XWA Legends: 02/04/2010

The results of every Pay Per View from the year 2010 can be found in here!
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XWA Legends: 02/04/2010

Postby DJS » Thu Nov 26, 2015 11:01 pm

First Posted: April 6th 2010 by Johawn

Earlier tonight…

The arena is slowly filling for the biggest show of the year. Maybe we’re not quite ready to kick off yet but the buzz in the air is a truly captivating experience, even if a lot of it is taking place at the hot dog stands. Those already settled in their seats, though, are in for a treat, as the first images tonight are displayed on the Extreme-O-Tron.


hose paying attention let out a big pop. Perhaps not for the competitors, who are largely unknown in these parts, but for the very fact that the action is about to begin.

Jim Johnston's 'No Mercy' plays. Green and purple lights flicker through the arena. After a few seconds, Mercy enters the Xtremetron, stops and lifts his arms to a horizontal position. As he does this one burst of fireworks explode. Mercy then proceeds down the ramp, surveying the crowd and high-fiving his fans.

Mercy reaches the ring. He stops, readies himself and slowly runs up the steps. He then enters the ring and climbs one of the turnbuckles, and poses for the fans.

Thames: Introducing first, from New York City. Weighing in at 246lbs. Jack Mercy!

The lights in the arena go out. For a few seconds, the crowd await in anticipation. The wait is over when the Xtremetron screen springs to life.

Prodigy's 'Spitfire' starts. The arena is still dark. The music booms around the arena. All that can be seen is the picture on the screen. The main drum beat kicks in, and a dark yellow spotlight appears center stage, revealing Jack Hazard. The spotlight disappears as the lights come back on with a yellow shade, and Jack surveys the crowd, nodding with approval. He sweeps with a point from one side of the crowd to the other, smacks the floor, and makes his way to the ring.
Hazard walks down the ramp towards the ring, interacting with the fans, slapping hands and hugging them.

Thames: Making his way to the ring, from Manchester, England. Weighing in at 190lbs, the Eastlands Kid, Jack Hazard!

He reaches the ring and stops to take a deep breath, before sliding in and climbing up one of the turnbuckles. He once again motions to the crowd with a sweep, causing the side he is facing to cheer. He then makes his way to the opposite turnbuckle and does the same.
Hazard then jumps off the turnbuckle, and has a last minute warm-up.

Tickles quickly goes through the rules to the two competitors, before signaling for the bell.

Ding ding ding.

Hazard instantly goes on the offensive. First with a dropkick, then hits a roundhouse kick and then a Hurricarana. Mercy stumbles back to his feet and Hazard hits a spinning elbow. Hazard shows a shade of inexperience, posing and playing to the crowd. This allows Mercy to get back on his feet, and as Hazard turns back round, Mercy signals a timeout. The pair step back from each other. They both survey each other before locking up in a grapple.

Mercy comes out on top and gets Hazard into a headlock. Hazard tries to free himself with an armbar but Mercy manages to lock Hazard back into the headlock. Mercy then shifts from the lock and hits a german suplex pin.


Hazard kicks out quickly.

Mercy brings Hazard back on to his feet and hoists him up for a suplex. He holds him in the air for a good few seconds before hitting the suplex and trying for the pin again, once again for the one count.

He goes to pick Hazard up again, but Hazard gets the roll up!



Mercy kicks out!

Hazard springs back into life and momentum shifts to be on his side. He runs to the rope and dropkicks Mercy in the face. Mercy is now laid out on the canvas. Hazard picks himself up and hits a springboard moonsault, followed by a huge standing shooting star press and goes for the pin.

The crowd cheer in appreciation.



Mercy throws Hazard off. Whilst Mercy regains his footing, Hazard steps on to the outside of the canvas. He springboards off the ropes and flies through the air with a cross body, but is caught by Mercy in mid air and Mercy shows off his clearly superior strength by walking around the ring, before lifting him onto his shoulders. He walks to the nearest rope and throws Hazard over the top. Hazard hits the floor hard.

Mercy climbs the top rope slowly, and waits for Hazard to rise to his feet. Hazard slowly picks himself back up. Hazard notices Mercy is about to jump and springboards off the security barricade and hits Mercy mid flight with a shining wizard. The two crash to the floor and Tickle starts the 10 count.

A small Hazard chant builds up. The count is now at 3.

The two slowly make their way to their feet as Tickle reaches 7.

The count hits 9 and they both roll back into the ring, and make their way to their feet. Mercy manages to get up first, stumbling over to Hazard and hits the double arm DDT. He struggles for the pin.



Hazard gets his foot on the rope.

The crowd let out a huge ooh, before cheering and chanting for Hazard.

Both Hazard and Mercy lay almost lifeless on the floor. The ref starts to count. After a few seconds, Mercy and Hazard simultaneously kip-up. Both hesitate to make a move. They both circle the ring anxiously awaiting their opponent’s next step.

Mercy makes his move and attempts a clothesline, but Hazard ducks under, rebounding off the ropes. He hurls towards Mercy and hits the corkscrew cross body. With Mercy laid out in the ring, Hazard again goes to the canvas on the outside of the ring, eagerly waiting and motioning for Mercy to get up. Mercy drags himself up and Hazard begins his springboard spin. Mercy turns and finds himself confronting a now airborne Hazard.

Hazard clutches Mercy’s head and hits the 720 DDT. The sheer force and momentum of the DDT causes Mercy to end back up on his feet and he rebounds off the ropes back into Hazard.

Hazard kicks Mercy once in the leg, once in the mid-section and once in the head, causing Mercy to stagger even more. He then goes for a hurricarana pin. Mercy instinctively pulls him back up and hits a huge sit-down powerbomb into a pin.



Hazard gets the shoulder up!

Mercy picks Hazard up and locks in a cobra clutch. Hazard struggles to break free, but refuses to submit. Mercy turns the clutch into a reverse atomic drop on Hazard, which sends Hazard across the ring. Hazard turns, and sees Mercy running for a clothesline, which he ducks under. Hazard then runs towards the turnbuckle, climbs up and hits the Whisper in the Wind!

The crowd are now going wild for Hazard, and momentum is clearly on his side.

Mercy is down on the ground, and Hazard notices he is in the perfect position and he knows he can go for the pin. Instead, he makes his way to the nearby turnbuckle and goes for a split legged corkscrew moonsault. There is a cheer from the crowd as he hits the ropes and begins his corkscrew. At the last second, Mercy lifts his knees, and stumbles to his feet.

The crowd, enjoying the match, begin to chant for the two in the ring. A roar of “Let’s go, Hazard” is followed by a line of “Let’s go Mercy”.

Mercy walks over to Hazard, who lies in pain on the canvas, and picks him up. He hoists him into position for the Mercy Drive, and takes a few steps into the centre of the ring. As he goes to hit the move, Hazard breaks free, sliding down the back of Mercy. The two competitors now stand back to back. Mercy turns around. And Hazard, with pinpoint accuracy, hits the Eastland’s Punt directly on Mercy’s head. Hazard quickly makes his way to his feet, and realises that Mercy is stumbling. With every ounce of energy left in him, he hits the BioHazard. The move sends Mercy flying across the ring. Knowing what the fans want to see, Hazard points towards the turnbuckle, which causes the crowd to cheer. He once again makes his way towards the corner, but this time hits the Hazard’s Way. The crowd go wild after seeing the double moonsault. They start to chant “Holy shit, holy shit, holy shit”.

Hazard goes for the pin.




The crowd cheer, and applaud the two competitors in the ring. Hazard helps Mercy to his feet and offers the handshake. Mercy accepts and raises Hazard’s hand. The two then celebrate their match, before making their way to the back.

And we fade gently into the present, where the now completely full and packed crowd are ready and waiting for a huge night. And this is the XWA, where we never disappoint. Sitting ringside, as ever, and dressed to the nines, are our broadcast team, Mark Sanction and John Pain.

Sanction: Welcome, everyone, to XWA LEGENDS! And listen to that reaction! I’ve never heard a crowd so excited for a show to begin. What about that, Pain?

Pain:That’s insane. God, they’re as eager as I’ve ever heard. What a night of action we have for you tonight. Care to run down the card with me, Sanction?

Sanction: Certainly. We’ll be starting off with two men who who’ve not been having the best of times here of late. The Force of Nature takes on Mr. Magnificent in singles competition. After that…man, this is huge – the RETURN OF VESTAL! He will be teaming up with nephew, Gibraltar to take on the unlikely team of Dan Bennett and Legion’s Hunter Nicholson.

Pain: Man, I hate that shovel swinging freak. But hey, he’s back, let’s hope he takes a beating. Anyway, after that we’ll see the conclusion of our XWA Television Title Tournament, with Calvin Lee taking on Legion leader, “Diamond” Jack Sabbath. And after that…oh, man…we get the culmination of the big, personal feud between DGX and Rose. That’s a potential show stealer, right there.

Sanction: The same can be said of any of these matches, Pain. But finally, our main event tonight – NEW XWA champion, Ciaren, will make his first defence tonight against Hutton Brown. Now, those of you who don’t follow us online may be a little confused about that one, but we’re assured that all will become clear, right here, at XWA LEGENDS!

There are warriors.

There are heroes.

There are Legends.

The opening pyro goes off, as the crowd erupts in Anaheim, California as XWA Legends, the Premier PPV on XWA’s yearly calendar goes on the air! The Camera shows the crowd in the Honda Arena, as the capacity filled crown is in Standing Room Only Mode, holding up signs and waving flags and cheering there asses off as they are awaiting the opening contest of the night. The Camera then shift to our announce team, J.Pain and Mark Sanction who are sitting ringside, ready to call the action and welcome us to the show.

Sanction: Welcome everyone to XWA Legends! Where Champions become Legend’s and Legacy’s are created!

Pain: Listen to this crowd, they are truly pumped up and awaiting the action for tonight!

Sanction: Yes they are John… Yes they are… And we have some truly exciting action to give you tonight…

Pain: But, will it be as truly exciting and interesting as the developments that we had last night?

Sanction: I think so… And for those watching at home, and wondering just what my broadcast partner is referring to… Yesterday we had a press conference here at the Honda Arena, where Lucifer McMahon attempted to make the announcement of tonight’s card…

Pain: Attempted is sure right, because he had his leash pulled and his plans where changed in mid-stream it appears, when….

Sanction: John, say no more – because we do not want to ruin the surprise for those watching this broadcast who missed the press conference, here allow us to show you in its entirety , and let’s allow the fans to see for themselves just what went down….

The Xtremetron comes to life, and we see a conference room, with a main table and three chairs at it. Behind the main table, mounted on the wall is a large flat screen television. On the table itself, sits the XWA World Heavyweight Championship belt, the XWA Television Championship belt, a bank of microphones that the press has set up, and what appears to be a remote control for the television. Looking around the inside the conference room, we see it is packed with various press from XWA.com, PRW.com, Pro-Wrestling Illustrated Magazine, The Foreign Press, and all the various local Television & Radio Stations in the area that broadcast the XWA. There is a door to the side, which now swings open to the room and in walk Lucifer McMahon, Ciaren, and Diamond Jack Sabbath as cameras start to flash to take pictures, as the three of them as they make their way to the main table. MadDog sits in the middle, with Jack on his left, and Ciaren on his right. All three sit down, and MadDog then taps the bank of microphones sitting in front of him to get the attention of everyone in the room.

MadDog: Hello and thank you all for attending on such short notice…. The reason I have called this press conference is to address 2 items…. #1, It is to speak of the controversial conclusion of XWA Massacre last week, with the match between DGX & Rose, and how that will affect the XWA World Heavyweight Championship Tournament. And #2 to officially announce the line-up and card for tomorrow night’s PPV spectacular, XWA Legend’s!.... Now, before I begin I would like to introduce to all of you the man on left, he is the Leader of Legion, “Diamond” Jack Sabbath…

Jack does a small wave to the press to indicate his presence.

MadDog: And the man on my right, and he is also a member of Legion, Ciaren…

Ciaren nods his head to the press to indicate his presence as well.

MadDog: I have invited the two of them here, due to the decision I have made in regards to the XWA World Heavyweight Championship Tournament. As you all know a few weeks back, I started this tournament with 11 participants, and in the 1st round we saw that list go from 11 down to 4 semi-finalists…. DGX…. Dangerous Dan Bennett…. Rose…. And this man, Ciaren….Last week, I held two semi-final contests, where Ciaren advanced to the finals with his win over Dan Bennett, and in the other match we had some controversy between DGX & Rose to determine the other finalist. Here, allow me to show you just what I mean.

With that, MadDog picks ups the remote control, and turns towards the flat screen TV and points it at it as it comes to life with the following.

Rose brings the chair down hard on DGX a couple of more times as DGX rolls down the ramp trying feverishly to get distance between himself and his steel weapon toting assailant but to no avail as Rose stays with him punishing him with more and more shots! Rose finally throws down the weapon as the crowd boos him mercilessly for his cowardice! He sneers out at them for a moment soaking up the hatred!

Sanction: Come on this is not right! And there’s nothing the referee can do about this because the match hasn’t started!

Pain: It’s absolutely brilliant! I love it! Get me some popcorn Sanction! This is entertainment!

Rose sees DGX trying to get up by the ring apron and narrows his eyes before moving in and taking hold of DGX by the hair! Disoriented completely from the initial blow to the back of his skull DGX can offer no resistance as Rose hurls him forward to another date his skull has with steel in the form of the ring post! DGX falls to the mats off the impact and holds his head which now has a small gash on it as Rose puts some boots to his body!

Sanction: Rose just absolutely exploding on DGX here!

Pain: He won’t be ignored or brushed under the rug Sanction, that’s what he’s been saying all night by attacking the Legion and having the comments he did! Rose is not going to simply go away as just another pawn in the game of DGX vs. MadDog!

Sanction: And yet ironically here Rose is doing exactly what MadDog’s bidding has been! Get rid of and injure DGX!

Rose picks up DGX by his blood stained blond hair and marches him along before hurling him head first into the steel steps! He picks up DGX and rams his head into it a couple of more times for good measure and that trampy skull of D’s is certainly seeing all the steel sisters tonight! Rose walks over and takes off the front of Sanction and Pain’s announce table and begins taking it apart!

Sanction: Oh God! DGX head first into the steel! This is getting excessive, someone has to stop this! Oh come on now! No Rose!

Pain: Hey! The Spanish announcers are over there!

Rose takes no heed of either announce personality as he simply continues to deconstruct their announce position! DGX meanwhile is collecting himself on the stairs but he looks dazed and confused as he has suffered many steel blows to his head! Recognizing Rose through the pain of his throbbing head and the blood in his eyes DGX gets unsteadily to his feet and swings a wild right for Rose which he easily ducks! As DGX turns one eighty with the momentum of the swing Rose scoops him up back suplex/body drop style and hurls him through the announce position breaking the table!

Sanction: Oh my God! DGX just got thrown through our announce position!

Pain: HA HA HA!!!! This is awesome! Spectacular job Rose!

Pain smiles guffawing as he gives Rose a big double thumbs up however Rose reacts to this by grabbing Pain by the lapels of his shirt and getting in his face screaming intensely at him to shut his mouth!

Pain: HEY!

Sanction: I’d just be quiet John!

Rose snarls that Pain should listen to Sanction as DGX has crawled away from the wreckage of his trip through the announce position while this has been going on! Rose leers at Pain a moment before throwing him down to his arse on the floor as Rose again turns his attention to DGX whom trying to get up finds himself in a perfect if bad position to be in…

Sanction: Oh no…no come no no…

Rose is already full tilt running as Sanction squeals his protests and BAM! DGX is knocked to his back and about clean out cold with the Kiss from a Rose! DGX lays motionless on the outside with blood streaming down his face as Rose rolls into the ring where a befuddled Drama awaits. Rose harshly yells at Drama to ring the bell! With hands on hips Drama looks down at the broken and out cold body of DGX and hates the way Rose did this but also knows there’s nothing he can do about it! Shaking his head and hating every microsecond Drama gestures for the bell which chimes three!

Sanction: I can’t believe this! Now Rose telling Drama to count! This is appalling!

Pain: That punk! How dare he touch the great John Pain?! Doesn’t he know who I am?!

Sanction: At the moment I don’t think Rose cares about anything except Legends John! Nothing at all!

Drama starts to count however Rose with a snarl gets out of the ring and stands on the apron glaring down at DGX’s twisted remains on the mat! Drama admonished Rose that he’s done enough and to get back into the ring! A sneer as all that meets the officials warnings as Drama gets more series as he tells Rose in no uncertain terms he’ll count his ass out too! Rose continues to sneer as he waves his hand in a carefree manner telling Drama to go right ahead! Drama not one to take crap from anyone intensely sticks to his guns!








Sanction: What the hell?! Rose is just standing on the apron as Drama is counting!

Pain: What is this idiot’s deal! He’s screwing himself! A shot at the title at Legends is on the line here!

Drama: SEVEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Rose, I’m going to do it! I swear! Get in here!

Rose snickers at Drama bluster and flips him off! The crowd is booing intensely as Rose is sabotaging this potentially great match! Drama sneers himself and gives Rose a double bird before throwing up both hands with all five up on each!

Drama: TEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That’s it ring it!!

The bell is rung! Rose is laughing himself sick on the apron as Drama furiously explains the outcome of the match to Keri Thames at ringside! The crowd is booing madly as they even now begin to hurl their sodas, beers and garbage at Rose who soaks it up loving every single second of it!

Sanction: The hell happens now?!

Pain: I don’t know, Rose has screwed everyone here! DGX, MadDog, himself, this audience! Nobody won here!

Thames: Ladies and gentlemen, referee Drama has counted both competitors out of the ring! This match is therefore a double countout draw!

With that, MadDog presses a button on the remote and the screen goes black. MadDog then turns and faces the press as he continues.

MadDog: With that being the referee’s official decision, we had a double count-out on the other semi-final match and with that creates the controversy for this tournament, as in what happens to Ciaren, as well as who will get to become the champion. Well, I am now about to make an official ending to any controversy before it gets out of hand, and state the following. Due to the conclusion of Rose VS DGX Semi-Finals match being declared a double count-out, neither of the two individuals has won this match and neither of these two individuals has earned the right to move forward in this tournament. Ciaren, on the other hand with his win over Dan Bennett will advance into the Finals, and with a no opponent for him to face off in the tournament finals, Ciaren will be declared the winner of the XWA World Heavyweight Championship Tournament, and I am now going to for the first time, I would like to introduce you all to our new champion, and officially present him with the belt, Ciaren can you please stand up.

Ciaren is all smiles as he stands up behind the desk, as MadDog picks up the World Championship belt, and hands it to him as he shakes his hand. Jack then also stands, and reaches out to shake Ciaren’s hand, and then goes to stand behind him as Jack helps Ciaren put on the belt for the first time as champion of the world. The press is snapping off pictures like crazy, as the room fills with hundreds of flashes from all the cameras. MadDog then continues to speak.

MadDog: Now, before we get a word from our new champion, I would like to address one other point and that is the final card for XWA Legend’s tomorrow night… Now, with Ciaren being declared the winner of the tournament, as well as having no opponent for tomorrow night, Ciaren will have the night off and get to enjoy his title a bit until we will have to defend it at our next PPV, XWA Revenge!

Ciaren: Thanks mate!

MadDog; No Problem, you earned it with those hard fought wins in the tournament you just completed. Now, before we talk about XWA Revenge, we need to get through XWA Legends tomorrow, and here is the official card. In our opening contest we will have Mr. Magnificent take on Tempest, and for one night only Vestal has agreed to come out of his self imposed retirement, and team with his nephew the one and only Giant of the XWA, Gilbraltar, and face in tag team action the unlikely pairing of “Dangerous” Dan Bennett and Hunter Thompson of Legion. And if that is not enough, we will have a triple threat match to determine the next XWA Television Champion, between Hutton Brown, Calvin Lee, and this man on my left, “Diamond” Jack Sabbath. And in our main event of the night, in a match I thought I would not have to make. We will have Rose taking on DGX one last time in a Last Man Standing Match. Now, if the press has any questions, I will open the floor up to you….

A lone female voice is heard, to the shock of everyone in the room.

Female: Um.. I think you are mistaken on a few points in that card Lucifer, Honey….

The press swings around, and we see standing in the back of the room for the first time, Carmen! She then starts to walk towards to the front of the room and continues to talk.

Carmen: Now, I did not really want to do this, but you have left me no choice…. I do not like a lot of that card, and I am going to make some official changes here and now…. #1 Ciaren, you are the XWA World Heavyweight Champion… Congratulations to that…. However, you will be appearing at XWA Legends, and defending your title….

Ciaren: What?

MadDog: You can’t change my card!

Carmen: Oh Lucifer honey, I can and I will…. Now, for starters, lets talk about our opening contest. I like the fact that Tempest will face Mr Magnificient… But I want to spice it up and declare that the winner of that match will become our #1 contender for the Television Championship, and will face our champion next week on XWA Massacre…..

MadDog: Ok, I can live with that change. Mr Magnificient should be able to destroy what is left of Tempest!

Carmen: Oh you can, and you will live with it, and you need to be able to live with a few more changes as well…. Such as this, DGX & Rose might have both lost last week, but with both being counted out, did we really have a winner? No, so while I agree that with no winner neither of them can face Ciaren this week in the finals, however after all their hard work in the tournament, one of them does deserve a shot at the World Championship.... So, with that in mind the winner of the contest between Rose & DGX…. That person will become the #1 Contender for the XWA World Heavyweight Championship,and get to face the champion at XWA Revenge….

