Jericho Shaw

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Jericho Shaw

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”The Jackal” Jericho Shaw

Real Name: Jericho Shaw

Attitude: Heel

Hometown: Oakland, California

Height: 6’0

Weight: 219 lbs

Age: 23

Biography: Jericho Shaw is a villain, the product of a bad home life and an early career that saw him abused and taken advantage of. His father Michael Shaw was a regional grade wrestler and didn’t spend many hours at home. The time Michael spent at home was also not a pleasant experience. Michael hard large aspirations for his professional wrestling dreams and was frustrated by his inabilities to succeed in his career further than what he had already managed. He took these frustrations out on his family. His mother who was a part time parents and full time junkie could not provide a stable environment for the young boy to thrive in so he spent many of his formative years raising himself. This instability affected Jericho’s ability to socialize normally with his peers and as a result his schooling experience was none better than his home life. He bounced around to a lot of schools, expelled typically for fighting.

At the age of twelve Jericho was visited by a pair of police officers who would inform him that his mother had died of an involuntary overdose. As a result of this Jericho would be forced to uproot from the comfortable surroundings of Oakland, California and live with his dad full time. This meant that he would receive a formal education through correspondence and travel across the Midwestern United States…essentially as a Carnie. Jericho worked as a backstage hand for the regional promotion his father wrestled for and began training as a wrestler to eventually support himself. He showed well enough promise for a child and spent the next three years studying, training and working “the business.”

These three years were not easy, Michael’s Shaw’s frustrations with his career, the death of his wife and now ultimately forced to become a full time parent for the first time in his life were too many stresses for the man to bear. With no way to vent these psychological issues, Jericho typically suffered the brunt of his father’s attack. Jericho learned the hard truth about life on the road and seeing his dad with many below D grade groupies, only continued to sour their relationship. By the time he was fifteen years old, the young Shaw had become immersed in the negative party life associated with a transient lifestyle. Fifteen was another milestone for the young Shaw, after botching a signature move in the match of his career Michael Shaw was effectively cut from the higher echelon of the promotion. He was finally short list to win a title and before these dreams could be realized the bubble popped. Michael Shaw took all of his out on his son, which landed him into the emergency room. Shorty after this incident Jericho Shaw completed the requirements for his high school graduation, after graduating that year he filed for legal emancipation.

A judge ruled that Jericho’s home life was far from what was acceptable under reasonable standards and Jericho for the first time was out on his own. (Michael Shaw died soon after, also by overdose) By this time he hadn’t developed many skills except for knowing and understanding the business of wrestling. While he hated wrestling, he had developed a strong aptitude for it and he quickly signed into the farm league of a wrestling organization known as Supreme Championship Wrestling. He had documents forged saying that he was 18 years old and legally allowed to wrestle within the organization.

He debuted in 2006 under the moniker Slayne, a martial art using party boy. For a while he thrived in the industry but was soon pushed into pursuing a hardcore no rules match style. While he did not wish to venture into this area, he didn’t really have a choice. Eventually his boyish charm and natural charisma allotted him a Hardcore title victory. It was at this time that Jericho would meet former XWA Hardcore Champions Danger Liam and Chris Novak.

The SCW was looking into expanding into a foreign market by bringing in three respected talents from “across the pond”. Danger Liam, The Party Animal and Chris Novak. Slayne was marketed into a stable with Danger Liam and TPA and they were known as 7t3. Slayne and Chris Novak did not get along. Slayne did not respect Novak’s unorthodox hardcore style and the propensity he used to injure his opponents.

The SCW staff decided they wanted to age Slayne a bit, and take away his boyishness to make him seem like a more legitimate threat, he eventually won a national title. Edward Cross, the owner of the company had discovered the indiscretions in Shaw’s resume and promptly fired the young star. His last match with the SCW was against Chris Novak, and he lost.

Jericho Shaw would not lose again in at least 8 years.

