XWA Christmas Kaos: 12/31/2009

The results of every Pay Per View from the year 2009 can be found in here!
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XWA Christmas Kaos: 12/31/2009

Postby DJS » Thu Nov 26, 2015 9:02 pm

First Posted: February 8th 2010 by Johawn

We begin in darkness. There is a dull rumbling of something, but exactly what can’t be heard just yet. There’s a vague flash of someone, but exactly who can’t be seen yet. There’s a big feeling of something, but exactly what hasn’t started yet.

Things are about to change.

There is another flash of light, and, only just visible, is one of the faces of the wringing changes. Dan Bennett’s face, in extreme close up, smiles humourlessly at the thousands watching at home.

There are men, hungry men.

Another flicker and the image of Dan Bennett’s leering face is replaced by that of a desperate looking Rose. Another few flickers zoom out to show Rose proudly holding the XWA Championship belt over his shoulder, looking as if he went through a war to win it, when in fact the title is utterly meaningless to all but him and his new friend, MadDog.

Change brings opportunity. And opportunity asks questions of all men.

A final flicker gives us the image of the solemn looking Tempest. The man around whom the XWA has come to mean so much to so many. The man who may just be the single greatest the XWA has left. The man who must go through so much tonight. The low rumbling of earlier comes to an abrupt halt.


The song comes in straight from the riff and we immediately go to clips, old and new, from previous XWA events, highlighting the highs and lows of Tempest, Rose, MadDog, as well as the battles of newcomers from XWA Genesis .

We’re leaving together,
But still it’s farewell.
And maybe we’ll come back to Earth,
Who can tell?

This segues into images of stars whose presence is currently missed – those of Alex Sean, DGX and EBR, the footage shown fitting tributes to stars of such great magnitude.[/b]

I guess there is no one to blame
We’re leaving ground (leaving ground)
Will things ever be the same again?

The final shot shows the images of the three legends, EBR, DGX, and Tempest, replaced by three silhouettes, leaving the audiences to wonder who will step up and form XWA’s new guard of honour. Could it be a question we will have answered tonight? There’s only one way to know.


And we go live to XWA Final Countdown, where a sold out crowd anxiously awaits of XWA’s Pay-Per-View extravaganza. As always, standing by at ringside are XWA’s announce team, Matt Steel and Matthew Werner.

Matthew Werner: Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to XWA Final Countdown, with a sold out crowd emanating from the 1st Mariner Arena here in Baltimore, Maryland!

Matt Steel:[/b] And we have a packed event for you here tonight. But first, we will have an announcement which comes from XWA’s Management. We hand you over to Keri Thames.

Keri Thames gets up from her position next to the timekeeper and makes her way to the ring to catcalls and wolf whistles from a hot crowd. She steps daintily in the ring, microphone in hand, and starts making her announcement.

Keri Thames:[/b] Welcome to XWA Final Countdown! Now, before we begin, we must inform you of a few things, but we will be underway soon with all of the action you have come to expect from the XWA!

The crowd give Thames mixed reactions, eager to hear what she has to say, but just as anxious to get this show started. Thames carries on, professional that she is.

Thames: First and foremost, we are happy to announce that, as many of our pay per view carriers were unable to broadcast XWA Christmas Kaos due to the adverse weather, we will be repeating all of the matches which took place through tonight’s pay-per-view event!

No mixed reactions here. Many fans were disappointed with the absence of Christmas Kaos, and are eager to see just what went down.

Thames: However…we are sad to announce that due to circumstances beyond our control, Alex Sean and Lion Mertuil will not be competing tonight. We can…

The fickle crowd, so enthused by the first part of the announcement, quickly turn on Keri Thames, and maybe they’re right to do so. These are not only tonight’s main events, they are also some of the biggest names in XWA history.

Thames: …we can only offer our apologies and ask for your patience as we try and deal with this situation. We hope to bring you an announcement as soon as we possibly can. But now, we go on with the show!

And with that, Keri Thames makes her leave from the ring to another decidedly mixed response from those in attendance tonight, though the cheers may be slightly edging out the boos…this is the XWA, dammit! Title match or no title match, we’re in for a hell of a show!

Werner: Interesting announcement by Keri Thames there, but no mistaking the enthusiasm of the crowd here. Well, folks, we’re going to start tonight’s show by taking you back to Christmas Kaos, as promised.

Steel: That’s right, Werner. And our first match is between XWA rookies, Chris Chaos and JR Judy, who have been looking to take this company by storm. And the great thing about matches between two newcomers like these is you can see the hunger in their eyes as they try and trip one another up on the way up the mountain!

And with that, all eyes in the arena are on the big ‘tron screen as we go to footage of Christmas Kaos.

The arena goes black as you hear the first notes of thumb hang. Next a green laser starts to flash all over the place. Then the laser stops and the arena turns blew with smoke all over the stage and you see Chris at the top of the stage with a smirk on his face like Chris Jericho. He then walks to ring and when he enters the heavy metal demon horns up.

Matthew Werner:[/b] Here it comes! The match that might shut up Chris Chaos!

Matt Steel:[/b] Why do you not like Chris?

Matthew Werner:[/b] He has no respect for the veterans of this business.

Matt Steel:[/b] However JR did show up and disrespect all of the talent on the roster.

Matthew Werner:[/b] Whatever.

Hero by skillet hits as JR Judy hits the stage and walks to the ring overusing his signature sign.

Both men glare at each other from opposite sides of the ring as the referee checks both competitors’ boots for weapons. Then the referee then signals for the bell to be rung.

Both competitors move to the centre of the ring and tie up. JR pushes Chris to the mat as Chris quickly gets back to his feet, but JR pushes him to the mat again, and yet another quick retaliation from Chris Chaos. JR then hits Chris with a swift kick to the gut making Chris double over in pain.

JR Judy steps back as Chris gets back to his feet. Chris runs at JR with a powerful clothesline from hell knocking JR down to the mat.

