XWA Genesis: 12/19/2009

The results of every Pay Per View from the year 2009 can be found in here!
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XWA Genesis: 12/19/2009

Postby DJS » Thu Nov 26, 2015 8:39 pm

First posted: December 21st 2009 by Alex Sean

We begin in darkness with the sound of distant strings and metal clangs ringing in our ears. As the strings increase in volume words fade on our very screen.

Five Years Ago, That Which Once Was Ceased to Be...

The sounds of electric glitches are heard, the strings and metal strikes increase in volume.

... Now, It Has Returned From Exile. The Arena For The Very Best...

Strings begin to flange and increase in speed rapidly.

... The Xtreme Wrestling Alliance.

As these words pass, the familiar drums of "Miseria Cantare - The Beginning" by AFI strike with thunderous precision, synching with shots of XWA Superstars of the past such as J-Pain, The MadDog, DGX, EBR, and Damien. These continue as the vocals begin.

Love your hate, your faith lost
You are now one of us
Love your hate, your faith lost
You are now one of us

As the final word is spoken, we freeze frame on a shot of Calvin Lee holding the XWA Undisputed Championship high after defeating Alex Sean in the main event of the final XWA event. The music again ramps up leading again to a similar drum beat syncing up to various clips from the XWA's very first show; "XWA Genesis" in November of 2001. The vocals return being highlighted by footage of that fateful night.

Nothing from nowhere, I'm no one at all
Radiate, recognize one silent call
As we all form one dark flame...


As the final word blares and the guitars come in, the pace increases showing footage of various legendary moments and matches in the XWA's history. From DGX vs. Drama to Damien vs. Frost.

Nothing from nowhere, I'm no one at all
Radiate, recognize one silent call
As we all form one dark flame
As we all form one dark flame
As we all...

The lyrics return as we travel through the rich history of the XWA.

Love your hate, your faith lost
You are now one of us
Love your hate, your faith lost
You are now one...

With the final mantra repeating over and over, the footage grows more specific showing clips of the men competing tonight. EBR. DGX. Drama. Tempest. Calvin Lee. Alex Sean. Men who were defined by the XWA and likewise defined the XWA.


As the final words are spoken we freeze on a shot of the XWA logo.


With this we cut to the live feed as 3,000 plus screaming fans in the Hammerstein Ballroom goes nuts for "XWA Genesis"! "Slam Harder" by Onyx plays over the soundspeakers as an impressive display of pyrotechnics blast on the stage. We cut to several shots of screaming fans until finally cutting to Matthew Werner and Matt Steel at ringside!

Matthew Werner: Hello everyone and welcome to "XWA Genesis!"

Matt Steel: It's been almost five years but the XWA is back, Matthew!

Matthew Werner: And what a show we have in store tonight! Our main event pits Alex Sean and DGX against longtime rivals Tempest and Drama!

Matt Steel: Not only that, we also see one of the biggest grudges in recent memory perhaps reach it's conclusion as EBR looks to settle the score with Calvin Lee.

Matthew Werner: For sure! It looks like we're ready to get started, Keri Thames, take it away!

The bell rings as the crowd rises to their feet for the opening contest. Keri raises the microphone and is about to speak but is cut off as the video screen lights up.

Matthew Werner: What in the hell is going on? We were supposed to have our opening contest.

Matt Steel: Something is going on with our video screen.

Matthew Werner: Wait a minute... is that... that is PRW Bloodletting! What the hell is going on here?

The crowd grows silent as they begin to watch in confusion. We cut to a taped video feed from PRW Bloodletting.

The Perfect One. JR ignores the crowd and continues on with his entrance, stopping atop the ramp and slowly raises and extends his arms doing his trademark pose \_O__/ only to receive more boos. But JR’s face no emotion, much like earlier in the evening. Randy Orton like pyro falls from the ceiling, surrounding JR. Unlike before, no one in the crowd does JR’s pose with him. The JR Judy signs have been replaced with JR sucks signs. He lowers his arms and slowly begins to walk down to the ramp. He takes his first steps as the boos grow even louder. As JR walks down the ramp, fans reach over the rail and attempt to high five him. But JR ignores the crowd. Young children attempt to high five their hero, but JR continues to look forward, avoiding the crowd..

Josh Brunswick: Doug, last month at Uprising, JR attempted to in his eyes perfect the PRW Championship. But, after a valiant effort, Adam XClusiv was able to recapture the championship. However JR continues to blame this political game that in his mind is keeping him down.

Doug Smith: This cold, calculating attitude of JR, it obviously relates to what JR calls the politics of PRW.

The video skips ahead.

JR takes a deep breath on the ropes before slowly raising his arms into his trademark pose \_0_/. The crowd erupts with boos once more for JR as he lowers his arms down. JR slowly climbs down the turnbuckles and then stands in the center of the ring. His music fades and the crowd grows silent as JR raises the microphone to his mouth.

JR Judy: January first, I came out to this ring, and declared 2009 to be the Year of Perfection. After last year’s Mr. PRW voting, I made it my mission, and my goal to not only win that award, but also prove my dominance over the wrestling world.

The video skips ahead.

JR Judy: But, even after the most dominate year PRW has ever seen, I stand here before you, no longer the PRW Undisputed Champion. Not because the champion is better than me, but because he plays this game better than I do. Godfather, I respect you, but you are just like MATTHEW. A washed up has-been who cut the line and STOLE the PRW Undisputed Championship. Godfather, you are no better than anyone else in that pathetic locker room. The Powers That Be here in PRW are the ones who decide everything in this ring, not the talent. If they want a new flavor of the month to be the champion, then he wins the championship, no questions asked. If they want a washed up has-been to return and take the championship from a more deserving wrestler, so be it. And when something unexpected happens, like JR Judy beating their golden boy Hutton Brown, and Perfecting the championship, they scramble for their first opportunity to rip away the championship. Enter MATTHEW.

JR turns back to the camera.

JR Judy: MATTHEW was the beginning, of a long, drawn out political plot to keep me away from the championship. Serial jumped the line and STOLE my rematch for MY championship. Then, Adam XClusiv SNEAKS into the match and STEALS MY championship. Only to lose it two weeks later to another washed up has-been with an ancient title shot saved up. Sorry Adam, guess you weren’t the flavor of the month either.

The camera shows the crowd who is stunned and shocked by JR’s comments.

JR Judy: And now, the main event tonight, pits two washed up has-beens who have stayed WAY passed the expiration date. The Godfather and Lion. Godfather, I’ve already told you how I feel about you. You were good, but your time passed a long time ago. It’s time for you to step aside and let the next generation, a generation led by Perfection, take center stage. And then there is you Lion. I have been waiting to say this for months. When you took me under your wing at the beginning of the year, I thought it was the greatest thing that could have ever happened to me. I mean look what you did to Hutton. He was your project, and he was the champion. People were saying I would be the second coming of Lion. I would be the next dominant force to take over PRW. But unlike Hutton, you weren’t there to save me. When Hutton was in trouble, you were right there to pick him up, dust him off, and hand him his championship. You played all the right political games to keep Hutton on top for a very, very long time. But when I got the championship, and the Powers That Be tried to drown me in my match with MATTHEW, where were you to throw the rope? Nowhere!

As the rage begins to build inside of JR, he takes his sunglasses and throws them down on the canvas. His eyes are no longer cold and calculating, they now show anger and rage.

JR Judy: You left me to drown Lion! You left me for dead Lion! Were you just as afraid as the Powers That Be were that I was going to becoming too powerful for PRW? You abandoned me just like they did and watched me sink. Well Lion, you, and the Powers That Be didn’t finish the job! I’m still standing! And I’m the Number One Contender to the PRW Undisputed Championship! I don’t care if it is you, or if it is Godfather who holds that strap, I’m taking it, and I’m changing this game!

The camera changes to the main base camera.

JR Judy: But of course, the Powers That Be wouldn’t make it that simple would they? Before I get my title shot, they scheduled and Elimination Chamber match at Christmas Carnage. Whoever the champion is has to defend against myself, Hutton Brown, MATTHEW, Adam XClusiv, and Matt Caje. Well guess what, I’m coming out in that chamber, and I am going to recapture MY championship. But if somehow, the Powers That Be decide I shouldn’t win that match, then I’m going to cash in my title shot at Salvation!

The camera slowly zooms in.

JR Judy: Either way, I WILL recapture the PRW Undisputed Championship, and I WILL PERFECT that championship. I’m tired of these games that PRW continues to play. I’m tired of the politicking and I’m tired of the ass kissing. In PRW, words like honor, respect, and competition, used to mean something! Now, they mean whatever the Powers That Be say they should mean. That’s why tonight; I would like to make a major announcement. People wanna know where I’ve been in my long absences? I was out looking for a place where those words actually mean something. A place where there are no Powers That Be building glass ceilings over my head.

Josh Brunswick: What is JR talking about?

Doug Smith: I have no idea.

JR Judy: Even though I am STILL under contract with PRW, I am going out to find a place where wrestling determines the future, not the Powers That Be. And a place where Perfection, can not, and will not be stopped. I’ll see you tomorrow night…..

JR drops the microphone and as it bounces off of the mat, the crowd is stunned. No one utters a sound as JR slowly makes his exit from the ring.

Josh Brunswick: What does he mean see you tomorrow?

Doug Smith: Josh, I have no clue. This puzzle that is JR Judy continues to grow...

We cut back to the live feed as Matthew Werner and Matt Steel sit stunned. STUNNED!

Matthew Werner: What was that all about?

Matt Steel: I have no idea Matthew.

Matthew Werner: Well let’s try this again, let’s again go back to the ring and Keri Thames.

Keri, just as shocked as the fans, attempts to recollect her thoughts as she prepares to announce the opening contest. But, before she can begin, the crowd’s attention turns to the far corner of the arena where a figure has begun making his way towards the guardrail. Then, in one quick motion, the figure walks past the security and makes his way over the guardrail.

Matthew Werner: What is going on tonight? First we have PRW video on the screen, and now a fan has jumped the rail.

Matt Steel: Matthew, XWA has already gone crazy after only five minutes.

Matthew Werner: Wait a minute!?!? Is that JR Judy?

Just as the words leave Matthew’s mouth the camera zooms in on the figure’s face. His eyes are shielded by sunglasses, but after further investigation, the figure is made out to be PRW wrestler, The Perfect One JR Judy.

Matthew Werner: What in the world is JR Judy doing here in the XWA!?! He works for PRW! He is their number one contender!

The crowd is silent, and the XWA staff remains still, uncertain of what PRW’s loose cannon will do. After his previous assaults of PRW staff, wrestlers, and even his fiancée Rachel Riot, no one attempts to stop the cold and calculating Perfect One. JR slowly and methodically makes his way up the ring stairs and then slowly makes his way into the ring. Frozen in fear, Keri remains in the ring, clutching the microphone. As JR makes his way into the ring, he turns his attention to the frighten Thames. JR, now standing in front of her, leans his head towards her, and then gently takes the microphone from her. Keri quickly runs out of the ring and looks to get out of JR’s path. The Perfect One JR Judy turns to face the main camera and raises the microphone up. He adjusts his sunglasses and begins to speak in a very methodical and low tone.

JR Judy: For those of you, that have been living under a rock for the past for years, my name is The Perfect One JR Judy. And yes, I am Perfect in Everyway. I am the best wrestler on the face of this Earth, and everyone knows it. But as you saw on the screen, it seems the PRW Powers That Be feel differently. So after my legal team did some investigation, I found a loop hole. A loop hole, which has brought me here, to the XWA. PRW needs to understand, that no one owns The Perfect One JR Judy. But, the Powers That Be thought that they could control JR Judy. Well here is there reality check. Because I am officially signing my XWA contract here tonight. From now on, The Perfect One JR Judy will be appearing on both PRW and XWA television. And from here on out, JR Judy is on a one man crusade to Perfect professional wrestling. And it starts tonight in the XWA. You’re future PRW Champion, is also your NEXT XWA Champion. I’m gonna single-handedly dissect the entire XWA roster and prove to PRW, and the entire world that You Can’t Stop Perfection... And You Can’t Stop Me!

JR releases the microphone and lets it drop down to the canvas. As it bounces off of the canvas, he slowly tilts his head backwards and raises his arm into his trademark pose \_0_/. The crowd remains silent, stunned at what they have just seen.

Matthew Werner: Matt, what have we just witnessed?

Matt Steel: We have just witnessed the dawning of a new age here in the XWA.

Matthew Werner: An Age of Perfection...

Matt Steel: ...

Matthew Werner: What?

Matt Steel: A little much, is all.

Matthew Werner: Oh.

Matt Steel: Just, you know, take it down a bit Matthew. We've got a whole show ahead of us.

Matthew Werner: I suppose that's true.

Matt Steel: Can't just, you know, lose your mind anyone does something, right?

Matthew Werner: Right. Anyway...

Keri Thames:
[/Size] The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is a Fatal Four-Way Match!

The arena goes black as you hear the first notes of "Thumb Hang". next a green laser starts to flash all over the place. Then the laser stops and the arena turns blew with smoke all over the stage and you see Chris at the top of the stage with a smirk on his face like Chris Jericho.

Keri Thames:[/Size] Making his way to the ring first from Los Angeles, California weighing in at 160 lbs... Chris Chaos!

He then walks to ring and when he enters the heavy metal demon horns up. The arena lights fall as "I Feel You" plays around the arena. A cloud of smoke fills the entrance way as the titan tron plays images of Keith's shadow bopping his head and stretching his arms out like a cross.

Keri Thames:[/Size] Next, hailing from Chicago, Illinois, weighing in at 215 lbs... Keith Prodigy!

Keith makes his way into the arena with his arms stretched out. Standing before the entrance way, he drops his head and begins to bop to his entrance music. Once ringside, Keith slides in beneath the bottom rope and makes his way to the corner where he waits his opponent.

Matt Steel:[/Size] For those of you who don't know Chris Chaos and Keith Prodigy are new to the XWA and wrestling in particular.

Matthew Werner:[/Size] I can't stand Chris Chaos.

The guitar riff hits, the lights dim, and the crowd grows still. Over and Under finally hits and a single bright white spotlight resonates from the rafters as The High Horror comes out from behind the curtain and throws both arms out to his side like a razor as red, white, and blue fireworks erupt from the stage and light up the arena, the fans now screaming loudly and cheering on Horror. The lights come back on, still dim, as Horror makes his way down the ramp, slapping hands with a few of the fans.

Keri Thames:[/Size] And finally, weighing in at 290 lbs... The High Horror!

He walks over to the side of the ring with the announce table and climbs onto the apron and stares out into space for a moment. He then directs his attention to the announce table, points at Matt Steel and pulls his hand back, making a quick cut throat motion and shines a crooked smile, and then steps over the ropes and into the ring. Horror runs the ropes a few times then throws his arms out like a razor again, but in the same motion, raises his right arm like he was preparing a Choke Slam, and the crowd goes crazy again. As soon as Horror sets foot into the ring Chris Chaos runs at him with a vicious clothesline from hell. Referee Kirk Samson signals for the bell to be rang.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Keith Prodigy then spins Chris around to complete a series of chops. When Horror gets back to his feet he runs at Chris attempting a big boot. Chris ducks and hits Horror with a powerful Pele Kick. Chris Chaos attempts a pin, an as Referee Kirk Samson counts two Keith Prodigy grabs Chris by the hair and executes a strong Suplex. When Keith turns around The High Horror nails him with a forearm smash.

Matthew Werner:[/Size] Commentary is useful. It breaks up the action from being enormous blocks of text.

Matt Steel:[/Size] Yeah!

Turning his attention to Chris Chaos he walks over to him and gets ready for a Super-Plex. However, before he con put Chris on the rope Keith Prodigy dropkicks him causing Horror to drop Chris. Keith then picks up Horror and climbs to the top rope and executes his finisher, the Prodiginator. He then rolls Horror up for the pin.

... 1 ...

... 2 ...

Referee Kirk Samson makes it to two and a half when Horror kicks out.

Matthew Werner:[/Size] Close call.

Getting to his feet, Keith is amazed that The High Horror kicked out of the Prodiginator. Letting his mind slip from paying attention to Horror he receives a Deathblow. The High Horror then nails him with an enziguri and then a rock DDT.

Matt Steel:[/Size] Keith Prodigy is laying in a pool of blood! Somebody get a paramedic!

Matthew Werner:[/Size] Look out for Chris Chaos Horror!

Chris Chaos runs at Horror attempting a spear but runs right into a big boot from The High Horror. Horror then headbutts Chris and hits him with a rock DDT. He then tries to pin Keith Prodigy who is laying helplessly in the middle of the ring. Referee Kirk Samson counts two and is bringing his hand for the three Chris Chaos manages to hit a frog splash onto both of them. He then lands the chaos theory on The High Horror and then on Keith Prodigy.

Matt Steel:[/Size] That chaos theory looks like a lethal move.

Matthew Werner:[/Size] I can't look.

Chris Chaos summoning all remaining energy attempts a pin. Referee Kirk Samson counts...

