"The Dirty D" Derrick Jedi

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"The Dirty D" Derrick Jedi

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Derrick Jedi
Real Name: Derrick Goldberg

Attitude: Face

Hometown: Chicago Comics on Clark

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 280 lbs.

Biography Derrick is the consummate showman. When his sister graduated from wrestling school, he used some of his available funds and connections to run monthly wrestling shows in North Chicago suburbs. Soon, the wrestling bug bit him and he started entering the ring. His personality complimented his younger sister's technical acumen and they were a force to be reckoned with. Within the past few months or so, Derrick has been gaining recognition on a global scale with his appearances in PRW. Since his debut in XWA, he's become one of the most popular superstars on the roster with his promo skills and surprising in ring accumen. Still, he's very classy and likes to act like it.

After a short run in XWA, Derrick returned to the low-lights of indy wrestling, specifically Sean Aries' and Matt Logan's SWARM promotion. Toying around there for a little longer to hone his craft, he's stepped up his game to join Alex LeBlanc in his re-debut match at End of Days.

Once LeBlanc began his retirement tour, Derrick was once again left to his own devices and decided to come back for his annual XWA Relevance Check also known as his Legends streak. After the match, Derrick took part in the annual town hall but not before signing on for a five week tour of Japan.

Upon his return, he ran afoul of the reformed Rated X. After being attacked by EBR and Bullseye, Jedi joined Dan Bennett, Ace Andrews, and Trace Demon as the XWA frontline. Despite Dan's repeated protests, Jedi insisted and at joining the fight. With Ace Andrews injured, the team was outnumbered at End of Days. During the match, Dan sided with Rated X; turning his back on Jedi.

Following the pay per view, Jedi and Trace were booked against the other with Trace no showing the event and Derrick getting called out by Dan. Dejected and confused, Derrick was easy pickings for Alex Sean after a long, drawn-out battle. And dejected still, he lost against Jack Jackson Jr.

After long introspection, Derrick decided that he wasn't going to subject himself to having his ass-handed to him by Rated X. In his final hurrah against the faction, Derrick donned face-paint and a shit attitude against Dan Bennett; losing the match but making good on his promise to stay out of Rated X's business (per Dan's plea) and by dragging a bloody, unconscious Dan Bennett back to Rated X himself.

With Derrick now actively avoiding Rated X and all their self-promoting bullshit (they'll go away, they always do); he's been spending a lot of time watching World of Sport, lucha heavyweight wrestling, and Keiji Mutoh matches for some reason.

XWA Grand Prix Semi-Finalist
XWA Hardcore Champion (10/11 - 11/11)

Style. Technical w/ striking and old-school high flying

A lifelong fan and student of wrestling, Derrick watches with more intent than enjoyment. His unique frame and uncharacteristic grace make him oddly nimble on the mat as well as adept in various hold combinations; replicating techniques more-so than creating his own. When taking to the sky, he sticks to basics. The apron-run cannonball tope con hilo (Dr. Wagner-style), the flying crossbody, frog splash, and the tope en reversa (springboard reverse headbutt) are staples of his repertiore. He's been known on occasion to do a moonsault (Vadersault).

His striking style revolves around boxing but does include some kicks including a debilitating low thrust kick to the knee to compliment his knockout haymaker. Sticking mostly with mat wrestling to wear his opponents down, the use of heavy strikes resting solely on the signature and set-up end of his offense. His Shining Wizard variant (Leg Bomber) fits in with that, as well as his low superkick, flying wheel kick, and his rope-assist high kick: the Jedi Death Kick.

Pic Base: Greg Excellent
Fat man with dark, slicked-back hair and bitchin' beard. Usually wears humorous T-shirts and jeans out of the ring. His gear consists of high waisted black pleather trunks with red-and-white tribal designs on the front and back. Black cross trainers under black-and-white kickpads, black knee pads with a black brace on his right knee, white wrist tape on his left arm and a completely taped fist on his right. Oh yeah, he's shirtless now, ladies.
Wrestler Stats

Agility: 5
The ability to leap, duck, dodge, climb, flip, and dive well

Brawling: 7
Punching, Kicking, in-your-face melee skills

Durability: 8
The ability to take damage and keep going

Intelligence: 8
In ring savvy, the ability to outwit your opponent

Speed: 5
How quickly you move, climb, and in some cases, attack

Strength: 8
How much can you lift? How hard do you hit? Raw Power

Technical Skill: 5
How proficient are you in the execution of wrestling moves? How well do you counter?

1 - physically handicapped.
2 - childlike development
3 - preteen development
4 - couch potato
5 - average person
6 - above average ability
7 - incredible ability
8 - amazing ability
9 - olympic ability
10 - superstar
Entrance Music. "Hold Out" by Washed Out

Entrance Text:

Code: Select all

[i][b]The 80s synth and bass kicks in as Derrick makes his way to the ring.  He high fives fans as he meanders down the ramp to the ring.[/i][/b]

[color=#FF0040]Hana Ramirez:[/color] Making his way to the ring.  Weighing in at 290 pounds.  He hails from Chicago Comics on Clark.  He is the "Sith Warrior" Derrick Jedi!

