LOTR: Jericho Shaw vs. Declan James- CHAMPION VS CHAMPION!

Matches that occurred on our Lord of the Ring 2015 Pay Per View!
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LOTR: Jericho Shaw vs. Declan James- CHAMPION VS CHAMPION!

Postby DJS » Mon Jan 05, 2015 3:19 am

A Brand New Year begins for the Xtreme Wrestling Alliance with a Story of a Ring...

LIVE! From the Royal Farms Arena in Baltimore, Maryland! (14,000 Capacity)
Theme Song: "I See Fire" by Anaria (Ed Sheeran Cover)



Jericho Shaw vs. Declan James

Declan James became the inaugural Gladitorial Champion at Hardcore Renaissance, and has held it ever since as he's battled through the Lord of the Ring. Jericho Shaw, on the other hand, has had it easy all through this Lord of the Ring and Christmas period.

Now, with the building support for Declan and the inexplicable hatred for Shaw from XWA fans, the Board of Directors overruled a decision from Sabbath to keep both men off the card and instead booked this NON-TITLE Champion vs. Champion match.

The holders of XWA's Gold collide in this showdown- exclusively on Pay Per View!

Deadline for matches is Tuesday, January 13, 2015 at 11:59 Eastern Standard Time.
Voting will start at this time and conclude on Friday, January 16, 2015 at 11:59 Eastern Standard Time.
[CST is one hour earlier. GMT is five hours later.]
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Re: LOTR: Jericho Shaw vs. Declan James- CHAMPION VS CHAMPIO

Postby Canadian » Wed Jan 14, 2015 5:01 am

Following a quick commercial break after the end of the evening opening’s contest between Johnny Valentine and the resurging Tempest the action continues. The official theme song of the evening, the Ed Sheeran cover of the song I See Fire begins to play ubiquitously throughout the arena. The camera pans around doing a quick scan of the Baltimore arena. Before panning down to the announcers at ringside, the camera zooms down to the front western facing row of the arena where the hometown Baltimore Orioles are seen cheering in attendance. They are all clad in the newest Smith Jones apparel, a jet black T with the word “Come” written in bold white lettering across the chest.

We are finally introduced to the men commentating the match at ringside, the ever present trio representing the XWA to the Pay Per View world...The combination of Mark Sanction, Rose and Matt Steel.

Mark Sanction: Welcome back folks, to the Premier Pay Per View event of 2015. The Lord of the Ring!

Rose: This tournament always brings fireworks, and it’s hard not too imagine the kind of year the LOTR winner will have. Just look at Jack Jackson Jr. last year, immediately catapulted into superstardom!

Matt Steel:: Whatever, look where he is now. Dat nigga wrestles like twice a year!

Mark Sanction: His schedule has been light, but when it matters he shows up. Speaking of which, the XWA World Heavyweight Champion will be in our very next contest. What are your thoughts Rose?

Rose: Well it’s always interesting to see champions face off against each other. Although Jericho and Declan have been in the ring before Declan has been on a hot tear. We’ll see how he does. Revenge might be the boost he needed to end the winning streak of the champion.

As the men discuss the event further Hana Remierez gently saunters in between the bottom and middle rope. Donned in a pink mini skirt and matching top, her coveted jewel encrusted microphone descends from the ceiling as she fulfils her contractual obligations. She takes a short breath and then announces the combatants to the ring.

Hana Remierez::: Introducing the champion! He is the current reigning and defending Gladiatorial Champion, fighting out of Toyko, Japan by way of San Diego, California and being assisted to the ring by his manager Teddy Colton. He is the Gimmick Killer, The Tough Little Bastard...Declan James!

Immediately the lights in the arena deaden to black as Sign by the aggressive Japanese band Flow screams into the speakers. The lights erupt with Declan already emerged from the corner, spotting his usual Armani shades and lamb skin leather jacket. The crowd erupts with moderate applause as the young superstar’s stock has risen in recent weeks. Fans with blue X’s modelling Declan’s’ raise them high into the air in support for the Gladiatorial champion. He moves slowly but efficiently walking along his manager who motivates and psyches the young man up for the upcoming contest. Despite being the underdog, Declan walks to the ring with pride carrying his own 12 pounds of gold. He unhooks the title belt and stares at it, before sprinting and diving underneath the bottom rope.