Matt Steel:[/b] An amazing clothesline from hell.

Matthew Werner:[/b] Shut up.

Chris Chaos then picks up JR Judy and executes a strong belly to belly suplex. As Chris sets up for the german suplex JR hits him with a back elbow which he then executes a DDT leaving Chris on the mat. From there he turns around to do his signature sign again; wasting time not focusing on Chris when he turns around and receives a spear. JR immediately gets back to his feet and Chris knocks him down with a Pelé kick. Chris then tries a pin.

The Referee makes it to one and a half and JR kicks out.

Chris Chaos sits up and looks at JR contemplating his next move.

Chris picks up JR and hits him with a powerbomb, and tries to pin him.

The Referee again makes it to one and a half and JR kicks out.

JR Judy next gets up and runs off the ropes to hit Chris Chaos with a missle dropkick knocking Chris Chaos down to the mat. JR then climbs the turnbuckle and connects with a frog splash and tries for a pin.

One......two...... Chris Chaos kicks out in the nick of time!

Matthew Werner: So close to shutting that punk up!!!

Matt Steel:[/b] That was a close pinfall!

JR Judy is stunned that he didn't get the pinfall. He looks around as the fans start cheering Chaos! CHAOS! CHAOS!

JR picks Chris up and sets up for The Perfect Bomb. Chris counters it with a hurracurana, then hits JR with a shining wizard. He then climbs the top rope and executes a frog splash.

The fans are on their feet as Chris Chaos holds up the heavy metal demon horns. He then picks up JR Judy and sets up for the piledriver as JR Judy counters it with his finisher the wave of perfection, then attempts a pinning manoeuvre .

One...Two... Chris Chaos again kicks out in the nick of time!

JR attempts another pin.

One...Two...Chris again kicks out.

Fans are wildly screaming Chaos Theory!

Chris Chaos springs to his feet at the roar of the crowd runs at JR Judy catching him with a dropkick. He then picks JR up and sets up for the Chaos Theory. Chris gives it a little time before he falls completing the move. Once he hits it the fans go wild. Chris then grabs JR Judy's arm and executes a gracie armbar.

The Referee asks JR if he wants to tap. JR says no twice and makes his way to the ropes barely grabbing them.

The referee breaks the hold as Chris Chaos picks him up again and hits the Chaos Theory. He then attempts a pinning maneuver.


Anvil's Thumb Hang hits as the referee raises Chris Chaos hand in victory.

Matthew Werner: They need to look at the tape cause...

Matt Steel: Wait Matthew. It was as clear as day that JR Judy got pinned. Don't get your panties in a wad there is one word for this match. REMATCH!

Werner: Great match by two of XWA’s rising stars there, eh, Steel?

Steel: It was, and I really hope we do get a rematch some time soon. Maybe we’ll talk a little more next time.

Werner: Well, sometimes when you’re watching a great match you forget your job and just wanna watch it unfold. But anyways, we’re moving swiftly on here, ladies and gentlemen, and we’re still at Christmas Kaos, where Rose took on Tempest in a rematch four years in the making! But before we watch these two duke it out, we’ll hear what Rose had to say earlier in the evening.

Sven: Thanks guys. I’m here with self proclaimed XWA Heavyweight Champion, Rose, who is up against Tempest tonight on the back of an incredibly controversial win over MadDog at Genesis. First of all, merry Christmas, Rose.

Rose stands beside Sven, his expression unreadable. There’s a twinge of something there. Is it guilt? Regret? We can’t be sure. What we CAN be sure of, though, is that MadDog’s XWA Heavyweight title is proudly displayed over the shoulder of Rose. If there is any remorse for his actions, it obviously does not extend to his finally holding some gold, officially or not.

Rose: Thanks, Sven, good to see ya. Holly sick?

Sven ignores this.

Sven: Well, let’s get down to it. First of all, a lot of us backstage were surprised that you agreed to grant us this interview, given your words about the fans last week. If you don’t care about them, why do you feel the need to address them?

Rose: Well, Sven, I feel like I had some explaining to do. I know a lot of people were shocked at what happened at Genesis, and something about the whole thing felt wrong to me.

Sven: Wrong?

[/b] That’s right. Y’see, I came out and said some pretty harsh things, and I don’t think it’d be gentlemanly of me if I didn’t just y’know, be a man about all of this, maybe meet up with a couple people, explain myself. Just so we can all get on with things. As it happens, I did feel pretty awful about everything that happened. I did. Me and MadDog, we sat down after the show in a nice quiet bar. Dog had a couple beers, and I had a cranberry juice (I’m watching my intake, you understand)…anyway, we were sat down, all ready to toast and reflect on a job well done but…something just wasn’t right. It felt empty.

Sven: Really?

Rose: Yes! Yes, it did. We just couldn’t bask in that after-plan glow. Something was just missing. And do you know what that was, Sven?

Sven: What was it?

Rose:[/b] The fans! It was the fans, Sven! I’d turned my back on them! I’d insulted them, I disrespected them, and as we all know, Sven, the last thing you wanna do is disrespect the fans, Sven. They make this great business. Even you know that, don’t you?

Sven:[/b] That’s true, yes.

By the way, during Rose’s last little bit, the aforementioned fans didn’t seem to quite know how to react. It all seemed a little…pandering. But there’s a little twinge of hope that Rose just maybe made a mistake. They are uncommonly silent as they wait to hear the rest of Rose’s explanation.[/b]

Rose:[/b] You’re damn right it’s true. So I thought to myself, what have I done? And I said to the big Dog, I said ‘Big Dog…what did we do?’ And like all good friends, which is what we are, by the way, he nodded and knew exactly what I meant. And we agreed, right there and then, that we had to put it right. So, ya know what we did?

Sven: What did you do?

Rose: We did the only thing we could to ease our consciences. We did wrong. We put it right. We got in a few more beers (plus a cranberry juice, of course, watching my intake, like I said) and we invited some of the great people of New York City to have a few drinks with us.

