Hutton Brown

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Hutton Brown

Postby DarkSabre » Wed Aug 11, 2010 10:38 pm

Hutton Brown

Wrestling God

Manhattan, New York

215 Lbs.


Character Traits
In-Ring Style
Hutton Brown is a striker, plain and simple. Having come to realize his true strengths and weaknesses in the squared circle, Hutton has adopted a careful mix of quick, pace setting strikes and calculated strikes that can easily leave an unprepared foe in serious danger quick. Be the strikes from his hands or feet, and be those strikes fast or slow, every single move is carefully weighed and considered before being fired off; hence why Hutton's style is often considered slow by certain standards. His secondary strength comes from his lightning quick reflexes, allowing Hutton to counter his opponents maneuvers at seemingly unthinkable moments and, possessing just the right amount of technical skill, use their momentum or miss-positioning to his advantage. Brown tends to sway away from grappling unless absolutely necessary and, while he often digs deep down to keep going, his physical endurance, despite his best efforts, has always been a serious concern.

Promo / Speaking Style
Despite being a big time business man, Hutton Brown has a very blunt way of speaking. He doesn't often beat around the bush, so to speak, and simply lays it out for you in a single sentence. Despite enjoying the occasional verbal jab at his opponents, Hutton tends to let his fists do most of the talking for him.

Championships Won / Held
PRW Undisputed Champion of Internet Wrestling (x5)
PRW Tag Team Champion
PRW Cyanide Champion (x2)
PRW Superbattle Winner 2008
XWA World Heavyweight Champion (x3)
XWA Tag Team Champion
XWA International Champion
XWA Hardcore Champion Champion
WFWF National Champion
OCW Hardcore Champion

Awards Won
Too many to list. Be jealous.

Current Pic-Base
Paul Walker
Hutton looks essentially as pictured, keeping his hair short and the five o'clock shadow in place at all times. Were you to look closely however, one could spot a few premature grays. You might get to see them, but only if you don't get knocked out first.

Ring Attire
In-Ring Wardrobe
Hutton's ring attire is very simple, consisting solely of a pair of black tights with gold decorative designs.

Protective Gear
Hutton wears a traditional black elbow pad on his left elbow, opting to keep his right bare so as for better striking. His knuckles, wrists, and forearms are taped in white. Brown also wears regular black wrestling boots with black and gold kick pads, that meld right into his black kneepads.

Entrance Music
"I Am A God" by Kanye West

Entrance Description
Coming Soon!

Primary Finisher
Wrist-Clutch Exploder Suplex
Forcing his opponent's left arm down between their legs, Hutton clasps it before wrapping his right arm around their head. Heaving back, Hutton tosses his opponent up and over his body before driving them to the canvas with all his might and their own momentum; Brown has however modified this move to drop his opponent intentionally on their head. The wrist clutch is however difficult to achieve in most circumstances, so Hutton often utilizes the Exploder Suplex without it to still decisive results. Should he managed to achieve the wrist clutch, which considerably increases the force and precision of the drop, you're almost always out cold.

Secondary Finisher
This move is quite simply a standard crossface with a sinister twist. Brown clasps the wrist of his opponent and wrenches it around before he drags them to the canvas and traps them in the crossface. The wrenched arm works against the trapped opponent, as struggling pulls violently upon the twisted shoulder. This move can be applied as a standard crossface, however it's severity is considerably decreased.

Specialty Finisher
The Punt
Hutton Brown's without-any-doubt kill finisher is a running shin kick to the head of a kneeling opponent. Having a proven record of sidelining opponents and, in the case of XWA Legend Vestal, ending careers, The Punt is a not a move you will kick out of should you fall victim to it. As he's grown older, Hutton has shown more restraint in using The Punt, yet he is not afraid to utilize it should you decide to make things personal.
*OOC Note: I'd like to ask that no one use The Punt without my consent for character reasons.