Immediately he hops on to the middle turnbuckle with his title firmly hoisted into the air. An acrobatic leap and turn off of the buckle position him facing the ramp where he waits for his opponent eagerly.

Mark Sanction: Declan looks prepared. I’m sure he’s got a pretty good grudge against the XWA World Heavyweight Champion.

Rose: Who doesn’t, I can’t think of a champion in recent memory who has been more hated than Jericho Shaw. The worst thing, is Shaw’s complete apathy towards it. I’m sure with an attitude adjustment and some serious work rate the kid could be the best superstar we’ve ever seen.

Matt Steel:: Sept for DGX yo?

Mark Sanction: Well Rose, whose stopping Jericho. You know on the 15th of January of this year he will be the longest reigning XWA champion since the relaunch in 2010. Longer than yourself, longer than Trace Demon, DGX, Diamond Jack Sabbath. This kid is hall of fame bound, he just happens to be an asshole.

Rose: You know, the winner of the main event tonight could challenge him tomorrow? That might ruin his chance of being the longest reigning champion ever.

Matt Steel:: Yo, when he finishes puberty maybe he’ll smarten up!

Rose & Mark Sanction: Matt, that was actually funny!

Matt Steel:: Eat a dick nigga!

Without warning the lights drop and Hana Remierez is forced to introduce the champion in the dark. No worries though, she’s introduced Jericho Shaw so many times it’s impossible for her to forget all of the title’s he’s accumulated. She takes a second breath, for the mouthful of garbage she will have to say next. She remembers that there is one new topic for her to mention and she shutters as she thinks of it.

Hana Remierez::: Introducing next, The Champion! He stands at an impressive 6’0 tell weighing in at 220 lbs. Hailing from Oakland, California he is the undefeated, undisputed XWA World Heavyweight Champion. His record stands undefeated at 17 wins and 0 defeats. He is the 2014 Lord of the Ring winner and in 2 days will become the longest reigning XWA World Heavyweight Champion since the rebranding in 2010. Formally known as Jack Jackson Jr., he is The Kingslayer, The Jackal...Jericho Shaw!

The lights rise slowly and blandly, which is quite the shock to the crowd. The World Heavyweight Champions Pay Per View entrances are usually quite elaborate...but it seems that is not the case today. As the lights rise, the slow tambour of Nirvana’s Rape Me echo throughout the arena. Its contextual inappropriateness is a heavy weight on the patrons this evening. Immediately they boo, as Kirk Cobain’s haunting voice weaves in and out of the hate. Jericho walks calmly and uninspired from behind the curtain into view. To his left walks current free agent, and former Baltimore Raven Ray Rice. This only intensifies the negative feelings felt throughout the arena.

Mark Sanction: Well, this is an interesting choice of entrance music from the champion. What do you think it means?

Rose: Well Jericho is a spoiled little brat, if I guessed I would say he’s pissed off that he wasn’t in the main event or even really featured in the poster...or in the poster for the last pay per view. He probably feels like he’s being metaphorically… You know, raped by the company. Which he clearly feels he’s bigger than.

Jericho, covered the gold he’s hoarded in the company walks slowly to the ring. Once inside he removes, the Jack Daniels Kind of All Mankind, both Tag Team Titles and finally the XWA World Heavyweight Title. He maintains eye contact with his competitor and begins to laugh to himself. He shakes his head in clear disapproval of his opponent. He waves his left hand high into the air and then casually bends it behind his back. The clear mockery instantly enrages the Gladiatorial champion, who has something to prove in this event.

Mark Sanction: Just like Jericho Shaw to be a class act, going to beat the Gladiatorial Champion with one arm?

Rose: I wish I could snap that arm right off!

