XWA Massacre: A statement of intent (part 1. Part 2 coming soon)

Matches that occurred on our bi-weekly Massacre show!
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XWA Massacre: A statement of intent (part 1. Part 2 coming soon)

Postby Razer » Wed Sep 02, 2015 9:23 pm

Rose: Up next I believe we have been told that Razer is coming out with a few words to say.

Sanction: He has been missing since Winner Takes All, probably related to the grueling summer PRW Schedule where he is the Undisputed Champion there.

Steel: Or being a pussy... Jericho lost, he's still showing his face.

Sanction: But Razer is still a champion and he's the current Lord Of The Ring... Something Shaw is neither of.

Before the bickering can get more obnoxious between Sanction and Steel, "Roots" by Sepultura tears through the PA system and out walks the former Gladiatorial champion and now, the only undefeated person in XWA. Standing on the stage, head hung low, fist in the air, giving it the business as usual routine, Razer notices a bit more cheers from the crowd than normal.

Rose: No Bella?

Sanction: Can you blame her? Last time she was down here Shaw went beyond what was needed just to send a message.

Hana Ramierez: "Making his way to the ring, The Only undefeated wrestler in XWA since he started here, the current Lord Of The Ring as decreed by Diamond Jack Sabbath, the PRW Undisputed Champion and 2015 Superbattle winner, The One Man Army, the man who puts the Enforcement in War Enforcement.... RAZER!!!"

Making his way to the ring in his usual gear - jeans, boots, black leather, bandana, shades and a heavy metal shirt (this time it's a Nervosa shirt), the former Gladiatorial champion climbs into the ring and produces a microphone from his back pocket. Holding it in his right hand, he reaches down the neck of his shirt and pulls out a chain, hanging from it is the XWA LotR signet. Letting the crowd settle down, Razer pauses before raising the mic to his lips.

Razer: "Now I know I haven't been round these parts much. Call it contractual obligations due to still being a champion somewhere... But I'm here to say a few things and set a few things straight..."

Steel: Quit being a pussy Razer, no one cares.

Razer: "At Winner Takes All, I had the supreme championship in my grasp, and such is the nature of the triple threat, I lost the match without even being pinned or submitted.... I took one of the biggest doses of punishment I have taken since I first stepped into the ring back in 1999 and what did I come out of it with? The bitter taste of failing on the main event once again... Lord Of The Ring, Smith Jones stole victory from my grasp with a cowardly dive from the cage, the true extent of desperation to win, and what did he do? He disgraced the very thing he won and fled because he couldn't handle the reality of facing me!"

The crowd goes hostile at the mention of Smith Jones. Though he may have been gone for a while now, the Lord of the Ring in absence still holds a place in the heart of the crowd.

Razer: "And then Laurel... The woman who I defeated in my first match here stole the victory from me in much the same way, a desperate leap, throwing everything she had into it and stealing what should have been mine... My supreme title... Because face it, Laurel herself didn't want it, but exactly like I said, her ego couldn't let her sit back... She had to take the big one and then piss all over it, saying it was worthless compared to her hardcore crown"

Sanction: "Well, the hostility is still there at least"

Clenching his fist around the signet hanging from his neck, Razer pauses for a moment, letting the "We Love Laurel" chants have their moment.

Razer: "Yeah, you may love her... But face it... Without Shaw as champion, the marketable asset the network and administrators wanted, the ever hateful champion who only garnered views because everyone wanted to see him come undone... XWA isn't exactly the same... A champion who didn't want the championship for the right reasons, only wanting it to spite those who did... A champion with a blatant apathetic streak in her so prominent it got the powers that be thinking is this the XWA they want... A champion who might be your idol, but to XWA, is toxic"

Rose: "Razer does have some valid points I guess... But seriously, no congratulations for his fellow Brit?"

Razer: "So Laurel, I would like to congratulate you on seizing the moment to its fullest and signing the execution order on XWA, condemning it to death... Because face it... Who is going to want to pick up a show where the main star couldn't give a fuck anymore?"

There are some passionate XWA chants which build up along with a few "Fuck R-Dubya" shouts which draws a smirk on Razer's face. Releasing the signet from his grasp, Razer waits, letting the crowd really get into fever pitch before cutting them off.

Razer: "Woah there... This isn't about XWA and PRW.... Fuck no... This is about saving this fucking place... I'm the man who puts the Enforcement in War Enforcement, the group so heavily linked with the Diamond Jack regime... Do you seriously think I'd let this place be destroyed by someone who only serves themselves?"