... 1 ...

Matt Steel:[/Size] One...

... 2 ...

Matt Steel:[/Size] Two...

... 3 ...

Matt Steel:[/Size] Three! Chris Chaos wins!

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Matthew Werner:[/Size] That is a huge upset! I had my money on The High Horror.

Anvil's Thumb Hang plays as Kirk Samson raises Chris Chaos's hand. Chris falls to his knees holding the straight edge X proudly as tears flow from his face. He then gets out of the ring and walks up the ramp giving all the people holding their hands out high fives.

Matt Steel:[/Size] Chris Chaos must feel great walking out of the Hammerstein Ballroom with his first win here in the XWA!

As Chris Chaos celebrates on the stage, we cut backstage to find King Kraig, dressed sharply as usual, sitting at his desk behind a mountain of paperwork. A light knock on the door is heard and in walks current XWA CEO Alex Sean.

King Kraig: What was that?

Sean gives a perplexed gaze toward Kraig's direction.

Alex Sean: I'm sorry? What was what?

King Kraig: That, what you did right there. You knocked on the door and then immediately walked in.

Alex Sean: ... And?

King Kraig: You didn't wait for me to say "come in". If you were just going to come in anyway, why even bother knocking?

Alex Sean: Seemed like the polite thing to do.

King Kraig: I bet it did.

Alex Sean: Hrm.

King Kraig: Hrm.

An awkward silence fills the room momentarily.

King Kraig: So was there anything you needed?

Alex Sean: Just thought I'd check in and see how things were going over here with you.

Sean stares at the mountain of paperwork.

Alex Sean: ... Maybe I should come back at another time.

Kraig looks up at Sean, lets out a small sigh, then removes his glasses.

King Kraig: Let me tell you how things are going. I've spent the last two weeks sifting through files, Alex. I've found about two dozen carbon copies of online Poker scores and not a single expense report. I've got a live show that I'm, what with you now being a performer, solely responsible for and a locker room full of wrestlers that want to tear each other's heads off. And what's up with this JR Judy guy?

Alex Sean: Hah, I know, right? We only spent a few thousand dollars on lighting, pyrotechnics, and a video package but no, come in through the crowd JR. Why would we want use to use any of that stuff?

King Kraig: All I'm saying is I'm swamped, man. I know you've got a match and all but this was your idea in the first place.

Alex Sean: Alright, alright, I get your point. Look, what do you need to do?

King Kraig: Okay, hold on one second...

King Kraig places his glasses back on his face and pulls out his Blackberry. Perusing over his schedule, Kraig nods, removes his glasses, and looks back up at Sean.

King Kraig: I think I can handle most of the paperwork for the evening and handle the production. What I need you to do is handle the talent.

Alex Sean: Okay, like what?

King Kraig: Well for starters, your boy EBR. I'm a little concerned about what he might do in regard to DGX.

Alex Sean: I see. I'll talk to him.

King Kraig: Fantastic. Aside from that, you know, just keep your ear to the ground and try and manage that locker room.

Alex Sean: Sounds like a plan.

Sean turns toward the door and pulls it open. Just as he's about to leave, he pauses and turns back toward Kraig.

Alex Sean: You know, just a thought, but wouldn't it more sense for you, the people person with a record for tax evasion, to handle the locker room and me, the fiscally efficient and often times abrasively antisocial competitor to perhaps switch places?

King Kraig: Are you telling me you want to handle this paperwork? Do you really want that to be said?

Sean looks down once again at the mountain of paperwork.

Alex Sean: ... I'll just...

Sean exits Kraig's office as we cut back to ringside.
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Re: XWA Genesis: 12/19/2009

Postby DJS » Thu Nov 26, 2015 8:40 pm

The Hammerstein Ballroom of New York City, New York finds itself packed shoulder to shoulder as nearly four thousand fans in attendance eagerly await the next match of the night. XWA Genesis makes it stunning return to the world of Professional Wrestling with a bang and the audience in attendance has yet to be disappointed. And with the card presented to them as they entered the Ballroom and the matches left to be presented here tonight, how could a single man, woman, or child leave here tonight without feeling their money well spent.

Matthew Werner: Ladies and Gentlemen what a night we still have ahead of us. Matches with returning XWA Legends and fresh faces to the Xtreme Wrestling Alliance are stacked a-plenty for the evening and I can’t wait to see each and every one of them.

Matt Steel: Oh you’d better believe that I’m right there with you Matthew. The card for tonight is astonishing and I’m dying to see some of these guys get back into an XWA ring.

Matthew Werner: Don’t forget about the new competitors we have stepping into an XWA ring for the first time Matt. As you know we’ve negotiated a huge talent exchange with some of the top promotions in the entire wrestling world.

Matt Steel: How right you are Matthew and we’re about to get a good look at just how huge this talent exchange really is in our next match. Two big members of the Professional RPG Wrestling roster will square off in what I’ve been told is a rematch to PRW’s Match of the Year.

The XWA announce team slowly quiets itself as the bell at ringside chimes three times and ring announcer Keri Thames, who already stands within the squared circle, raises her microphone to begin the introductions. The fans are ripe with anticipation and it takes a few long moments before they finally quiet down enough for Keri to speak just over them, her announcement silencing them further.

Keri Keri Thames: Ladies and Gentlemen, the following contest is the PRW Showcase and it is scheduled for one fall! Making his way to the ring first...

The arena is held in silence for a few long moments as the fans await the arrival of Professional RPG Wrestling’s first superstar and they are finally greeted by the opening notes of "Hero" by Skillet. While many hardcore XWA fans would normally adorn any match during the return of XWA Genesis with a round of thunderous cheer and ovation, negativity quickly fills the arena as the crowd understands quickly just who was set to enter the ring first. The Perfect One takes to center stage slowly and methodically, his black attire making him hardly visibly in the darkened arena before a spotlight pans across the Ballroom to illuminate him. JR Judy acts indifferent as the blue light basks over him and instead continues to walk slowly to the top of the ramp before simply holding his position and staring out at the fans in attendance.

Keri Thames: From Venice Beach, California; weighing in at two hundred and thirty five pounds; The Perfect One, JR Judy!

As Keri Thames finishes her introduction of JR Judy to the fans in the arena The Perfect One slowly hoists his arms into the air to adopt his trademark pose, the negativity in the arena increasing noticeably as Judy does so. Yet JR takes no notice in the hatred he receives from the fans, be they fans of Professional RPG Wrestling or the fans of Xtreme Wrestling Alliance as he holds onto the same pose that marks the back of his sleeveless vest. Golden streams of pyrotechnics fall from the ceiling and encircle Judy in their glittery effect but the pretty light show has no effect upon the feelings of this audience towards JR now. As the pyrotechnics break off JR slowly lowers his arms to his side and begins his methodical march down the ramp towards the XWA ring before him.

Matthew Werner: Can you believe the hatred coming off of these fans Matt? I don’t think I’ve ever heard such negativity from any crowd during the introduction of a fresh superstar to XWA, past or present.

Matt Steel: Neither have I Matthew, but you have to imagine that most of these fine people know all too well of the history of JR Judy. I personally have taken some time to look back at some of his most recent matches and promos and frankly, most of it is just sickening.

Matthew Werner: I’m right there with you Matt. In recent months, JR Judy has completely turned his back on all of his fans in PRW, attack his own girlfriend Rachel Riot in cold blood, and essentially become one of the worst men to be included upon the PRW roster.

Making his way down the ramp, JR pulls the hood of his vest slowly from his head and takes it upon himself to upon his vest further, prominently displaying the black XWA t-shirt that he has taken to wearing over the past weeks. Yet even the display of what many might think to be new loyalty to XWA does not grant him any favor with the crowd, the fans quickly piping up with a “Go back to PRW” chant. The Perfect One does not grant the audience the satisfaction of an emotional response to their pokes and prods at his pride, instead continuing down the ramp without any increase in his pace. Some members of the crowd do reach out for a high-five from Judy, young children still clinging to the belief that JR would soon return to the hero they had once know him as. Their hands however, do un-slapped as The Perfect One simply and coldly steps past them.

Matthew Werner: I know that I’m not supposed to add my personnel feelings into the commentary Matt, but wouldn’t it just be swell if JR’s opponent came out here tonight and pull off a total upset?

Matt Steel: A part of me really likes just the sound of that Matthew, but the rest of me wants to see JR succeed here tonight. Not for his own personal gain though, but for the better of XWA as a whole. JR might be inexplicitly evil but one cannot deny that the man is a talent to any company that employs him.

Crossing the ringside area without any interruptions, JR stops before the steel steps and looks out at the capacity crowd filling the Hammerstein Ballroom here tonight. Many of the fans return his gaze with a face or a further hoisting of their signs, a large majority of them sporting anti-JR sentiment in their fancy designs. The Perfect One simply shrugs off their attempts to goad him and climbs the ring steps in a surprisingly quick manner before crossing the apron and stepping through the ropes without hesitation. But the slow methodical pace returns the instant JR’s feet resides within the squared circle, Judy scanning the fans back and forth as he moves toward the far corner of the XWA ring. Referee Thomas J Tickles and ring announcer Keri Thames exchange looks as JR reaches his destination and climbs to the second turnbuckle, ready to display his trademark yet again. The Perfect One begins to hoist his arms into the air until the lights in the arena darken completely, leaving the fans in a stir and JR in a minor fit of unseen rage.

Matt Steel: I wouldn’t call this the best way to run the re-debut of XWA Genesis Matthew, but I suppose XWA management has to have some kind of plan behind killing the lights during the entrance of a big name talent exchange superstar like JR Judy.

Matthew Werner: Somehow Matt, I get the feeling that XWA management has nothing to with this. Instead, I think this might be the doing of JR’s mystery opponent; another talent exchange superstar from Professional RPG Wrestling.

Matt Steel: I’ll be honest with you, I can’t wait to see just who exactly JR’s opponent is here tonight. It could be anyone from Sean Aries to Jason Garrick, Art McLellan to Matt Caje; man, I’m dying of anticipation!

The fans seem to be in agreement with Matt Steel as they wait patiently for the return of the arena’s lights and for the arrival or any hint of the arrival of JR Judy’s opponent here tonight. The program for tonight had simply listed The Perfect One’s opponent as an opponent who JR had done battle with in the past and come out on top, but had never revealed the identity of that man. And finally, the opening guitar rift of "Come to Life" by Alter Bridge brings the crowd to a sudden stir, unsure of how exactly to react as the lights shine brightly once more within the arena and The Rated X Superstar crest is displayed prominently upon the Titatron.

Werner & Steel: OH MY GOD!

Pushing aside the curtain without a moment’s hesitation The Rated X Superstar moves to the top of the ramp quickly with Shaundi just steps behind him. Brown brings himself to a halt in the middle of center stage as his eyes move straight to the bewildered pupils of JR Judy, The Perfect One expecting a challenge in his XWA debut but nothing to this extent. The support Hutton receives from the crowd is a complete mix as many shower upon him the same negativity they had pushed towards JR Judy, yet many cheer for The Rated X Messiah as the hometown hero returns to his roots after nearly six months.

Keri Thames: And his opponent; from Manhattan, New York; weighing in at two hundred and twenty five pounds; The Rated X Superstar, Hutton Brown!

Keri Thames introduction of The Rated X Messiah grows louder and louder as she proceeds, nearly having to scream Hutton’s name at the top of her lungs in order to make herself heard. Brown, always a man to appease the hometown fans while ignoring all others, actually appeases the audience tonight as he thrusts his right fist into the air, two lines of pyrotechnics exploding from each end of the stage and slowly moving to cross each other in a bright red X behind The Rated X Superstar. Yet even as all of this takes place, the eyes of Hutton Brown never for a moment waver from the cold eyes of The Perfect One; JR’s eyes returning from shock to their normal focus as he adjusts to the shock of being pitted once more against Hutton.

Matt Steel: Do you understand the magnitude of a match like this Matthew, can you fully grasp it all? Because even I am struggling to grasp the epic proportions given to us here tonight!

Matthew Werner: Don’t worry partner, I’m got you covered. For those who are unaware, Hutton Brown and JR Judy meet just six months ago in Madison Square Gardens for PRW Summerfest 2k9 and brought down the house in a match like no other for the Undisputed Championship of Internet Wrestling.

Matt Steel: And what a match that was Matthew, I had front row seats to Summerfest and I could hardly believe how great a match I got to witness first hand. JR may have walked away victorious, but I can assure you that neither he nor Hutton walked away from that match the same man as they had walked in.

Beginning his own procession to the squared circle currently occupied by both his opponent and referee Tommy Tickles, Brown doesn’t waste nearly the time that Judy had during his own entrance. The adrenaline seems to be pumping through the veins of The Rated X Superstar as he moves towards the first XWA ring he would enter, the desire of a rematch against Judy finally coming to fruition in his XWA debut. JR seems quite less than pleased as Hutton and Shaundi continue their march towards him, Shaundi taking the role of high-fiving the fans in Brown’s place as The Rated X Superstar drops his white haori to the floor as he reaches the bottom of the ramp. Knowing the potential dangers of moving into the ring unprepared against a man as dangerous as JR Judy, Brown charges the ring quickly and slides in under the bottom rope and rises quickly to his feet. Any fan in the arena who had witnessed Summerfest 2k9 in any form would understand that Brown had down exactly the same during his encounter with JR nearly six months prior.

Matthew Werner: Look at these two competitors staredown in the middle of an XWA ring for the very first time, man it’s impressive. They may be on strange turf so to speak, but these men are no strangers to each other.

Matt Steel: I never thought I’d see these two superstars lock up in an XWA ring Matthew and I can’t wait till the final bell rings. Because once it has, we’ll have witnessed an instantly classic match, more than likely one that will be on the highlight reel a decade from now.

Thomas J Tickles, not unfamiliar with either man’s use of underhanded tactics, takes a few moments to bring the competitors together and explain the rules of this contest, XWA rules varying some from those traditionally used within a PRW ring. Both Hutton and JR nod, though each man’s nod might not be truthfully, that they understand and accept the rules of the contest before backing away slowly, Tickles waving for the ringing of the bell and the start of this match.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Matthew Werner: And this could be the start of what we know in the future as Match of the Year Matt. If these two could manage it once, I wouldn’t be surprised to see a repeat of such action.

Matt Steel: Let’s not get too carried away here Matthew. Yes these two are excellent competitors but they aren’t in Kansas, or PRW, anymore. This is the XWA and we do things a little differently around here.

Hutton Brown and JR Judy slowly step towards the center of the ring, yet neither man makes any move towards locking up with their opponent. Brown throws a right jab in an attempt to spoke JR Judy but The Perfect One simply swerves away from the attack and goes in with a left of his own. Brown backpedals to avoid the strike and JR presses in for a quicker right hand, Hutton dodging the strike and wrapping his arms around Judy’s own. Utilizing JR’s forward motion Brown drops to the mat and drags Judy down to the canvas with him, looking to lock JR’s legs within his legs as he aims for The Shatterpoint early on. The Perfect One is able to roll himself to the right, his body rolling overtop of The Rated X Messiah and forcing the release of his arms as JR rolls twice more away from Hutton.

Matthew Werner: Hutton looking for The Shatterpoint right off the get-go and JR barely managed to find a way to avoid the devastating hold. That is certainly going to shake the nerve of JR as we get things started.

Matt Steel: JR knows full well the danger of falling into a hold like that Arm-Wrench Crossface and made sure he didn’t find himself the next victim of Hutton Brown. But you have to wonder if Hutton isn’t very confident in his own skills, going for such an early victory.

Both men rising to their feet quickly, JR does indeed look nervous as Hutton holds two fingers together closely as he indicates how close he was to having JR in his finisher. But the games end quickly and the seriousness of the entire match take hold yet again as the competitors slowly begin to return to the center of the ring, this time locking up with a collar and elbow tie-up. Hutton looks to keep the momentum in his favor as he quickly turns the lock up into a side headlock upon JR, Judy struggling to try and escape before pushing Brown back into the ropes and sending him across the ring. Returning to JR quickly, Judy hardly has a chance to look up before The Rated X Superstar bears down upon him with a heavy shoulder block that sends The Perfect One to the canvas.

Matt Steel: Each man wants to win this match so badly Matthew, the seriousness of the entire contest taking hold quickly even over someone as usually laid back as Hutton Brown.

Matthew Werner: Big things ride upon this match Matt, with the winner getting an enormous push into the heart of XWA competition while the loser has to start from scratch and essentially remake their name.

Quickly throwing out his elbow and dropping to the mat after JR, Hutton finds nothing but hard canvas to meet him as The Perfect One rolls away from the attack. Brown rises quickly however while he massages his elbow gently only to turn straight into an elbow smash to the jaw by JR, the blow staggering Hutton off balance and allows Judy to swoop in for a second attack. JR moves to his right and drives in a hard right jab to the midsection followed by another elbow, this time a left, to Hutton’s jaw which further unbalances The Rated X Messiah. Finally JR sends Hutton slamming straight to the mat with a huge dropkick, Brown attempting to roll away after his fall but Judy doesn’t allow him to get far.