As soon as the bell rings to start the action, Declan fires out like a cannon ball towards the World Heavyweight Champion. He vaults high into the air twisting into his signature maneuver the Epic Fail. His tactic involved catching the champion off guard, and as its name implies it doesn’t work. A quick shuffle leaves the Gladiatorial champion impacting the turnbuckle and rolling off awkwardly. The World Heavyweight Champion doesn’t waste a second punishing the Gimmick Killer with a set of boots to his midsection. He eases off of the gas pedal, grabbing Declan by his fashionably Hombre’d hair.

Declan looks a little dizzy as he stays on his feet. A hard right hand chop to the chest cavity backs him up a step, and second chop brings about two steps. Jericho reaches for an extended hand of the Man with No Gimmick and quickly twists his body whipping him into the corner. The Jackal follows Ghost Rides this Whip and chases after his opponent flaring his right elbow for a smashing attack.


As his senses return to him, the Gimmick Killer is able to slide and bend through the ropes like a contortionist leaving the Jackal to run face first into the turnbuckle and then into a jumping outside the ropes URUSAI! The child stitching’s of Declan’s Nike sponsored boot impact the champions pale jaw. Instantly recoiling the Heavyweight Champion staggers back dazed.

Mark Sanction: Well, this is an eventful turn around for Declan. He clearly has the speed advantage in this contest.

Rose: We’ll see now what he can do with the upper hand.

Declan wastes no time hopping unassisted to the top rope. He balances for a moment, stalking his ginger prey and then leaping straight into the air, with Extreme Prejudice. The Heavyweight Champion turns around just in time to see Declan’s fist connect with his recently injured jaw. The connection drops the champion to a knee and Declan, fueled with adrenaline continues to sprint towards the opposing rope after landing his Superman Punch.

The Gladiatorial Champion bounces off of the ropes, adding the elastic potential to his own. He whips himself in the direction of the champion and at the perfect moment connects with a textbook low dropkick to the back of the champion. Jericho’s chest impacts the canvas with a thud and then immediately finds himself righted around. Declan is quick to position for the first pin of the evening. Junior referee Tickles drops down giggling at the unfortunate circumstance that Jericho Shaw has found himself in. His hand raises up and then swings it down.


Just before the two count the champion successfully manages to lift a shoulder into the air breaking the count.

Mark Sanction: This is getting dramatic, do you think that Shaw took Declan too lightly in the contest?

Rose: Mark, I think anything’s possible

Matt Steel:: Sept that yo crippled ass will ever walk again.

Rose: Matt, you know becoming crippled yourself is a possibility in your future.

Declan rolls off of his Gimmick-less opponent and then keeping in touch with his Japanese roots Kip’s up quickly to his feet. The crowd approves of the action, showing support for anyone who can beat up Jericho Shaw. Declan takes a low stance waiting for his opponent to get to his feet. Jericho eventually does, frustrated at how not easy this has been since the bell rang. He quickly deduces that since Declan did not engage him off of the break that he would go for something immediately.

A whirling kick whizzes high and quick towards the dome of the Heavyweight Champion, but with his arm behind his back there is little he can do to block it. He’s low on options and being too dizzy yet to provide an offensive counter and drops straight to his back and rolls right underneath the bottom rope for a quick reprieve. Declan’s kick swings like a axe through the air cutting only oxygen particles while the gollum-esque champion hangs outside the ring catching his breath.

The crowd erupts into a harsh violent burst of laughter as they mock the Heavyweight Champion for his cowardice. Jericho keeps his eye on his opponent who has since learned that charging head first is a bad idea...after it’s apparent that Declan will not be falling for Jericho’s trap he slowly makes his way up the steps and back to the canvas.

Declan is an animal, almost frothing at the mouth motioning for the champion to come forward and challenge him. Jericho weaves in between the middle and top rope taking his eyes off of his opponent for just a second. A second however is all that Declan needs to pounce, attacking the Kingslayer with a barrage of strikes to his back and legs. The attacks do not provide much damage but irritate the champion who lashes out in anger swinging the arm he has permitted himself to use.

James takes the advantage, seizing the extended arm of the champion and then leaping high into the air simultaneously locking his legs across the neck of the Jackal. The Tilt-a-Whirl Armbar attack or as it’s known in wrestling circles “The Stockade” lands flush as all of Declan James’ compressed frame of 200 pounds weighs in on the elbow joint of the champion threatening to hyperextend the joint dropping the Heavyweight Champion one more time to his knee.

