reaches the ring, EBR temporarily stops and jogs on the spot, loosening up the limbs before ascending the ring steps and entering through the second and third ring ropes.[/b]

Keri Thames:[/b] Weighing in at 235 lbs ...

Standing in his corner, he stretches with the ring ropes before throwing back his sweatshirt hood.[/b]

Keri Thames:[/b] E-B-R!!!

The light resumes to its normal appearance as EBR removes his sweatshirt, handing it to the official.[/b]

Werner:[/b] We’re moments away from the much anticipated EBR vs. DGX, and of course, we’re aware of some of the issues surrounding both men, but more logs were put on this fire after the events which occurred at WFWF’s Scars and Stripes. Let’s take a look!

Matt Steel:[/b] Yeah!

We’re directed towards the titan tron, which begins to play. Would be very unfortunate if it didn’t. But it does.[/b]

DGX waits for Trace Demon to return to his feet as he stomps in the corner.

Ryan Riddel: DGX having an epileptic seize right here!

Werner:[/b] No Ryan, he’s signalling for the Breakdown!

Ryan Riddel:[/b] That’s a relief. I was worried.

Trace is finally able to stand, happy at this normal feat. He turns around in joy at the fact that his legs still work, only to get nailed in the chin with the Breakdown![/b]

Werner:[/b] DGX has this match won. He’s going to retain his Heavyweight Championshi – wait what the hell is that?

Noise begins to inexplicably emerge from the crowd, until our attention is focused towards the ramp, with EBR walking down it.[/b]

Werner: That’s EBR! How did he even get in!?

Ryan Riddel:[/b] I guess that’s what happens when you hold tenure.

Werner:[/b] We haven’t seen him in months! What’s he even doing here!?

Ryan Riddel:[/b] Considering the last time he was here it was on the receiving end of a DGX assault ... that should answer any questions...

EBR approaches the ring, standing on the outside as DGX begins to shout obscenities from inside. This continues for several moments, before DGX motions for EBR to enter.[/b]

Werner:[/b] DGX shouldn’t be doing this! He has a match to finish!

Ryan Riddel:[/b] Two matches in one!

EBR looks at the crowd before he nods and motions even closer to the ring, before feigning and hopping back down. DGX falls for this as he attempts to swipe at EBR but foolishly gets nothing but air. At this moment, predictably in fact, he’s jerked from behind by Trace Demon who executes the Demonstration of Hell, following it up with a pin attempt.[/b]

... 1 ...

... 2 ...

... 3 ...

Werner:[/b] Trace Demon won! Trace Demon is the new Heavyweight Champion of the WFWF!

Nodding in approval, EBR ascends up the ramp; Trace Demon awarded the Heavyweight Championship as DGX lies on the mat, a former Heavyweight Champion at this point.[/b]

We return to ringside, with subtle smirk on EBR’s face as he mockingly claps.[/b]

Matt Steel:[/b] How personal.

Werner:[/b] EBR did warn DGX weeks earlier. I think it’s safe to say he one-upped DGX.

Matt Steel:[/b] I guess ... but look; I don’t think it takes any real skill or even integrity to do what EBR did. And I know DGX isn’t exactly a saint, but let’s not paint EBR as one. And why is it you have two jobs?

Werner:[/b] Cocaine habit.

Matt Steel:[/b] Ah. Sorry to hear.

Werner:[/b] It’s cool.

DGX’s theme music begins to play, whichever that may be.[/b]

Werner:[/b] I wish DGX would have listed a theme. Sure would like to hear it.

Then DGX’s entrance happens.[/b]

Werner:[/b] I wish DGX would have posted an entrance. Sure would like to see it.

As DGX continues his entrance, it’s noticed he’s walking on crutches.[/b]

Werner:[/b] Now what’s that all about?

Matt Steel:[/b] Well Matt, DGX didn’t seem to think it mattered if he posted an entrance, and seeing as how good old EBR over here –

EBR:[/b] ‘Ello.