The crowd comes to life, cheering at the notion of Rose and MadDog doing the right thing and coming back to their side. And drinking.[/b]

Sven: Really? That’s awesome!

Rose: [/b]It’s not awesome, Sven. No, noooo. It’s our duty, as people who made a mistake, as gentlemen, to make amends. So we bought the fans drinks. But it wasn’t enough. We invited them to join us. STILL not enough? We apologised to them! Was that enough? HELL NO! We told them road stories! And guess what, Sven?

Sven: Not enough?

Rose:[/b] OF COURSE IT WASN’T ENOUGH! Not enough for THESE fans, nooo. No, we gave them the opportunity of a lifetime, Sven, to meet their heroes, to get the personal treatment, to share a bit of the lives that they’ll never have, and just bask in the glow of two of the greatest wrestlers ever to put on a damn pair of boots and THEY WANTED MORE. Of course they did…they’re fans. Ohh, they wanted autographs, and they wanted pictures. “Gee, thanks guys. This has been great and all, but we’re gonna need proof! No one’ll ever believe that we met Rose and MadDog, we’ll need proof. We need to share your spotlight. We need to show that we’re friends with you.”

Rose starts laughing to himself, burying his head in his arm to try and stifle it. It is completely devoid of humour.

Rose: Oh, XWA fans…you poor people. You people think that you can be friends with us? You think that Rose and MadDog are your buddies? Please. I’m far too busy being the greatest in the world, beating jackass after jackass on my way to the top to give any of you the time of day. Oh, me and MadDog had a good laugh at that one, didn’t we, Big Dog?

MadDog steps into shot, having apparently been just out of the way throughout. He is smiling indulgently as he nods his head, agreeing with Rose.

Rose: Yeah, it was a hoot. I mean, he started laughing, and of course I started laughing, and they started laughing. Oh, we were all cracking up. Good times, good times, eh, Big Dog?

MadDog is barely containing his laughter.

Rose: Oh, man. Oh, you wanna tell ‘em what happened next?

MadDog holds up a hand, inviting Rose to carry on, as he’s telling the story so well.

Rose: Ah, alright then. Well, we were laughing, and they were laughing, and it was all merry. And then we all got up, we had to leave. And they were clamouring for their pictures and autographs and that just made me laugh harder. And then, just to make it like, one of the greatest evenings ever (you’ll laugh at this bit, I know I did…) the Big Dog here, he’s shaking hands, and then he just pulls one of them in and kicks him square in the gut!

Both MadDog and Rose burst into laughter at the memory, leaving a bemused Sven Michaels standing there looking a little sickened. The crowd, sickened or not, are pissed as hell at the thought of what Rose and MadDog do to poor fans. Rose, though, would claim that they’re pissed at themselves for falling for another of Rose’s tricks.

Rose: Oh, man! Ohhh! Rose wipes a fake tear from his eye Man, I was laughing so hard, I barely managed to run up and knee the bastard in the head. And we all know how much I love to knee people in the head.

Sven: As horrible as that is…is that what you have in store for Tempest tonight?

Rose:[/b] Oh, but of COURSE, Sven. I mean, Tempest is no slouch, we all know that. But let’s face it, I was better than him last time we squared off. And that was back when I was only half as good as I am now. Oh yeah, I beat him and I’ll do the same tonight. I’d even put my XWA Heavyweight title on the line, but...well, what’s he really done to deserve that?

Sven: To win a meaningless belt? I dunno.

Rose: Oh, Sven. If we weren’t such good friends I’d snap your spine in two. But no, I have no worries about Tempest tonight, and you’ll see why a little later tonight. Y’see, the MadDog and myself…we’re more than just a team. Sure, we have each other’s backs, but there’s so much more to us than that. This right here is about more than friendship, respect, and making our way to the top. This, right here, this is an epoch here in XWA. This is where things are gonna start changing. This is where everything starts happening and revolution begins. And it’s all about us. MadDog and I, we ARE the Epoch. And Tempest…well, been there, done that. Tempest is another old stepping stone on the way to greatness. I’m sure he’ll put up a fight. Who knows? He may even come close. But there’s no stopping this. This is inevitable. And it’s coming sooner than you think. See ya.

Rose beckons to MadDog and the two of them leave, Rose quietly discussing strategy as they go, leaving Sven Michaels to wonder the same thing the fans are wondering. Just what the hell is going to happen here?[/b]


Which leads us nicely into…

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Re: XWA Christmas Kaos: 12/31/09

Postby DJS » Thu Nov 26, 2015 9:08 pm

XWA Christmas Kaos: Tempest vs. Rose

There’s a slight pause in the action when suddenly Nine Inch Nails' Meet Your Master blares through the PA system, gradually building up. The fans are already showing their disgust at the prospect of being abused by the arrogant competitor before Rose even steps through the curtain. When he steps out as the lyrics kick, their depreciation is only further fueled, and Rose is loving every second of it. He makes a big gesture of pointing back towards the curtain and out steps his bodyguard, XWA Legend MadDog.

Keri Thames: The following match is scheduled for ONE fall! Making his way first to the ring and being accompanied by his tag team partner, the Great One, Lucifer “MadDog” McMahon…weighing in at 228 lbs, from Chicago, Illinois…ROSE!

Rose begins his ascent down the ramp with MadDog close behind, keeping a look-out for an ambush. Rose suddenly speeds up and heads to the side, to the guard rail. He shouts in the face of a fan, who yells back, causing Rose to laugh tauntingly, and daring the fan to jump the rail and come and get himself a piece of the pair. Rose makes a "screw you" gesture with his arms, before continuing down the ramp.