MadDog: I don’t agree with that…. Neither of them are true World Champion Material... You can't go around making changes to my card like this....

Carmen: Sugar, stop interrupting me…. You can agree to disagree with me all you want, but it is like this…. You interrupt me one more time, and I will remove you as General Manager of the XWA, and you won't have to worry about me making any more changes….
MadDog: You can’t be serious…..

Carmen: Oh I am serious.... You might think you have free reign around here, but I have been keeping an eye on my investment and your one man war against some of the talent around here needs to stop. You keep trying to derail these guys, and I might just force you into action or release you from this company once and for all. You want to find out how serious I can be, then interrupt me one more time and find out...

MadDog is stunned into silence, as it appears that Carmen is holding all the cards right now in this power play.

Carmen: Now where was I…. Oh yes, Let’s get back to the TV Title…. I like the finalists, and I liked how they advanced…. But one stood out better than the other two, and I am taking him out of the triple threat, and rewarding him with a World Title Opportunity tonight, and that man is….

Sabbath: All right! Thank You! I knew my hard work would pay off!

Carmen: Jack… Sugar, you got me all wrong.... See, the person i am talking about..... Well, that is not you…. You will still be in the finals for the XWA Television Championship, a title I hold near and dear to my heart.... But you will be facing Calvin Lee for the XWA Television Championship, while Hutton Brown will face Ciaren for the XWA World Heavyweight Championship!

Ciaren: Hey… That’s not right… I got the night off!

Sabbath: MadDog, that is NOT what we agreed upon….

Carmen: I can care less what you all agreed upon, you all seem to forget that I am the head bitch in charge around here….. And I am in charge here today…. You have a problem with that MadDog?

MadDog: May I speak now?

Carmen [/b]{Smiling}: Yes… What do you have to say?

MadDog: Well, it is like this… I guess you can change those matches any way you want… And you can make any new match you want to the card, since you are the owner…. BUT, I am the still the General Manager here and I can add a stipulation or two as well....... You are making Ciaren defend his championship against Hutton Brown.... But, I am now making the match a Lumberjack Match.... And the special stipulation to this is that only members of Legion will be allowed to surround the ring to make sure we have a definite winner…. You got a problem with that?
Carmen: No sugar, I can agree with that because it seems like a good idea….

MadDog: Then we are settled, and the card is final…. And this press conference is now over….

With that, MadDog, Jack Sabbath, and our New XWA World Heavyweight Champion Ciaren all stand up to leave the room and head for the door, as it opens and standing in the doorway to their surprise is Hutton Brown, and he is smiling as he motions around his waist where he feels the XWA Championship will end up at the end of XWA Legends! – and with that, the Xtremetron goes black once again, as the crowd in attendance at the Honda Arena is cheering like mad over the card that they are about to see!

Pain: It appears Carmen has MadDog back on the leash!

Sanction: And with that, we will have one hell of a night of exciting action… So, let’s get up to the ring for our opening contest!

Pain: Hang on…I’m told we’re going backstage…

The scene opens up in the changing room, the camera spans around the floor of the room until it reaches a set of boots...dark purple in colour...

The crowd gives a cheer as they think it is...

Vestal: What do you want?

The crowd quickly changes it's cheer to boos as they realize it is not...Tempest.

Vestal: I tell ya what I want...I want that insane GM shot

The crowd boos some more then simmers down as the camera rolls up to the face of XWA legend...Vestal.

Vestal: How dare you MadDog...how dare you take advantage of my contract...it states one match a year and you go put me in a match with a couple of guys that think they run this place...that's fine Dog, expect the worse tonight...expect it!

Vestal leans down and ties up one boot, then looks back into the camera...

Vestal: Tonight minions...you will have the honour of seeing me in action and tonight you will also see other legends and legends in the making in action but there is one wrestler...that shouldnt be here tonight, one that doesnt deserve anything more than a stiff shot from my shovel...

Vestal reaches over and grabs his shovel...the crowd starts to boo loudly then Vestal slams it down on the concrete floor stunning the crowd into silence...

Vestal: There once was a man, that man grew up in Detroit...a hell hole...a man that rose from the gutter to stardom with my help...that man went places, hell he even held a couple of titles around here...highflyer kind of a guy...he rose up with the stars...then suddenly he got shot down...

The crowd starts chanting for Tempest...like he is going to bust into the room :p

Vestal: He lost his brother...sad indeed but Tempest...

Vestal pulls the shovel into the camera view again...

Vestal: Tempest...you are dragging this whole I lost my life thing on for too long...you make me sick, losing to men that should be tying your boots up...you lost to Dan Bennett...no offense kiddo but Tempest you have beaten far bigger and greater men...

Vestal taps the shovel, pointing at it...

Vestal: Tempest tonight is your time to bury the losing streak...bury your brother's memory and get on with your life...tonight it is about getting back onside with what matters...tonight I am giving the chance to prove to me...a real legend, that you are worthy of being called a legend...because right now Tempest you are not even worthy of tying my boots up or Dan Bennett's for that matter...

Crowd boos loudly...

Vestal: Tempest forget these people that call themselves fans of yours, forget em...forget you even had a brother...he was useless and a talentless piece of *bleep*

Vestal stands up holding the shovel...crowd boos loudly

Vestal: Tempest...I am giving you a gift...the gift of the shovel...you take it out there tonight...and when the fans are chanting your name just think real hard...and then say to hell with them and smash Mr. Magnificent's head in, showing me that the real storm of the century is back and ready to take back what is his...the XWA title...

Vestal turns his back to the camera and starts to walk away...then turns back...

Vestal: Just remember who and what brought you to legend status Tempest...think about it *Vestal laughs* oh and I just about forgot...Hunter and Dan...you two may think you run this place but tonight I will show you just who owns this place!
Vestal turns away laughing, he walks out the open door and the scene cuts back to ringside.


Thames: The following match is schedule for ONE fall. Making his way first to the ring, from Los Angeles, California, weighing in at 160 lbs...the Future of Wrestling, Mister Magnificent!

Magnificant turns to face the ring as pyro shoots up from the stage. Chris walks to the ring and offers the crowd nothing but smug and evil looks. He slides into the ring and stretches his arms out. He then walks to his corner, smirking.[/b]

Sanction: And here we go! Dark matches are over and Legends is Live and about to kick into high gear!

Pain: Mr. Magnificent looks calm and pretty confident...and well he should be. His opponent is on one hell of a losing streak and there's no reason to think that tonight should be any different.

Sanction: Magnificent wouldn't be the first person to underestimate the Storm of the Century, John...but still, you have a point. Does Tempest even have the will to win anymore in the XWA or have the best days of this Legend come and gone?

The crowd pops as a low rumble of thunder echoes through the sound-system and the rythmic bass of Daughty's There and Back Again kicks in, building to the the heavy chords that announce the arrival of the Storm of the Century as the stage explodes with a huge pyro display!


Take, take your time.
Smell the roses, but steal the vines.
Don't wait for the hands of time
To second guess and change your mind.

And shine!
Here's your moment to SHINE!

Sanction: ...and it looks like we're about to find out.

Lay down, my friend.
Close your eyes, breathe in,
And I'll take you there and back again!
No more questions why.
I'm not so surprised
Why you have
Been there and back again!

Tempest steps through the firey aftermath with grim determination, carrying a heavy shovel gripped three quarters of the way up the handle, just below the face.[/b]

Replace, replace that line
That spoke to you
And showed no signs to be alive.
So are you livin' or dead?
You have made a choice to hear your voice
Or hold on to what they said.
Now, shine.
Here's your moment to shine.

Thames: And his opponent, from Detroit, Michigan, weighing in at 212 lbs, he is the Force of Nature, Tempest!

Michael Hart stalks slowly down the ramp, intense, and other than offering a few half-hearted nods, he mostly ignores the cheering crowd. His grip on the shovel is so tight that his knuckles are white with effort.[/b]

Pain: Well would you lookit that. He actually found the balls to bring it out with him. Tempest's got Vestal's signature shovel...

Sanction: This isn't a hardcore match! What's he going to do with that? That thing just spells trouble, all around...

When he arrives at the ring steps, Tempest strides up them with a purpose, walks the length of the ring apron, and ducks through the ropes, ignoring the fans calling for his usual grandstanding on the second rope. Once in the ring, Hart moves to the far side of the structure and with a motion, hands the shovel off to the timekeeper.

Both Magnificent and Tempest move about the ring, waiting for the signal to start the match, with Chris Chaos smirking and mugging it up for the crowd. Its obvious from his demeanor that he doesn't consider Michael Hart much of a threat. For his part, Hart barely meets Chaos's eyes, simply staring ahead in the general direction of his opponent.

The bell sounds and with a howl of fury, Tempest literally charges and leaps forward, tackling Mr. Magnificent to the mat and swinging wildly with both lefts and rights. Elbows follow as Chris Chaos flails, trying to get his arms up to defend his face. Gone is any sense of subtlety or finesse...Tempest simply batters Magnificent mercilessly. [/b]

Pain: Well, well...it looks like Michael Hart came to play. We just might have a match here after all!

Sanction: Damn. It appears that Tempest didn't take to well to Mr. Magnificent's mockery of him...

Mr. Magnificent finally manages to twist and roll Tempest off of him, but when he scrambles to his feet, Michael Hart whips him into the corner...and follows with a solid clothesline. He pulls Chaos up and starts to whip him to the far corner of the ring, but the Irish Whip is reversed and it is Tempest who ends up in the corner. [/b]

Pain: Yeah, I knew that there was no way that Tempest was going to manhandle Mr. Magnificent like that. He simply took him by surprise. Now we'll see what the Future of Wrestling can do...

Mags follows up with a clothesline attempt of his own but is rewarded only with an elbow shot to the side of his head.

Pain: ...or not.

Tempest grapples with Chaos but ends up on the mat when his move is countered with a gutwrench suplex. Magnificent attempts a leaping elbow drop but misses painfully when Tempest rolls out of the way. The Storm of the Century bolts across the ring and off the ropes, diving back at Chris Chaos...who masterfully dives to the mat leaving the surprised Michael Hart to soar out of the ring and heavily onto the floor with a thud.[/b]

Sanction: Oh, man. That hadda hurt! Nice scouting by Mr. Magnificent there.

As if in answer to the commentator, Magnificent then climbs out of the ring and rolls Tempest back inside. Again, playing to the dislike of the crowd, he nails Hart in the head with a quick elbow from the outside, and then climbs into the ring himself, breathing hard but smirking. Chaos moves to grab Tempest's outstretched legs, lines him up for a slingshot, and then launches Hart up in a toss which painfully drives his throat into the bottom rope.[/b]

Sanction: Omigod...he almost decapitated him there...do something about that ref!

Pain: Nothing illegal about that...

Mr. Magnificent taunts the crowd before landing an dramatic elbow drop. This is followed by a sleeper hold on the stunned Tempest. Michael fights his way back to his feet, but is quickly knocked back down by a knee shot from Chris.[/b]

Pain: And that may be all for Mrs. Hart's little boy Tempest. Looks like he really IS a has-been...

There's a Loud Tempest! chant from the crowd as Michael begins battling his way up, throwing his elbows back at Chris and snarling. He breaks free from Mr. Magnificent and launches himself at the ropes followed by a flying clothesline that drives both men to the mat.[/b]

Sanction: He's still got some fight left in him, John. Don't count him out yet!

Both up now, the two circle the ring and then finally lock up. Mags throws a knee and then whips Tempest into the corner. The ref yells at Chaos for the closed fists which allows Tempest to counter with a simple gutkick that drives most of the air from Magnificent's lungs. Yet another Irish whip leads to a nasty snap suplex when Mags rebounds into Tempest's reach. This is followed up by a knee drop and a pin attempt.[/b]

Tommy Tickles: ONE! TWO!! THRE...

And Mr Magnificent kicks out. Both men scramble tiredly to their feet, but it is Chris Chaos who then hits Tempest with a scoop slam and a 2 count. Tempest kicks out and plays possum as Magnificent gains his feet and moves in for the kill...and immediately rolls Mags up in a schoolboy pin! The crowd pops huge as the referee counts![/b]

Tickles: ONE!

Pain: What the hell??

Tickles: TWO!

Sanction: Can that really be it...?

Tickles: THREE!!!

The bell rings and Tempest rolls quickly to the outside of the ring, leaving a completely flabbergasted Mr. Magnificent raging in the ring, pounding on the mat and arguing with the referee. [/b]

Pain: A schoolboy?? Are you freakin' KIDDING me?? Where's the DDTempest? Where's the Eye of the Storm?? Where the hell was the Thunderbolt, dammit??

Tempest runs a hand through his hair and moves to the timekeeper's table and pauses a long moment, staring, before collecting Vestal's shovel from where it lay. He shakes his head and stalks back past the ring and to the ramp, all the while Mr. Magnificent is roaring in the ring, but off microphone...but it can easily be seen that he is swearing and declaring that "This isn't over, man! You hear me??"[/b]

Sanction: Seems sometimes, John, simple is best. Tempest seemed to need the win more than he needed the cheers...and thank god he didn't revert to something as devious as actually using Vestal's shovel...

The referee meets up with Tempest at the top of the ramp and raises his hands to the approval of the crowd...[/b]

Thames: And your winner...TEMPEST!

Pain: Yeah, whatever. That match sucked...that was bullshit...

Hazard and Mercy are in the parking lot after their match.

Mercy: Good match Haz

Hazard: Yeah mate, we did good out there.

Mercy: You up for a drink?... Celebrate our first match?

Hazard: Sure, I'll catch up with you.

Mercy: Cool, I'm just gonna head back to the locker room. I forgot something. See you at the bar?

Hazard: Sound mate.

Mercy walks off to the back. Hazard stays behind and checks his phone. Holly Hunt hurriedly walks into the parking lot.

Holly: Hey Jack, Jack! Can I ask you about your match?

Hazard: Sure, go for it.

Holly: Your first match in XWA, how did it feel?

Hazard: I loved it, I'm glad to be here. Just hope the fans enjoyed it. I just want to keep giving them a good show.

Holly: What are your plans for your future here?

Hazard: To be honest, I just want to do the best I can and make the fans happy. After all, they're here to be entertained. And I'll do anything I can to do just that.

Holly: Good to hear Jack. Thanks for the interview, welcome to XWA.

A car pulls up behind them.

Not just any car. This is XWA Legends, and the occupant is one of the biggest stars in the company. This is a big, white stretch limousine, with the XWA logo emblazoned on the hood. Whatever they say about general manager, MadDog, he knows how to treat his cars. It pulls quietly to a stop just behind Holly and Hazard. A very smart looking driver climbs out of the car and walks in a very dignified way to the end of the car, gently opening the door for the obviously high profile arrival. A pair of incredibly highly polished shoes swing out and plant themselves on the floor before the rest of the man hauls himself out. It takes a second for the audience to register who this guy is. The clean shaven, short haired look has clearly confused them, but it doesn’t take long for them to recognise the big villain of tonight’s show. Rose reaches into his jacket and takes out a few crisp $20 bills and hands them to the driver with a quiet ‘thank you,’ before walking quietly away from the car and towards the locker rooms.

Very much trying not to draw attention to himself, Rose almost passes the duo before he looks round and a look of recognition spreads across his face, followed by a smile.

Rose:[/color] Jack! You made it!

Jack steps forward to grasp Rose’s offered hand, before they quickly break out laughing and hug in a manly sort of way. They break off. Holly looks like Christmas has come early, and you can see the joy at being able to get the big scoop on tonight’s anticipated match etched on her face.

Holly: Rose! Great! Can I get a quick word on your thou-

Rose:[/color] Later.

Holly: How are you planning on tackling D-

Rose cuts her off with a cold stare.

Rose:[/color] Later.

Holly scurries off as Rose signals for Jack to walk with him.

Rose:[/color] Good match?

Hazard: Yeah, yeah. Everyone seemed really into it, y’know?

Rose:[/color] Oh. But you did well?

Hazard: Yeah…crowd were going insane for it.

Rose:[/color] Ugh…so?

They round a corner and stop for a second.

Hazard: Eh?

Rose:[/color] The crowd were into it? So? Big whoop. They’re fickle, man. Get too good and they crap all over you. Why do you care?

Rose starts walking again and Hazard powers forward to catch up.

Hazard: Because unlike you, I actually give a damn about them. I mean, come on, you can’t say it’s not great hearing them cheer for you. Remember that night in Manchester? My first match. They were going wild for us. They loved us!

Rose grabs Hazard’s arm and stops him.

Rose: I don’t give a shit what they think! They turned on me, they’ll turn on you. Just forget about them!

Rose motions for Hazard to walk.

Rose: Come on. So, where are you off to tonight?

Hazard: Out to that bar down the road with Mercy, celebrate the match and all.

Rose: You do know it’s not like home. You have to be 21 over here. You shouldn’t be drinking anyway.

Hazard shrugs at Rose’s disapproval, before realising he can’t celebrate his match.

Hazard: Shit. I forgot that. Fuck. That’s that down the drain then. Oh whey, you got that match with DGX tonight yeah? Might stick around and watch that instead. Good luck with it.

Rose: Pah, I don’t need luck.

Hazard: You’re a dick.

Rose: Fuck off.

Rose slaps Hazard round the head. The pair laugh and walk on.

Another corner rounded, another quick question.[/b]

Hazard: ...seriously, though. Big match, isn't it?

Rose shrugs, successfully displaying indifference.[/b]

Hazard: S'DGX. We used to watch him back in the day, remember?

Rose: Mm.

The two reach their destination and stop, an awkward silence between the two. Well, awkward for Rose, anyway. Hazard is undeterred by the sudden, subtle drop in mood.[/b]

Hazard: Y'do. I remember. Going to wrestling school, first thing you asked "How d'you do the Breakdown?" First match; "And you'll never...EVVVVEERRRRRR...be the same again." Locked up in the bathroom, doing your hair like him, trying to talk like him. It was brilliant, man. You loved the g-


Rose: NO, Jack. NO. I never gave a DAMN about the guy. NO ONE did. Why would they? With his dancing and shouting catchphrases and "BREAK DAOOOWN! BREAK DAOOOWN!" The guy's a joke, you'll see that tonight. I never, NEVER cared about DGX. NEVER.


Hazard: Oh.

Rose stands, chest heaving a little. If you look really closely, you'll see his lip trembling. Jack, being the good little brother he is, pretends not to notice.[/b]

Hazard: Well...anyways, this is me. I'm off, mate. Seriously, good luck tonight.

Rose nods.[/b]

Rose: Yeah. Yeah, good match again. See you.

And before Hazard has time to reply, Rose is absent mindedly wandering away.
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Re: XWA Legends: 02/04/2010

Postby DJS » Thu Nov 26, 2015 11:13 pm

Cut from a commercial break to the Legion's private locker room. There are desks set out, as if there is a business meeting about to take place. Hunter Nicholson and Mr. Magnificent are sat at the desk, staring over at Eddie Flitchcroft, who is sat in the corner humming the tune of 'pop goes the weasle' very loudly.

Magnificent: What's up with this guy?

Hunter: I dunno, but whatever it is it's getting on my nerves.

The door bursts open as Diamond Jack Sabbath, Amy Taylor and the newly crowned XWA Heavyweight Champion Ciaren Donegan. Amy sits down at the desk as Jack and Ciaren stay stood at the end of the desk looking towards everyone else. Ciaren lays down the belt on the desk, causing everyone to stare at it in awe.

Ciaren: This belt...symbolises something. This belt shows how far we've got in such a short time. This belt, fellas...is not where it ends. We've got more up our sleeves.

Jack: You see..

Jack paces around the table, like a teacher during a test, inspecting the papers.

Jack: MadDog has done a lot to make sure we're rising through the XWA. Pretty soon our power will rival his own, maybe even Carmen's!

Amy: That's impossible. She's the owner. You can't get more powerful than that.

Jack: I wish you'd keep your idol thoughts to yourself Amy. You really don't help at all.

Amy: What? Last week I helped you beat Temp--

Jack: Quiet. Now then, back to reality. Boys, as the weeks progress we will grow stronger, I promise you that. As we know Lucifer has put us in a 'Legion Lumberjack Match' tonight...against Hutton Brown. Now, why Hutton is challenging for the title beats me...but not as much as we'll beat him.

Ciaren: I'll give him a good arse-kicking.

Jack: I will if you throw him out of the ring. He's proven to be a little pain in the arse, not knowing when he's beat. He'll know tonight though.

Magnificent: We'll kick him to the curb!

Jack: Oh, of course. But that is our main priority...

He taps the front of the belt then points at it, looking around.

Jack: This belt. We keep this here in the Legion; we're untouchable. After Hutton's beaten we move on, crush this pathetic little promotion...and initiate operation 5:09.

Ciaren: Huh?

Ciaren pulls Jack aside.

Ciaren: We didn't discuss this.

Jack: I didn't find the opportunity to mention it.

Ciaren: What is it?

Jack: You'll find out when it happens. You'll like it; trust me.

Ciaren: If you say so...

Jack turns back around towards the others.

Jack: So that's it really; keep this belt in the Legion, at all costs. The ends justify the means, remember that. We'll meet back here before the match. Go get ready, it's a big night.

Everyone leaves the room, each going to their own locker rooms. Amy stays behind, as does Eddie, who can't trusted to have his own locker room as he'd probably mess it up in some way. After they have left, Jack takes out a note from his inside pocket. It is marked 'AFTER THE MEETING, CHECK YOUR ANSWER PHONE MESSAGES'. He takes out his mobile phone from his inside pocket dials a number. He puts it to his ear as it rings.