Matt Steel:[/b] Didn’t want to write one for him, he was pretty forced to just fit it in there, really killing any intensity and legitimacy from the get-go –

Werner:[/b] No, no, no ... I was talking about the crutches. Just the crutches. Not any other circumstance, no sir.

Matt Steel:[/b] Oh ... well in that case, I’m not sure, Matthew. He must have injured himself while actually doing somethi ... hrm ...

DGX walks down the ramp like you’d walk down a ramp if you had to be crutches. And kind of enters the ring. I say kind of because one would assume it’d be hard, or at least more difficult than if you didn’t have crutches. Yeah ...[/b]

Werner:[/b] Seriously D, write an entrance next time.

Whatever DGX’s theme is stops playing as he stands across from EBR, crippled and sad looking, what with his little Tiny Tim crutches and all.[/b]

EBR:[/b] Uh ... you uh ... you don’t have polio, do you D?

DGX:[/b] No, no, of course not. What I do have is a torn ACL, courtesy of your attack on me at Scars and Stripes.

EBR:[/b] Oh.


EBR:[/b] Sorry.


EBR:[/b] Wait, I don’t like you. Good!


EBR:[/b] Wait, I didn’t hit your leg.


EBR:[/b] No, this doesn’t make very much sense at all.

DGX:[/b] Well you see E, an ACL can tear in the strangest of circumstances ... even if, say, it doesn’t appear that the leg would be even remotely affected by an action.

EBR:[/b] ... Do you have a doctor’s note to confirm this?

DGX:[/b] I was thinking the crutches would be proof enough. I mean, you can’t just buy these, E.

Matt Steel:[/b] This confrontation is HEATING UP!

DGX:[/b] But E, as you know, I’m never one to make excuses for anything. After all, I’m DGX. I was the World Heavyweight champion of the WFWF ... until you cost me it ... and among other things, a very sharp dressed man. So I’m going to put the ball in your court, E. If you want a match, I will gladly oblige!

The fans cheer because it’s on like Donkey Kong![/b]

Werner:[/b] I’m so exicted, Matt!

Matt Steel:[/b] Ahahahahahaha me too, Matthew!

EBR:[/b] Yeah ... I’m pretty sure you can’t even walk, much less wrestle a match. Well ... maybe against MadDog, but we have some mega beef.

DGX:[/b] Yeah, you tore my ACL.


EBR:[/b] That’s debateable.

DGX:[/b] It’s really my fault, though.

EBR:[/b] Yeah, you did kind of start it –

DGX:[/b] I should have never gotten involved with someone who has a tendency to intentionally injure other people. Remember when you did that in the WFWF?

EBR:[/b] I uh ... no comment.

DGX:[/b] Didn’t you even go as far as to do it to a woman just because her husband beat you?

EBR:[/b] In fairness, I didn’t see it as a gender thing ... she wrestled men ... she was equal ... more of a revenge thing –

DGX:[/b] Sort of like how you got your revenge on me, E?

Matt Steel:[/b] Oh no, Matthew; DGX is using his patented mind tricks. We know he mastered those after his brief, but memorable, tour of duty with the Jedis.

DGX:[/b] But unfortunately, we got a bit off track, didn’t we? As I said, EBR vs. DGX ... are you game? Because I am, and I’m pretty sure everyone here is –

The fans cheer! Yeah![/b]

DGX:[/b] So, what do you say!?

The crowd continues to cheer as EBR looks at DGX’s gimpy, defective, flawed, probable to ‘never be as functional as it once was because of actions he committed without ever thinking of the consequences’ leg.[/b]

Or at least how he assumes it would look. DGX happens to be wearing pants.[/b]

EBR:[/b] Yeah ... maybe some other time ...

The fans boo! Boo this man![/b]

EBR:[/b] ... He’s injured- ... man, this didn’t go the way I planned at all. Nope. Not at all.

He turns his back to DGX and attempts to exit the ring, which gives DGX a very easy opportunity to rush him from behind, breaking his first crutch over EBR’s back.[/b]

Matt Steel:[/b] Oh my God he can walk! It’s a miracle!