Both men jockey and vie for position but it James who is winning.

Mark Sanction: This is tight, Jericho could tap!

Rose: I don’t see many ways out of this one.

Jericho looks down at his opponent whose resting his upper back and shoulders against the mat, he grunts in pain as he manages to leverage his way up to his feet. Since this is not an officially recognized Gladiator rules match, every dirty trick is at the disposal of the Kingslayer, and he has a good one.

He lifts a foot into the air, and then stomps down onto the face of the Gladiatorial Champion. A size 10 boot drops like a hammer onto the pearly whites of the Gimmick Killer. Declan, refuses to release though hoping to snap the arm right off. A second boot, dazes and loosens the grip of the submission specialist, and a third releases it completely. Jericho grimaces as he shakes the arm out hoping to bring some life back into it. With effort he hoists Declan James to his feet and then launches a strong low kick to the outside thigh of his opponent.

Declan is still mostly unresponsive, the consecutive boot stomps to his face more than disorienting. Jericho pot shots the Gimmick Killer with a pump kick to his mid-section doubling him over. The Jackal then moves beside his opponent locking his arm around the head of his opponent and dropping downward executing his own signature technique.

The Dead Drop.

The back of Declan James’ head hits the canvas hard as things finally begin to move in the favor of the champion. Jericho leans over completing his first pin of the evening. He shakes his head disapprovingly as the younger Tickles official fulfils his duty as referee. His hand lifts high into the air then drops down.




Emphatically Declan James raises his legs in the air, using the momentum to jerk himself out of the bigger man’s pin. The crowd cheers at Declan’s surge of energy. Both men rise to their feet and despite the fact he was recently Dead Dropped it is Declan James who is first to a stable footing. He uses this advantage well and ties up with the World Heavyweight Champion hoping to make up for his size disadvantage. He throws a second head section aimed kick but is this time much more successful in landing. Declan’s Nike introducing itself officially for the first time this evening.

Mark Sanction: Declan with a huge kick

Jericho’s head rocks to the side jarring potentially concussing him as the Popular in Japan star brings a heavy knee forward into the breadbasket of the World Heavyweight Champion. The Kingslayer is shocked in a stunned silence as Declan wastes no time positioning himself behind his opponent and signaling for his finishing maneuver.

Mark Sanction: Declan’s going for it!

Rose: I believe he calls this move the Dead Weight Implosion, if it lands this match is probably over!

Declan locks Jericho’s head in check, hearing the feverent screams of his manager Teddy Colton at ringside. A victory here would instantly catapult him into the upper echelon of the company and better yet he would be the one to end the impressive winning streak of the Jackal. Declan savors the moment as he hangs as he prepares to implode the World Heavyweight Champion.

His body stiffens up, his breathing tenses.

He exhales

and then..

Feels the cold sting of an elbow strike, directly into his own “Shorties”

Mark Sanction: What a bastard! Jericho Shaw doesn’t have a choice but to use a cheap shot to get out of the move!

Rose: But did you see Sanction, Jericho used the arm behind his back. He’s already admitted that Declan James is too good for him to take this lightly. Jericho has to be in trouble, I think Declan could still pull the victory out!

Back inside the ring, the evidence is true. Jericho Shaw has unsheathed his left arm and used it to disrupt the momentum built by the Gimmick Killer. Declan is forced to break the grip and instead clutch his wounded family jewels. A sickening wave of Boo’s and Fuck You Shaw permeate from the ringside area. Jericho basks in it.

Using his uninjured left hand The Lord of the Ring grabs Declan by the hair on his head and forcibly drags him upward. He rockets a closed fist punch into the face of the man, creating an instant welt on his cheek. Jericho follows with a second punch and finally drops his arm low bringing it upward into a Shoryuken-esque uppercut. Sweat beads glisten in the air as Declan’s head is rocked backwards by the impact of the technique.