Matthew Werner: You want to talk about taking things seriously you might want to start talking about JR Judy taking the fight straight to Hutton without Hutton being able to even fend off the attacks for a second.

Matt Steel: He’s smothering Hutton in an offensive flurry of attacks but there isn’t a single thing that Brown nor Tommy Tickles can do to stop it as long as it remains within the rules.

Dropping down onto the back of Hutton Brown, JR drives another elbow into Brown’s body as he lands the vicious blow into the spinal column of The Rated X Messiah. Tickles moves in to separate the pair but JR moves quickly into a sleeper hold, keeping the referee at bay as he sticks to the new and unfamiliar rules of XWA. Thomas backs off a step as Hutton struggles to take in oxygen with JR’s weight on his back and his airway constricted, kicking his feet against the canvas. The Rated X Superstar presses down against the canvas as he looks to push himself up to a vertical base and free himself from Judy’s hold. Hutton forces his way up to one knee without too much trouble even though JR attempts to force him back down, finally finding himself fading away while The Perfect One keeps his oxygen supply low.

Matthew Werner: Hutton looked to be fighting his way out of the sleeper hold, but now it looks like the lack of oxygen is starting to take effect upon The Rated X Superstar. I’m not sure how much longer he’ll be able to remain standing.

Matt Steel: Hutton needs to find a way out of this hold and quick Matthew, you can just see the life being drained from him as each second passes by. JR won’t let up on it lightly though, so Brown is really going to have to work for it.

Watching nervously as Hutton returns to his second knee Shaundi slaps her hand down upon the apron repeatedly, the fans in the arena slowly but surely beginning to back her up. While the arena seems to hate both competitors in the ring, the hometown hero seems to quickly garner the favor of the fans. The energy of the people backing him seems to reenergize The Rated X Superstar as his arms begin to shake repeatedly, JR looking on fearfully as the fans begin to chant “Rated X” over and over again. It was indeed a strange spectacle for the arena to be with Hutton Brown but it was not unheard of, Brown reacting to their chants by pushing his way back to a vertical base.

Matt Steel: I’ll be honest Matthew, this is never what I expected to hear in my wildest dreams. These thousands of fans within the Hammerstein Ballroom are actually showing their support for Hutton Brown.

Matthew Werner: Brown seems to be no true stranger to it though Matt as he is feeding off their energy and forcing his way out of JR’s hold. Judy is starting to look nervous now that Hutton is back to his feet.

Driving not one, two, but three elbows into the gut of The Perfect One, Hutton shoves JR away towards the far side of the ring with Judy nearly taking out Tommy Tickles in the process. As JR gives a stern look at the referee Brown recovers just enough to charge at JR, without seeing the referee in his way, and drop his shoulder for an X-Awakening. The vicious spear connects with both competitor and official and drives all three men to the mat, Shaundi noticing her opening to assist as Tickles’ head hits the canvas. Shaundi makes quick work of searching under the ring for and finding a steel chair, pulling the weapon out and sliding it into the ring and to the hands of a rising Hutton Brown, The Rated X Superstar now all smiles as he stands over JR Judy.

Matthew Werner: Now Hutton has a chair Matt, with Tommy Tickles down Hutton Brown looks to take full advantage of the opportunity. Somehow I knew something like this had to happen in this match.

Matt Steel: Hutton took down Tickles with that spear completely by accident but you can’t necessarily blame him for getting a weapon Matthew. Sometimes you have to do what you have to do to win, no matter what you have to do.

And now the stalking begins as Brown waits somewhat patiently while JR Judy slowly begins to pull himself shakily from the canvas, not bothering to notice the broken form of Tommy Tickles next to him. His body still aching from the effects of the X-Awakening that had sent both himself and Tickles to the mat without prejudice, The Perfect One manages to make it to one knee without even noticing Hutton mere inches from him. The Rated X Messiah moves in for the kill but just as he looks to removes Judy’s head with the steel chair, Hutton Brown hesitates! Matthew Warner, Matt Steel, Shaundi, and the audience in attendance within the Hammerstein Ballroom are left speechless as Brown doesn’t move for a few moments, seeming to have a moral battle within before dropping the chair to his side and stepping away from Judy.

Matt Steel: He can’t do it! I’m not sure I can believe my own eyes Matthew, but Hutton Brown is refusing to utilize the steel chair Shaundi gave him in this match up. Are my eyes deceiving me Matthew?

Matthew Werner: No Matt, you’re seeing exactly what I and the rest of this packed arena are seeing first hand. Hutton Brown has decided not to use that chair against JR Judy, but I have to wonder why. He could bash JR’s brains in and steal this match without any doubt, yet it looks like he wants to win this one fair and square.

Turning his back to JR and walking slowly to the ropes Brown is met by Shaundi, the young woman much like the rest of the arena as she tries to understand why Brown has refused to utilize the weapon in his hand. Hutton attempts to reason with Shaundi but she doesn’t seem to understand the reasoning he gives her, the reason ultimately not counting for much as she suddenly points behind The Rated X Superstar. Brown takes a moment to register what she is saying before spinning around with the chair still held low only to take a boot to the stomach, the impact doubling him over and forcing the chair from his grip. Pulling Hutton next to him, The Perfect One wraps both of his arms around his opponent’s waist before hoisting him up onto his right shoulder; JR turning to face the center of the ring before completing his attack. Taking only one step forward JR drops to a seated position and brings Brown crashing down to the mat with him for a huge seated gutwrench powerbomb, The Perfect Bomb!

Matthew Werner: Hutton had a moment of moral clarity and it may have just cost him the match right there Matt. JR hits The Perfect Bomb and this one is over, there’s not a doubt in my mind.

Matt Steel: But the referee is still down Matthew, Tommy Tickles is still down and out. And without a referee to make a pin count, this match is far from over unless JR can think of something fast.

JR realizes this fatal flaw rather quickly as well as his eyes fall upon the body of Tickles just a few inches from where he holds his pin attempt, Thomas facing away from the attempt however. Judy shouts at the downed referee but to no avail, the X-Awakening had unintentionally done its job and, if not completely, broken poor Tickles in half. But the cold and calculating eyes of JR Judy find something that appeals to him almost as much as if the referee had turned himself over, the steel chair that Brown had decided not to cave in The Perfect One’s head with. Rolling away from Hutton as he remained upon the canvas, Judy took hold of the chair without any hesitation and obviously had no thoughts of a moral obligation stopping him from utilizing the seat of steel.

Matthew Werner: I don’t know what has come over Hutton Brown here tonight but now certainly wasn’t the best time to have a change of heart in the way he does things. He should have saved something like this for after the match or never.

Matt Steel: But when you’re in that ring Matthew, sometimes things just hit you as you hit some other poor fool with a chair that you won’t experience anywhere else. Maybe Hutton saw the light or maybe he wants to win with his own skills alone, that much I don’t know. All I do know, is that Hutton Brown is about to be in a world of hurt.

Not nearly as patient as The Rated X Messiah JR slams the chair viciously off the mat as Hutton begins to squirm just slightly, but the metallic clang seems to be just the thing to wake up Tommy Tickles from his slumber. Outside of Judy’s field of vision Tickles rises shakily at first but, like a man who’d been “broken in half” more than a few times, shakes off the effects of the X-Awakening quickly as he finds JR Judy holding an illegal weapon. Shouting to get the attention of The Perfect One, JR spins around in utter shock as the referee seems quite ready to disqualify him without a second thought. JR, quiet desperate to win his debut in XWA, attempts to show the referee that he was only trying to help out his opponent with the chair as he quickly sets it up and pulls Brown up to a seated position upon the seat of steel.

Matthew Werner: JR really doesn’t expect Tommy to fall for something as simple as that does he? Hutton played it smart and went to get rid of it and you got caught ready to use it; sorry pal, but you’re done.

Matt Steel: Tickles isn’t stupid Matthew but it does look like he plans to let JR off with a little warning here in his first match in XWA. Those PRW guys fight under quite the different set of rules than we do, so Tommy might be a little lenient.

It does seem to be the case as JR and Tommy converse at the ring ropes in front of Brown, Judy pleading for the referee to reconsider and give him another chance to redeem himself. As Tickles seems to agree with JR Hutton slowly but surely begins to pull himself together, taking in the full scene before him quickly and carefully. The referee nods his head reluctantly and The Perfect One slowly takes a step back from the ropes as he thanks the referee without bothering to check on the status of his opponent. And this is where The Rated X Superstar is the most deadly as he finds the “Perfect” opening and executes upon it, dropping off the chair to one knee and pushing the seat aside as Judy takes yet another step back. As JR plants his foot Hutton strikes quickly and effectively as he puts his right arm up between the legs of JR Judy before pulling The Perfect One back and aiming for the pin with a sudden schoolboy pin, Tickles exponentially quick on the uptake as JR goes down to the mat.

... 1 ...

... 2 ...

... 3 ...

Ding! Ding! Ding!

A simple schoolboy roll up, no tights, no ropes, no cheap tricks what-so-ever; but a schoolboy roll up and a three count later brings a crowd on the edge straight over it. The thousands of fans tightly packed with the Hammerstein Ballroom explode as Tommy Tickles hand slams down upon the canvas for a third and final time, the ring bell following just moments after. Before JR Judy is fully able to comprehend the situation at hand Hutton rolls away from him and straight out of the ring, dropping to his knees and clench his fists in joy. Slowly starting to come to an understanding of the events unfolding in less than five seconds, JR looks desperately to Tommy Tickles in hopes that what he thought was fact was fiction.

Keri Thames: Ladies and Gentlemen, here is your winner, Hutton Brown!

Matthew Werner: I was starting to lose hope that the upset victory I had wanted so bad wouldn’t come to pass but now, I’m stunned. Just listen to these fans Matt, they’re going absolutely crazy.

Matt Steel: And listen to the change in their feelings towards Hutton Brown now that he won the match fair and square. He entered to a room full of mixed feelings and now he leaves to a chorus of cheers and celebration.

Sliding out of the ring and moving to the victor Tommy Tickles takes hold of Hutton’s wrist and hoists it into the air in victory, "Come to Life" by Alter Bridge signifying Hutton Brown as the victor of this contest. The Perfect One remains in the ring in a kneeling position as he runs his hands through his hair, his eyes filled with rage at having been beaten by Brown in such fashion. As Tickles leaves the side of The Rated X Superstar, Shaundi takes his place almost immediately and the two embrace as they continue to move up the ramp to the stage. As Brown and Shaundi reach center stage JR leans against the ropes and screams out at them, but The Rated X Superstar finds himself caught up in the moment as he throws his right arm into the air in celebration, the fans firmly behind him for the first time in a long, long time. As Hutton Brown continues to celebrate, we cut backstage to find Alex Sean wandering the halls of the Hammerstein Ballroom. Checking each door as he passes, he finally seems to find the door he is looking for and lightly knocks. He initially grabs the handle to walk in, then stops himself perhaps reminded of what King Kraig told him earlier.

"Door's open."

Hearing the invitation, Sean opens the door to find EBR on the other side, seated on a bench getting geared up for his match.

Alex Sean: Hey E.

EBR: What's with you waiting twenty minutes to come in? Afraid that there's monsters on the other side or something?

EBR holds his hands up and wiggles his fingers mockingly. Sean stares blankly at E.

Alex Sean: I hope you're enjoying yourself.

EBR: I am. Say, what's that all about?

EBR nods in our direction, breaking the fourth wall by acknowledging our existence.

Alex Sean: Oh... Yeah, he's been following me around.

EBR: I see.

Alex Sean: ... Yeah, so I actually came here for a reason. You probably won't...

EBR: I know why you're here; You're going to tell me not to do anything to DGX.

Alex Sean: Pretty much.

EBR holds his hands up.

EBR: Look dawg, I can't make any promises. That's all I'm saying.

Perhaps it was the tone of voice, that which he stated, or the fact that he used the term "dawg", Sean seems unusually perturbed by EBR's statement.

Alex Sean: Look, man. I understand you and D got problems, and I'm not trying to set a precedent or do any favors for DGX...

EBR: ... You'll just be his tag partner.

Alex Sean: ... What are you getting at?

EBR: Well, I'll be honest, I can't say I entirely appreciate you hanging around with the guy who betrayed me and tried to end my career.

Alex Sean: Oh, whatever man. For f*ck's sake, you have betrayed me and tried to end my career, and I hang out with you. D's turned on me, you, you turned on me, Calvin turned on you... I guess what I'm trying to say is...

EBR stares in Sean's direction quite pointedly.

Alex Sean: ... Okay maybe I didn't exactly have a point there, but regardless of all of that you know I'm not the kind of guy to either get involved in these situations or pick sides. DGX and I are tag team partners and that's about as far as it goes. Strictly professional. I'd have thought you'd have understood that.


EBR: ... Fair enough, but if that's the case, then whatever happens between DGX and I is our business and, frankly, by your own admission, you shouldn't try and get involved.

Alex Sean: Perhaps on one level you're right, but, you know, this is kind of a big deal for me here... this show... and I've got a lot riding on this, reputation, things like that. You do something that takes DGX out... we lose a main event... I've got a reputation to uphold.

EBR: Oh, yes Alex. That is the thing that would kill your reputation. Not UWS, HALO 2, your day in charge of the WFDC, or killing the XWA, but me attacking DGX. Of course, I should have thought about that.

Sean, again, stares blankly at EBR.

EBR: ... Maybe that was a little harsh.

Clearly frustrated, Sean lets out a small sigh.

Alex Sean: Listen, I'm asking you as a personal favor...

EBR: ... Oh don't pull that...

Alex Sean: Raising his voice in volume. ... As a personal favor to me for you to stay away from DGX for tonight. If you are my friend, E, then you will do me this one favor.

EBR: Oh, so it's gonna be like that?

Alex Sean: Yes, it's gonna be like that.

EBR: Ugh, yeah, fine. I'll give him a pass for tonight, Alex, but that's it. Beyond tonight, I make no guarantees.

Alex Sean: That's all I needed. I'll catch you after the show.

EBR: Peace.

Sean exits the door as we cut back to the ring to find Commie Albert standing in the middle with a microphone.

Commie Albert: Tapping the Microphone. Excuse me. Excuuuse me.

The fans, familiar with Commie Albert's antics, boo mercilessly.

Matthew Werner: Commie isn't making any friends tonight.

Matt Steel: No, no he is not.

Casting a disapproving stare throughout the crowd, Commie sighs then begins to speak.

Commie Albert: How is it in a city as rich and diverse as Manhattan do we find ourselves on a show with such blatant inequality!? No women, elderly, or even Raising air quotes. "Afro Americans" are even scheduled tonight!

The fans continue to boo, however there is a small group of black fans lowering their heads and raising a single fist in the air, so that's something.

Commie Albert: But you see, I'm here to change all that! In my reign as the Communal Champion, I have sought out opponents with diverse backgrounds and of various cultures, facing all comers who wish to have a chance at the brass ring. So, without further adieu, let me introduce my opponent for tonight... K1LL3R 1NST1NCT 3!

With that, "Still" by the Geto Boyz blares over the soundspeaker bringing out a wheelchair bound K13 rolled to the ring by a member of security.

Matthew Werner: This can't possibly end well.

K13 is rolled slowly down the ramp, a neckbrace around his collar. As he reaches the ringside area, Commie Albert holds up a finger, halting K13's entrance in the ring.

Commie Albert: Before we begin, however, I just want to say how disgusted I am not only with the XWA but with all of you!

Commie points to the fans, eliciting the appropriate response of boos, hisses, titty flashing, and general dissaray (Aha!).

Commie Albert: Look at you people. Soaking up your inequality and corporation controlled capitalist society for all it's worth! Sure, you elected Barack Obama, but as one rapper once said; "We might even have a black president but he's useless, cos he does not control the economy stupid!"

Immortal Technique appreciates the support. Plus it's kind of true, not to get all political on you and all but, you know, just saying.

Commie Albert: So now, in front of all of these wretched, materialistic sadists, I will compete at the highest level defending my...

"Yo! Yo!"

Holy sh*t it's KC Krystal. He's in the crowd and he's got a microphone. How'd that happen? Truthfully, most likely, all things considered... Probably best left unsaid.

KC Krystal: Yo how dare you come out here and insult these people!


KC Krystal: Except for the white people. F*ck ya'll!

I'm white. :(

Commie Albert: Hey... now this is jus...

KC Krystal: Listen, son. I'm here to tell you that it ain't gon' be yo time to come on out here and act a fool! KC Krystal is back in this sh*t and I ain't f*ckin' around, ya hear?

Albert is either stunned or has no idea what he's saying as a result of the grills in KC Krystal's mouth. We do though, because we're enlightened like that.

Commie Albert: I don't know who you think you are, mister, but you better scram before something bad happens... something real bad!

KC Krystal lets out a small laugh.

KC Krystal: Vato, somethin' real bad is already fixin' to happen!