EBR drops to the canvas, clutching at his back in pain as DGX raises the remaining crutch above his head, measuring his opposition before jamming it in the back of EBR’s spine![/b]

Werner:[/b] Oh come on!

After watching him roll in agony, DGX raises his arms in the air to boos from the crowd. He briefly begins to walk out of the ring before looking back at EBR, and thinking to himself, reapproaches. He tilts his head for a short moment in time, and when EBR places his hand on the mat in an attempt to push himself up, DGX sees fit to maliciously bring his foot down, stomping on his hand and effectively breaking his index, middle, and ring finger.[/b]

Werner:[/b] Really? No one’s come out to stop this?

Matt Steel:[/b] Of course not, DGX is acting a little rowdy. No one wants to deal with that.

Satisfied, DGX simplistically steps through the second and third rope and descends the ring steps before walking up the ramp. The camera cuts back to EBR, clutching at his back, one hand full of mangled fingers.[/b]

Werner: Damn…I’m not sure how much I like this side of DGX, Steel.

Steel: Well, look what EBR did to him! I’d be pissed, too.

Werner: Yeah, well…you’re not like most people. Anyway, ladies and gentlemen, this concludes our broadcast of XWA Final Countdown! We hope you enjoyed yourselves, and please, tune in nex-

The lights go out and power seemingly cuts.

Werner: What the hell??!! The power's gone Matt! It's gone!

Steel: No it hasn't.

Werner:[/b] How do you know that?

Steel:[/b] Cause we wouldn't be able to hear each other if the power had gone would we? Dumbass.

Werner: What did you call me?

Steel:[/b](Sighing) Nothing.

Suddenly the lights begin to flicker on and off, as 'Another Way To Die' by Jack White and Alicia Keys sounds out through the arena to mixed crowd reaction.[/b]

Werner:[/b] Wait a minute, I've heard that before. It couldn't be...

Diamond Jack Sabbath emerges from the curtain and stands on the entrance stage.[/b]

Werner:[/b] It's Diamond Jack Sabbath!!! What's he doing here? He's not even in XWA! He's a WFWF competitor!

Steel:[/b] He's also in XWA now.

Werner: What??!! That disgusting human being up there...is in XWA?

Steel:[/b] Yeah, he's just not properly debuted yet.

Werner:[/b] Oh God...

Jack walks down the aisle and into the ring. He takes a mic from a guy at ringside. [/b]

Werner: But what does he want now? The show’s meant to be finished.

Steel:[/b] It's either urgent or just really bad timing...but it looks like we're about to find out.

The music cuts as the entire crowd boo Jack.[/b]

Jack:[/b] Everyone sit down, shut up and listen! Now then, you're probably wondering what I'm doing here. What is Diamond Jack Sabbath- a WFWF wrestler- is doing in this dump known as XWA? Well, it's pretty simple. You see, claiming WFWF as my own is all well and fine but if it desn't go too well then I've got this place to become top competitor in. So, yes, this is confirmation that I, Diamond Jack Sabbath, will soon be on the active roster in XWA as well as WFWF.

Werner:[/b] Oh my God...

Steel:[/b] It's an insurance policy! Genius!

Jack:[/b] So with this being my new second home I intend to make a name for myself, starting right here, right now.

Werner:[/b] But the show's finished!

Steel:[/b] Yep, I was right. Bad timing.

Jack:[/b] So XWA Lockeroom, I demand you send out your best competitor right now so I can prove my worth and make a name for myself! Oh yeah and I'm not leaving until you do, so better send 'em out quick. I'll be here if you need me.

Jack jumps out the ring and looks over at the timekeeper in his chair. He attacks the timekeeper and takes his chair. He throws it in the ring then rolls into the ring himself, folds the chair out and sits on it.[/b]

Jack: Come on, I don't think the fans can wait.

Werner:[/b] Oh for God's sake somebody just come out here so we can all go home?