The Jackal doesn’t waste any time and then latches on to the arm of the Gladiatorial Champion like a vice whipping him into the opposing ropes. Upon his return, Jericho bends low and ricochet’s the smaller competitor upward, as Declan descends he is met with another uppercut technique that Jericho affectionately calls “The Lifting American Uppercut”

Mark Sanction: That are not getting any better for Declan James in there? Rose, what’s going on?

Rose: Well Mark, Jericho Shaw is one of the finest at exploiting a small opening and punishing his opponents for it. While he wrestled as Jack Jackson Jr. he used more legal and morally righteous ways to turn the tide in his favor. What we’ve seen from the World Heavyweight Champion is that once he has a lead, he rarely ever makes a mistake.

Jericho raises both of his arms into the air, instead of dropping down for a pin. This can only signal one thing. His eyebrows furrow and a sinister grin etches itself on his maw. His breathing slows and becomes rhythmic as he visualizes the destruction he is about to cause. He remembers the first time he struck Declan with the Kingslayer, using that as the location for him to strike.

He’s never struck someone with the Kingslayer over two separate occasions, and the prospect of Declan’s impending brain damage excites him. Declan stands, wobbly on feet and then feels the cold icy grip of the champion across his face. Jericho’s forearms prevent Declan from using his upper body to evade the technique and at this point he’s not sure he could if he wanted too. His eyes close waiting to be put to sleep.



A gold belt strikes weakly against the spine of the Heavyweight Champion breaking the hold he had on Declan James. Jericho Shaw turns around unphased, wide eyed and confused at what had just happened. As he turns he notices the sniveling and now terrified Teddy Colton clutching the Gladiatorial belt shaking at the knees. Colton, in an act of terrified stupidity charges the champion with the belt high into the air. Easily, the champion catches the weapon and pulls it into himself, throwing Colton off balance.

Jericho gives Teddy Colton 99 problems including a broken nose as he drives his forehead into the nasal cartilage of Declan James’ manager. Teddy flies backwards in pain rolling as far away from competition as humanly possible. As Jericho Shaw turns around he sees the quick acting Declan James midair, fist extended for Extreme Prejudice once again.

The Heavyweight Champion acts quick positioning the gold title in front of his face defending from the punch. Declan’s fist cracks hard into the metal, but is unfortunately not strong enough to break through the gold. His wrist twists awkwardly unable to handle the tension from the strike. Declan’s fist immediately collapses as the bones in his hand are undeniably broken. Declan screams in agony as the golden title is then thrust upon his face.

Mark Sanction: This is hard to watch Rose, Declan is a submission fighter he needs both of his hands to be effective and he may have lost that one for good.

Rose: It’s a shame.

Concussed and broken The Gimmick Killer refuses to drop, he heaves deep breaths resisting the urge to pass out on a single knee. Fading gently in and out of consciousness he’s completely unaware as Jericho Shaw stands behind him, still holding the Gladiatorial title. He slowly brandishes the metal plate over the back of Declan’s head wrapping the leather straps around his face. This makeshift grip is enough for Jericho to wrench the man upwards and he stands arms around the head of his opponent, in position for the deadliest move in the Xtreme Wrestling Alliance Today.

The Kingslayer!

Mark Sanction: Don’t do it Jericho, this is sick!

Jericho’s knee rises upward striking the soft cushion of the Gladiatorial belt with such force, that the metal plate surrounding Declan James’ head drives into it with unimaginable force. Blood spews from the strike upward misting into the air as the Gimmick Killer falls completely limp on to the ground. The crowd watches shocked at the level of violence they’ve just witnessed.

Even Diamond Jack Sabbath, is moderately impressed.

Using his foot Jericho flicks his opponent over and puts a boot on his chest for a lazy pin. Tickles wastes no time dropping down counting to end this farce once and for all to get the medics out and on board.

He counts quickly




And the match ends.

Immediately EMT’s rush out from backstage, working on and strapping up the unresponsive Gladiatorial Champion. Jericho Shaw looks more than pleased with his handy work as he leans down and adds another piece of gold to his collection. Despite the fact that this was not a title match, he feels entitled to have it and he will...because nobody in their right mind would try to stop him. He adds it to the litany of gold he hoards like Smaug the Dragon, and then poses in the middle of the ring as Hana Remierez does what she’s fucking paid to do.