As Krystal says this, K13 stands up out of his wheelchair and rips off his neckbrace. Yeah, that just happened. He slides in under the bottom rope and attacks the unsuspecting Commie Albert from behind. K13 starts beating Albert down as KC Krystal runs to the ringside area from the crowd and slides in the ring himself. The two men begin to put the boots to Albert. After sufficiently beating him down, K13 grabs a Microphone.

K13: You all thought I was a joke! Well that ain't the case! I'm here to tell you that from now on, I ain't K1LL3R 1NST1NCT 3 and I'm here for some serious bi'ness!

K13 and KC Krystal stand tall in the ring, Commie Albert beaten unconscious.

Matthew Werner: This has surely been a very colorful evening!

Steel stares at Werner.

Matthew Werner: I meant... oh.. no it's not...

Matt Steel: You've got a problem, man. It's not even funny.

Matthew Werner: It's not like that! I'm just saying that these men have committed actions of pure thuggery tonight!

Matt Steel: Why? Because they're black?

Matthew Werner: No, because they just mugged Commie Albert!

Matt Steel: It's not like they stole his wallet, Matthew.

Matthew Werner: ... They're stealing his wallet right now!

It's true. KC Krystal just took it.

Matt Steel: Whatever man, justify it all you want Matthew.

Matthew Werner: Oh you know what...

Matt Steel: We should probably... yeah.

We cut backstage to once again find Alex Sean strolling the hallways of the Hammerstein. Sean continues on until a large mob of vaguely recognizable faces step directly in the way of Alex Sean, causing him to stop.

Alex Sean: ... Oh... hey guys...

It is only now that we can fully register the group of individuals including such faces as Tyrant, Super Dragon IV, Brad Breaker, Uppertaker, Blackdust, Trent Blaze, Xombie, and Adam Chartbuster.

Blackdust: Inhaling quite gayly. Heeelllooo... Mr. Sean.

Sean stares back at Blackdust in a very "afraid he may get raped" kind of look.

Alex Sean: ... Hello.

Blackdust: I ssssssee that you... MR SEAN... left ussss off the card.

Alex Sean: Yeah... about that...

Pushing his way through the crowd, Trent Blaze takes front and center.

Trent Blaze: Yeah, what's that all about, dude? We were in The Anointed together for crying out loud!

Alex Sean: We were? Well I'll be... Oh, wow, hey Adam.

Sean notices his former Tag Team partner and cousin Adam Chartbuster staring bitterly in his direction.

Alex Sean: Long time no see bud, how you been?

Adam Chartbuster: Well the last time I've seen or spoken to you was when you assaulted me with a chair mercilessly and ended my career.

Alex Sean: Oh...


Alex Sean: ... Good times.

Blackdust nudges his way to the front again, the other members of the group very possibly afraid of catching an STD.

Blackdust: Why... MR SEAN... have you chosssen NOT to use usss ssssensssational sssuperssstarsss on thisss very evening at XWA... Genesisss?

Trent Blaze: Yeah man, what gives?

Adam Chartbuster: For real.

Tyrant: Yeah!


Alex Sean: Man you look an awful lot lik...

Uppertaker: We want on this show! Now!

Brad Breaker: RIGHT NOW SHON!

Breaker catches a few awkward glances.

Brad Breaker: I'm into hip hop now, shon. Nigga wut!?

Just as the words leave his lips, a black security guard is walking by.

Brad Breaker: Oh... no... I was...

Nodding in shame, the black man leaves.

Brad Breaker: Nuts.

Alex Sean: Listen, everybody. You know, we're just starting up... maybe down the road, you know, when we get some more money we could...

Sean looks up and down at the group of bizarre individuals.

Alex Sean: ... Nevermind.

Uppertaker: Enough talking, it's time for action! If you won't let us on this show, then we're gonna have to let OURSELVES on it!

Trent Blaze: Yeah!


Just then, Xombie turns over and bites a chunk out of Adam Chartbuster's arm!

Alex Sean: Holy sh*t! You're infected now!

... This is followed by the group breaking down into a wild brawl. Super Dragon IV hits a Psycho Driver on Brad Breaker, Blackdust gropes Uppertaker, it's a wild scene backstage at XWA Genesis!

Alex Sean: Oh for f*ck's sake...

Sean walks off in the opposite direction as we go back live to Matthew Werner and Matt Steel.
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Re: XWA Genesis: 12/19/2009

Postby DJS » Thu Nov 26, 2015 8:43 pm

Matt Steel: What a great card we have got for tonight to get the XWA back, baby!

Matthew Werner: That’s for sure... And up next we have Rose vs. The MadDog.

Matt Steel: I am a bit confused here... I heard that they both requested this match against one another?

Matthew Werner: That’s true... My guess is that they have some unfinished business from the past that they want to finish...

Matt Steel: Well, we attempted to speak to the two of them earlier today to find out more about this, however we were only able to speak with The Rose due to The MadDog being unavailable, and here is what he had to say...

The Camera shifts to Rose who is standing on the arena floor with XWA Backstage Reporter; Holly Hunt. Behind them the ring crew busies themselves setting up the ring for the big event tonight. Rose is standing tall, clearly looking forward to tonight's matchup and ready to return in front of his XWA fans, famous for their rabid support of their hero, Rose.

Holly Hunt: Rose, we are standing in the very arena where tonight the XWA is reborn. May I be the first to welcome you back home to the XWA!

Rose: Thank you, Holly. Man, I have to tell you, I could not be more stoked about tonight. I know I have a lot of fans here in New York, and I'll be damned if I'm gonna let one of them go home unhappy tonight.

Holly Hunt: You seem very excited, as is everyone involved tonight. Have you managed to catch up with any old friends in the last few days? Or enemies?

Rose: Did you see the old XWA? It's hella hard to make any friends with so many people wanting to kick you on their way to the top of the ladder. But I've seen a few of the guys. No more than courteous little nods and "hey buds," but it's always good to see the old crowd, y'know? And anyways, I'm looking forward to seeing and hearing the fans out there again.

Holly Hunt: As always, of course. Now, word has it that you requested this match with MadDog. Is that true?

Rose: Yep.

Holly Hunt: And MadDog, on his own, also personally requested this match?

Rose: Apparently so.

Holly Hunt: Well... why?

Rose: I dunno about him. He's his own man. But I just thought we could give the people tonight a hell of a show.

Holly Hunt: You respect MadDog? You like him?

Rose: I respect the hell out of anyone who puts their boots on and comes out here to please their fans. As for like? Well, I dunno. We'll never be bosom buddies, I'm sure, but that's what it's like here. I'm a big fan of what he's done here, of course. The man's a legend all across this industry, in spite of whatever crap he's had to go through. Who the hell wouldn't want the chance to step in the ring with him?

Holly Hunt: Are you intimidated by him at all? He's done a lot here, not all of it too pleasant.

Rose: Not at all, no. Like I said, he's a legend, no one could dispute that. And I know he'll give me a match everyone's going to remember. But no, not intimidated. Not at all. He's a man. I'm a man. I have a job to do. And I'll do it. And he knows he has a job to do tonight, and he'll do it. Of that I have no doubt.

Holly Hunt: So you're confident?

Rose: I think I have what it takes to match up to the Big Dog. It'll be a one to remember, for sure, and I know he won't go down lightly, but I think I can do it, yeah. Well, that's if you'll let me go prepare.

Holly Hunt: Haha, of course, sorry. Well, thank you for your time, and I know we all look forward to seeing you back in action.

Rose: Don't mention it. Looking forward to it. See you tonight.

Rose attempts to go & walk off, but is stopped with this one last question.

Holly Hunt: Oh! One last thing, sorry, I know you've got a big match to get ready for, but everyone will want to know... what does coming back mean to you?

Rose pauses for a second, as if thinking carefully about his answer.

Rose: What does coming back mean to me? Well... that's a good question. A tricky one. It's odd. You perform night after night, for however the hell long it was, and you'd think all the faces out there'd just meld into one, but you always remember one kid in Chicago in the front with tears in his eyes when you're locked in the S.O.S. How he was buried in his mother's shoulder when you were hit in the face with the Breakdown. When he had to leave the building when you were caught in the Romulus. But then how you sent him home smiling when you pulled it out of the bag, you got the 1-2-3, and you pointed at him and let him know it was all for him. It'll always be for him, and his parents, and the guy sat next to them, the guy ordering the popcorn, the guy coming back from the bathroom and EVERY DAMN ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE WHO PUT THEIR HARD EARNED CASH DOWN AND BOUGHT A TICKET TO SEE THIS SHOW. THAT'S what coming back means to me, Holly.

With those final words, The Rose walks to the backstage area to get ready for his match, and the Camera shift back to Matt & Matthew still sitting at ringside.

Matt Steel: Strong Words from a Strong Man, which is what Rose is...

Matthew Werner: Well after hearing that, it seems like The MadDog has will have his hands full tonight…

Matt Steel: Well, we tried to get a word in with MadDog earlier today but he was nowhere to be found.

Matthew Werner: Wait a minute, I just got this note that Holly Hunt has found The MadDog and is going to try and get a word from him now… Holly, take it away!

The camera goes to backstage area, where Holly Hunt is holding a microphone in her hand, and is standing outside a closed door to what appears to be the MadDog’s dressing room.

Holly Hunt: Thanks guys... I am backstage here right outside the locker room of The MadDog, who I just saw go into here, so I am going to try and get a word with him on his return to the XWA!

Holly proceeds to knock on the door.

Holly Hunt: MadDog... Can we get a word with you about your match?

The door does not open. Holly Knocks again.

Holly Hunt: MadDog? I saw you enter into here... Your fans want to know why you requested this match?... MadDog? Can you spare a moment please?

The Door opens, and out walks The MadDog. He is NOT in a good mood, and seems to be very upset with this interruption.

Lucifer "The MadDog" McMahon: What the hell do you want?

Holly Hunt: MadDog, I just wanted to get your...

The MadDog holds up his hand to her face to cut her off from saying another word.

Lucifer "The MadDog" McMahon: Just shut up and listen to me... I am only going to say this ONCE... I have nothing to say at this time... I will do all my talking tonight in the ring... Now, get the hell away from me... I got a match to prepare for!

With that, MadDog goes back into his locker room and slams the door shut. You then hear a click, as it appears that MadDog has locked the door shut from the inside. Holly appears quite stunned, because this was NOT the reaction she expected to get from MadDog!

Holly Hunt: Well guys, I tried... Back to you at ringside!

Camera shifts back to Matt & Matthew at ringside.

Matt Steel: I’m stunned...

Matthew Werner: Me too... But it appears that we are ready for some action. Let’s turn this over to Keri Thames, XWA’s very Own Ring Announcer for the introductions...

The Camera shifts to the ring, where Keri Thames is standing in the middle of it, with a microphone in her hand. Suddenly you hear the ring bell ring multiple times as a que for Keri to announce the participants.

Keri Thames: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is a singles match!

A low rumble is heard across the arena as the build up to Enter Shikari's 'Sorry, You're Not a Winner' builds up. As the intro hits its climax, a sudden, hard riff explodes out of the arena's PA system hits and out steps Rose from behind the curtain.

Keri Thames: Making his way to the ring first...

He throws his arms in the air, looking delighted to be out in front of his adoring and rabid fans again. He walks down the ramp, looking excited and focused as he slaps the hands of whatever random fan happens to hold out his hand.

Keri Thames: He comes to us from Chicago, Illinois by way of Cerephilly, South Wales weighing in at 228 lbs... ROSE!

He doesn't break stride as he reaches the bottom of the ramp, carrying on right up the ring steps and climbing the nearest turnbuckle. On the second rope he stops and throws his arms out, pausing briefly to soak in the reaction from the crowd, before hopping over and starting a last minute warm up before the action begins.

Matt Steel: Man, he looks good!

Matthew Werner: Rose looks like he is ready for anything tonight!

Matt Steel: All we need now, is the challenger, Keri it’s time to introduce him!

We go back to the ring again, and see still standing in the ring is Keri Thames. She is smiling as she is holding a microphone, and begins to announce the next challenger.

Keri Thames: And his opponent...

Matt Steel: Both of these guys come from the Chicago Area….

Matthew Werner: SHISH!

The Arena goes dark

The Arena goes pitch black, all the monitors also go dark, and the only sound heard is that of a human heart beating. We hear this for a few seconds, and then you start to hear the sound of a heart monitor accompany that heart beat. This goes on for a few more seconds, then you hear the unmistakable sound of a flat line from the heart monitor, you no longer hear the human heart beat with the flat line, but instead you hear a drummer as he starts to beat his drums in the rhythm of the beating heart to accompany the flat line sound. A loud explosion is heard, and the stage explodes into a wall of fire & assorted pyro & smoke. Standing in the entrance way, we see the outline of a man behind the pyro and smoke. The Heavy Metal Rock Band starts to play, and the music they perform is "13" (The Theme song of Tazz from the WWE), as the fire starts to go down enough, and the smoke starts to clear and we see for the 1st time that the man standing behind all of the smoke & flames is none other than Lucifer "The MadDog" McMahon!

Keri Thames: He hails from Victory Auto Wreckers, in Bensenville Illinois, which is a suburb of the Great City of Chicago...

The crowd in the arena pops, and starts to chant MadDog, over and over again as The MadDog starts to power walk down the ramp from the stage to the ring. Upon getting to the end of the ramp, MadDog will reach up and grab the top rope, and step up with one leg to the ring apron, then swing his other leg over the top rope to enter the ring. MadDog will then proceed to one of the corners of the ring, and climb the ropes and raise his hands over his head in the form of an “X” to acknowledge the crowd.

Keri Thames: He is Lucifer... "The MadDog"... MCMAHON!!!

MadDog will repeat this process in all “4” Corners of the ring, and then go towards the center of the ring and one last time raise his hands above his head in the X” before swinging them down in a crotch chop (ALA:DX), as all (4) corners of the ring erupt with flames (ALA: Kane). MadDog will then remove his chainmail head piece & sunglasses and hand them both to the referee.

Matthew Werner: What a reaction from this crowd for The MadDog!

Matt Steel: The fans sure did miss him!

Keri holds out the Microphone for the MadDog to take, which is customary in his matches to address the fans before he begins to fight his opponent, but to her and everyone’s surprise the MadDog shakes his head no and does not accept the microphone.

Matthew Werner: Well, this is a first...

Matt Steel: MadDog with nothing to say? I’m shocked!

Ding! Ding! Ding!

The MadDog stands in the middle of the ring, and points down at the XWA Logo in the center of the ring with one hand, and motions for Rose to face him with the other. Rose does not back down from this challenge, and goes nose to nose with The MadDog as they attempt to psych each other out. The out of nowhere, Rose slaps The MadDog as hard as he can across the face! The MadDog glances to the crowd and snarls as he moves his head back again to face the Rose, as Rose AGAIN slaps the MadDog in the face with one hand as he uses his other hand to point down on the ring to the XWA Logo.

Matthew Werner: What is going on here?

Matt Steel: How do you call this action?

The MadDog lets out a loud howl as he looks from side to side around the arena, as he stands nose to nose with The Rose in the center of the ring, when the impossible happens. The Rose Slaps The MadDog for the 3rd time across the face as the MadDog looks like he is about to explode with rage, but instead he looks down at the logo in the center of the ring, and slowly gets down to one knee.

Matthew Werner: I am completely confused with all of this!

Rose sees this as his chance to strike, runs towards the ropes, and bounces off them as The MadDog leans his head forward to provide the perfect target, as Rose connects with the “Kiss from A Rose” A perfectly executed Running knee lift!


The MadDog falls the rest of the way, as The Rose quickly covers him, and hooks a leg to a stunned crowd, as the Referee has no choice but to make the count.

... 1 ...

... 2 ...

... 3 ...

Ding! Ding! Ding!

The referee calls for the bell, as Rose gets to his feet and begins to celebrate in the ring like he just won the Superbowl, World Series, NBA Championship, and Stanley Cup all at once! The MadDog quickly rolls out of the ring during the celebration and reaches under the ring for a small velvet bag, and grabs it as he reenters the ring as the Referee is about to raise Rose’s hand in victory, but The MadDog will have none of it as he shoves the referee out of the way and raises The Rose’s hand himself with one hand as he clutches the velvet bag in the other!

Matt Steel: What is going on here?

Matthew Werner: I think we have been duped!

Keri Thames returns to the ring, and proceeds to make the official announcement.

Keri Thames: Your winner is...

Keri is stopped from finishing the announcement as The MadDog grabs the microphone from her, and chooses to finish it himself.


Rose is handed the microphone by The MadDog, as The MadDog reaches into the velvet bag and proceeds to pull out his Old XWA World Heavyweight Championship Belt, the Original Belt that he won back in the day when he pinned J.Pain to begin his first reign as XWA World Champion, and proceeds to place the belt around the waist of Rose, as the Crowd is in complete confusion and does not know if it should cheer, boo, clap, or throw beer cans into the ring.