As Jack Sabbath stands in the ring, his eyes locked on the entrance way, out of the corner of our eye appears a large group of individuals shuffling their way through the crowd![/b]

Werner:[/b] Hey, what's going on here!?

We pan in close on this mob to see the vaguely familiar faces of Adam Chartbuster, Xombie, Brad Breaker, Blackdust, The Uppertaker, Tyrant, Trent Blaze, & Super Dragon IV. A group of poorly trained, unarmed, chubby security guards attempt to block these men from entering but they are no match for the sheer blackness of Super Dragon IV who takes them down with a single backhand smack.[/b]

Werner:[/b] God damn you, Super Dragon IV! You people always resort to violence!

Steel:[/b] ... You people, Matthew?

Werner:[/b] What... oh.. agh! No. I meant his people like...

Steel:[/b] We all know what you meant Matthew.

Werner:[/b] Oh.. agh.

The mob of embittered alumni jump the barricade followed by Trent Blaze grabbing a microphone quite forcefully from the hands of Keri Thames.[/b]

Blaze:[/b] Check... Check... Hey, yo, Diamond man, listen up!

He and at least ten members of the crowd do as told. At least.[/b]

Blaze:[/b] You think you're gonna come out here and make an impression? Is that what you think? Well guess what bro, you're wrong! See, I look at a guy like you, one of these... WFWF meatheads, comin' in to a company I helped build...

He pauses as if for applause but is not obliged.[/b]

Blaze:[/b] ... Tryin' to claim a spot in the XWA. Meanwhile, my gang and I are left out and the cold when everyone knows we'd each beat you pillar to post.

Breaker:[/b] Pillar to post son! What!?

Blaze:[/b] ... Exactly, pillar to post. So I ain't askin' you, my friend, I'm tellin' you, for your own good, move aside and get outta my ring because WE'RE TAKIN' OVER THE XWA!

The group high fives one another and rejoices, minus Xombie who, in the heat of the moment, bites a chunk out of the neck of someone in the front row causing them to bleed profusely and, quite possibly, be infected with the T-Virus.[/b]

Werner:[/b] I think it's important to note for the viewers at home that these men are not even slightly employed by this company.

Steel:[/b] Nope.

Blaze:[/b] So Jack, what's it gonna be? You gonna get out of our ring voluntarily, or are we just gonna have to make you leave?

Werner:[/b] Oh my God, what will his answer be?

Jack looks to the floor, considering Blaze's threat. His uncertainty evolves into an actual laugh of amusement.[/b]

Jack:[/b] Wow. That's my two options huh? Well Mr. Blouse (ahem) I mean Blaze. I notice you and all these other (ahem) athletes are obviousy very intellegent men...

He gives the crowd a look that has 'not reallly' written all over it.[/b]

Jack:[/b] But in all honesty, you guys have had your time. Blaze if you are serious when you say you want me to get outta your ring, then you and these other guys need to go back to that retirement home and get some more of them happy pills. This ain't been your ring in years. So no I ain't going anywhere!

The crowd decends into a chorus of boos and groans cause they thought the show was over. Blaze and Sabbath begin sizing each other up.[/b]

Steel:[/b] Oh boy, somethings gonna explode here!

Werner:[/b] I can't watch!

Jack breaks off from sizing Blaze up and thinks for a minute. Then he looks to towards the alumni with a twisted smile.[/b]

Jack:[/b] Actually, now I look at this, we've both been oblivious to the obvious.

Steel:[/b] Huh? Where's the fighting? I wanna see the fighting!

Jack:[/b] You see, my goal was to make an impression and eventually take this place as my own. Your goal is also to take this place over as your own. There's strength in numbers my friend.

Steel:[/b] Oh dear, I don't like where this is going.

Werner:[/b] I would just like to remind viewers at home that Diamond Jack Sabbath has lead some of Salford's most notorious gangs and certainly knows his way around conquering a business.

Jack:[/b] So here's my proposition; if we form an alliance of sorts we could take this place and then move onto the WFWF. Think about it, with all you veterans together with a young star like me we would be unstoppable. We'd quickly take XWA as our own and no one could stop us.