The two reach the ring, and MadDog goes on ahead, climbing the ring steps and sitting on the middle rope. Rose skips up the steps after him, and climbs through the open ropes. MadDog steps through as Rose hops up onto the middle ropes of the turnbuckle. He unhooks the old XWA World Heavyweight Championship belt from around his waist and holds it high above his head. The fans boo with all of their hearts as Rose shouts along with the lyrics, "It's time to meet your master." He laughs again before jumping down and starting a last minute warmup, while talking with MadDog.

Werner: Well, that settles it, Matt. While this is technically supposed to be a one-on-one match, Tempest is going to have to keep an eye out for Lucifer McMahon.

Steel: Was that ever really in question?

A low rumble of thunder echoes through the sound-system and the opening strains of Bodies kicks in, with the harsh, repeated whispering announcing the arrival of the Storm of the Century.

"Let the bodies hit the floor...
Let the bodies hit the floor...
Let the bodies hit the floor...
Let the bodies hit the...*Tsss Tsss* FLOOOOOOOOORRRRRR!"

With the final extrended word of the chorus the stage explodes with a huge pyro display and then Tempest charges through the firey aftermath. Intense and ready for whatever comes, the Storm of the Century makes his way to the ring pumping his arms and calling out to the crowd.

Keri Thames: And his opponent, from Detroit, Michigan, weighing in at 236 lb…he is the Storm of the Century, TEMPEST!!

The crowd howls with approval and starts up a chant in his honor. Once he arrives at the ring steps he storms up to the ropes, practically dodges through them, and heads immediately for a corner. Pulling himself up to stand on the second rope, Tempest howls and throws his arms up over his head to the continued approval of the crowd.[/b]

Werner: Seems like he’s not all that concerned to me.

The bell rings and we're underway. Tempest and Rose advance slowly and lock up. There’s some decent manoeuvring and then Tempest throws a hard elbow that momentarily stuns Rose who then gets backed into the corner where Tempest lands a brutal open-handed chop to Rose's chest. Once, Twice, Three times, each one garning the classic, “Whooo!” from the crowd.

Steel:[/b] Lemme tell you, those are some hard chops. Back in my wrestling days, I was on the receiving end of those shots a few times, and seriously, those hurt.

Werner: *chuckling* You were a wrestler?

Steel: …

Tempest nearly catapults Rose half-way across the ring with a very physical snapmare and takes his time to pause and check out where MadDog is near the ring. For his part, Lucifer, who’s still standing near the steel steps, gives him a crooked grin and shrugs as if to say, “What? Me?”

Tempest picks Rose up with an eye still on MadDog and pays for it as Rose drives an elbow up into his chin. Without a wasted bit of effort, Rose steps in and executes a nearly textbook Fisherman’s Suplex!

Werner: Doh! That hurt!

The Storm of the Century lands hard and Rose scrambles to his feet, launches himself at the ring ropes and on his return, drives his right knee down onto the side of Tempest’s face.

Steel: No…THAT hurt.

Rose goes for a quick cover and gets a solid two-count before Tempest kicks out. On the outside, MadDog collects a folding chair from the timekeeper’s table. He moves it to ringside and sets it up dramatically, then simply sits down on it with a grin. On his hands and knees, Tempest sees this, as does the referee, who promptly moves to the ropes and begins to yell at MadDog and motion for him to put the chair back. Rose uses this time to deliver a swift and hard kick to Tempest’s groin, and then lock in a solid chokehold before the referee can look back. The crowd erupts with cries of outrage and cursing!

Werner:[/b] Aww, c’mon ref! That’s not right! That’s not….hmmm?

Matthew Werner pauses as a stage tech runs up and leans in to tell him something. He lifts his earphones off his head to hear better as Matt Steel gives both men a scowl.

Steel:[/b] *mutters* be professional WILL you? *normal tone* Oh, man, Tempest is in deep trouble now…

With his attention back on the wrestlers, and MadDog grudgingly returning his chair to his proper place, the referee moves in to take one of Tempest’s arms which hang limply at his sides as Rose continues to grapple him in the Chokehold.[/b]

Werner: Omigod. No.

Werner’s comment is directed not at the audience or his fellow commentator, but rather to the technician who simply nods his head gravely and moves away from the announcer’s table.

The referee lifts Tempest’s hand once…and it falls.

Twice…and it falls.

Steel: Christ, Werner…can you pay attention to the freakin match? *back to the audience* That’s two! If the arm drops again, its over…

The referee lifts Tempest’s arm a third time and it sags for a moment, then the muscles clench and his hand forms a fist. The crowd cheers! Rose’s face is a mask of surprise, as he obviously thought he’d just won. The fans get behind Tempest as he fights his way back to a vertical base.

Meanwhile Werner removes his headset and motions for his colleage to do the same. Steel grimaces, but does so, and finally his partner explains what he’s just been told. Matt Steel’s face goes pale and he blinks. He exhales softly, then waves for Werner to put their headsets back on.

Steel: …we’ve got a show to do.

In the ring, Tempest has whipped Rose into the ropes and applies a headlock which he uses as a takedown. Rose is back up and charging, but Tempest sidesteps and counters with his signature Thunderbolt DDT. The crowd goes wild!

Werner: *subdued* Well. That was well done. He’s…he’s at Tempest’s mercy now.

Steel: See? This is why Tempest will always be called one of the greats…he always comes back, no matter what befalls him…*cough and a small choking sound*

Werner: …dammit.

Tempest rolls Rose up for a two count, but loses it to a kickout. The Storm of the Century goes off the ropes, but at the last moment, Rose counters with a powerslam…gaining a two-count of his own.[/b]

Werner: My apologies, folks. We’re not really ourselves right now…we’ve just learned that Tempest’s brother…

Steel:[/b]Matt, NO. After the match. Please. He deserves to be able to find out first before we announce it to the world…

Werner: You’re right, you’re right. Sorry.

While the two announcers talk there’s been a flurry of action in the ring, some traded blows and a great suplex by Rose, but at that moment, Tempest is off the ropes and charging for his Sonofabitch, a fierce shining wizard, but at the last second, MadDog reaches in and pulls Rose out of the way by his ankles.