The crowd goes silent as Razer tries to yet again put laurel's shadier nature in the spotlight.

Razer: "You see, when I was recovering from the shows in Japan I did with PRW and XWA and then claiming my Undisputed Title and then successfully defending it, I was visited by Amy Taylor. Sent specifically to the Dallas-Fort Worth region of Texas, the place I call home... She brought with her a pouch and a specific set of instructions..."

Steel: "Go Kill Yourself... Here's the Cyanide to do it with?"

Sanction: "You know Matt, you're a dick!"

Razer: "She put a pouch on the table and said to me, Jack assures me you know what this means and what you have to do... In that pouch was this Signet... The same Signet that Jericho Jackson Junior Shaw the third or whatever he calls himself now cashed in to secure his tenure as XWA heavyweight champion... Ironic, how despite all of us going into that match with something, only he left with nothing...."

Rose: "Couldn't have happened to a better person if I say so myself"

Razer: "This Signet is the only thing between XWA Surviving and imploding under the will of the administrators who only see Shaw as the future.... This signet is the ace up Jack Sabbath's sleeve, the card he has waited to play for so long... For you see, as the only survivor of that night in January, not only by default am I the true Lord of the Ring... But I am the only person here never to be pinned, never to submit, never to lose directly... I am the one thing holding this place up and I say this... I am the one thing which can stop everything Jack Sabbath created for you people and for us wrestlers, from crumbling around us and being beyond repair... I am the only salvation for XWA...."

There is a very mixed response as Razer argues his case to the crowd. Sure, they might not like him much, but his displays have gradually won people over and his zero fucks given and take no prisoners approach is the kind of thing XWA is known for. A fan favourite all of a sudden? Hardly, but he is a ray of hope for those who crave the chaos and wanton violence in the good old fashioned way.

Razer: "Which is why... Here tonight, in this very ring..."

Razer reaches up behind his neck and undoes the clasp on the chain before pulling it off. Holding the ring up for the crowd to see, he speaks again"

Razer: "I... Razer, Undefeated in singles combat, unpinned, unable to be submitted, unable to be stopped... The Undisputed Champion of PRW and Superbattle 2015 winner... Am declari...."

Before Razer can finish his statement, the familiar refrain from Rob Flynn, vocalist, guitarist and grand douche of Machine Head cuts him off.



Walking out in his usual ring attire with a "Kingslayer" vest top on, Jericho Shaw, the despised and former champion stands on the edge of the stage with a mic in hand.

Shaw: "Now hold up Thompson... You stand there, claiming about how you're the only thing saving this company when you went into hiding after you lost your Gladiatorial title? Cut the crap chump... I'm the one who brought this company to prominence, I'm the one who set the bar you have all been trying to get hold of when it comes to standards, and I am the one who beaten everything in my path"

Steel: "Testify Jericho!"

Shaw: "Smith Jones, Dan Bennett... Those two guys you shared a cage with back at the start of the year? I beat them... I killed the Smith train with my knee to the back of his skull and Bennett... I ended his legacy and took it for my own purposes... Those two who couldn't beat the first time round to get that ring which you're waving round like it's something you have owned forever and some god-given right you possess... I beat them"

Taking a few steps forwards and stopping near the top of the ramp, Shaw continues to launch the barbs at Razer who stays stood in the middle of the ring, keeping watch on him.

Shaw: "Declan, the guy who you needed to cheat against to win his title from him the first time? I beat him using only one arm for the majority of my match against him..."

Slowly advancing down the ramp, this time stopping halfway up it, he continues to speak.

Shaw: "Hardy... Sure, you beat her when I sat there and watched you two... But she beat Bella, you know, the brains and beauty of your operation... Because face it Thompson... You're not that smart, not that tough and not that good on the eyes either unless you're laid out on your back..."

Jericho smirks.

Shaw: "I guess that's kinda how Bella was too when she stepped up to defend her honour against me... Because a strong independent woman like her couldn't have a hesitant champion like you were defending her honour and virtue... That night when I gave her a lesson in humility, she, to quote Scott Steiner... Found out what it was like to spend the night with a Real Man"

Shaw laughs as he begins to mockingly flex on the ramp. The hate from the crowd flows freely. If this were Return of the Jedi, then Emperor Palpetine would be saying 'yes' more than Sasha Grey did on camera. Biting his bottom lip, clenching his fists and trying not to rise to the crude taunting, Razer keeps his cold glare fixed on the Canadian Juggernaut of XWA as he finally reaches the ring area after his little flexathon.

