Tempest - 2016

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Tempest - 2016

Postby Tempest » Mon May 30, 2016 6:55 pm



Real Name: Michael Hart
Weight: 226 lbs
Height: 6'1"
Gender: Male
Hometown: Detroit, Michigan

Current Alias / Nickname:
The Storm of the Century

Other Aliases / Nicknames:
Steel Eagle, The Force of Nature,
The MotorCity Maniac,
XWA Santa, The Hardcore Hi-Flyer


Base Picture: Edge (WWE, Adam Copeland)

Tempest is often described as the "Hardcore Hi-Flyer" for a good reason. He's always been willing to put his body on the line with the most insane, awe-inspiring moves. He's not a big man, but make no mistake, Michael Hart has always been capable of taking tremendous amounts of punishment from the most viscous opponents while refusing to stay down for the count. He's not necessarily the best technical wrestler in the company, but he's quite possibly the toughest (or at the very least, most stubborn) guy in the locker room.

Ring Attire:
- tights: left leg black, right leg red, w/silver Tempest logo on legs
- black wrist tape with red fighter's gloves
- red elbow and knee pads w/black highlight edges
- black boots with red covers w/Tempest logo


1. The Thunderbolt
(Modified Diamond Cutter)
Often opening this manuever with a stunning gutkick to his opponent's midsection, Tempest applies a three-quarter facelock (reaching back and grabbing the head of his competition, thus pulling the opponent's jaw above his shoulder) and then darts forward, and then immediately falls backwards to slam his opponent face-first to the mat below.

2. The Eye of the Storm
(Five Star Frog Splash)
Hart performs his First Ever and Fan-Favorite Finisher by leaping from atop the top rope, stretching out to a full horizontal position, then bringing his feet and hands quickly inward and then outward before landing in a full splash, stomach first across his prone opponent. He usually follows this up immediately with a pin attempt.

(Sharpshooter Submission)
The Exxwaah (XWA said phonetically) hold begins with Tempest's opponent supine on the mat, with Tempest stepping between the opponent's legs with his left leg and wraps the opponent's legs at shin level around that leg. He then crosses his opponent's left leg over their right. Holding the opponent's legs in place, the wrestler then grabs the opponent's leg which he has crossed over the other and steps over him, flipping him over into a prone position before leaning back to compress his lower back.


Signatures :

1. DDTempest
(Impact DDT)
Usually starting this move with a gut kick, Michael then applies a front facelock and then falls quickly backwards to violently drive his opponent's face first down to the mat.

2. The Perfect Storm
(Tornado DDT)
Tempest goes to the top rope and applies a front facelock to his opponent, sitting on the top turnbuckle while his opponent is still standing, facing him in the ring. Hart then jumps forward, latches onto his opponent in a DDT clutch and swings around to fall backwards and drop the opponent's head violently into the mat. Tempest also has a grounded version of the same move where he charges at a standing opponent, jumps up and applies the front facelock in mid air before swinging himself round and falling backwards down to the mat to perform it as a jumping/swinging DDT.

Impact Moves:
1. Belly to Belly Suplex

2. Diving Elbow (with theatrics)

3. Spinning Heel Kick

4. Snap Suplex

5. Swinging Neckbreaker

6. Gutwrench Powerbomb

7. German Suplex

8. Flying Clothesline

9. Spinebuster

10. Various Springboard Moves

11. Standing Dropkick

12. Russian Legsweep


Entrance Music. Thunder - AC/DC

After a few moments of anticipation, The crowd pops as the guitar lick that launches AC/DC's "Thunderstruck" echoes through the speaker system.

The audience starts "singing" along with the
"Na na na na-na's!"
Though the song is a battle call for Tempest's finisher move, many of the fans replace the word "Thunder" with "Tempest!"
...and then leap to their feet as the ringposts explode in lightning-blasts and the stage erupts in pryotechnics!

The wicked guitar flows on and builds to the heavy chords that announce the arrival of the Storm of the Century as he charges through the firey aftermath to pose with confidence for his fans!

Hana Ramierez: Now, making his way to the ring, weighing in at 226 lbs
...from Detroit, Michigan, He is the "Storm of the Century"...

Intense and ready for whatever comes, the Storm of the Century makes his way to the ring pumping his arms and calling out to the crowd, then Tempest storms up them and walks the length of the ring apron, then hauls himself up to stand on the second rope. Once there, Tempest howls and throws an arm up over his head to the approval of the crowd.

Growing up with his twin brother on the streets of Detroit, Michael Hart was never one to back down from a fight. From an early age he was always getting into scrapes of one sort or another, never seeming to care if the other guy was bigger or not. He was a fighter by nature, who simply never gave up. Even when he was outgunned, outpowered, and physically lost a fight, he never got beat.

His tendency towards standing and fighting eventually led Michael to get his foot in the door in the wrestling world by working first as a roadie and then by filling in for a sick referee during a live show in the XWA. This led to his joining the ranks of the XWA officials where he served for two years while absorbing everything he could about the business.