A cry goes up from the arena, and Tempest is yelling too, pointing at MadDog and Rose on the outside. The duo split up and Rose goes one way around the ring, and McMahon the other. The referee follows Rose, yelling for him to get back into the ring.

Steel: …quite a match.

Tempest follows after MadDog, taunting him and receiving the same in return. Yelling, he leans just a little too far out over the ropes and in a burst of movement that belies his size, Lucifer McMahon leaps up and catches Tempest by the back of the head and yanks him down hard! Tempest catches it right in the throat and rebounds, staggering backwards.

Werner: Aw, geeze. Not that way…not today.

Rose delivers a powerful superkick that sends Tempest to the mat. Still struggling, though, Tempest rolls to his stomach and tries to get to his knees…which is the perfect set up for his finisher.


Steel: Ooohhh, Kiss from a Rose!

And then its all over but the three count…which the referee quickly taps out. The crowd howls in dismay and anger, but Rose quickly rolls out of the ring to be met by his partner. MadDog yanks Rose’s arm up in victory and the two move slowly but confidently up the ramp, grins on their faces.

Werner: I don’t even know what to say…

Steel: Just this…Rose and MadDog have apparently stolen another win from Tempest. That’s all we can say, Matt. Just..just leave it alone.

A loud ‘TEM-PEST! TEM-PEST! chant is heard throughout the arena in recognition of their hero and his fallen brother.

Werner: And listen to that ovation for Tempest. A show of respect for both him and his brother, Martin Hart, who, as we recognised at the beginning of our broadcast, has sadly passed away. Unfortunately, the crowd at Christmas Kaos were not aware of the situation during the match, and, sadly, nor was Tempest. He was made aware afterwards and, painful as it is, we have his reaction right here.

A hallway scene backstage, where a few wrestlers, a couple roadies, and Keri Thames can be seen standing outside a lockerroom door. They are obviously uncertain and upset, and seem hesitant to enter the room. An anguished roar echoes through the door, followed by the sounds of something heavy slamming into a wall and some smashing, and finally glass breaking. A few of those outside the door flinch, but most of them give each other knowning and saddened glances.

Matthew Werner:[/b] Ladies and Gentlemen, I simply don't know how to explain what I'm about to explain, other than to just go ahead and say it straight...just after the start of the show, Tempest's brother, Martin Hart was rushed by ambulance to a Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak, Michigan...and sadly, not long afterwards, passed away. Tragically, word did not reach us here in the XWA of the emergency until literally moments after Tempest had entered the ring to face Rose and MadDog.

Another roar that sounds more animalistic than human and more sounds of carnage eminate from the room.[/b]

Matthew Werner:[/b] Michael Hart, the man known to most of our fans as Tempest, wasn't able to be told of the passing of his twin until after his match, and at that point, he secluded himself in his dressing room, where he has been ever since. For anyone unaware, his brother, Martin Hart, a former XWA competitor himself, had been diagnosed with pulminary cancer a little more than a year ago, and had been, by all reports, doing well. He'd been receiving chemotherapy treatments and was thought to be in remission.

Keri Thames opens the door slowly, obviously concerned. [/b]

Keri Thames:[/b] Michael...?

Tempest:[/b] Leave me ALLOONNE! GET the F*CK OOOUUUUUTT!!!!!

Michael Hart charges the door, roaring like a wildman, his cheeks streaked with tears. Keri backs away rapidly and while Tempest quickly slams the door shut, a quick glimpse can be seen of the dressing room which is in shambles. A sofa has been overturned, a framed picture lies broken and smashed on the floor and a small bookshelf has been literally thrown through a window.[/b]

Matthew Werner:[/b] ...Our hearts and thoughts go out to both him and his family in this time of grief.

A dark screen shows on the display with a small bit of text.[/b]

Martin Hart


Werner: Distressing scenes for sure, but we at the XWA took a decision to show this segment in order to help our viewers understand why Michael Hart – Tempest…is not here tonight.

Steel: I don’t think there’s a person alive who wouldn’t understand. Tempest, buddy, we’re all thinking of you, and you’re in our prayers. Stay strong, and get yourself back here when you’re ready and do what you do best – kick some ass!

Werner: Hear, hear! Now, we’ll move along into the final part of our re-airing of XWA Christmas Kaos, with XWA old boy Dan Bennett taking on newcomer Hutton Brown. Here’s what Bennett had to say before the match…

The doors to the post office swing open, the rush of newfound cool air and breezy light snow causing the inhabitants within to tighten their grips on their overwear garments and pull their heads closer in. A large, musclebound man walks in onto the prepared rug, stomping on the way in to shake off excess snow built up beneath his black rubber boots, his large yellow coat still containing frosty residue from the harsh outdoors. He quickly turns around and pushes the doors shut, much to the delight of a few people, and a few show their appreciation with grunted thank-yous or smile-and-nod courtesy. He turns to his right and steps forward, and while stepping into the well-lit room reveals the large man to be Dan Bennett, with a brown-wrapped box with him.

Dan: (to self) Holy Hell, it's cold out there. I hope the paper holds up on this thing.

He walks up to the line, relatively short for the holiday season, and waits.

And waits.

And waits.

Finally, the line expires and he walks up to the counter, placing the moistened package upon it, clearly not amused by the plastic smile displayed by the abnormally large, KFC-chicken-scented mailwoman greeting him.

KFC-Scented Mailwoman: Welcome to USPS offices, federal postage handling. Can I help you, sir?

Dan: No, I'm just here to smell the wonderful aroma you emit *rolls eyes* YES, I'd like to weigh and ship this package, you think you can handle that by yourself?

Abrasively-Odorous Mailwoman: Listen, sir. We will not tolerate any rudeness at this branch of USPS. Either you straighten up, or take your business elsewhere.

Dan: Look, just weigh it and ship it. Please?