OPERATOR: Hello, you have one new message...

The phone changes in pitch and the voice that follows is no longer the kindly sounding operator but now a gruff, distorted obviously English voice.

VOICE: Well done Jack. I assume the meeting went well, and hopefully after the calls I made, MadDog was persuaded to make Ciaren the new champion. Excellent, we're well on the way to dominence. I hope I can get your answer soon on Operation 5:09. Remember, if you back out of this, I will end you. You are lucky I have selected you to lead my vision of a better XWA, don't make me take it all away from you now. When you've listened to this message delete it immidiately, we don't want anyone suspecting anything. I extend my regards...we are many.

The message ends and Jack hangs up. He smirks and puts the phone back into his pocket.


Legends returns back to ringside, the crowd is buzzing at the actions of Tempest in the last match...and quickly changes as Voices by Rev Theory begins to play across the arena...crowd begins to boo loudly at the Legion member...

Pain: And here comes the first half of this unusual pairing...Hunter Nicholson!

I hear voices in my head
They council me
They understand
They talk to me

Thames: The following tag team contest is set for one fall, introducing first from New York, New York, weighing in at two hundred and thirty five pounds, he represents the Legion…HUNTER NICHOLSON!

Crowd boos loudly at Hunter, he simply brushes off the crowd and makes his way towards the ring, smirking...

Sanction: This match should be interesting as neither of tonight's contestants as considered the peoples choice...

Pain: What are you talking about? Hunter is awesome the fans just gotta learn how to cheer...

Hunter slides in under the bottom rope, stands up...smirking as he reaches around to his back, pulling out a mic from his tights...crowd boos and yells of go home can be heard...

Hunter: You all are now graced by the presence of professional wrestling in its purest form! Yes, I am a perfect combination of raw Talent, Youth, and the business knowledge! I'm what you can refer to as THE BLUEPRINT!!!

Hunter tosses the mic to the outside of the ring. as he rotates his muscular shoulders preparing for his opponents for the evening. Chants of Hunter sucks begin as Butterfly Coma starts to blare throughout the arena...

Thames: His partner for tonight, weighing in at two hundred and ninety five pounds, hailing from Columbus, Ohio...DAN! BENNETT!

The crowd cheers alittle for Dan Bennett but the boos begin to drown out the cheers...

Pain: Now this is a man that has talent...Tempest should take notes from this youngster...

Sanction: I think that was already pointed out earlier...

Bennett is standing at the top of the rampway pointing at his partner when Gilbraltor comes charging from out back...surprisingly quick, he clotheslines Bennett from behind...sending Bennett down for a hard face plant...crowd boos loudly as Gilbraltor stomps on the back of Bennett...

Pain: Oh dear lord...this ain't gonna be good for Bennett...

Gilbraltor stops stomping on Bennett as The Beginning Of The End by Threat Signal begins to blare out, the crowd lower there buzz as they don't know who is coming out...

Realize the pain envision the fear
That goes on every year
Devour your pride acknowledge the hate
That we see everyday
Decide weather to fight for your rights or let life pass you by
Confide within the strength of yourself do not ever lay down and die

We're at the edge
We're closer to death
The beginning of the end

We are the ones who pay
We pay for your actions
We'll die again today
Unless we take action

Take all the strength from the weak
Find more ways to use them
Mankind does not have the right
Now we all must repent

Sanction: Oh my god look who is here!

The crowd boos as Terrence Storm walks out gracefully, spreading his arms in a welcoming way...the fans don't see it that way...

Pain: It's Terrence Storm!

The music stops...

Sanction: I see that but what is he doing here?

Storm pulls back his long jacket and lets it drop to the ground...revealing a bullrope!

Pain: Oh my...poor Bennett

Hunter stands in the ring looking puzzled but not concerned...Gilbraltor starts to walk down the ramp, stops halfway and folds his arms...just staring at Hunter...Storm has taken the bullrope off and wrapped it around Bennetts neck...revealing a bloodied nose.

Pain: I don't get it why is Storm here...I thought...

It's just one of those days
When ya don't wanna wake up
Everything is fucked, everybody sucks.
You don't really know why
But you wanna justify rippin' someone's head off
No human contact
And if you interact your life is on contract
Your best bet is to stay away mother fucker!
It's just one of those days!

Sanction: And just when you think things were bad...they just worse!

Purple pyros go off as 'Break Stuff' continues to blare out loudly...as the pyros die down the silhouette of Vestal's figure is seen behind the smoke...the smokescreen is magically sucked into the stage revealing a grinning Vestal in his trademark purple tights and dark purple boots...

Pain: There is the devil himself and I mean that...there is no man here that compares to how evil he is...

Sanction: And he certainly doesnt look like he skipped the gym...

Vestal slowly walks out to the top of the rampway, soaking up the boos like it was energy...

Sanction: He loves this...

Pain: It's been awhile...and this is Legends...

Vestal stops grinning and motions Storm to lift Bennett up...Storm uses all his might to turn the big guy around onto his back...Vestal approaches him...

Sanction: Oh this can't be good...

Vestal takes Bennett's hand and shakes it, Bennett is still stunned...Vestal then starts to laugh...in an evil way. He points to his boot and clearly is telling him he can't lace his boot...

Pain: Vestal is showing Bennett the boot...

Vestal kicks Bennett in the face, shakes his head in disgust and turns towards the ring...

Thames: And making his way to the ring...from Montreal, Quebec, Canada...weighing in at three hundred and forty pounds...VESTAL!!!

Vestal turns back and shows Storm the thumbs down, Storm nods and begins to roll Bennett, Vestal passes Gibraltor and tells him to help Storm...

Sanction: What is going on? I mean...why attack Bennett like this...

Pain: And Hunter is looking concerned...

The camera shows Bennett being rolled off the stage by Storm as the beast Gibraltor hangs onto the bullrope...choking the life out of Bennett...

Sanction:Oh come on! Stop it!

Vestal looks up at Hunter, smiles at him...Hunter smiles back then Vestal shows him the thumbs down...and in sync with that Gibraltor lets go of the rope sending Bennett crashing down on the floor...Hunter is not smiling now as Gibraltor heads toward the ring

Pain: Where is the Legion when needed? Cause Hunter is in a load of trouble...

Staff pour out the back to take care of Bennett...Vestal picks up the mic that was tossed by Hunter...the music stops...

Vestal: So here we are...Legends...

The crowd boos then starts to chant for Tempest...

Vestal: The name is Vestal not Tempest...he was the loser you saw in the last match...

Gibraltor begins to circle the ring as Vestal slowly makes his way up the steps...Thames exits the ring, leaving just Hunter and the ref...

Vestal: So you are the blueprint eh?

Hunter nods and pats himself on the back...Vestal raises an eyebrow then smirks...

Vestal: Tell you what...this is how it is gonna go...I am gonna take my boot and make you the black and blueprint!

Some laughter can be heard from the crowd...Hunter looks concerned now as Gibraltor has entered the ring...Vestal slowly steps over the top rope...

Vestal: Now ref hit the road...I brought my own ref...and give him your shirt on the way out bitch!

The ref leaves the ring promptly...then taking his shirt off for Terrence Storm...

Vestal: Now down to some business before I put you out of your misery...Hunter lets this beating be a lesson...that no one and no wanna be faction is coming into my house and taking over...

Storm now has the ref's shirt on, alittle tight on him obvious by the constant tugging of the shirt, Hunter has now backed himself into a corner as Gilbraltor stands just a few feet in front of him...grinning while rubbing his hands together...

Vestal: This lesson is a notice to the Legion...you come into the XWA and want to take over*laughs* well so sorry Jack it ain't gonna be a smooth ride because first you are gonna be down another man and second when this is all said and done...Jack...you're gonna have to go through me and my shovel first before you take over!

Storm waves to the ringside offical to get this match under way...DING DING DING!

Pain: This is getting bizare...

Sanction: I know...first he is dissing Tempest and now he is sticking up for the XWA...

Gilbraltor reaches for Hunter as Hunter tries to scurry over the top rope...Gilbraltor grabs him by the trunks and whips him into the centre of the ring...Vestal casually places the mic down in the corner...

Sanction: This could be over quick...

Hunter back peddles on his rear from the approaching Gilbraltor and backs straight into Vestal...he gulps as he realizes this night is not gonna be fun...

Pain: I kinda feel for the kid, caught up with the wrong crowd and now being fed to the lions so to speak...

Vestal grabs Hunter by the head and pulls him up to his feet, Hunter whips around and strikes Vestal with a hard right...Vestal's head jolts back...surprised he floors Hunter with a huge clothesline...crowd pops!

Sanction: And so begins the massacre...

Gibraltor drops his huge leg across the chest of Hunter, spit flies out of Hunter's mouth...

Pain: What a one two combo and Hunter looks done already...

Sanction: No offense I think most men would be done after that...

Gibraltor rolls over and off of Hunter's chest...letting him breath for a moment before Vestal starts stomping on his stomach and chest...Hunter tries to cover up the shots with his arms.

Sanction: Hunter is trying to cover up...

Hunter rolls over onto his stomach and tries to crawl away...Gibraltor stops him by pinning him down...using his foot and pushing hard down on the back of his neck...Vestal motions to Storm for something and Storm slides under the ropes to the outside...

Pain: Where is Storm going?

Storm quickly retrieves the shovel from behind the officials table, the crowd is mixed now as the boos begin to return...

Sanction: It's that damn shovel...Tempest declined to use it earlier but Vestal is not afraid to use it!

Storm pushes it under the bottom rope where Vestal quickly picks it up...Hunter now looks terrified and is trying his best to escape from Gibraltor's hold...Vestal taps the shovel on the mat...

Pain: Tempest may be afraid to use this but Vestal will not hesitate to use it...

Vestal walks over and gets down on his stomach and starts to smack talk Hunter...Hunter spits at Vestal...a big oh comes from the crowd...Vestal's grin is gone and rage is now across his face...

Sanction: And that is where Hunter just went wrong...he should have just laid down and taken what these guys had...

Pain: And he just made it worse...I would not even spit in his face...

Vestal pushes the shovel under Hunter's chin as Gibraltor pushes down on Hunter's neck...

Sanction: Oh no...not this...

Vestal pushes down on the shovel handle...causing Hunter to choke...Hunter frantically flips his body...like a fish out of water...

Pain: Storm should jump in here and stop this...Hunter is being choked to death...

Just as Pain finishes those words Storm does tap Vestal on the shoulder...Vestal looks at Storm as he is clearly saying you are choking him...Vestal releases Hunter from the choke...

Sanction: That was the right.....

Vestal then stomps on the handle...snapping it in half...Gibraltor's face is in shock as he releases Hunter...Hunter is rolling around grabbing his throat...

Pain: Oh my god...I cannot believe Vestal did that!

Hunter is now bleeding...the blood can be seen coming down his hands...Gibraltor is standing there stunned...

Sanction: That is sadistic...extreme!

Vestal is now screaming at Gibraltor...yelling at him to pick Hunter up...Gibraltor comes out of his trance and grabs Hunter, pulling him up to his feet.

Pain: This has gone too far...this is not wrestling...

Gibraltor shoves Hunter's head between his legs, Vestal stands back and watches Gibraltor lift Hunter over eight feet in the air...the blood is seen running down Hunter's chest...

Sanction: Powerbomb!

Gibraltor sends Hunter down onto the back of his neck with a huge powerbomb...Hunter's body hits so hard that he bounces and lands on his stomach...

Pain: That has done it...no way Hunter is getting up now...

Sanction: Is he even breathing?

Vestal pushes Hunter's limp body over with his foot...places it on his chest and signals for Storm to count...Storm gets down and starts the count...




The crowd boos loudly as Vestal stands in over Hunter's bloodied limp body...he raises his arm in the air...'Break Stuff' is playing

Sanction: Thank god this one is over...

Pain: I gotta question the Legion here...

Sanction: Why?

Pain: They want to take over but clearly did nothing to stop this beating...

Sanction: Good point...oh great now we get hear Vestal talk again...

Vestal has picked up the mic and the music now stops...

Vestal: Sorry Hunter I lied...*laughs* you're now red, black and blueprint *laughs* now T...go get me my other shovel, I got a special parting gift for these fans...

Storm goes between the ropes and jumps to the outside, he goes under the ring...and pulls out another shovel...the crowd keeps booing as Storm pushes it under the bottom rope...

Vestal: Now Gibraltor pick that sorry piece of *bleep* up and set him up for another one of your powerbombs...this one is gonna be special...

Gibraltor hesitates...

Vestal: Just do it...you're gonna like this one big man...

Gibraltor grabs Hunter by the head and drags his body up...shoves his head between his legs...

Vestal: Now hold him there for just a minute...Jack may this be a warning to you and your merry men...first your newest draft pick was tossed off the stage then your brightest star was manhandled...

Vestal keeps walking around the ring...facing the ramp...mic in one hand, shovel in the other...his back is to Gibraltor...

Vestal: And now I gotta make another example...you see Jack, when being the leader of a group...you gotta take into account of who really supports what you do...do you think Bennett is trustworthy...that guy was playing hard to get...that indicates he would have taken you out...so I did you a favour...Hunter over here...

Vestal points over his shoulder with the shovel...

Vestal: He was your brightest star...yet he never really shined...cause you gave your attention to Ciaren, you think you could trust Hunter? I don't think so...I did you another favour...Jack it is all about the people you have around you that matters, people you can trust...as soon as one becomes disgruntled that is the time to cut them off...you get my drift Jack?

Vestal shakes his head just laughing...

Vestal: It is all about trust and as soon as one becomes disgruntled...it is time to cut ties!

Vestal drops the mic and turns around, he lifts the shovel up and brings it down hard onto the back of Gibraltor's skull...the big man goes jelly legged, releasing Hunter who just drops face first to the mat...

Pain: What the hell was that for?

Gibraltor is stunned, Vestal is waiting to pounce again...

Sanction: That man is messed in the head...

Gibraltor slowly turns around and Vestal raises the shovel over his head and brings it down hard over the face of Gibraltor dropping the big man to his knees...

Pain: Vestal is making alot of enemies tonight...now he is pissing off a four hundred pound gorilla!

Vestal uses the shovel like a baseball bat and strikes Gibraltor square in the temple...sending Gibraltor down to the mat in a heap...the crowd boos Vestal loudly...

Sanction: Vestal really is a sick man...a few years away from the XWA and it has done nothing to heal him...

Vestal gets down on his knees and pulls Gibraltor's head up, he wipes Gibraltor's blood with his hand...stands up...

Pain: I gotta agree with you all the way...

Vestal wipes the blood on his chest, 'Break Stuff' starts to play...

Sanction: So lets conclude what Vestal just did tonght...he pisses off Tempest, pisses off the Legion and now made an enemy of Gibraltor...there is no method to this madness...

Vestal is already making his way up the ramp with Storm...he talks into the camera "Tempest...you need to trust me because if you don't...you're gonna be a marked man" Vestal turns and heads up the ramp

Pain: There he goes again why is he so concerned about Tempest?

Sanction: I don't know but I am sure we will find out...

Vestal exits the stage...Storm stays back on the ramp and whispers into the camera "Tempest...people have eyes and know what you've done...trust Vestal or you're gonna be a marked man"

Pain: Marked man?

Sanction: This sounds like Vestal and Storm know something about Tempest...

Pain: Sounds like they are bribing him...

Sanction: Lets get back to the task at hand...up next is the TV title match...lets see how this all started...

The camera shows the carnage in the ring briefly...

A few days earlier.[/color]

The camera fades into Bennett standing in front of an apartment door, dressed in faded blue jeans and a black shirt with “Wonder No More” emblazoned on the front of it and on the back is a picture of various Dan Bennett-performed spine-busters against different superstars. He sighs deeply, then reaches up and knocks on the door in front of him. After a few seconds, someone inside answers back.

Female Voice::Come on in, sweetie!

Bennett turns his head down and to the side, and the camera catches him grinning and chuckling a bit at the term of endearment used. He grabs onto the handle and, looking back at eye level, slowly pushes the door open and steps inside.

Dan:Oh my god… You didn’t say you were THAT pregnant!

Bennett’s expression is of pure shock as he looks at the woman residing on a blue recliner inside the apartment. She’s a very beautiful, platinum blonde young woman, and she is very tan and very skinny as well… Except for the baby bump protruding out an excessive amount from her abdomen. She smiles up at Bennett as he walks into the room and she leans forward awkwardly to get up.

Dan:Danielle, don’t get up. It’ll take you a few minutes for the round trip up and down.

Danielle narrows her eyes and smiles at Bennett sarcastically. Bennett, however, is still in a bit of a shock. He closes the door behind him and walks over to the matching couch feet away from the recliner and sits down. Danielle grabs the remote to the TV and flips it off and, despite what Bennett said, pushes off the chair and manages to get up. She waddles over to Bennett and takes the seat next to his. They sit in silence for a few moments, and then she speaks up.[/b]

Danielle:Sooo… Not what you were expecting, huh?

Dan:Well, I’m not sure what I was expecting. But I was certainly surprised to see how far along you were… I guess it’s safe to assume that’s why you didn’t make that appointment last week?

Danielle sheepishly looks away and Dan looks at her, finally out of his shocked state. He puts an arm around her and pulls her into him, comforting her.[/b]

Dan:Hey, it’s fine. You just had to tell me what was going on. Yeah I was a bit upset, but I thought I had a right to be until now. It makes sense now. And I know you needed the money more than I did… Are you okay?

Danielle:Thank you…

Danielle looks back at Dan, her eyes brimming with tears. Suddenly, she buries her head in his chest and begins sobbing deeply momentarily surprising Bennett. He quickly recovers and leans the pair of them back into the couch and holds her close with both arms now, letting her cry as much as she wants as they sit in near-silence. After a few minutes, she gains control of herself and looks up at Bennett, and he sees her and looks down at her.[/b]

Danielle:I’m so sorry…

Dan:Don’t be. This… This is such a pleasant surprise.

Danielle:What is?

Bennett takes one of his arms off from around her and puts it on her stomach, the slight movement inside making him smile. Danielle smiles as well, and she reaches up and wipes away a few tears and wipes them on her shirt before putting her hand on Bennett’s. She pulls his hand off gently and while still holding his hand in one of hers she uses the other to pull up her shirt a bit, revealing the tan distended baby bump underneath. She puts his hand back on and her hand on top again

Dan:This is. It’s a very pleasant surprise, at least to me.

Danielle:That’s good… I was so afraid to tell you.

Dan:I bet.

Danielle:I just didn’t know how…

Dan:Hey, hey. You’re fine, don’t worry about it.

Danielle:And I’m so sorry about the money, but I needed it-

Dan:I told you, don’t worry about it…Especially now. The XWA is picking up, so we’re all getting compensated better. I’d rather you have it anyways.

Danielle sniffles a little, then lays her head back on Bennett and rests it there. Bennett looks at her, then lifts his arm up and checks his watch. He lets out another sigh and slowly leans forward, Danielle picking her head up off of him and looking puzzled by his movement.[/b]

Dan:Sorry, but I have to catch a plane out of here. I have a job to do, y’know.

Danielle:Ugh… Well, you be careful. I’ve been watching and I’ve heard Vestal is sick in the head. And everyone keeps talking about shovels, I don’t know why.

Dan:Yeah, he is an intimidating guy. Don’t worry, I’ll be fine. I promise.

Danielle:Just be careful…

Dan:I will be.

Danielle:Okay. Hold on a second, don’t go anywhere.

Danielle tries to get up, but because of the extra weight, has trouble. Bennett stands up and turns around. He bends a bit and puts an arm around her back, helping her to her feet. She smiles as a thanks and waddles off down the hallway and into a bedroom. Sounds of rummaging through stuff can be heard, and she emerges from the room holding something in her hand.[/b]

Danielle:Here, this is for good luck.

Dan:Uhm. What is it?

Bennett looks at the paper handed to him and squints to look at it better. Even squinting, he can’t make out what it is supposed to be. He looks confused at the picture, then to Danielle. Danielle walks over next to him and puts an arm around him, then proceeds to tell him…

Danielle:That’s her.


Danielle:Yes. That’s our daughter.


Danielle:Yes, silly! Daughter! Look, there are her little feet, there’s her little body! Oh, and there’s her fingers!

Bennett finally realizes what this paper really is… It’s a picture of an ultrasound. As Danielle mentions each body part, she points them out and Bennett sees his precious daughter in the picture, and as Danielle talks, Bennett begins to well up. Danielle looks up at him, beaming, and Bennett looks at her, then back to the picture, and a huge smirk crawls onto his face. He hugs Danielle lightly, and then he lets go of her.

Dan:Wow… That’s gorgeous.

Danielle:I know. Isn’t she amazing?

There’s a moment of quiet between them.

Dan:I’m so sorry… I have to go or I’m gonna miss my flight…

Danielle:I know… I’ll see you on TV then?

Dan:Yep, pay-per-view though. Here’s a $50, it’s on me…And Danielle… Thank you for this.

Danielle:Of course. Love you sweetie.


Bennett walks to the door and opens it slowly. He looks back at Danielle, who looks very pleased and saddened at the same time, and gives her one last smile before he walks out the door, closing it softly with a *click*.