During a Last Man Standing match at one of the company's early House Shows, he was seriously injured when a disgruntled wrestler who had just lost his match viciously attacked him with a chair. Michael survived the encounter with a concussion, several nasty bruises and a broken arm.

Rather than suing the company or simply letting the matter go, Michael Hart decided to get even. So when his arm had healed, the future superstar began working out with the Intercontinental Wresting Association, an independent wrestling company located in Windsor, near his hometown of Detroit.

Working odd jobs to pay his bills and Training as hard as anyone the company had ever seen, Michael took on the ringname "Tempest" and rose quickly through the ranks of the small company. Eventually he found however that no matter how well he did, he was simply a big fish in a small pond.

Deciding that he was finally ready, Tempest scheduled a meeting with then XWA General Manager David Vestal. Vestal booked Tempest in a dark match and when Hart not only dominated his competition, but absolutely won over the crowd, hired him on the spot.

It turned out to be a fantastic business decision when "Tempest" wowed a live audience in his Massacre debut match when he surprised everyone by defeating then XWA Champion DGX, albeit by a disqualification.

From there, Michael Hart began his extrordinary journey through the ranks of the XWA wrestlers, winning far more matches than he lost. Along the way, he developed quite the rogues gallery of rivals, including wrestlers such as Scorpion, Jester, TDV (The Dark Vampire), Tempest's former tag-partner and XWA Champion Angelus, the XWA's General Manager Vestal himself, and most notably, a decade-long feud with XWA Legend DGX.

Eventually Tempest would win every XWA Title the company offered at the time, earning the title of the XWA's first ever Grandslam Champion.

But fame and Titles did not come without a price. Michael's body was regularly subjected to brutal injuries from attacks launched by his opponents and from some of his very own onslaughts against them. Taking an all-or-nothing attitude, Hart could usually be counted on to do whatever it took to win, even if that win came at the cost of his own physical and mental health.

While many in the wrestling community still believe that Tempest's lunatic-like actions of the past were an act to amuse and entertain the crowds, it has been rumored that in truth, the man known as Tempest was going through a very bad time. In either case, this new attitude blossomed into the greatest level of popularity that Tempest had ever experienced in his career. Simply put, the fans loved him when he was "Nuts".

After a somewhat successful if short stint as General Manager of the XWA was over, and with the subsequent bankruptcy of the XWA, family and friends convinced Michael that he needed to take some serious time away from his chaotic lifestyle, and the former World Champion stepped away from the squared circle, some thought forever.

Time passed, but the self-styled Storm of the Century was not built to be idle and Hart showed up for a year-long stint in another wrestling organization, the WFWF. It went well enough, but when he learned that Vanguard Entertainment was relaunching the XWA, Tempest stood alongside XWA veterans DGX and Alex Sean as the first talent signed to usher in a new era of sports entertainment.

Thus began yet another cyclone of fun and trama for Tempest, with him once again feuding with the likes of Sean, DGX, Angelus, and MadDog with whom Michael eventually vied against for control of the company. In the end, Hart would prevail, but once again at a serious cost to his own mental health. He held the position for less than a year before he was stripped of his status by the XWA Board of Directors and demoted back to his original status of In Ring Talent.

Further battles against the Legion and Rated X factions resulted in a series of misadventures that eventually found Michael demoted even farther to the role of referee when he lost a heavily unbalanced matchup between himself and his nearly career-long rival, DGX. Not only was he compelled by contract to work as a ring official, but he was legally stripped of the "Tempest" name.

But, as usual, Michael Hart refused to surrender, and eventually due to the machinatios of Alex Sean, he reclaimed both his spot on the roster AND his ring persona.

Tempest enjoyed a good stretch back in the fan's good graces, teaming with former XWA Champion, Rose, to form the "Harts and Roses" tag team wherein they eventually took on practically every heel in the federation and earned the nicknames "Highwaymen of the XWA".

Their success was not without consequences, however, as Tempest's former tag partner and brother-in-law Angelus turned on Hart, and after a furious battle, left him hospitalized with the most serious injuries he'd suffered to date.

Again, probably not surprisingly, he returned to action, though to be frank, it was the weakest of all his runs with the company. Eventually it would culminate in an ultimate showdown with the XWA Icon, DGX at Legends...and Tempest lost badly to perhaps his greatest rival. Hart's performance was obviously lacking and after the show, Michael Hart declared he was retiring from the ring.

The End.

Or was it...?

XWA Owner (Former)
XWA General Manager (Former)
XWA World Title
XWA HardCore Title (x2)
XWA Tag Team Title (x4)
XWA Television Title (x2)
XWA Gladitorial Title
XWA Grandslam Champion (First Ever)
XWA Ring Official

Stables and Tag Teams:
Wanted: Dead or Alive - Tempest & Angelus
The eXO - Tempest, Carmen, & Vestal (And various others)
Harts & Roses - Tempest & Rose
Lords of Pain - Tempest & MadDog

Dr. Yukio Shinaro (Therapist and Sister-in-Law)
Gillian Hart (Half-Sister)

The Original XWA Grandslam Champion!

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