Werner:[/b] Oh my God. If these guys form an alliance, it could be something powerful, the likes of which XWA has never seen before.

Steel:[/b] Calm down Matt, the Alumni haven't given their answer yet...and they better hurry up with it or else this promo could be longer than an average TNA Impact promo.

Werner: And how long is that exactly?

Steel:[/b] Long.

Jack:[/b] So with all that said and done guys, it's up to you. Alliance or no alliance. Oh and by the way if you aren't with me, you are against me and that is not a position you wanna be in. Believe me. So what's it gonna be?

Suddenly the speakers roar into life

Oh well… I stumble in at 2 am, all drunk and full of smoke.

Werner:[/b] Huh…?

My wife said that that it’s it, I’m sick, get out!

Steel: Could it be……?

So I stumbled down to Kelly pub….across the edge of town, I told the boys my story and we had another round…

As the music fully kicks in, a figure wonders out from behind the curtain on to the stage, he seems slightly worse for wear. Wearing a pair of fairly dirty jeans, white vest and dirty boots the man swipes at the curtain as it falls past him as if it was someone who touched his shoulder.[/b]

Werner:[/b] I think it is… Oh.

Some people in the crowd know just who it is from the old XWA, and start to cheer some are just clueless and wondering who this random seemingly drunk person is.[/b]

Steel:[/b] Ciaren Donegan is here, judging by the state of him he seems just the same as he was last time he was seen on TV!

Ciaren starts to walk down the ramp, as the music kicks into a particularly ‘dancey’ bit Ciaren tries his best to dance along as he walks kicking his feet. The crowd are cheering loudly at this point, if at nothing else other than Ciaren’s drunkenness and his attempt at dancing.[/b]

Werner:[/b] That is definitely the Ciaren we know…

As he is making his way down to the ring, everyone there is staring at the man who seems not only fairly oblivious to where he is but to what he is actually walking into=-. Ciaren continues to make his way down to the ring.[/b]

Steel:[/b] At the very least, this should be interesting.

As Ciaren nears the ring continuing his merry dance the men standing around the ring originally looking at Diamond Jack start to make their way to the bottom of the ramp to greet him.[/b]

Super Dragon VI:[/b] Oh snap, not this motherfucker.

Ciaren nears the group ad looks up to greet them, a big smile on his face.[/b]

Adam Chartbuster:[/b] I can’t believe he used to get booked over athletes like us!

Bearing in mind that Ciaren was an absolute mess in the XWA who only really threw head butts and drunken punches and one, maybe one suplex in the old XWA yet continued to not only get booked but a few victories in the old federation the ‘faction’ that came through the crowd begin to get riled up at the mere presence of Ciaren.[/b]

Blaze:[/b] I have already had enough of this…

Blaze walks over to greet Ciaren right at the bottom of the ramp the crowd cheering loudly, the whole time Ciaren seems to be unaware that a mob is moving it about to kick his arse.[/b]

Blaze:[/b] Ciaren…

Ciaren hazily looks up to see who calls his name but doesn’t really stop his journey to the middle of the ring.[/b]

Blaze:[/b] Ciaren! Look at me…

Ciaren makes a show of looking at Blaze but seems to have trouble focusing.[/b]

Blaze:[/b] I said look at me…

Ciaren turns and as he does almost falls over, correcting his balance he laughs to his self and faces Blaze, angrily Blaze steps into Ciaren’s face.[/b]

Blaze:[/b] How dare you… How dare you come out here in the middle if thi….


Ciaren drives his forehead into the middle of Blaze’s face, crumbling like a puppet with the strings cut he falls to the floor, gracefully Ciaren grabs the microphone with one hand, standing up straight he then turns and backhands Super Dragon VI with his hand.

Werner:[/b] What…

Ciaren suddenly stands up straight, all pretences of drunkenness suddenly disappear from his stance, the group surrounding the fallen man suddenly start to back of, Ciaren give a small dark chuckle to himself.[/b]

Ciaren:[/b] Back off boys, no need for you to get involved.