Hana Remierez:: Your winner, Jericho Shaw!

Rape Me, by Nirvana stirs in the airways as the Pay Per View fades into commercial advertisement.
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Re: LOTR: Jericho Shaw vs. Declan James- CHAMPION VS CHAMPIO

Postby Declan » Wed Jan 14, 2015 5:29 am

Hana Ramirez: The following contest is set for one-fall, and it is a CHAMPION VS. CHAMPION MATCH!

I realize the screaming pain,
Hearing loud in my brain;
But I’m going straight ahead, with the scar.

(Can you hear me?
Can you hear me?
Can you hear me?
So am I!)

Emerging from the curtain beneath the XtremeTron is none other than Declan James. The fans have a mixed reaction to Declan, but the Anti-Gimmick Champion gets a lot more cheers than jeers. The Gimmick Killer wears his Championship belt like a baldric on his person. He doesn’t need pyrotechnics, and doesn’t have Teddy Colton with him. Declan removes his sunglasses, and dropped them on the stage, stomping on them as if they were his next opponent before going down the ramp.

Hana Ramirez: Introducing the competitors, first. From Tokyo by way of San Diego, weighing in at 194 lbs. He is the Gladitorial Champion! This man needs no gimmick… DECLAN JAMES!

Mark Sanction: This is a match that is quite unexpected!

Rose: Please! The Gimmick Killer had past frustrations over Jericho Shaw! And even got pinned by the World Champion in a tag team match when he was feuding with Smith Jones!

Matt Steel: And why should I say something about this joke of a wrestler that caters to the fans?! He doesn’t even have the balls to answer questions about his association with Teddy Colton!

Declan leaps up onto the apron, and jumps over the top rope. The Anti-Gimmick Champion takes off his belt, and shakes it wildly before raising it in the air to a pop. It was then that Declan leaps up to the turnbuckles and raised his title. He shouts out to the crowd, “The Jackal is going to be put to sleep! You’re Welcome!” He pulls out a mic from his boot, and “Sign” came to a sudden stop.


Declan James: Since winning the Gladitorial Championship, I’ve made it a point to perform all my matches under Gladitorial Rules. Now with the Dingo that ate yer babies… I’m going to make an exception, and use all XWA has to make a true statement! I wouldn’t be killing a gimmick without adapting to a toxic environment! And to even the odds, I asked Teddy to stay backstage.

Declan tosses the mic out of the ring and rotates his wrists with clasped hands. The Gladitorial Champion looked around, seeing if Jericho Shaw will come out. But what he didn’t see was that a hooded assailant jumped over the barricade, and slipped under the bottom rope behind the Gimmick Killer and clubbed him down with a lariat from behind!


Matt Steel: I love it when someone comes out to attack the good guys!

The hooded assailant removes unzips his hoodie and reveals the XWA World Heavyweight title, and then he removes his hood to reveal himself as the ‘Jackal’ Jericho Shaw!

Rose: I’ve might’ve known that he might have the cajones to do something as insidious as this!

Matt Steel: But still, Jericho Shaw got the jump on Declan! And just like that, the man you’d love to hate is no longer so intimidating!

Shaw picks up the Gladitorial Title from the ground, and spits on it before throwing it at ringside. He removes the World Championship strap from his waist; the Jackal declares, “This is the only title that matters in the XWA!” Jeers came from that as Declan staggers up, and nails Jericho with a football tackle from behind! The crowd pops to that as Declan gets the upper hand!

Mark Sanction: Declan’s got the World Champion down, and the bell hasn’t rung yet!

Rose: Declan’s getting pushed back by the referee, and he isn’t going to take that!

Matt Steel: He just sealed his doom by not making this match under Gladitorial Rules. Jericho’s still going to kill the Gimmick Killer!

Gimmick Killer chants still can be heard resounding through the arena as Jericho gets up to his feet, and the match can officially begin. Senior Referee Jack Tickles calls for the bell.