As the previous match ends, the camera cuts to backstage where Holly Hunt is holding a mic and is stood next to Diamond Jack Sabbath. Jack is chewing his gum calmly.[/color]

Holly: It's been one hell of a night already for the Legion and right now I'm here with the leader of the Legion, Diamond Jack Sabbath. Now Jack, you're ally Ciaren Donegan was awarded the XWA Championship earlier and later on tonight you will be challenging for the Television title. What are your thoughts of the night so far?

Jack: Well, lemmie tell you a story. You see, when I was younger before I became the wrestler I am today, I was a criminal. And I remember once when I was in prison, the guards allowed us to watch a live show; that show was XWA Legends. It was that show that made me realise what I had to do.

Holly: So...you're saying Legends was the Pay Per View that drove you to where you are now?

Jack: Of course. But that was five years ago. Now, I'm leading the XWA into it's new era.

Holly: And you came up with the Legion.

Jack: I beg your pardon?

Holly: You came up with the Legion. That's why you're here.

Jack: Oh no no no, Holly. I didn't come with all of this. I am merely the one who leads it. The Controller is elsewhere.

Holly: So you're taking orders? Who is the Controller?

Jack: I regret to say...I have no idea. He's never allowed me to know who he really is. But let's leave all that till another time. The Legion has a big night tonight.

Holly: What do you have planned for Calvin Lee?

Jack: What? And spoil the surprise? Nah. But Calvin and I are very...similar. Calvin is driven, confident and a vicious fighter; much like myself. However, I hope Calvin is ready. I hope he brings everything he's got, cause I'm gonna be doing the same and I guarentee this; I'm gonna do something tonight that nobody will ever, ever forget! And here's something I've not said in a long time; Our name is Legion and We...Are...Many!

There is a small pop but he's a heel so the fans compensate with a boo. Jack after staring into the camera for a few seconds walks off, and the screen fades to the next match...


As the fans await the next match, Keri Thames stands in the ring as Senior ref Tommy Tickles holds the XWA Television belt in his hand.[/b]

Sanction:[/color] That belt hasn't been seen in almost five years. It's spine chilling to know that either Calvin Lee or Diamond Jack Sabbath will be holding belt as their own by the end of the night.

Pain:[/color] But the question is this; who wants it more? Calvin or Jack?

The symphonic yet aggressive violinistic chord of "Hybrid Stigmata-The Apostasy" rings over the sound system, quickly followed by an explosion of bass and amplified guitar, prompting Calvin Lee to quickly step out onto stage.[/b]

While quite negative, Lee takes a moment to observe the audience's reaction, as well as the audience themselves.[/color][/b]

As soon as the harrowing echo of vocals come in, Lee quickly regains his natural composure; exuding confidence.[/color][/b]

Thames:[/color][/SIZE][/b] Making his way to the ring...

With his music returning to it's seemingly normal pace for the moment, Lee quickly makes his way to ringside.[/color][/b]

Thames:[/color][/SIZE] Currently residing in Tampa Bay, Florida...

After quick stroll up the ring steps, Lee enters the ring, once again observing the audience at hand.[/color][/b]

Thames:[/color][/SIZE] Weighing in at 245 lbs...

Following the anarchistic lead, once again, of his music, Lee momentarily stretches out.[/color][/b]

Thames:[/color][/SIZE] He is Calvin.... Lee!

Lee then finishes his stretches and stands in preperation for his match.[/color][/b]

Sanction:[/color]This man beat Legion member Mr. Magnificent to get here tonight. Can Calvin beat another member of The Legion here tonight, Diamond Jack Sabbath?

Pain:[/color] Calvin has never stepped into the ring with Sabbath before, and believe me; Sabbath is slightly more bloodthursty than Mags is. He'll be bringing the fury of the Legion with him tonight...

The lights go down and the opening chords of Globus- Preliator* boom throughout the arena, as seemingly a thousand voices chant this ominous monologue:

VOICES:[/b] Our army has so many names throughout the kingdom of hell. What you work for in life, your possessions, your loved ones; they are ours to command. Our Name Is Legion, the minions of hell, and we are many.

As the monologue ends, and the music kicks in, one hundred men dressed in Roman Legion armour march down the aisle to a mixed reaction. As the camera swings around to the crowd as men in black hooded gowns, similar to those worn by druids, walk down the steps carrying chariots of fire in their hands. [/b]

Sanction:[/color] What the hell is this?

Pain:[/color] I dunno. It looks kinda like a ritual or something. Reminds me a bit of the Lion King. Y'know? When they're all there at the start and they're gathering and...I'll shut up now.

As Cal looks around uneasily, like Drago before his fight with Apollo Creed in Rocky IV, the druids jump over the barrier to cover the ring and the soldiers reach the end of the ramp then split into two organised lines at each side of the ramp, the music goes down to be replaced by 'I'd Start A Revolution' by Aimee Allen. Fire literally explodes from the entrance stage and just as it does- BAM!- Diamond Jack Sabbath emerges from the curtain. He takes a moment to breathe in the atmosphere of Legends as the fans boo and chant 'You Screwed Tempest' and 'Legion Sucks!' Jack's slow breathing method suddenly bursts into sheer laughter at the fans booing. Shaking his head, he slowly begins to walk down the entrance stage as the soldiers salute and the druids hold up their chariots. Keri puts the mic to her mouth and announces:

KERI:[/b] Making his way to the ring at this time; he hails from Salford, Manchester. Representing the Legion....Diamond Jack SAAAABBBAAATTTHHH!!!

Jack storms down the ramp, throwing his Jacket and shades to the side. No bullshit tonight for Sabbath. He wants to go home with some gold tonight. He slides into the ring stares into Calvin's eyes, snake-like and following Cal's every movement.[/b] [/b]

Pain:[/color] Wow, what an entrance!

Sanction:[/color]Though unfortunately, it won't win him the match.

The music dies down, the soldiers and druids head to the back and Tickles indicates to both men to come into the middle of the ring. As they do, Tickles holds up the TV Belt so that the fans can see it. There is a cheap pop and Tickles feels happy with himself for this. As he turns to both men to explain the rules and babble on about things DJS and Cal probably won't listen to, DJS smiles as Cal stares in his eyes. As Tickles realises they don't care about anything he's saying he pulls away and sounds for the bell and -DING DING DING!- The bell sounds, match begins. DJS and Cal stay exactly where they are, DJS tilitng his head, still smiling. [/b]

Jack: I'd make my move first if I were you.

Cal doesn't move, still staring at DJS, snarling slightly. DJS's smile slowly fades as he wonders why nothing is happening.[/b] [/b]

Jack: *sigh* Alright then, your loss.

DJS- no second thoughts- slaps Cal straight in the face as a giant 'Oh!' explodes from the crowd.[/b]

Sanction:[/color]Holy motherfucking shit!

Pain:[/color]What a slap there. How will Calvin Lee react to that? Oh, I bet there'll be some serious ass kicking going on here!

Cal looks up at DJS, a blank expression gracing his face. DJS smiles at the notion that the slap may have done some damage, but obviously it hasn't done much. [/b]

Calvin: You don't intimidate me.

Jack: Then stop me, big man.

Calvin: I'm a veteran here, I've seen them come and go. So many like you and it always ends the same way.

Jack: That was before you met me mate. Come on, no time like the present.

Sanction:[/color] What do you think they're talking about?

Pain:[/color]I dunno. But where's the goddamn match?!

Cal and DJS back up, a smile still gracing DJS's face, a snarl on Cal's. They begin to circle the ring and go in for the tie up. DJS locks on an armbar, pulling Cal's arm backwards.[/b]

Pain:[/color] Whoa. We've seen this before, but the other way around.

Sanction:[/color]A callback to Cal's match with Mr. Magnificent on Massacre, there. Will it have the same effects though?

Cal viciously drags DJS over to the ropes and grabs it and yet DJS's detemination to make Cal give up appeals to him too much to break the hold. Tickles notices tand demands DJS break the hold. DJS, seeing an opening for more pain, smiles and continues yanking Cal's arm. Tickles restlessly counts DJS down. Once he reaches five, DJS breaks the hold and moves back arms in the air as if not wanting to get shot. Cal gets the movement back in his arm and after a bit of thought and noticing an opening as DJS stands there with his guard down, he turns around abruptly and butts DJS right in the head, as a large 'Oh!' spreads throughout the arena like a contagious disease. DJS falls to the floor covering his forhead in pain.[/b]

Pain:[/color]Wow! Now there's something Hutton and Tempest didn't try!

Sanction:[/color] I dunno who to route for here. I think both competitors are discusting human beings.

Pain:[/color] Personally I'm routing for Sabbath.

Sanction:[/color] What? You mean the same Sabbath who's on the floor holding his head in pain?

Pain:[/color] ...Shut up.

Cal turns around and extends his arms, palms open, omnipotent mindset, prompting nothing but negative reaction from the fans. As he faces the main camera and shouts some threatening yet incomprehesive sentences into it, DJS slowly gets to his feet. There is a small pop as the fans realise this, however Cal assumes this pop is for him and nods approvingly. He turns around to see DJS now up to his feet and -SMASH!- Bicycle Kick to the face of Cal![/b]

Sanction:[/color] And the bicycle kick! What power!

Pain:[/color]You see? You see why I'm routing for him now?

Sanction:[/color] Well, I would route for him for too long, we've got company...

DJS laughs and extends his arms in a similar fashion to a mixed reaction. When the fans boo, he smiles and shakes his head, finding it slightly amusing that he is being booed. As he beats his chest with a tribal scream to prompt more boos for his own amusment, the camera turns to the entrance stage, where from the curtain Luther Castle emerges to a collective boo from everyone in attendance. He marches down the ramp as Tickles and DJS turn to watch him. As Tickles issues him with a warning, Luther holds his hands up and stays at ringside. Tickles turns his attention back to the match as does DJS back to Cal.[/b]

Pain:[/color] Luther Castle in the house!

Sanction:[/color] I'd watch that guy if I were you, ref.

Pain:[/color] Why? All he's doing is standing at ringside.

Sanction:[/color]Yeah, I trust that theory as far as I can throw it.
With Cal still on the floor, DJS goes for a pin;




Luther takes advantage and pulls Tickles' leg, interrupting the count.Tickles stands up, annoyed. He turns to Luther, still outside the ring. Luther throws his hands up and insists he did nothing, much to the displeasure of the crowd. As Tickles has his back turns, DJS attempts to drag Cal up but is unsuccessful as Cal takes advantage fot the ref's distraction and delivers the low blow to DJS, causing DJS to crash to the ground. Tickles gives up arguing with Luther and turns around just in time to see that Cal has the cover.[/b]

Sanction:[/color] What a sly bastard.

Pain:[/color] That's tactics of the Triumvirate; the predicessors of the Legion here in XWA, if you will.

Cal, still has that cover and Tickles..well he's got that three second addiction that all refs have, an urge to count...so he falls to the mat and he does...



....Kick Out![/b]

DJS kicks out and an angered Calvin Lee bounces up and begins to argue with the ref, holding up his hands and making a 'three count' sign. He moves around to an angle where Tickles cannot see DJS. While Cal and Tickles argue, Luther jumps into the ring and stomps angrily on DJS. As DJS endures, he puts his arm up, extending his index finger and thumb to make an 'L' sign. As Luther slides back out of the ring and Cal and the ref turn back around, they heard the sound of marching again, just like at the start of the match. Everyone's attention turns to the entrance stage as the Roman Legion soldiers from Sabbath's entrance march down the ramp led by Eddie Flitchcroft.

EDDIE:[/b] Ch-Ch-Charge Motherfuckers!!!

Sanction:[/color] Seems the Legion have aquired an army...

Pain:[/color] Well...they are many and all.

Eddie and the soldiers run down to the outside of the ring. Luther attempts to fight back but it is useless, as there are soldiers coming from all areas now; the crowd, the entrance stage, everywhere. As this happens the match continues in the ring, Cal is dragging DJS around the ring, elbowing him in the back of the head. Tickles is also ignoring the large army of Roman Legion soldiers attacking Luther outside the ring. It's XWA, weirder stuff has happened.[/b]

Sanction:[/color] Look at this! It's just rioting! Why is the ref not stopping this?

Pain:[/color] It's not interfering with the match by the looks of things. Calvin and Jack are carrying on just fine. I think the idea was to keep Luther out of the match. Jack certainly has a plan for every occasion, doesn't he?

As the riot continues outside, Calvin still gains the upper hand, kicking DJS to the floor. He stands over, laughing.

Calvin: You are worthless. Legion my ass.

He drags DJS back up by his ear and pulls on is wrist. He continues the chain by hoisting DJS up onto his shoulder. He holds him up for a few seconds as there is a circle of booing around the arena. He then drops DJS sideways onto his head. [/b]

Sanction:[/color] And there it is! The Wrist Clutch Burning Hammer! And we remind you that no one has ever kicked out of this!

Pain:[/color]This one is over!

So Cal goes for the cover, laughing to himself confidently. Tickles falls to the floor to make the count. The rioters watch; Luther triumphantly, the Legion uneasily...




A shoulder up from DJS sends a collective gasp throughout the arena, followed by an extremely loud pop, which is strange considering this is DJS we're talking about.

Sanction:[/color] No way! No frickin' way! Diamond Jack Sabbath has just made history!

Pain:[/color] Nobody has ever kicked out of that move. Sabbath has just broke the record, and at Legends as well!

The riot continues to watch, as Cal has most disappointed look ever seen gracing his face, his eyes large enough to rival the size of plates. Cal angrily smashes into the mat and bounces up towards the ref. He holds Tickles by his shirt, shouting at him ejecting saliva onto the face of Tickles with every word. With his back turned, this gives DJS a chance to get back to his feet. As Cal angrily insists it was a three count, DJS struggles to his feet. Luther tries to get to him but the Legion soldiers keep him held back and surpressed. As DJS regains conciousness, Cal turns back around to see DJS is up. He stands for a few seconds, considering Sabbath. DJS smashes Cal to the ground with a swift clothesline. He then drags Cal up and kicks him in the gut, all the while Luther shouting 'no!'. He gets Cal into the powerbomb position and smashes him to the ground...but it ain't over yet; he hoists him back up into the same position again and repeats the process. He does this several times and then leaves Cal as a heap on the floor: [/b]


Pain:[/color] Brute force by Sabbath!

Sanction:[/color] I believe Sabbath calls that the 'Diamond's Wrath'. Is that it? Is this all over now?

DJS sees an opening and goes for the cover:




DJS laughs silently and leans in so he can talk into Cal's ear. [/b]

Jack: Oh, bad move mate. Cause you know what I'm really good at? Backup planning.

Calvin: ...Bastard.

Jack: Heh...you'll regret that. You're in luck though, it gives me a reason to do a move I've not done in years.

DJS looks towards the turnbuckle, smiling in his usual twisted way. There is near silence during this process, almost like a Japanese Wrestling show. He walks over to the turnbuckle thoughtfully and jumps onto it, facing Cal's immobile body. [/b]

Pain:[/color] What the hell is he doing?

Sanction:[/color]We remind viewers that Diamond Jack Sabbath is not known for being a highflyer here in XWA. I hope he knows what he's doing here, or we could have a serious injury...

Pain:[/color] That'd be awesome. Like Sid Vicious! Remember that?!

Sanction:[/color]That was groutesque...but I see where you're coming from.

There is almost complete silence, just a couple of marks in the cheap seats with their cameras ready are shout 'do it!', just so they can go home and show it to their friends. He takes a deep breath and closes his eyes. He takes that leap, a leap he doesn't usually make. He hears nothing, his ears have gone blank from the shock, the only thing he can feel is gravity. As he flies through the air he twists backwards, doing a back flip in the air. When he turns back to his regular position, his torso connects with Cal's as he crashes to the ground. He leans in again and talks to Cal.[/b]

Jack: Thanks mate. 'Twas a pleasure, my friend.

He pats Cal on the chest twice, then he lifts Cal's leg up as the entire arena pauses. The rioters, crowd and arena staff freeze as Tickles falls to his side to make the count:




Pain:[/color] He did it! Diamond Jack Sabbath is the XWA Television Champion, and he did it at Legends!

Sanction:[/color] No matter how much you hate this guy, he made history tonight. He kicked out of the Wrist Clutch Burning Hammer. What a showing.

'I'd Start A Revolution plays over the PA system as Tickles raises the hand of the victorious, grinning yet battered DJS. The Legion soldiers leave Luther, dumping him on the floor and they all jump into the ring as DJS is awarded the Television championship. They kick Cal out of the way and lift DJS up as he throws his arms up in the air, the belt in one hand. There is a mixed reaction, but this turns to a negative reaction as Ciaren, Mr. Magnificent, Hunter and Amy all appear from the entrance curtain. They jump into the ring and all join the festivities, Ciaren-carrying his XWA title belt- finding time to pat DJS on the back. DJS jumps down from the partying committie and grabs a mic. The theme music lowers in volume while he speaks. He is panting for breath.[/b]

Jack: Let this be a lesson to all those doubters; Calvin Lee, a former world champion...slayed by Diamond Jack Sabbath!

There is a massive boo but a couple of smarks in the cheap seats cheer. They are only partially heard though.

Jack (gasping for breath):[/b] A reminder...to all of us.... our name is Legion...and we are many...tonight and forever...We Are MANY!!

As the music goes back to it's normal volume, the main members of the Legion form a line and throw their hands up to another mixed reaction.[/b]

Pain:[/color]You see that line there Mark? You see those six members of the Legion there? They are the future of our company, all six of them.

Sanction:[/color]I'm not happy about it, but it could be true. But I'd hate to see a future lead by that psycho in the ring that is Sabbath.

Pain:[/color] Could be worse. Imagine if it were Eddie Flitchcroft?

The camera focuses in on the grinning DJS as he holds the belt up. The scene fades as we go to a commercial break.
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Re: XWA Legends: 02/04/2010

Postby DJS » Thu Nov 26, 2015 11:22 pm

The camera cuts backstage to The Legions dressing room, a furious argument can be heard coming through the thick door

Voice 1: I say we go and get that bastard now!

Voice: 2: Calm down. That isn’t part of the plan.

Voice 1: My plan involves me taking this bottle and smashing it over his big feckin’ bald head. It’s not one of your elaborate plans, but it works for me

The door to the locker rooms goes to open but is suddenly slammed shut again

Voice 2: Eddie, keep that door shut. Listen calm down…

In that magical way that backstage camera have of being unseen’s and moving through places that people would definitely notice the camera moves through the wall to revel who all the voice belong to

Jack: Ciaren calm down. We don’t need you getting worked up tonight, especially not tonight…

Inside the locker room Ciaren is raging; Eddie Flintcroft is stood against the door arms folded in a bouncers stance. Eddie looks a bit unsure about blocking Ciaren’s path but stands his ground on their leaders word

Ciaren: Are you just going to stand there after what we just saw? That big bastard takes out one of our boys and there you are calm as you like.

Jack looks down at the floor for a second

Jack: It was bound to happen at some point, we have stirred up too much trouble for one of us not to be targeted. I have a plan. I always have a plan. Of course I am upset but charging at that beast with a whiskey bottle isn’t the kind of tactics that I am known for.

Ciaren clams down slightly

Ciaren: It’s pretty much what I’m known for.

Jack looks Ciaren in the eye and slowly puts his arm on his shoulder

Jack: I know, I know… I want to go charging in there as well but that’s not what we do Ciaren. Promise me you wont go charging after Vestal… Promise me that.

Ciaren looks Jack in the eye

Ciaren: I am trusting you on this. Do not let me down.

Jack tries for a friendly smile but it’s clear that the beating Hunter just took has affected him even if their leader is trying to hide it

Jack: Have I let you down yet? Trust me.

Ciaren steps away from Jack and starts walking towards the door again

Ciaren: I do, I do, that’s why I am here. Now I’m going out to the ring…

With his back to Jack, Jack makes eye contact with Eddie guarding the door as if telling him to hold his ground, as he walks towards the door he stoops to collect the XWA World Heavyweight championship, he slings the belt over his shoulder and continues his walk

Jack: What for…?

Ciaren: I’m the champ… I think I need to go make a few people aware of that…

Jack gives the nod and Eddie moves from the door allowing Ciaren out into the arena.

Fade to...

With a great night already well underway at Legends, the biggest pay per view extravaganza that the newly reborn Xtreme Wrestling Alliance offers certainly seems to be a big hit already. But indeed the best is yet to come as there is plenty of quality action still ahead here in Anaheim, California tonight! The crowd however absolutely erupts in one of the loudest pops of the night as standing next to XWA interviewer Holly Hunt is none other than Anaheim’s own prodigal son DGX! Standing next to Holly in his street clothes, jeans, DGX t-shirt and leather jacket ensemble the near mythic XWA figure stands a moment soaking in the rocking cheers and adulation from a people who once again love him. Here tonight at Legends it certainly seems like the second honeymoon for DGX and the fans! Holly Hunt beams a big smile hearing the reception as she too can feel the energy of the crowd, the atmosphere, its Legends the biggest show of them all, here with perhaps one of the biggest stars in history, in his hometown! Indeed Holly Hunt is a human being and is completely in tune with the electricity permeating the very air inside the rocking Honda Centre!

Holly: I’m here with Anaheim’s own DGX! Tonight DGX, you take on Rose in what is quite possibly the most heated and personal match here tonight at Legends!

DGX looks to the side and smiles as the crowd again pops loudly simply for his presence! A light laugh seems to overtake the iconic XWA legend as he soaks up the atmosphere before turning back to Holly.