The maliciously-aromatic woman gives Dan another obviously-strained smile, grabs the package and walks to the back, talking on the way back.

Nasally-Assaulting Mailwoman: Just sign here and mark which shipping method you'd prefer.

Dan Well, it's CHRISTMAS in 2 days, and that's a CHRISTMAS gift. I'd appreciate it if you'd put this on NEXT DAY AIR... you dumba$$.

Disgusting Mailwoman: *back from weight process* Whatever. Weight's 12.53 pounds, that'll cost you $137.94, sir. And I'd like it today, you have people waiting behind you and they'd like to ship NEXT DAY AIR as well.

Dan scowls a bit, then reaches into his front-right jean-pocket and pulls out 3 $50 bills. After an exchange of a handful of change and lour expressions, Dan walks away from the fetid desklady and towards the in-house mailboxes/PO Boxes against the wall.

Dan: (to self) Let's see here... 487? I think so, maybe?

He reaches into the inside pocket of his coat and begins digging for something. After a short period... well... after a REASONABLE amount of time, he manages to dig out a string of keys, and when he yanks them out, receipts and some loose change drop out onto the wet carpeting. A few nearby people scoop up a little for him, while he bends down and grabs up the rest. Same as before, the smile-and-nod courtesy again, but this time is returned by Bennett. After a few seconds of grabbing Speedway gas receipts and old butterscotch wrappers from the floor, he stands back up and stuffs all the junk back into the pocket.

Dan: *shaking head* (to self) I should really clean that out... Now... 477? 488? Ughhh...

He reaches back and stuffs his hand down in his rear-pocket and, without as much trouble, manages to remove his trifold wallet. He opens it and pulls out a small folded piece of paper, clearly battered by the rigorous removal and forcing back into by Bennett's clear lack of longterm memory.

Dan Bennett: 632! Where did I get the other numbers from? I must be high or something... Now...

He sticks out a finger and searches through the wall of boxes until he finds the fated number, 632, and then begins searching through the string of keys. He finally grabs a shorter, more rounded key, and inserts it into the door 3 down from the top of the 630 row. It resists a bit, the age of the box clearly showing, before the door makes the globally recognized click. He pulls on it a few times, and it makes a slight metal-on-metal screeching sound before it opens. Grumbling a bit, he makes sure to get his big paw on every piece in it. He quickly sorts through the mail, the first landing against the front of the coat and the rest on top of the first until he finds whatever parcel he was looking for, and rips off the top and pulls out the paper, unfolding it in the process.

Dan Bennett: There we are. That's what daddy wanted to see...*opens the envelope*

Singles Competition
Dan Bennett vs. Hutton Brown
Hutton Brown is coming off a huge win at XWA Genesis, avenging his loss to JR Judy some months ago that cost him the PRW Undisputed Championship. With that matter resolved Hutton now moves forward into deeper XWA competition. This week facing down the Rated X Messiah is Dan Bennett, a man making his return to the XWA ring! In times past Bennett was a very solid, reliable mid-card talent in the ring and has shared that battlefield with some of the most recognized names in the XWA. A win here would surely propel Hutton Brown to even greater levels of XWA competition but Bennett might have something to say about that in his big return match! Will the Master Manipulator continue his march to the top of the XWA? Or will Dan Bennett’s ‘welcome back’ to the XWA ring end on a triumphant note?

Dan: Who is Hutton Brown?

Random-ass guy: Oh, he's that guy from that wrestling place...Can't remember where, though. Sorry man.

Dan: Never hearda him. He any good?

Random-ass guy: He's pretty good, why?

Dan: No reason. Hey, wanna go see the match between him and Dan Bennett?

Random-ass guy: Free? Sure. Should be a good show, I heard Alex Sean will be there, and Tempest and Lion and...

Dan becomes irritated once again and walks away from the guy, dropping the tickets on the floor and leaving both the rest of the mail out and the box open, and the guy stops talking abruptly and glares at Bennett for a moment before snatching up the tickets. Dan pushes the door open and rushes out, the gusts of blizzard-like wind blowing the door shut quickly as Bennett walks out of sight, the powdering snow and wind making him disappear faster than usual.


Which fades into…


XWA Christmas Kaos: Dan Bennett vs. Hutton Brown.

Matthew Werner: Well, next we have a bout between a relative newcomer and an XWA alumni from years ago.

Matt Steel: Are you sure? I never heard of a... Dan Bennett.

Matthew Werner Sure you have, remember that wonderbread guy?

Matt Steel: Oh yeah... :D

The opening riffs to 96 Quite Bitter Beings begins throughout the arena as a generic video plays on the videoscreen, but after a few seconds this video makes an exploding graphic and older videos of Emerald Fusions and other moves begin showing on the screen as the lights begin flashing a shade of yellow. From behind the curtain/Gorilla position, Dan bennett walks out to a mixed reaction, sporting a Mighty Mighty Bosstones shirt under his coat and a smirk on his face. He stops a few feet out, breathes in heavily, and exhales.

With my perceptions in a mix
Down twenty miles through the sticks
To the cloudy town of Hellview: Population 96

Excessive vacancy, well maybe
In the shadow of an eye
All the strangers pass right through
Where the rules just don't apply

Keri Thames: Hailing from Columbus, Ohio, and weighing in at two-hundred, ninety-five pounds...

Matt Steel: 295 my a-

Matthew Werner: Shut up. Just shut up.

Matt Steel: >:(

Keri Thames: ...he is Dan Bennett!

At the fork turn left a store
But on the right stay free from sight
'Cause 96 quite bitter beings
Like to stack the bodies high

The only way to ever leave is
Overflooded by the storm
And entanglement in Hellview
Brings you fear in fifty forms
They've deleted all the tourists
At the bottom of the lake
And not one supports the cause
To leave the blood stay in the veins

Bennett looks around at the audience in attendance, then casually begins striding to the ring, every now and again looking around at the people near the railing and shouting something at them. He then continues to the ring, walks up the nearside staircase and, after stopping to look at the people once more, slowly steps between the top and middle ring ropes. He walks to a farside corner, and after removing his jacket but without putting it outside the ring, turns around to face the entrance ramp and the oncoming opponent as the lights return to their original color and the music fades.