Shaw: "And unlike you... After I lost my title and my undefeated streak... I didn't run back to PRW where the competition is about as stiff as a Catholic Priest in an Irish Sunday School..."

Rose: (deep breath drawn)

Shaw: "No... I stayed here, I got back in this ring and I destroyed everything in my path... I didn't need some shitty secret meeting with the General Manager's wife to grant me access to the Supreme championship because I know, just like every other motherfucker here tonight... That I am the true Supreme Champion of XWA... And if for a moment you think you, someone who just comes in here with beauty on your arm, attitude a plenty and some tattoo's and a chickenshit mist attack deserves to call yourself a Lord of the Ring and the only thing which can save XWA... If for a moment you think that you, the thing which I just described then in great detail, thinks that you deserve a shot at Laurel and that title she's disgracing before me? Well, I got something to say... You don't deserve shit Thompson!"

The crowd makes an "Oooooh" noise.

Sanction: "Jericho Shaw just thrown down the gauntlet to Razer right there... He was seconds away from declaring his intent to cash in for a shot at Laurel, and Shaw cut him off in the crunch"

Shaw climbs up onto the apron and climbs into the ring. Backing away, allowing Shaw a slight bit of space and a slither of courtesy and professionalism, eager to hear what the former champion has to say, Razer simply watches with arms folded and the signet on the chain dangling from his grasp.

Shaw: "Now, I know that we were meant to face off but you had your girlfriend take the fall because you were scared that I would be the first person to beat you outright and cleanly... But I'm throwing this challenge down now... Amy Taylor, Jack Sabbath, The people who put the dollars into our bank accounts... Everyone who makes decisions round here, listen to me and listen to me well... I am challenging you Razer, right here... Right now... You have everything to lose... Me, I have nothing to lose. My streak has gone, my title is no more... All I have left is a desire to right the wrong which you two imperialists have created in this place."

Rose: "Jericho Shaw is challenging Razer to a match right now"

Shaw: "So what do you say, Undisputed chump of PRW... Right now... Me and You, this ring."

Razer raises his eyebrow as Jericho leaves the offer hanging for him. Stepping closer, Jericho gets about arms length from Razer and begins to talk at him once again.

Shaw: "Because face it... I know you wanna avenge your dear Bella even more... And I know that if you reject this, you will prove that you're not the tough guy you put yourself out there as being... You're just a big musclehead who is clearly nearing his expiration date and is desperately trying to cling on to a career he should have let go years back... Face it... You need to take this match because if you don't... That pretty ring of yours, it'll mean shit all... You wanna know why?"

Razer gestures for Shaw to elaborate.

Shaw: "Look around the edge of it, go on... And whilst you're at it... Look inside it..."

Razer does so. As he scrutinises the engraving on both the outside and the inside of it, Jericho continues to talk.

Shaw: "I said this before, I will say it again, this time with the proof... You're cashing in for my title... with my ring... That's right... You're just a poor imitation of me... An undefeated streak half the length of mine, a title reign not even worthy of being held up and compared to mine, challenging for the newest version of my old title and using my cast off signet, the very thing which ultimately enabled me to be a champion... to try and become a champion... Face it Razer, you're a bigger but poorer version of me... A pretender...."

Steel: "truth... All of it... Truth!"

Shaw: "So this is what will happen. You'll cash in with my old ring for the new version of my old title with a streak half the length of mine and nowhere near as impressive, and the powers that be will put me in that match and it'll just be like Japan all over again... Except this time, I'll be walking out with the title round my waist, and Bella in my arms... And later that night, I'll show her just what it means to be with a champion"

Sanction: "Either Razer has the best poker face we have ever seen in XWA or he really isn't concerned with Shaw"

Steel: "He's probably trying to think of a way to worm his way out of this one"

Razer slowly raises the microphone to his lips.

Razer: "And what happens if I just say no, take this ring and bury it in your fucking forehead?"

"Then that ring will mean nothing and Jericho Shaw will receive a shot at the Supreme Championship instead of you"

All attention turns to the stage. Standing there, making an extremely rare public appearance is none other than Julie Suede - the overly nice PR woman of the team who ultimately controls XWA and is Jericho Shaw's biggest fan.