Matthew Werner: Rose is NOT the Champion! The MadDog can’t do that!

Matt Steel: Well is appears we have an Un-Official XWA World Heavyweight Champion!

The crowd is in complete shock, as The MadDog secures the belt around Rose’s waist, and proceeds to parade Rose around the ring, raising his hand and pointing at the belt, as Rose faces another section of the crowd. After they have faced all 4 sides of the ring, The MadDog continues to talk.

Lucifer "The MadDog" McMahon: Now, before My Main Man, The Champion, The Rose speaks to all of you freaks and geeks out there, I want to make one final announcement….. From this day forward, I am no longer wrestling for you fans… I am only wrestling for THIS MAN… My Partner…. My Friend…. I will no longer jump through hoops to make you people like me… For I can care less about all of you, and you can all goto hell for all I care…. For all I want… Is what The Rose wants…. And what The Rose wants…. Is for him to be RESPECTED and ACKNOWLEGED as the GREATEST CHAMPION in the XWA TODAY….. And a great Champion deserves a great Championship Belt..... And since the XWA didn't have the balls to present him with one when he returned to this company.... I took it upon myself to give him one of mine.... And remember this..... He who wears the belt is The Man in this business.... So, it is with great pride I introduce you to the The Man.... I give you the XWA World Heavyweight Champion... I give you...... The Rose!!

With that, The MadDog passes the microphone to The Rose who stands in the middle of the ring, as The MadDog steps back, and stands behind him on his right side.

Rose: Oh ho ho ho! Ohhh... dear. Ohhh, you didn't see that one coming, didja? Ohhh deary me. Well, first off, hats off to the Big Dog here for just a top notch performance. Can we just give him a huge round of applause here. Stellar performance.

Rose applauds MadDog, but seems to be alone in doing so. The crowd neither looks nor sounds like they want to do anything but throw whatever crap they can get their hands on on the duo.

Rose: Suit yourselves, fine by me. If you can't be big enough to cheer such an inspiring piece of performance by this legend right here [Rose pats MadDog on the shoulder] then I'll go ahead and do it for ya. That's what a champ does, see? He makes sure things are done properly.

Rose applauds MadDog some more, as he watches as each word he speaks gets the crowd from confused, to disappointed, to just plain pissed off. And loving every second of it, by the way.

Rose: Of course...no, no, let me speak! Ahem. Of course, we can't give all the credit to this man here. No, no, as good as he did (and you did a fine job, my man), there is one other person who deserves lion's share of the plaudits here. And that is...ME! Oh yes! No, no, please, stop...you're embarrassing me. I'm just a man like any of you. Hold in those cheers!

Cheers? Rose must be deluding himself...

Rose: Ah, good times. Now, hands up, seriously. How many of you believed that huge pile of groveling crap I had recorded earlier today? C'mon, get 'em up! Now, now, don't be shy! Aha! There, sir! You have your hand up, that's an honest man. Oh, look! He thinks I'm number one, thank you sir.

Note: Holding one finger up at someone DOES NOT MEAN they think you're number one.

Rose: Waaah! Waaah! I do it for the kid in the front! All a pile of crap, ladies and gentlemen! Oh yes! But why? Why would our hero from across the pond do this to us? We thought he was so braaave! Well, look at the evidence, people. What did pandering to you...where did it ever get me, eh? Oh sure, it got me a couple of dollars at the merchandise stands. What else? Hey, Big Dog? Do YOU know what else?

Rose offers MadDog the microphone, but all his new buddy does is give a little shrug.

Rose: That's right, my man! Nothing. Well, not quite nothing. It got me hoards of you people interrupting my meals, "please, Mr. Rose, can you sign this?" I'd be getting on a plane, "Mr. Rose? Do you have a sec?" I'd be going to take a damn piss, "Mr. Rose? Would you sign this?" I'm telling you all now, the next person who comes up with me with something to sign is getting a knee to the face. And that doesn't half knock you for one, right, Dog?

MadDog doesn't answer, but the beginnings of the bruise on his head would tend to agree.

Rose: I am done with every stinking one of you. All your support, all of your cheering, what did it ever do for me? NOTHING, that's what. I wanted someone worth a damn to get on this bandwagon, and the right guy made the right choice when he did. This partnership, this duo...this is going places. And he knows it. That's why this belt is around my waist. This is a title from a time where being the best meant something.

Rose points down at the XWA Championship around his waist, and turns around so that everyone can see it.

Rose: And this belt means you, and everyone in the back, will have NO CHOICE but to recognize ME as the best. And you can call me a hypocrite. You can. I pandered to all of you. But a few short years ago, I got every single one of you to love me. And tonight, in just a couple of tiny minutes, I know that I've gotten every last one of you to hate me. I can do ANYTHING. And I will do ANYTHING to get to the top of this joke of a company, and to bring it to the heights it was when it was this big fella right here was on top. And then I'll take it even higher. I will take this company to where it’s never been before. And I'll do it by whatever means I have to. Maybe I won't be respected by any of you, but since when the hell did any of you matter? Maybe I won't be respected by the people behind that curtain, but since when were they ever in my league? I'll have the respect of the one person who matters. ME. And none of you will have any choice but to recognize me for what I am. I am THE. VERY. BEST.

Rose throws down his microphone and throws his arms up in the air. He gestures to MadDog, who goes over to the ropes and sits on the middle one, opening a gap for Rose to step between and drop to the floor, his new partner not far behind. Together they walk up the ramp, not looking back towards the ring, and only stopping when Rose reaches over the guard rail, slapping a cup of Coke out of the hands of a kid with tears in his eyes. They carry on to the back, ignoring the angry calls of the child's dad. Anvil's Thumb Hang plays as you see Chris Chaos on the screen

Chris Chaos: JR Judy... You say that you are perfect in every single way possible. I don't think so. You say that you are going to be the one to dissect the XWA piece by piece. I don't think so. You say that you are the best wrestler on the face of the planet and again I don't think so. What factors do you have that makes you better than me? What makes you a better man than me?

Next the screen goes blank and you hear Thumb Hang as Chris Chaos walks to the ring, acknowledging the fans as he goes.

Matt Steel: What is he doing now?

Chris Chaos: You know you say that it was just a political game with the PRW but maybe it was your horrible attitude that kept you from the title. I was like you at one time, thinking that I was better than everyone else and that I was the best thing out there. Ask Calvin about Hot Shot Mitchell Scott in the WFWF. That was me. I realized though that you don't get anywhere that way. You can't earn respect or honor that way.

Chris looks around at the fans in the Hammerstein Ballroom.

Chris Chaos: You don't go anywhere in this business without the support of these people in this arena either.

Chris takes off his Anvil T-shirt that he was wearing and throws it into the crowd.

Chris Chaos: I don't like you. I don't like your fiancée either. What I hate about you the most is that you show no respect to the other talent in the back and the legends of the XWA who without them we would not be having this discussion right now. So to teach you a lesson in respect when I sign my XWA contract I am going to request that my first match in the XWA be Chris Chaos vs. JR Judy in a...

Chris holds the mic in the air.


Chris Chaos: You got it!

Thumb Hang hits as Chris exits the ring and hands the mic to Matt Steel and walks to the top of the stage. Chris turns around and holds his arms up in a X. The symphonic yet aggressive violinist chord of "Hybrid Stigmata-The Apostasy" rings over the sound system, quickly followed by an explosion of bass and amplified guitar, prompting Calvin Lee to quickly step out onto stage.

Matthew Werner: And thus, here begins the first grudge match of the new XWA.

Matt Steel: It’s kind of disappointing to think that we already have some major beef going on.

Matthew Werner: How do you figure?

Matt Steel: I dunno, I was just thinking maybe we could have sort of have a “hey man, we may have our differences but I still respect you!” mentality here.

Matthew Werner: Well considering the type of business this is, what with the egos and all, that’s an idea that seems ... highly improbable, to say the least.

Matt Steel: Dreaming the impossible dream, Matthew ... dreaming the impossible dream ...

While quite negative, Lee takes a moment to observe the audience's reaction, as well as the audience themselves.

As soon as the harrowing echo of vocals come in, Lee quickly regains his natural composure; exuding confidence.

Keri Thames: Making his way to the ring...

With his music returning to it's seemingly normal pace for the moment, Lee quickly makes his way to ringside.

Keri Thames: Currently residing in Tampa Bay, Florida...

After quick stroll up the ring steps, Lee enters the ring, once again observing the audience at hand.

Keri Thames: Weighing in at 245 lbs...

Following the anarchistic lead, once again, of his music, Lee momentarily stretches out.

Keri Thames: He is Calvin.... Lee!

Lee then finishes his stretches and stands in preparation for his match.

Matt Steel: Calvin Lee is looking to carry on where he left off here in the XWA. Remember, he was the last Heavyweight Champion.

Matthew Werner: Just ask him; he’ll tell you.

Matt Steel: In fact, that was where I got that piece of information. I also hear he’s a fan of Adam Sandler comedies and long walks in the rain.

With the lights dim, the near iconic opening piano of Ennio Morricone’s “Ecstasy of Gold” plays throughout the arena. Almost on cue the fans stand and cheer in anticipation. EBR’s awesome.

Matt Steel: And it begins.

With the voice of Jay-Z behind it the piano continues to play it’s melody, and roughly twenty seconds after it started, the beat picks up as EBR appears on the stage to a louder reception.

Keri Thames: And introducing second ...

He begins his descent down the ramp way, walking in a slow but methodical pace to his destination, which happens to be bitch slapping Calvin Lee.

Keri Thames: Currently residing in Detroit, Michigan ...

Once he reaches the ring, EBR temporarily stops and engages in a brief stare with his opponent before ascending the ring steps and entering through the second and third ring ropes.

Keri Thames: Weighing in at 235 lbs ...

Standing in his corner, he briefly jogs on the spot before throwing back his sweatshirt hood.

Keri Thames: E ... B ... R!!

The light resumes to its normal appearance as EBR removes his sweatshirt, handing it to the referee who hands it to the time keeper, who is hopeful EBR forgets to re-claim it so he can sell it on E-Bay. Gotta get the c.r.e.a.m, homie. With both men nearing one another in the centre of the ring, the bell is rung.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Matt Steel: Well then, that clarification lets us know this match is indeed underway.

Both temporally circle one another until Calvin goes in for a collar and elbow tie up. EBR kindly responds with a tie up of his own. He’s classy like that. Struggling to gain an advantage, Calvin gives up and releases, only to shove EBR.

EBR: Dude ... you started that ...

Ignoring this swipe at his apparent lack of short term memory, Calvin instead opts for a test of strength, which being the man that he is, EBR accepts. Both jostle for position and alternate gaining leverage on one another, until EBR twists Calvin’s arm and spins into an arm wringer of sorts. Not remotely fazed, Calvin rolls forward, using this momentum to flip EBR onto the canvas in an arm drag. Both quickly rise to their feet.

Matthew Werner: Solid showing of wrestling right here by both men, and despite Calvin’s early actions and their history going into this match, both men looking very professional right here. Yes sir.

As EBR attempts to engage in some type of grappling position, Calvin slaps him in the face as the crowd “ooooohs”.

Crowd: Oooooooooh!


Matt Steel: Aw man, back in EBR’s hood slapping another man in the face is considered disrespectful.

Matthew Werner: Seriously, Matt? Seriously? That’s your expert analysis -

EBR looks at the smirking Calvin Lee.

EBR: Dude, in my hood that’s disrespectful.

Matthew Werner: Hrm.

For God’s know what reason, Calvin extends his hand for another test of strength, which EBR surprisingly reciprocates, but then in a not so surprising move, kicks Calvin in the abdomen. To which Calvin doubles over in pain.

Matt Steel: Because, and this is taking into account my history as a wrestler right here in the XWA, he got kicked in the stomach. That, Matthew, is why Calvin looks to be in pain – in my opinion, of course.

Showing reserve that EBR didn’t and doesn’t think Calvin has (seeing as how Calvin is kind of a cowardly douche bag), the less established of the two snaps at EBR with a knife edged chop, one which sends EBR clutching at his chest. This gives Calvin ample opportunity to respond with several more, forcing EBR into the corner. It’s at this moment our delightful referee, Thomas J. Tickles, intervenes and gets between the two.

Matthew Werner: This is, of course, a big match for Calvin Lee considering the circumstances. Calvin Lee has never defeated EBR, and this is really his opportunity to not only get over that hump, but to do it on a big stage.

Matt Steel: Only if King Kraig’s checks clear, Matthew ... only if King Kraig’s checks clear ...

Thinking that he has everything under control, but really doesn’t because he’s a referee and referees in wrestling never really have things under control, even though that would be an interesting dynamic to give to this character and would be a good character concept to explore, one which I’ll probably do sometime later (idea reserved), Tickles steps away from both men. Immediately Calvin Lee goes on the offense and hits EBR with more chops, even throwing in a forearm for extra measure.

Matthew Werner: Calvin Lee is looking to out muscle EBR here.

Tickles tries to get between the two, but all it ends up being is a nice gesture as EBR takes control and grabs Calvin, throwing him into the turnbuckles before he unloads with several forearms to the face of his opponent!

Matt Steel: ... And Matthew, let me tell you, that’s not a strategy you want to use against EBR.

After he believes it to be enough (for the time being), EBR stops his attack and backs away, allowing Calvin Lee to slump down, resting his head against the bottm turnbuckle pad. If Calvin had taken a look at EBR’s bio he would have realized this might not be the best place to place his head, but in all fairness to him he’s probably in pain and trying to catch a breath. But at the same time as Calvin is catching this said breath, EBR is in the corner opposite him, bouncing up and down to gain steam before he runs at Calvin Lee, diving at his face and catching him with the move that is dubbed the Face-Lift Drop-Kick!

Matthew Werner: Oooh! Calvin Lee is going to have to a take a visit to the cosmetic surgery wing!

Matt Steel: I’m the funny one. So strike one. And that was lame. So strike two.

The momentum of the move sends EBR sliding out of the ring through the bottom and middle rope, landing on the outside like a cat that EBR would buy if it was made of porcelain and happened to be an antique.

Matthew Werner: And right there, EBR showing no signs of rust from his time off courtesy of that DGX attack ... annnnnnnnnnnd that’s the perfect segway to get into why that match is happening.

Matt Steel: Because we’re here to entertain AND inform.

Matthew Werner: Calvin Lee, according to EBR, set him up by spreading rumors about EBR possibly attacking DGX. So DGX being ... well, DGX, pretty much got to EBR first.

Matt Steel: Though if you ask me, those rumors were less about betrayal and more about sodomy.

EBR re-enters the ring, dragging the slumped over and face-kicked-off-metaphorically-speaking-of-course Calvin into the center of the ring for the first pin attempt of the contest.

... 1 ...

... 2 ...

Calvin kicks out.

Matthew Werner: Though, we really don’t know why Calvin did this to EBR, nor do we really know how EBR found out.

Matt Steel: He was probably going to devote a whole Role-Play for it when he faced Calvin in the WFWF, which for whatever reason isn’t going to happen. The reason really isn’t important ... aren’t we having a great time at XWA Genesis, Matthew?

Matthew Werner: We sure are, Matt!

Slowly bringing Calvin Lee up to his feet EBR snaps at him with several back handed chops, sending him stumbling into the ring ropes. EBR Irish Whips him into the set of ropes across from him, and on the rebound attempts a running forearm shot of some kind. Sensing that something may be coming, Calvin Lee stops short and drops to the canvas, and before EBR can figure out what crazy plan his opponent has, Calvin shoots his legs into EBR’s sternum.

Matthew Werner: Well that was certainly unique.

In an impressive display of athleticism, Calvin Lee kips up to his feet, and with EBR’s back facing him as he’s bent over and clutching at his ribs, Calvin Lee takes him face-first into the canvas with a Bulldog! Calvin Lee turns EBR over and goes for the quick pin attempts.

... 1 ...

... 2 ...

EBR muscles out.

Matthew Werner: Matt, we touched upon Calvin Lee never defeating EBR. Do you think that affects his mindset in this match in anyway, knowing that he’s facing a guy who is certain he can beat him because he’s done it before?

Not allowing EBR any chances to regain his composure on his own, Calvin Lee applies a Front-Face Lock on the downed EBR.

Matt Steel: If you let it get in your psyche, sure. If you don’t think you can beat somebody you won’t. You need confidence to compete here, but if you’ve ever talked to Calvin Lee you’ll know that’s not much of a problem.

With the hold still applied EBR finds a way to slowly rise to his feet. Calvin responds to this by tightening his grip, doing whatever possible to cut off EBR’s oxygen supply. But in the end, it’s just not the Front-Face Lock’s day to win a match -

Front-Face Lock: :(

... as EBR is able grab Calvin Lee’s head and roll backwards into a neat and well-executed Small Package pin.

... 1 ...

... 2 ...

Matthew Werner: EBR may have caught Calvin off guard here!

Calvin shoots his shoulder off the mat, and getting to his feet before EBR, executes a Jaw-Breaker which sends EBR into the ring ropes for support.