Keri Thames: And from Manhattan, New York, weighing in at two-hundred, twenty-five pounds... He is The Rated X Messiah, Hutton Brown!

Hutton Brown makes his way to the ring, smiling at the audience and slapping hands as Come to Life by Alter Bridge plays. As he reaches the ring, he removes his Haori and hands it over the ropes to the cameraman, which walks it over to the announcers table. Hutton steps up the ring steps and between the ropes, but turns around and steps up the cornerposts and starts punching himself in the chest and pointing at the crowd, yelling about peeps.

Matt Steel: Now, I'll tell you. This Hutton Brown guy is serious business.

Matthew Werner: He certainly is, after a come-from-behind victory last week against The Perfect One, JR Judy.

Matt Steel: I wouldn't say come from behind, per se...

Matthew Werner: It sounds better, let it go man.

Matt Steel: Werner, how'd I get stuck with you doing this?

Matthew Werner: I guess you're really lucky.

Bennett drops his coat outside the ring, Hutton jumps down, and both men meet in the middle of the ring nose-to-nose, both talking trash at each other. The referee, Kirk Sampson, forces his way between the two and tells them to go back to opposite corners and wait for the bell. Hutton acquiesces, but Bennett sneers at Sampson and slowly backs off, still yelling and talking trash.

Matthew Werner: Kirk Samson is our referee for this match, and it looks like he's already going to have trouble with these two gladiators.

Matt Steel: American Gladiators, that is! Get it, the T.V. Show...

Matthew Werner: Yeah I get it. Aaaaaanyways, this bout is about to start!

The bell sounds and Hutton and Bennett both begin circling each other, sizing each other up before the real action begins. Hutton and Bennett lunge at each other and lock up, both struggling for the upper hand before Bennett rears back a little and pushes Hutton stumbling into the corner, and Hutton bounces a little before bracing himself with his arms on the ropes. He sits there for a minute, wipes his nose a little, and then steps back out of the corner, clearly a little more irritated. Bennett smirks a little bit, but quickly sobers up as Hutton comes charging back in and they lock up once more, but this time, Hutton quickly grabs ahold of a headlock and squeezes hard. Bennett groans a little bit but grabs Huttons arm and twists it back into an back-arm wrench, which Hutton quickly reverses into his own before shoving Bennett from behind and Bennett stumbles a little into the ropes. Bennett stops himself on the ropes and, wearing an expression of not-so-amused, turns back around to a smirking Hutton and sarcastically claps his hands.

Matthew Werner:[/b] A very technical exchange between these two.

Matt Steel: *Yaaaawwwn* Oh, right, very technical.

Matthew Werner: It was...Wasn't it?

Hutton backs out of the middle of the ring a little, beckoning Bennett to bring it on, and they both charge at each other again, but this time, Bennett backs up at the last second and delivers a swift boot to the gut of Hutton Brown, causing him to grab his stomach in pain. Bennett grabs Hutton's chin with his left hand and raises his head up before delivering a straight right to his face, Hutton's head going backward a bit from the impact. Bennett grabs his arm and pulls Hutton into an Irish Whip, and Hutton goes running off the ropes and Bennett throws a clothesline to meet Hutton but Hutton ducks under it, rebounding off the other side, and Bennett throws another ghost clothesline. Bennett starts getting irritated and decides on a big boot to end this exchange, but as Bennett throws a big boot up to meet Hutton's face, Hutton ducks and goes under the boot. Bennett's foot lands awkwardly and the momentum of the boot forces him forward a step or two, but as soon as he catches himself enough to turn around, he turns around into a Spear!

Matthew Werner: Wow, what a spear from Hutton Brown!

Matt Steel: He caught'em right in the ribs with that one.

Matthew Werner: Very nice job there by Brown dodging.

Matt Steel: Like some sort of graceful person or something.

Matthew Werner: Thanks, Matt, for that insightful view on this.

The crowd roars as Bennett quickly rolls out of the ring and walks around it slowly, holding his ribs with one arm and yelling at Hutton again. Hutton just shrugs and jumps up on the cornerpost, causing the audience to go even crazier. Bennett rolls back into the ring, but stays back from Hutton near a corner. As Hutton advances towards him, Bennett sticks his head out the ropes and shouts at Sampson to back him off, which he does. Bennett sits in the corner and rests a little, and Hutton comes at Bennett again, and again he sticks his head back out the ropes. Hutton gets a bit irritated and complains to Sampson, but to no avail. Bennett pulls his head back in and adjusts his pants a little, steps out of the corner, and taunts Hutton to come on, which he does at a running pace, and Bennett seizes this opportunity to lift Hutton onto his shoulders and drop Hutton in a Samoan Drop!

Matt Steel: Caught'em there, didn't he? Hahahaha!

Matthew Werner: Sure did, excellent Samoan Drop there by a very white, non-samoan guy.

Matt Steel: Just because he's not Samoan, doesn't mean anything.

Hutton grabs his ribs in pain and rolls onto his side as Bennett pops back up and quickly begins stomping on his back and ribs. Bennett stops after a flurry, and grabs a hold of Hutton's hair and pulls him up to a bent-over base, and Hutton quickly begins punching Bennett in the gut while holding his midsection. Bennett reels a little from the impact and backs off a little, and Hutton takes this time to push Bennett off the ropes, and on the rebound, Bennett gets caught in a cross-armed position, and the audience goes berzerk as Bennett is then lifted and driven down in an X-Driver!

Matt Steel: Nice X-Driver delivered there by Hutton Brown!

Matthew Werner: Looked painful, didn't it?

Matt Steel: Maybe. Really all it is is a-

Matthew Werner: Back to the action!