Steel:[/b] Ciaren… he completely destroyed Blaze with that head butt… and he used a full sentence… I don’t understand….

Werner:[/b] Something strange is going on here…

Ciaren rolls into the ring holding the microphone, the others outside the ring are crowded about Blaze on the floor but can’t help buy look up at the figure in the ring, Ciaren looks at Diamond Jack, sizes him up and down, turning to glace slightly at the people outside the ring he looks back and speaks.[/b]

Ciaren:[/b] Fella, you seem like a man who likes a good scrap… I like that in a man.

Steel:[/b] OH MY GOD!!! Two sentences without the word bastard… I am very confused right now.

Werner:[/b] The very well known XWA drunk is neither slurring his words or throwing pint glasses at people, this definitely a first…

Ciaren circles the ring looking at the crowd.[/b]

Ciaren:[/b] Oh, do you think it’s funny….? Me coming out here and being drunk? Me falling over? You like to laugh at a man with serious medical issues do you? Think it’s funny?

The usually very jovial Ciaren laughs to himself but has a deadly serious look in his eyes[/b]

Ciaren:[/b] Well it’s not funny… not even slightly. I have sorted out the demon’s I had. Alcohol is a demon. A demon I have conquered. A demon I have control of. I doubt you people we find me so funny now.

The crowd are completely stunned into silence.[/b]

Ciaren:[/b] Ha, you don’t know what to do now, do you?

Ciaren looks at Diamond and with a jerk of his left hand indicates to the wrestlers standing outside the ring.[/b]

Ciaren:[/b] Forget those jokers. I am a real XWA star and I’ll side with you. If nothing else let’s just see how much shit we can start!

Ciaren looks across to Diamond for his answer.[/b]

As Ciaren extends his hand, Jack's eyes circle the arena. He smiles and then looks towards Ciaran. [/b]

Jack:[/b] Welll, this is impressive. I am impressed. I've had demons in the past, some demons that still haunt me and it takes a lot to conquer them. But these people, they laugh. They laugh and put you down. That's why we need to take this place as our own. If we stay in the position we are in now, this will never stop. It's wrestlers like us that deserve the respect we ask for!

Werner:[/b] I really don't like where this is going. What are we seeing the start of here?

Jack:[/b] These people wanna see a demon? We'll give them a demon to remember. Ciaren, I accept your offer.

Werner:[/b] Oh my god...

Jack walks over to the centre of the ring and looks into the main camera.[/b]

Jack:[/b] You wanna try break people like us XWA? You fans wanna put us down? Well give it a try, cause you ain't stop us. If this place is so new, how come some 'has beens' are running it? Theoretically, something new should be run by new people and I don't see that happening anywhere around here. So here's what's gonna happen; we're gonna take this place and give the roster and all thses fans what we think they deserve.

There is mixed reaction from the fans, partly because nobody truly knows what Jack is planning.[/b]

Jack:[/b] You can boo us now, sure. But you won't get that privilage soon. And to all the guys in the back, you are either with us or against us. Choose your sides carefully...you have your XWA, you have your Alex Sean, your EBR, your Hutton Brown, but us? We have our purpose...our name is Legion, and we are many...

Jack drops the mic in the middle of the ring and walks out with Ciaren close behind. They walk back up the ramp and through the entrance area with fans booing them as they do this.[/b]

Werner:[/b] Oh my God..what on earth was that we just saw? What does he mean by 'we are many'? And who else is part of this 'Legion'?

Steel:[/b] Oh yeah! Business just picked up! I can't wait to see what else Sabbath has planned for the Legion!

Werner:[/b] Well, I’m guessing we’ll get our answers at our next broadcast. That’s all the time we have tonight. We hope you enjoyed XWA’s Final Countdown and we will see you at our next show. For Matt Steel, I’m Matthew Werner…Goodnight!

And we fade to black as an incredibly tired results writer goes for a wank.

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