Steel: "Woah, one of the suits came out here... Shit is going DOWN mo'fukka!"

Suede: "Look, I'm only doing this because it's huge for the ratings... The network loves the ratings and if the ratings right now go through the roof, which they will because Jericho Shaw is in the ring right now, making his big claim about how worthy he is for another title shot... Then the through the roof ratings will mean that XWA is worth even more to the network and we can really push this on into new territories"

Pushing past Shaw, Razer walks to the edge of the ring and leans over the ropes, glaring at Julie.

Razer: "I'm sorry... But just who the fuck are you? The chairwoman of the Jericho Shaw appreciation society? How the fuck can you dictate what happens round here? You gonna log on to change.org and make a petition and share it round facebook and see how many signatures it hits before hand delivering it to Jack and demanding he listens to the people?"

Behind Razer, Jericho smirks. Razer has no idea who he is talking to, neither do most of the fans as they laugh at Razer talking shit to this woman in business dress standing there with a mic on the stage.

Rose: "I don't think Razer even knows who that is..."

Sanction: "Ha boy!"

Julie smiles for a moment before slowly raising the mic back to her lips.

Julie: "What was your name again? Thompson? Yes... Thompson, that's it... Thompson... Thomp..Son..."

Repeating Razer's real surname a few more times, she just looks at Razer before speaking.

Julie: "You see Mr Thompson... Believe it or not... Mr Sabbath is not in charge of XWA... He just takes care of it... He is the face on camera to give it that zazz... That sparkle... He's the mechanic who pops the oil on the engine to keep it purring... I represent the real powers here in XWA, and I'll be honest, we don't think you are the right fit for the XWA Mr Thompson... You may be a big, strong, muscular brute, the kind who sells tickets as a great bad guy... With that hard man attitude and silly British accent, but you are not the type of person we need to represent XWA on the global scale.. You're like the supporting actor... It's your job to put up a good fight, almost win but ultimately lose to the dashing hero as he goes on to save the day"

Steel: "Just like Shaw!"

Razer: "So you're saying that if I want to take my shot at Laurel... I gotta kick Jericho's ass"

Julie: "That would be the gist of it Mr Thompson and I do admire your courage and real macho, alpha male attitude, if you were less brutish looking, you might be a little more captivating on the eyes"

Julie fans herself with her hand.

Julie: "But no... Essentially, you're going to fight with Jericho Shaw in a moment because it is what the crowd wants, it is what the wider audience want, and most importantly, it is what we want as those who put money in your account... Mr Sampson, could you please make your way down to the ring so we can get this going?"

The crowd murmurs amongst itself as Kirk Sampson, XWA's most questionable official makes his way out from the back and down to the ring. As he walks down, Julie Suede speaks again.

Julie: "Miss Ramierez... would you please be a dear and announce this match for everyone watching?"

Hana stands up from her seat at ringside and looks on at both men in the ring who turn to face each other. Taking his jacket off and putting the ring into the pocket of it along with his shades, Razer throws his leather out of the ring and readjusts his gloves and his bandana whilst Jericho removes his vest and begins to hop from one foot to the other.

Hana Ramierez: "Ladies and Gentlemen... The following match is scheduled for one fall. Both these men need no introductions as we already know who they are.. The first official encounter of the two most physically dominant athletes in XWA... Razer and Jericho Shaw!"

Rose: "First the powers that be play hardball with Jack and shrink XWA to a more marketable form... Now they're coming out and making matches? This is chaos!"

Steel: "Chaos? This is XWA Rose... The land of the lawless, the place where power and prestige rule supreme... The place where Jericho Shaw is the rightful king and his restoration to the throne is the priority of all"

Sanction: "It's also the only place who'd fucking hire you Matt"

[ooc: The match will follow. Thought I'd take a different approach on the whole match thread idea]

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Re: XWA Massacre: A statement of intent (part 1. Part 2 coming soon)

Postby Dan » Sun Sep 13, 2015 2:30 am

This or the next post in this series of posts will be the match thread. Either way...

Deadline for matches HAS CHANGED and is Sunday, 13th September, 2015 at 11:59 Eastern Standard Time.
Voting will start at this time and conclude on Tuesday, 15th Sepetmber, 2015 at 11:59 Eastern Standard Time.
[CST is one hour earlier. GMT is five hours later.]

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