Winner Takes All: Legend

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Winner Takes All: Legend

Postby GiggityGopher » Thu Jul 16, 2015 9:14 am

"It's no fun being a loser, trust me."
- Mickey Rourke

Pathetic. Deplorable. Worthless.

All words used to describe me.

My career has been a train wreck from the beginning. From my days commentating, where a few would laugh at my idiotic banter while the rest of the world hated me, to my time in the ring, losing match after match and gaining a reputation of being the next punching bag for the wrestling world. It started downhill and somehow went even further down from there.

I don't claim to be the best. I don't claim to be a game changer ... yet. All I want for this life is to leave behind a legacy worth leaving. I don't want to be remembered for being a flake or the guy that Ryan Corey spent thirty minutes in hell with and beat. I want to be remembered as a legend.

That's why I do this. That's why I put myself through all of this ridicule. Out there, I'm a goofball. I make jokes, I enjoy hearing the laughter. But in here ... in here, I'm a whole different man. When the lights are on and the crowd's watching, I want them to be on their feet, shouting out my name, not sitting down, silent because they're bored. If I'm not entertaining someone, why am I even here? I want the accolades, yes. I want the fame, yes. I want the recognition, yes. But what's most important to me is being someone that a wrestling fan is proud to look at and say "yeah, he's my favorite".

But I'm not.

I'm not a perfect role model, I know. I do drugs. I drink. I fuck. And, you know what? I'm entirely fine with admitting that. But I'm not fine with admitting that I'm a loser, as true as it may currently be. I need to be a winner. I just do.

I don't believe in destiny. I don't believe I was born to be a winner, nor do I believe I was born to be a loser. I was simply born. I had a brother in the industry, a 2WWF legend in Kallus, and I just figured this would be the place for me, even if I thought being behind a commentary table was the spot. I eventually realized that wasn't where I was happy being, but the point is, I chose to do this. My father didn't want me or Kallus being a part of this industry. My mother died when I was two, so I don't know what she would've wanted. But it doesn't matter. This is what I wanted. It's what Kallus wanted. And we made it so.

Obviously, there are a lot of big, key differences between Kallus and I. He's a legend. I'm not. He's a former World Heavyweight Champion. I've never held a single title. He was an absolute piece of shit. I'm ... well, I guess we've got our similarities. I'm not him, though, and I never will be. But that's okay, because I don't want to be anybody other than myself - my strange, delusional, psychopathic yet warm-hearted, crazy yet perfectly sane self. I'm a maniac.

And I love it.

In the end, I just want to be respected. The thought that maybe, one day, I'll make it ... that's what keeps me going. Just thinking about the possibility that I could, many years from now, be considered one of the greats has kept the loaded barrel of a gun out of my mouth. Believe me, if I didn't think there was a chance, I wouldn't be here anymore. Think anyone would miss me? Heh, don't be fucking stupid. Nobody would miss me right now. But when I'm done leaving my mark on this world, I guaran-fucking-tee you will all miss me when I'm gone.

So call me pathetic. Call me deplorable. Call me worthless. One day, you will call me legend. For now, just remember the name.

Joey - fucking - Miles.

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