DGX: You know Holly, that’s just great. I can’t tell you what it means to hear that again, here tonight on the biggest stage we have in my hometown! Listen to those degenerates out there!

The crowd naturally pops. Cheaply. Oh that’s right, the cheap pops are back!

DGX: You know Holly, here tonight at Legends…there’s allot on the line. Carmen has gone ahead and made this match high stakes by making the winner the number one contender for the championship. But uh…tonight I think Rose needs to understand that well, it’s not really about that.

DGX’s smile fades as his expression sinks into a serious mold. DGX looks into the lens as if he’s looking into Rose’s eyes right now and chances are on a monitor somewhere in the Honda Centre he actually is.

DGX: Rose, I understand your feelings. Your words, what you’ve said, you’ve been upset about how I’ve rejected you from the beginning. Now that you’ve been made to understand what Lucifer McMahon is all about I want you to understand I don’t look at you as a missed opportunity. You see once upon a time I was a starry eyed kid just like you Rose, I had my silly ring gear with tassels and my crotch chops and my “two words for ya”s and then Lucifer came to me and just like with you he took me under his “paw” so to speak.

But it wasn’t long Rose before looking at McMahon I learned that I had surpassed him long ago, which is why today he’s a crippled, broken down, bitter old man with delusions of a past career that was so grand it gets bigger and bigger every time he tells it. Before you know it he’ll be a former ten time champion, much like your own silly illusion that you’re a champion yourself. Don’t misunderstand me Rose, you’ve always been a good athlete, but that’s always been the extent of it and why? Because you’ve never stepped up to the plate and delivered. You’ve struck out every time, just like I knew you would when I first saw you as a starry eyed kid. I appreciated your hero worship, your adulation, hell I can picture the hours you spent in front of the mirror trying to talk like me, sneaking into your training academy’s ring and stomping the mat setting up the “Breakdown.”

A slight smirk crosses DGX’s lips as the camera zooms towards his face as it begins to fill the picture more and more.

DGX: What you need to understand Rose, is tonight at Legends is your big moment. You’ve stepped up to the plate and you’re in a position to finally have that big hit of a match that can finally launch your career, finally at the big show with the lights on bright you have the opportunity of your life. But you need to understand something Rose…

In getting here, you’ve cost me a chance to come into my hometown and win the XWA championship. You’ve taken my defining moment from me, you attacked me from behind last week like a coward and then ran your mouth. You need to understand and allow it to sink into your skull Rose where you are. This is Anaheim, California. This is my hometown and this is the very heart of DGX territory. Every single person in a seat in attendance tonight is here to see me beat you until you can’t stand up and Rose…I’m going to. Because what you’ve cost me boy…everything you put on me from behind, I’m going to walk to that ring tonight. I’m going to stand in the middle of that ring and I’m going to man to man look you in the eye and then I’m going to beat you like a man. There will be no back fighting, there will be no shenanigans, Rose tonight…it’s just you, me, and Anaheim. And Anaheim is going to watch me beat you from one end of the Honda Centre to the other and when it’s all said and done I promise you Rose. All that will be left of you, is broken and twisted wreckage that will be the remains of your body and subsequently…your career.

It’s Legends Rose, congratulations. You’ve got your big shot…now the question is what are you going to do about it? You going to step up to the plate? I hope you do because whether you go down swinging or whether you go down easy tonight you will go down.

Bank on it.

DGX glares intensely into the lens and then heads off leaving Holly Hunt holding the microphone and a hush over the audience.

And that match is next.



The crowd erupts in anticipation of the highly emotional and anticipated matchup they’re about to see.

Sanction:[/color] Oh, man, I’ve been looking forward to this one. Rose and DGX have been at each other’s throats for weeks and this one’s boiled over to the point of being much, much bigger than title belts and accolades.

Pain:[/color] Oh, for sure. But don’t think that title isn’t sitting there in the back of both these men’s minds.

The sound of the crowd is drowned out by the opening beats of Nine Inch Nails’ Meet Your Master. It doesn’t take long for the audience to turn completely hostile towards arguably the most hated man in the company, and his appearance makes them no happier. Rose steps out from behind the curtain and the booing makes itself audible over the sound of the music. If Rose notices, he doesn’t let on. He is without his usual title belt around his waist, having discovered it was nothing but a cheap knock off, and he looks decidedly naked without it. However, he begins his walk down the ramp.

Thames: Introducing first…from Caerphilly, South Wales. Weighing in tonight at two hundred, twenty eight pouds…the REAL XWA CHAMPION, ROOOOOOOOOOOOOSE!!!

There is none of the arrogant taunting, none of the cocky challenging of fans. Rose looks focussed. He makes no fuss of walking straight down the ramp of the arena, not stopping until he reaches the steps. He takes one deep breath before quickly hopping up them and climbing into the ring. When there, he walks straight into his corner and stands stock still, not wanting to wait any longer for the match to begin.[/b][/color]

Sanction:[/color] Well, there’s our first competitor, not looking his usual self.

Pain:[/color] That’s focus, Sanction. He knows what a challenge he’s in for tonight, and he’s ready.

Sanction:[/color] He’d better hope so…

A hush has descended on the abuse being levied Rose’s way as the crowd of Anaheim prepares itself for the reception it has for its hometown hero. A man whom nearly everyone in attendance proudly proclaims to be their city’s “gift” to the Xtreme Wrestling Alliance and wrestling in general. A lull touches the fans as time moves forward in silence before an old but familiar guitar riff takes the sound waves for the first time in many years as the Godsmack single “I Stand Alone” begins to play! As the riff progresses it’s nearly lost in the overpowering cry of adulation from Anaheim as the riff and the lights of the arena descend! As the drums kick in, neon green that has become so trademark of DGX over the years flickers furiously on the backdrop of the stage bathing the arena in a green hue! And more grandiose production still as this happens a trio of laser beams shoot out from the ceiling above the ring hitting the giant screen and spelling out the three immortal letters “D-G-X”!

Sanction:[/color] My God what an ovation!

Pain:[/color] I can’t hear you Sanction! This is insanity!

A large explosion of pyrotechnics rocks the stage as the vocals of Sully Erna begin to play out over the songs riffs and standing in the smoke with his back to the crowd is the hometown hero! The Legend returned to Legends as he raises his arms to an enormous pop in his timelessly classic double biceps pose!


Thames:[/color] And his opponent, weighing in at 225 pounds, Anaheim’s own…D-G-X!!!!!!

At the announcement of his name to an impossibly louder pop from the fans DGX turns around and runs across the stage to each side egging on and drawing more of a reaction out of fans as they holler and scream their hearts out for him! Tapping the energy in the building DGX makes his way down that long aisle towards the ring but ping pongs from one side of the aisle to the other slapping hands, getting hugs, and taking quick pictures with fan after fan! Loving the moment and the atmosphere in his rocking hometown tonight DGX frolics with the fans as Rose stands perched where he last was at the conclusion of his entrance, unmoved, focused on his adversary. But for all his bluster and bravado Rose is after all a human being and being an observer to this entrance, to this atmosphere, to this show of adulation a bitterness in his soul forces its way into his throat as he sneers out at this display. Heedless of this DGX still makes time with the fans before heading the rest of the way to the ring as a strong “DGX” chant breaks out in the Honda Centre![/b]

Sanction: You look at the difference Pain! Rose is a man whose focused tonight but you have to wonder what this show of emotion, what this display by these fans for DGX and his display for them will do to the mindset of Rose!

[color=[purple]Pain:[/color] Well you look into Rose’s eyes Sanction and I can tell you now, this is not sitting well with him. He doesn’t like this, and as much as he’s trying to play focused, calm, cool and collected you can tell DGX’s rekindled connection with these fans is something Rose does not like!

DGX steps onto the apron and locking eyes with Rose he takes a large step into a wide stance as the arena lights dim and a lone spotlight shines down on DGX for a moment waiting for a cue in the music which Rose takes the opportunity to get down off the turnbuckle as all four corners erupt in pyro AKA Kane as DGX leans back and puts one leg through the ropes before taunting the crowd one more time as he then steps into the ring. DGX strut strides across the mat as he raises up both hands drawing flashbulbs and cheers as the “DGX” chant continues strongly throughout the halls of the Honda Centre! Rose stands firm in the middle of the ring, his gaze never leaving his opponent as DGX turns finally to Rose as “I Stand Alone” shuts off and walks to the middle of the ring as senior XWA official Thomas J. Tickles meets the two in the middle.[/b]

Sanction:[/color] And this is where Rose is going to finally get what he deserves.

Pain:[/color] You reckon?

Sanction:[/color] I really believe it. But I guess we’ll see momentarily.

Rose and DGX exchange a silent nod in response to the rules of the match and the two back off into their corners. Tickles calls for the bell.

Ding Ding Ding!

Pain:[/color] Show time.

Indeed. And it’s DGX who is first to move, striding into the centre of the ring. He looks confident, nonchalant, even. Rose is not so eager to start. He doesn’t even look at his opponent, merely adjusting the tape around his hands.

Sanction:[/color] What can be going through the minds of those two men in the ring right now?

We can only imagine, as neither seems to be giving much away. Referee Thomas Tickles, here only to make the important ten count, can do nothing but look from one to the other. How many matches must Tickles have refereed involving both of these men, now competing against each other for the very first time. He, along with every single person in the building, senses something big in the offing. Rose crouches down and pulls up a kneepad.

Sanction:[/color] Heh. I dunno why he’s stalling, but damn…I think an arena full of people want him to stop it.

But he seems in no hurry. And if it’s getting to DGX, he’s not showing it. DGX is a true great, and a veteran. He knows every trick in the book, and he’s not about to lower his guard. Conversely, Rose doesn’t seem too bothered about even putting one up. Thomas Tickles is no stranger to being in the presence of a man that the entire building want to see have his arse handed to him, and has seen a crowd actually riot in his time. Presumably then, it’s for this reason he calmly walks over to Rose and offers a few words of advice with regards to this stalling game he seems to be playing.

Pain:[/color] Thank you, Thomas. I know I’m not alone in wanting to see DGX get what he deserves!

Sanction:[/color] DGX? I think you may very well be alone on that one. But these people came to see a fight, not see a guy prepare for one. Get this match started!

To his credit, Rose is actually holding up his hands in apology, obviously recognising that this isn’t how things are done here in XWA and ready to admit he’s done wrong. Tickles seems satisfied with this, and why not? Nerves are clearly just getting to the lad, this is the biggest match of his career. The old referee turns his back on Rose to walk back to the middle of the ring. He finds himself travelling faster than perhaps he would have expected, as Rose takes advantage of the situation, running to shove Tickles forward into DGX, in order to gain the upper hand right away. DGX calmly sidesteps both Tickles and Rose in their charge, before going on the offensive, running at Rose and tackling him to the floor, looking to pin him down and just knock the ever loving crap out of his opponent. Before he gets the chance, though, a panicking Rose flails his legs out and manages to wriggle himself free and scramble away. Rose uses the ropes to get to his feet.

Sanction:[/color] You’ll need to get up very early in the morning to catch DGX out like that. The only tricks that DGX doesn’t know are the ones he hasn’t invented yet.

Pain:[/color] You’re not wrong. The cheating bastard makes himself out to be the big superstar hero. He says he’s sold out arenas all over the world. Yeah, maybe he has, but only ‘cos the fans wanted to see him in a wheelchair for being such a cocky sack of crap!

DGX has a small smile on his face while Rose takes a couple deep breaths. Rose is nervous. He’s trying to outthink his opponent, but that’s gonna take some doing tonight. There’s none cleverer than the DeGenerate, and Rose knows it. All Rose can do is shake off any doubts he has, and get on with it. And he does so, this time walking straight at DGX, who seems pleased at the renewed directness from his opponent. The two lock up in a collar and elbow tie up, which DGX quickly turns into a rear waistlock. Very quickly, in fact, as if Rose made no real attempt to fight it. But hey, why worry? DGX is in control again, and in perfect position to rock his adversary with one of his patented German suplexes. DGX pulls back, ready to hit it, but Rose pushes down with all of his weight, blocking it while kicking backwards, looking for a sneaky low blow. As noted, DGX is well versed in all of the shortcuts in the trade, and protects himself by catching Rose’s kicking leg between his own, stopping the kick in its tracks. D then shoves Rose forward as he himself runs towards the opposite ropes, rebounding off them. Any plans for further offence are scuppered, though, as Rose grabs the ropes as he reaches them, and uses them to pull himself down and out to the arena floor.

Pain:[/color] Great awareness shown by Rose there to get out of the way.

Sanction:[/color] By ROSE? Pull your head out of your ass, man. DGX is all over Rose here. Rose can’t get even an inch, and you know it.

Rose knows this, too, and it’s eating him alive. He keeps both eyes locked firmly on his opponent while he climbs back up the ringsteps on to the apron. D is giving no sign that he plans on doing anything other than letting Rose get back into the ring and be played with some more. At this point Rose is just looking like a fool. He knows that he’s no match for DGX’s ability and experience so resorts to cheap tactics, and he can’t match his opponent in that respect, either. Nonetheless, he carefully steps back through the ropes, always watching for an ambush which never comes, and Rose ends up standing across from DGX, ready to go again.

Sanction:[/color] Well, let’s see what Rose tries to pull this time around.

Pain:[/color] Try to pull? Rose is an incredible wrestler. Everything he does helps him get ahead. THAT’s wrestling. Not fancy moves that backfire. The best wrestlers are winners, and Rose is undefeated. What does that tell ya?

Sanction:[/color] That doesn’t mean a damn thing here against DGX. Rose has it all to prove, and that’s never easy against someone of DGX’s calibre.

DGX and Rose stand looking at each other again, their expressions completely polarised. DGX comes complete with cocky, confident grin (and why shouldn’t he?) while Rose wears a weary, even worried frown. He can’t afford to let his doubts get the better of him, though, as he steps forward and once again ties up with DGX. The heavier Rose this time manages to get the better of the taller DGX, pushing him backwards into the ropes, where the two struggle against each other.

Pain:[/color] Look at the list of people Rose has beaten. Dan Bennett. Tempest, TWICE! MadDog!

Sanction:[/color] Please, MadDog laid down for Rose. That wasn’t a win.

DGX looks set to overpower Rose now, as he uses his natural leverage over him to push him back, but Rose has the foresight to drop to his knees and bundle D over with a fireman’s carry.

Pain:[/color] Rose has beaten Alex Sean, Calvin Lee, Scorpion, Scorpio…

Rose is quickly on top of the grounded DGX and swiftly applies a rear chinlock, which D is quick to start fighting out of, getting to his feet, in turn causing Rose to get to his own.

Sanction:[/color] When? Years ago. And even if he beat them yesterday, it means absolutely NOTHING right now.

D’s enforced elevation is working in his favour, as he manages to reach his arms around Rose, and pull and lift him up into a back suplex, but Rose is once again ahead of the game, rolling backwards in the air, escaping and landing on his feet.

Pain:[/color] DGX beat all of those guys years ago. Do you think he’d be anything right now if he hadn’t beaten all of them all those years ago?

Rose takes a quick step back and before D can turn around, Rose has leapt into the air, twisting for an enziguiri, which D ducks. As Rose lands, DGX grabs his legs, and attempts to pull him over into the DGenerated, his version of the Liontamer, but Rose pulls his legs into himself before kicking out hard, throwing DGX backwards and allowing Rose to roll backwards onto his feet.

Sanction:[/color] DGX is a certifiable living legend. DGX has proved everything he ever had to prove in this industry. Even if he loses tonight, he’ll STILL be a legend. Where the hell will Rose be, huh?

Rose leans himself backwards onto the ropes to add a little momentum for his next offensive on DGX, bouncing off of them and charging full tilt at his opponent. It’s unclear what move he’s going for, and perhaps we’ll never know, because he just barely avoids getting his head taken off by a sudden Breakdown attempt from DGX, ducking it at the last possible second and continuing his run to the opposite ropes and bouncing off them again. He rebounds, approaching his opponent, who is trying to regain his balance after missing his finisher, half crouched from the momentum taking him too far. Perfect. Rose gets ever closer, raising his knee at just the right time to nail this legend in the head, but DGX’s head is not there. DGX isn’t stupid, he knew what was coming, and got the hell out of dodge, rolling backwards to get a little distance from his opponent. Rose manages to stop himself in his tracks before he loses balance from the miss. He turns back towards DGX, who is back up on his feet, and the two exchange a smile completely devoid of humour or good will.

Pain:[/color] Rose is a legend in the making, DGX can’t do anything abou-

Sanction:[/color] Call the damn match, man. You’ve just seen a terrific example of how DGX has the potential to end this match at ANY SECOND with that Breakdown.

Pain:[/color] Yeah? And you just saw how the legend in the making, Rose, can do the same just as quickly with that knee lift.

You can bet your ass that that very fact is playing on the minds of both of these competitors after their near misses. There’s a renewed cautiousness in the way they take their places back in the centre of the ring and start carefully circling each other, neither wanting to give anything away.

Sanction:[/color] These two want to hurt each other. They hate each other, they have no respect for one another…but they do have respect for the amount of pain they can inflict on each other.

DGX feints forward, fooling Rose into making a move forward, looking to join a tie up that isn’t there. This leaves him wide open for DGX to hook him up and throw him in a belly to belly suplex which sends Rose clear halfway across the ring. DGX is back up on his feet in a flash, while Rose is a couple seconds behind him. The move probably wasn’t as painful as it looked, but Rose sits up on one knee, seething at falling for such a trick. He curses himself as he gets up fully.

Sanction:[/color] That wasn’t too clever by Rose now, was it?

Rose does not like looking like a fool. That’s sort of how this whole thing came about. Being upstaged by a man he sees as less than nothing was not on his to-do list today. Playtime is officially over for tonight. DGX has that awful smile plastered all over his face and Rose would like nothing more than to beat it off his smug face. He marches up to his opponent and throws any thoughts of a wrestling match right out of the window, as he laces DGX in the face with a big right hand before proceeding to push him back into the corner. Rose hammers and hammers at D, a world of frustration at being overlooked and underestimated flooding out with every strike.

Pain:[/color] Haha! Yes! See? That’s what hanging out with Ciaren for years teaches you.

Sanction:[/color] I wouldn’t get too cocky.

Rose goes for another brutal strike to his opponent’s head, but DGX manages to duck under his arm and move around Rose. D pushes Rose back towards the corner and the two switch places, this time with DGX hammering at Rose in the corner. Blow after blow hits seemingly random parts of Rose’s body, with D’s focus more on the force, not location, of the blows.

Pain:[/color] Pffft. It’s a setback. Give the man time, it’s all in the game plan.

Either through boredom or fatigue, DGX eventually stops long enough to quickly jog a little way back from Rose. He gives a little acknowledgement to the crowd in the form of a quick look before charging back towards Rose, leaping on his way, for a Stinger Splash, which connects almost perfectly. He pushes himself back off his opponent and backs off to bounce off the ropes again, possibly going for the double. He turns to hit the ropes and rebound but, from nowhere, he’s cut off by a rallying Rose, who bowls the two of them over the top rope with a Cactus clothesline.

Sanction:[/color] Have to admit, I didn’t see that one coming. D looked like he had Rose completely under control.

The two land on their feet, albeit awkwardly, and DGX’s momentum drives him, staggering, away from the ring, while Rose lands a little more deftly, using the ring to lean on and keep his balance. Not that he gets time to enjoy his show of skill, as he has barely straightened up when he is driven hard back into the ring via a spear from DGX. There is a loud, collective groan from the crowd as they hear the loud thud of the impact.

Sanction:[/color] Another setback, eh? All part of the plan, huh?

Pain:[/color] Of course! Probably.

Ideally, what Rose would want at this moment would be a hot bath followed by a nice massage. Failing that, a minute or two to wallow in the agony his back is feeling right now. Unfortunately, what he does get is a hard kick to the gut, and a front face lock. Thomas Tickles senses what everyone in the building is sensing, and scrambles out of the ring to be better prepared for it.

Sanction:[/color] Well, this will certainly be a minor setback, won’t it?

Pain:[/color] Rose knows what he’s doing, you can be sure of that.

If Rose’s plan was to fight out of the hold and to batter DGX with a steel chair, he’s sadly disappointed, even with DGX milking the anticipation from the crowd by stalling a little. DGX knows how to get a crowd in the palm of his hand, and also knows exactly when to let go of a reaction and break the hearts of any fans his opponent has. He falls backwards, Rose’s head tightly clamped under his arm, and drills him onto the arena floor with a DDT.

Pain:[/color] It could also not quite be going to plan, I suppose.

Sanction:[/color] That’s CONCRETE floor, people. Rose knows what he got into, and maybe it’s what Rose deserves, but…man.

Pain:[/color] It’s not pretty, but Rose didn’t get where he was by laying down so easily. This one’s far from over, Sanction. Believe me.

It looks like Pain might be right, but only because DGX isn’t done. Tickles starts the first count of the match but only makes it to one before D makes him stop. Rose is moving, managing to roll onto his back, but the DDT took a lot out of him. DGX, after what Rose has done to him in recent weeks, doesn’t care. Focussed only on causing as much damage as possible, on teaching this pretender a few painful lessons, he climbs up on to the ring apron.

Sanction:[/color] What’s he doing here?