Matthew Werner: Calvin Lee wrestling a good match here.

Matt Steel: He has a chip on his shoulder. Not just because of whom he’s facing, but remember that he never had a chance to defend the Heavyweight Championship. Coming out here and winning tonight which really help increase Calvin Lee’s credibility and confirm that he’s in the upper echelon of the XWA.

Wasting no time, Calvin Lee follows up his previous success with a quick Snap Suplex, floating into a pin.

... 1 ...

... 2 ...

EBR gets the shoulder up. Not discouraged, Calvin approaches EBR’s leg and grabs his left. He twirls his index finger mockingly as he steps over and attempts a Figure Four Leg-Lock, to which EBR’s says “nah” and kicks Calvin in the buttocks, sending him chest first into the turnbuckles. Before he hits the pads Calvin grabs the ring ropes for support, and like he has eyes in the back of his head notices EBR rising to his feet. He dashes at his opponent and attempts a quick kick, to which EBR rotates his body and takes Calvin down to the mat with a Leg Sweep.

Matthew Werner: A couple nice counters by EBR.

To his feet, EBR grabs Calvin’s legs from behind and brings him up from the mat like he’s attempting a Wheel-Barrow Suplex, but as he lifts Calvin off the canvas he repositions his own body and sends Calvin crashing into the canvas with an STO!

Matthew Werner: And he told me to call that the Welcome To Detroit!

Grabbing a hold of Calvin Lee’s arm EBR looks to apply the Triangle Choke, also known as the S.O.S when performed by him. Flailing in a desperation which pays off Calvin is able to reach the side of the ring and throws his arm over the bottom rope before EBR can apply it. This also causes Thomas Tickles to motion EBR away, which EBR does.

Matthew Werner: We really are seeing a different EBR from the last time we saw him. Not just in his attitude like you see, but we’re even seeing him display a wrestling skill which we haven’t seen since the last time he was in the XWA.

Matt Steel: Well I talked to EBR before the match and he said he wants to re-define his career. He isn’t proud of how he acted in the WFWF and told me that he doesn’t want to be remembered for being a cheap shot artist.

Matthew Werner: Say anything else?

Matt Steel: Not really. Just had a lot of antique porcelain cats. Kind of weird actually.

Using the ropes for added assistance, Calvin staggers as EBR knees him in the gut. Backed into the ropes, EBR again fires away with multiple forearms to the face. He whips Calvin across the ring and lightly backs into the ropes. He extends his arm looking a Lariat, but sneakily Calvin counters and wraps around EBR’s body, only to drop his face into the mat with a DDT! Next he’ll be staring in action movies with Sean William Scott!

Matt Steel: That’s a former XWA Heavyweight Champion style counter right there, Matthew.

Calvin rises to his feet, smirk on his face.

Calvin Lee: Wrist Clutch Burning Hammer Time!

Matt Steel: I think Calvin Lee is looking for the Wrist Clutch Burning Hammer.

Clutching EBR’s arm between his own legs Calvin attempts to elevate him onto his shoulder, but realizing the situation and how it will probably really, really, really hurt EBR pounds Calvin in the head with his free arm. Once the grip is slightly loosened EBR vaults up, jamming his knee into Calvin’s face!

Matt Steel: Seeing as how EBR just did it, there’s now no excuse for any wrestler to not get out of the Wrist Clutch Burning Hammer.

In anger at his plan being thwarted by that no good EBR-

Calvin Lee: >:(

Calvin Lee charges at EBR who begins to back away. As Calvin nears, EBR uses his leg strength and great thighs -

EBR: ;)

... to throw Calvin into the turnbuckles with a Back Body Drop. But using his equally impressive leg strength, Calvin lands on the middle rope, unrealized by EBR. Without thinking and seemingly without effort Calvin bounces off, flying down in front of EBR and taking him down with a Hurricanrana!

Matthew Werner: Wow. Great acrobatic skill by a guy who usually doesn’t use any.

Being the first on his feet, Calvin quickly kicks EBR in the side of the head before hopping to his other side and taking him down with a Swinging Neck-Breaker. Pin attempt.

... 1 ...

... 2 ...

EBR raises his shoulder. Not discouraged, Calvin keeps his composure and heads out of the ring, climbing the turnbuckles.

Matthew Werner: Looking for that Flying Elbow, and once he hits that the end is usually near.

Matt Steel: How ominous.

Though possibly throwing a screw into Calvin Lee’s well-oiled machine of a plan -

Calvin Lee: :-X

... EBR begins to register and slowly rises to his feet. Not derailed however, Calvin figures that an elbow to the top of someone’s head is just as good, if not better than elbow to someone’s chest, Calvin dives off regardless, but his theory isn’t put to the test and ends up just being a moot point as he’s met with a knee to the gut!

Calvin Lee: :o

Exhaling loudly, Calvin is grabbed by the back of the trunks as EBR paces back. In an unorthodox moment, EBR simply tosses Calvin Lee like a piece of garbage, which is fitting seeing as how that’s how EBR sees him what with him betraying him and all-

EBR: Mmhmm.

... into the ring ropes. Despite the fact he was flipped with the throw, Calvin hits the ropes smoothly and somehow flips back onto his feet, facing the ropes. Calvin stares momentarily, puzzled at the lack of anything hurting ... until EBR hits the ropes in front of him and rebounds, taking Calvin’s body off its feet and his head nearly off his shoulders with a devastating and brutal Lariat!

Matthew Werner: If you’re Calvin Lee that was a victory that was very, very short lived.

Matt Steel: Word.

Up onto his feet with a renewed source of energy, EBR can be heard directing comments at Calvin Lee.

EBR: Shouldn’t have start nuthin’, Cal. You lose this and you nuthin’, nuthin’!

Matthew Werner: That’s uh ... interesting...

Matt Steel: It was the psyche we were talking about earlier. EBR’s trying to get into his head.

Matthew Werner: Right. Though, couldn’t this just serve to fuel Calvin Lee?

Matt Steel: Well ... I think the Lariat was the key part of that equation, personally.

Bringing up Calvin, EBR quickly proceeds to hammer him with various forearms and knees, followed by a text-book Exploder Suplex!

Matthew Werner: The end may be nearing for Calvin Lee.

That comment appears to be coming to fruition as Calvin Lee is placed on EBR’s shoulder in preparation for the Illmatic. But showing what made him the last XWA Heavyweight Champion, Calvin Lee slips off and without missing a beat grabs EBR’s head and leg, executing a Waterwheel Suplex which he dubs the Wheel of Fortune!

Matthew Werner: Wheel of Fortune!! Calvin Lee isn’t looking for a vowel, he’s looking for the wiiiiiin!

Matt Steel: Uh ... word.

Logically, Calvin Lee goes for the pin attempt.

... 1 ...

... 2 ...

Matthew Werner: Here comes the upset!

EBR, just, gets his shoulder up.

Matthew Werner: You cannot get closer then that!

Calvin sits on the mat, probably thinking “wtf do I have to do to keep mo’fo down?”.

Matthew Werner: Calvin needs to capitalize here.

Matt Steel: He’s exhausted. You think you have someone down for the count and they kick out. Your confidence takes a hit at that point. Not to mention he’s been wrestling this match for how long now?

Matthew Werner: Mentally and physically wiped.

Matt Steel: ... That’s what I said in the first place. Don’t steal my thunder. Seriously.

Slowly, Calvin rises to his feet, looking to put the finishing touches on EBR. He approaches his downed opponent and slowly brings him up, placing his jaw on his back shoulder as he looks for the Stunner. Suddenly, EBR jerks Calvin Lee around and extends his arm for a Lariat, but that counter is caught by Calvin Lee who wraps his hands around EBR’s throat.

Matthew Werner: Choke Bomb!

He lifts EBR in the air, but EBR wraps his legs around Calvin’s head, dropping him to the canvas with the S.O.S applied!

Matthew Werner: No wait! EBR has the S.O.S applied!

Calvin Lee flails on the canvas trying to reach the ropes, but sadly for Calvin Lee and Calvin Lee fans – he’s in the middle of the ring.

Matthew Werner: EBR sprang like a coiiiiiiiiiiled snake!

Matt Steel: ... W ... word ... ?

Thomas Tickles begins to ask Calvin if he’d liked to give up, but at this point Calvin Lee’s attention is squarely based on breaking the hold.

EBR: Leafs suck, man.

Calvin continues to struggle as EBR continues to talk smack.

EBR: And they don’t have a first round pick.

Matt Steel: He’s a veteran for a reason, my friend.

EBR continues to apply the pressure as Calvin continues to fade, and at this point Tickles begins to lift Calvin’s arm to test whether or not he’s even conscious at this point. It drops once.

EBR: Let it go, man.

It drops twice.

EBR: It’s over.

It drops thrice.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Matthew Werner: It’s over! EBR wins.

As soon as the bell is rung EBR releases the hold as “Blueprint II” begins to play through the loudspeakers and his arm is raised in triumphant.

Keri Thames: Here is your winner... EBR!

Matthew Werner: What a victory by EBR, but at the same time give credit to Calvin Lee. Fought one heck of a match.

Matt Steel: Sometimes you have a great match and still don’t come up with the win. It happens. Either way Calvin Lee showed what kind of competitor he is with that performance.

EBR rolls out of the ring, reclaiming his sweatshirt from the time-keeper who no longer has the opportunity to sell it on E-Bay. EBR uses it to wipe the sweat off his face before throwing it over his shoulder and approaching the nearest camera, and despite the reception from the cheering crowd and the music, his words are still audible.

EBR: D ... ‘yo, D. I’m comin’ for you. EBR on the way.

Nodding in support his own statement he begins his walk past ringside and up the ramp, occasionally clapping nearby fans hands on the way.
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Re: XWA Genesis: 12/19/2009

Postby DJS » Thu Nov 26, 2015 8:45 pm

We go back to ringside with Matthew Werner and Matt Steel.

Matt Steel: Wow.

Matthew Werner: Strong words from EBR there.

Matt Steel: For sure.

Matthew Werner: On another note, earlier this week a press conference was held by Alex Sean and King Kraig to announce many of their new initiatives regarding the reopening of the XWA. What transpired... Well, you'll see. Let's roll the tape.

We cut to video footage of the aforementioned press conference. After a short montage of clips showing the large crowd of fans and journalists in attendance, we cut to Alex Sean standing behind a podium.

Alex Sean: It's uncommon in this business for companies to reach out their hand to one another and pursue a common goal to find the best in the world. We here at the XWA are more interested in that very philosophy; to find the best, than preserving a fabricated image of success. With that in mind we're very pleased to announce officially two deals; One between the Xtreme Wrestling Alliance and the WrestlingFigs Wrestling Federation, and another with Professional RPG Wrestling. These deals will allow competitors from those companies to come in to the XWA and face off against our very best. As of now, we have signed The High Horror, Jon O'Deeves, and Chris Chaos from the WFWF as well as JR Judy and Hutton Brown from PRW. We look forward to acquiring more great challengers from those companies down the road. This also brings us to our biggest announcement.

Sean gestures toward King Kraig, who pulls out a velvet bag out from under the table.

Alex Sean: I'm very pleased to announce that in negotiating this deal with PRW, they have very respectfully allowed us to seperate our XWA Undisputed Championship from the PRW Undisputed Championship and reclaim it as our first major title in the XWA!

Kraig opens the bag revealing the XWA Undisputed Championship.

Alex Sean: This title holds a great and historic lineage which we are elated to bring back to it's home in the XWA.

"This is nonsense!"

The proclamation comes as a surprise to everyone. They peer their heads to find the source only to find current PRW Undisputed Champion and former XWA star Lion Merteuil!

Lion Merteuil: How dare you! I win the PRW Undisputed Championship and you guys go and steal away part of my title!? That XWA Undisputed Championship is mine, you hear me, MINE!

Lion's rant is interrupted as a mob of security rush to escort Merteuil off of the premises.

Alex Sean: Uh... Hrm.

We cut away from the pre-tape and return live to Matthew Werner and Matt Steel.

Matthew Werner: Very interesting situation developing there.

Matt Steel: Well in many ways Lion has a point. He did win the PRW Undisputed Championship when the XWA Undisputed Championship was a part of that title. To seperate the titles is in a sense to strip him of it.

Matthew Werner: This will most certainly be a story to follow, but what is certain is that it's been a great show back for the XWA!

Matt Steel: It was great, ya know assuming anyone showed up.

Matthew Werner: Yeah, and if they didn’t shame.

Matt Steel: For sure.

The bell chimes three and Keri Thames stands in the ring with her usual grin.

Keri Thames: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is our main event!

"Sabotage" by The Beastie Boys blasts over the soundspeakers to signal the entrance of the first team. As the frantic opening line rings, the fans wait in anticipation for the main event. Finally, with the beginning of the bassline and the lyrics, DGX and Alex Sean step through the curtain accompanied by Sean's long-time companion; Rebecca Marie.

Keri Thames: Making their way to the ring first, weighing in at a combined weight of 450 lbs. and being accompanied by Rebecca Marie... Alex Sean and the WFWF World Heavyweight Champion... DGX!

The two men quickly race to the ringside area, Rebecca Marie following behind at a slower pace. DGX slides underneath the bottom rope as Sean stops at the ring-steps to warm up. DGX climbs the top rope, raising his WFWF World Championship high eliciting a a strong, slighly mixed reaction. As the chorus concludes, Sean gives a brief hug to his spouse and races up the ring steps and through the ropes.

Matthew Werner: Listen to this ovation for the two XWA Originals!

Matt Steel: They’re all Originals tonight Werner…XWA Representin’.

Matthew Werner: And of course DGX the WFWF champion he won that title back in July.

Matt Steel: Wow that was like five months ago, that’s a pretty dominant reign.

Matthew Werner: Oh for sure, especially since the one time he was booked since then he no showed.

Matt Steel: So did his opponent.

Matthew Werner: Touché.

Matt Steel: And on top of all that hasn’t there been something like, two cards in all that time since then?

As Sean enters the ring, the two men find their place in their corner and await the entrance of their opponents. Their music comes a close as suddenly the sound of flashbulbs go off as the hypnotic beat of Lady Gaga’s “Paparazzi” plays out to a cry from the fans. As a voice proclaims “I’ve got the shot!” a flotilla of men with flashing cameras emerge from back scurrying back and forth to get a good picture as coming from the back on the arm of Commie Albert is the man now simply known as "Drama". D looks over at Alex in the ring, as both men shake their heads.

Alex Sean: Lady Gaga... Really?

DGX: Yeah.

Keri Thames: And their opponents, first accompanied to the ring by Commie Albert, from Patterson New Jersey... he is... Drama!

Clad in an elaborate getup Drama completes this looking with a masquerade ball mask as Commie Albert holds out his free hand and wards off the flashbulb firing entourage as the pair make their way down to the ringside area. At the base of the ramp the vultures disperse and Drama walks up the ring steps as like a true gentlemen of equality Albert opens the ropes for Drama to ring as DGX leans back in the corner with a look distaste on his face and Sean continues to jog on the spot.

Matthew Werner: Well this man is a bit of an odd ball.

Matt Steel: By no means be fooled by the theatrics and costume Werner! This man in the ring can swing and stand toe to toe with the best of them.

Matthew Werner: DGX certainly doesn’t seem to like him. I looked through the record books and he’s beaten Drama every time he’s been in the ring with him so this should be…

Matt Steel: Yeah…we don’t talk about that.

Removing his ball room mask to show his makeup wearing face Drama strips theatrically down to his ring attire as Commie Albert collects the props and such and exits to the ringside area as with a grin on his face Drama blows a kiss to a glaring DGX. The XWA faithful rise to their feet as a low rumble of thunder echoes through the sound-system and the opening strains of Bodies kicks in, with the harsh, repeated whispering announcing the arrival of the Storm of the Century.

"Let the bodies hit the floor...
Let the bodies hit the floor...
Let the bodies hit the floor...
Let the bodies hit the...*Tsss Tsss* FLOOOOOOOOORRRRRR!"

Keri Thames: And his partner, from Detroit Michigan he is the STORM OF THE CENTURY... TEMMMMMPPESSSSSSSSSTTTTT!!!

With the final extended word of the chorus the stage explodes with a huge pyro display and then Tempest charges through the fiery aftermath. Intense and ready for whatever comes, the Storm of the Century makes his way to the ring pumping his arms and calling out to the crowd. Once he arrives at the ring steps he storms up to the ropes, practically dodges through them, and heads immediately for a corner. Pulling himself up to stand on the second rope, Tempest howls and throws his arms up over his head to the approval of the crowd.

Matthew Werner: Would you just listen to these fans here?!

Matt Steel: Yep, Tempest is a big favorite of the XWA faithful.

With the introductions concluded Thames leaves the ring as Drama and Tempest convene in their corner. DGX and Alex Sean do the same as there seems to be discussion going on as to who will start the match for each team. Drama seems all too happy to allow Tempest to get things under way as in DGX and Alex Sean’s corner the usual method of rock, paper scissors is called upon to solve the dispute. DGX comes up with scissors as Alex’s fist remains clench as D moves his hand up to a peace sign and curls his fingers...