Declan goes for a lock-up and instantly Jericho Shaw goes for the waistlock. Declan tries to get out of hit, and Jericho tries to get him up for a Belly-to-Back, but Declan drops out before the move can be executed and bounces off the ropes, tries to go for a clothesline off the bat, but Shaw drops down. Shaw tries for a takedown on Declan on the way back, but the Gimmick Killer has his own idea with a corkscrew flying forearm smash! Declan goes for the quick cover…


Shaw tumbles out of the ring, wanting a breather. Declan springboards off the top ropes, and lands an IMPRESSIVE CORKSCREW SOMERSAULT PLANCHA! Jericho’s head bounces off the barricade!


The Anti-Gimmick Champion kips up and spits on Jericho Shaw. One good turn deserves another. The Gimmick Killer lifts the World Champ to his feet, and Jericho reverses an Irish Whip with one of his own, and sends Declan into the cornerpost with a loud CLANG! Declan’s Dazed and confused, but to add it up to 101, Jericho hits 99 Problems! Declan’s nose is busted, and he’s writhing in pain on the ground!

Mark Sanction: We’ve just entered Nosebleed City!

Rose: Declan’s nose could be broken because of that blatant headbutt to the face!

Matt Steel: What an ignorant little twit Declan is… Didn’t see that headbutt coming. That’ll show him!

Declan gets rolled into the ring, and gets victimized by a springboard legdrop by Shaw. Jericho pins Declan…


Declan is asked if he can continue the match by the senior referee. Declan’s nose looks pretty bad, but that was the least of his problems! Declan was locked into a Cobra Clutch, and slammed down to the mat! Jericho adds to the pain with a figure four headscissors! Declan’s grunting in intense pain! The Gimmick Killer struggles to get out of it, but he gets turned over and his head gets driven down into the canvas a few times with some push-up facebusters!

Matt Steel: This is more like a World Champion should hold himself! Exploiting some serious damage to weaken his opponent!

Mark Sanction: You don’t see that Declan is starting to bleed even more due to the strikes on the canvas!

Matt Steel: Who gives a fuck about Declan, anyways? He’s holding a title that doesn’t mean much in the current XWA climate!

Rose: That’s a bunch of bull and you know it, Steel! The Gimmick Killer is holding a title that is defended in the classic style in a place where hardcore is the norm!

Matt Steel: So sissy style, right?

Rose: Give me a break!

Declan is turned on his back, and the Gimmick Killer’s shoulders are down. Jack Tickles starts counting the pin.


Declan starts punching the thigh of Jericho, hitting him hard so he can release the hold. Declan is freed and he tumbles out of the hold to a small cheer. Jericho tries for a Wrecked ‘Em, but Declan counters with a Jumping Cutter out of nowhere! Jericho is down, and Declan tumbles out of the ring!


Mark Sanction: Seems that the people here want a bloodbath!

Rose: And Declan is bringing one out, and he threw in three chairs, as well!

Matt Steel: Tell me he isn’t that stupid to repeat what he did to the PA3 during the Kiss My Ass Match!

Declan rolls into the ring with a shortened Kendo Stick Declan tries to go for a swing, but the Gimmick Killer gets hit with the PASS-A-FIST! Shaw managed to hit an uppercut and knocked Declan out! Shaw sets up the table and adds a few chairs to it! He grabs the Anti-Gimmick Champion up and hoists him on the top rope and he is going to send him through the table with The Dead Drop, but Declan managed to use the momentum that set him on the ropes to reverse the hold and escape the table. DWI! DECLAN HITS THE DEAD WEIGHT IMPLOSION AND FALLS INTO THE COVER!



Mark Sanction: Declan’s survival instinct is on high tonight! That DWI was full of desperation!

Rose: Let’s just hope that Declan has what it takes to finish the match. The World Champion has been undefeated.

Declan gets up on the top rope, thinking of a Missile Dropkick for when he gets up but Shaw rushes at the ropes, making them shake enough so the Gimmick Killer gets crotched! Shaw gets up there with Declan… Thinking superplex into the table. “SEE WHAT KILLS THE GIMMICK KILLER NEXT!” taunts Jericho Shaw, before making the attempt. Declan resists. Shaw tries again, but Declan has other ideas… TESTICULAR CLAW! Declan is crushing the chances of Shaw ever making children with the grasp of his hand. The Gimmick Killer released the hold, then leaps onto the back of Jericho’s shoulders… GIMMICK ECLIPSE THROUGH THE TABLES! THE SUNSET FLIP POWERBOMB HURT SHAW MORE THAN IT HURT DECLAN!