Pain:[/color] I dunno, but I hope it fails…

This time there’s no milking of the crowd. Any encouragement he needs has to come from himself, because this is a plan that could go very, very wrong, even for an experienced veteran like himself. He walks over to the centre of the ring apron and takes a quick look back at Rose, making quick estimates. He turns back, gripping the top rope tightly. One deep breath later and he jumps up and plants his feet on the second rope momentarily…

Sanction:[/color] This could win it right here…

…using its spring to launch himself higher and further, arching backwards into a truly stunning moonsault, and it truly does look like this could be the end. As he turns in the air, he gets a good look at his target, Rose – a few feet away from where he was when the Asai moonsault started. There is no way in hell DGX is going to hit this move, and his options are now limited. Rose, still down but having rolled a few feet forward, watches from his vantage point, eagerly anticipating DGX’s crash and burn. But disappointment for Rose seems to be a recurring theme for tonight, and he watches DGX rally magnificently, managing to turn himself in time to land, again a little awkwardly, on his feet. Rose looks horrified at this unfolding of events.

Sanction:[/color] Great ingenuity by DGX there.

Pain:[/color] Luck. It’s pronounced “luck” not “ingenuity.”

Whether good luck or management, it certainly saved DGX, much to Rose’s displeasure. Ignoring the sharp pain in his back and the intense headache, he springs up to his feet and covers the small gap between the two of them by jumping forward and reaching for DGX’s head. In this one jump he pulls his knees up, leaning back, and pulls D’s head down, hitting a smooth, hard Codebreaker. DGX’s head bounces off Rose’s knee before following the rest of his body as it rolls away.

Pain:[/color] Great ingenuity by Rose there.

Sanction:[/color] Oh, NOW it’s ingenuity.

Pain:[/color] Absolutely.

Rose takes a second or two to finally adjust to the pain in his head and back before getting up at Tickles’ count of two. He orders the referee to hurry up with his count while he goes over to the apron to lean on it and take the weight off his feet.

Tickles:[/color] …THREE!...


Rose looks up from his private world of pain to double check on the status of his opponent. The situation isn’t what would best please him, as DGX is stirring and on his hands and knees, getting ready to push himself up. Rose gets himself up properly onto his feet and hesitates a second, before seeming to decide on the next move. He walks quite coolly around the ring, heading for the announce table area.

Tickles:[/color] ….FIVE…

And there the count stops, as DGX, with the aid of the crowd barrier, pulls himself up to a standing position.

Sanction:[/color] So what’s Rose’s next plan, genius?

Pain:[/color] He’ll tell us himself. Hey, Rose! Rose!

Rose walks straight past the announce desk, ignoring Pain’s calls.

Sanction:[/color] Look at you, all tight with Rose. Yeah, all of my friends walk right past me, too.

Pain:[/color] I bet they do. And anyways, Rose knows you’re a big DGX kiss ass. You’ll tell him all of his secret strategy. Smart man, that Rose.

While the announcers debate Rose’s IQ, he himself is walking straight past them to the timekeeper’s table, where he forcefully orders him to vacate his chair. When the timekeeper hesitates, Rose just shoves him, like he was idly swatting a bee, and takes the chair, anyway. DGX, meanwhile, is starting the short journey after his opponent, bringing the referee with him.

Pain:[/color] DGX is walking right into the end of his legacy here, and it’s about damn time, too. Get this has been off my TV.

Sanction:[/color] I’d love to hear you say that when he’s in earshot, I really would.

Rose is crouched, hiding behind the ring, looking to spring a surprise on his veteran opponent. Whether DGX has seen him or not is uncertain, but it won’t take long to find out. DGX’s leg appears around the corner and that’s all the indication Rose needs. He simultaneously straightens up and starts his run, chair raised, belting towards the man he wants so much to beat and to hurt. Such is Rose’s speed that DGX, whether he saw it coming or not, is stunned by how little ground there is between himself and Rose as he steps in front of the timekeeper’s table. Rose, a foot, maybe two, away from DGX, swings wildly with the chair, but doesn’t connect with it, as DGX, with lightning quickness and awareness, manages to sidestep just enough to see Rose stumble past him, dropping the chair. Rose falters on his feet, struggling to both stay on his feet and slow himself down, but manages to reach the crowd barrier and regain his balance.

Rose knows that he has to capitalise on DGX’s surprise, and quickly turns back to charge again, only to be met by a chair to the face. The chair clatters to the floor beside him.

Sanction:[/color] A brutal chair to the face by DGX! DGX has turned the tables on Rose once again! Is this the end for Rose?

Pain:[/color] Can we see a replay of that? That was brutal…

DGX sidesteps Rose with barely a second to spare to avoid the chair. Rose’s momentum causes him to trip, sending him stumbling forwards, the chair dropping harmlessly out of his hands. DGX watches as Rose hits the barrier, but doesn’t anticipate how quickly he recovers and comes back at him. Short of options and even panicking a little, DGX grabs the chair and throws it as hard as he can at his opponent in one fluid movement. The chair crashes horribly into Rose’s face, sending him sprawling to the floor, chair beside him.

Sanction:[/color] Jesus Christ, it looks even worse from that angle.

Pain:[/color] That DGX is a damn cheater. He can’t beat Rose with his wrestling skills so he heinously swings chairs around to get ahead.

On any other night, it’s doubtful that DGX would let J. Pain leave with his nose intact for comments like that. But this isn’t any other night. Tickles begins his count again, but DGX, again, barely lets him get a ‘one’ out before stopping him.

Pain:[/color] Why does that idiot keep stopping the count?

Sanction:[/color] That ‘idiot’ has like, a million matches under his belt. He knows when his opponent’s beat, and he clearly doesn’t think the job’s done yet.

What he has in store, however, is sure to get the job done, and the crowd are rabid as DGX starts pulling the announce table apart, making sure to clip J. Pain with a microphone to the face. He sends the monitors and cables tumbling away in his preparations to finish this one. Pain and Sanction scramble away from their desk, not wanting to get caught in the crossfire.

Pain:[/color] Did you see that? He hit me! I’m staff, dammit!

Sanction:[/color] You’re a dick, is what you are.

Rose is slowly climbing to his feet while DGX’s back is turned, but he’s more or less harmless at this stage, not able to attack his opponent from behind, nor when D turns to face him. Pulling Rose up, DGX throws ‘The Real Deal’s’ head into the stripped table a few times for good measure. The blows to Rose’s head leave him on jelly legs, and he would simply fall to the floor at this point, if not for DGX’s insistence that he do otherwise. DGX gets behind him and clamps him in a rear waistlock, and, with nothing to fear, he looks to the crowd for encouragement, which is readily given.

Sanction:[/color] This one is going to hurt. That’s not some special table for people to fall through, that is our legitimate desk, and it’s strong as oak.

Pain:[/color] And that callous bastard’s going to make our job a lot harder. Seriously, I’m going on strike next week. This is crap!

Crap or not, it’s happening. DGX milks the crowd to the height of their frenzied reaction, before calmly, carefully, lifting Rose back and over his head for a hard German suplex – hard enough to make a tremendous crack as Rose’s back lands hard on the table, but not enough to break it. DGX sees this, and smiles. Perfect.

Sanction:[/color] And DGX is smiling. He’s actually smiling!

Pain:[/color] So am I. Our desk survives!

Referee Thomas Tickles looks at DGX before starting his count this time, and a shake of the head tells him that ‘no, it’s still not time.’ This is music to the ears of the crowd (or, because of the inaudibility of the gesture, pornography to the eyes), who are eager to see Rose get his long overdue comeuppance. Rose himself simply lies on the table, silent in his pain, making no attempt to get up or move. If he is trying, the effort is obviously not enough, as a look of terror washes over his face amidst the pain as he spots DGX climbing up on to the table and standing tall over him.

Pain:[/color] I still don’t understand why the idiot won’t just take the win. I mean, all credit to him, Rose looks like he’s beat, but DGX won’t have him counted out.

Sanction:[/color] DGX knows what he’s doing. DGX is going to win this his way, and he’s going to look like the star he is doing it.

DGX certainly looks like a star right now. A classic photographs those in the arena lucky enough to have a camera with them – DGX standing tall over another opponent, a win surely in the bag. But it’s not enough. DGX pulls Rose up by the small amount of hair he has left and positions him between his legs. Oho, the crowd know exactly what’s coming again, and it could be the definitive end to Rose’s time on top, if not his career.

Sanction:[/color] We’ve seen this before. D…I know you hate the guy, and I know how badly you wanna hurt him, but please…don’t piledrive the poor son of a bitch. You could cripple him. Don’t throw it away.

Pain:[/color] Let him loose you sick bastard!

It’s all fruitless, though, as the commentators’ words are drowned out by the intense roaring of the crowd as DGX gets ready to stamp his watermark on Rose’s career. He grips Rose around the waist, ready to pull him up into position for the piledriver, but is hindered briefly as Rose seems to lose his footing and falls onto his hands and knees.

Pain:[/color] Rose is helpless! Look at him! He can’t even stand…

DGX nonchalantly goes to correct Rose’s posture and carry on with the move, but suddenly lets out a tremendous yell of pain and lets Rose completely escape from his grasp. He crumples to his knees, holding his groin.

Sanction:[/color] Did…did Rose just headbutt him in the balls?

Pain:[/color] Haha! That wiley son of a bitch! He brought his head straight up between the legs and dropped DGX! Awesome!

Rose is quickly on his feet, looking a lot bigger than DGX now, if a little shakier. With no time to waste, he quickly locks in the front facelock. Using his free arm, he pulls DGX’s right leg towards him, in the fisherman position. He lifts and turns at the same time, and spins DGX round and off the table, hitting the 3 Handled Moss Covered Family Gredunzle. Rose lands on his back on the seemingly indestructible table, while DGX lands squarely on his back on the floor just in front.

Pain:[/color] Always got a plan! I told ya, Sanction! Never count this guy out. You’re doing great, Rose!

Rose barely lets himself get up to his feet before he’s jumping off the table, knees pointed straight down.

Sanction:[/color] I can’t watch this.

He doesn’t need to. The crack that is heard as Rose’s knee crushes DGX’s face is enough to haunt anyone’s imagination. Growling in pain, Rose, for good measure, rams his knee up and down his opponent’s face, desperately trying to scramble it. Finally satisfied, Rose allows himself to basically fall off of DGX. From the floor, he tells Tickles to start counting the both of them out.

Pain:[/color] Is Rose’s knee bleeding?

Sanction:[/color] There’s blood, but it’s not coming from him…DGX’s face is a mess, man.

Tickles:[/color] …ONE!...



Taking care not to be counted out with his opponent, Rose crawls over to the apron and uses the ring sheet to help himself up, keeping one eye on DGX throughout.

Tickles:[/color] …FOUR!...



Sanction:[/color] He’s stirring! He’s not through yet!

Rose sees this. And he doesn’t like it. He creeps over to DGX and stands over him, leaning over and staring right at him.

Pain:[/color] THERE’S your photograph moment. The future wishing the past a fond farewell.

Fond isn’t really the right word. Rose allows DGX to get to his hands and knees before aiming a couple of slaps to the side of his head, saying something which is rendered incomprehensible by the poor reception he receives from the crowd. You’d bet he wasn’t wishing DGX a happy welcome home, though. As he backs off from D, he looks satisfied with himself, and confident for the first time. He even looks mischievous as he stands a good few feet away from DGX, waiting for him to rise.

Sanction:[/color] I don’t like that look in Rose’s eye…

Pain:[/color] I love it. Full of surprises, this guy.

DGX takes a page from Rose’s book and grabs on to the sheet of the ring to try and haul himself up. Even with this assistance, he struggles, taking a long time to be properly on his feet. Tickles has stopped counting, under instruction from Rose.

Pain:[/color] If he had any sense he’d stay down, anyway.

Pain would say that DGX was an idiot, but damned if he doesn’t get up anyway.

Sanction:[/color] He’s getting up. What a tremendous display of courage by this living legend toni-OH MY GOD!

Sanction is interrupted by Rose’s move being made. DGX finally manages to regain his vertical base and Rose strikes. Stepping forward, he throws a leg out, aiming high, and hits DGX squarely in the head, pushing it back into the ringpost, face first. Rose’s momentum carries on past his opponent, allowing DGX to fall back off the post, slumping back on the ring, standing only through the support of it.

Pain:[/color] BREAKDOWN! BREAKDOWN BY ROSE! RIGHT INTO THE STEEL POST! That’s it, folks. This one’s finished.

Sanction:[/color] …it’s not looking good…

Rose is looking pretty happy with himself, even though the energy used to hit his ‘tribute’ to DGX has taken a lot out of him. He sits on the floor, looking up at Tickles, telling him to start counting. Tickles refuses.

Pain:[/color] He’s not counting! Look at him! If that’s not taking sides, I dunno what is. Make the count, Rose has won!

Sanction:[/color] I don’t…HA! LOOK AT DGX! LOOK AT HIM!

Sanction, along with Tickles, is pointing at the fact that DGX is not laid down. He’s standing. Not under his own power, but damned if he isn’t standing. Rose looks incredulous.

Pain:[/color] He’s dead on his feet! This is just a technicality. I call shenanigans! SHENANIGANS!

Rose is on his feet and on the apron. The anger at the referee’s decision seems to have taken priority over the various pains in his body and he’s looking lively as he gives Tickles a piece of his mind. Tickles can only shrug in a “those are the rules, don’t shoot the messenger” kind of way and there’s not a damn thing Rose can do about it. Except take advantage of the situation.

Pain:[/color] Just go over there and push him over. He’s finished. Just nudge him.

And it looks like that’s exactly what Rose is going to do. He walks along the apron towards the prone DGX and looks down at him. He teases the crowd by shaking his foot a little, as if all it would take is a little brush of his toe to end the legacy of DGX. And the crowd HATE it. But that’s not what he does. He steps over DGX’s arm so that his feet are on either side of his head. And just as everyone in attendance is wondering just what the hell he’s doing, he moves his feet and places one on each of DGX’s shoulders.

Pain:[/color] Heh? What’s he-. Ohhhhhhh!

Rose has accomplished two things. One: DGX’s shoulders are pinned to the mat. And two: DGX’s body is pushed back just far enough that his feet no longer touch the floor.

Pain:[/color] Rose has DGX trapped!

Sanction:[/color] …that’s clever. That’s very clever.

And Tickles has no choice but to make the count.

Tickles:[/color] …ONE!...




Rose grabs the top rope and pulls on it, applying more pressure to the pinning predicament DGX finds himself in. DGX is trying to fight, but there really isn’t a lot he can do.

Tickles :…FIVE!...


Pain:[/color] DGX is screwed!

Tickles:[/color] ….SEVEN!....


Rose lets go of the top rope, looking for a nonchalant ending. How great would it be to beat DGX while looking so at ease, so casual. But in letting go, he loses the support, and slips, EVER so slightly! This is the only window DGX needs, and he uses what little of his arms that he has available to give Rose what is an understandably weak shove to the shins. It’s just enough. Rose slips again, this time sliding off DGX’s sweaty body, and he falls to the floor, landing on his feet. He quickly rallies, and emulates DGX once again by aiming for a tackle into the apron. He charges, but finds nothing but ring. DGX has grabbed the bottom rope and painfully pulled himself up onto the canvas and into the ring. Rose’s shoulder hits the ring hard, and he falls back grasping it tightly.

Sanction:[/color] THAT’s what DGX can do! One window! One tiny glimpse of opportunity and he can turn a match on his head in a second.

Pain:[/color] What the hell happened, Rose? That was it! You had it!

Sanction:[/color] Well, he doesn’t anymore. This is anyone’s match!

DGX and Rose are both nursing their shoulders as Tickles starts his count again. This time, though, neither are eager to stay down, so both get to their feet, wearing startlingly similar “Alright, Jesus! Give me a break” expressions. DGX is a little wobbly on his feet, so leans back against the ropes opposite to Rose’s side of the ring, while Rose is a little more sturdy, but still leans on the apron for support and to buy some thinking time.

Sanction:[/color] My God, this is tense. What drama here at Legends!

Pain:[/color] What a sham! Rose should have this match by now.

Fact is, though, he doesn’t. But there’s still time and he knows it. Reluctantly, he reaches up and starts using the ropes to assist his climb up onto the apron. He gets to his feet, barely paying attention to opponent or referee. He sighs heavily as he puts one leg and then the other through the ropes before straightening right up and…



Rose falls straight back to the floor, DGX right beside him, definitely the happier of the two. Tickles senses the end is near and straightaway starts the count.

Tickles:[/color] …ONE!...




DGX stays down, enjoying the freedom created by hitting his big move. Next to him, Rose is bleeding from the mouth and showing only the faintest signs of movement.




There is a tremendous roar from the crowd as DGX leans back, pulling his knees into his chest and, despite the pain and lack of energy in his body, athletically nips up onto his feet. He wobbles slightly when he reaches them, and stumbles over to the ropes for support. Rose, now on the other side of the ring, rolls slowly onto his side, within reaching distance of the ropes.


Pain:[/color] Come on, Rose! UP! Quickly, quickly!

Rose reaches up to the second rope. He grasps it as firmly as is possible and uses it to drag himself over to the nearest corner.


Rose uses the added assistance that the corner’s two sets of ropes brings to just, JUST, pull himself to his feet in time. He slumps over the turnbuckle when he gets to a standing position, now wanting to be anywhere in the world but in this ring with anyone in the world but DGX.

Pain:[/color] He’s still not out!

Sanction:[/color] And neither is DGX!

DGX is looking a lot healthier at the moment, in spite of the blood creeping out of his nose and positively flowing from a gash on his forehead. Nonetheless, he’s looking at Rose with a gaze comparable to a vulture looking at a dying [whatever vultures eat].

Sanction:[/color] I can’t look past DGX at this point. Both men are putting up a hell of a fight I have to admit. But DGX...

But DGX looks in a better position to do some damage as soon as the opportunity presents itself. And it does. Rose, resigned to coming back and finishing the match, straightens up and leaves the relative comfort of the turnbuckle to look around. And he finds himself looking at a fast approaching DGX, and the underside of his boot coming right for him. By design, instinct, or accident, Rose drops to the floor, and DGX flies straight over him, his leg getting caught over the top rope. Running on nearly empty, Rose is up like a shot. He wraps his arms around D’s waist and pulls him backwards, freeing him, but also pulling him up into a backdrop. DGX rolls through, landing on one knee. He goes to grab Rose from behind any way possible, not worried about technical wrestling holds, but he can’t keep his grip and is shoved away backwards by Rose. Rolling with the punches, D allows the momentum to carry him back into the ropes and bounces off them, to come back at Rose with something, anything, but…



Sanction:[/color] DGX is down! GET UP! GET UP! DON’T LET THIS MAN WIN!

Tickles:[/color] ONE!


DGX is, much like Rose was, flat on his back. Rose is up, but only through dumb luck, as he fell into the ropes. On his knees, he rests his weight on the second rope, perhaps not daring to look back at his opponent.



Rose chances a glance back at D, and finds him in almost exactly the same place. Relieved, he resumes his intense staring into space. Which is a shame, because if he’d been looking a little longer, he’d see DGX start trying to move his body.



Rose takes another look back and sees DGX now lying on his front and trying to push himself up off of the floor. A pained expression works itself across Rose’s face as he groans and drops himself onto the floor. He rolls under the bottom rope and out on to the floor.


DGX manages to perform something resembling a pushup, allowing him to get himself onto his knees. Outside, Rose is grabbing the chair which was almost instrumental in his defeat. He holds it in one hand and turns, calmly making his way over to the ring steps


D plants one foot down firmly on the floor and uses it to push himself to his feet. He is standing, which is good enough for Tickles, but he’s shaky, and can’t seem to stand completely straight. Rose climbs up the ring steps and climbs through the ropes. DGX, through a mask of hair and blood, watches him approach, though does nothing to stop him. Rose walks straight up to him and stops still.

Pain:[/color] DGX is just standing there! He knows he’s beat!

Sanction:[/color] DGX, much like you claim Rose does, always has a plan. Believe in him.

Rose just looks down at the legend, a look of disgust plastered on his face. DGX, plan or no plan, is not backing down, despite the pain, fatigue, and lack of a weapon. He smiles again. A big, broad, genuine smile. A smile guaranteed to drive Rose insane. Rose looks confused, to say the least. That is, until DGX looks him square in the eye, and gestures with his hands. This gesture simply says “Come on.” Rose just looks more confused as the crowd go the very definition of wild for this display of heart from their hero. DGX’s words are drowned out by his fans, and he seems to be mouthing the words over and over. Disgust turned to confusion. Confusion now turns to a look of pure hatred.

Sanction:[/color] This is why these fans go insane for this guy. This display of…balls! The man is invincible!

Pain:[/color] The man is stupid. And he’s making Rose angry.

And he snaps. Rose measures DGX, aiming carefully, no mistakes this time. He swings, and brings the chair down with as much force as he can muster. And once again, DGX is not there, and the chair hits the canvas hard and bounces out of Rose’s hands. Rose quickly turns around and narrowly dodges a clothesline from DGX, whose fatigue causes him to fall upon missing his shot. He falls onto his knees next to the chair. Rose sees an opportunity. He runs to the ropes, and in doing so, helps DGX to see an opportunity of his own. DGX reaches out an arm to quickly grab the legs of the chair in time to see Rose rebound off the ropes and fly towards him. DGX tries to get to his feet, and makes it halfway, just making it halfway off one knee, when he runs out of time. He raises the chair to strike, but to no avail, and…




Sanction:[/color] ...I thought…I really thought…



D is down. Rose isn’t in great shape, either. He lies on the floor, clutching his knee with pain from hitting the chair into DGX’s face.