DGX: Snake...

Abruptly Sean’s hand forms some kind of odd configuration and with a jab of his thumb into D’s hand he grins.

Alex Sean: ... is killed by mongoose.

With a shake of his head D has to respect the ingenuity and vacates the ring to the corner as Tempest and Alex Sean square off. The crowd noise level jumps a few decibels as this old feud still seems to have a lot unresolved about it.

Matt Steel: Here we go.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Matthew Werner: And the match is underway!

The anticipation in palpable as Tempest and Sean slam into each other with a collar and elbow. Taking the advantage Sean quickly moves to a side headlock as Tempest backs him into the nearest ropes and fires him off in count and quickly ducks prone on the mat as Sean leaps over him, on the return Tempest leap frogs and finally on the last rebound Sean is met by leaping spinning leg kick that knocks him to the canvas!

Matthew Werner: Tempest starting the pace out quickly.

Matt Steel: Few are faster than the Storm of the Century.

Sean gets up as Tempest meets him rising with a spinning back elbow to the temple! As Sean is stunned from the impact of the move Tempest hits the ropes and charges back with the charging clothesline that connects for the knockdown! Keeping the pace ramped up Tempest hits the ropes again for another clothesline knockdown! The fans are amped up as Tempest hits the ropes yet again only this time Sean sees what’s coming and catches him with a quick powerslam!

Matt Steel: But fewer still are as crafty as Alex Sean.

Matthew Werner: Great counter with the powerslam there…

Sean gets up and moves back measuring Tempest whom has had the wind knocked out of his sails with that cerebral counter by Alex Sean! As Tempest returns to his feet Alex leaps up and delivers a Randy Savage style knee to the back and somewhere the WWF Legend is sayin “OOOOHH YEEAAAHH” as Tempest slams chest first into the buckle! Sean hits the ropes near the corner as Tempest staggers out and seems to be headed for Drama and catches him before he gets there with a hot shot style neckbreaker!

Matt Steel: I wonder if Tempest wants that Combo
[/Color][/Size][/B]1 with fries? Hah!

Matthew Werner: Tempest down from Alex Sean’s well placed offense.

Sean gets to his feet and stomps on Tempest a little bit as the Storm of the Century recovers from the quick offense of Alex Sean and gets met as he rises to his feet with a boot to the gut. Sean moves in and locks up the Fisherman’s setup and lifts up Tempest into the air only to drop him across his shoulders like a Samoan drop and plant Tempest hard into the canvas! Sean into a quick cover as senior official Tommy Tickles dives into position to count!

... 1 ...

... 2 ...

A kickout by Tempest!

Matthew Werner: Alex Sean pressing the offense nearly caught Tempest early!

Matt Steel: I think Tempest was surprised at Sean’s quick offense with that Combo 1.

Tempest gets back to his feet as Sean tries to pull him up by his long hair only to surprise the Archetype with a quick jaw breaker! Tempest quickly moves to his corner and tags in Drama as it appears the flamboyant embodiment of his namesake was unprepared for the tag. Drama looks at Sean who stands tall and ready in the ring as slight wail of anticipation rises among the crowd. Very gingerly Drama enters the ring.

Matthew Werner: Smart tag by Tempest, although it seems to have taken Drama by surprise here.

Matt Steel: Well it’s like I said during his entrance Werner, don’t be fooled by Drama’s flamboyant appearance. The man behind the makeup is a very dangerous and brutal brawler and DGX’s face has never been the same after that last match together…

Matthew Werner: But DGX won that match. You keep talking about it but are being intentionally vague so what happened?

Matt Steel: I’m afraid legally I’m unable to comment on this further Matthew.

Drama and Sean circle some in the ring as the anticipation rises to a fever pitch! Long time XWA fans know the “unauthorized” history of Drama and know that he is more than capable of slugging it out with anyone in the ring. And Alex Sean has in recent years turned into a consummate brawler himself so this encounter has all the markings of a smash mouthed knock down drag out teeth in the seventh row brawl! As the two men meet in the middle of the ring Alex Sean winds up and delivers an absolutely shocking knife edge chop to the chest of Drama that echoes throughout the arena knocking the flamboyant competitor on his arse. The sheer high pitched decibel level of the shrill shriek that comes from Drama sitting on his backside in the middle of the ring is blood curdling! Sean backs up to his corner where D looks on with a look of confusion on his face.

DGX: The hell did you do?

Alex Sean: I don’t know, I mean it was a pretty hard chop...

Holding out his hand in dismay Drama scurries to the side as a concerned Commie Albert meets him by the ropes!


Drama begins to sob as Commie comforts his charge. In the ring Sean shakes his head before tagging in DGX to a cheer. DGX enters the ring as Sean tags his place on the apron and Werner and Steel commentate on the scenario at the side of the ring.

Matthew Werner: This is seriously your big brawler?

Matt Steel: Well, he’s not really... it's complicated Werner!

Matthew Werner: Your tough guy?

Matt Steel: We get it Werner...

Matthew Werner: He’s crying about a freaking broken nail!

Matt Steel: ... Tempest tagged back in. XWA Representin’!

Tempest gets the tag as Drama returns to the apron being consoled by Commie Albert as DGX grins his trademark smile and the noise level goes up a few decibels in the Hammerstein Ballroom. DGX and Tempest have had many a classic war over their time and now the XWA faithful would see two vintage rivals renew acquaintance of their storied rivalry in its own right! The two athletes circle DGX with a skip in his step as he moves in quickly messing with Tempest head however ever a student of DGX and his style Tempest catching him walking in with a quickly executed drop toe hold! DGX quickly gets back up after breaking his fall and preventing himself from going completely down before catching an arm drag from Tempest! DGX gets up and races at Tempest as he looks to catch the WFWF champion with a shuffle sidekick that DGX ducks under! Tempest gets his foot back down to get a solid base as both men with the same idea attempt to execute a missile dropkick before having a brief standoff following the furious exchange!

Matthew Werner: What a sequence!

Matt Steel: These guys know each other’s books well Werner!

DGX and Tempest engage in a collar and elbow that DGX quickly slides into a side headlock on! Before Tempest can get a change to counter DGX transitions into a hammerlock as Tempest lets out a short cry of surprise and discomfort before countering into a hammerlock of his own as its DGX’s turn to cry out in a bit of pain. Thinking quickly DGX executes a drop toe hold of his own surprising Tempest who forgot about that counter to the hammerlock and ride into a reverse facelock! DGX pancakes his hips to the ground keeping the air from Tempest and pinning him to the canvas albeit on his stomach instead of his back!

Matthew Werner: Good technical exchange here and that was a creative counter to the hammerlock by DGX there.

Matt Steel: He’s an XWA Legend and the WFWF Champion for a reason Werner!

The crowd begins to clap and get behind the Storm of the Century willing him from the canvas as Tempest fights his way up to his feet and buries a couple of stern elbows into the breadbasket of DGX breaking the headlock before unloading a few right hands to the Ace of the XWA before scooping up DGX by the legs and dropping him on his spine with a quick spinebuster! Tempest gets up and waits as DGX rolls to his knees and runs at the degenerate looking to knock his block off with the Sonofabitch however DGX rolls out of the way and Tempest manages to land on his feet if off balance! DGX charges Tempest however all that happens for him is Tempest sidesteps and with a shove of his head throws him over the top rope!

Matthew Werner: Quick action here! Tempest with a nice spinebuster, I think he was looking for the Shining Wizard there but DGX aware got out of the way!

Matt Steel: Tempest throwing DGX to the outside!

Matthew Werner: Wait! DGX has hold of the ropes here!

Indeed DGX has grabbed the top rope on his way out as Commie Albert lurks close at ringside. Tickles moves in to let Drama’s escort know that actions against the hanging DGX will result in disqualification as Commie holds up his hands in protested innocence. In a vintage DGX move the XWA Original “skins the cat” back into the ring but Tempest is waiting for him and grabs his feet. It looks grim for the Ace before DGX let’s go from holding the top rope and angles his body managing to nail Tempest with a sort of modified hurricurana that sends the Storm face first into the turnbuckle of a neutral corner! DGX gets to his feet and with a grin on his face seems ready to deliver his patented one handed bulldog however as he runs at the ropes Drama drops down tugging the top rope and DGX flies overtop to the outside to a cry of despair from the fans as Alex Sean bursts into the ring angrily! Unfortunately for DGX all this action by his partner does is draw Tickles attention!

Matthew Werner: Drama with the low bridge of the ropes!

Steel : Oh Tickles doesn’t see this, he’s too busy with Alex Sean but the damn Commie Albert is putting the boots to DGX!

Indeed the Communal Champion viciously assaults DGX with stomps before lifting up the disoriented WFWF Champ and after a brief set of his feet hurls DGX with force back first into the steel stairs! DGX’s face is one of absolute shock and agony in the aftermath of the brutal assault on the outside. Drama quickly waves off Commie and picks up DGX and after a quick slap on the ass rolls him into the ring to a waiting Tempest! Tempest drops a quickly elbow to the small of the back as DGX cries out in pain!

Matthew Werner: DGX sent for a rough ride there! Steel met spine! Guess who won?

Matt Steel: Steel of course.

Matthew Werner: Congratulations, you ARE smarter than a fifth grader!

Tempest hauls up DGX by his golden locks and puts his arm around him before stepping in positioning his leg! Then Tempest hurls himself back to the canvas punishing DGX’s back with a Russian legsweep! Tempest gets to his feet with a grin and picks up DGX again before this time locking in a front facelock! DGX tries to block the suplex attempt with his leg drawing a cheer from the fans before Tempest shuts it down with some sturdy shots to the solar plexus settling DGX down a little before punishing him with the snap suplex! DGX cries out and tries to sit up his hand instinctively doing to his back!

Matt Steel: Tempest now working on that back of DGX, it’s a smart move because both the Eye of the Storm and the Tear Jerker target that part of the body!

Matthew Werner: Drama and Tempest for having never teamed together before are doing a surprisingly good job of tag team tactics against this seasoned team of Alex Sean and DGX!

Tempest waits DGX out as the Ace manages to get to his knees however this time the pain in his back slows his reaction time and DGX can’t evade the Sonofabitch this time as Tempest knee rings off his skull! Tempest quickly covers!

... 1 ...

... 2 ...

DGX gets the shoulder up! Tempest gets up and gestures to Drama as he grabs hold of DGX by the hair and drags him to the corner making the tag! Drama enters the ring and together he and Tempest grab up DGX and hold him off to the side as though for a double sidewalk slam but it turns out to be worse for DGX as the two men drop a double backbreaker again cracking his spine! Tempest gets back to the ring apron as now in the match against a weakened adversary Drama struts around sexily feeling awful good about himself!

Matthew Werner: Tempest with the near fall off the Shining Wizard on DGX, now with the tag to Drama!

Matt Steel: That double backbreaker couldn’t have been good for DGX’s spine!

Drama blows a kiss to the increasingly antsy Alex Sean on the apron as he sneers at Drama and begins to pace along the apron! Drama turns back to see DGX bent over holding the top rope as he pulls himself back to his feet and with a grin of delight skips over and applies a rear waistlock! With a sly grin Drama cops a feel of DGX’s naughty bits before executing a German suplex that off the impact DGX flops to his stomach holding his back!

Matthew Werner: This really has be mounting on DGX’s back here, I don’t know how much more of abuse his spine can take!

Matt Steel: Well DGX is tough as nails Werner, he has a near inhuman pain tolerance!

Drama runs over to Alex Sean and bad mouths him, something about his mother or some such which brings the hot headed Sean into the ring as Tickles again has to rush to keep him from illegally entering the fray however not helping DGX is the fact that while Sean has the referee distracted in comes Tempest illegally as he and Drama stand at the ready as DGX struggles back to his feet with his back to the two! When finally to his feet both Tempest and Drama take to the air and deliver a double dropkick to the back propelling DGX chest first into a neutral corner with force! Tempest rolls out of the ring back to his corner off the double team move and Drama leaps into the air and catches DGX as he staggers backwards off the impact with a back cracker! Tickles turns just in time to see this as Drama makes a cover!

... 1 ...

... 2 ...

DGX shows some resilience and kicks out! Drama sneers and throws a minor temper tantrum that Tickles must calm as he gets an evil smile and holds up one finger telling Tickles a moment is needed. Lying down on his back Drama takes DGX’s arm with a sinister grin and drapes it over himself! Tickles stands looking down on this scene with a look of pure confusion before Drama demands he count and the official has no choice but to oblige!

... 1 ...

... 2 ...

Tickles hand barely slaps the mat a second time before DGX jerks his hand off of Drama’s body indignantly! Though nearly costing his team the win the salt in the old wound has been sufficiently rubbed in for Drama’s liking! He gets to his feet and grabs DGX by the hair and drags him to the corner and tags Tempest who mildly admonishes his partner for his antics moments ago!

Matthew Werner: Nearfall off the back cracker... wait, what is this?

Matt Steel: Oh come on Drama! Not this crap again!

Matthew Werner: Again? What are you talking about?

Matt Steel: What part of “we can’t legally talk about it” are you missing Werner?! Connect the dots for yourself Jesus!

Matthew Werner: No matter his intent that wasn’t very smart, Drama nearly cost his team the victory there!

Drama sets DGX for the Irish whip as in the corner Tempest pushes himself up with his arms holding his body up and raises the knees as Drama whips DGX spine first into Tempest’s raised knees! Tempest drops to his feet on the mat and shoves DGX to his stomach as Drama takes his place on the ring apron! Tempest smiles at the fuming Alex Sean on the apron and taunts his adversary some before reaching down and lifting DGX back to his feet by his hair! Thankfully this time Sean seems to have learned his lesson and stays put on the apron as Tempest applies a front waistlock and DGX and plants his footing before turning and planting DGX on his back with a belly to belly suplex! Tempest grabs DGX’s leg hooking in the pinfall!

... 1 ...

... 2 ...

DGX kicks out again! The fans begin to clap and rally for DGX as he holds up his hands shaking trying to get some energy going from the fans to tap! Tempest quickly meets the rising DGX with several right hands however DGX replies with rights of his own! He manages on a surge of adrenaline to beat Tempest back into the ropes and whip him off however too eager DGX lowers his head and pays for it with a running DDT! Tempest covers again!

... 1 ...

... 2 ...

DGX again kicks out! Tempest waves in Drama and Tickles admonishes Drama to get out of the ring as he finally throws his hands up in the air and exercises his five count! On two Tempest and Drama double whip DGX off the ropes and seem intent on the double back drop however DGX holds onto their heads at the height of the throw and kicks his feet wildly before gravity and momentum see things his way and allow him to plant Drama and Tempest with a double DDT! The fans go insane as all three men are down and an amped up Alex Sean pulls on the ropes practically tasting getting the ring! He outstretches his hand as far as he can wildly wiggling his fingers as he looks desperately for the tag as Tickles with nothing else to do begins his count out ten count!

Matthew Werner: What a counter by DGX!

Matt Steel: Look over at that corner at Alex Sean! He wants in there more than anything right now! He can taste it!

DGX seemingly is the first to recover his faculties as he looks to his corner and sees Alex Sean raring and ready to go! However then he turns his vision and sees Drama on his back with his hands over his face and grits his teeth at the memory of the attempted throwing of the match to him minutes ago! A slap in the face reminder of the past they share! With a sneer DGX pounces upon Drama in a mount and begins to rain down mount punches on his face again and again remembering that humiliating evening where the roles in this position were reversed and he would suffer the most embarrassing “victory” of his career! Right after right after right connects with Drama’s face as Commie leaps onto the apron on his knees yelling at DGX to cease only to eat a right hand himself for his troubles knocking him down to the mat below! DGX begins to alternate lefts and right knocking Drama’s head from side to side each blow progressively harder than the last! As Drama’s head jerks side to side he must feel like his head is in a pinball machine as DGX yells a primal yell! Years of pent up rage over the incident of the past coming out before he sits atop a thoroughly out of it Drama exhausted from the physical and emotional exertion. However his time to savor his vengeance years later is short lived as the still legal Tempest his recovered and grabs his head only to nail him with the Thunderbolt snap DDT!

Matthew Werner: I don’t understand why didn’t DGX go for the tag there?

Matt Steel: Personal business, four or so years in the making.

Matthew Werner: Hopefully that doesn’t cost him, Tempest with a pretty good DDT there!

Matt Steel: He calls it the Thunderbolt and now we may see DGX’s attack on Drama carry the price of costing his team the win here!

Tempest moves to a corner and looks back at DGX as disoriented and exhausted he tries to get back to his feet holding his badly aching back. Tempest grins sensing the kill and leaps bouncing off the ropes before landing on the top turnbuckle facing DGX and quickly taking flight angling his body looking for the clothesline! However midflight he can see what’s about to come and knows there is absolutely nothing he can do to avoid it as despite his unsteady footing seeing the incoming Tempest DGX launching out his right leg instinctively and flying down to the mat Tempest eats a face full of DGX’s boot as the Breakdown connects like a home run hit knocking Tempest’s consciousness “out of the park!” Unfortunately the move’s impact also sent a sharp and screaming pain into DGX’s back as he falls to the canvas in agony as the crowd cries out in awe with a "Holy Shit" chant!