Jericho would not only leave the wrestling industry, he would leave the country. After travelling through Europe he visited Holland and discovered his mentor Victor Krause. At 17 years old the kickboxing academy became like a second home to the young athlete. He also studied psychology in Holland while he trained, sharpening his body as well as his mind. Finishing his degree there, at twenty one years old, he decided to move back into the United States.

During this time he amassed a perfect 7-0 professional Muay Thai record and then it happened. He saw a commercial for a burgeoning professional wrestling company called the Xtreme Wrestling Alliance. The event was called Legends and near the headlining match was “Chris Novak vs Blake Jones for the Hardcore Title. He saw another set of familiar names “Jack Cash vs. Gain Dermal…(Which is clearly an anagram for Danger Liam. Hmm, I wonder with Sen gaul is an anagram of?)
At this exact moment he had a brilliant idea, and decided to venture back into the world of Pro Wrestling, but he couldn’t under his own name. He wanted to surprise his former work mates. That was the day that Jack Jackson Jr. was born

Jack Jackson Jr. was a Canadian inspired wrestler from a fictional town named Vietnam, Manitoba. *Strange nobody ever questioned the legitimacy of a Canadian town named after a South East Asian country.* Jericho had learned through his studies that people love an underdog, the more pathetic the more lovable so through this character he would become the most beloved character in the company and he quickly did. The XWA crowd cheered and loved his act, the wool completely over their eyes. Under this guise, Jack practiced and executed high flying “Lucha Libre” attacks, really never once going more than fifty percent of his total ability. He took it easy on his opponents was the most winningest wrestler of 2013.

They called him “The best newcomer ever” “The Top Face of the Company” “Soon to be Champion!”
After submitting Satine X unconscious at Lord of the Ring 2013, Jack Jackson Jr. was awarded a title shot of his choosing at any time. Men before him had cashed in on an unsuspecting champion so it had become an assumed thing. Jericho did not want to take any risks and as soon as he won the tournament he decided it would be best to remove all suspicion from himself. To do this he did what he did best, he lied.

He faked a career ending vehicular incident and stayed out of the limelight for months. He made short appearances to cement how severely he had been damaged. The crucial moment of his plan occurred at the 2014 Legends in London press conference where he “cashed in” a fake ring for the spurned perpetual number one contender Blake Jones. It was assumed that Blake would get a match with the champion past Legends, but neither DGX nor Angelus would be champion by the time that night was over.

Jericho made sure to be in attendance in the front row as DGX and Angelus, two gladiators from the Old Guard did battle inside the ring. At the opportune moment, when neither man was in any place to appropriately defend themselves, Jericho struck effectively ushering in a brand new generation of Heavyweight Champion caliber talent into the XWA.

He did what Cash, or Liam or even Novak could do. He became the youngest XWA World

Heavyweight Champion in history. Not only that, Jericho Shaw is the only man in XWA history to go undefeated into winning the title.

This was his time.

And here we are.

XWA Achievements:
Voted "Least likely to win the 2013 Lord of the Ring Tournament"

2013 Lord of the Ring Tournament Winner

Jack Daniels King of All Mankind *Won from Satine X at Lord of the Ring 2013*

Power Five Ranking (July 2013)- #1

Power Five Ranking (August 2013)- #1

Power Five Ranking (September 2013) -#5

Undefeated in 2013 (6-0) *As Jack Jackson Jr.*

Undefeated in 2014 (2-0) *As Jericho Shaw*





2013 PILEDRIVER AWARDS- MATCH OF THE YEAR ( Jack Jackson Jr. v Satine X- Lord of the Ring)

Previous Achievements:
2x SCW Hardcore Champion
1x SCW National Champion

Style: Jericho is extremely well versed in Dutch Muay Thai and uses The Art of 8 Extremities as his primary tool set for his matches. He is practiced in the Mexican wrestling style of Lucha Libre but prefers to fight with both with a foot on the ground. Jericho combines a tactical striking acumen with appropriate wrestling maneuvers. Another key tool in Jericho’s wrestling style is his ability to attack spontaneously and with great unpredictability, confusing his opponents and reversing their maneuvers against them. Under the pseudonym of Jack Jackson Jr., Jericho was able to abandon his primary skill set and achieve the highest standard of success relying solely on defensive spontaneous natural abilities. This is exemplified in his bouts against Satine X, John Henry Towers and most crucially against Derrick Jedi.