Rose pushes himself on his back to a good position in the corner. He’ll need to get up onto his feet soon, or be counted out right along with DGX, who is just…down.



Best get up now. There’s photographs to be taken, poses to strike, millions to disappoint. DGX is dead. Long live Rose. He grabs the ropes and pulls himself deftly to his feet.



Sanction:[/color] Nothing. He fought bravely. He fought a man’s fight against a poor excuse for a man.

Pain:[/color] He’s lost to the better man, Sanction, and it’s a great night for our business!


Sanction:[/color] Thank you, DGX, for a great batt-WHAT!?

Pain:[/color] NO!

Almost as if by magic or miracle, DGX is up. The heart of a champion beats in this man’s chest, and, digging as deep as the core of the Earth, DGX has pushed himself up to his feet and yeah, he’s beat up. Yeah, he’s woozy. Yeah, he’s running on empty. But, dammit, he’s up. Rose looks like he’s seen a ghost, and he somehow has. This is a man who should be down. There has never been a person who woke up from Rose’s kiss, especially not after the kind of beating DGX has taken. And yet here he stands. Rose looks close to tears.

Sanction:[/color] ..I…I’m speechless. That man is INVINCIBLE.

Pain:[/color] …he’s making a believer out of me, Mark.

It’s nothing short of miraculous that DGX is even standing, let alone thinking about mounting a comeback. But he’s there. Rose follows DGX’s gaze and finds him staring not at him, but at the steel chair that lies in between them. And it’s down to this now. A chair, that unfathomable object so popular in the insane world of the sport we all love is the key to victory in an incredibly fought match between two of the XWA’s finest. The crowd is silent. The announcers are rendered almost speechless. Corner to corner the two gladiators stand, knowing the next move is everything in the world or nothing at all. The tension is murderous.

Sanction:[/color] Who’ll blink first?

And it’s on. Both men scramble to the centre of the ring, DGX with speed not belying his condition, and Rose with the desperation of a man with everything to prove. They reach the chair together, both making dives to grab it. A fight ensues. Not a war of holds and suplexes. Not one even of fists and feet. A tug of war. DGX has it. No, Rose has it! DGX! Rose! Back and forth it goes, a desperate scramble, until…

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Re: XWA Legends: 02/04/2010

Postby DJS » Thu Nov 26, 2015 11:31 pm

On his knees, DGX wins the war of the chair. He is literally seconds away from coming back, from proving once again why he’s the greatest to ever step in the ring. A second to push all of the pain out of his thoughts and focus on escaping with victory again is all he needs.

But…heartbreak. That one second is a second too long. In that second he finds himself blinded. Rose is trying to shove his entire hand into DGX’s eye, but succeeds in only jamming a few fingers in there. It’s enough. DGX drops the chair to use his hand to dull the agony he is now feeling. Rose takes the chair and steps up to his feet. This time there’s no measuring or aiming. Determined not to make the same mistake, Rose doesn’t hesitate in swinging the chair, hoping upon hope to hit ANY part of his opponent at all. The blow rattles off the back of DGX’s neck. He falls forward, onto his hands and knees, but only for a second. He pushes himself back up onto just his knees and meets another shot, this time to the side of his bloody face. He is knocked aside, but throws out a hand to support himself and pushes himself back again. Rose looks down upon his opponent, the tears now flowing freely down his cheeks. Frustration? Anger? Disgust? All are possible. He takes a step, now behind DGX. He swings again, and this time connects squarely on the back of DGX’s head.

DGX is thrown onto his hands and knees again, but this time isn’t able to push himself back up. He’s flagging, and Rose senses the end is close. He takes one more step, standing over DGX, his legs either side of him. DGX can offer no more resistance, and Rose raises the chair one more time.

Pain:[/color] …Rose…

Rose brings the chair down one more time, this time aiming for the top of DGX’s head down in front of him. You can hear a pin drop in the arena as the chair makes its journey down. The sound of the connection fills the arena, and Rose drops the chair with the force of the blow. DGX falls flat.


Rose allows his legs to give out, sending him stumbling into the ropes, which he uses to stay standing. He refuses, once again, to look back at his opponent.


The arena is silent. The competitors are silent. Only Thomas Tickles’ voice rings out.


Rose still will not look back. Is he afraid of jinxing it? He looks ready to be sick.


Rose struggles to turn his face into a mask of defiance. His lip trembles, giving him away, but he keeps trying anyway.


Unable to bear it anymore, he takes a glance back at DGX, who is motionless.


Rose strides over to DGX and stands by him, looking down, face a mess of confused and conflicting emotions.


Rose drops to his knees, mouthing something that can’t quite be made out. He reaches out an arm and pushes him gently.


Rose shifts his gaze from DGX to Tickles, and all pretence drops. He BEGS Tickles to stop the count. He begs, he orders, he threatens, he bribes, but Tickles won’t stop. Tickles has seen enough and will not risk any further harm to either competitor if it can be avoided.


So it’s all down to him. Rose desperately gets to his feet, grabbing DGX’s arm. He pulls on it, using all of the energy he has left. He’s begging for DGX to get back to his feet, pulling, dragging, trying all he can to get him back up, WILLING him to have something left. He grabs his foe under the arms and attempts to lift him, but DGX is dead weight, and Rose is exhausted. It’s to no avail.



Rose drops to his knees, the effort finally getting the better of him. He sits on his behind, drained, still begging DGX to get up. Rose looks revolted with himself and his actions. This man was Rose’s hero. Everything DGX ever said about him was true. The pretending, the worshipping, the speeches…all Rose ever wanted to be was DGX. And now he has him beaten, and it sickens him to his very core.


Words, just words. DGX is done. He’s unconscious, he’s beaten, and now he’s what he always pretended not to be…Just a man. A man who can be hurt, and beaten, and bested. Rose is vaguely aware of his music playing, and of Thomas Tickles pulling on his arm. But he snatches it away. A congratulation is the last thing in the world he wants. DGX, to Rose, is no longer on a pedestal. He’s no longer invincible. He’s been beaten, and beaten by him.

Rose struggles up to his feet, these thoughts running a million miles an hour through his mind. And something clicks, through the mourning. Rose has beaten DGX. Rose is the better man. Rose is the better wrestler. And Rose is standing, at the biggest stage, on the biggest night, while DGX lays still. The sadness drains from him and is replaced by something else.

Rose looks down at DGX, and the new feeling fills him. Tonight’s over for these two, and many questions have been answered. Sure, there’ll be more questions to be answered later, but for now this is all there is. Rose stands over his hero and carefully, carefully, looks into his eyes and spits. The saliva lands on DGX’s face, amidst the blood and frayed hair, and the silence of the crowd suddenly turns into an eruption of hatred directed at Rose. Rose raises a weary fist into the air as all manner of garbage is directed his way, and we fade to a commercial for the next edition of XWA Massacre.

…and come back again.

[/color] Ladies and gentlemen…what a match, but what a toll it’s taken on these competitors. We just watched DGX be stretchered out here…he looks pretty bad…you all saw the shots both men took…we’re hopeful he’ll be alright, and that he’ll be back with us soon. Thank you, DGX.

And all solemnity of the situation is quickly dispelled with the excitement the next graphic brings…


Sanction:[/color] Welcome to the main event of Legends! Tonight Hutton Brown takes on Ciaren Donegan in what we hope to be will be a defining match of the new XWA era!

Pain:[/color] I am excited… The last match from DGX and Rose was definitely a show stealer, if these two want this match to be talked about then they definitely need to go all out!

Sanction:[/color] Let’s hand over to Keri Thames for the announcements…

Keri:[/color] Out first… The Rated X Superstar… The Hardcore Messiah! HUUUUUTTTTTON BROOOOOOWN!

Music: When I pretend….

Linkin Park/Jayz Dirt off your shoulder / Lying away from you begins to blast through the speakers of the arena as the lights rapidly begins to turn on and off with the music, laser and lights illuminate the stand and suddenly far off to the right of the stage a huge spotlight hits and Linkin Park themselves are shown on a side stage previously hidden in darkness


Sanction:[/color] Link Park are here to play Hutton to the ring!

The band break into playing the music more enthusiastically now they are no longer hidden

Music: If you feeling like a pimp…

As Jay-Z’s first lyric is spoken on the other side of the ramp another spotlight hits and Jay-z appears, in tandem the two group begin with the performance of the song


Pain:[/color] I do not want t see this bill…

Sanction:[/color] This IS Legends!!

As the song continues to play the stage begins to fill up with tiny bright spotlights

Jay-Z: Ladies and gentleman… my homeboy Hutton Brown!!

Hutton steps through the curtain and into the spot light, the entire arena screams loudly, Hutton simply stands there for a few second basking in the adulation of the fans. He turns brief to face Linkin Park and give them a quick salute, he turns to Jay-Z and give him the same

Sanction:[/color] What an entrance!

Hutton makes his way down to the ring, stripping away his backstage clothes as he nears the ring so that by the time he is inside the ring he is wearing only his wrestling clothes, Hutton prowls around the ring, shouting into the crowd increasing the frenzied attitude

Pain:[/color] After such a flashy entrance… he better back it up in the ring!

Sanction:[/color] Oh, we have no doubts about Hutton Browns ability in the ring[/b][/color]

The music dies out and the spot lights on the two groups cut out

Thames:[/color] Coming to the ring next… Member of The Legion… and reigning XWA World Champion… CIIIIIIAAAAAREEEEEN DOOOOOONEGAN!!!

All of the arena lights go out. There is complete and utter darkness aside from the flashes of camera and people recording videos on their mobile phones, the tiny blue glows give of an almost eerie effect

Sanction:[/color] Have we had a power cut….?

I’d Start A Revolution starts to play, although there is nothing else going ton to think that anything else is happening

Sanction:[/color] Not that exciting so far…

Suddenly there is a massive explosion on the stage and half of the walkway collapsing in on to itself. A bright beacon of light shines out like in a scene from lost

Sanction:[/color] Ok… I’ll just be quiet.

Slowly the light seems to be rising from below the stage, as it nears the top of the hole it shows that there is a platform rising up from within the darkness. Surrounding what looks like a large cauldron of shining light are five figures all fully cloaked in long black capes. Their faces obscured by gold masks

http://unrealitymag.com/wp-content/uplo ... e-shut.jpg

One by one the 5 figures step from the platform and begin to make their way down the ramp in single file, following a thin stream of spotlights down the middle of the ramp

Pain:[/color] That is very very off putting…

As the main part of the song kicks in, there is another explosion on the ramp way and the house lights come back on. Without everyone distracted by the bang the figures have al quickly stripped off their masks and cloaks to reveal the Legion are making their way to bottom of the ramp. With Ciaren and the World title in the middle

Sanction:[/color] I can say I saw that coming… but it was still pretty cool to watch!

As the Legion near the bottom of the ramp, Ciaren turns to face Eddie, Mr Magnificent, Amy and Jack while their theme music is still playing. Ciaren bumps knuckles with both then and then stands there while Amy leans in to give him a kiss on the cheek

Jack: You sure about this? We are allowed to be out here you know...

Ciaren:[/color] I'm sure, I want to do this on my own. If I want to be taken serious. I need this.

Jack nods at Ciaren in a ay that only men who had hit the bottom and were working themselves up to a level of self respect that that can live with themselves with understand

Ciaren:[/color] I was a joke around here, I get the feeling some people still see me that way. I'm going to show them I'm real.

Mr Mag: Do what you gotta do man,

For a serious heel group they all share a warm friendly smile, one by one they turn and walk off up the ramp solemnly, Ciaren turns to face the ring and his opponent waiting inside it. Hutton is stood squarely glaring at Ciaren seemingly confused as to where the "Lumberjack's" are leaving the ringside and making their way to the back

Sanction:[/color] I don't understand? Why is The Legion leaving the ring? They are scheduled by the GM to be lumberjacks in this match...

Pain:[/color] Maybe, just maybe Ciaren wants to man up and do this on his own...?

Sanction:[/color] The Legion doesn’t do things on their own.

Ciaren turns to the ring with a piercing scowl, eyes fixed firmly on Hutton he starts to advance on the ring sliding in gracefully under the bottom rope. He pops up to face Hutton all in one move, The Rated X Superstar refuses to back an inch standing face to face with the current world champion

Hutton:[/color] Where are your goons off to?

Ciaren snarls at the insult to his teammates

Ciaren:[/color] Watch your face fella, this is going to be very bad for you anyway, let's not make it worse.

Hutton glares intently into Ciaren's eyes searching for the truth in his words, he does not like what he sees but to his credit he refuses to back down, forcing himself to match the evil stare he is receiving. The referee manages to wedge his hand in between the two competitors and forces them to separate. He directs each man to their own corner so Keri can do the announcements

Pain:[/color] We can feel the tension already, this is the first main event here in the XWA for both oh these guys and it is at LEGENDS.

Sanction:[/color] This is a fantastic opportunity for both of these guys to cement themselves in XWA lore! This is the places where legends are created and both of theses guys have the opportunity to create their fame and fortune right here!

Pain:[/color] Indeed, we have had some truly amazing moments over the years and we have had some truly amazing moments here tonight! Let's see what this main event holds for us!

Ciaren is stood over in the corner, he forehead resting on the turnbuckle, his hands vice gripped on to the ropes each side. From the outside the image is serene, inside it is absolutely tremulous. Ciaren Donegan. A renowned drunk. A joke. A man who people had around because he was funny. The XWA World Champion. It has taken the man years to scrimp together enough dignity to care about how people saw him and now he cares he will do anything to keep the respect, the fear, the admiration that he sees in peoples eyes when they greet him now. Ciaren has come to far personally to give up and tonight is the night that he proves to everyone that having this title is not a fluke and also to himself

Pain:[/color] What is Ciaren doing? He almost seems to be meditating...

Ciaren blinks heavily into the dry cloth of dry buckle, Ciaren lifts his head slightly and checks for tear patches on the cover. Emotions are rifling through him as he struggles to keep a clear head before the biggest battle of his life. He has come so far

Sanction:[/color] It looks like Ciaren is no ready for this battle!

Ciaren turns fully to face Hutton with any trace of tears a non-starter. All that reminds is an icy glare of excitement


The pair slowly walk forwards, slowly plodding towards each other quickly going back to the intense eye to eye pose, Hutton is the first to break the silence

Hutton:[/color] Finally decided to face me like a man?

Very slowly a slight smirk forms in the corner of Ciaren mouth

Ciaren:[/color] I only see one man in this ring boyo, and it isn’t you. I've already beaten you once; I'll beat you again.

Hutton laughs out loudly, full of confidence the sound carrying all the ring even over the raucous sound of the crowd

Hutton:[/color] It took your whole crew last time... and a biased referee... I had food poisoning.

Ciaren:[/color] Yeah, I heard you mouthing off after the last match about that... A win is a win. A loss is a loss. Man up.

It appears the pleasantries are over as Ciaren launches a huge right into the face of Hutton. The Rated X Superstar's head rocks back sharply. He snaps it back into alignment and instantly replies with a strike of his own. The two men then begin to trade haymakers

Sanction:[/color] And it seems that this match is underway!!!

Pain:[/color] Look at them go!!

The two men continue the onslaught of blows as the crowd explode in excitement

Sanction:[/color] This match has kicked off in 5th gear!

Finally Ciaren manages to land two punches in a row, he follows up with a third. Like a cobra striking he closes the distance between the two men and forces Hutton back against the ropes. He uses the spring in the ropes to hurl Hutton across the ring with an Irish whip. Hutton hurtles across the ring and bounces off the other side and comes flying back to Ciaren who moves to meet him

Sanction:[/color] The intensity of this match is Main Event worthy, you can tell that they really are going to go all out!

Ciaren lowers his head for a back body drop, Hutton responds in an almost cat like fashion, leaping into the air he kung-fu rolls over the back of Ciaren and continues his run

Sanction:[/color] What agility!

Hutton bounces off the ropes again and comes flying towards Ciaren again, the Irishman barely has time to turn and face Hutton as he launches a clothesline in a counter attack. Ciaren narrowly manages to duck the clothesline

Sanction:[/color] A counter from each man, yet Hutton has not stopped running!

Again, Hutton has to continue his run. Ciaren springs quickly back to his full height turning to face Hutton advancing on the approaching man. He slides down the side of Hutton tangling his arm under his shoulder and uses the moment to swing him up into the air with an arm drag. Performing his second felinesque counter Hutton twirls in the arm and lands the other side of Ciaren still in the arm drag position

Pain:[/color] Hutton is a lot more agile than he looks!

Standing side by side the two men risk a glance at each other, almost comically they have the same idea and attempt to strike each other with their free arms. Each man manages to avoid the others blow, before finally untangling themselves, the pair roll away from each other and pop straight up to their feet in a fighters stance. They pause

Sanction:[/color] The pair are a complete stalemate!

Pain:[/color] That was a good piece of high-octane counter wrestling!

The crowd scream loudly in excitement at the piece of action they have just seen

Crowd: X! DUB-YA! A!!! X! DUB-YA! A!

The pair glare intently at each other, something that is not quite admiration for each other sparkles in their eyes, they approach each other arms for a lock up. The pair tie up and instantly the muscles from around the arms and shoulders bunching with the strain as each man attempts to force the other to give ground

Sanction:[/color] This is almost a test of strength… these two men are seeing what the other is made of.

It is Hutton's turn to go ahead, with Ciaren struggling with all his power to push him back, Hutton shifts in his grip and uses his momentum to twist Ciaren into a wrist lock. Forcing Ciaren's arm straight he drags him away from the ropes away from any chance of using the ropes to cause a break

Sanction:[/color] Clever thinking as soon as he locked in the move, he brought his man to the middle of the ring. Smart thinking from someone who is seen as a relative novice.

Ciaren rocks from side to side seeing if there is a side that has less pressure and would allow him a chance of a reversal. Seemingly happy with the position he has found Ciaren manages to roll forward, swapping over the grip as he rolls he comes up to his feet with the hold reversed and now in the driving seat

Pain:[/color] Quick reversal there by Ciaren, showing surprising technical ability! I guess I am just still getting used to seeing Ciaren actually wrestle.

With the hold reversed Hutton looks for a way to reverse the move, not taking the time to find a sweet as Ciaren did, Hutton strikes with an elbow into Ciaren ribs, once, twice, three times (a lady). He uses the shock of the blows and resulting weakness in grip to spin being Ciaren and turn the hold into a hammerlock

Sanction:[/color] After the original rush of excitement, these two now seem to be trading wrestling holds as if it were a chess match…

Ciaren groans whilst head in the hold. He tweaks the move from side to side as much as he can, against looking for the weak spot to reverse the move. Finding the spot he was looking for Ciaren attempts to underneath his arm. Hutton remembering what happened before uses his free hand to strike Ciaren's shoulder stopping the reversal

Sanction:[/color] A clever reversal block by Hutton Brown!

Ciaren attempts to twist again but Hutton stops it from happening. Ciaren sense that a new techniques is needed and drops down to his knees with his arm still held tight behind his back

Pain:[/color] What is Ciaren doing!?

Ciaren reaches forward with his free hand and leans forward so that his forehead is on the mat. Hutton looks confused but merely tightens the hold as a response. Ciaren suddenly pushes up with his legs so that he is performing a headstand, steadying himself with his other hand, slowly he raises his legs to that he is completely vertical standing on his head. Calmly Ciaren tucks his legs up to his chest and then slowly straightens them again

Pain:[/color] I have no idea what I am seeing here….

Sanction:[/color] Keep watching…

Ciaren again tucks his legs down and this time pumps them up into the air again. Hutton the whole while is looking bemused, Ciaren tucks his legs in again all the whilst still in the headstand. Suddenly Ciaren pumps his legs up in the air as hard as he can while also shoving with his other free hand. Ciaren springs over the back of Hutton reversing the move into a hammerlock of his own

Pain:[/color] What was that?!

Sanction:[/color] That was in fact… a World of Sport style counter. Old School British technical wrestling… We don't really see much of that in an XWA ring…

Hutton has to chuckle to himself for falling for such a old school counter again back in the hold Hutton looks for an escape

Sanction:[/color] What will Hutton do now to counter the hold?!

Hutton glances over his should to see Ciaren almost grinning at him

Ciaren:[/color] Didn't see that coming did ay…

Hutton doesn't respond, instead he attempts to twist into a counter although he is thwarted by Ciaren is much the same way he earlier stopped the Irishman

Pain:[/color] Hutton seems unable to find a way out of this move!

Hutton attempts to twist one more time, Ciaren stops the counter by striking Hutton straight into the back of his head with his elbow. Hutton stumbles forward completely stunned not expecting the blow, as he stumbles to his knees Ciaren follows up with a running knee to the back of his head

Pain:[/color] Oh my god… That had to hurt! It seems Ciaren has tired of the chess game…

Sanction:[/color] That was straight up brutal… Nothing technical about a knee to the back of the head.

Pain:[/color] Ciaren has ruined the beautiful sequence of actual wrestling these to had going! Good man…

Sanction:[/color] It's shame… but very effective…

Ciaren bounds toward the fallen Hutton and flips him over, grabbing a leg he holds him down for the first pin attempt of the match

Ciaren:[/color] Didn't see that coming either did ay...



Instinctively Hutton manages a kick out, the crowd cheer with excitement for the crowd favourite escaping a defeat. Ciaren looks over to the ref and gestures angrily that the ref should count faster

Sanction:[/color] So close! That must of taken lot of guts to kick out of that…. Hutton has no idea that blow was coming.