Matthew Werner: MY GOD WHAT A BREAKDOWN!!!!

Matt Steel: I’m with this crowd Werner! Tempest isn’t going to wake up until next week! He took that one flush in the face! But DGX is hurt here!

Matthew Werner: Drama seems to have rolled out to the apron but he’s still out of it from the flurry of punches he just took, I wouldn’t be shocked if he didn’t know where he was!

Sean must feel like he’s in Purgatory! He’s rested, beyond read! Pacing on the apron he begins to draw the crown into it as they all begin to rally behind DGX and Alex Sean to make that hot tag and turn the corner in this competitive match! DGX slowly slides up to a sitting position holding his back and looking at the seemingly out cold Tempest and then at the excessively eager Alex Sean! DGX seems to be thinking about it seriously!

Matthew Werner: Do you think DGX will just go for the pin himself here?

Matt Steel: You know at that point I think he could and he might even win it, Drama over there doesn’t even look like he knows what day of the week it is, Tempest is out cold, this could be a big upset win if DGX just picks up the pin himself!

Matthew Werner: But if Tempest kicks out or Drama recovers that could lead to a situation where DGX gets put down and costs him and Alex the tag match based on his own ego.

DGX has been slowly crawling up and he gets to a knee as he looks at Tempest again and is seriously giving thought to crawling over for the pin before finally on the apron Alex has had enough and yells out to DGX!

Alex Sean: Just make the fucking tag already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Steeling himself for the pain he knows his back is about to endure DGX shoots forward and performs the Rock n Roll Express roll and lunges forward slapping the outstretched hand of Alex Sean as the crowd explodes and the match takes on a whole new complexion!


Matt Steel: ...

Matthew Werner: ... Sorry, just got excited there.

Matt Steel: I can tell.

Sean rushes into the ring following the tag. Tempest manages to make it to his feet but only to be met with a vicious elbow strike from the XWA CEO, driving Tempest backward into a neutral corner.

Matt Steel: What an elbow.

Matthew Werner: That's what it said.

Tempest has no time to recover as Sean unleashes a flurry of elbow strikes, each landing right on the Storm of the Century's jawline.

Matthew Werner: Good god.

Matt Steel: This man's been sitting on the apron for the better part of this match and you can tell all of that adrenaline has just been pent up.

Each blow accumulating more and more damage, Tempest begins to crumple in the corner. As he falls, Sean switches from elbows to illegal, closed fists rapidly connecting on the skull of Tempest. The official attempts to pull Alex Sean off of him but Sean responds by shoving the referee away.

Matt Steel: The perks of owning the company, eh?

Matthew Werner: No doubt.

Sean turns back toward Tempest, who is now propped up against the bottom rope, and begins delivering vicious stomps to the chest and face. Sean pauses momentarily, then props Tempest up with his head resting on the second turnbuckle. Sean delivers a couple of quick boot scrapes, then signals to the fans for a Running Face Wash.

Matthew Werner: He seems to be telegraphing this far more than usual.

Matt Steel: Yeah, and it looks like Drama may be preparing to take the top rope out like with DGX earlier.

Sean runs toward the ropes and, as expected, Drama holds the top rope down. But as Sean is about the reach the ropes he slides under the bottom and grabs Drama's heels.

Matthew Werner: He outsmarted him!

Before Drama can react, Sean pulls his feet out from under him causing Drama to faceplant right into the apron. Sean follows up by shoving Drama face first into the ring post, then grabs ahold of a chunk of his hair and trunks and tosses him viciously into the ring barricade!

Matthew Werner: Oh lord!

Matt Steel: Yeah!

Sean slides into the ring and stalks his opponent down. He begins to lift Tempest off the mat but is met with several blows to the mid-section, stunning the CEO momentarily. Tempest runs toward the ropes and rebounds. He goes for a clothesline but Sean ducks under, wringing the arm, then transitioning into the position of a Stroke. Sean trips Tempest down, landing a Stroke on the knee. He then switches over to the side, lifts Tempest up, and lands a Gut-Buster. Finally Sean transitions into a Belly-to-Back Suplex position, lifts the Storm of the Century in the air, and pops his hips landing in a Side Belly-to-Belly Suplex! Sean goes for the cover.

Matthew Werner: This could be it!

... 1 ...

Matt Steel: He's got it!

... 2 ...

Matthew Werner: No!

Barely managing to kick out, Tempest is given no time to recover as Sean turns him over on his hands and knees. From a side position, Sean fires several vicious, pointed knees right to the mid-section of Tempest. He floats over into a sprawl position and grabs ahold of Tempest's mid-section for a Gut-Buster, but before he can lift him up, Tempest grabs ahold of Sean's leg.

Matthew Werner: He is grabbing ahold for dear life here.

Matt Steel: What other option does he have?

Sean struggles to muscle out of the grip but it is no use. This prompts him to slam the side of his ankle hard into the wrist and forearm of Tempest. After several blows, Tempest finally releases his grip which allows Sean to lift him off the ground for the Gut-Buster. Sean holds him momentarily, then, with a sick look in his eyes, Sean slams Tempest with the Gut-Buster directly into the corner causing Tempest to fall directly on his skull!

Matthew Werner: Oh my god!

Matt Steel: I think he may actually be dead.

Matthew Werner: Certainly a good way to start the Holiday season.

Matt Steel: And a new company.

For a brief moment, Sean admires his work eliciting a mixed response from the audience. After several seconds, Sean drags Tempest to the middle of the ring face down on the canvas. Sean positions both of his knees on the back of Tempest, and after grabbing ahold of his chin with his left arm and ankle with his right, Sean rolls backward propping Tempest in the air in a Bow and Arrow hold!

Matt Steel: This may not be the flashiest move in the book but it is one of the most painful.

Matthew Werner: Absolutely, one of the few moves that actually manages to target both the back and the ribs of an opponent.

Tempest struggles to break free but cannot escape. Sean continues to gradually increase the pressure, each second hurting Tempest more than the last. Drama, having barely recovered from the earlier assault from Sean, sees what is happening and dives in the ring. He lands a few desperate but effect punches to the face and chest of Sean causing him to release the hold and free Tempest.

Matthew Werner: Close call for Tempest there.

Sean regains his footing and begins to lift Tempest once again off the mat. Locking eyes with Drama, Sean grabs Tempest in a Muay Thai clinch and fires off several hard knees to the mid section of Tempest. He grabs Tempest in a bear hug position, lifts him off the ground, then turns and charges him back-first into his team corner. Jawwing with DGX momentarily, DGX nods which elicits a tag from Sean bringing him back into the match.

Matthew Werner: Let's see how DGX fares after having several minutes to recover.

Matt Steel: I'd have to imagine he can't be even close to 100%.

Proving his heart, as DGX steps through the ropes and advances toward Tempest, the Storm of the Century fires off a series of desperation punches to the jaw of DGX. The WFWF Champion stumbles backward momentarily, but as Tempest charges at DGX he is cut in a double underhook grip, then tossed with an Overhead Belly-to-Belly Suplex from DGX! He quickly follows up with a cover.

Matthew Werner: He's got the cover!

... 1 ...

Matt Steel: Could this be it?

... 2 ...

Matthew Werner: No!

While Tempest manages to kick out, he's not out of the woods yet as DGX lifts his legs off the canvas and sets him up for a D-Generated. Tempest struggles desperately, finally freeing a leg and landing a couple of hard up-kicks to the jaw of DGX.

Matthew Werner: That hurts.

Matt Steel: Word.

DGX will have none of this, however, as he regains his grip on the legs of Tempest and lands a couple of nasty, side-ways stomps to the ribs. Finally having enough leverage, DGX turns Tempest over in the D-Generated

Matthew Werner: This has got to be it for Tempest.

Matt Steel: I'd have to agree, he's taken far too much punishment to continue.

Tempest reaches out desperately for the ropes, the pain racing through his ribs unbearable. The audience begins to shift, cheering Tempest to hold on just a little longer. Finally he manages to drag himself close enough to the ropes to grip the bottom rope and force DGX to release the hold.

Matthew Werner: Whoa.

Matt Steel: That's it? Whoa?

Matthew Werner: I'm very underpaid, you know.

DGX turns the hold over, Tempest still holding the ropes. He nurses his back momentarily, then reaches out for a quick tag to Alex Sean.

Matt Steel: And the tag.

After a moment of telegraphing, DGX pulls Tempest out from the ropes and holds his legs. Sean climbs to the middle rope then drops down with a Front Elbow Drop to the ribs of Tempest

Matthew Werner: That move will suck the wind right out of your lungs.

As DGX leaves the ring, Sean grabs Tempest by the head and lifts him into the position of a Power-Bomb. Unable to stop the attack, Tempest is hoisted in the air but surprisingly in a Canadian Back-Breaker. Sean quickly transitions this hold with him holding his grip on the mid-section of Tempest with his left arm, and his right arm pulling Tempest's chin backward.

Matt Steel: What an interesting modification of the Canadian Backbreaker. You know I used to do...

We pan over to see Matthew Werner asleep.

Matt Steel: Oh, come on man!

Steel slaps Werner on the back, waking him up.

Matt Steel: I'm not that boring!

Matthew Werner: Oh, no no... I have a horrible thyroid disorder.

Matt Steel: Oh, my bad.

Matthew Werner: It's cool.

Sean begins to work his way to one knee. He slowly turns Tempest down toward the canvas, finally sliding his head beneath his body in a twisted Canadian Back-Breaker-Boston Crab hybrid maneuver. Sean drives his knee on the back of the head of Tempest, gaining solid footing and pulling back ruthlessly on the hold.

Matt Steel: Oh lord!

Seeing the submission inevitable, Drama steps through the ropes but is cut off as DGX runs through the ropes, to the opposite corner, and knees Drama square in the jaw knocking him back through the ropes and all the way to the floor!

Matthew Werner: This has got to be it, there is no way Tempest can get out now!

After taking the Breakdown, after being put in the Bow and Arrow Hold and the D-Generation, and after taking a world of punishment from the team of Alex Sean & DGX, it seems as if Tempest may finally be at his breaking point. The crowd stirs, clapping their hands and shouting in support of the Storm of the Century. Somehow, Tempest manages to get his hands on the mat and push himself upward. Sean tries to fight it but Tempest's will is not undone, as he just manages to pull his head out from under and release himself from the hold!

Matthew Werner: What heart we are seeing from Tempest tonight!

Matt Steel: For sure.

Tempest gets a passionate look in his eyes and begins firing off right after right to Sean's unprotected face. Enough of these cause Sean to release his grip on Tempest's body and fall back in a daze. Tempest desperately crawls to his corner in need of a tag. After a few moments, Sean shakes the cobwebs off and tags in DGX.

Matt Steel: Tempest continues to fight but it's not looking good.

Just as the tag is made, Tempest reaches his corner only to find that Drama is still laid out on the floor below. Before this can even register, DGX charges and bashes Tempest's ribs with a vicious Drop-Kick.

Matthew Werner: What a drop-kick!

DGX signals to the crowd and lifts Tempest off the ground. Ducking his head beneath Tempest's legs, DGX tries to set up for a Centripetel Force. Perhaps now out of sheer instinct, Tempest struggles to keep his footing, firing off a series of vicious shots to the small of the back of DGX. Frustrated, DGX muscles upward for the move but in doing so hurts his back and causes himself to lose balance. DGX stumbles forward enough to grip the top rope and be tagged out by Alex Sean.

Matthew Werner: He made the tag!

Matt Steel: I don't believe Tempest saw it either.

Just as the blind tag was made, Tempest has enough leverage to roll DGX over in a sunset flip. With his back to the ropes, Tempest does not see Alex Sean enter the ring and run toward another set of ropes. The official informs Tempest that a tag was made, but before it can even register Tempest is smashed with a brutal kick to the face by Alex Sean.

Matt Steel: Right in the face!

Matthew Werner: Yeah!

Sean helps DGX to his feet and for a moment the two converse in the ring. DGX nods and turns toward Tempest, lifting him off the mat. DGX positions himself behind Tempest and, with a snarl and a grimace, manages to lift Tempest up for a Doomsday Device.

Matthew Werner: This may be it, Matt.

Matt Steel: If Sean can deliver that Top Rope Lariat, it has to be!

Alex Sean advances toward a neutral corner and climbs the top rope. Just as he gains his footing, however, Drama shows that he has recovered and shoves Sean off the top rope causing him to land face first on the ring apron!


Matt Steel: What impact!

Seeing this, DGX shoves Tempest off his shoulders and advances toward Drama on the apron. Drama, however, manages to slingshot beneath the bottom rope and DGX's feet and pop-up behind him. He grabs DGX in a rear waistlock and runs toward the ropes, but DGX grabs ahold and Drama rolls backward alone. DGX turns and runs toward Drama, but is stunned as Drama grabs ahold of DGX's head and lands a reverse Backstabber to the mid-section! Alex Sean begins to stir at ringside, only to be grabbed by a semi-recovered Tempest in the ring. Tempest drags the CEO underneath the bottom rope. He then lifts Sean up in the air and places him on the turnbuckles for the Eye of the Storm.

Matt Steel: He's setting him up for The Eye of the Storm!

Matthew Werner: Because sometimes we need to read something twice!

Matt Steel: Because sometimes we need to read something twice!

Tempest exits to the apron then climbs the buckles and positions himself for his finisher. Wasting no time, Tempest rolls for the Eye of the Storm but is shocked when Alex Sean holds tightly to the top rope. Tempest attempts to muscle Sean toward the canvas but is unable as his ribs do not have the strength.

Matthew Werner: And this is where the punishment to the ribs really shows, as Tempest is unable to finish his finishing maneuver.

As Sean and Tempest struggle, Drama makes it to his feet moments before DGX begins to stir. Drama positions himself for what looks to be a spear as DGX makes it to his feet, but as Drama charges, DGX manages to side step the attack and grab ahold of Drama tossing him shoulder first into the mid-section of Tempest!

Matt Steel: I can't believe this!

Matthew Werner: You have to wonder how Tempest is going to feel later about being speared by his partner!

Upon impact, Tempest collapses and releases his grip on the XWA CEO. As Tempest slumps in the corner, Sean falls backward in the ring just barely managing to grab the ropes to brace his fall. DGX proceeds to grab Drama and set him up for an Irish Whip. As Drama is tossed, he shifts his weight and reverses the whip on DGX, who upon being pulled in Drama's direction extends his arm out and lands a hard clothesline on Drama knocking them both out of the ring.

Matthew Werner: It's now down to the two men in the ring!

Matt Steel: Over seven years in the making right here, Matthew.

With Tempest stunned in the corner, Sean gets to his feet and crouches down on the opposite side of the ring. Tempest stumbles to his feet and is met with a brutal Charging Lariat nearly taking Tempest's head off! Sean leaps for a cover, but while doing so holds Tempest's head in an overhead grip with his left arm.

Matthew Werner: He's got the cover!

... 1 ...

Matt Steel: Why is Sean holding his head?

... 2 ...

Matthew Werner: He kicks out!

Tempest manages to kick out but by throwing his shoulder off the mat he places himself in a Front Face-Lock. Sean lifts Tempest off the ground and drives his knee right into his mid-section. Sean then hoists Tempest in the air, turns him, and brings him down hard with a BOLT OF BLAZING GOLD!!! Sean pulls the leg back and covers Tempest.


... 1 ...

Matt Steel: THAT'S GOT TO BE IT!

... 2 ...

Matthew Werner: Yes!?

... 3 ...

Matthew Werner: HE GOT IT!

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Keri Thames: Here are your winners... the team of Alex Sean and D-G-X!

Sean releases Tempest and falls on his back, quickly joined by Rebecca Marie and DGX. Sean makes it to his feet and looks down as a group of paramedics check on Tempest after suffering the brutal finisher.

Matthew Werner: I certainly hope Tempest is alright, the Bolt of Blazing Gold is a hugely destructive move.

Tempest shakes off the paramedics and rushes to his feet. He steps face to face with Alex Sean and it appears that a brawl will ensue!

Matt Steel: Business may about to be picking up.

After the two men are nose to nose for a moment, Sean extends his hand out to Tempest. He considers it momentarily, and surprisingly takes Sean's hand and the two men shake!

Matthew Werner: Wow! What a moment we've just seen here at XWA Genesis!

Matt Steel: Both of these men's careers have in many ways been building to this very moment. This, Matthew, is history.

Sean, DGX, and Marie then back out of the ring as Tempest locks eyes with Drama, who has begun to exit the ringside area with Commie Albert.

Matthew Werner: What will this mean for Tempest and Drama, though?

Matt Steel: Knowing Tempest's history, I doubt we'll have to wait very long to find out!

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