Slap to the Face
While not the most devastating move in his arsenal, Hutton's trademark slap across the face has become certainly one of his most recognizable. Such a simple maneuver in its design and execution, yet remarkably effective in the astonishing power Brown manages to put behind the blow. The sheer centrifugal force is enough to stop a man dead in his tracks for a few seconds, the kinetic energy sent through his skull rattling his brains just long enough for Hutton to capitalize.

The Von Miller
Taking a page from Alex Sean and DGX's playbooks during his time in Rated X, this move begins where Hutton will line himself up behind his opponent as they near a corner, rush toward them, and connect with a Flying Knee to the middle of their spine ala Randy Savage. As their opponent collides chest-first with the turnbuckles and stumbles backward, Hutton runs past them and leaps with one foot to the second turnbuckle slightly turning as he does so. Hutton kicks off the buckle, completing what amounts to a 180 Degree turn and connects with a flying superman punch to the jaw of his opponent.

A Three Quarter Facelock Bulldog, more commonly known as a jumping cutter, has become a recent staple in Hutton Brown's offensive. A tribute to his longtime friend, and retired competitor, Jason Garrick, this maneuver is just one of the various ways Hutton is able to either shift momentum in his favor or just simply kill his opponent's outright.

Judo Hip Throw
One of Hutton's biggest counters is from his minor studies in Judo. Ducking underneath an opponent's strike Hutton clasps the arm and performs a judo hip throw, tossing his opponent over his shoulder and sending them to a canvas. The opponent will rise to a seated position due to the momentum of the throw and Hutton capitalizes, pulling his opponent's head to the side just slightly as he drives a vicious forearm into the side of their skull. The debilitating effects of this forearm can potentially put out a man long enough for a full Wrist-Clutch Exploder Suplex, and this move is often used as such a setup.

Chapter 11
This Pump-Rack Powerbomb, passed down to Hutton by his mentor, legendary PRW and XWA Competitor Lion Merteuil, is a clear showcase of Brown’s moderate strength. While not performed with the same amount of vicious power as the move’s originator, the effects of this move are identical in Hutton’s capable hands.

Impact and Vicious Strikes:

01: Belly to Belly Suplex
02: German Suplex
03: Inverted Headlock Backbreaker
04: Lifting Side Slam
05: Northern Lights Suplex
06: Reverse DDT
07: Sit-Out Rear Mat Slam
08: Sleeper Hold
09: Sleeper Slam
10: Vertical Snap Suplex

Top Rope / Standing Ground:

1A: Flying Elbow Drop
2A: Leaping Double Stomp

1B: Stomp
2B: Calculated Elbow Drop

Tope Rope / Standing Stand:

1A: Tornado DDT
2A: Missile Dropkick

1B: European Uppercut Forearm
2B: Back Elbow Strike


01: Boston Crab
02: Camel Clutch
03: Figure Four Leg Lock
04: Sharpshooter
05: Reverse Sharpshooter

Main Strikes:

01: Calculated Punches
02: Elbow Strike to Exposed Neck
03: Knee to the Gut
04: Spinning Wheel Kick
05: Standing Dropkick


01: Diving Forearm Smash
02: Spinning Wheel Kick
03: Springboard Crossbody
04: Running DDT
05: Running High Impact Shoulder Block
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Re: Hutton Brown

Postby DarkSabre » Sat Aug 24, 2013 7:24 pm


Names: Karen and Katherine (Last Names Unknown)

Height: 5' 6"

Weight: Undisclosed

Billed From: Location Unknown

Alignment: By Hutton's Side

Attire: The pair always dress in matching outfits, those outfits chosen exclusively by Hutton. Telling them apart is virtually impossible for anyone other than Hutton.

Short Bio: The mysterious pair of twins, formerly known as the Rated X Angels, have return to Hutton's side for reasons none can fathom. Eager to serve him and constantly pinning for his attention, the two will do seemingly anything to earn his approval. Hutton can be very stern with them when either steps out of line, each has a unique character flaw that occasionally gets them in trouble with Brown, and his rage seems to dishearten them greatly. Thankfully, Brown can be a very nurturing and forgiving God.

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