Declan tries to move into the pin, and gets it in.



Hana Ramirez: Here is your winner, the XWA Gladitorial Champion… DECLAN JAMES!

Though Declan is victorious the referee doesn’t see Declan move that much as medics and trainers both reach the World and Gladitorial Champions. Though the chorus of “Sign” plays, Declan isn’t moving, and trainers check on him. Teddy Colton enters the ring, and not only picks up Declan and hoists him over his shoulder, but gets the Anti-Gimmick Title as well and heads to the back with a concerned look on his face. He wasn’t going to express anything to the XWA fan base.

Mark Sanction: Looks like both men put their all in this match tonight!

Matt Steel: And the worst guy won… whoop-dee-fuckin’-doo!

Rose: Regardless, both champions put up a strong effort, and both ended up going through the table.

Mark Sanction: Later tonight, we have the Hardcore Title and the Royal Court match! More excitement for Lord of the Ring! Stay tuned!
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Re: LOTR: Jericho Shaw vs. Declan James- CHAMPION VS CHAMPIO

Postby DJS » Wed Jan 14, 2015 7:40 pm

Smashing effort guys. THIS is why you're champs.

VOTE, people!
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Re: LOTR: Jericho Shaw vs. Declan James- CHAMPION VS CHAMPIO

Postby Smith Jones » Thu Jan 15, 2015 8:05 am

Shaw: Your experience shows. Your knowledge of XWA history as well as of wrestling as a whole comes into play here as always. It would be good to see more of Shaw in general. Your match flows well and comes to a violent conclusion that supports what we’ve come to know and expect from the undefeated juggernaut Jericho Shaw.

Declan: I like the way you got right into the action. I can see you were looking for high intensity from the start. The pace is consistently quick and the action gets around the ring and ringside. I’m not sure about the testicular claw into the finish, but the Gimmick Eclipse off the rope through the table is a fun bump. I like that you created moments in this match. I would like to see you add more detail to the match. More solitary moments with each guy recovering from the pain and moving forward. Slow down the writing a little more. You do consistently creative work. I’ve enjoyed the progress of this gimmick… er, I mean character.

Tough vote here. This is one of those matches where experience wins out and the details make the difference.

My vote: Shaw
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Re: LOTR: Jericho Shaw vs. Declan James- CHAMPION VS CHAMPIO

Postby Razer » Thu Jan 15, 2015 10:29 pm

Shaw: There is a reason you are undefeated and that match post says enough. Sound knowledge of wrestling, well paced and flowing action and spots which were important stood out enough as well as the underlying context - Shaw mocking Declan to the point where Declan actually forces him to take him seriously... Which does wonders for Declan's character's image... But doesn't bode well for his health at all.

I don't really have an criticism for this which could be constructive. On the whole it was a solid post.

Declan: Unlike Shaw's match which had pacing to it, you just came right off the bat for this one which is understandable given how you are facing the top performer in this fed right now and you did create some big moments which are required in a match like this. The frantic pace did help set up an interesting clash, but it just felt like it was over before it really got going. Like the last match of yours, the one with Dan, both myself and Shaw mentioned the detail and pacing issues. You have the spots in place, you put across what you do, but like Smith Jones said before me, there needs to be some more description and expansion - explain the transitions, the physical conditioning and the impacts of the moves on the participants, the mental side. Its the little details which help unlock more in posts and make the match feel more complete.

Overall, a good showing from both guys and both were interesting reads, but for me, Jericho Shaw gets another step closer to going 18-0 here

my vote: Jericho Shaw

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Re: LOTR: Jericho Shaw vs. Declan James- CHAMPION VS CHAMPIO

Postby DJS » Sun Jan 18, 2015 7:16 pm

Winner: XWA World Heavyweight Champion, Jericho Shaw!
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