Ciaren drags Hutton up from the canvas, the man coming limply to his feet

Ciaren:[/color] Feeling a bit groggy eh…?

Ciaren uses the back of his hand to smack Hutton across the face

Sanction:[/color] Oh… you do not slap a man…

Pain:[/color] In the older days if you slapped a man, you would fight to the death!

Ciaren straightens Hutton in his grasp and backhands him against across the face

Sanction:[/color] Again… that has to hurt your pride as much as your face…

Hutton wobbles in Ciaren's grip

S; Hutton Brown seems to be out of it…

Ciaren draws his hand back for another slap. He swings wilding looking to connect with Hutton's jaw when Hutton springs to life blocking the blow with his left hand, Ciaren is stunned from sheer shock although Hutton wastes no time, he boots Ciaren in the gut and hooks him in the DDT position, grabbing Ciaren by his jeans he hoists Ciaren into the air and brings him down on his face with his full body weight behind it

Sanction:[/color] X-Decimator! Ciaren looks to be out cold…

Hutton rolls over to his back staring up into the harsh ring lights, neither man moves but both men are panting heavily, with both men down, the ref has to begin a double count out





Hutton is the first to move, crawling slowing to the ropes



Ciaren begins to crawl to the other side of the ring


Hutton begins to climb the ropes


Ciaren begins to climb on the other side


The count is broken with finally both men drag themselves to their feet, yet again the crowd break into a loud cheer of pour enjoyment

Sanction:[/color] Both men are finally to their feet! I am really enjoying this match, it is completely a different spectacle that I was expecting…

Pain:[/color] This was basically scheduled so that Ciaren and his group could legally destroy the man forced into the main event at Legends by BIC, Carmen!

Sanction:[/color] Rather than the mauling that was scheduled… Ciaren has sent the rest of his teammates to the back and decided to take Hutton Brown on all on his own, the man deserves credit for that…

Pain:[/color] Indeed he does, it all depends on whether it's going to stay that way… The Legion aren't known for playing by the rules…

The two wrestlers in the ring begin to stumble towards each other, Ciaren swings first connecting with a Ric Flair chop, the crowd responds appropriately

Crowd: Wooooooooo!

Hutton returns the chop

Crowd: Wooooooo!!

Ciaren steps back from the impact before stepping forward and plastering Hutton with another fierce chop

Crowd: Wooooooooooo!!!

Hutton attempts to return the blow but is met by Ciaren launching himself with a side knee attack across the gut of Hutton

Sanction:[/color] Smart move by Ciaren, cutting of Hutton mid flow[/b][/color]

Ciaren grabs Hutton's hand and Irish whips him hard into the turnbuckles, Ciaren charges immediately behind him and launches himself into the air landing with a thundering Stinger Splash. Hutton wobbles unsteadily on his feet but manages to hold himself in the corner

Pain:[/color] The impact!! Hutton's chest is going to be sore!

Ciaren lands on his feet and takes a few steps backwards with the momentum, he then charges again and plants a massive Yakuza kick right into the jaw of Hutton. If it were not for the turnbuckles holding him up Hutton would be flat out on the floor. Ciaren turns and looks around the arena. A small group of cheers breaks out around the arena even though Ciaren is supposed to be the bad guy

Pain:[/color] And Hutton's jaw may be dislocated!

Ciaren stalks into the corner towards Hutton evil intentions all over his face

Sanction:[/color] I don't think that Hutton Brown knows where he is right now!!

Ciaren greets Hutton in the corner with another back hand slap, Ciaren takes Hutton's head in his hand and looks into his airs

Ciaren:[/color] Did you like that pretty boy…?

Hutton attempts to push Ciaren away but this is no strength in the move

Sanction:[/color] Hutton Brown is definitely struggling to stay in this…

Ciaren hooks Hutton into a front suplex and hoists him into the air dropping him into a sitting position on the top turnbuckle, sensing something big about to happen the arena breaks out into applause and cheers, Ciaren begins to climbs the turnbuckles in front of Hutton. Finally reach the top he hook him again into a suplex. The crowd are almost at fever pitch

Sanction:[/color] This is not going to be pretty for anyone involved, this could be the end of the match we are seeing right now!

Ciaren stands to his feet on the top turnbuckle dragging Hutton up to his, the pair wobble slightly before Ciaren steadies the pair. Using amazing agility and strength Ciaren lifts Hutton up, before he can get too high Hutton manage to jab Ciaren in the chest blocking the suplex attempt from the top rope

Sanction:[/color] What a counter!

Hutton lands back on his feet on the top rope the pair begin to wobble wildly, not wasting his opening Hutton strikes with both hand straight into the chest of the Irishman's chest. Ciaren goes flying from nearly 8 feet in the air crashing had across his back, the whole ring shaking with the force

Sanction:[/color] That had to have knocked the wind out of him….

Pain:[/color] I doubt that's all it knocked out of him!!

Hutton, being the crowd pleaser that he is has barely enough him to glance around the arena in a "Shall I" Shall I?" moment, oh course he shall. Hutton leaps from the top of the turnbuckles and crashes down across the chest of Ciaren with a flying elbow drop. Staying on top of Ciaren he makes the cover




Ciaren barely manages to get his shoulder of the canvass, the crowd roar with excitement rather than encouragement. Hutton can't quite believe that the highflying move didn't manage to put him away. Looking up questioningly toward the ref Hutton holds up three fingers

Hutton:[/color] That was three....

The ref shakes his head gesturing with his hand for Hutton to continue the match

Sanction:[/color] Hutton isn't really known for his highflying moves but he has been known to pull of the spectacular when required!

Hutton gets up from the mat, as he stands the crowd begin to cheer loudly for him, feeding on the excitement Hutton raises one hand to the crowd increasing the volume of the noise

Sanction:[/color] I wonder what Hutton has in mind now?

Hutton reaches down to the mat and bring Ciaren up to his feet, turning to the ropes throws the Irishman between the top and middle rope causing him to crash down on to the floor, Ciaren lands hard on the tough surface rolling into the announces table

Pain:[/color] Ciaren has actually just crashed into the front of our table...

Sanction:[/color] Hutton Brown is not exciting the ring and heading over this way... This does not look good for Donegan!

Hutton climbs out of the ring and makes his way over to where the prone Ciaren is sprawled on the floor

Sanction:[/color] Let's not forget that this match was originally a Lumberjack match, so there is no out of ring count out's and no DQ's I guess...

Pain:[/color] Yeah... I guess so, wait... What is Hutton doing...?

Hutton lifts Ciaren from the floor again, Hutton climbs up on to the table and pulls Ciaren up after himself so the pair are now stood on the announcers table

Sanction:[/color] We should probably move!

The announcers scuttle back away from the pair, all around the arena the fans are screaming loudly for Hutton

Hutton spins his opponent so he is now stood behind him, he double underhooks his arms from behind, making his intentions clear to the fans

Sanction:[/color] The Blacklight... Hutton is going to attempt to put Ciaren through the table with the Blacklight...

Pain:[/color] Maybe we should get further back!
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Re: XWA Legends: 02/04/2010

Postby DJS » Thu Nov 26, 2015 11:34 pm

Ciaren seems to realise that he is actually in a lot of danger, struggling in the bigger mans grip he attempts to free himself

Sanction:[/color] Ciaren is awake and definitely does not want to go face first through the table!!

Ciaren continues to struggle, he manages to free one arm and uses that to free his other. Before Hutton can turn he shoves The Rated X Superstar in the back causing him to go running right of the end of the table, flying through the air he manages to break his fall as he comes down on the ringside barricade

Sanction:[/color] So close... Ciaren almost sent Hutton crashing down on to the barricade, luckily for Hutton he managed to break his fall... WAIT!!!!

As Hutton turns from the guard rail Ciaren breaks into a short sprint, leaping from the table he goes sailing through the air, he crashing into Hutton with a spear. The pair go through backwards smashing into and then through the barricade. Wood splitters go flying into the air as they go flying into the crowd wiping out a large section of them

Sanction:[/color] OH MY GOD!!!!!

Pain:[/color] They went straight through the barricade!! They have taken out a group of the fans!! Brilliant...

The rest of the arena pop loudly for the insane spot

Crowd: X! DUB-YA! A!! X! DUB-YA! A!! X! DUB-YA! A!!

Sanction:[/color] Folks, you will not see action like this anywhere else other than right here in the XWA!!

Pain:[/color] Damn straight!!

Both men are laying in a mass of bodies not moving, the lifeless pair are ignored as extra security attempt to remove the bodies of the injured crowd members

Sanction:[/color] Neither man is moving, Ciaren is just as hurt as Hutton!!

After what seems like a life time the pair begins to come to life, Ciaren crawls towards the opening they created when they crashed through the barrier, using the edge of it he tries to get back to his feet. Still in the crowd Hutton starts to stir, the fan favourite is reaching out towards the fans, with the guards distracted removing the injured a fan is able to get close to Hutton to help him get to his feet. Hutton wobbles unsteadily in the mans grip

Sanction:[/color] How about that, you certainly wouldn't be able to get that close to any other superstar and any of federation!!

By the time security realise that some of the fans are closer than they should be it's too late, Hutton is back up and the fan has time for one last gift. He hands Hutton a steel chair from the wreckage on the floor. Finally armed with a weapon The Hardcore Messiah's eyes take on a dangerous gleam that was not there previously. He starts to stumble towards Ciaren with the chair raised high over his head

Sanction:[/color] Hutton Brown has a chair! And Ciaren doesn't see him!!

Ciaren himself starts to stumble back towards the ring unknowing that an armed Hutton brown is in hot pursuit

Hutton:[/color] Ciaren...

Ciaren turns around and *THWACK* Hutton brings the steel chair down across the top of Ciaren's head

Sanction:[/color] That will scramble some brain cells!!

Ciaren stumbles back towards the announcer’s table that he leapt from only a few minutes ago. Hutton does not give the Irishman time to ponder much as he staggers towards him again blasting him around the head again. Ciaren can no longer force himself to stay on his feet he collapses over the table

Sanction:[/color] Ciaren is out cold!!

Hutton looks at the chair in his hands and then at the destroyed body of Ciaren, he smashes the chair one more time across his back before throwing it away

Sanction:[/color] I guess Hutton is finished with the chair

Pain:[/color] Hutton is known for his love of weaponry!

Hutton reaches over and turns Ciaren over on the table so he is laying on his back staring up into the roof of the arena, Hutton turns away and climbs back into the ring

Sanction:[/color] What is Hutton doing...? He can't win the match with a count out!

As Hutton stands up in the ring he turns slowly glaring up into the top seats of the crowd, the flashing camera of the fans illuminating him in random flashes. He beings to make his way over to the set of turnbuckles nearest to the announcers table on the outside

Sanction:[/color] He's not thinking...

Pain looks up at Hutton climbing the turnbuckles to the top, then down at Ciaren lying in front of him

Pain:[/color] We should move again...

Hutton makes his way to the top rope and pauses. He plays to the crowd but raising both hands out to the side and he stands up balancing precariously

Sanction:[/color] Hutton is looking for his Legends moment! The one moment that will be played for years to come in highlights reels!

Pain:[/color] This is going to be spectacular.....

Raised to his full height Hutton Brown leaps from the top turnbuckle, flying away from the ring Hutton almost looks like he is suspended in the air as he reaches the peak of his flight. Hutton arranging himself in the air so that he is coming down with an elbow job

Sanction:[/color] Look at him fllllllllly!!!!

Mere inches before Hutton lands the blow Ciaren shoves himself from the table, rolling to the mat and towards the ring. Hutton is only able to turn his head to watch Ciaren roll away, the pair lock eyes but then *SMAAAAASH* Hutton plows through the announcers desk completely destroying it. Yet more wood fragments go flying into the air, the fans nearby screaming in excitement while the rest of the arena goes berserk


Sanction:[/color] Hutton Brown has been decimated Look at the carnage!!!

Pain:[/color] That is definitely going to be a Legends Highlight!!

Hutton lays unmoving whilst Ciaren near the ring is not moving yet either

Sanction:[/color] Both men are down again... We have had so much chaos in this match already!

After what must of felt like an eternity to the fans Ciaren finally starts to move, Ciaren using the ring apron manages to get himself up to his feet. Still staggering he waddles over to Hutton Brown. Looking down at the wreckage of the man Ciaren has to feel glad that he was able to get out of the way

Sanction:[/color] In trying to put Ciaren Donegan out of this contest Hutton may have taken himself out of the competition!

Ciaren attempts to pull Hutton free of the carnage but the man appears to be caught, Ciaren reaches down and clears the wreckage away from Hutton and then pulls him free. Rolling him back into the ring

Pain:[/color] It's over! Ciaren just has to get the pin!

Ciaren drops down on the top of Hutton wearily laying across him




Hutton manages to get his shoulder up but then falls down lifelessly to the canvass again, Ciaren again presses down to the canvass



Hutton manages to kick out a bit earlier this time, angered Ciaren rips Hutton up from the canvas and grips is jaw in of his hands and begins to scream into his face

Ciaren:[/color] Stay down!!!

The screaming seems to bring Hutton to life and he launches a huge right hand that staggers Ciaren backwards, Ciaren charges back towards Hutton but the Rated X Superstar rushes to greet him spearing him in the mid section, Hutton quickly scurries across and makes his pin attempt.

Sanction:[/color] X-Awakening and he is going to steal this!!




Ciaren forcefully kicks out and fuelled by anger roars up to his feet, Both men are now standing despite all of the damage they have done to each other. Ciaren manages to steal a quick look up the entrance ramp way, before he can get his attention fully back on Hutton the man sneaks in and grabs Ciaren in a Rock Bottom position. With his right hand Ciaren seems to be gesturing towards the entrance way

Sanction:[/color] What is Ciaren doing?! He seems distracted….

Hutton either doesn’t notice or doesn’t care. He hoists Ciaren high into the air and slams Ciaren down into the canvas. Hutton drops straight down for the cover

Sanction:[/color] Another big move from Hutton!



Again fuels by that almost magical second wind that only wrestlers seem to possess. Ciaren kicks out again rolling away from Hutton. Again he looks to he ramp way and then more obviously gestures towards the curtain

Sanction:[/color] What is he doing?!

Pain:[/color] Maybe he wants this over and is signally for help…?

Hutton again does not worry about what Ciaren is doing and falls down on top of him locking in a straight armed Crossface. Ciaren begins to scream loudly

Sanction:[/color] The Shatterpoint!! This could be over in moments!!

Ciaren now is obviously calling to the ramp way blatantly asking for help

Sanction:[/color] It seems that Ciaren is definitely asking for The Legion to come back to the ring, legally they could have been out here the whole time!

Pain:[/color] He’s calling but no one is coming… The Legion are nowhere too be seen!

Hutton inches Ciaren away from the whilst wrenching back on his arm inducing more pain

Ciaren:[/color] JAAAAAACCCKKK!!!!!

Resisting the urge to tap Ciaren stares up at the ramp way hoping that at any second his team mates will come running down the ramp to save him. The curtain stays motionless, although the Xtreme ‘O’ tron above the curtain does clicker to life, the sounds from the screen booming out of the arena speakers. Carmen King is stood there smiling

Carmen:[/color] I bet you are wondering where your little group is right about now aren’t you, honey? Well the Big Doggie has gone and you really should of let those guys leave the ring in the first place. You’ve tried to win on your own and now you are on your own…

Sanction:[/color] What is she talking about…?

In the background behind Carmen there is a lot of loudly banging and screaming, smiling she steps aside to reveal The Legion’s locker room door. The reason for there absence is obvious, a fork life truck is parked across the door way blocking anyone from leaving

Sanction:[/color] The boss lady has locked all of The Legion in their lockeroom! Ciaren is really on his own!

Carmen:[/color] Good luck, honey!!

Carmen blows a kiss to the camera as the screen goes dark. On seeing that help is not going to be arriving Ciaren raises his hand to tap

Hutton:[/color] Taaaap!!!

Pausing mid air Ciaren’s hand hovers over the mat, thinking back to the self righteousness he felt at the start of this match and of the journey he had been on, he stops himself from tapping out

Hutton:[/color] Taaaaaaaap!!!

Hutton wretches back again on the arm, Ciaren begins to inch over to the ropes, dragging the weight of both men towards escape

Sanction:[/color] Ciaren is showing great courage here, not something we usually see from member of his clique!

Just as Ciaren is about to grab the bottom rope, rather than let Ciaren break the hold Hutton releases it himself and pounds a fist into the back of Ciaren’s skull

Sanction:[/color] Hutton has lost it! Look at the anger on his face!

It’s Hutton’s turn to pull Ciaren angrily to the standing position, he spins Ciaren around and locks in the double underhook

Pain:[/color] The Blacklight again!

Sanction:[/color] This has to be it!! Listen to the fans screaming for Hutton Brown!!

Ciaren struggles in the and manages to spin around so that he is facing Hutton, who simple plants a head but square into Ciaren’s face and springs him around again locking in the double underhooks again

Sanction:[/color] Another Blacklight attempt!!

One more time Ciaren manages to fight his way around back so that the men are facing each other, Hutton attempts another head butt on Ciaren *SMAAAAAASH*


As Hutton’s face is coming closer to Ciaren’s the Irishman’s experience in close quarter brawling takes over, years of drunken scuffles had honed his head butt avoidance and delivery to an almost fine art. Ciaren drives his forward into the face of Hutton dropping him lifelessly to the canvass

Pain:[/color] Game over!!

Ciaren falls down on top of Hutton, lamely attempting to hook one leg but finally settling to just lay on top of him exhausted





The referee signals for the bell and “I’d Start A Revolution starts to play through the speakers

Sanction:[/color] It’s all over and Ciaren Donegan has done it, his first title defense! At Legends, what an amazing spectacle this was! What an event! What a moment that will be repeated for generations!

Pain:[/color] This has been an epic encounter and both men will be able to walk away from this proud that they gave their all… well maybe not walk away…

Sanction:[/color] Indeed, both men have been through the wars tonight!!

Ciaren rolls away from Hutton and looks up at the entrance way while The Legions theme music plays loudly, the referee reaches down to help Ciaren to his feet, Ciaren glances back over his shoulder waiting for his team mates to arrive and share in his glory

Sanction:[/color] Ciaren is still looking for The Legion to arrive!

Finally Ciaren turns away from the curtain and accepts the belt from the referee, the arena is a mixed chorus of cheers and boos. While not someone who plays to the crowd Ciaren caught in the moment takes the belt and storms to the nearest set of turnbuckles and climbs half way and lifts the belt into the air celebrating

Pain:[/color] Ciaren Donegan is still our World Champion… and he has won his first match since joining The Legion without outside help… What does this mean for The Legion…? What does this mean for the XWA?!

The final shot from legends is from a low down camera, Ciaren with one arm raised holding the World title belt and a massive grin on his face

Except…we’re not quite done yet.

MadDog is alone, sitting in his office, shuffling some papers as he watches XWA Legends on his closed circuit Television. MadDog appears to be in a great mood, even though that Carmen has changed most of the card that MadDog had put together to screw with a few of the XWA Talent that MadDog wants to put out of action. Suddenly there is a knock on the door.[/b]

MadDog:[/color] Dammit…. I told everyone that I did not want to be disturbed today….. No one listens to anything around here...

MadDog gets up from his desk, and goes to the door and unlocks it and is finds a Federal Express Messenger standing at the door with a clipboard in his hand, and what appears to be an envelope.[/b]

MadDog:[/color] Is there something I can do for you?

Messenger: Sir, Are you Mr. Lucifer McMahon?

MadDog grins as he sarcastically points to the golden nameplate on his door and replies.[/b]

MadDog:[/color] Boy you can read right? What does this name same?

Messenger: Sorry Sir, I just needed to confirm it… Here, please take this…

With that, the messenger hands MadDog an the clipboard.[/b]

Messenger: I need you to sign here…

The messenger points to a paper route sheet that is attached to the clipboard, and motions for MadDog to sign it. MadDog takes the clipboard and uses the cheap pen that is always attached one of these clipboards by a piece of string, and signs the sheet and hands the clipboard back to the messenger.[/b]

Messenger: Thank You sir…. Here you go....

The messenger now hands MadDog the envelope, which MadDog starts to open as the Messenger has his fun, and grins sarcasticly at The MadDog as has one last thing to say.[/b]

Messenger: You are now officially notified that you have been served… Have a Good Day Sir….

MadDog:[/color] What the Hell?

MadDog looks dumbfounded as he opens the envelope and removes the letter the messenger gave him, and starts to read it to himself. MadDog suddenly shows complete rage as he screams at the messenger, who has left.[/b]

MadDog:[/color] Who Sent you.... What.... NO!!!!!!!! They can’t do this to me!!!!! Dammit........ I will fucking show them!!!!

MadDog has an intense look about him as he takes the letter and folds it up and sticks it in his pocket as he storms out of his office and proceeds down the hall, we see various wrestlers and agents standing in the hallway as MadDog storms past them and heads for the nearest exit from the building. MadDog growls at them as he storms past, letting them know to get the hell out of his way. MadDog opens the door, and sees his limousine waiting for him, and MadDog power walks towards it and opens the back door and screams at the driver.[/b]

MadDog:[/color] Start this son of a bitch up… We need to get me to the airport and fast!...

The last image we now will see of The MadDog is him getting into the limo, and slamming the door, when… Well…. Sometimes a picture is worth a lot more than any words can describe....

New to XWA? Need management? Look no further...

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