Hutton quickly fally on Bennett and lifts the near leg in a pin attempt as Kirk Sampson quickly falls to the mat and begins his count!

Kirk Samson:




Bennett lifts his shoulder off the mat and, amidst protests from Hutton on a three count, Kirk implies that there was only two. Hutton lifts Bennett up and pushes him into a corner, where he begins punching him down and as he lowers into the corner, Hutton stomps Bennett until he's down onto the mat, and Hutton backs off at the request of Sampson. Hutton then walks back into the corner and lifts Bennett back up into it, punching him on the way up. Hutton begins delivering body blow after body blow into the Solar Plexus of Bennett, each one doubling Bennett over a little more. Hutton lifts Bennett's head back up and delivers an elbow into the face, then backs up a little and throws a right hook into his jaw, and Bennett stumbles out of the corner and falls over, bleeding a little from the mouth. Bennett rolls under the ropes and gets on one knee, trying to recuperate from this beating he's received from his smaller opponent. Bennett stands up and Hutton, after watching all this, bounces off the opposite side ropes and rushes at Bennett with a forearm to the back of his head, causing him to fly off the ringside area and into the barricade face first!

Matt Steel: Bennett is getting pummelled here!

Matthew Werner: He just smashed his face into a steel railing after getting thumped by Hutton Brown, I'd say pummelled is a very appropriate word here!

Matt Steel: Thank you, Werner >_<

Bennett rolls around on the matted area around the ring, writhing in pain and cluthing his face, which is now full-blown bleeding from the mouth. Bennett checks himself over his face as Kirk Sampson begins the countout!

Kirk Samson:[/b] ONE...




Bennett crawls to his feet and pulls himself up and into the ring under the bottom rope, and Hutton is waiting for him and pulls Bennett back in all the way and kicks him a few times before standing him up and punching him a few times. Hutton then kicks Bennett in the gut and punches him a couple times before screaming at the crowd, which fired them up a bit, and walks behind Bennett and hooks his arms, but before he turns it over for the finish, Bennett pushes Hutton Brown into the ropes, and because Hutton turned around in time to see Bennett set up for the Double D, Hutton grabs the ropes and stops his momentum. Bennett walks at Hutton, who then proceeds to run at Bennett. Bennett swings for a clothesline, but Hutton easily ducks under and pulls Bennett backwards and hooks his head under his arm before throwing himself backwards in an inverted DDT, planting Bennett's head in the mat!

Matthew Werner: There's no way Bennett will be right after this, his head is just taking so much punishment.

Matt Steel: Maybe he should just stay down? Just sayin'.

Bennett lays inert for about 5 seconds as Hutton revels in the successful maneuver performed. Bennett rolls over, holding his head and kicking his feet a little bit, the audience loving every minute of this beatdown issued from Hutton to Bennett. Hutton backs into a corner and begins signalling for his opponent to get up as Bennett slowly scrapes himself off of the mat he has grown to know. Hutton hits all fours in sweet anticipation as Bennett goes from one knee to wobbly feet, and at that moment, Hutton leaps and grabs Bennett's head and brings him down in a brutal Revolutionizer, flipping Bennett over with the impact of the move and causing Hutton Brown to bounce back up once again!

Matthew Werner: This could mean the end of this one, folks!

Matt Steel: That WAS his set-up, wasn't it?

Matthew Werner: Uhh, yeah, it was.

Hutton walks around the ring and riles up the crowd once more, signalling for the end and taunting Bennett as he lay motionless on the mat. Hutton waits in the corner as Bennett finally begins stirring and starts to move a little bit. Hutton walks over and kicks Bennett again and then kneels down and Hutton picks Bennett up one more time. Hutton clutches the double underhook from behind. Hutton turns it over and holds the position for a little bit. A little bit too long, as Bennett pushes Hutton into the ring ropes and as Hutton rebounds, Bennett gets a good grasp on his waistline and turns around quickly slamming down Hutton Brown in a backbreaking Double D Spinebuster!

Matt Steel: Where the Hell did that come from?!

Matthew Werner: A surprise attack from Bennett leaves both men down on the mat!

Matt Steel: Surprise, but there's no way either man can capitalize on it!

True enough, both men lay on the mat, Bennett's only movement his chest heaving and Hutton holding his back in excrutiating pain. Kirk Sampson begins his double-count on both men!

Kirk Samson: ONE...






Hutton makes it back to his feet, but Bennett is merely on his hands and knees, breathing heavily and checking himself for any more bleeding, which has stopped recently. Hutton backs into a corner and, with a crazed look, begins stomping his foot and slapping his boot before kneeling down and getting ready to charge. Bennett picks himself up a little bit more, and Hutton takes this opportunity to run at Bennett and throw a boot at his head, but Bennett stands up immediately, and Hutton misses and goes off the ropes with his momentum, rebounds into a boot to the stomach from Bennett and finds himself hoisted into the air upside down, then dropped onto his head in perfect fashion with the Emerald Fusion!


Matt Steel: A perfectly performed Emerald Fusion, doesn't get much prettier than that!

Bennett falls on an unconscious Hutton with his last ounce of strength and Sampson begins to count the pinfall!

Kirk Samson: ONE...



Matt Steel: It's all over!

Matthew Werner: A well-timed dodge and an Emerald Fusion finished off the war between these two!

Matt Steel: Hopefully this isn't the last time we see these two battle, this was great!

Samson attempts to raise Bennett's hand, but Bennett is so far gone he just rolls out of the ring and, although on wobbly feet and with glazed eyes, manages to stumble by himself up the ramp and out of view of the cameras and audience, all booing the victory of Bennett and the pinfall loss of Hutton Brown, recovering from a nasty fall onto his head.

We come back from the footage to a black screen. Nothing at all is seen or heard, save from the low buzz of the crowd in the background. And that’s how it is, until, slowly, a graphic fades into view, inciting thunderous applause and cheers from the crowd.

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