[i][b]Derrick rolls into the ring and continues to appeal to the crowd before the match gets underway.[/b][/i]


Main. Jedi Mind Trick - A Jumping Reverse Bulldog/Zig Zag

Other. Threshold 2 - Spinning Inverted Figure-4/El Pozo

Other. Threshold - La Campana

Impact Moves

01. Jedi Driver Bison-Tennial/Styles Clash
A double arm trap falling facebuster. From various set ups, Derrick holds his opponent upside down for a piledriver, letting them hang low so he can step over their arms. Once trapped behind his legs, he'll fall forward and kick his legs back: driving his opponent's face and chest into the canvas

02. Jedi-Plex Sidewalk Slam-Style Backdrop Driver
Jedi hooks the opponent's waist under his arm and hooks the leg. Rather than lifting and sitting out as is done for the sidewalk slam, Jedi falls straight back with a backdrop driver variant; planting his opponent on their head and neck.

03. Millennium Falcon Arrow Sheer-Drop Falcon Arrow
From a standard suplex, Jedi positions them for a slam before sitting out and driving them down on the top of their head with a piledriver variation.

04. Smash Rave Jedi Leg Bomber Sliding Shining Wizard
With the opponent sitting upright, Derrick hits the ropes and charges at them, sliding in as he drives his knee into their temple.

05. Jedi Death Kick Rope-Grip High Kick
Following suit of his haymaker, Derrick can hit a deadly high kick to the head of his opponent to turn the tide of any match. Typically the set-up to the Flying Crossbody.

06. The Flying Guillotine Blockbuster
From various positions, Derrick will hit the flip-over neckbreaker. While he prefers the Buff Bagwell middle-rope method, his "mastery" status of the move makes it a doosey.

07. The Original Trilogy/Saga Repeated Body Slams
A Derrick Jedi classic. Three body slams in a row makes the Trilogy, a total six makes the saga.

08. D-Edge Underhook STO
A rarity. In Japan, Derrick adopted the H-Edge. Similar to the Rock Bottom, Derrick sets up a underhook before ducking under the near. Once set up, he kicks his leg out to lift the opponent lays out with the slam.
Signature Moves

01. Haymaker
A hauled-off, full-swing punch in the face. It's not pretty and it comes out of nowhere. A deliberate, slow build to this move could even end a match if the timing is right.

02. Splash/Cross Body
His limited aeriel arsenal makes for his mastery of this basic move a little more impressive. From the top rope, Derrick dives off and stretches his arms and legs back, arching as he lands flush with a body press. If pressed, he may even resort to the Vadersault.

03. Cannonball Senton
The Derrick Jedi staple. With the man laying down in the corner, Derrick runs at them full head of steam and flattens them with a huge front-flip senton. Is used as a lead in for multiple moves and holds.

04. German Suplex
A fan of the release variant. Derrick will apply a rear gutwrench and heave his opponent overhead as he lets go. How they land is none of his concern, Derrick uses this as a desperation move more than anything else.

05. Thrust Kick
Derrick will throw a hard side or back kick to the stomach or knee of his opponent. If someone lacks the sense to be standing, their face will also serve as a target.

06. Tope en Reversa
Being the fan of non-complex nor athletically taxing lucha libre techniques, this maneuver has been a Derrick Jedi staple. Springing back off the middle rope, Derrick will trust-fall into his opponent and hit them with a back headbutt.

06. Flip Senton from the Apron
In the same vain as the cannonball, Derrick will run along the apron and knock over his opponent with a front flip dive

07. Hurricanrana
Can only be done to bigger powerhouses that can actually throw Derrick around. A quick post up and jump, he locks his legs around their neck and falls back with the takedown.

08. Flying Wheel Kick
For some more spiteful offense, Derrick now uses the flying wheel kick. Off a rebound, Derrick jumps at his opponent with a side roll; whipping his leg at them with added spinny-flippy force.

09. Senton
Getting back to basics. Once upon a time, Jedi would employ all variations of senton splashes and hip attacks in his offense. That time is no longer but that doesn't mean he can't do 'em anymore. If the situation calls for it, Derrick will hit the ropes and come back with a huge senton splash; jumping on his opponent back first like an unlucky couch.
Ring Psychology
Offensive Strategy
Typically not one to rest on big power moves, Jedi's primary offensive strategy revolves around basic wrestling holds and simple takedowns; focusing on armdrags and the Dragon Screw. He'll string together two or three signatures or impact moves before setting up for a finish.

Defensive Strategy
Derrick will try to slip in a signature or impact move when he's on the defensive to try and even the score; once again chaining to one or two more to lead to a potential finish.
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Re: Derrick Jedi

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