Jericho’s offensive strategy is purely technical, almost never retreating into what is commonly called a slugfest. Fighting Southpaw he utilizes efficient outside movement to attack his opponents off balance with a variety of combination set ups. Jericho is not traditionally an exceptionally hard puncher but prefers to accumulate damage on his opponents through a volume of striking rather than a single knockout punch. Jericho is well versed in transitioning between using his hands and feet in combination attack strategies. To circumvent not being a natural knock out puncher Jericho prefers to throw kicks as a way of implementing high damage strikes in his arsenal. As a technical striker Jericho has a wide variety of routine combinations that he rotates through in a fight. He does not enjoy throwing the same combination often to allow his opponent a feel for his movements.


Jericho Shaw is a 6 foot tall pale skinned red headed individual. In a sense, he is the alpha of all gingers, being a prime physical and athletic specimen. His hair is usually kept in the “I just woke up” messy kind of style, which he instructs his stylist to create. *It usually takes her about an hour* He will typically wear a long gold robe to the ring in the vein of great professional heavyweight champions before him. His wrestling attire consists of a pair of gold wrestling trunks and tall black wrestling boots. He tapes his hands just past his wrists and up to his knuckles as done in his Dutch kick boxing training. This tape allows him to protect his knuckles and create friction on his opponents skin increasing the grip on his patented Thai Plum.

Board Picture Base: Saul “Canelo” Avarez


Wrestler Stats

Agility: 7

Brawling: 5

Durability: 5

Intelligence: 8

Speed: 6

Strength: 5

Technical Skill: 10

1 - physically handicapped.
2 - childlike development
3 - preteen development
4 - couch potato
5 - average person
6 - above average ability
7 - incredible ability
8 - amazing ability
9 - olympic ability
10 - superstar


Entrance Music Crashing Around You- Machine Head

[youtube] [/youtube]

Entrance Text:

Before Jericho enters the arena the lights dim completely leaving the arena completely black. A stand alone series of four cymbal strikes will guide the audience into the song. The drum beat is designed to be abrupt and to shock the audience members into paying attention. After a few moments the opening vocals to his theme song will be announced through the PA system.

I am your nightmares, true scares
That dream when you can't stop from falling
Can't fight, can't run
Can't stop the person you've become

Immediately after this the arena is engulfed in an explosion of light and sound and explosive pyrotechnics. Red, blue, gold spotlights will spin at the top of the ramp waiting for Jericho to appear. In the background a video package is aired revealing his greatest hits inside of the XWA, beginning of course with his great unmasking. Jericho will appear from the behind the curtain with his arms held high into the air and his back facing the ring. As he holds both the XWA World Heavyweight Championship and the Jack Daniels King of all Mankind belts he makes sure to carry each of them in one arm. He pauses for a moment to psyche himself up and then quickly turns around. As he does there is a second explosion of pyro behind him to accompany his saunter down to the ring. On his descent to the ring, and upon his entering the ring Jericho will be extremely dismissive of his opponent, showing no respect to their own accolades. To finalize his entrance Jericho will often times extend a friendly handshake to his opponent, which he will retract his hand and mock them for being a chump.



Main. Kingslayer (Reverse Muay Thai Plum into a Standing High Knee) - Standing behind his opponent Jericho will wrap his hands around the face of his foe. By squeezing his opponents head with his forearms he prevents their head from shifting around and easily escaping the position. Jericho will then pull his opponent backwards while simultaneously striking between the cervical spine and the base of his opponent’s skull. On exceptionally tall opponents Jericho will execute this attack by first bringing the opponent to a kneeling position.


Signature Moves

01. Wrecked Em’-(Atomic Drop into a Gamengiri)

02. The Dirty Boxing Combo #5-(Jericho will hold his opponent in a Thai Plum or a Single Collar and then attack his opponent with a variety of knees to the body and uppercuts to the head and body of his opponent.)

03. 99 Problems-(An Illegal headbut to the bridge of his opponents nose, typically done outside of the view of the referee)

04. Lifting American Uppercut-(An American version of the Pop-Up Uppercut but not thrown by a foreigner)

05. Crimea River-(Russian Leg Drop not performed by a Communist)

06. The Pass-a-fist *Sounds like pacifist, get it?*-(A carbon copy of the half hook/ half uppercut punching attack “The Smash” made famous by Canadian Razor Ruddick, it is just being thrown by a real man.)

07. The Dead Drop *Reverse DDT, in the sense it’s written as TDD*-(Jericho will lock his opponents head face down with a single arm and then hoist the opponent in the air with his other. He will drive his body downwards forcing his opponents head to strike the mat first, with the force of gravity assisting him)

01. Jumping Leg Lariat
02. Forearm Smash
03. Outside/Inside Thai Low Kick
04. Diving Clothesline
05. German Suplex

Match History as Jack Jackson Jr.
Jack Jackson Jr. vs. Axel Aomori vs. Leonid Alecsandrov 2013 Lord of the Ring (Round of 26)
Winner: (Jack Jackson Jr.)

Match History
Jack Jackson Jr. vs. Lucifer "Mad Dog" McMahon 2013 Lord of the Ring (Round of 8)
Winner: (Jack Jackson Jr.)

Match History
Jack Jackson Jr. vs. "The Walking Wall" John Henry Towers 2013 Lord of the Ring (Round of 4)
Winner: (Jack Jackson Jr.)

Match History
Jack Jackson Jr. vs. Satine X PPV: 2013 Lord of the Ring Finals
Winner: (Jack Jackson Jr.)

Match History
Jack Jackson Jr. vs. Derrick Jedi Massacre: Prepare for Doomsday
Winner: (Jack Jackson Jr.)

Match History
Team XWA: Jack Jackson Jr./Blake Jones/Mad Dog/ Austin Rentz vs. Whispers War: Ace Andrews/ T.K/ Mark Storey/Dwight Lights PPV: Doomsday
Winner: (Team XWA: Jack Jackson Jr./Blake Jones/Austin Rentz/Mad Dog)

Final Record 6-0

[center]Match History as Jericho Shaw
DGX vs. Angelus vs. Jericho Shaw XWA World Heavyweight Championship, Legends in London 2014
Winner: (Jericho Shaw)

[center]Match History as Jericho Shaw
Jericho Shaw vs. C5 Ion Massacre: It All Begins Again (Proving Ground series)
Winner: (Jericho Shaw)

[center]Match History as Jericho Shaw
Jericho Shaw vs. Dan Bennett XWA Revenge (First Heavyweight Title Defense)
Winner: (Jericho Shaw)

[center]Match History as Jericho Shaw
Jericho Shaw & Drake Dysfunction vs. Sabre & Logan Wallace XWA Tag Team Showcase
Winner: (Jericho Shaw & Drake Dysfunction)

[center]Match History as Jericho Shaw
Jericho Shaw & Smith Jones vs. Drake Dysfunction & Declan James XWA: Massacre
Winner: (Jericho Shaw & Smith Jones)

Current Record 5-0

Total Combined Record 11-0

It'd be a nice little oddity if one day he somehow won the world title- Diamond Jack Sabbath
You gotta admit, JJJ turning heel out of nowhere would be the rage of rages.- Drake Dysfunction

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